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Monday, March 5, 2012

RFMF inquiry report challenges Khaiyum's thesis

Aiyaz Khaiyum should to re-write his thesis and hold Frank Bainimarama responsible for 2000 anti-Indo-Fijian coup that ousted Chaudhry as Prime Minister of Fiji

By Victor Lal
In his celebrated but much reviled Master of Arts thesis at the University of Hong Kong, one Aiyaz-Sayed Khaiyum, had blamed his now pet dictator Frank Bainimarama’s impotent military for prolonging the plight of George Speight’s hostages in the 2000 coup for 56 days.

In the thesis Khaiyum wrote as follows: “Mahendra Chaudhry’s reign as Prime Minister lasted only a year. He and members of his Cabinet were taken hostage by a George Speight and seven armed ‘gunmen’ on 19 May 2000. One would have thought given the few number of kidnappers, a rescue of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in particular by the Fiji Military Forces, which prides itself in its military prowess, was relatively easy task.

“However, this was not to be. The ineptitude, inertia and reluctance displayed by the military and other law enforcement in the first weeks of the crisis allowed the kidnappers a free hand in mustering support at the parliamentary grounds, for their ‘cause’, holding the Prime Minister in captivity for 56 days. The cause apparently was the re-assertion of indigenous Fijian paramountcy vis a vis indigenous rights.”

Khaiyum continued: “While the manoeuvrings and clientalism of the establishment clique is intriguing, invariably epitomizing machiavellanism and at best of times moral impairment – illustrating the nuances of the real politik, Fijian style – the fact remains the mantra of indigenous Fijian paramountcy and the necessity of maintaining the ‘sanctity’ of separate indigenous Fijian administration were, and to continue to be, very potent ideas demonstrating different notions of group and citizen loyalty and identity."

Now, based on the revelations from the Board of Inquiry Report into the 2000 hostage crisis, released by Lt-Col Ratu Ului Mara, let us hope that Khaiyum will revise his thesis, and directly blame the impotency on his pet dictator, for it was none other than Frank Bainimarama who was behind the 2000 coup.

Treasonist Chaudry fell for Dictator's pro-Indo-Fijian coup 

Sadly, Khaiyum's former side-kick and co-treasonist Mahendra Chaudhry, the principal victim of the 2000 coup, had also jumped in bed with the dictator after the 2006 coup, forgetting what he had been screaming about the military shortly after he hd been removed from power.
In 2002, writing under the title “The Aftermath of a Coup: Power grabs and destabilization in Fiji” in The Parliamentarian, the journal of the Parliaments of the Commonwealth, Chaudhry contended that the security forces posed the biggest threat to the stability to any democratically elected government in Fiji.

The people of Fiji, he reminded his fellow Commonwealth parliamentarians, had been victims of three military coups to date. “The events of the past two years in particular have shown that neither the police nor the army can be trusted to uphold the constitution and maintain law and order. No elected government that is not of their choice will ever be safe in this country if this situation is allowed to go unchecked,” he wrote. Indeed, unless this situation is negated, he claimed, “Fiji will simply become another Indonesia where the military has formed an oligarchy with allegedly corrupt politicians and business interests”.

He claimed in his analysis that the Fijian army was split along provincial loyalties, was ethnically biased and some from among its ranks had allegedly become dangerous mercenaries. Chaudhry maintained that the military had maintained a power bloc with corrupt politicians, unscrupulous businessmen and factional groups from the three Fijian confederates and the provinces to ensure that they held the reins of government, irrespective of who won the elections.

He even claimed that the Fiji Police Force had been infiltrated by the army and could no longer be trusted to maintain law and order. The whole issue of security, he claimed, had racial overtones. Indo-Fijians and indeed Indo-Fijian politicians could no longer trust either the army or the police. “Racial parity both in the police force and in the army is, therefore, imperative,” he said.

In his article in the Parliamentarian, Chaudhry recalled Justice Anthony Gates now famous 15 November 2000 judgment that the interim administration then led by Laisenia Qarase had “no constitutional foundation of legality”. Chaudhry told his fellow Commonwealth parliamentarians that faced with the intransigence of those who grabbed power, his deposed Peoples Coalition government had no other recourse but to seek redress through the courts.

Meanwhile, the army, the President and the interim administration gave an assurance to the Commonwealth and the rest of the international community that they would abide by the Appeals Court ruling. On 1 March 2001, the Fiji Court of Appeal, Chaudhry noted, upheld the Gates ruling and the validity of the constitution. It went further and ruled that the actions of the army commander in abrogating the constitution and assuming executive authority could not be justified under the doctrine of necessity.

The ruling paved the way for Parliament to be reconvened and the elected government restored to office. This, however, was hardly what the post-coup authorities had in mind. “What took place in Fiji next was a blatant and wilful distortion and manipulation of the constitutional and legal system to allow the army-backed regime to continue in office,” Chaudhry claimed.

On 14 March 2001, President Ratu Josefa Iloilo had dismissed Chaudhry and had proceeded to appoint Ratu Tevita Momedonu, a member of Chaudhry’s ousted government, as Prime Minister for 24 hours to legalize his next move. He then dissolved Parliament on Ratu Tevita’s advice and reappointed Qarase as caretaker Prime Minister. In his analysis of the events, Chaudhry described Ratu Tevita as “a puppet Prime Minister” and the whole appointment for a day was farcical and it made a mockery of the constitution.

Chaudhry also went on to berate the President himself: “The constitution requires the President to be appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs in consultation with the Prime Minister. In the next questionable move Ratu Josefa Iloilo, placed in office after the coup and who the Appeals Court declared to be in an acting capacity only, convened a meeting of the Great Council of Chiefs, and got himself appointed President.” What all these events clearly meant, he claimed, was that Fiji’s post-coup authorities had no respect for the rule of law.

Chaudhry once again also cast doubt on the subsequent 2001 general elections, claiming that the elections were not free and fair. He also attacked the suspended Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki, who had replaces Sir Timoci. “The Chief Justice has, in my view, continued to frustrate legal challenges to some of the developments since the terrorist attack of 19 May 2000 by interfering with the judicial process, and indulging in judge-shopping. Such antics have brought disrepute to the judiciary, and puts its integrity and credibility on the line. Much of what has transpired in the last couple of years has, I contend, been done with the connivance or complicity of some members of the judiciary,” Chaudhry claimed.

He also condemned the Commonwealth for hastily and injudiciously lifting sanctions etc on Fiji. While condemning the forces of destabilization, he said the Commonwealth was effectively giving tacit encouragement to these elements.

Reflecting on the tragic and bloody 2 November 2000 mutiny at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks when the rebels made a last ditch attempt to seize the army headquarters and remove Commodore Bainimarama, Chaudhry told his fellow Commonwealth parliamentarians: “It is important to note hear that the army’s decisive move to restore law and order was driven more by its determination to purge its own ranks of rebellious elements and their supporters who posed a threat to the commander’s life, than from a desire to restore democracy. Furthermore, having achieved the objectives of the coup and established a government of its choice, it was ready to provide the stability that was a prerequisite for that administration to function effectively.”

Thereafter, it quickly became clear, Chaudhry continued, that the army-backed interim administration had no intention of relinquishing power and restoring the elected government to office. “Today there is convincing evidence that senior army officers and several senior members of the post-coup administration had been party to the conspiracy to overthrow the People’s Coalition government,” Chaudhry claimed. He contended that the security forces posed the biggest threat to stability to any democratically elected government in Fiji.

And yet Mr Chaudhry had no hesitation to become Interim Finance Minister in a military-led government?

One wonders if he was aware that the shadowy figure behind his ousting was none other than Frank Bainimarama, as revealed by the military appointed Board of Inquiry into the Takeover of Parliament and the subsequent holding of the hostages?

As I have consistently maintained, the 2006 coup had nothing to do with Bainimarama trying to make Fiji free from racial politics but he carried out the coup to avoid being charged for the murder of the rebel CRW soldiers whom he had betrayed after overthrowing Chaudhry’s Peoples Coalition government.

As for Chaudhry, he had hastily joined the illegal Bainimarama regime when he heard the dictator claim that his coup was “A Clean Up Corruption Campaign” – for remember Chaudhry had been hiding $2million away from George Speight (and Bainimarama’s) Indo-Fijian victims of the 2000 coup.

Chaudhry phoned Larry Dinger, the then US ambassador to Fiji, and notified him that he was accepting a post in the illegal regime, as Dinger informed Washington: “Mahendra Chaudhry, former PM deposed by the 2000 coup and still head of the FLP, phoned today to let the Ambassador know he intends to accept Bainimarama's offer of the Finance, Public Enterprises, and Sugar Reform portfolios.  He put it in terms of having to move Fiji forward and get back to democracy ASAP.  When the Ambassador noted how disastrous the past coups had been for Fiji and for Chaudhry personally on two occasions, Chaudhry suggested this coup is different because the Qarase Government was so awful.  “Fiji could not have survived another five years.” 

What an irony, for in 2000 Frank Bainimarama had ensured that Chaudhry’s Peoples Coalition government must not survive for even a year – he conspired with George Speight and others to end the reign of Fiji’s first prime minister of Indo-Fijian origin.

We must never allow Indo-Fijian sycophants and cheerleaders of Bainimarama (notably Aiyaz Khaiyum), to hoodwink us into believing that the 2006 coup was to protect Indo-Fijian rights and equality in Fiji. Dinger had told Washington: “A psychiatrist would have a field day with Bainimarama, who has no difficulty at all decrying (with justification) the Qarase Government’s accepting of coup figures from 2000 back into politics but in the same breath seeing nothing untoward in preparing for his own illegal removal of the freshly re-elected Qarase Government and in defying the lawful suspension order from his Commander in

It seems Dinger was not aware that the principal figure in the removal of the Chaudhry government in 2000 was none other than Frank Bainimarama, whom the deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase had compared to Saddam Hussein, Idin Amin, and Adolf Hitler.

The Board of Inquiry Report into the 2000 hostage crisis has forced us to re-write our thesis, and that includes Khaiyum’s own University of Hong Kong thesis.


mark manning said...

Will this revelation throw a spanner in the works ?

Mahen 'Robin Hood' Chaudhry said...

This shows once again how power hungry, greedy, unprincipled, corrupt, and untrustworthy Mahen Chaudhry is.

If Bainimarama executed a coup to escape murder charges, Chaudhry joined his regime to escape tax evasion charges.

It makes one sick to the stomach to hear this chameleon now calling for elections when he aided and abetted Bainimarama's treasonous act and benefited from it.

Chaudhry must not escape this time. This corrupt liar and thief who gave his son a government job, his in-law a senate seat and dodged taxes must be charged with treason.

Like me, many of his followers all
these years have been swallowing his bullshit and donating funds but not any more.

No one should believe his call for democracy. It is a calculated move to discredit the Bainimarama regime and nullify tax evasion charges brought against him by this regime.

We do not need Chaudhry's insincere calls for elections: the Bainimarama regime is already discredited, but not the tax evasion and treason charges that Chaudhry must face.

Anonymous said...

BBC radio 20th July 1944

Hitler survives assassination attempt

Adolf Hitler has escaped death after a bomb exploded at 1242 local time at his headquarters in Rastenberg, East Prussia.

The German News Agency broke the news from Hitler's headquarters, known as the "wolf's lair", his command post for the Eastern Front.

A senior officer, Colonel Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, has been blamed for planting the bomb at a meeting at which Hitler and other senior members of the General Staff were present.

This is the third attempt on Hitler's life.

Taukei. said...

Enybody who knows him knows that Bainimarama hasn't got the brains to organise something as complicated as this - suggest if people look deeper they'll see the real behind the scenes puppet masters - Nailatikau - Ganilau & RUM.

Anonymous said...

What revelation, Mark? That Aiyaz stated the bleeding obvious in his thesis?

Victor Lal has turned into a terminal bore. Everyone's a traitor except the people he approves of. Another pointless, self serving beat-up.

BACK side UP said...

victor lal if you have guts come and say all this in fiji.

Anonymous said...

message for all fiji indians-just get out of the country and let the natives fight each other.
Repeat of 1874???

Jovesa said...

Wholeheartedly agree @Taukei 2:14 pm

"E(A)nybody who knows him knows that Bainimarama hasn't got the brains to organise something as complicated as this - suggest if people look deeper they'll see the real behind the scenes puppet masters - Nailatikau - Ganilau & RUM."
The sooner people realize this monopoly on Fiji and it's power base is behind all coups the better, they just got shunted on this one.

Anonymous said...

Bai on Davis TV interview, I dont deny that I will not stand for elections????? You will stand for elections ???? i might but i dont want to tell the public yet as they might???? i am concentrating in some issues and donrt want public to divert to me standing election..Will you win??? YES i will win the election ;; dick head

Annon 1. said...

When the time does come - keep a close watch on movements of Khaiyum & Co - always believed & still maintain - Dubai.

Anonymous said...

I thought this article was something new about FB. Instead it is about Chaudhry and all old news. This "researcher" Victor Lal begins and ends all his stories with Chaudhry. He must have a fascination with the man and is now acting like a jilted lover. Victor as much as you hate Chaudhry he still has the guts to stand up to Frank and co. in Fiji unlike you who spends every waking minute pretending to undermine Frank but aim all your arrows at Chaudhry. The man has been through much worse than any crap you can dish out. Get a life and make yourself useful in this fight instead of writing works of fiction you has been.

Anonymous said...

Note in today's issue of the Fiji Times another interference by AG which may cost many job opportunities for local people who have since resigned from their employment to join a company which had gained Government approval from Minister Naduva whose decision was instead circumvented by AG. Hence this company is in limbo. Kudos to Fiji Times for printing this article today.

Anonymous said...

Now, we know, same dagger,different ass. what a shit.

Anonymous said...

An undergraduate student can write a better thesis than this piglet Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

When reading the Military Board of Inquiry i was not supirse to see a familiar name crop up time and again -DIRECTOR LIGAIRI! Question is how come this person has never been charged for all the evil that he has done to Fiji in the name of "Indigenous Rights" He was the one that was borought in by Rabuka to form the CRW and met Officers returning from the Middle East at Nadi anddrove with them to the then Travel Lodge to be met later by Rabuka! This was for the recruiting of the Officers for the CRW. If Ligairi is to be left ideal as he has for so long, no investigations etc believe me he will always return to create more situations & problems in Fiji-this is a former SAS personnel who was captured by the then enemy and after that never saw action again!

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry and Bainimarama,

put you two together in one camp for elections - on 1997 constitution after adjusting boundry on population based.

Join sides and go to elections under lawful constitution and get mandate first you ass holes.

How can you think about elections without censors given damagraphis have further changed since the last one?

And you call one man one vote.

Take your middle finger both of you.

Stop selling off Indians to bribe Frank to leave you from $2m victims money to keep. Or have you paid Frank in AUD or in Malaysian dollars to share this to save yourself from guilty verdict?

Chor Chor Chor....Butako King....

Siteri said...

I agree with Lal's proposition that Bainimarama was intimately involved in the removal of Choudory. We must do everything that we can to remove Bainimarama from leading the countrym

Hopefully under a popularly elected Govt we will all work towards removing barriers that keep indegenous Fijians and IndoFijians apart....there is no choice, our future in Fiji is one and we are all sons and daugters of our beloved countrym.

Anonymous said...


When Bainimarama was surcharged by the Qarase Government, he refused to pay.

A history of coups and corruption The December 2006 coup, Fiji s fourth in less than 20 years, was dubbed a cleanup campaign by Bainimarama, who is now Fiji s interim prime minister. His crusade against what he said was a racist, corrupt and wasteful administration originally had some support.

Comment: This is what Bainimarama made people believe, but the reality which is becoming clear is that he merely wanted to rule Fiji. The perception is that he had regretted inviting Qarase into the interim government in 2001, when he continued to say that he brought in Qarase, in spite of the fact that Qarase and his party clearly won two general elections.

Now Bainimarama and his former interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry -- two vociferous critics of the former government s abuse of powers -- have become enmeshed in allegations of financial impropriety.

Recent reports allege that Bainimarama took FJ$180,000 (US$97,071) in leave pay dating back 20 years. And then Chaudhry confirmed that he had an Australian bank account holding more than FJ$1 million (US$539,287) that had been collected from Chaudhry's supporters in India following his ousting as prime minister in the 2000 coup.

Chaudhry s claim that Bainimarama was owed back pay, and that as interim finance minister he did the correct thing to approve the payment, was hardly convincing.

Comment: These are the real results of the coup. No one can be owed 20 years of leave pay. This is daylight robbery. Many people are now weary and just numbed into silence when this issue is brought up.

If the coup did not take place Chaudhry would have been subjected to a court case already.

Akuila Yabakai, chairman of the Citizen s Constitutional Forum, a non-governmental organization, said, For Mr. Chaudhry to say that he was not aware of any irregularities regarding the payout shows a very poor understanding of the accountability mechanisms of public finance. Fiji s military has been justifying the 2006 coup on the basis that a cleanup of the civil service and its procedures was necessary to end corruption. However, the payout to Bainimarama casts doubt on this objective.

Comment: Yabaki is the chief executive officer of the Citizen s Constitutional Forum. He is a known supporter of the coup, and his comment shows a poor understanding of the nature of coups. Fiji has lost its democracy and we are now ruled by people who do not care about law and order anyway. No excuse can be entertained to explain the forcible removal of an elected government. In fact, Fiji has not been ruled by its population for two years now.

A disillusioned people and a country in debt Chaudhry denied that the money collected in India was for victims of the 2000 coup. His assertion that it was for his and his family s resettlement in Australia, needed because of the danger they faced in 2000, dismayed supporters like taxi driver Anand Chand.

Anonymous said...

Backside Up, why challenge Victor to come to Fiji and repeat what he is saying here - dont you get it or your head is up your backside - that we Indo-Fijians have been fooled by Frank and Mahend, especially for the reasons for 2006 coup. God help Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Reading through evidence-90% of the soldiers interviewed lied to their teeth... Even the Colonels with the exception of Col Waqanisau & Lt Col Seruvakula whose testimonies appears credible.

Rambo is the worst of all & there was no intimidating questions asked by the Board-Shameful...

Anonymous said...

The irony here is delicious -- Aiyaz and Chaudhry pontificating and then becoming bum buddies with the very man behind everything they opposed! The Indo-Fijians supporting the very guy who overthrew Fiji's only Indo-Fijian-led government! Add to that Roko Ului, serving as right testicle to the very dick who deposed his father!

Nobody could make this sh*t up. Where do Fijians go to scrape up such "leaders?" Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why people still believe Bainimarama after reading this revelation.Only those wha have benefited from this governent

Anonymous said...

We know FB was involved but what I want to know is where was Australian and New Zealand army when this happened in 2000. Why weren't they here to help.?

Anonymous said...

Aono 8.20pm.

It is well documented by the BOI that Ligairi was re-engaged by the military for six-months by none other than by the Commander himself and no one has presented any evidence to dispute that during the BOI. The Commander was the most appropriate person to testify as to the factuality of that evidence but he chose not to appear before BOI. The question that needs to be asked why was Ligairi who was then 60 years old re-enlisted. For what purpose was his services required by the army. The BOI was told Ligairi showed reluctancy because of his age but Bainimarama insisted he was not that old to rejoin. Why blame Ligairi. He did not march up to QEB and aske3d for re-enlistment. He was begged to return. For what purpose is anybody's guess. Please be fair to the old man. Don't make him the scapegoat of the 2000 mess.

Anonymous said...

Victor Lal is not dumb to return to Fiji and be tortured and killed like the CRW Soliders.

There was no action by the Security Forces in the 2000 Coup because the late Col. Savua was to become the PM and VB President. This is why the Police Riot Bus was at Yet Sen (Chinese School)to pick his kids.

The coup had the full backing of the Taukei Movement due to Savua's connections to Apisai Tora through marriage.

The plans fell through when VB pulled out after Parliament had been taken over when his senior officers did not support that the Military takeover as they had no clue that he was working behind the scences with CRW and corrupt businessmen to get rid of the Chaudhary Government.

Ask Rokoului & JB to confirm that Victor Lal.

Anonymous said...

while we do not condone the killing of soldiers by members of the CRW in 2000; the brutal killings of members of the CRW by soldiers who considers themselves as loyalist are inexcusable and just shows the unprofessionalism that exist in the FMF.

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