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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fiji 'torn between faith and fear'

An opinion piece by Suliasi Daunitutu, president of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement in Australia 

Fijians at home and abroad are observing with profound interest how the next two years will unfold. After the purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution, FDFM has been the voice of opposition to the illegal regime that we believe is also the voice of the oppressed populace.

Evidence gathered over the past two and half years from expatriates and locals shows clearly that the Military has a firm grip and part in the running of the nation, making it the most politicised institution in the country.

Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga (instead of Sharon Smith Johns, the Permanent Secretary of Information) in a recent public announcement on Fiji Radio, showed that the military is the intimidating figurehead that Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum will use for the complete subjugation of opposition and consequently the acceptance of their enforced rulings.

Now, at the doorsteps of the ostensibly first ever free democratic election, the  signs are not supporting the pair's claims of racial and electoral reforms but more importantly as Bainimarama proclaimed, 'the coup to end all coups.'

The Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi clarified her views not to be intimidating or provoking (as interpreted by Graham Davis) but because of the direct implication on the Fijian people. This, in my view, translates into their racial reform being unrealistic to the indigenous interest.

That, already, is omitting a vital ingredient from their racial reform brew and one of Fiji’s three Confederacies through their paramount chief has found the beverage tasteless.

I have detected some enormous cracks in the foundations that they are laying leading up to the election in 2014, due to lack of consultations or consultation restrcited by boundaries and limiting stakeholders to freely voice their opinions. That will only result in bubbles and holes appearing in Fiji’s future which will verify Bainimarama’s claims of 'coup to end all coups' as a figment of imagination in 2006, which is even more unrealistic now.

In Bainimarama’s response to Ro Teimumu’s letter, he said that “chiefs had responsibilities to their people but when it comes to the national level, the government takes over.” Where is the link that will bring the Fijian’s voice to the government, if the GCC is not there - or how will they show discontent of a particular ruling if there is no link between the Fijians and government? How will they form a similar body that will accurately disseminate the government’s intentions to the Fijians given the fact that whoever is conducting this duty will be seen in the Fijian’s eyes to be talking down to the chief or giving orders to the people and their chiefs?

To make a long story short, the chiefs can tell the people to ignore the government and here lies the “fact” about what Ro Teimumu believed.

Father Kevin Barr, People’s Community Consultant, has published an article in the Fiji Times in which he mentioned the “prophetic role of the Church.” This in definition means “the church must raise its voice in criticism whenever the values of human dignity, justice, freedom and community are at stake".

To read this from a frontline supporter of the regime, is evidence of more cracks and bubbles in the secular state non-negotiable proposed Constitution. Mosese Tikoitoga publicly announced that they have the Methodist Church in their sights. So, is Father Kevin Barr trying to tell Bainimarama that the Church has a spiritual or advisory role to play in his new democratic Fiji?

Is Tikoitoga foreseeing the likelihood of the undeniable involvement of the Church and has held aloft the intimidating figurehead of the military, or is the secular state non-negotiable element another enforced aide-mémoire? Or is Father Kevin Barr just trying to defect and support his Methodist brothers. I myself think he’s had enough of the lies and deceit.

CMAG has voiced their concerns about the restrictions on the media, unions and people in general. So, how will that sit with Bainimarama as the head of the Constitution Commission, Professor Yash Ghai, has the exact same view and demanded that decrees be lifted before consultation starts? 

From what we have witnessed about Bainimarama‘s reaction to demands, the outcome, I am positive will not be the transparency or inclusiveness of the consultation and neither is there a chance of compromise. 

If these important factors of consultations are not observed, there will be more cracks and bubbles appearing in the formulation process and I am confident that the policies made, will not be conducive to good governance. This will result in the Constitution not supporting the downward pressure of discontent, dismissive behaviour or just simple rejection of regulation.

I am certain that we will reach that stage in our history which I know will not be too far away, only because Bainimarama disrespected the rule of law and some have condoned the act .... some even taking advantage of it. I hold the view that the Fijian will tolerate to an extent, but they will also respect their structure as it defines them.

To dismantle it without respect of its purpose and history is the biggest bubble that will weaken the regime’s foundation. Ro Teimumu had a valid point and Graham Davis doesn’t understand the complexities of our culture and the regime yearning for legitimacy to keep it in power and most importantly for Bainimara, because he needs to stay out of jail.

Fiji, a predominant Christian country, is now torn between faith and fear, disorientated by intimidation and forced to believe that disrespecting the rule of law can be right. If the Son of God respected Human Law enough to the point of total submission and death, which God are we Fijians really worshipping?


  1. True.Which God are the RFMF praying to these days?

  2. If these two morons get what they want, the indigenous Fijians will be second class citizens in their OWN COUNTRY. That's their plan, to create divisions amongst the iTaukei, and once that happens, they will have a smooth transition to president and PM respectively.

  3. Are itaukies still babies that they need to hold the hands of the chiefs for guidance.
    The chiefs themselves are mostly uneducated and this is a case of a blind leading the blinds.
    The itaukies are educated and are able to make their own call , not an uneducated body like GCC.

    Accept the fact that GCC is a history- it is a fact and accept it.
    There is no racist remarks therefore blog owner will publish this- lets see.

  4. just shows that this GOV will do everything in their power to steal orther people's idear. cause they don't have any idear at all.. full stop..

  5. Oh, come on, what rubbish. Fiji being torn between faith and fear? Who says? This is pseudo Christian, ethno-nationalist BS and nothing to do with religion or the reality in Fiji. Stick with you day job, Mr Wannabe Daunitutu. If you're trying to beat Davies at his own game by writing an "opinion piece", you've failed. He makes sense. You don't. Invoking the Son of God is a blasphemy. I'm an i'taukei Christian and I find this hijacking of my religious belief for political purposes very offensive. "Render to Caesar", Suli, and keep blessed Our Lord Jesus Christ out of your grubby political campaign.

  6. GCC is gone, and we all are better for it, no one will shed a tear for the greedy lot

  7. FDFM claiming to be the voice of the oppressed populace for some years now is a good start.

    May I ask what they have not being doing right that they who wrongly claim Indians support this coup, then why their protests have not shown I Taukei's is numbers as the 1987 and 2000 coup support from Fiji Indians were seen in the Streets of Auckland?

    Even those times we had Indegenous Fijians only a handful that we could count.

    Was it then the Indian protestors in Auckland the real voice of the I-Taukei during the 1987 and 2000 coups, given they were feeling afraid and oppressed?

    And now saying will sit back and watch the unfolding for the next two years to 2014... so what makes you the voice of the oppressed for next two years as the elections will come then in any case without your involvement.

    More so elections will definately be in late 2012 or early 2012. So will you still claim FDFM has created that victory?

    And are FDFM supporting new constitution development hence supporting abbrogation of constitution?

  8. Vinaka Suli.

    Hit the nail on the head.

  9. Leave God out of it Suli. You think he is on your side? No way.

  10. The endgame is near for the citizen arrest of the junta by people power.

    It is junta which is afriad of the people and cos why they lamu to give permit.

    Just look at methodist church AGM premit?

    If 1000 fijian gather in suva anytime the junta is histroy.

  11. It seems a bit difficult to understand how an inclusive, transparent, and free consultation process could emerge in a climate where all signals say the regime is always right. CMAG's says there is a significant deficit in human rights and freedom of speech, the AG says no there isn't. Instead of seeking dialogue, the regime proclaims with considerable arrogance what it wants people to believe, no discourse, no concession, no compromise. As a result CMAG extends Fiji's suspension from Commonwealth. A large portion of iTaukai believe that the role of their chiefs and their leading body the GCC should be part of the constitutional dialogue. What does the regime do? Abolish it in a preemptive strike. The unions voice grievances which would be considered legitimate almost everywhere in the world. What does the regime do? Arrest and persecute their leaders. The largest christian church are the Methodists. While we can debate if they are overly politicized or reactionary, they should have the right to talk without being hassled by the police. If these recent actions of the regime are the templates for things to come in the constitutional process, I have serious doubts that a transition from a military dictatorship to a democratic society is a probable outcome. And a PM who lamely answers the question what his intentions are with a lame "I don't know" does certainly not instill a lot of confidence in the process either.

  12. 23/4/12
    Remember Suli, we have just celebrated the significance and meaning of Easter when the Son of God rose again from the dead through faith, hope and grace. The message by Ro Temumu Kepa and Father Kevin Barr demonstrate the liberating forces of human values which cannot be snuffed out because the spirit of man will liberate the truth (do what is right, moral ethical) to sustain good over evil.

  13. Suli still waiting for your response about your position on 1987 and 2000 coups.

  14. Praying For Them!April 23, 2012 at 5:53 AM

    Suliasi Daunitutu...please do not question the GOD that Christians in Fiji are worshipping?

    What has been happening reflects the choices and decisions of people now illegally in power and running the country, not the whole Fijian race or all Christians in Fiji.

    They are accountable for their actions to ALMIGHTY GOD and there is a time for everything. Biblically GOD pre-determines everything that happens in our lives whether good or bad...but it is individual choices and decisions how we go about doing these things including what we decide to do, when to go on, when to stop, and so on.

    It seems that this government has decided to go on including unGODly decisions along the way.

  15. Oh please get a life Daunitutu. Your attempt at misleading the people by using the demise of GCC as an abuse of human rights for Fijians is a laugh. Fijians continue to be represented under 2 ministries. The Fijian Affairs' provincial councils and the Regional Development's provincial boards. Sa rauta mada na veivalialiai.

  16. What a stupid article, as a Fijian native i am totally flabbergasted, that the writer feels,like the old Chiefs, that without the GCC Fijians, will not know what to do and will not get the feed-back from the Government?What feed-back? When did Ratu Mara ever return to any Lau islands(Except Tubou) to tell us what has been discussed in the GCC or Parliament?
    And for that matter Ratu George Cakobau,Ratu Penaia Ganilau and any other Chief members of the GCC,Parliament or the Senate? I support the dis-establishment of the current GCC and its memberships,
    as a Fijian, i strongly support the establishment of a modified GCC,we can give it a new name and
    with appointed& Elected membership,we needs to be inclusive of all communities in Fiji.The de-establishment of the GCC does not mean the end of our Chiefly system-I am a Fijian Chief
    and I support the idea of modernizing our Chiefly system.Why not? change is always good!!!

  17. Good point Suli, which God are we worshiping.Are we ready to totally submit ourselves to the point of relieving the dictatorial led govt through protest and riots.Think about it people.Are we just going to be shoved around and dictated our freedom through endless decrees.Traditionally our customs challengers us to have the patience to wait.But dont you think we have waited enough.Sometimes we should learn to be able to say NO and be comfortable with it.

  18. Good point Suli, which God are we worshiping.Are we ready to totally submit ourselves to the point of relieving the dictatorial led govt through protest and riots.Think about it people.Are we just going to be shoved around and dictated our freedom through endless decrees.Traditionally our customs challengers us to have the patience to wait.But dont you think we have waited enough.Sometimes we should learn to be able to say NO and be comfortable with it.

  19. Praying for them, I did NOT question God, I questioned the Fijian people. Jesus, clearly showed his respect for our (human) law He paid his taxes, and he allowed himself to be humiliated through a corrupt system where the prosecutors and judge were in cohesion until the death sentence was passed. Isn't that trying to tell us,if you a a devoted Christian, knowing that in faith you have a better life in heaven than this on earth......remember, always RESPECT THE RULE OF LAW. Fijians are witnessing the outrageous disrespect of law right in front of them for 6 years, yet they go to Church and pray to a God, who had devine power- yet - had the ultimate respect for the rule of law. Maybe that's what Father Kevin Barr was trying to say in my opinion piece ?

    Suliasi Daunitutu

  20. I'm from one of the three confederecies, one of the fourteen provinces, one of the mataqali, one of the yavusa and one of the village in the Fiji Islands. I'm a Fijian and no one can take that away from me...and lets say AMEN......

  21. Suli, its good to know your views on all coups you supported.

  22. Which God were Fijians worshipping in 1987?
    Which God were Fijians worshipping in 2000?
    Which God were Fijians worshipping in 2006?
    Which God are Fijians worshipping in 2012?

    Sa rauta na kelia tiko ma na ka sa sivi..Forgive and forget and have joy in your suffering? for there is something better beyond this life!

  23. Let us not debate about beliefs in God, otherwise a lot of unpleasant and racial comments will pass thru this column. Let us concentrate on the path ahead. Truly, there will not be any election, and there will always be GCC. Whether we like it or not, GCC will be the stabilizing factor in Fiji, because it is the way Fijian society are constituted. So, if we are to be called by one common name, the the first thing other races should do is accept the fact they are in Fiji, and there is a hierachy system in place. That the itaukei are the indeginious of this land, and that respect is the order of their lives.

  24. Hi guys - Lets face it. Its now a battle between fijians and Fijians....thats the reality- It had to happen- yes 1987 was against indians- that time it was a fear that Indians might rule or may become a majority.....but now wats the reality - indians are only 35% of the population- so its very natural that tussle between indian and fijian will go away and now it has to be between fijians and fijians......maybe neva thot but yes its a reality - it may get worse given the reaility that indians are still migrating......another fact that we have to digest is that fijians are getting educated - they dont have to be guided by chiefs.....they will still respect cheifs but a big but they can make decisions on their own now- so gone are those days where a chief will decide how much land rental will a commoner in the village will get or rather the loose changes---- so guys radical changes are happening- all i can say its a fact of life- u have to face the music....

  25. This is Voceke's and Aiyarse's master plan. And that is, create divisions amongst the Fijians. They've started this by abolishing the GCC, something easier said than done. The GCC has always been a part of Fijian society, and there is no way these two goons will succeed. It's a pity that idiots like Fijiana don't see what's going on.

  26. Suli Daunitutu...please come to Fiji as we need you here.

  27. Have pensioners really been paid??? I'm confused by what I read in the papers today. Somebody please update us. Vinaka

  28. Where it is a duty to worship the sun it is pretty sure to be a crime to examine the laws of heat....

    For some purpose God has allowed Frank Bainimarama to inflict himself upon Fiji. Yet what of the obedience to authority that Bainimarama owed to the lawful government of Fiji? And does Bainimarama's power, which comes from guns, constitute authority, which comes from God? When Bainimarama is in the wrong, are Fijians bound to follow him then too?  

    It is no one’s duty to do wrong. We ought to obey God Who desires the right, rather than men. In everything that belongs to God, it is not right to obey Cæsar.

    Render the image of Cæsar, which is on the coin, to Cæsar, and the image of God, which is on man, to God; so as to render to Cæsar indeed money, to God yourself. Otherwise, what will be God's, if all things are Cæsar's?

    s/ Dakuwaqa

  29. Chiefs are only weak because their subjects are weak in terms of the non- peformance of their respective traditional roles in accordance to which mataqali you belong to in a village or vakavanua structure, powerful because their subjects strong support which is a reflection of the performance of the respective mataqali's role towards the chiefly household. Therefore if your criticise the chiefs you are definitely not carrying out your traditional role. Veilecayaki is the Fijian term

  30. Give Suli his due for braving the haters and wreckers. Anyone who thinks they are without baggage are liars.

  31. With real Faith, there should be no fear !

  32. Oiled na via Mai vakamacala Daunitutu. Na cava o as bau rawa tea? O bula tu ena Dole Mai Australia dua na gauna balavu,

  33. Se bula tiko ga of Mark Manning?

  34. Tawa yaga saka na nomuni vosa @ Anonymous April 24, 2012 5:23AM. Na cava na betena ni nomu mai tukuna eke ni a bula tu e na "dole" o Daunitutu?

    Nio se bera ni tauca edua na vosa ni vakalelewa vaqori, mo leuta mada na tolo ni kau levu mai na matamu.

  35. Problem with people like Daunitutu that they think, all iTaukei are united in all that they do and believe in. Sorry, far from it. Most of the time, people can't be bothered with politics for they are too busy looking for money to survive. As for recognising GCC, they blame all leaders plus greedy chiefs for their sorry state of affairs. Me da masu madaga vakaidina.

  36. Problem with Suli is he is just a mouth piece someone else is doing the writing! When you coem to these roles we need peopel with soem degree of a clean slate not a100% but not someone who was part of the coup culture at one time now what?"has seen the light" which one? We need Leaders not pretend Leaders who are someone elses puppet! Suli maybe just maybe we paying for our trying to play God and blame everyone else for Fijis problems but can't see our own roles in whats happening today!Liu muri was and will aways be Fijian way of life-go back and read the Fijian history or ask you senior Family members-theres nothing new under the SUN!


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