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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two dead in worsening floods

Aerial view of the flooding in Nadi

Airports Fiji Limited has requested that no passengers be flown into Fiji until Monday because of the worsening floods which has already claimed two lives.

Fiji's Central Division has now been put on flood alert with the Navua and Rewa river continuing to rise.

More than 30 evacuation centres have been set up and thousands evacuated in the Western Division where heavy rain is continuing to fall flooding towns from Sigatoka to Rakiraki.

Air Pacific has cancelled all its inbound flights for today and tommorrow. 

The flights affected are:
J852 - Honolulu - Apia to Nadi
FJ260 - Port Vila to Nadi
FJ 392 - Hong Kong to Nadi
FJ813 - Los Angeles to Nadi
FJ1392 – Apia to Nadi
FJ410 – Auckland to Nadi
FJ210 – Tonga to Nadi
FJ410 – Auckland to Nadi
FJ910 – Sydney to Nadi
FJ922 – Brisbane to Nadi
FJ914 – Sydney to Nadi

Air Pacific says the following outbound flights will operate:

FJ923 – Nadi (depart 2040) to Brisbane (arrive 2255)

FJ211 – Nadi (depart 1835)  to Tonga (arrive 2005)

FJ810 – Nadi (depart 2359)  to Los Angeles (arrive 1520)

Bainimarama visit cut short


mark manning said...

This could well be the straw which breaks the camels back !

Land has eyes said...

Another national tragedy worsened by an ILLEGAL, INCOMPETENT, THIEVING military regime.

No warning system in place? Well, what do you expect since the thieving rats have been busying partying since the HKG 7s win. No boats, trucks or appropriate transport to rescue the stranded? What a shame! Shame! Shame!

Anonymous said...

Fiji media is reporting three dead!

Anonymous said...

What has that b**** Ps for misinformation has to say now..sharon the old slut has the nerve to say that people cannot waltz into this country and say what ever they want to say..now who is going to help us illegal goons??..China and India??..IN past govt..aust and new zealand are always the first to help us cause they were our very good friends but now see what big damage these criminals have done to our country..God will punish us for supporting them..its time someone puts an end to all of this cause as far as standard & Poors ratings on our economic status is that we are now B-..which means that we are virtually bankrupt..

Anonymous said...

What has that b**** Ps for misinformation has to say now..sharon the old slut has the nerve to say that people cannot waltz into this country and say what ever they want to say..now who is going to help us illegal goons??..China and India??..IN past govt..aust and new zealand are always the first to help us cause they were our very good friends but now see what big damage these criminals have done to our country..God will punish us for supporting them..its time someone puts an end to all of this cause as far as standard & Poors ratings on our economic status is that we are now B-..which means that we are virtually bankrupt..

Anonymous said...

sigh.....so now we blaming GOD for sending flood waters??

Anonymous said...

I want to dedicate this prayer to all the Fiji's Children celebrating Palm Sunday tomorow who are affected by this flood:

If my people who are called by name, HUMBLE themselves and PRAY, than i will hear from HEAVEN and HEAL their LAND.

Please GOD, forgive BAINIMARAMA illegal regime FOR THE CURSE THEY HAVE BROUGHT TO THIS LAND as they know not what they do.

HAPPY CHILDREN SUNDAY ALl and thank you C4.5 for the hardwork in bringing the news update!

Necani Bolea Natera said...

Qori kina!!!!This is God wrath!!!
Fiji, God have heard your prayer!!This is just the begining,there's more to come. God is punishing those who lead this govt and god have hit them hard where it hurts........."the tourist dollar".C'mon Mr Tikoitoga,go ahead and touch the methodist church!!!you are brave enought to get rid of the GCC(vanua)but got no BALLS to touch the church.

Anonymous said...

What's up at QEB? Why so many trucks with soldiers in and out at this hour? Are they responding to the flooding, or is it just another show march for tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

awakened by news of many strange reports. is there a curfew again? going down to ratu sukuna park just going to see what's to be seen. will advise. rakuita

Anonymous said...

Yes 3 dead and there will be an outbreak of water borne diseases..like what the illegal thugs denying after the january floods..there will be an outbreak of Diohrea.Typhoid,Leptospirosis..e.t.c...and tourists will start cancelling their holidays to fiji cause the tourism minister is a thief..con illegal artist..now the Lords vengence is upon us for putting up with his shit..How can they deny the facts now when its more then obvious..if I were them I would be very sorry cause they have taken this once beautiful country to the dogs..economic ruin and bankruptcy..

Anonymous said...

M.Chodohari says

"Fiji Flood Appeal"

Our people are severely suffering - and I have taken upon myself to immediately collect funds on their behalf to assist them in their time of need.

I pledge 10% of the proceeds to the victims - this time! I'll use some to fund my next elections (20%)and keep the rest for me and my family.

My Australian Bank Account details are with Victor Lal.


Suruj said...

Wailei tamaqu!!!!!! The Naqali-Vunidawa road tarcealing will be hit back and hard. Whatever sugar-cane spared from the January floods will be decimated and left wiped out Chinese might pull out and return to Jaina from Sawani Vunidawa Rd project, leaving Bainiwomen to grind his teeth and lament what's God been doing to him and Eyearse....he's sure not favouring their plans.

Looks like all people, fate, the heavens, our ancestors, nature and God all mighty are turning against the illegal Regime.

Anonymous said...

Latest news coming out of Vuaka's sty. He has formally begged NZ and Australia for urgent assistance as this flood is worse than the last one. He's asked for monetary assistance, medical supplies, boats and a recon mission to assess the damage.

Oh hang on, nooooo it's April Fools Day.

Anonymous said...

regime doesnt have funds .
now illegal pm want to offer 200% tax rebate to donors..
no account of tax payers funds been spend for last 6 years.
cant trust the regime .
my advise we better give funds direct to affected people in fiji.
time for regime to resign and hand the power to the people who were elected by the people voice/vote.
if you have some pride and heart for fiji
bai/ag govt will step down for the sake of fiji/people.
god bless fiji people.

Anonymous said...

latest news 2500 pwd workers will be sent home -no funds .
niam -malaysian company is the owner of -fiji road authority.
regime have sold fiji to china/malay.
what next will regime will make fiji people- slave to china/malaysia.
god pls take this illegal wanna be regime out asap.

Anonymous said...

This is the bad thing about the kind of regime we have now. In a demolcratic set-up we can remove govt when there is non-performance at the ballot box. We cannot do this to a govt that rules by the gun. Forget about making a change in 2014 because the ballot box for that year is already rigged to see Baini in power.

Anonymous said...

The floods In Nadi and Ba is totally unprecedented. I am based in Nadi and have lost upwards of $250,000. While we all know that the government has no money to assist i am urging the bloggers who are living abroad to put their money where their mouth is and come and help the people of Fiji. If you care so much please leave your cushy comforts collect some funds and come and help. We will appreciate it very much.

Anonymous said...

The Mataivalu Ni Solisona will be taught a hard lesson - God is greater than all their guns and their pagan Gods - VB & Khaiyum.

The people of Fiji will continue to suffer under the wrath of god as long as this Military Junta is in poor.

All they can do is march through Suva with their guns showing their cicilevu - Kaisibokola kece.

Anonymous said...

frank and regime watch this movie .the last king of scotland.
Idi amin dada how he treated people n uganda than what happen to him at last .
idiamin ran away to arab nation for cover .
time for you/cronies to run too.
we had enough of you bs decree and promise.
you are using indians for your self interest and money.
no indian,no business ,no money/no tax for fiji regime.
regime collapse.
people of fiji should stop paying tax to this illegal regime.
fnpf funds been used to pat civil servants .
govt in huge debt of 6 billion .
what next fijian will rely on families aboard to assist them.
imf to bail fiji out of the economic mess.
fiji has become uganda of the pacific..
frank is idi amin of the pacific .
ag pinky is the taliban/jhina of fiji.
fiji people wake up now and ask the regime to prove me wrong .ask how much saary been paid to ministers.
where is auditors general reports since 2006 -2011.
how much debt fiji is in now.
how much commission ag/frank made from china/malay company.
where is the promised of good acct govt,freedom.democracy.-liars.
let see if big conmans /liars spin wanabe puppet mosese /sharon bitch can ans me.
sharon husband hanged himself and sharon put connect in 5 million loss.now ps for sleeping with army officers.
what a joke.
frank resign now.

Autar said...

This is the only place I can see good photos of the floods in the West for free!! Thanks C4.5.

Anonymous said...

i will pledge some funds to fiji.
I am not rich but would ask fijian overseas to donate to the poor and needy in fiji.
i can sent clothes and food items.
god help our fiji people in this time of need.
my humble prayer to almighty god.
regime pls resign now for the sake of fiji people.
if you have heart for fijians.
regime have done enough damage already in fiji.
so we can get aid from eu,auss,nz,usa,uk,others.
god bless

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.29AM. Sympathy to you for your loss, but can you ask Aiyarse and Vuaka to help you? Perhaps Aiyarse and Vuaka can donate some of their mega salaries they collect for doing fark all as a starter.

We love to help but not with the incompetent egotistical or should I say, egotesticle Vuaka and Aiyarse at the helm.

Anonymous said...

For those asking for help from bloggers, I don't think much voluntary donations will be coming your way because last time that happened the regime charged VAT on the donation containers meaning a lot of them were either sent back or parked in warehouses awaiting govt auction as the charities were not able to pay VAT after going to all the trouble of collecting supplies/clothes etc for the last flooding disaster victims. As they say, once bitten, twice shy. This just highlight the absolute stupidity of this regime.

Anonymous said...

Bai up and about early this time. The last flood it took him many days before he started his visits to affected areas. Someone must have advised him of the need to spruce up his image if he wants points for his election bid. Anyway what will his visit do to the affected. He is not taking rations or assistance for victims. Just his large entourage - just a waste of resourses. Lets see who will be the first to reach out and offer aid this time around. People do get wary and wonder what was done with the money given last time with no accountability.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.46. Just as i thought. Always an excuse. It is very easy to talk. The flood has nothing to do with Vuaka and Aiyarse. I did not elect them nor help them execute the coup nor do i support them. I am just a small business men trying to make ends meet in Fiji. I employee 11 people and they will be out of a job as i lost every thing. Water levels in Nadi reached ceiling height in most places and due to the very nature of this flood no one could do anything in time to save stock or anything else. This is the story of all Nadi and BA Businesses. The west is collapsing and no one will be able to do anything about it. Isa Viti.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord our GOD, please direct your anger towards the tyrant and their supporters. Show compassion and mercy towards the villagers. In Jesus Christ we pray amen.

Anonymous said...

rajesh lkulina, why are you writing your name in some posts and not others? we can all see you through your no school English.

Anonymous said...

What wanking bloggers on this site. Frank has again shown what a true leader is by going and visiting flood zones even before waters hace subsidied. Imgaine LQ or MPC doing that. Meant a lot to us to see around with his team. Get a grip overseas on the dole bloggers. Get a real job!

James said...

Only praying for those you love and curse to the rest? Iko Christian!!

Anonymous said...

@ 10.45pm..No one is blaming God..we are thanking him for his will will be done..for as long as this illegal government is in power we can always expect a very poor unprofessional response from DISMAC and all those other useless government departments and the useless army that spends its time in traning and polishing their useless shoes and guns..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:03pm

You pay your taxes to the Government. You are entitled to receive assistance from the Government to whom you pay your taxes. Don't go looking to other's on this blog or overseas, look to your Government to whom you pay taxes and rates.

Anonymous said...

Due to continuing natural disaster after disasters, the Voreqe Bainimarama lead Government, has reached a majority consensus, for the establishment of a "flooding Decree", aimed to once & for all,put a stop, to this frieken disaster and those responsible?
WE ARE NOT AMUSED?and we as a Government, will naturally get to the bottom of these natural phenomenon & it's cause? Yasha Ghai better be quick about the frieken constitution or he'd have more to worry about? I'm at the end of my rope and no more decree
from hereon?

Anonymous said...

Ok where r the soldiers? I read only 300 deployed. What has happened to the other 4700? How about getting of your lazy arse and helping us in the west?

Anonymous said...

The regime has had more than five years to make fiji the envy of others in the pacific, but apart from doing really well out of it themselves , when it matters they always come up short. They will borrow from anyone for anything but still can't fix infrastructure and drainage issues for people who bare the brunt year after year after year? presumbaly the PM's residence in Suva is just fine then ...

Anonymous said...

the problem is that anyone providing asistance from abroad takes the pressure of the regiem by doing so, it appears that local have relaxed into a malaise and perhaps this suffering might just wake them up.... their traditional friends want to help but it will only keep the regime afloat, much like providing food aid to Nth Korea and then the regime feeding their army and cronies with it.!! Presumbaly Fijian's haven't suffered engough yet to get off their arses and overthrow the military junta.

Kainoda said...

To the Vanua of Nadi, Lautoka, Ba, anybody can read between the lines today as the disasters you are experiencing is no joke.Have you given it much thought?Gods words are crystal clear:...if you turn away from Him then He will turn away from you forever!The problem you are facing is because you have been choosing your wealth over God (who is the provider)The govt.has nothing to do with the weather so do not blame them.The time is never too late to go back to serving the Lord instead of wealth.There is no other logical explanation to this.Remember that if and when you turn back to the Lord,surely He will restore your loss and add onto you more than you can possibly imagine.

Anonymous said...

Kainoda @10:35

Kai Nadi have had this wealth for generations. Since the 1970's.

They never had floods of this level until 2009.

So what is your theory for the Kai Tebara ? The flooding is happening over there right now.

There is also flooding in Naitasiri happening right now.

There is also flooding in Nadroga (Sigatoka) and in Navua.

Chief Warwar's island is having flooding right now in Vanuatu. Huge flooding as of last evening.

Kainoda said...

To Kai Nadi
Please do not get me wrong. The Tebara is familiar with floods and you know that..."ni Tebara dau sili wacala" This flood is after a long time(years)without one to them.We use to ask the same questions then, why are the west not getting floods like we do in those days.But times are changing mate,maybe you have been enjoying for so long now!The other places you mentioned like Nadro and Naitasiri do not get it as often as Nadi does now so maybe it is providing you with a cue.As for it only coming about from 2009,shows you blaming the government today,why don't you blame Ratu Mara,Rabuka,Qarase Chodory for not dredging the rivers back then?I know that its the common mentality of pointing a finger at someone just to save others.Ni lesu ga vua na Kalou ni kua!I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Kainoda 1:18

Kalou e sega ni lialia me con taki tu vaka na vei con taki o via cakava tiko eke.

Kalou au kila e dua ga. Kalou ko Jiova ni lewe vuqa. Sega ni kalou lialia se mataboko.

Ca gona ni unrighteousness sa laurai tu qo. Lai caka tiko na qaravi tevoro i Vanuatu ki na nomudou tevoro sona/sese/lialia dou sa via lai sevusevu vuaka kina me sa nomudou Kalou. Kena i sau sa tu qori. Veicalati, Veilecayaki, Sese.

Dou kauta tale e so na vuaka i Ambrym. Lai qaravi vakaoti na cakacaka lialia dou lai cakava mai kea.

Kua ni mai con taki keimami tiko na kaiviti.

Anonymous said...

hahaha some comments are hilarious.lol!..do not blame the vanua,blame the govt.lol

mtom said...

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