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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aziz thesis: myth that military orders can't be questioned

In his thesis Military Culture, War Crimes and the Defence of Superior Orders, Mohammed Aziz acknowledges that soldiers can choose not to hide behind the 'do or die' maxim. Aziz, one of the senior military officers that helped plan and carry out the 2006 coup, writes that soldier's can 'question orders provided that such questions relate to the possibility of eliminating criminal acts or atrocities being committed when complying with orders.' He obviously chooses to continue following the orders of the treasonous Frank Bainimarama in spite of the crimes the regime has committed because it suits. The link to his 2008 thesis (we took a look at the first part several days ago) is at the end of the story. 

2.3.3. Questioning orders.
Although it has been argued by many military scholars that military orders cannot be questioned, this is a myth. 

All armed forces allow orders to be questioned, provided that such questions relate to the possibility of eliminating criminal acts or atrocities being committed when complying with orders. 

Earlier, the conventional format that is adopted by armed forces in issuing orders was stated. 

One of the last things that the commander asks after issuing the orders is whether there are any questions relating to the orders. The opportunity is designed to allow soldiers to question any part of the orders and seek clarification on any matter which is of concern.

Commanders at all level should allow for constructive questioning of orders, especially where an order lacks specification and intelligence. 

Questioning should not be seen as a derogation of command and control, but rather as an opportunity for soldiers to have confidence in their commander, their army and their country by being given the opportunity to be part of the plan.

This approach will take away the master - servant relationship and foster a partnership in the accomplishment of missions. A better understanding of the situation can be gained by questions and discussions and perhaps alternate ideas better suited for the mission could be forwarded.

Soldiers when asking questions to seek clarification should be allowed to ask for written confirmation of the order, especially if gross violations of humanitarian law and atrocities seem to be present.

In most situations, further clarification and written confirmation would make the commander reassess the orders and make appropriate changes. For example, if an order was given ‘to take care of prisoners of war’, clarification should be sought as to what was meant by ‘take care of the prisoners of war’. 

If the reply, ‘take them out in the jungle and shoot them’ was received, then confirmation of the order in writing should be asked for. When the order is received in writing, the soldier then has the opportunity to decide whether he should follow the order, or refuse on the basis it was illegal.

When seeking confirmation of orders, a soldier’s intention must be related to the order and not driven by a sudden moral attack against the military campaign. This opportunity to ask questions and seek confirmation should not be seen as an opportunity to thwart the advance or disrupt the mission. 

Rather, the opportunity should be constructively utilised for determining the legality or illegality of the orders and the need for compliance. The opportunity to ask questions and seek confirmation would undoubtedly eliminate a lot of doubts soldiers may have regarding orders.

They would have the opportunity to evaluate, assess, and then decide whether the orders are lawful or not and whether they should comply or refuse.

Aziz Mohamed's thesis: Military Culture, War Crimes and the Defence of Superior Orders


Anonymous said...

Aziz's words will be thrown back in his face when he goes to trial.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Thesis was not applied in the 2006 Coup. Reason?? Greed?? At the expense of the common people suffering from all your decisions!!

Get stuffed Aziz!!One day you will be answerable in court!!

QEB Sniper said...

What kind of situation presented itself when the senior colonels whom Bai had ordered to prepare a plan for the coup he had wanted to execute in 2004 when he sensed that his term may not be extended. The officers had advised him against it. Were the officers being insubordinate or how can that situation be best explained?

Anonymous said...

Frank will win the 2014 election. He will be Fiji's next elected PM. His party will form the next govt.

He is very well advised by his strategists and this includes how easy it is to win the election even if none voted for him. The outcome can still come his way. It is called vote rigging by some but in the 2014 election, it will be a simple case of data manipulation.

He will only need to ensure he controls the people who will man the electronic voting system. VIOLA. DONE. He will get the result he wants.

So lets see the real situation and so if we can not fight him,why dont we just join him. Think!!

Aisake Taito may well be a good Finance Minister. He is going through som every good training and adjustments and exposure. The leadershio we need is not in Qarase who allows people to play around. We need a PM like Bainimarama, for he get work done and those working for him are not given the liberty to play around.

LETS LOOK FORWARD TO OUR NEW ELECTED GOVT. Basically this current regime made ligitimate by 2014 national general election.

Anonymous said...

This one has survived despite having his nose in the trough. Has been clever enough to stay under the radar apart from being singled out as the bean spiller in the Driti and Mara drama. Still it doesn't mean his hands are clean I woild say to the contrary so obviously in good with Bai.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy will bite him on the ass eventually

Anonymous said...

Every single one of the FMF officers that knew of Bainimarama's plan to pull the coup, is tainted and absolutely quilty of treason! Every officers that quiet the RFMF because he heard about it, from the horse's mouth, but decide to quiet and washed his hands off that coup, is quilty of that treasonous offence and will stand trial when the times come!Aziz is not the only military lawyer,there are others who were involves and are still working for Bai as we speak-so why
are we just picking on the only Indian high ranking officer?Lets bring out the names of military lawyers who are still there giving Bai legal advise as we speak?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:14, you wrote this same thing before. It was gibberish then, and it is gibberish now. Voceke will never be legitimate because he is too insecure ever to hold an honest election process by which to be legitimated. You seem to understand that he intends to steal the vote to rob Fiji of iys rightful government, so what kind of traitorous imbecile are you that you would nonetheless support the guy?

If Voceke was well-advised, he would have been in a position to stand for election in 2009 and to win easily. Aiyarse has manoeuvered Voceke into a position of mutual dependency.

It's unclear how much of the current FNPF mess is Aisake Taito's fault, but it's normally unwise to give someone more responsibility on the grounds that he's had a lot of disastrous management experience.

In short, mate, you are one royally confused individual!

Anonymous said...

aziz and kahiyum taliban controls the f up fijian armies.
fijian armies are lamusona and yes man of khaiyum/aziz and frank the crank.
people should march and arrest them.

Anonymous said...

If one reads Aziz's thesis, there is no mention of Fiji - for he cleverely avoided making Fiji his case study - why, because he was party to the killings and beatings of CRW unit soldiers and also was part of the soldiers who planned the 2006 coup - so stop wasting your time C4/5 in publicising his thesis - it looks lie a cut and paste job from other countries

Anonymous said...

shameem supervised that thesis - privately. aziz has the intelligence of a baboon.

Anonymous said...

shameem supervised that thesis - privately. aziz has the intelligence of a baboon.

Anonymous said...

Simple - Aziz=jaatu!

Anonymous said...

Bottom line Voreqe should be answerable in court for ordering the killings of the CRW's before availing himself in the 2014 election campaign!! His name is covered in blood!! Definitely dont want a leader of that calbre!!

Brina back democarcy ASAP and remove these military goons!!

Anonymous said...

we fijian only talk too much.
why cant we get rid of few regime idiots.
stop complaining when we cant fight the battle.
learn from the ladies/kids in libya they fought and won.
fijian to scared to die for its country.
fijian only march in 1987/2000 bec the armies/gun on their side..
no guns no march.

Pro-All-Fijians said...

C 4.5 has reputation for being pro-Qarase. I would rather c4.5 is pro-people and publish following:

The coup is the worse of the two evils, but the reality is that it happened, and we have to move on, and hope for the best in elections in 2014. Qarase made unforgivable errors (just as Chaudhry did in 1999) and both do not deserve to govern (if they return, we deserve the people we elect).

Qarase, as a hardened ultra-nationalist, surrounded himself with like people - birds of a feather.... Takiveikata was, but one, plotted the mutiny because he was left out of the power equation. Callously and deviously used young soldiers and his vanua. How much longer are the likes of Guy going to turn a blind eye to people like Taliveikata, who are the real problem in society?

Don't insinuate Indians are to blame; some Fijians are their people's own worst enemy.

Qarase Govt was woking on one discriminatory Bill after another, when there really was no need to. Not satisfied that Indians were leaving the country in droves and were no longer a political threat, the Qarase mob seemed bent on oppressing, humiliating (famous Indians like weeds comment) and pushing the Indians out to sea. Fijians should, of course, be first among equals, but the core problem is greed, hatred racism, selfishness among leaders while pretending to work for common Fijians and proclaiming Christianity - examples abound.

I repeat - the indians are a spent force. their numbers will continue to decline. This demographic rend was evident long before the 1987, but misrepresented by politicians and media. The country is in Fijian hands. Stop demonising Indians, they are leaving and will continue to leave. There will never be another Indian PM. Full stop.

Qarase mob continue to demonise Indians in the hope of upheaval because the longer Bainimarama is in power, the lesser their chances of retaining govt. Mere samisoni has been charged for plotting to burn suva. What for? who will benefit? Ordinary Fijians? Or Qarase mafia?

The country is better of having elections in 2014 than an uprising today. all efforts should be directed towards supporting elections 2014, which is he best way out for the country rather than bleating on and on about the corrupt, racist Qarase regime whose arrogance combined with stupidity is partly responsible for our problems.

If only Qarase had been a better leader for all his subjects, things would have been better; a united Fiji would have stood against the coup. Problems arise when as PM you have one eye on the country and one eye on how you can remain in power in perpetuity and use your position to improve your financial stock by meddling with shares in Fijian Holdings. There were just too many sharks in powerful positions who stod profit by exploiting racial divide - I do not have to go into the details - its all there on the record.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.14. Kiss my ass. Aziz kiss my ass too. I have no time to read your crap thesis,because it's not worth my time. Perhaps you could start using your intelligence to teach Voceke because he's one dumb mofo.

Voceke failed form four at school, so how he became the leader is a joke. Hahahahaha dumbarse Voceke Ballsmarama.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Looks like someone was talking of a deflection coming from ranks - maybe true!

Time's Up said...

Aziz and the RFMF soldiers who planned and executed the 2006 coup should not be pardoned but as with Bai should be brought to justice. Only the feeble-minded would consider negotiating with them and allowing them to map out their own exit strategy. This lot have not shown any regret or true remorse for bumping off an elected government (all for the very wrong reasons) and in their arrogance are now expecting to be 'legitimised' by the 2014 elections led of course by the most treasonous of all, Vorege. As they did in 2006, they are continuing to hold the country under ransom and should not slink off into the sunset as they want. Do the crime do the time

Anonymous said...

Poeple, why so much venom against Aziz.....

At least he has a Phd in Law .... and is also a Brigadier General.

Well done Aziz.......

God is Great.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Aziz used to be a CIVILIAN! This perspective is therefore from a civilian and NOT from a PROFESSIONAL army officer!!

Anonymous said...

God is great!

Aziz has quite a record. How proud his mother must be! He has a PhD in law. He's a brigadier general. He's army chief of staff. He's sat on numerous boards.

He's also used his public office to enrich himself and his family. He's committed treason. He's betrayed his country and most of his comrades, including Voceke, Driti, RUM, the CRW guys. He's prosecuted others for acts he then committed himself. He's been instrumental in subjecting his fellow countrymen to tyranny.

Other than that, I don't know why there should be so much venom against the guy.

His own words will be used against him by the prosecution, and he will be convicted. The real question is whether he will be executed by hanging or by firing squad. Since Aziz is such an over-achiever, I'm guessing the latter!

Yes, God is great indeed!

Anonymous said...

Allah Akbar