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Friday, March 16, 2012

Samoa's PM: Fiji's constitutional review unecessary

Samoa's prime inister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says he will continue with what he described is  'open dialogue' with Frank Bainimarama on the dire situation in Fiji for as long as the military regime is in power and the people of Fiji are denied democratic freedom.

“Some people say I should not interfere with the internal affairs of Fiji and its sovereignty. The reality is, Bainimarama wrestled that sovereignty away from the Fijian people at the point of a gun back in December 2006.

“So as long as he is there pulling the trigger and the strings I will continue this open-dialogue through the media on the situation in Fiji.

"Several leaders have tried in the past to conduct sensitive and well-meaning face-to-face dialogue with Baini only to be publicly embarrassed by the Commodore. Deliberately distorting any agreements reached in confidence to promote support for his dictatorship. ”

Tuilaepa say he has seen some gruesome photos of soldiers killed under Bainimarama’s orders referring to the pictures released recently by Roko Ului Mara along with the RFMF Board of Inquiry report into the 2000 mutiny.

“The photos were taken by a priest I trust. And I am now more convinced at the level of violence and ruthlessness this man is capable of.

“The Pacific is known for peace and harmony. It’s perhaps the last vestiges of paradise in the world. There is no place here for brutal dictators like Bainimarama. What this fellow does in Fiji impacts adversely on the Pacific Islands as a whole.”

Asked about Bainimarama’s allegations that he is peddling to checkbook diplomacy from New Zealand and Australia, Tuilaepa said:

“The Pacific Islands Forum stance remains since 2008 when it suspended Bainimarama and his military regime. My position too has never swayed since December 2006 when he (Bainimarama) usurped the democratically-elected government in Suva. I advised him then – through the media - not to overthrow the Fiji government, and since, have told him over and over again to leave civilian government and go back to the barracks. He doesn’t belong in the seat of government.

“In terms of development assistance, Samoa has had a remarkable record in properly utilizing these financial assistances. The proper checks and balances and good governance practices are in place and grants are effectively utilized where they were supposed to go.

“As per his suggestion, it is the other way around. New Zealand, Australia, USA and other countries actually ask for my views on Fiji and I tell them what I’ve been telling the media through the years. 
"The media here and overseas keep pestering me day and night on my views of Bainimarama and his band of soldiers.”

Time for Fiji military to step back
On the promise of elections in 2014, Tuilapea says:  "He has done nothing to convince me he will take Fiji back to democratic governance.

“The public service top echelons are now occupied by inexperienced military colonels collecting high salaries and perks and living the good life. Is he going to corral them back to the barracks without creating another coup?

“Is he going to bring back an independent judiciary and the rule of law? One that will surely see him and his associates court-marshaled for their treasonous and murderous acts? I think not.”

He also renewed his call for the military to disbanded.

“That’s the core of Fiji’s coup culture. Disband the military and let those boys go out and fish and farm and play rugby. Not cooped-up in military forts thinking up schemes to overthrow their government.

“As for the proposed Constitutional Review, it is unnecessary. The 1997 constitution should be reinstated with one major win-win reform. Disband the military!”


Anonymous said...

Just as Bainimarama says - a puppet of the Aussies and Kiwis. But more than that, stark raving mad.

Anonymous said...

The Facts:

Now that GCC is also gone and next is the decree that will de- register all political parties. Then you will have to register again within the guidelines set by the government. Now for last 2 years this group has grown in numbers and so has the readers.
But what have we done apart for exposing a few scams and aiding Mara to escape. NOTHING ! There has been much talk without a clear sense of direction and operations on the ground.
Everyone wants to have a go at the regime to bring back democracy but no one is prepared to make a stand in Fiji.
Now with GCC gone and chiefs drinking home brew under mango trees - there is no concern about the future of Fiji.

Even if 14 chiefs - not necessarily the high chiefs of the 14 province get 200 men each and come down to the streets to protest that will be the end of this regime.

But as I said there is no sense of concern just talks. Power is still with the chiefs but they are spineless cowards therefore AG is right is his word that all Fijian heritages must be destroyed a NEW WORLD ORDER must be achieved.

Remember when Mere and 3 others were caught in the plot to burn Suva City, the CID director even asked of one of the accused " then why didn't you guys burn Suva - we are all fed up".

I do not have the power to gather people , but yes the chiefs can and their one call thousands will line up.

Please excuse my insights but I have to say this - there is a reason why Indians were brought into Fiji and now they are controlling everything, its simply because Fijians are a lazy, coward bunch of group people who have no national pride in Fiji - therefore deserve to be slaves

"NO Freedom was ever achieved without Sacrifice and No Freedom will ever be achieved without one"

Taukei said...

Right on the mark again is the Samoan PM with his remarks here. Well done!

And also great to see him endorsing what most of us have been saying about the farcical attempt by the Bainimarama dictatorship to attain legitimacy - rework the constitution to their favour, trash Fijian institutions to weaken their support for freedom and democracy and bribe them with foreign funded development projects.

It will never work nor save Baini and Khaiyum from their deserved stint in Korovou prison. They do know this - hence the direction they're forcing on the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The chiefs have the support of their people, they are treated with respect. What this evil pig has done is dismantling the very core of Fijian society, and that is unforgiveable. This pig of a man is playing Russian roulette with the customs and traditions of Fiji.

All it takes is a mass protest in all centers around Fiji. The army cadets or uneducated morons will never shoot their chiefs, they will not be brave enough to do that. When that happens, I hope the soldiers will turn against the pig and the man who actually rules Fiji, and that man is Khaiyum. The pig Voceke is so dumb he doesnt even know that Kahiyum is playing him.

Wake up pig, your man Khaiyum is using you to his advantage. He's skimming the country, and he's trying his very best to get rid of the chiefs because he knows the Fijian people respect their chiefs.

Sorry pig Voceke, you're making a big and deadly mistake.

Despatcher said...

This taxi guy knows when to quit - why doesnt Bainimarama and Khaiyum?

Rishi Ram has resigned as General Secretary of the Fiji Taxi Association in response to criticism of his recent media comments. Ram said yesterday that part of the reason taxi driver’s harassed women was because of the way women dressed, wearing short skirts and revealing clothing.

In a statement released today, he has asked for forgiveness if he had hurt anyone and admitted his personal agenda was to educate passengers on how to dress appropriately.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Taxi Association says it called for Ram’s resignation.
Association President Vincent Singh says the outburst was uncalled for and does not represent the views of the FTA.

Singh thanked women’s organisation for bringing the matter to his attention and assured them that the FTA would work with them on matters of respect, honesty and integrity towards women.

Anonymous said...

Fijians wake up...try to differentiate the chiefly system and the chiefs....the chiefly system - vakarau ni veivakaturagataki, way of respect, humility, humbleness and kindness within the Fijian communal and social structure. We have Turaga ni Vanua, Sau Turaga, Matanivanua, Bai etc.

The Chiefly title are the roles space for the heads of a structure. The titles are bestowed onto person/people anointed by the Vanua/ appointed by the NLC to play the roles of a title holder thus these people/person is referred to as a Chief.

Just by merely DE-establishing the GCC, which was actually a white man / British colonial legacy, we actually get rid of people / persons that have come to abuse their titles given to them by the Vanua for their personal benefits and political mileages.

DE-establishing the GCC is not an attack on the TAUKEI Chiefly system. Most of us blogging here think that the chiefly system is being attacked, I want to correct all of you......the answer here is NO....THE CHIEFLY SYSTEM IS VERY WELL INTACT AND INFACT, THE DE-ESTABLISHING OF THE GCC SERVES ONLY TO SOLIDIFY AND MAKE EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT THE FIJIAN CHIEFLY SYSTEM.

Its the people/persons entitled to Vanua Titles who have abused the constitutional power vested on the GCC THAT ARE BEING DIRECTLY ATTACKED HERE. ITS THEIR SINS AND INFIDELITY TO THE ORDINARY TAUKEI AND THE OTHER CITIZENS OF FIJI. Taking advantage of their traditional powers and influences for their own personal gains.

This corrupt people have been attacked here, not the Chiefly system of the TAUKEI.

C'mon people. Open your eyes, what Bainimarama is actually doing is freeing the ordinary Taukei from misleading Chiefs who only use people for their own benefits.

Keep The Faith said...

What you smoking Anon March 16, 2012 5:42 PM?

Your argument is all semantic BS.

The GCC/BLV was perhaps a colonial construct but it BUILT UPON & formalized our traditional and customary norms.

Traditional and customary rites where chiefs are concerned are similar throughout the Pacific. By implication you are saying that the colonizers did that throughout the Pacific too.

And here's where your logic defies commonsense - that we should be grateful to Bainimarama for unshackling us from customary obligations.

The i-taukei CHOOSE whether to live by traditional values or not. No one is putting a gun to their heads about that. The same cannot be said however of your hero.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line GCC has been removed reason? VB & AK do not have the mandate to do what they did, let the fijians decide for themselves.

Who the hell are they to decide for us Fijians??

Anonymous said...

GCC..A breeding place for people/person that abuse their chiefly titles

Taukei Chiefly System is dynamic and solid as it is and does not need the GCC to put formality to it.

Veivakaturagataki is a spiritual phenomena and you need not formalize it into gazettes or constitutions to make it work.

That is the Dynamics of the Taukei Chiefly System.

Anonymous said...

Anon@5.42. You said the GCC is a colonial legacy. Question for you before your Alzheimer's deteriorates, why then is the army HQ called QEB?

Anonymous said...

Latest news..Mr.Vuniwaqa..illegal minister for immigration has a new girlfriend apart from his wife..news on the street is that he has been showering this particular girl with iphones and giving cash..this is apart from the kickbacks and dirty cash being given to him and his officers for granting visas and working permits to the chineese..well isn't that corruption..

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:59, how is Tuilaepa 'stark raving mad'? What precisely is it about what he is saying that is not completely and tragically true? You make some bald assertions -- defend them! Don't just launch unsupported ad hominem attacks.

As Einstein said: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Expecting anything from Bainimarama other than more kabuki theatre seems like madness to me.

The GCC is one of the last vestiges of legitimacy in Fiji. Think about it -- the RFMF, the government, the administration of justice, the labor unions, even the lotu have all been subverted by Bainimarama's treason. Perhaps only the vanua can still redeem Fiji.

Anonymous 4:35 is right. The next step will be for the regime to de-register the political parties and to impose guidelines for their re-registration, such as adherence to 'the spirit of the People's Charter' or some such nonsense. The comment also gives some concrete tactical advice, which I deeply appreciate and encourage.

Examine what's been done in other countries. There are thousands of ways for Fijians to take down this regime and restore the nation. For starters, I've proposed the on-line election of a shadow government and repudiation of the regime's debts. I've many, many more practical suggestions, but for our elected leadership only -- not for public consumption.

Once we organize a shadow government, we can then devise ways to share our specific ideas in the proper channels.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

The samoa pm is right, the fiji review is a joke.

what is needed to disband the FMF to 100 ceremonial duties men and send junta to naboro for ever and form a goverment of national unity - immidaite elections.

no amensty for all coup thugs.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the Prime Minister of Samoa; a lone voice of sanity in the midst of deception.
I agree with all that he said including the disbanding of the Fijian Army.
The Fiji Army is now rotten to the core and the only right thing to do is to get rid of it completely.
Just like Cancer needs to be cut out of the body or else it will kill the body, this cancer needs to be removed from the Fijian Society.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

To all the chiefs in our beloved country.I urge you to rise and think of your people and the country God has commissioned and ordained you to lead.The people of your clans,tribes,provinces and Fiji itself are all waiting to stop this military regime that has destroyed what we as Fijian stand for.We are counting on you.Look straight on your peoples eyes and tell them,I will protect you from this madness and lead you to a better Fiji that we all aspire to live in.Fiji Chiefs please stand up and be counted.Fijian Chiefs please rise up,we are all waiting.May God bless our struggle.

Sharon Suaniu said...

Seem's like friends and foes agree on one topic - DISBAND THE MILITARY!!

Anonymous said...

Taukei are cowards on their homeland and can't stand up and fight like the Libyans and Egyptians..moce Viti qi sa la!

Anonymous said...

Khayum is a typical ill informed pseudo academic. His thesis is nothing but a pathetic text on personal ideology. It is the same ideology that has seen African and Caribbean nations become cultural deserts that foster anarchy and lawlessness in place of pride and order.

Disbanding the military is of course the only way forward. What a disgrace they are to the people of Fiji.

Laughing (at) Samoans said...

And you call yourself Fijians listening to this Polynesian talking chief! The day we i'taukei take any notice of a fat waste of space like Tuilaepa is the day we are finished. Is that how far we've fallen, that we look to leadership to some Apian fa'afafini? Or do you all want to be transvestites too. Get a grip and tell the Samoans to mnld their own business. What kind of country have they got? A pathetic shadow of Fiji in every sense. And how many wars have they fought? Only about who should buy the next bottle of Vailima. This guy is an insult. Bugger off, Tuila'nobody! Go fix your own country.

Anonymous said...

Tuilaepa has once again said it as it is without any fear of this scared little Dictator! In fact frank cannot even measure up to the Samoan PM who is educated and a Statesman.

Frank is on the other hand just a simple thug who has enjoyed political power and is unwilling to let go.

Good on you Tuilaepa-keep it coming! We enjoy your frank contributions.

Ro Nabalebale said...

Thank you Sir Hon Prime Minister of Samoa. Thanks for your support for your fellow Pacific Islanders.

In your position as PM of a neighbouring country, your vocal and loud and resolute support enables our problems to be aired in high places and to movers and shakers in international arena.

We value Samoa's assistance through you Sir

Faafetai lava
Vinaka vakalevu

Anonymous said...

The SDL should make one of the policy to reduce army down to 100. Watch then how they win the votes.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Samoan PM - Who needs this Mataivalu ni Solisona.

Have a Referendum and see how much support this bunch of arse givers have - They have lost the support of the people of Fiji as they are blindly following the man who is calling the shots in Fiji - Khaiyum.

VB is just a boci like the Mataivalu ni Solisona who are being manipulated by Aiarse for his own personal gain.

Ulukau ga na Ulukau tamata dou soli cici.

Kai Tholo. said...

Abolish's what he claims is the hieratical GCC - yet keeps a picture of the Queen in his office?
She be next on this madmans hit list?

mark manning said...

A real man is measured by what he does for others, despite the risks to himself.
Well done Samoa's Prime Minister.

Fat boy frat boy said...

This clown wants the RFMF disbanded out of sheer jealousy - the fact that Samoa doesn't have an army and we could go over there and take out this guy tomorrow.

He also hates the global influence and prestige we get for our peacekeeping duties. Plus the number of Fijian soldiers who've gone on to more lucrative careers in the British Army and keep our balance of payments strong.

This is what makes Fiji a real country, not some island backwater full of big talking fat men like this idiot. He's an embarrassment to his country. What's he achieved? Forced everyone to drive on the other side of the road where we've driven all along.

Listen up fat boy. You'll always be standing behind Bainimarama at any international meeting because Fiji is a real country, not a bunch of overfed, big mouthed slobs. Pull your head in before we cut it off.

Kai Tholo. said...

Not much of a bati ni wai eitheir.

Been taking us West into Bushman Melanesia when we should be getting directions from the East - Polynesia. Legend has it Samoans' are the South Pacifics Brainboxes. Note difference of how West treat Vore & how East treats Vore?
Not content with pissing of international allies such as ANZ & US he's now attempting to alienate us from our 2 closest Traditional friends Tonga & Samoa...

Kai Tholo. said...

Fall Down People.
Remember an old Lauan story about one of their most recent Turaga.
When he wasn't around they would mutter all sorts of things about him - yet as soon as he appeared - they all fell down.

Taukei are respectful of titles - individuals are secondary.

Anonymous said...

Samoa's PM is not the puppet of Australia and NZ. He is a true leader of the Pacific who can distinguish right fron wrong. No one in his good mind could say that he is interfering with internal affairs of Fiji particularly when it is being led and controlled by an illegal regime. Fiji is part and parcel of the bigger pacific community.

Anonymous said...

This dickhead no school dictator talks about abolishing racism in Fiji yet he proomotes racism in the region with his support of Melanesian Spearhead Group. The formation of MSG can ignite racism in the Pacific because it drives a wedge between the three ethnic and cultural groupings in the Pacific. See the kind of damage MSG has already created in the South Pacific FVorum which Bainimarama uses to fight for Fiji's reinstatement as a member.

Anonymous said...

Laughing at Samoans...

It seems you're one uneducated piece of shyte. Perhaps you're Voceke judging by your writing skills. Tuilaepa is respected by the international community, he's educated unlike the pig you support.

I suggest you go back to school and learn something. Open your eyes and maybe you'll see what's going on in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

samoan/tonga should sent the armies with some special force from usa/auss/nz .
than we see the fijian armies will shit in the pants like the boss bai did.hahaha

Anonymous said...

If only Fiji had such an educated and bright leader as Samoa's Mr Tuilaepa. Thank you sir for standing up for the rights of us Fijians which have been trampled on by this uneducated moron Frank Bainimarama who can't even put a single sentence together. That is what you get from a no school drop out. It is pleasing to know that we have friends in the Pacific who have a true picture of the injustices prevailing in Fiji today. Keep up the good work Mr Tuilaepa, the world needs to be aware of the plight of Fiji's people.

Anonymous said...

@ Laughing at Samoans...
Who you calling fat? Have you seen your pot-bellied, drunkard leader lately? Follow him to the grave you waste of space!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Fat Boy frat Boy. Spot on. It's pathetic to see these angry impotent fools toadying up to this guy. Fancy being so pathetic as a Fijian man that you gotta to be led by a Samoan!

They'll be sitting in Auckland scoffing their bully beef and cassava and bowing before photos of this idiot before too long.

Is this how far the Fijian race has fallen? To be impressed by a nobody wannabe? When I was kid, the worst insult you could dish out to someone was to say "big talk no action". That's him and that's them. Losers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon at 11.33 am. You is right about the plight of Fiji's people. The way they have to look to a Samoan to lead them. I've never seen so much pathetic kowtowing as in these comments. Ashamed to be i'taukei. Where are our own leaders? Hiding in fear of the Baini. Look at the Tui Cakau. Poor miserable oaf. He's "sad" that the GCC was abolished. Well get off your fat arse and fight!! And Roko Ului. Get back to Fiji, defy the regime and lead!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.........military goons can't think so don't try to talk smart. You may lead but who will follow? We will see come the time! As for how many wars have you fought? Are you implying that you are somewhat battle savvy? You've never seen action because you are all just babies still shitting your pants like your no school leader. You must mean our fathers and grandfathers who saw action in Solomons and Malaysia. Not you pig hunters! Get real, stop insulting right thinking people who see a spade for what it is. We never asked for you so just Fark off back to your little play camp and wait for the day a real army comes to roll you over and change your shitty pants, the smell is making the Pacific a foul place indeed!

vocia na kora said...

BAI is this the PACIFIC WAY you always spit out a few years ago

Sairusi said...

Fat Boy frat boy....you are a nut case.

You boast about the useless Fiji Army??? We used to respect it but now its Fiji's unfettered killing machine being unleashed on Fijians.

Samoa does not want to have an army like Fiji because it has no enemies and Samoa prefers to use its revenue on paying for useless soldiers to enslave Samoans.

Fijians support and thak Samoan PM for what he is telling Fiji's dictator

Anonymous said...

At least Samoa's PM didn't shit and piss in his pants hahaha. Bainivuaka is the butt of all jokes, in Fiji and abroad.

It was disgrace when he shit and pissed in his pants. He's known as the idiot who sprinted across a cassava patch. He went into a rage over voting by text on who's the most popular person in Fiji.

He's a pathetic, uneducated moron who doesn't even know that he's not running the country, Aiyarsehole is. Hahaha.

Vuaka, you better start looking for the nearest culvert or a cassava patch because you need somewhere to hide. But seeing you lately, you're fat and miserable you won't be able to run a few meters.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this IS how far the Fijian race has fallen, to be impressed by a nobody wannabe. Describes 'Ratu Voreqe' to a tee.

Anonymous said...

Jealous of the RFMF?  Right-o, mate, every leader wishes he had an undisciplined and treasonous military led by half-educated and traitorous egotists.

The RFMF take out Tuilaepa tomorrow? Worthless idiots! What about taking out the traitor who betrayed your legal government, the one the you were paid to protect?  

Bainimarama needs an army.  Tuilaepa doesn't.  Tell me, of the two, who is the more secure?

The 'global influence and prestige' Fiji gets for its peacekeeping duties may not continue long under this regime.  The Americans won't train and equip the RFMF any more and are always just one veto from ending Fijian participation in all PKOs.  UNAMI won't last forever.  The UN is already looking at replacing the RFMF with Gerogians and Mongolians, and the Iraqis are increasingly able to handle their own security.    

The RFMF is not what makes Fiji a real country.  It's what has turned Fiji into a banana republic.  Fiji was once the regional leader.  Under your Banana Man, it has become the regional embarrassment.

Bainimarama doesn't even get to go to a lot of the international meetings Tuilaepa attends, because, unlike Fiji's own overfed, big mouthed slob, Tuilaepa is an elected leader, not a traitor to his country.

Anonymous said...

Well spoken Mr Tuilaepa. All points are spot on. Maybe the point about election in 2014 could be arguable. I know Bai is a big liar and not a man of his words but the stakes are too high to renege on this one. National and international pressure are bearing down on him and he stands to lose more than he would like if he does not deliver. Which ever way he goes it will be a lose lose situaton for him so the only recourse for him is remove opponents and manipulate the elections to save his skin. This is exactly what is being played out now. But we must not let Bai get his way and we must speak out in the consultation for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

Anonn on March 16, 2012 5:42 PM comments are spot on. I don't subscribe to supporting coups in any shape or form but its about time we got a bit real! What Frank has done is wrong but that should not detract from the fact that one of the reasons why we are in this mess is because the Chiefs who should have stood up to Rabuka in the first place and said that the coup was wrong-didn't and not have given him blanket amnesty! WE seem to keep going around in circles inorder to justify our wrongs yet we jump up & down when the likes of Frank arrives on the scene! Frank would have ever came into existence if both the GCC & Methodist Church would have stood their ground and not taken sides, by doing so they left those who were not itaukei in a massive quandrum. These were the two major institutions that were the guiding light of the Nation in its darkest hours, a beacon where those who were hurt,injured disenfrachised or simply in tears could look to & find comfort! What these Leaders did was to was look to the populace view-anyone can do that! We show ourselves as beacons of light to guide & lift people our of their misery and pain when we don't stand with popular view! Out of the wooodwork of Rabuka's coup came the hatred be it a real or imagined it did show-one reeled from words that were uttered by the Keepers of the flock! Did we imagine these utterances? But we forget that from the pulpit the utterances before the elections was "God will give us a good Goverment" -only to be forgotten that maybe, just maybe when the results were announced that it was Gods Will! The Chiefs used their postions to only think of themsleves the Vanua was soon forgotten, the Keepers of the "Light" the Talatalas justified preaching hatred against another because they were of another breed of people! Where were the "Enlightened Ones" far and few in between-they spoke without fear,and challenged those of us who abandoned our beliefs to be one of the crowd.Some were removed but their healing heart touched those that were hurt and many still had faith, had faith that there were still good people around! That this temporary insanity will go away-that out of the depths of dispair we can come together to forge a nation because in the end we are all-Gods people, in every shade of colour, shape, make, beliefs etc etc! Fiji can accommadate any number of people from any where in the world because the heart of the Vanua is bigger than any person - its only us that put limits into it, its only us that segregated ourselves! There is no limit to what the land of my fore fathers can do-its our Leaders who put us into compartments of limitations and we have come to live & belive it! DRi yani

Anonymous said...

I maybe wrong but in Samoa only Chiefs can stand for elections -not that they really have elections but i maybe wrong?? Easy to talk when you getting feed by another country eg NZ!

Sanguine said...

According the Anthony Gates, the Constitution is Indestructible - http://intelligentsiya.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/anthony-gates-constitution-is.html

Anonymous said...

Mataivalu ni Solisona - Just Shut up and do what you do best to each other - Soli Cici because you are all talk and can do nothing to the Samoan PM.

Do your wives and girlfriends know what you do to each other on your overseas missions and to each other everyday - Vutusona, Kubu & Solicici everyday?

Want to look tough marching with their guns through the streets of Suva but once back at camp sucking and rooting each other.

Boci ga na Boci.

Anonymous said...

And why is Bai so petty in his pointless arguments?I had a laugh when Bai accused Samoa PM of saying these things because he was receiving aid from Aust and NZ. So wasn't Fiji also a recipient of aid from these countries? So has most countries of the Sth Pacific. To me the legallly appointed PM of Samoa is more concerned with Fiji's citizens and understands our plight than our own illegal PM who deprives, harms and even kill his own people. Doesn't it draw a comparison to dictators of Iraq, Libya, Syria and so on. Thank you Mr Tuilaepa you talk more sense than our driblling empty vessel dictator.

Anonymous said...

Anon@4.50pm. Get your head out of Vuaka's arse as you've been there too long. The PM of Samoa is selected by democratically elected MPs, unlike the pig of a man you support.

Yes you're right, the matai's can only run for parliament, but I heard there are plans to change that. And of course the Samoans will have a say, not like the pig Vuakamarama who is trying his best to stay in power.

And as for NZ feeding Samoa, go eat something because I think your hunger is playing with your uneducated mind. All countries in the pacific receive aid from NZ, and that includes Fiji.

I suggest you think before you open your germ infested mouth as who's been giving aid to Fiji. China comes to mind.

Reiterating, get your head out of Vuaka's arse before the infection spreads to the rest of your body,or shall I say boci.

Anonymous said...

Io, tu ga na masipolo e na nonai tavi. Vinaka sotia masipolo, me caliva sara me rawa ni raica nai yaloyalo ni ka e cakava tiko. Masi tikoga na polo, masi, masi masi masi, fire na masi polo ni luveni vuaka,