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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Black for Democracy ... more rally pictures

Members of the Melbourne chapter of FDFM Australia wear black and stand up for Fiji.

About 50 people protested outside the Fiji High Commission in Canberra yesterday calling for the return of the Great Council of Chiefs and other changes to help restore democracy to Fiji. A protest was also held outside Parliament House. 

A letter was to have been delivered to the First Secretary Chery Irava but the regime appointed represnetative refused to accept it or even have it left in the mailbox telling the group she wanted it via Australian mail. Churlish behaviour considering she is supposed to be representing the Fiji people in Australia's capital. 

FDFM president Suliasi Daunitutu says the very fact the High Commission refused to accept the letter shows "they recognise us, they know what we stand for and they will not be seen to be entertaining something that could just be what they don't want the world to know."
Pictures: FDFM Australia

Letter to the First Secretary of the Fiji High Commission in Canberra


Anonymous said...

Thank you Melbourne Chapter for the support!!

Power to the People.....

What?? said...

Oi, you've got the "Situation still desperate" headline over the wrong story. It should be over the so-called pro-democracy protests. When you've got to rely on someone's Aussie kids to hold the Fiji flag, that's desperate. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

vinaka brothers/sisters keep it up.
we need this kind of protest in fiji.
how many people will the junta arrest 10,000 no way they will run for cover.
it happen in 1987/2000 speights coup.
fijians wake up and fight for your freedom learn from the middle east people.
fiji for fijians.

Anonymous said...

Where were this people in 1987/2000.
I didnt see any protest .all were supporting the illegal overthrow of the elected govt.
Good start now finally fijian learned .
no coup is good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for representing thousands of Fijians who don't have the guts to do what you all have done.

Anonymous said...

Freedom comrades, lets all band together and fight this illegal evil in Fiji - Bainimarama.
They are destroying the very core of our family values & the spirit of the community.Theya re destroying our church,our chiefly system,they are against us all.

People are suffering in Fiji but they cannot stand up and fight! Let's be their voice!!

Anonymous said...

Suli and JB start fijian bati army and fight frank regime.
This will get rid of the regime nothing else.
Fight fire with fire.
We have lot of fijian armies in auss.nz.usa.uk.
Time for these armies to help its chiefs and fijian people get back its land freedom and democracy..
That our only hope brothers.
He got India free .

Anonymous said...

Thank you all who took part in this protest for giving up your time and resources in efforts to bring some semblance of democracy and get people to speak and act freely in their own country.

This group of greedy people like Frank and Khaiyum have destroyed all of our rights so that we cannot decide things which directly affect us.

These Dictators have destroyed our spirits and have looted our pockets without any feelings at all.

As long as they receive big, fat salaries, make any laws they want which would consolidate their power over the people of this beautiful land and be able to consume liquor and indulge in immoral behaviour they would not give in to a system where the people can decide their destiny by themselves.

Can somebody please, please shoot them? Or just arrest them and hand them over to the public of Fiji! We will love them to death...

Anonymous said...

Jb is the bati go bati go.

Anonymous said...

how about if you lot got on the next plane and flew over here to display your placards up close and personal instead of flashing them from afar?

Anonymous said...

YOu have to laugh now and then -some here we very keen supporters of other coups, one should have heaed them during the yaqona sessions. It appears now they not supporting coups? Really, is it Frank they want out or coups they don't support or is it just so they get their own croonies back into Government. Sometimes when you wonder why we have not moved any futher forward-well heres the answer.No wonder we have a confused lot of kids around us who could't care less!

Pio said...

wananavu aussie, totoka nomudou i tosotoso. Sa qai vo o Semi Meo me join yani.

Anonymous said...

What has been achieved by this?

Anonymous said...

The protest will continue abroad. Io o keda talega na i taukei meda yadra ka tukan vei Voreqe kei Khaiyum SA RAUTA SA KENA GAUNA QO MO DRAU QAI I NABORO KEI KECE NA NOMUI LALA.

Anonymous said...

where were these people in 1987 and 2000.
then all thought the coup was good!
some people learn slowly.

at least the coup has sent the chiefs back to where they belong.
they were too much involved with politics and 90% had no education

Anonymous said...

Mary said.
Pls take frank out soon as possible.
I want to join ross.

Anonymous said...

E sa levu la na noda vosa na tiko i Viti! Ni dua na coup vaka na nei Frank kei Khaiyum eda saqata toka ka tutaka na dodonu e na gauna e a yaco kina. Ia ni sa dede ga vakalailai ka sa cakava eso na veivakatorocaketaki o Khaiyum eda sa baci veisau ka kaya ni ratou sa yavu tamata vinaka ga o Frank kei na nona i soresore i mawi o Khaiyum.

E sa levu vei keda na dadatuvu kei na rere. Eda sa waraka me ra cakava mai e dua na ka o ira mai tuba ka sa sega ni da tucake ka vakaraitaki keda. Levu ga na noda sona lelevu tiko.

Ia ni baci veisautaki na veiliutaki oqo, ka sa kolotaki laivi o Voreqe kei nona i soresore o Khaiyum, eda sa baci vakanamata kina i liuliu vou ka na tara na noda matanitu. Veitalia se taura vakadodonu se taura vakabutako na noda matanitu.

Eda sa kuitaki tu ga vaka na soqosoqo. E segasega sara na yalo ni vinakata vakaukauwa na dina kei na noda dodonu. Sa rauta ga meda vekaci tu vei ira kecega ga ka via tara na matanitu.

Eda sa yavu tamata wele ga ka sega na qabibulu me sogo kina i ra.

Ni sa sega na qanibulu vei ira na lewe ni noda i mataivalu qo qai tautauvata vinaka tu kei ira na lewe ni vanua.

Coup 4.5 said...

To those making ill-informed comments about the flag being upside down, it is the international sign of distress. C4.5

Anonymous said...

At least these people are doing something....kemudou ga i Viti, dou rere tiko...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Queensland Union for supporting our course.Vinaka to all the chapters in Australia for continueingly fighting and demonstrating your couurage and bravery to fight the junta government in Fiji.
Defy the critics and keep up the good work.God is with us.

Jac Komai said...

is that S. Regu in the long sleeve checkered shirt? I wish u well...

Anonymous said...

Too bad we blacking in australia...Daunitutu and JB shud come and black it in Suva man!!!

Fiji Fan said...

Wow, while these brave kids put themselves on the line for Fiji, our very own people are putting silly snd trivial pics of themselves up on Facebook etc. Pure selfishness and vanity while country deteriorates. Thank you kids

Anonymous said...

Cherry Irava's husband has always been seen to be engaging himself in the Fiji Embassy complex as an official of the Embassy. It is high time that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Fiji take note of this - this is an abuse of official responsibilities from Cherry Irava's designational responsibilities, and she should be replaced ASAP.