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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beddoes welcomes MCG saying time for Fiji to engage

Hillary Clinton and Bob Carr might be seeing eye to eye on Fiji but not everyone is hailing the latest initiative by the regional 'superpowers'.

Mick Beddoes (right)
A Pacific Forum Ministerial Contact Group arrives tomorrow to see first hand the progress being made for the 2014 elections and constitutional reform.

Led by Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr and New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully, the group will meet with the regime and a select group, believed to include trade unions and opposition political leaders.

But there are mixed feelings towards the visit, which has been spearheaded by Carr who made the surprise announcement after a visit with the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Democracy advocates worry the ministerial visit endorses the military regime of Frank Bainimarama and will lead to a softening of sanctions by Australia and New Zealand.

Tui Savu of the Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement in Australia has told Radio Australia, the visit could have unwanted repercussions. "I'm just hopeful that Carr, and the Labor Government, won't want to use this to gain cheap political mileage by trying to work with an illegal regime in Fiji."

Some bloggers have been more direct:  "To the CMAG, who gave you the right to decide what is right for the citizens of Fiji. Fiji is not a member of the Commonwealth. It broke the Cardinal Rule. No Democratic Rule yet again in and out like a yoyo since 1987. There was a solution - the CMAG with the help of the United Nations restore the Civil Government and to allow the Democratic Rule to make changes that were needed to turn Fiji into a fairer and better place for its people."

The leader of the Opposition Mick Beddoes has been invited to meet with Carr and McCullys' group and told Coupfourpointfive the visit should be more of a benefit than a loss to Fiji.

"I welcome the Ministerial Contact Group visit and encourage them to increase the frequency of their visits and the time they spend here so they can meet with a greater number of people and organizations to extract a more balanced view of what's really going on here."

Beddoes says it is time to engage with Fiji.

"Since 2006 and at every opportunity I have had to meet with the NZ, AUS,UK, USA, UN and Commonwealth representatives, I have encouraged them to engage with the regime       directly and at ministerial level. In fact, I have encouraged them to meet directly with Frank.

"But I have clarified that my call to 'engage' the regime is not a call to 'embrace' the regime as our Melanesian Spearhead Group leaders have done, which I consider a disgrace as they have forgotten and abandoned the people of Fiji for their short term gains and favors from the regime.

"Whatever way we finally regain our democratic governance of the people, is for the people. And by the people, so it will have to come from some form of dialogue and a political solution.

"And encouraging a change in ones mindset can't occur from No Communication by the group that would like to encourage change and neither will it come from two or three meetings a year and for 15 minutes each time.

"Change can and will come from an increased frequency of discussions between Frank Bainimarama and the Aus-NZ-UK and other Ministers. Until alternative views, opinions and options are offered by governments of other   countries like NZ-AUS-USA-UK in direct discussions with Frank Bainimarama, we can expect to see things continue pretty much as they have been with Aiyaz Khaiyum directing the traffic flow."

Beddoes says the regime is still not ready or willing to sit and enter into political dialogue "with the last elected leaders of the people, so it is important for some dialogue process to start and although the regime would interpret such a shift from our neighbors as a win for the regime, we need to understand that 'egos' are at play here so they'll spin that change to suit their agenda."

"But regardless we still must engage."

He says the regime will obviously present its best front, not all of which is true.

"And what they need to get is the 'truth' and the 'facts'. In addition some serious discussion on the regime's exit strategy needs to start being addressed otherwise the pathway to the 2014 elections will be a land mine of decrees to ultimately ensure a win for Frank Bainimarama  and his team.

"The communication with all parties must start becoming more frequent and some firm offers and attempts to persuade the regime to make a paradigm shift should also come into play now."

Editor's Note: The delegation is understood to include the Samoan Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, Papua New Guinea Foreign Minister Ano Pala, Vanuatu Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot and Tuvalu Foreign Minister Apisai Ielemia.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand what's this visit for again?? Aren't we having election in 2014 or are they here for a holiday??

Davina Fong, Suva said...

Dear Messrs CARR & McCURRY

Bula and Welcome to Fiji.

Please note that when you meet the methodists church executives, and some Great COUNCIL OF CHIEF members – some of Former coupe convicts, etc. please also ask them if they will sponsor another coupe, looting, burning of Suva and major cities, burning of indian farmers houses, stealing crops and livestocks of indian farmers,etc – if their sponsored party losses the election.

Please also get fully briefed by your high commissioners and perhaps footage of the previous coupe, of some of the COUPE PLOTTERS and king pins who may try to find their way to your deliberations.

Cheers and enjoy all the stunning fijian hospitality

Hillary said...

The Australian Government is in a very tight spot. Chances are that Abbott will take over sooner or later. Carr's 'engagement' with the military regime is nothing but part of an election campaign. The Gillard Government wants to prevent Abbott (who has stated repeadedly that as PM he would engage with the Fiji regime) from scoring in an election campaign with foreign policy that is different from Gillards. So don't get excited about any outcome for Fiji. And McCully? Well those who believe that he is a competent politician have certainly not had the opportunity to have a conversion with him. Intellectually he is in Bainimarama's class. The truth is that Fiji needs to sort this out.

Tavako ni 'dia said...

Beddoes should not and cannot be trusted...he goes with the powerful side every time ,changing his principles along the way..typical kailoma habit...become white in a white environment and a black in a black one. He defrauded his supporters in the last elecetion by saying something else and voting in parliament against the people who installed him as MP.
Kick him out of all consultations!!!

Anonymous said...

clinton should tell carr to tell khaiyum /frank that usa sas is ready to storm fiji if they dont give up.
usa should do fijian a favour by sending sas to kill frank/ask/compol,moses and other regime puppets.
these carr/clinton and macully should know khaiym/frank is looting fijian tax payers dollars.
they wont give up the power/loot.

Anonymous said...

Lets get this straight once and for all, about the illegal decrees.
Illegal decrees are just that, and will not hold water after the illegal regime is gone. Regardless of how they go.
Whether they hand over to democracy by elections. Get arrested and put on trial for their crimes, or get shot.
The decrees that they issue will become null and void. They are illegal now, and are only enforced by the illegal threat they hold over the people with guns.
The issue of decrees to try avoiding punishment for their crimes is no more than wishful thinking on their part.
VRF- bring on the end for the sake of Fiji.
A message to Bob Carr-please don't insult the Fiji people with any acknowledgement of legitamacy to this illegal group of thugs.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

The US and western Govt were courting the libyian and egyptian govt including Gadafi and Hosni Mubarak. The reason for engaging fiji is because china, russia and cuba are making inroads.

Its all potitics my friend.

Anonymous said...

Davina Fong, it's coup not coupe. Your anger towards the Fijians clearly showed you're a racist person. Next time you decide to post your comments, please get a primary school student to proof read because your literacy skills are appalling.

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr do not forget the Ilegal Fiji Government you engaging with does not have the mandate of the people. Kick them out first and engage with the real elected leaders!!

Anonymous said...

AUST and NZ must insist on a independent high court judges. They must appoint them and not appointed by the regime. Then each case brought to the court will be done fairly without influence from the regime for personal gains.

Can you Mr Carr put this suggestion forward. Let's see how they react!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully with Bob Carr we'll see an end to the tragic-comic dynamic of CMAG-Fiji relations in the days of Kevin Rudd. You remember, don't you? Bainimarama would insist that no one understands Fiji, and they should just come and see for themselves. On the eve of a CMAG visit, Kevin Rudd would make some gratuitous comment that the regime would then use as an excuse to cancel the visit. Rudd would criticise the cancellation, and the cycle would then begin again.

Mick Beddoes is right. CMAG should come more often, and Canberra should engage with Bainimarama at the ministerial level instead of continuing its silly tactics of snubbing regime leaders in their own capital and then demarching Washington and London to put pressure on Suva. Fiji's friends better influence this regime through direct and candid talks than through petty sanctions and rude behaviour.

Meeting with its representatives in Suva doesn't legitimise a regime any more than meeting with its representatives in Rangoon.

Don't look to the United States or anyone else to intervene in Fiji militarily in the absence of civil unrest. Why should they risk their lives when Fijians won't risk their own? They won't. They will only conclude, as Bismarck might have said, that Fiji isn't worth the bones of one Pomeranian grenadier.

Let the CMAG begin laying down some clear markers now for what it needs to see in terms of free and fair elections. What need we fear -- that Bainimarama will meet the criteria? Puh-lease, ain't gonna happen! He doesn't dare have such elections.

CMAG needs to lay out its expectations to the regime first in private and soon in public. CMAG needs to get UN and U.S. buy-in regarding its election criteria in advance in order to forestall the possibility that New York and Washington will rush to declare 'victory' and a return to democratic governance in Fiji on the basis of a manipulated election.

s/ Dakuwaqa

grinno said...

I would really want to know where Beddoes was all these time.There wasn't even a growl from him for 5 years and now 2 years to the said election he's barking .I hope he is doing it for all the people of Fiji and don't sell himself to bai n khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

A statement by the Forum group to the regime that they will send in a military force if the regime does not allow the UN to take over the new election organisation is the answer.

Komai Naibenubenu said...

Carr and MCully I ask why only meet Micky. Although he was Opposition Leader, he was and is more or less a non-entity. You should meet the leaders that matter like Qarase and Chaudhary. No matter what, they were and continue to be the main poltical leaders and you cannot take that away from them.

Anonymous said...

Carr and MCully, the best you can start off with in your intervention in Fiji is help us get rid of this regime. We have gone through six years of emotional trauma and it is becoming unbearable as the economy continues on a downward spiral. Get them out and into the courts for all the astrocities incurred upon the people including the murder of CRW, lest we forget.

Unknown said...

The article that covers my responses to questions sent to me and other political parties by 4.5 on the 28th April, gives an impression that I am the only one meeting the CMAG?

Obviously that's not correct as I am sure other political Leaders and NGO's would have received similar invites as well.

Mick Beddoes
Sabeto - Nadi

Anonymous said...

People have to make their views known to Australia and NZ....Send their offices your view instead of just blogging. Fiji Sun saying Fiji wants back in and govt will obviously be putting on a good show. We who know better should make sure our view is heard

Anonymous said...

This came about because Hillary and Carr are afraid of the Chinese.

So its about themselves. Its not about Fijians.

They will come and talk the talk but at the end of the day, Fijians will continue to live under a tyrranical Bainimarama.

Don't rely on these people to help you.

Under Bainimarama, Fijians will continue to deteriorate.
Fiji will acummulate more and more debt until finally you lose all your land and become enslaved to the Chinese.

The Americans cannot stop this.
Australians cannot stop it
But its you Fijians who must stop it.

If you don't stop Bainimarama then you will become slaves to the Chinese.
The Church knows this but has seen it fit not to tell the poor people in the villages.

Meanwhile the villagers continue to make merry, while their childrern can no longer afford school. Their future is bleak, but they are so blind they cannot see it.
It reminds me of the story of the frog that is slowly boiled in a pot but doesn't realise that the pot is slowly getting hotter and hotter.
The villagers continue to make merry, oblivious to their detreriorating circumstances.
Unaware that their land is about to be taken from them.
They are so blind, but the church won't open their eyes.

Why are we too weak to stand against Bainimarama?

Because we are morrally corrupt, That's why.

Will the Church wake up to the evils that now surround us or will it close its eyes, curl itself in a ball and wish that it would die.

I say be a man! Encourage every man, woman and child and lets stand and take the fight to Bainimarama. Lets bring him down!

-Valataka na Dina

Coup 4.5 said...

Pacific in the Media said...
@Fiji First 2014: The views of FLP, FICTU, FTUC, FDFM were also sought. As of yet, no response.C4.5

Anonymous said...

Why trash Beddoes, he was an elected member of our parliament and is still the legal Leader of the opposition. I'm not at all surprise that the Group has not been intouch with the Legal Prime Minister-Laisenia Qarase? If the Man is at home in Mavana, the Illegal Government will do all it can to keep any attempt of contact from the commonwealth Group diverted or mislead? I think that the Commonwealth of Nations has been going after the South Pacific Forum & its Aitutaki Declaration;Biketawa Declaration;Nasonini Declaration etc and its enforcements? It's useless to established laws for our organization and then don't enforce it when needed? Time to do something Carr/McCully!!!

Fiji Tears said...

Mr Carr, softening positions and removing sanctions would be a major move and should not be made lightly. Those of us fighting for democracy in Fiji have worked hard to remove this government and have no faith in its plans to hold elections and draw up a new constitution. They have proven time and time again to be corrupt and to be putting the interest of its own hierachy first before the people. Anyone who gives a treasonous govt the opportunity to legitimise itself will come to regret it.

Anonymous said...

Before u trash Beddoes or the others bear in mind the conditions they have had to live in regarding contacting international people. Not more than 3 can meet!! Likely to be accused of treason by the very people who have committed treason!!!

Anonymous said...

The Samoan PM should be hosted as a Chief! Accorded the full ceremonial gaff, of vaka mamaca etc before he is fare well in the traditional spirit of old for someone who was belittling Fiji with his junior boy comments! Some nerve-hopefully they don't strip seach him at the airport!

Anonymous said...

Samoan PM is one of Fiji people close friend during these past 6 years. He felt for the people. He should be accorded a full traditional ceremony of welcome if he sets foot on Fiji soil. Bai is no match for his wisdom and stature.

Anonymous said...

Like I said to you Mick, nothing but the BEST in your talks!!

Anonymous said...

We are relying on people like your good self Mick and the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi to voice our concerns.
At least we can say 'We tried'!!
Ps: Thank you heaps for the last bbq we had with my cuz Lou before she passed away!! May she RIP!!
All the BEST bro!!

Jone Dakuvula said...

So now we all know who Fiji First is !! It is Mick Beddoes and he couldn't find a name for his party ,so he just stole one from another party.....tooo much beddoes ,true colours are shining through

Anonymous said...

Thankyou to the Samoan Prime Minister for his stand against this illegal regime.Other Pacific leaders should learn from him especially those ill informed bunch calling themselves the MSG.
Vinaka Samoan PM we the silent and oppressed people in Fiji salute you.When democracy is restored in Fiji we will not forget you.

Anonymous said...

"Tui Savu of the Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement in Australia has told Radio Australia, the visit could have unwanted repercussions." I thought that Tui Savu had resigned from the movement?

Anonymous said...

Its all a con job for all to see nothing will come out of this visit-Elections will be when Frank says so and by my guess, yes guess Aussie and NZ will have no part to play in it-wanna bet!Frank has all the aces and for those who thought he was stupid well so far ain't nothing happening baby till Voreqe gives OK? Come election time we will be just where Voreqe wants us to be and where he wants to be!No bull guys mark my words!

Anonymous said...

Mick and Qarase????NO THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Mick and Qarase. Yes please.