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Friday, April 6, 2012

$65,000 being spent on evac centres but 'no food and water for victims'

Kanti Lal and his family sheltering under makeshift tent at Utalei,
Nadi. About 40 families in the mixed settlement whose homes were under flood waters say they have received no State assistance since Friday. pic FLP
Close to 15,000 people are spending Easter in evacuation centres with the regime believed to be paying $65,000 a week in the West alone to feed them, but many are falling between the cracks.

The number of flood victims jumped from 11,325 to about 14,638 after Cyclone Daphne passed over the country on Wednesday. Fiji was spared her wrath but the heavy rain and winds were enough to cause more devastation.

The Western Emergency Operation Centre says it was initially costing them $51,583 a week for food  for evacuees. Families are believed to be getting flour, milk, tin fish and dahl and rice as rations.

Information shows close to five thousand of those in the 157 centres from Nadroga to Rakiraki are children and some 700 are infants.

It's estimated there are 58 evacuation centres in the Nadroga-Navosa province but there could be more in the upper reaches of Navosa, where a DISMAC team is now headed. 

DISMAC says evacuees staying in schools are  being moved to ensure that school can reopen by next Tuesday but insists no one will be forced to go back to their homes if they still need help.

But there is wide concern the regime is out of its depth and flood victims are being ignored. 

The Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry says the regime is ill-equipped to handle the floods and denies Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's claims he's just trying to score points.

“It is a fact that people are complaining," says Chaudhry. "They have been caught in the worst flooding experienced in recent years, much worse than the disaster of 2009 and yet in the three days from Friday to Monday no food rations were handed out by the State.

“The Prime Minister himself is on record having expressed dissatisfaction at the slow pace of relief assistance at briefings he received from District officers in Sigatoka, Ba and Lautoka. He has urged government officials to concentrate on providing food rations and water.

“This is the ground reality. Mr Khaiyum should get off his high horse and listen to the number of complaints that are being aired on radios daily from people who claim they have been herded into centres without food, water or emergency medical supplies.

“He could also pay a visit to the people of Utalei, Nadi (next to the Korovuto Village). Some 40 homes here were completely submerged in the flood waters forcing 300 people to take shelter in makeshift tarpaulin tents along the road side. They have had no food, water or electricity since Friday."

Regime spin doctors meanwhile continue to ensure the illegal leadership survives the national crisis with releases, photographs and accompanying information geared at proving it's  on top of everything. 

Some of the releases being issued the Ministry of Information:

1.     RESILIENT FARMERS DETERMINED TO FIGHT BACK - The Prime Minister’s visit to the western division has not only brought relief to the many thousands that have been affected but has also inspired many including sugar cane farmers to begin rebuilding their lives.
4.     NAMOSI JOINT VENTURE PLEDGES ASSISTANCE TOWARDS RELIEF - Namosi Joint Venture this week committed an additional to the Prime Minister’s Flood relief fund appeal.  
5.     STUDENTS NEED TO RETURN TO SCHOOLS: PRIME MINISTER - Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is concerned for the education of children whose lives were affected following the devastating floods across areas in Viti Levu.
6.     Manpower boost for disaster - Health maximiSes human resources in flood affected areas - Health authorities will be maximising its human resources on the ground from tomorrow as rehabilitation works continues in flood affected areas in the western division.
8.     Don't forget the life of the ordinary farmer - Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has encouraged government officials currently working at the National Disaster Management Office to take the time to visit evacuation centres in the Western Division and gain firsthand experience of the realities on the ground.
9.     Tavua thanks government, military - The vanua of Tavua have personally thanked the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, government and the military for the assistance provided to them during the last two floods.

Bloggers have their own take on the MINFO propaganda machine and its leader Sharon Smith-Johns, who came under attack this week for some of her interviews. The picture above shows they remain unimpressed with her efforts.

Tight security to stop scavenging at dumps

Damages to Nadi businesses about $200m


  1. Everything is happening on Fiji time. Don't expect all to be fixed too soon. Lives will be lost before it gets better

  2. well said hon.pm mpc .
    this ag taliban shouldnt talk to much.
    must learn from the master of politics mpc/lq.
    people need help ag is still on high horse and pride .
    they should resign now
    the regime claim $65000 per week to feed 14000 people .this workout to $4-64 per head per week,'how can a person live on 4-64 a week? In a week, there woud be 21 meals per week(breakfast, lunch and dinner) so, is the AG providing a meal to each person at a 22 cents each? can one buy a meal in Fiji for 22 cents? the lies of the regime can be easily seen, only the likes of nur bano can reconcile these figures?
    min of finance. and ag ans me on this.

  3. Thank you anon 10.59. well done analysis. how can a meal be provided for 22 cents. this is day light conmanship at work. stop this lies khaiyum, you are a disgrace to the muslims madar chod.

  4. its amazing how can a person eat a meal in 22 cents.
    even a packet of bean is 50 cents.
    sad day for fiji people now.
    fiji is turning to be another somalia.

  5. radio apana appeal is coming to fiji and will donate 2400 food packs that is more than fiji govt .
    they food parcel is costing about 90-00 a pack.
    good work radio apana and team.
    god bless you all and fiji people in nz.

  6. The AG is making appeox $2700 per day in salary. If he adds this to the fund then it will add another 19cents per meal.

  7. legal hon .mpc/lq will be able to rescue fiji now.
    fiji regime dont have funds now.
    they should be thankful to nz govt and nz people for help and funds .

  8. Anon @10:59 I agree with you but the question is "what the hell is your hon PM Mahen Pal Choor dhry doing to help the victims of the flood"? Talk is cheap, but action speaks louder. Your MPC collected a lot of money for victims who were staying at Girmit Center in 2000. None of that money made it to Fiji. Money collected from Haryana was to help the Indian community in Fiji as opposed to for Choor dhry and the family to resettle in Australia. Choodu does not have good record. He has a history behind him that would make Ned Kelly look like prince.

  9. 4.5, it does not help when you are also misleading and self serving. Just the truth please?

  10. @ 10.54 am you dumb fool..nothing in fiji will get better..just recieved reports of tourists that return here for holidays in the past years saying that they will not be returning to fiji anytime in the near future cause they dont want to put their lives at risk and flooding in Nadi will get worse every year..and most saying nadi wont be the same anymore..haahaa..where do you get your predictions from??..Looking into the hour glass I suppose..and nothing in this impoverished country would get any better..Get real and stop living in a dream world..

  11. A G is working on a new DECREE STOP THE RAIN DECREE will be effective soon ,as all decrees are working fine this one will stop all rain

  12. ROFLMAO @ the Shazza graphic. So very apt.

  13. Tomorrow morning if you hear a knock on your door it will be BAI,ASS,CHANDU,SHARON,with buckets not distributing Easter Eggs but asking for SAGAMOLI $1 for flood appeal,and what has happened to the Million collected last month,which Bank ??which account??,who donated???,how was it used ??????rather WHOSE Bank account???

  14. Sharon does have a long tongue. Pity about her twins though, they are buckling under the forces of gravity.

  15. MPC and LQ would not have faired well than what's happening right now with the flood relief efforts. In fact, they would be heavy reliant on overseas Aid. FB and AK are able with the few resources we have and have been articulate and innovative enough to rope in the inmates incarcerated in the West etc etc..and still get the job done, and watch in the shortest amount of time...Beat that!

  16. Is this the same Mahen pal Chaudary who stole millions of dollars from the poor farmers and is keeping it in Aust for his family.

    Can he also inform us what has FLP done so far?

  17. They don't have what it takes to handle such a crisis. The training of the current crop of soldiers is principally focussed on protecting the chief bufoon's life and and that of his cronies. It's Frank's army - no longer for the people but very much at their expense. It has become an institution of dogs - no longer what it used to be.

  18. frank/ag have f fiji up.
    people dont have food in the shelter.
    this photos and cry of fijians speaks more louder than ag/frank lies.


  20. @ Slovak..you sound like Bai and Aiyaaz's dog..haahaa..they were slow and their response to the flood was unco-ordinated..clumsy..and a big shame to the international community for a bunch of wannabes all is obvious is that they have lost track of their lying and deceitfulness and now are running around in circles like a bunch of kids that have made a mistake and keep saying that they will get through this when in reality the country is reeling in uncertainty and the economy is collapsing big time..now no more tourism..which was once upon a time the major money earner for revenue and sugar which is now beyond reapair..stop living in a dream world and face reality you cock loving son of a B****..So what a you going to do now?? rely on all the digging from the copper mine in namosi..or are you guys going to draft out a new decree on how to stop bad weather..haahaa..what a bunch of d!@#$%^&s

  21. no meal can cost 22 cents in fiji.
    so people eating biscuit and water.

  22. Slovak, Fiji is broke you arsehole, and Fiji could do with some donations from overseas at present. As for aid, get out of vocekes ass as you're blinded by his shit. Your master Voceke has sourced aid from china, and wipe the shit off your face and read this..A I D aid.

  23. Magen pal chor should use his millions from the Indian government to help his voters the us$2million is now more then $10million Fiji dollars Salla chor

  24. I think the anon comment @ 10.54 is meant to be a bit of sarcasm. Lives will be lost before it gets better is meantfor dumb idiots like anon 12.54 not doing anything even when you and your family have been left high and dry in this flood with no assistance from this illegal regime. It will take few more deaths before Fiji wakes from the current grog session state.

  25. Dina says..

    Aiyaz Khaiyum/Nur bano Ali/Naz Shameem/Shaista Shameem/Aslam Khan/and cohorts are not worried about people suffering.

    They're more concern about making money for themselves before doom day.

    Fiji & Frank & military wake up huys - these talibans are their for themselves, while they are milking the country dry, people are suffering.

    Is this the kinda leaders Fijians wnat...?????

    wake up before Fiji is sunk futher by these elites.

  26. What haapened to the weather forcast?Why there was not enough warning because the weather office fijianised and the skilled people have left the country because it is a cookoo country runned by a bunch of uneducated idiots.
    Get all your kaivata and the kilavats of the jobs so this will be the outcome because the system is corrupt nothing will be done the right way no way.
    The ordinary people have to suffer because a lunatic is now running the country.

  27. Can't people work things out that not only government is feeding people at the evacuation centers. There is Red Cross, Rotary Clubs, Seventh Day Church, Latter Day Saints, Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Assemblies of God Church, Hare Krishna, Sangham and many other good samaritans who are not mentioned doing feeding. Is C4.5, Methodist Church, bloggers doing any feeding? Other food donations are coming from business houses so you don't have to go out spending madly. I'd say government is spending wisely.

  28. I love Sharon's tongue. A true image of a serpent that she is.

  29. lq and mpc cant be blamed because the people govt was coup by frank in 2006..
    so frank is running the illegal govt now.
    he is responsible of fiji tax payers and the people of fiji
    if you want to be pm -.
    than you have to lead like one.
    if you cant handle the situation than simply resign and make way for the elected leaders who can run fiji smoothly and freely.
    people of fiji to be the judge.

  30. The 22 cents per meal is correct but its based on the assumption that everyone is fed by Govt and there are no food provided by others such NGOs or religious org or food donated to govt by corporates etc. In a number of centres food is provided by very caring and loving people.

    Govt contribution of $65k makes sense as it is paying for roads etc.

    Some people will always see things as half empty.

    Its good to note that there are so many caring people other than those who are just criticising like Chor chaudary.

    Can someone tell me what is he or LQ doing?

  31. Support Black Tuesday
    Let us mourn for the sake of the people and our beloved nation:


    It is now time to act NO more talk. This is the first of the many protests to follow.

  32. Great caricature of Sharon.

  33. There could be many more besides those in evac centres..those who've stayed away but desperately need food since no more food crops.

  34. nothing is moving nothing

    fiji gone back 30 years.

    the game for the junta is over.

    they have achieved nothing.

  35. Too many doomsayers sitting on lazy behind and judging. Join us, get your hands dirty. Most people in Fiji are helping one way or the other, some directly to their families who are affected while some donate through other organisations. So, stop depending too much on the Govt. It can only do so much but as humans it should be our nature to help each other, even our enemies.

  36. To blogging doomsayers Fiji is moving and will keep moving, rain or sun, it is moving because the people have great reselience and will ensure that we keep moving. There is better interaction between all Fijians, more people are lamu to practise corruption and while economically Fiji is not doing too well, there is an air though of tranquility, even in our suffering. Must be God.

  37. The picture of Jones kissing the boot-----is this same Jones that they made a movie about back in 1973.For those of you don't know which movie that I am talking about----here is the link to read about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Devil_in_Miss_Jones

  38. Khaiyum:
    Hold on there people
    we think the suggestion pertaining to a new "STOP THE RAIN DECREE" seems to ring a bell!As AG of the Bainimarama esteem Government, it is my responsibility, to always listened and think-up, ideas where
    our esteemed Government should be going or focused on?Therefore the suggestion made by the above individual,is certainly an areas we may have to check-out; and maybe need to take action on? I am theretofore, herewith drafting a new decree, which may eventually find its way into our Fijis'law books.aimed to prosecute any-so called "KALOU-VU" be it DEGEI,LUTUNASOBASOBA,DAKUWAQA,and or any other "KALOU-VU" named or unname herein or hereinafter, shall be deemed guilty, for causing any major flood, in the dominion of Fiji. And will therefore be deemed quilty, of any loss of life,damages,that is the direct result of such flood!!!!Now wouldn't that takes care of those big Tevoro? Yes, i'm getting pissed at these Kalou-vu and this is definitely their finger prints?

  39. That's right.  Why should the government of the day spend more than 22 cents on meals and flood relief, when so many churches, NGOs, and the NZ government are contributing so much? Radio Apana is raising money for supplies, so let's just save our radio time for extolling the marvelous conduct during this emergency of our dear leader. The Americans are giving us disaster management training -- as if we really needed it! -- so why should our own government pay for that? The Red Cross are good at this sort of thing, so it's better that we let the PM use his flood relief fund for whatever else he deems necessary.

    Our tourism industry will recover just fine -- the Chinese, Larry Claunch, and the Muslim network will see to that. The Americans will restore our sugar industry. The Chinese will buy our bottled water and flock to our casinos -- you'll see. The EU is supporting our civil society groups, the Americans are training our law enforcement teams, the Aussies and Kiwis will pay for our elections, so why do we need to put our own skin in the game, especially when there's such a groundswell of sentiment in favor of postponing elections?

    We should enlarge the RFMF. After all, the Indians are providing the uniforms, the Chinese are giving the intel, the mujahideen are supplying the doctrine, and the MSG and the UN are giving the employment. Why should we turn all of that down? In fact, all Fijians should join the RFMF, then we'd all be better off. 

  40. Wailei!!! Is there ANY good in this illegal government???? Why after all the negativity about Voceke and his thugs, there are people still hanging to his balls?? I just cant figure it right, maybe I am too old...Ok you go on bashing Voceke.

  41. This illegal government has achieved nothing except making Fiji the butt of all jokes in the international community, and making lives of the majority of Fijians miserable. All the pro-Vuaka bloggers are either from the army, police, prison officers or government workers who are benefitting from the corrupt practices that is rife in Fiji.

    The people crying out for help are from the villages and farmers. One should look no further than what the army is doing in the west, standing around with their guns while the prisoners are doing the work. Voceke going around hugging small boys, business owners struggling to clean up and in a hurry to start again. Aid is slow to come in because Voceke is so egotistical he failed to realize the suffering that is around him.

    NZ and Australia have pledged a couple of millions towards the relief efforts yet the bastard Voceke remained silent on this.

    Another thing, Aiyarsehole is silent too. He's not worried because he's not affected, and he doesn't give a rats arse about others.

    That's the sad reality of what's happening in Fiji. The sooner these two assholes are removed, Fiji will slowly return to normal. The trouble is, they have bribed their way into minds of Fijians and they're comfortable with that. They're simply scum and ought to be put down.

  42. regime have achieved huge debt and made healthy bank balance,salaries and huge budget to the army.
    people suffering and god punishing them.
    learn from the bible.
    noah time god send floods .

  43. fiji needs help but the regime leaders need to get down
    from high horse and pride.
    govt is responsible to feed not other org or people.
    so if you want to run the govt get ready and have funds ready for natural cause..

  44. So is FB god? He is promising to divert river system and villages!


    FB your just another human being (evil human being). You must carry out studies n research before making such statements. Statement in Fiji Sun sounds like a political point gaining statement. We are smarter then u think mister.

  45. Talibans controls fiji armies and govt .
    ag,nazrath,ashlam.abdul khan,aziz,others.
    armies /frank/mosese are puppet to ag .
    where are the fijian and indus .
    they been sideline by ag and cronies.
    my friend said ag told them muslim rules fiji and will f fijians up.
    its time fijian wake up before ag achieves his sunset magics.

  46. Someone wrote that Aziz and some others in the military r planning a coup. Yeah right. How_ the guns and ammunition are not located at the same place. Due to that fact , fear of a counter coup.

  47. So here's what happens to hated leaders when they die, people. Like Malawai's president Bingu wa Mutharaki, when they finally gone people dance with joy in the street.

  48. Anon@8.33 and 8.37. Hello Rajesh, I know it's you so why not put your name down this time?

  49. So if the ammunition and guns are being kept separately, then that makes it easier for a few people to storm the barracks and take all of them down.

    Now that explains why Voceke dashed through the cassava patch. While he's running, his army goons were also running to get some ammo. Hehehehe now that's hilarious.

  50. Divert the river system? I'm surprised that he uses such hard words for an uneducated village idiot. He should be talking about diverting the funds to the right cause.

  51. @ Anonymous 11.33am

    Still comparing us to those countries ei?? We're nothing like them, dumb nut!

  52. Slovak aka Vuaka's pet dog is barking again woof woof. When Vuaka dies, Fiji will rejoice and there will be dancing in the streets, soldiers firing their guns in the air and Khaiyum will be trying to sneak out of the country. Amongst the crowd will be Slovak dancing, or should I say barking, as well.

  53. Our people are sufferiing from a disaster hoepfully we can all help at this time and leave all or differences a side-palying politics is not the solution right now!God bless Fiji .

  54. FB is the village idiot and clown

  55. Anon@4.52. Don't insult the village idiots and clowns because they're more educated than Voceke.

  56. SDL and FLP supporters barking against the interim Govt. FLp was part of the govt, so what does it make them to be. Reality is that FLP or MPC was kicked out when PM found out the truth about the $million hidden in Aust.

    Now fLp wants to go to bed with SDL. For how long.

    Poor fijians have not benefited from any govt. Any for my fellow fijian, don't be blind to support FLP as MPC gave $26000 to indians when they were displaced when he was PM. How much did he give the Fijians. Less than 1/2 the amount.

  57. anonymous anonymousApril 7, 2012 at 10:01 PM

    @ Slovak..yeah right..other countries are better of then us after voceke stuck his d!@k up your rear and you still cant get enough of him you would go as far as defending him on thisblog..b!@i

    April 7, 2012 3:47 PM

  58. sdl and flp even svt had rule of law.
    they had auditor general report every year.
    since 2006 we dont have ant auditor generals report.
    so this regime is looting and spending tax payers dollars.
    where is so promised good acct /transparent govt.
    what else we can expect from the illegal regime.
    publish all taxpayers funds spend since 2006 in news papers.
    prove us wrong.

  59.  Bacha Bazi and Franki in sigatoka to help his mate tapoooo. How much has Kanti donated? They have made millions from tourism industry.

  60. New decree about to put out by Bacha Bazi in Suva that all person travelling to Fiji must know how to swim. This will assist Fiji in dealing with floods.

  61. Anon 9:16 PM

    it was 28k, not 26. For the incoming landowners the sum was 10k, as they had land to start with. the outgoing tenants only had their clothes and belongings. that's fair dinkum mate!

  62. Annon 12.00

    Can u tell me where in the world do tenants get compensated after their tenor or lease expires. Does that mean a poor fijian who rents a indians flat should be compensated when his rental contract expires.

    But u can't hide from the truth about his $million hidden in aust. One day soon mafatu, he will be behind bars, soon.

  63. Hi rajesh,

    U mention auditor generals report. But u spilled the beans when u were fired as minister about the corruption within sdl.

    Guess u have forgotton hah

  64. Ok what's going-on? What is sharon doing? Is she kissing the boot or bending over for the boot owner to check out her sweet divine? Like they say;if you must bend over make sure to get the same deal back and more?

  65. rajesh, it's much easier now for you to mouth off but when you were a minister, you were quiet. -Comment Edited:C4.5

  66. rajesh started the clean up not army .

  67. Anon 2.25pm, please apologise to villagers and we C4.5 readers for using the word " uneducated village idiot" it is rude, degrading and humiliating. Note, the villages are comprised of respected higher educated people, most of whom are reading the lines of whats going on, in very clear language.

  68. The boot is not the only thing Sharon is licking, mark my word, by the confident way she is bull-shitting the people and singing the masters voice, she licks everything. Go Sharon Go!!!

  69. Anonymous 10:30 PM

    Your example is moot, as we are talking about tenants of productive endeavor, whose output impacts in economic well-being as well social order. In the case of residential tenancy, it does not apply mate. Maybe you should've listen to Beimaan Prasad's lectures a little more attentively at Uni.

    Whose talking about Mahen's Millions sitting in North Ryde branch of CBA in Sydney. And why would I deny it? That scumbag made those millions in the name of my countrymen! He'll atone for his sins, and when that day comes, perhaps you and I will join hands and stoning his sorry ass out of this country!

    Till then, let's not lose sight of the facts or get engrossed in melodrama, shall we?

  70. The uneducated village idiot referred to is Voceke.

  71. former ceo fsc.bai drank red wine with her.

  72. I hope the pictures provided by FLP are genuine.

  73. Isn't the propaganda machinery of govt kinda overcooking the publicity campaign for bai. Its just bai this bai that pm this pm that. Seems like there is only one man running the show. A true reflection of a dictatorship. The adoration is almost akin to worshipping.


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