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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bainimarama shows how green he is

Pressing the flesh. Bainimarama with Kasabias Management. pic MINFO
Fiji's illegal leader has a lot to learn about mastering the ways of a real prime minister.

He has today revealed the regime has found the fifth and last member of the Constitution Commission - before she has even been contacted or has signed on the dotted line.

FBC News is running the story under the banner headline 'Final Commission Member Identified: PM'

Bainimarama has told the state-owned news organisation it's a local woman who is currently overseas and that they haven't even approached her yet.

"Yes we are on track, as you know we have just named the additional international member of the constitution in the last couple of days.

"We have identified the local but we’ve have to get in touch with the person, because I understand the person is away overseas so we need the persons endorsement before we can put out the name publicly."

On such a crucial subject, most PMs would've been more professional and not so dumb to give so much information away when the candidate hasn't even been asked.

It's believed the woman has NGO experience.



Anonymous said...

Hahahaha typical dumbarse Voceke. Is Sharon away overseas?

Anonymous said...

Why did it take so long to find a candidate for the job. Well I guess numerous people approached may have turned the offer down because they do not want to be tied up with an exercise initiated by an illegal regime. And as you rightly pointed out, you do not give away a lot of information when you're not sure whether you'll a positive response from the one approached. Very amateurish. This idiot can never come to grips with executive protocol and needs to be properly schooled in areas of political diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

he is indeed dumb in action and looks too. Don't understand why people show respect and awe like those in the picture above. Or are they sneering at his dumbness. The woman is almost overwhelmed by shaking hands with the culprit. he did not earn that pm position he simply stole it.

Top Gunn said...

Gosh he is so fat his cheeks is hiding his eyes lol

Men who stare at goats said...

And look at the two tabetabes on the sidelines ...Aa reh wah!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am shame to be called fijian because my fijians are gutless people .
They only harm the poor indians.
Frank have kicked gcc out .fijian all lamu and tabebe liumuri people.
Why cant they arrest frank/khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is the boss frank and fijian armies are the puppet.
armies are fijian and cant understand this khaiyum is destroying the fijians.

Anonymous said...

gujis change side quickly.
hari punja said to me guji is like girls at sukuna park.hahahaha.
that proves how they jamu illegal idiot frank the crank.
fiji media no ethics they call him fiji pm .
they should call him fiji illegal chor pm.

Anonymous said...

All pointless exercise, no need for a new constitution. An illegal government is not mandated to produce a new constitution so the thing will just be useless toilet paper.
Fiji will get it shoved down the throat anyway, without proper consultation and views of Kai Viti leaders including chiefs and churches.
It will merely be a corrupt document which will be thrown out once Fiji has a legitimate government.
An than we will see the fun.

Anonymous said...

Green!? Bainicarata is yellow!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're exactly right Anon 12.38pm. This idiot is a prisoner on the run engaging the entire country on bullshit stuff like peoples charter, corruption eradication and constitution formation etc just to keep him away from Naboro for CRW murders. Wake Up Fiji.. what's happening to you guys.

Anonymous said...

He's not fat, he injected himself with Botox.

Anonymous said...

His face looks swollen. Did Mary bitch slap him?

Luke Skywalker said...

@12.38pm Get a life, so what if he failed Form 4, 3 times, your typing using caps and your English sound like you're worse off then Frank..I guess that's why you came last in his class..LOL..

Anonymous said...

The bankruptcy of this whole process is already clearly apparent. The Constitutional Commission members were all hand-picked by Bainimarama without consultation and without any terms of reference. In classic dictatorial fashion, the Usurper continues to act in a completely callous, arrogant and arbitrary fashion. He has packed his own commission and will now leave it to Fijians either to hop on his train or be left at the station.

The best counter-strategy is to unite behind a new station master, but who? The logic of the situation seems to dictate that Chaudhry and Qarase form a unity ticket as they say they will, but with Qarase leading the ticket. After all, whether you support him or not, Qarase is Fiji's legal PM. He was freely elected and was ruled Fiji's legitimate PM by the high court.

Another option would be for both men to magnanimously step aside to support a single candidate with proven leadership skills and integrity. Two years ago I might have nominated Rt. Joni Madraiwiwi as that candidate, but he has since been conspicuous by his absence. Today it seems to me that only two other individuals really stand out. They are Professor Wadan Narsey and the Gone Marama Bale Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa of Rewa.

A few curious types have asked for my recommendations for candidates. Frankly speaking, what appears to me on balance as the most viable unity slate to oppose this treasonous regime would probably be one consisting of Laisenia Qarase for PM, Mahendra Chaudhry for Deputy PM and Foreign Minister, Ro Teimumu for President, and Wadan Narsey for Finance Minister. I would also suggest Ratu Joni for Chief Justice. I could suggest others for other positions, but these Fijians would form the leadership core.

I've stated my reservations regarding both Qarase and Chaudhry several times already. I believe that the government they form should be transitional, to allow for a true constitutional dialogue and fresh elections in one year's time, with neither man eligible to contend. After those elections, both men should testify before a Truth and Reconciliation Commission chaired by the chief justice. Once cleared, either or both can again run for office.

Bainimarama wants to run this railroad but is asleep at the switch. We need a new station master -- one who will switch tracks to get Fiji moving back toward democracy and justice.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

If he failed Form 4 three times, then he must be one dumb mofo hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I think its the shyster

Anonymous said...

A picture certainly speaks a thousand words!!
I wonder who is more thrilled, the giver or the taker?
I'd imagine it would be the latter!!

Anonymous said...

Is Bai sick? His face is swollen like it's been stung by bees. Maybe mouth ulcers? Maybe his teeth are rotting and he refused to get all of them extracted because he doesn't want to wear dentures. Perhaps his brain is slowly drifting south.

Whatever it is, he doesn't look good at all. Poor Bai..NOT!!

Anonymous said...

We ask all those approached to form the so called constitution panel/forum or whatever, to just stay away and not participate, as the country has a legitimate constitution in place.
People of Fiji need to send that message out loud and clear throught the country, the region and the international community through their local foreign offices here.
The 2014 election should be carried out under the 1997 constitution, as the first constitutional and legal step forward for the country towards a better Fiji.
We again ask Taufa, Nandan, and others on the appointees list for the job to kindly tender their resignations and wait to participate in a legitimate government. If there are others out there who have been approached, please save your contributions for a properly elected government by the people whenever its going to be, but not yet.
We just have to observe all that has happened to the sympathisers for the last five years, where have they gone? Most have left, and those that are there are only just hanging on.
Just peacefully not participate!

Anonymous said...

OMG - It's Penny Moore!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa you da-man,i like your big fish writting and it makes a lots of sense. Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

peni was mahen singh wife.
mahen kicked the bitch out.
we have clown running the circus of frank the crank.

Anonymous said...

Met an Indian Astrologer in London recently, he never has visited Fiji nor does he know any of these Regime leaders, he predicted the following:

Senior Minister in Government will be in India soon for a heart treatment; will retire upon return; when asked whether he / she is civilian or Military......long look and he said military high rank....he said not the decision maker but the follower....I deduced it has to be one of the Colonels!!!

He further said that there is large stash of cash in an Asian Country (Bank) stolen by two senior Government officials; when I asked in their name.....he smiled and said nah....in a Trust under the name of their close associate....millionaire associate, in a place they regularly visit with him; wonder who is this??/ Probably Hamid!!

He also said that Fijian solution is in Fiji and only prayers will not help but peaceful revoultion....Ghandi type!! He said in the next 4-6 months; there will be a rally by the females and this will be the begin of the end of the Regime!!

He also predicted the death of a senior Government decision maker......Is Frank's time up!!!

Predictions about MPC and LQ also by the astrologer, need birthdates of all (es[ecially Frankie and Aiyazzie!) for accurate readings!!! Anyone can offer dates????

More on this talanoa later, i am trying to put the astrologer on Youtube so all can see!

God bless Fiji and bring the changes so we can revisit sanity!

Anonymous said...

@ Annon April 22, 12:08pm

LQ d.o.b 4/2/1941

MPC d.o.b.9/2/1942

Anonymous said...

Did the astrologer predict that Voceke's cekes are slowly going up inside him? Very soon he will have three Adams apples.

Yon Aiyaz has a lean and hungry look said...

Here's an astrological prediction for Baini: beware the ides!