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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The deadly effects of coups be it Fiji or Mali

Sanogo soldiers at impasse with Mali's neighbours

Civilians look for an out
Developments in three countries this morning of interest to Fiji, all of them coup related.

The West African country of Mali is bracing itself for economic sanctions as a result of Captain Amadou Sanogo refusing to relinquish his military hold.

The sanctions have been applied by Mali's neighbours via the West African body, ECOWAS, and is aimed at  suffocating the month old junta. Supplies going into the country of more than 15 million will be affected and Mali's borders are being closed off.

Overnight, panicking Malians holding jerrycans lined up outside gas stations. The nation trucks in its fuel from neighboring Ivory Coast and Senegal, both located on Africa's Atlantic Coast.
Mohamed Nasheed: Maldives
Kenan Evren: Turkey
The country's electricity grid is also expected to falter. April is one of the hottest months of the year in Mali, and the hydro power system is unable to carry the load because of low water levels. Fuel is used in the hot months to run diesel generators.

Funds are also being cut off to Mali's central bank, a measure which apparently succeeded against the former President Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast early last year - rapidly resulting in a near paralysis of the banking and payments system.

Sanogo seized power from Amadou Toumani Toure last month claiming Toure was failing to quell the Tuareg (a powerful tribe in the north) insurgency.

Cross to the Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean and the ousted president Mohamed Nasheed who is trying to return to initiate elections.

In an interview with CNN this morning, Nasheed says it's not necessarily important he return as leader but the Maldives must hold elections immediately to allow a return to democracy. 

Nasheed, the Maldives first democratically elected president, was forced out in February. He told CNN today 'it's easier to get rid of a dictator than it is a dictatorship' but he believes 'people will come back to what is right and what is wrong.'

In Turkey, the two surviving leaders of country's 1980 military coup have gone on trial charged with overthrowing the civilian government.

Gen Kenan Evren, 94, who was president from 1983-89, and Gen Tahsin Sahinkaya, 86, are the first Turkish officers to face trial for staging a coup.


Anonymous said...

Did the regime consider all of the precedent that would be used to convict them? What on earth makes them think producing a decree will see them get off scot free?

Anonymous said...

Lets us with Rabuka and than Speight.FB is 3rd in the line.Pay back for treason is death and not life in prison.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am not one to promote death penalty but we need to consider all options since we are being held prisoners by fear from FB and AG

Anonymous said...

Mr PM the sun is shining but not from your backside like you think. People of Fiji will bounce back from help from our friends in AUST and nz. Not from you corrupt mates in Asia where your personal interest comes first.

Slovak said...

Why compare us to those countries, ours is a bloodless coup..we ain't got killers here..

Anonymous said...

@ Slovak 11:10 am

Bloodless ?

These are the people murdered by the RFMF since December 6th 2006.

Rabaka. A young boy who had barely turned 19. Died from injuries sustained after being tortured at Black Rock Army camp in Nadi by soldiers.

Malasebe. A young man murdered at the Valelevu Police Station by officers under the Command of Commodore Esala Teleni, the 2nd in Command of the RFMF at the time

There's the Tailevu surveyor tortured by RFMF troops at Davuilevu and died following that.

Baleiloa. Beaten on a street in Tamavua by officers under Teleni's command. He died from tha beating.

Buadromo had a miscarriage as a result of being tortured at QEB during the 2006/ 2007 festive season. Soldiers jumped on her lower back and kicked her in her stomach.

You're right, You have no killers there. Killers are soldiers who kill in war against an enemy.

What you have there are murderers and criminals. Thugs and cowards.

Not soldiers, not killers.

Not even close.

Slovak said...

@ Anonymous 11.35am

That's all un-related. How about you go to Mali, and see how safe you are over there..We have no room for ppl like you in this country anymore. We're moving foward..

Anonymous said...

Slovak @ 11:35

Moving forward to where ?

And yes I have been to the Congo and Liberia and Sierra Leone in the mid 90's. As a soldier.

Anonymous said...

Slovak, your disregard of the truth and those people's lives encapsulate all that is wrong with Fiji. You deserve everything that's coming to you.

Anonymous said...

'unrelated'?... i think it is what we call a pattern of behaviour and delusions of unaccountability.

Anonymous said...

@ Slovak.

Stop living a lie. Stop denying the facts. Fiji is not moving forward. She is going bankrupt because of mismanagement by these illegals who have unelected themselves to usurp the God-given free government of the people.

Each time you make a false statement that Fiji is moving forward with the economy improving, God sends us a catastrophe moving us further backward.

A statement I heard on radio a long time ago which still proves today and will prove true tomorrow: "Each time man thinks he is in control, he realizes there is a God."

God will not allow those who abuse his humble and righteous people to escape unpunished.

Go figure!

Slovak said...

ooohwiii, did I just rife up some roosters or what!! Those who dwell in past shall live in the past..Good riddance! God Speed Fiji..

Anonymous said...

Slovak, can you enlighten us on what you were doing in this African countriesmin the 90s.

Anonymous said...

Slovak, can you enlighten us on what you were doing in this African countriesmin the 90s.

Anonymous said...

Slovak is none other than Karl Skiba.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Slovak. You and Bainimarama triumph easily over past evils and future evils -- just too bad about the perpetual present!

Viti Titanica said...

Aye, God speed Fiji!

Never mind that iceburg looming just ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Slovak, you're not rid of us yet!

We're everywhere. We're watching. And we're taking down the names of all collaborators.

Filibuster said...

Also worth taking a look at Burma...country has had democratic elections and Suu Kyi's party has won all but a few of the seats. US now easing up on sanctions. That's the path for Fiji - democratic elections, democratically elected government and thebenefits that come from it

Burma's opposition claimed a historic victory as pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi won her first bid for a seat in parliament, sparking scenes of jubilation among supporters.

The Nobel laureate won an estimated 82 per cent of the vote in a by-election in the constituency of Kawhmu, south of Rangoon, according to the National League of Democracy (NLD).

Thousands of people took to the streets after the vote, singing, dancing and cheering for Ms Suu Kyi and members of the NLD who were elected.

The results have not been officially verified, but it looks clear that Ms Suu Kyi won in a landslide in her seat, and many of her colleagues will also take seats in Burma's lower house.

The ABC observed counting at a small booth in Rangoon where an unofficial result of 402 to 119 in the NLD's favour was announced.

It is believed they may have won as many as 30 out of 44 seats so far.

More than 170 candidates from 17 parties had contested the by-elections.

The number of small parties competing reflects the effects of the recent loosening of military control in the historically repressive country

International observers say the process has appeared generally well run.

The elections came after the country's ruling military junta carried out a series of sudden, dramatic democratic reforms.

It was the first time Ms Suu Kyi wasable to freely contest an election, having been under house arrest in 1990 and 2010.

Anonymous said...

Fiji needs a Suu Kyi to help get rid of this regime.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has a Suu Kyi -- Ro Teimumu Kepa of Rewa. She stood virtually alone against the regime thugs, defending the Methodists' right to congregate and observing Rewa's obligations as host of the conference. When they came to gaol her, where were Fiji's real bati?

Ro Teimumu is a woman of true grace, courage and compassion, an advocate for non-violence and social justice. She must never be left to stand alone again!

Anonymous said...

sent some armies to clean the mess .
kanaloto bastard eating freely and spending tax payers dollars,
fiji armies were to be loyal to the govt of the day but they choice to be loyal to franky.
well fiji will have another coup de coup soon .
ma naliva,qilio,rokura and aziz planning already.