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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Overseas aid picks up as children make best of evac centres

One of the children at the Nadi centre. pics MINFO
A look today at the face of Fiji's suffering and the more than five thousand children and infants in the evacuation centres.

The child with the sasa is at the Nadi evacuation centre and came into the frame as a result of the visit of the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau on what looks to be his first foray out to see the flood victims.
Nailatikau ventures out

The illegal regime wants the schools that have been serving as evacuation centres freed up so schools can resume on Tuesday but that raises the question of where the homeless will go. 

Flood victims in Ba and Nadi meanwhile today received supplies thanks to a food drop by Radio Apna in Auckland, New Zealand. The station raised $221, 000 in an appeal. 

The New Zealand government has topped up its earlier contribution with $750,000 bringing to $1.25 million its total donation for relief and 
Rations handed out
emergency efforts. Australia has contributed $1million. 

The Suva City Council today waived the usual permit fee of $22 to allow businesses to open during Easter. And the FEA is under the spotlight over its power sharing strategy in the west which is causing frustration. 

Keeping up the learning
The CEO of the Consumer Council of Fiji Council, Premila Kumar, says the Authority needs to sharpen up its act and not do dumb things like publish the power sharing schedule in newspapers on the actual day it is happening. 

Fiji Floods: UNICEF and partners urgently responding to water, health and education needs


  1. A big vinaka vaka levu to all our people in NZ for helping out including others who have come to our assistance at this time of pain & sufferring. God Bless you all.

  2. How long did el Presidente took to get to the west? Voceke must have instructed him to be photographed with the children.

    It appears that Voceke and his boss Aiyarse have no plans for the people housed in evacuation centers. They want schools to resume next Tuesday, and they failed to realize that these schools are used as evacuation centers. Where are they going be housed Voceke? Are the schools ready to allow students back? Are there any food and drinks for these kids?

    Stop fooling yourselves, and the people you assholes and think before you open your mouths. This will go on for months and the suffering will continue unless urgent foreign assistance is sourced. I bet your tirades against NZ and Australia have come back and bite you in the ass. By the way Voceke, what has china contributed so far?

  3. The wanna be chief without following. living alife at the expence of tax payers a beneficiary of the Mara dynasty.Waiting to be served,the eating and drinking illegal President on a trip paid by the tax payers,just another bull shit talk and laugh.must be on a trip to play golf in nadi and then a dinner party at some gujuratis home.What a joke a good for nothing President. The people dont want to see hime but need food and basic necessity.He should have taken some cassava and dalo that he gets free at the govermnt house.


  5. El presidente, did you have a chat to RUM when you were in Tonga?

  6. Sad that we only talk about the couple of idiots and not the actual problem the country is facing.

    Why doesn't the people just get rid of them and bring back the democracy like rest of the western world.

  7. Govt wants everyone out of school evac centres by tomorrow. People have been told they are not being pushed out but they have to discuss their situation with district councils. Not sure how this is going to work.

  8. Illegal President was seen with small bro Tu'akitau drinking at the Nukualofa Club straight after church service on Sunday before Royal Funeral. We all know how Tongans cherish their King and their Sunday. Just a waste of Taxpayers Money.

  9. Ironic families who presumably have chilren are being told to leave the evac centres so the schools can reopen on Tuesday! What does the govt think the families are going to do in homes full of mud

  10. Be afraid very afraidApril 7, 2012 at 8:29 PM

    After coverage of close to 15,000 people being in evac centres it is obvious the govt will want to have a plan and be seen to be on top of everything but the truth is it isn't.

  11. Floods worst in human memory and Fiji will need all the help it can get.Please don't abandon us NZ and Australia

  12. Brisvaani Radio from Oz also raised substantial money for victims. Well done NZ and Aust

  13. well done nz people and radio apana.
    thank you hon mpc you have asked and nz people did respond to apana appeal.
    i hated to hear ag voice.
    how much money did he gave from his loots to fijian people,
    no sign of bano/nazrath /others.

  14. Have Voceke and Aiyarse gone to ground or something? Private organizations, radio stations are fund raising, but how come the two assholes are not asking the international community for assistance? Or are they still waiting for china to make a decision?

    Voceke and Aiyarse, you should be ashamed of yourselves. And now they want the schools to be reopened. Obviously their homes are still uninhabitable and they cannot return, but this stupid government is not in a mood to help the citizens.

    There you go Fiji, your leaders have finally shown their true colours. Thank you John Key and Julia Gillard, and also the people in those countries who are doing their best to help out by way fundraising. Forget about the pigs Voceke and Aiyarse, they're scumbags who ought to be arrested and chuck into Naboro.

  15. I think all govt minister, pm and president -no pay for 3 months .
    we see if they can do that for fijians.
    all money should be given to the poor and the needy.
    also army officer should be deployed in building houses and roads and bridges,
    enough of looting the tax payers money.
    thanks you radio apana for the good work.
    i cant see tarana radio ag mates .

  16. we had peoples interview on radio apana today.
    some said this is the first food parcel they got.
    sad to hear them .our heart cries for them.
    .i wish fiji govt can do much more .
    since they are fiji citizens.
    auss and nz are ready to assist .
    fiji pm and ag should ask for help from them.
    enough of pride and wanna be guys.
    do it for fiji people
    .you guys have messed fiji up. time to rebuilt now.
    armies help in clean up and built houses for the poor and needy.
    this is my prayers to all fiji people in overseas .
    pla assist your families and friends direct.
    we are trying to have soccer match- auckland fc vs suva team next month in nz.
    money raised will be donated for floods appeal.
    god bless fiji.

  17. anon@4.12pm Both Warwar and Aiyaz were in Sigatoka today trying to show a united front. But even their puppet Graham Davis knows Fiji is a mess and needs help getting out of it. He can't say ofcourse that the govt should swallow pride and ask for MZ and Australia help

  18. hurray hurray for radio apana.
    vinaka mr shah and team.
    god bless you guys.
    we didnt see any funds donated by the big fish in nz .
    sada reddy,y p reddy,john samay,john prasad,robert khan .others.
    come on guys have heart for your people and country.
    donate and than god will bless you .

  19. frank can you instruct your boy ag to make new bs decree .
    1.no pay for 1 year to all govt ministers.
    2.govt to built free houses for all people -who lost their house.
    3.election in 6 months under 1997 constitution.
    4.gcc to remain paramount chiefs in fiji.
    5.ag to be official taliban of fiji and be charged for treason with you and ministers/cronies.
    thumbs ups for democracy hahahaha

  20. frank to to church not to traps.

  21. Voreqe...
    Ni bula vinaka na wekaqu,I know you'd probably be spitting fire & thunder! But the fact is the flood is over and it's time for everyone to return to their home so they could continue on with their lives!We're been using a
    lots of mullah during the evacuation,especially to feed those effected and then some!Now is not the time for a free ride,time to get back home and start to work hard to recover what has been lost and pay your tax to the Government?Those of you who help out in sending money,clothes & foods from all over Fiji and abroads-thank you so much for all your help!Those of you who gave your time to help physically we count on you and thank you from the bottom of our heart!Many thanks to them President-Ratu Epeli Nailatikau-thanks for cutting short your visit to Tonga and return to checked-out our people condition in the flooded areas!

  22. Happy Easter everybody. Let's go out and help the needy rather than picking on each other. Let's divert our attention to the good we can do rather than the bad we throw at each other.

  23. ag have a witch doctor from lautoka.
    his grandfather was a witch doctor too.
    now ag have this witch doctor who does witchcraft for him.
    ask some army intel they did follow up and reported to army intel boss.
    but frank told they back off.
    ag gin is controlling frank now.

    feel sorry for frank now.

  24. Frank it is time you and your Bacha Bazi give up and hand over the government back to the people of Fiji. We all can see that you are not capable of doing the work.

  25. I read with interest in fiji village that police are looking for driver of car registration DA 327. doesn't Fiji have a computerised register where they can lookup the owner of a car and go to the registered address? This is how backward this country is.

  26. Anon@10.06. So you were saying WankWank and Aiyarse were in Sigatoka to show a united front. United front for what? They were only there to promote themselves and make people believe that they are doing something. Let me ask you, what have they done so far?

    From all accounts, they haven't asked NZ and Australia, their closest neighbors, for any assistance. These countries have given millions out of goodwill for the people of Fiji. WankWank and Aiyarse are so arrogant and stupid, they don't want people to see that they're buckling under pressure.

    If they truly feel for the people, then they should've swallowed their bloated egos and formally ask NZ and Australia for urgent assistance. Or are they still waiting for Chinas response?

    These two clowns were only there for photo opportunities, that's all they cared about. You haven't commented on their silly idea of opening the schools next week despite these schools being used as evacuation centers. Can you suggest where these evacuees can be housed?

    You're being blinded by your support for these two assholes that you failed to realise the enormity of the situation.

  27. Fiji police has today decided to change Motto from serving the people to robbing the people.

    We seem to have uneducated and untrained police working after 7 found to have robbed businesses during the flood. Sounds like we have turned into south American police force where corruption is ripe amongst police and the mafia. So the same people investigate and rob us. Sound bit like  Bacha Bazi and Franki.

  28. The true colour and fact of governing a country with the barrel of the gun and by a democratic goverment is eminent in the present situation,fji is in.
    The people of fiji irrespective of race colour or creed should now realise what happens to the people when a military coup takes place in a country. No democratic country will accept the present regime of fiji.
    No one in the goverment is owning up the democratic goverments are giving aid and donations to NGOs on the ground because the present goverment is illegal. They are thugs and looters.Just pretending to be true leaders of the people but not elected.What a joke? A bunch of idiots stabbing each other everyday. The sarka govt of fiji.

  29. Voceke and Aiyarse drauvitauri kau tiko ena vuni niu mai Nukulau.

  30. Voceke and Aiyarse drauvitauri kau tiko ena vuni niu mai Nukulau.

  31. The Mataivalu ni Solisona's (MSS) salary should also be cut by 50% and this money used to feed the people at the evacuation centres.

    VB, Aiarse & the dumb Cabinet Ministers should realise that the problem is much bigger than just handing out tinfish, rice, flour , oil etc.

    People urgently need help to rebuild their homes and replaced damaged items, school uniforms & supplies for their kids and monetary assistance over the next year as many of these unfortunate people would have lost their livelihoods too especially poor farmers as they cannot tap into their FNPF money.

    May I suggest that all civil servants and Police also get a 50 % paycut for 2012 while Cabinet Ministers should not be paid at all as they have robbed the country since December 2006.

  32. Police robbing? More like looting. What a bunch of low lifes. I bet nothing will be done to charge these thieves as they are in the police.

  33. Anon 7:40 AM

    The data should be with the LTA and the police. ATM, seems like only LTA has it, and we all know what a bunch of slackers they all are, led by the head baboon, Naisa Tuinaceva.

    So while the cops go around looking for the owner of the car using the media, the chimpanzees of LTA are all probably asleep!

  34. Can Rajesh Chor Singh please stop flying the APNA 990 flag - we know he works for Mr shah. Congrats to all the "Indians" who donated through Radio Apna but do you know that the Food distribution is a scam - the prices are hiked by Fiji distributors and Apna is given a kick back - check what happened in the previous floods.
    By the way, did Rajesh Singh donate anything or his he riding on our donations in nz.

  35. They are in Sigatoka only because that is as far as they can get with road closures. Cannot afford fuel for chopper anymore.

  36. go check apana record i have given cash donation of 520-00 .
    so shut the f up you gave how much.
    we are thankful of apana and mr shah.
    he has heart for fiji and its people.
    so how much did you give.
    we should be proud of people like mr shah .
    who have invested 42 million in fiji and been abused by govt and people,
    sorry guys dont point finger at mr shah .
    he has given so much to fiji and others during hard times,
    records speaks louder than your cheap shots.
    hurray radio apana and nz fiji people who have donated and god will bless you heaps.
    vinaka vakalevu.

  37. any 2.37
    pls have guts like me to put your name .why hide like a qori.
    go read www.fijilive.com.
    i am arranging soccer match in nz with auckland afc/waitakere united..
    all funds raised go to the flood appeal in fiji.
    so why dont you do something like me and radio apana/mr shah .
    put money on the table if not just f the shut up hahahaha.

  38. Anon@6.53. And what's your name? By the way, your literacy skills are so pathetic a primary school student will out you to shame. This is an open forum and people have the choice of putting their names or post anonymously. I suggest you enrol in a literacy night class so that you could write properly.

  39. the now saying no more power rationing

  40. Rajesh - you might have missed this about Mr Shah and apna radio - click on this link http://www.propbd.co.nz/afa.asp?idWebPage=8338&idBobDeyProperty_Articles=13888 -\:

    Application to wind up: Shah Homes faces liquidation

    Defendant: Shah Homes Ltd

    Directors: Mohammed & Saira Bano Sahil, Henderson Heights

    Applicant: Inland Revenue

    Hearing date: Friday 19 March at 10.45am

    Other details: Both Sahils are directors of Apna Networks Ltd and Dream Kitchens & Joinery Ltd, and Mohammed Sahil is a former director of Food For Less Ltd & Vista Architects Ltd.

    So please stop your masi polo - your boss is a crook - should he really be collecting money on behalf of people with such record.
    How much of the money gets to fiji-another mahen.
    Also his fiji project is in morg. sale - bank of baroda click below:

  41. So Australia and NZ have already given over $2.5m, with more to come.

    So what about China Aiyaz? Or Russia?

    Or maybe their "help" is the special kind of help that comes with lots of strings attached.

    The government is meant to be helping the people - the Regime does none of that.

  42. people are quick to point fingers.
    why dont you check my record on spg scam .
    the file is with ficac.
    truth came out in 58 page reports in 2007.
    why people not been charged because they are bai mates.
    the corruption happen in govt bec of the powers ps/ceo has more than the ministers during our time.
    go read nazarath ruling on peni kunutuba case..
    why dont the regime release all auditors generals reports since 2006 till to-date.
    if they dont have anything to hide/fear.

  43. Ah Rajesh again. Are you saying you knew about corrupt practices while you were a minister?

  44. Epeli Boci Naulukau, the best thing you can do for Fiji, and save us from the abyss we are falling in ,is to ORDER the arrest of Voceke and his junta. Nip the problem in the bud. Dont waste tax payers money by duplicating the bullshit Voceke is doing around Fiji, and shaking hands with the children.

  45. Rajesh @ 9.03 am

    we point fingers because we pay taxes in fiji, and continue to do so from the day we started working. We do not run away to another country to earn moolahs and then fire cheap shots at our homeland.

    Your role in uncovering the spg matter is noble. I will be the first to acknowledge that. But in return, you have to shed off that little dishonesty that you indulge in, when you say the matter was covered by VB.

    Why, was not the matter covered by your own line minister, Ro Teimumu Kepa? Did the then PM, Qarase not fire you on her advice as you were seen to have come too close to the truth?

    Cmon man, if you want to talk about truth, you've gotta go all the way! You can't uncover some of the truth when it suits you, and look away or throw red herrings (that means diversion by the way) when it doesn't.

    Who are these so called "bai mates" as you refer to them in your broken, straddled English? Let's see if you have the balls to name them??? Go on, we're all listening. Let the credible, intelligent people reading this blog decide for themselves.

    If you're not up for it, please forever hold your peace on the matter and let it lie. It's either now, or never!

    If the then CEOs had more power Rajesh, let me jog your selective/failing memory. Who created these CEOs with such immense unilateral power? It was your tatalevu Qarase. You want to be man enough to speak ill of him?

    I join you in asking for the release of the Auditor Gen's queries.

    And in the meantime, I await your responses to mine!

  46. If schools are open tomorrow then everything is okay? Really? Can govt reassure us families still needing help will not be abandoned

  47. Rajesh you may start by revealing whatever you revealed about spg on c4.5 as whatever you supposedly revealed has yet to be revealed and the revelation you continue to reveal without any facts remains unrevealed!!! Hope you can get your head around this!!!

    Secondly you benefitted from the coup, you accepted board position, you were setting yourself to be CEO of Fiji Sports Council until I advised the board not to allow this!! You were bitter and started campaigning against my dad and family!!

    Rajesh we are in Fiji and will remain here as we love our country and stand here to be counted!!! You have and always will be a loser!!! LQ must be kicking himself giving you a blue ribbon seat when FLP dumped you! Note my dad and LQ are forming a formidable position to rescue Fiji socially and financially, we are aware you are begging to be part of this new coalition, we will remain sceptical and cautious of pretenders like you!!

    By the way please clear your debts in Fiji as I have a few people wanting your address!!!

    Rajendra Chaudhary

  48. Naiulukau would have been better off making an appeal to grants waterhouse if it was damaged in flood!!..and of course the golf club in vatuwaqa!!

  49. Nice one Rajendra.

    Rajesh, now you have two sets of questions to answer. Go for it mate, you have the floor. We're awaiting to see how sincere you are, and how accurate your claims.

  50. Great reply Rajen - Rajesh have you cliked those links mentioned above by anon 8.38pm -its shocking - how can this APNA owner be collecting public money with you on his side - people of nz are blind if they trust either of you.
    By the way,arent you another failed benificary of Banis coup - didnt get the job so turned against them.

  51. Concentrate on recovery and building roads and bridges.
    Relocate Nadi town to higher grounds.
    Postpone general elections to 2020!!!!

  52. The picture says it all. the little kid must be thinking "who the fuck is this old man...why is he trying to grab my little hand...what no candy?? Hey dad one old trying to molest me...help help!!!!!! Epeli kua soti chiko na lululu wavoki...me kau mai na kakana ki na evacuation centre sega vakani chiko na tamata ena dismac joint ops centre.dou veivutu.


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