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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bainimarama in among the people but still no sign of army

He's smartened up his flood act but it's so slick it's unbelievable.

In January, the illegal leader was missing in action and fronted only after criticism from bloggers. 

In the latest floods, spin doctors have him at the evacuation centres, among the people and the little kids.

In a picture of him and a young boy, the story goes the child rushed up to hug the illegal leader.
In another picture of him with two little boys, the information says: "Evacuation center in Nokonoko Village, which includes farming families. PM remarked: "We must do everything possible to ensure our children are well cared for with fresh water, milk and food." He ordered a medical team to visit the village as some as the flu.

In the FBC story titled Kids Swarm PM, Bainimarama talks about 'the many sad stories' shared with him during today's tour of Sigatoka and Nadi.

“There is a group of people that we tend to forget and those are the little kids. 

"Especially the newly born and I just came out of one evacuation centre and there is four-day-old girl there who was born on the eve of the flooding and they brought her in and she was sleeping like a baby as they say. 

"We forget to bring them into our plans in the evacuation centres and think about things like what type of milk they drink and whether they are drinking clean water and of course diapers."

Bainimarama was also today continuing to push his flood appeal but word on the international circuit is the illegal government is out of its depth.

It doesn't have the money and the resources to cope with the latest flooding and the blitz of pictures showing Bainimarama kissing babies and cosying up to children doesn't change that.

And the question that won't go away is where are the big boys - the large and well-paid army and navy - and what are they doing to help the country?


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell the swine that the election campaign hasn't started yet. Don't use the suffering of the people to further your illegal shit. Is that all you can afford....milk, water and diapers? You fucken cheap skate.

Anonymous said...

its all a bloody sham!
I feel for the people and children of Fiji, that the sins of this fricken idiot, suported by his clown..khaiyum..is causing a major devastation to the people and the land. Feel the wrath of the Lord, this is just the beginning! UntiL this ILLEGAL govt is out...this will continue...!

Anonymous said...

Guess why the Bhai is attracted to the kids ? Yeah, the DIAPERS !!!

I'm tired.... said...

Hope his not a paedophile!

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't his bociguards not in the picture with him? It only means that he wants to be photographed with the kids to tell the whole world that he cares. Sorry Voceke, that won't work.

If you're a leader, you would've appealed to bigger neighbors for help, but you're not. Meantime, the people are suffering and your ego is preventing help from overseas. You should resign and let a civilian administration take over, then you'd see a sudden rush to help Fiji. And remove all your useless army officers from PS posts as clearly they're incompetent, just like you and Aiyarse.

Anonymous said...

The people should not hug but citizen arrest the thug junta and its dictator .

a civilain gov is needed for o/seas aid in fiji.

Puf-Military said...

Bainimarama, you hypocritical thieving unqualified coward.Shame on you and ur thieving family u kawa ca. Having fun at Denarau and swanky resorts, fiddling while Rome burns, and leaving the people to suffer. Magaitinamudrau kei Kaiyum

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic bunch of low lifes you are. With the country suffering the way it is, all you can do is snipe.

It's obvious you all live in Sydney or somewhere comfortable. if you were in Fiji right now, you'd know that every bit helps. Yes, even the hated dictator getting out and giving people encouragement.

I feel sorry for you people. You are no longer part of Fiji. The country has moved on and you are wallowing in its wake. Foul mouthed, foul minded ( pedophile!!), bitter and sad.

Vesumona! said...

ROFL!!!!!!! people shouldn't be fooled by this staged acts. Must be idea of propaganda agent herr Sharon Kacalevu.

Anonymous said...

wailei stop pretending..sa vodi na poposi cake tu ya..the world knows abt ur sh*t...u a*&ssh*l3

Flood said...

There is no point of talking to show who you are, your actions is urgently required to show what you are. Give them what is required, they are all human beings. The parents are there to look after their kids and there is no need to tell them on what to be done.
This is a natural disaster and everyone deserves to be housed,fed and clothed.
Are there any more fund set aside for this ???

Anonymous said...

They are trying to make him out like he bloomin' cares! Like all the children sitting at his feet or what!!( De o Jisu!!) Va ya all a big act. He can hug all of the children and their parents and horses and dogs it doesnt remove that fact that he is a murderer and a bloody thief and ursurper of power!!

Anonymous said...

Enough pretence, to Gaol with the dogs!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is soooo baddd! Why can't idiots see that this regime is FARKED?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr PM and Mr Minister for so many frigging portfolios, you not convinced yet that you are not real? Get real man, you are not wanted, stop imposing yourselves on the poor suffering people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Flood or No Flood, can the so called "PM" tell us exactly where he and his pet vuaka have been spending all this relief monies? Because the poor affected sure as hell aren't getting any of it!

Anonymous said...

They will never see that this is the hand of God at work, why? For one, because they are non-believers. Lost the Plot and taking the rest of us down to hell with them! Save us Lord!

Anonymous said...


PUMP IT said...

Pray that death comes swift to Voceke and Aiyarse and coup conspirators and supporters/ It will happen and we shall be FREEEE!

Anonymous said...

Ceke, why are you hugging the poor kid? He is innocent, just like all the innocent lives you have ruined. Go hug your tombstone in Naboro better.

NGO said...


Anonymous said...

If you happened to be in Fiji and in the flood affected areas you will have seen the army and navy out. They are not into showing of like you c4.5 and bloggers. They are the workers behind the scenes who have been delivering the food rations and getting people out of flooded areas in those little boats. Maybe go around the evacuations centers yourself and ask them who has been bringing food. Who rescued them. Ask the tourists at the airport who brought them through the flooded roads? What have you done?

Anonymous said...

The useless army should all be out west helping out or are they too scared of the mud and water? Bloody cowards. And what about the navy? Don't they have boats or perhaps no fuel? Voceke you're one sick joke.

One thing that was clear from the photo of him hugging a boy. He's finally met someone with the same education level.

Anonymous said...

bai did you tell this indians kid that indian praying to tavaoro and are mf like you text people.
you smart con artist.
indians wont be fooled by your action.
indian are smarter that you thug.
repent before fiji is doomed.
go repent to the gcc/vanua,church./indian people.
no one will vote for you .
did you tell the kids you wear diapers hahaha
no freedom.no democracy,no auditors report and bano paying us big fat salary.
we are stealing from the tax payers .
shame shame shame.

Anonymous said...

You pathetic slob! Release your grip on the poor people and their kids and get to jail where you belong!

Anonymous said...

What a con. C'mon Frank you can do better. Your are usually with your henchmen in tow ...what happened? Did you realise the little kids would be scared of you and Ben Naliva, your usual partner.

Anonymous said...

Sa levu ga na lomaca ni yavu no qare. I guess with nothing to do overseas, what is is there but to allow Satan to use you mini brains as his playground. Frank is here to stay and hip hip hooray to the PRIME MINISTER!

Anonymous said...

Read this article about rhyes wesser's experience at Suva hospital last week. Apparently he saw 5 dead bodies brought in in several hrs he was there.


Anonymous said...

And where is Khaiyum?


Talk is cheap, Bainikoli. Your sorry-looking stupid face and free hugs is nothing short of insulting.

Please empty your bank accounts of stolen public funds and RETURN IT TO THE PEOPLE who've lost so much already!

That goes for your cronies too - disgusting lot of slimy opportunists!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe...Listen up people, i know that you're pissed at me for removing your elected Government and all that? But if you're living
in overseas country, we definately need your help, big time! So it's healthy to hate and you can keep hating me but please remember we're struggling in here? So send some money to me or to your family
so they can buy food,water and clothes? Please do it today and do this right away? We're not going to
beg NZ or AUSSIE we can do this just US-you and Me. We've done it before and we can do it again? If you do this for me and Fiji- I promised that after this flood is done, i will call a national day of
celebration just to thanks you all
for your contribution?
Thank you very much indeed and i appreciate your helps!

The Oracle said...

Don't want to belittle regime efforts to assist flood-stricken people but do want to raise issues which need to be addressed. The following from the Ministry of Information. See issue further down:


Asco Motors this afternoon donated a 3 inch Yamaha water pump to the DISMAC office to assist with relief efforts by DISMAC Officials.
Accepting the donation, Ministry of Provincial Development permanent secretary Mr Inia Seruiratu said that government was grateful for all the assistance that was being received from all sectors of the society.
Asco Motors, national sales manager Seiji Tokito said that the company was glad to be of assistance to government's relief efforts.
"We hope that the water pump will be of assistance to the citizens of Fiji in trying to get their lives back to normalcy," Tokito said.

ISSUE: Can Asco and the military deny that army trucks were used to transport showroom Prados from the Asco Nadi outlet to safe ground? The question: Wouldn't military vehicles be better utilised in relief efforts for ordinary Fiji citizens with the large companies paying their own way to save their assets?
Another question: Is the military using trucks hired from VB Holdings - Voreqe Bainimarama Holdings?

As illegal a PM as he is, Bainimarama should still be congratulated for showing concern for his flood-stricken countrymen. However, he needs also to be genuine by not profiteering from their misery.

Keep The Faith said...

This is a typical reaction of sanctimonious self-aggrandizement from the illegal and treasonous regime.

What pray, do you have to say in response to the FLP's eyewitness accounts?

Government teams lack disaster preparedness
[posted 2 April 2012,1410]

A survey by a Fiji Labour Party monitoring team in the Western Division found that government’s relief and rescue operations failed to deliver timely assistance to the people trapped by floodwaters over the week-end.

The survey was conducted by Party officials in all the six districts of the Western Division.

“The response from the authorities to requests for evacuation and provision of food, water and medical supplies at the various evacuation centres has been disappointing,” said Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

People were ordered to seek shelter at the various evacuation centres which had not been equipped to meet their basic needs for food, water and essential medicine. In a number of cases hungry women and children at these centres asked the public to send them food. These requests were broadcast by radio stations.

“It is a great pity that these unfortunate people who have lost most of their personal and household belongings had to suffer such indignity and humiliation at the hands of those who should protect them,” said Mr Chaudhry.

The FLP survey also revealed that rescue operations were hampered by a lack of four wheel drive vehicles, boats and even such rudimentary equipment as ropes and ladders. This is nothing short of dereliction of duty and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

“One must question the state of preparedness of the disaster management committees in the various districts. It seems that they are either ill-resourced or simply not up to the mark for the job,” Mr Chaudhry said.

We call on the government to take immediate steps to rectify the situation before the onslaught of even worse flooding and wind damage expected in the wake of the anticipated cyclone in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Rather than a continouus critism of the regime can we all for once join hands and help to rebuild the lives of those who have been affected by this natural disaster.We seem to be just critical of evrything the regime is doing.Please ask deep down in hearts what we as individuals can do to help our people.

Anonymous said...

Using this crisis to start his election campaign....pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

conman liar liar.
stop using the kids.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.28am, and what is so great about it. This is normal occurence in a Fijian hospital and understandbly, he talks about it from his perspective as a citizen of a developed country. You pathetic idiot, stop capitalising on a genuine account of an overseas person. Fiji is a third world country incase you don't know it. You're probably blogging from Aussie and the likes of you should be ashamed for wasting monies of the Australian taxpayers, likewise those bloggers from NZ, America and other countries overseas. Get a life and move on. Qarase is finished. He will will not come again. This is Bainimarama's era, elections will come, he will win and continue for another 20 years or so. God has taken the good ones home to rest like Bavadra (RIP), Ratu Mara (RIP). Qo sa da qai sota va tevoro - Qarase, Baini, Aiyarse et al. Va cava that???

Anonymous said...

bai bend down to the kids/chiefs .
than fiji will prosper if not fiji is doom.
resign you dont know how to run the govt.
fiji f up under the illegal regime.
where is your puppet sharon/mosese
we didnt hear ag your master must be hiding under mosese/sharons sulu.

Anonymous said...

Where's your "Vote 4 Me" t-shirt ?? Keep it on man

Anonymous said...

as the comparison is always about Qarase, had he done this, he would be accused of pork-barreling and mismanagement, and it would have been the militray that would have been the first to accuse, but again the regime has come up wanting, and those that support it explain it away. What is it going to be this time, Bainimarama was misunderstood ? Where is all the support from his new friends in China, Benin, Azerbaijan with money for boats etc? The problem with two people being 'ministers for everything' (with the omnipotence and infallibility that this implies and is cultivated by the regime), is that at some point you get the blame. Is flooding new to fiji...no, does it happen so often that you would be incomptetent not to be prepared ...yes. What about frustrating relief supplies with your own actions on the spurious allegation that others had tried to abuse the system (are they in court, charged?) ....and we can go on with the 'baby and bathwater' metaphors.

Anonymous said...

What has Mahendra Chodo done to help the victims rather than his constant complaints. That's where you use that money stashed away in Australia to help if you were ever genuine about helping. If you had assessment teams out than act on their report you self centered political idiot. It's obvious that you not share a cent of the millions you collected from India through your playing and toying with emotions.

Keep The Faith said...

The Fiji Labour Party & Mahend (warts and all) do NOT have access to the national coffers unlike these illegal and treasonous usurpers, who do.

It is your money, your taxes and it is still being mismanaged. Your fellow citizens are rewarded with below par responses in relief efforts even though the regimes PR offensive tries oh so hard to spin a different take.

Can't take the criticism? Welcome to the world of civilian rule where taxpayers demands returns every time, all the time.

This is precisely to be expected when a military takeover begets a mindset that has not, can not and will not fathom basic tenets of governance and dare we say it AGAIN, the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Chodohari you only monitor your various Australian Bank Accounts- And Stop monitoring and stating what is pretty plain for all to see.

Why cant the Baiyum regime by a decree or otherwise depot you to Haryana -for good and for making Fiji go forward.

Chodohari you persona non grata -

Anonymous said...

We need to know what Gagan, Suraj Pal, and Turn the Tapoooooo off and also Babu Bhaiya have to say in this matter.... Please oblige!

Chuttar Singh said...

Anonymous 10.21am you should talk to Atma Maharaj as to why he was kicked from ASCO MOTORS.

Anonymous said...




Suruj said...

Thamk you Mr Key

NZ Government promises aid

Foreign Minister Murray McCully announced this morning $500,000 will be immediately made available to agencies assisting flood victims in Fiji.

"In addition to the reported deaths thousands have been forced from their homes and into evacuation centres," Mr McCully said.

"The situation is severe as Fiji is still recovering from January's floods and many response agencies will not have fully replenished their supplies.

"New Zealand's funding will be provided to the Fiji Red Cross, and other non-government agencies well positioned to respond. New Zealand always stands ready to help the people of Fiji when disaster strikes.

"We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will consider further support based on the needs of relief agencies who are working with flood-affected communities," Mr McCully says.

New Zealand provided $350,000 to the Fiji Red Cross to support the response to severe floods in January and a further $1.5 million to the Fiji Natural Disaster Management Office and to refurbish evacuation centres.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said 460 New Zealanders were registered as being in Fiji, 118 of them in Nadi.

New Zealanders have been advised against all tourist and non-essential travel to parts of the Western Division of Viti Levu, including Nadi and the Coral Coast.

Air New Zealand yesterday cancelled a scheduled A320 flight to Nadi but sent in its place a larger, empty aircraft so it could bring back more stranded passengers.

The Fijian Government has lifted its temporary embargo on airlines carrying passengers on flights into Fiji and Air New Zealand said its next scheduled flight from Auckland to Nadi would go ahead as planned this morning.

"Air New Zealand will continue to monitor weather conditions in Fiji and passengers who are in the Nadi area should check regularly with their hotel for updates," a spokeswoman said.

Fundraising efforts

Meanwhile, the Salvation Army has launched an appeal to support the flood-ravaged nation.

It is requesting financial assistance only - not food or clothing, as it is difficult to get such donations through to Fiji.

Auckland-based Radio Apna 990AM has also launched a radio-thon to raise money for those affected. The radio-thon will run until 12am Thursday.
By Amelia Wade and Paul Harper

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr McCully. Can u now send your military to finish off this regime.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PM Key, MCully and the beautiful people of NZ for the generous gesture which you usually render when Fiji suffers from this kind of disaster in the past. We are pleased that you have chosen to channel assistance through Red Cross and other NGOs rather than this murderous regime. As experienced in the past, I am not surprised that these goons will claim credit for such assistance. MAI YASO MAI VALE KA MINO..

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.46pm. Claiming credit for some other's effort has always been usual for this regime. After all the rough talk against NZ and Australia by the chief idiotic goon, what can he say now.

Vesumona! said...

The pig using this disaster for election campaign, posing with any body who wants a pic. Sa rauta mada na veivakaisini Vore, keimami sega soti ni lialia. Bau lai cakava mada e dua na ka yaga.

Anonymous said...

Well said 'keep the faith' @1042 and also anon @ 11:08 on Chorwa being 'persona non grata'

Anonymous said...

In previous governments, PMs were not visiting the area like Crank is doing now, but the full government machinery under their control were rolled out immediately with all resources to that matters.

Crank can't do the same because his government is scraping the bottom of the barrel. To make an impression he tours and hug instead. Fiji doesn't need your hug, provide the $ to help people and please don't beg locally but ask the MSG or China to provide the millions

Bahiya Babu said...

Too grog dupe to think clearly at all and i do not understand why someone 'per sona atta' chodohari for? wwhat has he done now??

Also muddy waters (not kava) is good mellow grog music and it also CHARTER - Saap cheez Charter kar dees sala-
Fiji saap Charter / charter hai aphi Bhai Bai / Charter /Charter no good - need clean up!

Anonymous said...

That is funny "turn the Tappooo Off". Maybe that's why we had the flood.!

Anonymous said...

Voceke doesn't know what to do. There is too much damage, the people are suffering and his mates in China and his useless MSG friends are not helping. Vanuatu should be the first to support their Chief WankWank.

Come on Voceke, shows what you can do, or you can't do.

Samu said...

Vinaka Mr PM, we're behind you 110%. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Come on people, why these unsavoury comments? At least Bainimarama is visiting the victims of the flood.

And you?

cekelevu said...

Where is that AG Muslim motherfucker??? Show that he is a greedy no-heart cock-sucker.No sign of him to offer his condolences or assistance to those helpless flood victims.Its time to come to their senses and give the country to where it belongs ie. to the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I've spoken to evacuees at three different centres. They say that the only army help they've seen was from the Salvation Army.

Anonymous said...

The Kiwis send us disaster reflief money. In return, we send their high commissioner away persona non grata. The FLP send out surveyors, and some want to repay the effort by expelling Mahen Chaudhry. Let's see some real contributions from this regime, because we'd like to repay them in like fashion. They're the blighters we'd really like to boot out.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.25am

Its the root cause of the problem which we have to take out, and that is the cursed regime. Otherwise we will have natural disasters of every kind in Fiji, just watch. You take Voceke out and his Illegal thugs, then the biggest problem is solved. Rebuilding lives in Fiji will be an on-going task of the next govt.

Anonymous said...

This dictator is so thin-skinned. You can tell whenever the criticism is biting him hard, because his treasonous supporters then try to divert the criticism to previous governments or to attack the opposition as unpatriotic or bloggers from other countries.

Remind me, in which part of Fiji does regime apologist and blogger-in-chief Croz Walsh live? And what about Graham Davis, Baini booster and blogger par excellence? The Fiji Sun prints his stuff on its front page.

If many bloggers are writing from overseas, perhaps it's because Fiji's numerous military coups have caused a Fijian diaspora.

Friends of Fiji, wherever you are, thank you for your support of Fiji in this dark hour. Please contribute what you can to help Fiji's flood victims, but keep the pressure on this illegal regime, lest this manmade disaster continue to compound the natural ones.

Anonymous said...

Can the PM please lift his dress standard? He needs to stand out as the leader not just another teeshirt, sandshoes and cap guy.