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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bainimarama in 'temple of doom' video


No sign locally of Fiji's self-appointed prime minister as the high powered Pacific Forum's Ministerial Contact Group touches down in Suva. 

In cyberspace, though, Frank Bainimarama has been caught for all time paying homage to host India and its gods during a visit to the famous Golden Temple.

In what appears to be a short video to promote his attendance at the International Sugar Organisation meeting in Delhi last week, Bainimarama is seen wearing an orange turban and kissing the ground as his fellow temple goers cheer him on.

Footage shows him making a play for Indian rupees for tourism but he lets the side down with a sneeze and looks more like a village idiot than a statesman. Bush editing? Yes. Bush manners? Definitely. 

We understand the intrepid traveller is home again but interestingly Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum appears to have the reins. 

Elevated to 'acting prime minister', Khaiyum will be the one to meet New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully (pictured), and the rest of the ministerial contact group tomorrow, accompanied by Inoke Kubuabola. 

Earlier he told Fiji Live: “It is our hope that the Ministerial Contact Group will enter our nation with the intention to support Fiji as the Bainimarama Government puts in place the framework for truly democratic elections to be held by September 2014."

We suspect the absence of Bainimarama has been quietly agreed to by the ministerial group and welcomed by the regime. 

No doubt the illegal government wants to make the most of the first significant interest shown by New Zealand and Australia in three years and having the elephant in the room just won't work.


  1. It is apparent that Frank's holidays overseas at our expense is more important that the MSG meeting!!
    His absence is tantamount to snubbing both the governments of NZ and Oz! What else could it be?
    He has the audacity to be not present!!
    If he can be here when some other VIPs are here, then surely, he should make a concerted effort to be here, now that our long time Tasman friends want to engage!!
    How childish and undiplomatic!!

  2. HE!! HE!! HE!! Bhai looks so comical and silly...what an idiotic sounding rascal..he sounds no school alright.

    He praises Indiam skills in sugar production from which Fiji can benefit....oh yes, in light of the con job the Indians did on our sugar factories....factories were left in worst states than before they layed their hands on them.

    HE WAS INTALLED AS A CHIEF IN vANUATU NOW HE IS INTO SIKISSIM WITH TURBAN. They should also have given him a new name...like Gurudev Bhainicobo Singh

  3. lets face it...Bai dreads high level meetings like this...it simply shows him up...no school and unable to hold intelligent conversation on the big issues. The blubbering fool would have made a mockery of his self elevated position as leader of a country. And of course, khaiyum loves being in the limelight and pretending to be the boss. Talk about putting oneself high on a pedestal. Bai and Khai have become the Cheech and Chong of Fiji. Jokers at every level.

  4. I am ashamed and humbled to say this.
    To our long time friends in Oz and Kiwi lands[s], whilst you have very, very noble and good intentions to re-engage with us, it is apparent that our ILLEGAL PM does not think so!
    He has other agendas that he has to attend to, to suit his personal needs and requirements. His priority is unfortunately elsewhere!!
    Your efforts to re-engage is very, very much appreciated by the masses here who are suffering at his hands. On our behalf, I sincerely apologise for the undiplomatic behavior of Frank!!

  5. What a joke, this is biggest joke of the 21st century.

    Voro proves himself to be a big idiot and fool, no school and cant speak, he shows he is from the bush.

    Now he wears a turban and bows down to temples in india with his backside up and sulu high.

    Is this a statesman, is this a PM, he cant talk and sneezeing? This is a real ulukau and dumb bush monkey.

    This shows he is by force in PM office and belongs to ST Gailes hospital.

    What mockery and fooling of Fiji.

    The people must citizen arrest this dumb thug and bring respect to the office of the PM.

    Who elected this dumb cartoon no school crook.

    Who will repay the billion dollar waila city development scam and billion s of china loan?

    What a joker the warwar high chief now dresses like a taliban in punjab.

  6. Well, me caka gona vakacava?
    Here at army camp he is more at home with the Other Ranks than the Officers!!
    O koya e dau vinakata me drau vakadredrei tu ga buna!!

  7. Sega ni lewa rawa o Vore se kalou cava me cuva kina, sa bau yaco sara me lai cuva vei nodra kalou na idia. No wonder we're doomed.

  8. Sa ca na uluna..at least the former US embassy was right in his diagnosis of Frank being a paranoid schizophrenic..To all the soldiers in delainabua..ni sa qai raica dina oqo ni sa ca dina tiko na ului voreqe me lai cuva tu vua e dua na matakaukau ceuceu..sa na qai vakarau vakatauca mai na kalou bula mai lomalagi na kemuni i totogi..

  9. O sobo..qori na turaga ni 'Ubuna..e drama wale tiko ga,ia, na yalona e warai..

    Ke me a gole o noqu tauvu Ratu Daunitutu i Idia, ke a dua talega mai vua nai vau matanimoli ie...

    Era turaga vuku na turaga ni 'Ubuna...

  10. Bainimarama's God ga is money..paisa ree..lol!

  11. The truth is out for the world to see now.

    This no school, idiotic, dumb and bush man is PM of Fiji by force.

    Fiji is doomed and will go bankrupt.

    Shows the intelect of the man which is less than class 5- primary school.

    Has this man gone to school at all?


  13. What a shame Bhaini 'going to down'to an idol.Maybe he might say becoz Mary was back home in Fiji.

  14. As the gold saying goes, people get the leader they deserve. But this, my friends, is a little bit over the top. Yes, we have known for a long time that our self elected PM is not the sharpest ax in the woodshed. But this? Doing the temple tour, uttering idiotic things, bending over that his hosts can have a good laugh at the savage baboon form an uncivilized place somewhere in the Pacific. I must say, I am embarrassed. Why can't the Indians keep him as their Chief Dunce? Why do we have to suffer at the hands of an idiot, stupid person, simpleton, ignoramus, dullard; dummy, dumbo, thickhead, nitwit, dimwit, halfwit, moron, cretin, imbecile, boob, chump, numbskull, numbnuts, nincompoop, fathead, airhead, birdbrain, peabrain, ninny, ass, doofus, goof, meatball, schmuck, bozo, lummox?

  15. Oile the dictator is bowing with his sulu high to idols in temple in india, with his sulu high and taliban turban.

    He blurbs AHHHHH 15 times, sneezes and farts on camera, idiotic turban dumb faced bush looking man, big nose and cant speak to simple questions.

    What a mockery of PM of Fiji like Ratu Mara.

    Bowing his head in temple and telling fijian chiefs to go and dring home brew under magooo dree and pormotion to warwar high thief in vanutau?

    Fiji needs a people power revolution.

  16. While Frank is on idol worship tour in India, Aiyarse is left behind to beg PFMCG to open the door to his regime.

  17. A new low.

    Have some respect for that sacred place of the Sikh religion. Martyrs and noble Kahlsa warriors have died there for their Kahlsa values.

    And along comes this devious ignorant fool who is there merely to get himself Indian money in a futile attempt to impress Dr Manmohindar Singh the Kahlsa Prime Minister of India with that visit to Amristar.

  18. I understand the PM is at the Annual ADB meeting in Manila.

    This is the ministrial meeting not heads of Each country so its appropriate aG and Minister of Foreign affairs meet them.

  19. Chaudry should contact his kai in India and inform them of Frank's devious plans.

  20. Mary must be furious to see Frankie 'going down'somewhere else.I dont know have other PM's from other countries also have to do this,if Im correct Amristar has a scene of killings sometimes back when it was attacked by Indian troops.Will he also visit a Hindu temple?Maybe he should for the sake of Hindus back home,and Mary too.

  21. There is no better way to describe this 'news' piece, then to call it a PR clusterphuk of major proportions.

    See how you go spinning this one QORVIS. ROFLMFAO!

  22. India should keep the dictator for next 10 years and get him to complete his primary and high school.

    A Government clerk can talk better than this bush man.

    Cant beleive this coup star is PM of Fiji.

  23. Dressed like a cigar store indian for the casino folks, then inducted as Chief Warwar in Vanuatu, now appearing in turban in Amritsar... This guy is all things to all people. What next, going to the womens conference dressed in drag?

    Oz, NZ, the US, the EU, the UN -- all have been trying to engage with this regime all along. It's always the regime that pulls a cancellation or no show.

    Was Bainivore like this in school, always absent on test day? Aiyaz is his crutch and a damn crooked one at that!

  24. Paula, that was a good description of Voceke hehehehe. Allow me to add to the list...asslicker, asswipe, dickhead, knob, anus, cock...oilei that was good hahahaha.

    I can't think of any leader, past and present, that people make fun of like that.

    Can we have a caricature of Voceke kissing the dirt please?

  25. dina says..

    Read Psalm 115

    read from start to end of chpater 115 verse 1-8

    then truth is out there.
    What an idiot...

  26. The dictator is begging in india.

    it is now offical.

  27. Hello! it's Shiva Bhaini the monkey god. What a total wanker. The man is a goose!! no wonder the Fiji military has become an international laughing stock.

  28. What a fool.

    Dictator thought c4.5 wont get the dumb video of him bowing down and kissing the floor with sulu high and dressed like a taliban.

    A must see for all fijians at QEB and all villagers in Fiji.

    The idiot plays strogman in Fiji abusing the security chain of command with his dozen thugs and in India he bows down kissing the floor with sulu high?

    This is an idiot, dumb and no school thug.

  29. back to your roots... hey this guy is drunk,can't even talk right.this is FIJI PM...better get this guy out of fiji before its to late, this video tell's us where he belongs....

  30. There is something very moving and serene about this gesture of heartfelt respect that Baini has shown towards this particular place of worship.

    Many of us Indians never have and probably never will visit the golden temple - and how very nice to see our PM doing so devotedly what we would very much like to do ourselves -

    I have never witnessed anything quite so touching ( am wiping tears as I type) from any of our previous PMs before including Chodohry - who probably were so so lamu sona from the idol worshiping heathen Indians and their various colorful and ancient and very powerful GODS.

    GODS Bless You Baini - I will vote for you- Om Shanti Om and Hari OM!!!

  31. The tinpot dumb dictator is bowing and licking the temple floor in punjab with his sulu high and dressed as a clown taliban.

    And the dictator has been raping the Methodist Church of Fiji from 2006 till now????? Why????

    Why no AGM for Methodist???????????????????????????????????

    Why no permit for Methodist Meeting church??????????????????????????

    Its war now on warwar thief-people must march and arrest the clown before he fool Fiji around the globe more bankrupt fiji.

  32. frank hates indians and said indians are worshipping tavoro.respect all religion.
    now what he is doing.frank will do anything for money.
    he is the biggest con artist of the fiji and world.
    hypocrite bastard.

  33. Komai NaibenubenuMay 1, 2012 at 9:24 AM

    Our country has become the laughing stock of the world with this bafoon at the helm. he is bowing to every idol he is introduced to. He can't even speak properly and is a shame on te international podium. E teri mai vanua ni kube qori gonei..

  34. @ Pandit RaOne

    You sure you're referring to the correct temple with your Om Shanti Om mantra ? That is a Sikh temple not a Hindu one.

  35. Uncompromising BelieverMay 1, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    Semi Meo if what you're saying is true then this guy is a deceit. And why do you have to come in the Fijian vernacular so that our Indo-Fijian readers can understand what you're commenting about Frank. Is it because you;re trying to conceal the real kind of person is from our Indo-Fijian readers. Come on Meo you cannot fool the people all the time. So all this multi-racialism image Bai and his regime have been promoting is all bullshit really. To all Indo-Fijian blog readers if you read what Semi Meo is expressing in the Fijian vernacular, it is impressing that Bainimarama's bowing to Hindu god in the temple he visited in India was an ingenuine show. And Semi by your remarks you're casting on a slur on the people of the vanua vakaturaga o Kubuna that they are not genuine people because that's exactly what is reflected by your comments. Come on let's call spade a spade. As a Christian you have often professed to be, you should never show a compromise between the faith and any other. At least you should have done better by expressing that Bainimarama being a Christian should not allow himself to be bowing to other gods. At least we are being honest with our faith and what the word of God says. It may sound absurd and could be interpreted as being disrespectful to other beliefs but they will know that we are honest with that stand because the word of the God we serve says exactly that.. we cannot deviate from that truth just to please someone or to get some favour. God is our favour. I'm sorry I have had to go long on this but the truth needs to be told as "only the truth will set us free". Amen . Glory to God and God Bless Fiji.

  36. Corrupt Organ Grinder is negotiating his Political Asylum in Australia. The biggest Rat is leaving the Sinking Fijian Military Regime Ship leaving the Naval Commodore to go down with it.

  37. Why couldn't he show respect by just putting hands together in a prayer pose and bowing the head ( like Indians do).
    Why does he have to bend over?
    This is humiliating.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  38. frank the crank biggest con artist like his ag taliban.
    bow down to the indians .
    singh is king hahaha.
    see now go kerekere for money from indian and china. they have the money thats why he is acting like this.
    tamani con baini.
    they should get one of the singhs guard to arrest him.

  39. and the guy hanging on the cross is not a idol, what a bunch of morons

  40. Anon April 30 /7.27pm..
    He cannot mingle freely with officers because his intellect is nowhere near them. Rauti koya tu ga na kube vata tu kei ira na other ranks..that's where his intellect fits in. And the dangerous thing about it, he is creating a wedge between men and officers. Respect between other ranks and officers can be eroded because of the type of association Frankie is encouraging. E rere tiko koya e laki vakamatautaki koya vakalevu vei ira na other ranks baleta oya na vanua e tiko kina na dakai. Ena yaco na gauna sa ra na rawa ni sega ni rokovi ira na vo ni turaganivalu na sotia ka ra sa vakarorogo ga vei Voreqe. E dodonu mera dau qarauna vakavinaka na turaganivalu na nodra semati ira tu vakasabalia vei ira na tiko era baleta me rawa ni taqomaki tiko ga kina na veirokorokovi kei na dei ni lewa ena mataivalu.E lakovi ira tiko ga era ena nona rerevaka de dua na turaganivalu e saga na nona vagalalataki baleta era sa na vakarerei tiko ni ra raica na veiwekani e tiko vei Voreqe kei ira na taura tiko na dakai.Oilei sa mai vakaisitaki na mataivalu lomani ka dokai ni Viti.

  41. Well, what can you expect from a Form 4 school dropout who should have remained a deckhand all his life.

  42. Fool and his MoneyMay 1, 2012 at 4:03 PM

    Will this idiot be coming home with something to show for his efforts - money for the FNPF pensioners?

  43. A bafoon, mad, drunk, monkey looking, bush man talking, clown turban, ground kissing and licking, saying aaaaaaaaahhhh 17 times like he talking in a bush, sneezing and farting on camera, horrible nose, mad body language look at the hands, memorary loss shown, idiotic replies, stupid looks-is this FIJI PM?????????????

    This what people of fiji get from a coup.

    A real bush monkey.

  44. The Indians this this native is hilarious....Monkey see monkey do


  45. Hang on did i just hear the guy in the video say Bainimarama was visiting Golden Temple with 72 members of his Cabinet?? Surely not.

  46. Classic Monkeywood vid ... should really be called My Name Is Bai

  47. Frank's visit to the temple has featured in Fiji Village but it is nowhere as entertaining as this video. This here be a classic of colosus proportions.

  48. 'A picture is worth a thousand words'I wonder how many million words QORVIS will try to use to,repair, damage control whatever, that one picture of Bhaini in turban,I thought only men wear turbans,maybe put Bhaini in the Guiness Book of Records as the first BHAINIMARAMA to wear a turban,anyway, BHAINI and MARAMA both refers to woman in Hindi and Fijian.

  49. The idiot clown belongs in a zoo or circus.

    he has made fiji gov a circus.

    immideate arrest by the people to rid this monkey is must.

  50. I really wonder what RFMF soldiers think of their 'leader' when they see things like this? There must be a few people in the force who are still proud Fijians and professional soldiers. How can they stand to be ridiculed like this by their commander? And what will the next fancy dress party be like? Perhaps he should try the St Giles uniform for a change?

  51. This video must be downloaded and emailed to all civil servants in all ministry's to see the bush monkey clown idiotic thug in the PM office.

    Must be also emailed to all media, NGOS, political parties, overseas media, chiefs, fijian villagers, FMF and police obbicer to see te dumb in action.

    very importat for all methodist church 400000 members to see video - no permit for Methodist AGM/meeting and thug kisses and licks temple dust dressed as a cclown bowing down in temple india.

  52. fiji's vorage bainimarama,more of like fiji's porrige bainimarama,levu ga na ahhh....ahhh....ahhhh..ahhh na sona,hahahhaha

  53. Hilarious, this guy is really like a circus monkey. Hey he really looks like an Indian now, someone should check his DNA. Knowing the kind of mentality he has, we can just see from his face and eyes the lies to impress his audience. But he had to sneeze all his lies away also, ha ha! Voridge you are really pathetic. Running away to India to avoid the big boys in the CMAG you no-school thug! You have really dragged Fiji down with you, low low down to kiss that soil? Sa boleka!

  54. Hilarious, this guy is really like a circus monkey. Hey he really looks like an Indian now, someone should check his DNA. Knowing the kind of mentality he has, we can just see from his face and eyes the lies to impress his audience. But he had to sneeze all his lies away also, ha ha! Voridge you are really pathetic. Running away to India to avoid the big boys in the CMAG you no-school thug! You have really dragged Fiji down with you, low low down to kiss that soil? Sa boleka!

  55. semi meo drau veifutu kei nomu turaga kua ni cavuta vakalialia na yacai Kubuna vutu laki

  56. the mad blurb man is even telling the fiji student studying india that he will subsidise their allowance without any consulation with the government,his due is that going to india to kerekere lavo and asking financial help not getting drunk and merry making,foolish drunk man,as far as i know it is more than adequate the amount of allowance given by ICCR indian goverment to the fiji students,voceke is a mad man been fool by students grievance without knowing the fact that indian goverment is giving those allowance with respect to their standard of living,this stupid and lialia pm of fiji can't even think clear,anyone can just vesomona his sona anytime..hahaha


  58. Hilarious!!!!! This monkey of a PM is a complete joke.

  59. Our once proud sugar industry will now be reduced to making jaggery?


    Jaggery project to undergo 2 year trial as alternative to sugar
    Publish date/time: 01/05/2012

    Share Jaggery, an alternative to sugar is to undergo a two year trial project in the country.

    Fiji National University Vice Chancellor Dr Ganesh Chand said they will begin implementing the jaggery project from this year with five sets of equipment coming from India to be located at different locations.

    He added if the trial period is highly successful they hope the private sector will then take it up and setup jaggery plants.

  60. Best fiji comedy movie of the year!!!..what a laugh..head down bum up Voreqe...hahaha!!!n what an interview..io nek minut...I cant stop lafing..!!!...which skul did this guy go to..maybe "NOSCHOOL SECONDARY or PRIMARY SCHOOL"..hahaha!!!

  61. And the winner is, Boridge Bainipuaka, for best circus comedy of the year!!! Laughter is a good medicine, at least his stressed-out citizens have sumfin to larf about! Soon he'll be appearing in some bollywood circus. While he's in the land of bullsheet and con-artists, he may as well as join them!

  62. Jaggery Sugar????The sweat and toil of the Girmit has been put to nought by a Girmitiya,what a co incidence.

  63. I couldn't resist another look at the Bai video and it's funnier than when I first saw it.

  64. Give it up Ganesh Chand, why you trying to flog a dead horse, no matter how many more Indians you bring to make yourselves look relevant in Fiji, it doesn't change the fact that sugar cane is a dying industry and with it, the lifeblood of Girmityas. jaggery? Do you really want to insult the sweat and tears of your ancestors? Anyway, it will be the best thing that's happened to Fiji if sugar were no longer an export.


  66. I would have thought that the PIG would have grabbed this opportunity with both arms to re-engage with Australia and NZ.
    BUT then it dawned on me that he DELIBERATELY took off to wherever, for the very simple reason that he just has not got the brains, depth and diplomacy to talk to well mannered and very educated people!!
    He just has not got it!!!!!!

  67. let him form a political party in fiji and contest the election then we see the fun.

  68. Baini is bending down bcos he is not having any erection in 2014!!

  69. Baini is bending down bcos he is not having any erection in 2014!!

  70. He's nowhere near the ranks of Ratu Sukuna and Ratu Mara. Kinda wonder 'bout this fulla !!!!

  71. Turaga ni Kubuna qori, dou maroroi koya.

  72. Wake up Fiji these are signs of the last days. And when you see these things happening...prepare to run for your lives...Fiji is doomed when it's leader who represents Fiji bows down to the power of india. Vore tortures, assualts and criminally intimidates people to bow down to him. In india they did not have to do that to him, he just bowed without anyone forcing him. Why? because he would do anything to have india give money to his no money goverment. Question! would Khaiyum a moslem bow down to a symbol of a foreign belief? If the President of India were to visit Fiji, would the fijians take him to a Christian church and make him bow at their shrine? How silly does this man have to be to think that Fiji's hope is in India. Why have the Indians not gone back to India? Everyone loves this country Fiji and all this silly antics by this regime had better stop. If this two idiots want to help Fiji, then they need to get out with their bullshit army officers and return this God forsaken country to real democracy.

  73. Sa vakaraitaka sara tu ga ko Bainimarama na nona cuva ki na kalou matakau na vu ni kena sa mai lewe rua tu na kai esia ena constitution commission - ko yash ghai kei satendra nandan, sa qai lewe rua na yalewa ni valagi ko penelope moore kei christina murray. sa qai lewe dua ga na marama itaukei ko taufa vakatale. sa dri yani!

  74. Someone shud target Bhainikhayums sona that's what should happen. He says he bow down to critics in the Fiji Sun...aahhree he has already bowed down in India...maichoddd sala

  75. At least his critics won't allow him to act stupid like this unlike those who support him...they let behave in manner like this...why don't they send the taliban motherfucker there


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