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Monday, April 23, 2012

Desperate pensioners told to go home and wait

Last Monday's queue. pic Fiji Times
Distressed pensioners who've been queuing outside the Fiji National Provident Fund in Suva for their money have been shooed off by the chief executive, Aisake Taito.

He's told them to go home and wait to be called.

Aisake Taito
Pensioners have been queuing outside the FNPF building since last Monday when they were supposed to have gotten their money.

The first payment of the new age based system was then supposed to have been made on Friday, then Saturday and then today. 

Taito has blamed internal glitches but there is growing anger at the incompetence of FNPF. There is also talk FNPF has run out of money. The illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, left the country for India last week without a backward look at the FNPF fiasco.

FBC says it arrived at about three o'cock to find another long queue today and not long after Taito showed up, telling staff to get the names and phone numbers of all those waiting for their money.  Pensioners were then told to go home, and wait for FNPF to call.

FBC says Taito was overheard telling pensioners 'it will do them no good to wait around, or waste their money coming to Suva'.

The failure of FNPF to come through with the payments is not a surprise. Media were quiet on the issue today with the Fiji Sun posting the misleading headline 'Pensioners Get Paid'.

With conflicting reports, it's not sure how many pensioners haven't been paid.

Yesterday, Fiji banks got roped into the shameful delay with Taito saying they were meant to process them over the weekend.

The Fiji Times said Taito confirmed that 90 per cent of the payments were deposited with banks yesterday with the remaining payments 'to be made in the weekend.'

The Fiji Times said Taito extended FNPF's 'deepest apologies to all pensioners for the delay caused by process problems encountered over the last few days.'

"We plead with our pensioners for their understanding and at the same time, acknowledge them for their patience. We have deployed and will continue to assign critical resources to ensure that the remaining pensioners are paid over the weekend."  

Taito maintains FNPF had made arrangements with commercial banks to receive and update payments into pensioners' accounts on Friday night and into the weekend.

The Opposition leader Mick Beddoes says the glitch is outrageous and shameful. He says there have been other delays and that FNPF also failed to pay pensioners their normal funds 2 to 3 weeks ago, so most if not all have been counting on the full payout. 

He says pensioners should be paid interest and the FNPF board not be paid at all. 

Reports have been coming in that many pensioners are getting desperate without funds.


Puaka Rea said...

What the f*%k is going on,to Tikoinonasona,Sharon (Stone) this are issues you must concentrate on ,not blubber on bullshit youve been spewing out lately.

Anonymous said...

Aisake 'Glitchi' Taito (AGT) - your friend Saliot is laughing ..

Saliot who??

Find out in your Natacola Files and or ask Vunibobo.. The story will short unfold.. regards.

Anonymous said...

Theres so much univested funds with FNPF..Pensioners will receive their money...CEO has already advised that the IT system experienced some internal problems, so please wait 2nite ...2 morow $$$ will b in ur account..

Anonymous said...

Bloggers, allow me to say a few things i feel vital see clear this issue of delayed payment to our pensioners.

One, this very payment scheme our pensioners are waiting for was Aisake Taito's initiative. A least we owe him a thank you gesture of appreciation. If the payment is a few days late, please bare in mind that you will not die as a consequences of this delay. If it was not for him, you would not be getting this payment as well. It was his endorsement to the board, got it approved and now he is implementing it. Please bare with a bit of patience as we must learn from the former PM Laiseni Qarase, surviving without his rightly deserved pay as a former PM from government, not even an allowance received though he rightly is entitled.

Two, let us be more positive in our out view and perception on things that are happening in our country. Though we may have our different opinions, which we are all entitled to, the last thing to do at this stage is to speak ill of people that are trying to make things work just like Aisake Taito.

Three, in some previous postings, i noticed some ill reference made to the school QVS. With all due respect, i want to make clear that we do owe a lot to this school just as we do owe a lot to all schools it be RKS, Lelean, Marist, Gramma, Indian College etc. as they had been the education agents that had groomed people of our country to be what they are today and what we are as a country.

Four, the late Reaggae Star entertainer and Rasta prophet, Bob Marley, a song goes like " Dont Worry about a thing .....cause everything little thing is gonna be alright"....So lets stay positive, lets keep it together as a nation no matter how different we are in our ways, opinions, race, culture, etc for we are one in the eyes of Almighty Jah.

Better days are coming...lets just love one another....dont worry ...be happy....

Anonymous said...

why should Board not be paid..they re making wise decisions on behalf of fnpf members. Give them some credit..the former board members shld b ashamed of themselves..i.e pre coup and post coup..

Anonymous said...

If FNPF collapses which is very much a likely scenario with the way things are going, the government as gurantor of the fund under the law takes up the liability. But members cannot do anything as the current regime cannot be sued because the new administrative decree provides it with an immunity from being slapped with court action. This could be the reason why this decree was promulgated. Sorry folks your money's gone..

butabutako said...

sorry guys there is no more money in the FNPF kitty

Anonymous said...

they should prioritize those that indicated their options before Feb 29th and have come all the way from the outer islands

Anonymous said...

Compensate all those people who turned up only to be turned back by your idiotic speeches you INCOMPETENT FOOL

Anonymous said...

Compensate them for your idiotic speeches you INCOMPETANT FOOL

Anonymous said...

Voceke's gone to India to seek treatment for his swollen face, and also to ask for a loan to pay out the pensioners. Taito is only following orders by Voceke to continue stalling until he returns.

Now where's the expert Fijiana? He's silent on the issue yet he mentioned that NZ and Australia 'copied' the FNPF setup. Fijianass, in these countries, nothing like this ever happened, the pensioners got paid every time. What a joke FNPF has become. The poor pensioners are still waiting but the fact is, there is no money. Nil. Nada. Zilch.

Anonymous said...

Is that the sound of panic in your voice Aisake Taito!!! Your petty baseless statements to say that everything will be paid out on time and all is under control and obviously it has'nt and you have the gall to say that everything is alright!!!Well we hope so coz your cronney types are so predictable and you should be stripped off your title within the FNPF. Sometimes i wonder who is actually directing this ENTIRE OPERATION hmmm...because you are just making petty speeches you can't even keep !!! Running the FNPF UNTIL YOU'VE SUCKED IT DRY is this what it is you feeble man!!!This has escalated way out of control Taito yeah WAY OUT OF CONTROL ...do you understand yes/no/no/yes!!! You are driving this country exactly where you want it to be ...TO THE PIGS ....sort yourself out you are an insult to all pensioners and answerable to the future generations of Fiji. Think outside the yaqona and see the bigger reality you muppet.

Anonymous said...

Taito is another liar like frank/ag taliban.
Where is the chairman of the board sri lankan crook ajit kodakoda .
FNPF have funded govt.no money left to pay these poor pensioners.
pisa finish.
Tappoos and Natatola/Momi project all overspend on the budget..
time for fijian to fight for the hard earn money.
arrest the regime before they finish all fnpf funds.
god bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

burn fnpf building if they dont pay you pensioners.
vanuawatu people lost their fnpf funds .
rabuka army ruler f nbf funds.
frank will f fnpf.
why you fijian still waiting for god to fight your battle.
god said you fight the battle and i will be among you.
time for action now enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers, allow me to say a few things I feel vital for all to see clear this issue of delayed payment to our pensioners.

One, this very payment scheme our pensioners are waiting for was Aisake Taito's initiative. A least we owe him a thank you gesture of appreciation. If the payment is a few days late, please bear in mind that you will not die as a consequences of this delay. If it was not for him, you would not be getting this payment as well. It was his endorsement to the board, got it approved and now he is implementing it. Please bear with a bit of patience as we must learn from the former PM Laisenia Qarase who is surviving without his rightly deserved pay as a former PM from government, not even an allowance received though he rightly is entitled.

Two, let us be more positive in our out view and perception on things that are happening in our country. Though we may have our different opinions, which we are all entitled to, the last thing to do at this stage is to speak ill of people that are trying to make things work just like Aisake Taito.

Three, in some previous postings, i noticed some ill reference made to the school QVS. With all due respect, i want to make clear that we do owe a lot to this school just as we do owe a lot to all schools it be RKS, Lelean, Marist, Gramma, Indian College etc. as they had been the education agents that had groomed people of our country to be what they are today and what we are as a country.

Four, the late Reaggae Star entertainer and Rasta prophet, Bob Marley, a song goes like " Dont Worry about a thing .....cause everything little thing is gonna be alright"....So let’s stay positive, let’s keep it together as a nation no matter how different we are in our ways, opinions, race, culture, etc for we are one in the eyes of Almighty Jah.

Better days are coming...let’s just love one another....don’t worry ...be happy....for certainly and its just a mater time…for everything is gonna be alright.

Anonymous said...

Thats the kind of promises these people in power now make just like king pin of promise breaker and liar none other than vb. Its okay for taito to send pensioners home empty handed since he is not feeling the same plight as he is milking FNPF dry with his over paid hefty salary. Very quick to reform but very slow when its time to pay up. someone has to take responsibility and quit or be promptly removed.

Fijiana said...

Anon @ 1:07 AM

I am sure you are not serious.Is this suppose to be JOKE of 2012? Why should anyone thank Taito for doing his job or there lack of and being incompetent.

I would think that Taito should be smart enough and be packing his way out of FNPF. Getting his CV or resume ready.

Anonymous said...

"Don't worry about a thing.... cause every little thing is gonna be alright"...

Nice song.
But it Didn't help the captain of the Titanic as it sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect Taito to say C4.5? Do you want him to slam the door shut in the pensioners face? Of course not! He felt for the pensioners waiting and advised them it was better to wait at home rather than queuing at the FNPF. They need the time to get everything right. Of course it is a big exercise of reprogramming pension rates, updating database etc. if you have so much solutions then go to FNPF and offer your services or post them here so they may implement it. Don't be armchair critics and doomsday prophets....do something useful and offers solutions.

Anonymous said...

Taito et al are answerable to the pensioners if they cannot produce the results please pack up and leave!!

Or better still way forward open another superannuation fund company where workers have a choice to place their funds for retirement etc and not to be tapped by this Illegal Government.

Poor pensioners all their $$ from their hard work given to the DOGS!!

This is NOT ON!! FIRE the whole FNPF Board & Senior Management!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, be happy! Don't question, just obey. Don't object, just let them trample over your rights and institutions...

Sounds like it's time for the national anthem to be given new lyrics.

Of course the regime argues that people should just 'stop being negative' and unite behind it. That's the classic approach of everyone who cheats his way into power. And they do it because they count on the naïveté and weariness of people who are sleeping through life or can't be bothered with 'politics'.  The basic problem is not the 'negativity' of the regime's victims (who consist of all of us, truth be told) but the treachery of the regime and the gullibility of those who continue to take its lies at face value, despite all experience.

Don't worry, be happy, for the same people responsible for FNPF payments are also arranging the elections.

What, me worry?

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

sa vakalolomataki o ira na noda qase ena vuku ni lasutaki ena nodra veisaumi e dodonu me yaco vei ira ena tikini siga ka yalataka o RATU TAITO...me ra dau nanumi tiko o ira na noda qase ena vuku ni nodra buno kei na cakacaka era sa cakava oti vei keda nai tabatamata ena gauna qo..ivei mada na tamata kaisi bokala qoka o voreqe..cava lai cakava e idia..o na mate nomu bula sa lekaleka mo kila tiko,nomu uto bateri qori ena maca mai..galu toka na kulina vavaku qori o kaiyum luveni donkey...drau bau tu mo drau vukei ira na qase era vinakata nodra sede me vatotolotaki,drau yavu tamata macawa.....

ni bula..cereka na dina qoi...

Bhaiya Babu said...

To anon @ 9:06

Well Said .. Spot on Jah Rastaman
Also do not forget " Now we see the light.. Stand up for your Right.."

Light-Up and Taki Jah!!

Anonymous said...

liars like the bosses .
fnpf is dam broke.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1.07am & 9.06 am , YOU STUPID SELFISH COW , INCONSIDERATE PIG !!ARE YOU HUMAN WITH A HEART OR AN ANIMAL??? Bottom line Aisake Taito , his Management and Board are incompetent for the job. Most of the pensioners are starving because they depend on their pension as income for their survival. IT IS THEIR MONEY , NOT A LOAN FROM FNPF BUT THEIR HARD EARN CASH ,DURING THEIR CAREER!! Through incompetency of Aisake Taito and his team, this "MESS" has occurred. If it was Aisake Taito's initiative then why didnt he ensure that he delivered on TIME!! He had more than enough time to sort out the funds for the pensioners. Now due to his incompetency , most of these pensioners are unable to put a meal on the table for a day.NO ONE IN FNPF DESERVES CREDIT OR RESPECT , THE VICTIM IN THIS SITUATION IS THE PENSIONERS!! BOTTOM LINE: THE PENSIONERS DONT DESERVE THIS !! HAVE SOME HEART TAITO AND WISDOM!! YOU HEARTLESS HUMAN BEING!!

Anonymous said...

FICTU said:
FnPF management efd up big time. Its time for them to go instead of prolongoing the pensioners misery. Period.

Mafi..USA said...

@Anon 10:02....

The FNPN had 2 months to pdate everything and get the money ready for the people who are entitled to it. You are defending Taito for what. They set a timeline and they should work on that.
If he can't get his workers to meet the timeline then he fails the members of FNPF.
To come up with technical glitches as an excuse in the last minute is a big BS....
He failed and should resign with the board of FNPF...

mark manning said...

I've heard 1st. hand over the past 4 1/2 years, many Fijians speak poorly of Mr.Qarase and his Government, yet there is no evidence to support their negative assertions of him.
I've heard many Fijians speak in support of Frank Bainimarama and his Regime and his act of high treason against the State, while conveniently ignoring his history of Murder, Torture and Theft from the Treasury.
It seems a little hypocritical now, for many of those same people, to be crying foul over what is happening in Fiji.
Perhaps if anything is to be learnt from this mindset, it is that The Rule of Law under the Constitution, is paramount in matters of Government and that Satan works his wonders, in a very cunning and underhanded fashion.
Many Fijians profess to be Christian, yet their support of an illegal Regime would suggest that their interpretation of Christianity, differs from reality. time to take perhaps, a good hard look at yourselves, those who in the beginning, supported this coup.

Anonymous said...

I only wish if NGO's, opposition party, Mick Beddoes, Mahen Chaudhary, Qarase, Ro Temumu Kepa and the then Board members (felix anthony, James Raman, Daniel Urai were vigilant or vocal in their views or decision when SDL govt and the then board was making wrong investment decisions- like acquisiton of holiday inn at excess price, spending $400m on Natodola proeject which not even gives 1% return to its investors- Can they answer to the general public? why didnt they play their part then? Just think abt it the reduction in pension rates would not have arisen if these blunders were not made then? Y cant ppl make held responsible these ppl? how can u continue paying good pension rates when FNPF was making such bad decsions- and these so called board members, NGOS were enjoying the perks that time- why didnt anybody pull the strings

Anonymous said...

What we need now are tones of hope and encouragement. Most bloggers come with their frustrations and negative comments. Its your right but believe me, its not helping at all. They are just making our already bad national state of affairs more worse as readers get negative vibesa from such posts and thus are made to feel hopeless.

Right now is the time to give hope and encouragement. Those of you that know this guy Aisake Taito will approve that he is a very well balanced leader in his approach to deliver results to his subjects, be it employees or FNPF members. A delay in payment is not a thing to hupping about as compared to the delay in all of us getting a government that we choose. We have been waiting for 7 years now and still counting.

My point Ladies and Gentlemen is that we must keep it positive, encourage one another to persevere this difficult times we are going through.

In the lyrics of a Rasta Musician, our very own Rootstrata frontman, Freddy Fesaitu, ..." We are the victims of this political war.." Victims only stregnth is to redeem POSITIVE vibes as in the words of Rasta prophet and Jamaican Reggae Musician, The Late Bob Marley...
" If you get down and you quarrel everyday, You're saying prayers to the devils, I say. Why not help one another on the way?
Make it much easier. ..POSITIVE VIBRATION"

Bloggers, lets keep it positive today...only in this way...we redeem hope for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

As I noted in my last status report, by working diligently we have managed to make considerable progress in overcoming the previous glitches. We have now started to make some annuity payments and hope to get to all others by the end of the month. We deeply regret any inconvenience and remain absolutely committed to getting the rest of the payments out soon after the line minister returns to Fiji and provides final authorisation. Please do not petition for checks before then. We understand your concerns but your complaints only add to the difficulties of our jobs and affects our morale.

We are excited by the progress we are making in preparing for the launch of the PM's new National Provident Scheme. The Scheme will complement the FNPF and relieve some of the pressure on it caused by higher than anticipated outlays, due to the storms, global economic downturn, some unfortunate investment decisions necessitating write-offs, and the mess left over by previous governments. By popular demand, the Scheme will mandate that all working Fijians contribute to a separate superannuation fund under the direct control of the Prime Minister.

New rules will streamline and speed distribution of payments and improve the fairness of the system by reducing redundancies and introducing minimal needs and eligibility tests. Under these simple tests, we will make sure payments go to the proper parties, namely those in real need who are also loyal to the principles of the People's Charter. We do not want to see additional monies going to fat cats and/or to the enemies of Fiji. 

These reforms build on the improvements we have already made toward the fairer distribution of lease proceeds to all members of the mataqali and not just the chiefs. They are another step in modernising Fiji, a natural follow-on to the abolishment of colonial legacies like the GCC. They simply reimpose the just suspension of payments to certain pensioners widely known to be working against Fiji's national unity and progress. As a logical next step, the target class will soon be expanded to include all those who refuse to swear allegiance to the progressive principles of the Charter.

By more narrowly defining the class of eligible pensioners, Fiji will be able to build a more sustainable and flexible superannuation fund for a bright future. It is high time that we value those who value us and stop empowering those who would disempower us by shackling us to the dark past.

Yes, some Fijians will no longer be eligible to receive pensions, but these are individuals who have taken inappropriate political actions or already have higher than average income which will not meet the new means testing. 

As Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Sayed-Khaiyum has noted, one cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. These reforms to the pension system may cause dislocation to some but will benefit many others by helping to resolve problems of illiquidity at the FNPF.  The reforms are long overdue. They will make it possible to move Fiji forward towards the Prime Minister's vision and should help to safeguard FNPF for generations to come.

Tavako ni India said...

Taito is a good man because he is Ratu Mara's son in law .Ratu Mara was a good man too !!!! OK ok I am stoned and not thinking clearly. I probably end up saying Hitler was god's gift to humanity.....geeesh this shits gooood !!

Anonymous said...

Ok Taito and board resigns and what do you get? A longer wait for the pensioners because new team will need more time to know what is happening first and then implement. Who suffers? Not Taito and his board but the poor pensioner. So idiots your solution of Taito resigning with his board is stupid after all...lol

Anonymous said...

Rajesh - why dont your get your facts write before writing rubbish - firstly, Momi /Natandola projects were raped by your boss LAI,secondly,God doesnt promote bloodshed and thirdly,why arent you in FIJI fighting, man up to your lame words or are you another lamu who sends others to do your dirty work(we all know what Francis did )- FNFP was a dead horse long time ago so dont blame the idiots who dont know how to run the country now- its time for fresh leadership and new direction but only through democratic means.

Anonymous said...

Another blunder at FNPF, just get in overseas people please..this just shows we don't have the right people for the job..

Anonymous said...

AT least FNPF still cares abt pensioners..if they had followed another model, e ra vakaloloma sara na pensioners...after 5 years of being a pensioner, their money runs dry and they getting paid from the reserve,,they're so lucky they 're still paid..not sure abt us future generatiions. Qns to ask CEO : 1) did FNPF reform the pension system taking into account the life expectancy of us current workers, 2)will there be $ left in the general reserve to cater for us ? 3) Do you guys really know what u're doing?
4) How can we increase our net pension payments since it is going negative month by month?

au sa rere..

Brother Ted (Tejash) Patel said...

NO MONEY, NO HONEY. the People's monies have been transferred to Baini and Khaiyum's overseas accounts.

Brother Tejash Patel said...

Whatcha taking 'bout, vako ni India? None of Ratu Mara's sons-in-law are good... think Epelki Nailatikau, the drunkard, or Epeli Ganilau, who made the retard Baini head of the Fiji Military and got less than 1 percent of the votes in the last elections.

Brother Ted (TEJASH) Patel, Nadi

Anonymous said...

put olata back

Anonymous said...

There is no money left in the FNPF.

Anonymous said...

My Prediction is this, Mr Taito will be made a scapegoat to make Bainimarama look good in the eyes of the pensioners therefore Aisake Taito will follow the same path which Anthony Felix, Daniel Urai and fellow board members had followed....they were used and when there was a public outcry they got fired..Mr taito will be lucky to be still around.

mark manning said...

Bob Marley a prophet !
Didn't he used to bash his wife ?
And didn't he die from lung cancer from smoking all that marijuana ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:08

FNPF invests and reinvests that capital sum over the lifespan of a worker. Say you start work at 18, it means that the FNPF has 27 years with which to do investments with your money. That is 3 decades, minimum.

That sum is a growing capital sum. It is not a static amount. It is meant to be properly invested an grown.

Therefore it is only fair that you should be allowed to enjoy the full benefit of those funds for an additional 30 years after you retire because you certainly have not been allowed to deduct it from your taxes during your working life.

If the FNPF is properly managed (which it presently isn't) there would be no issue with the sustainability of the fund, or indeed the pensions as is the case now.

The reality however is that of the 3.8 billion asset base of the FNPF, 2 billion is now held by the Government of Fiji in the form of loans at 1.5% to 2% interest. The rest is invested in a variety of other areas within the Fiji economy which are not deriving sufficient returns to enable the Fund to remain viable.

Have a look at the Annual Report for 2011 of the FNPF.

As for your concerns about your FNPF funds, you have no choice. Every worker in Fiji is obliged by law to deduct FNPF contributions.

Anonymous said...

The saga began when Qarase started taking loans internally ie Fiji to make Fijis credit rating look good! He certainly knew he was chewwing into the workers retiremnet fund Funds-it was driven futher by the purchases of the Holiday inn and Natadola as someone mentioned earlier, its now come to this by futher dipping into whats left. Whos to blame when we were all trying to play cowboys and Indians, whilst the Indians were getting chased the cowboys were ripping into the banks! So tell me something knew?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, do not try to fool us. You big liumuri.....You were with Qarase but with your mosquitoe SDL President Big liumuri Rt Kalokalo Loki.....both liumuri the SDL by informering to the military even before the coup.....Rt Kalokalo had military people come down to Tamavua village to build the methodist church ...... as a reward for liumuri informering

When Bai made no notion to reciprocate, you now want to side with us again......liumuri aghepiche...aqepije....big mouth...

Vutuki Thakur said...


Anonymous said...

Taito must stand up and explain in detail what is wrong! Staff must be on the firing line because of this delay and Taito must face the full brunt of the anger of the pensioners through his lack of performance and that of the Board of FNPF.

It is very simple either the whole Board resign or Taito and his management team be fired for this f#@k up!

Anonymous said...

Kuck says.....

what are memnbers waiting for...why don;t we stage a huge nationa wide protest. March the cities and pressure Franks illegal regime.

I bet if Frank dioes not pay soldiers well now or withhold pay they will shoot him and Aiyaz Khaiyum & Naz Shameem & Nur Bano Ali & Aisake Taito.

Cum on FNPF, do something and be honest with us. This is the problem with coups and people like Frank and his cronies fucking around with institutions beyond grasp and knowledge.
Frank you were told NOT to f..ck-around with financial insitutions and experience/proven competent people in the economy. you did the opposite by replacing 5 tier/level people to manage our economy.

all other pacific islanders are now maximising on our well trained and competent experience employees.

we are suffering because you have failed the people of Fiji Frank. can you now pls open youir eyes and stop the bullshit. return to barracks and educate your self in how to respect the Law.

Anonymous said...

Too right anon@1.27pm- Rajesh is talking his grog bowl rubblish again - FNPF was long dead.What is bloodshed going to solve? We should follow NZ example of Bridgecop directors - send them to jail for poor management of investors money,do the same with FNPF and start from 25 years of mismanagement.As for Rajesh, please stop with your useless garbage - stick to selling lollies in Mt Roskill and when you grow some nuts, go back to Fiji and fight these goons like Mahen and Beddoes - no fear leaders.

Anonymous said...

Frank will win the 2014 election. He will be Fiji's next elected PM. His party will form the next govt.

He is very well advised by his strategists and this includes how easy it is to win the election even if none voted for him. The outcome can still come his way. It is called vote rigging by some but in the 2014 election, it will be a simple case of data manipulation.

He will only need to ensure he controls the people who will man the electronic voting system. VIOLA. DONE. He will get the result he wants.

So lets see the real situation and so if we can not fight him,why dont we just join him. Think!!

Aisake Taito may well be a good Finance Minister. He is going through som every good training and adjustments and exposure. The leadershio we need is not in Qarase who allows people to play around. We need a PM like Bainimarama, for he get work done and those working for him are not given the liberty to play around.

LETS LOOK FORWARD TO OUR NEW ELECTED GOVT. Basically this current regime made ligitimate by 2014 national general election.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 24 Apr 1;07am:
It is obvious you are not a pensioner [yet] like us. Thank Taito for what?? For the misery, for the hardship, for the hunger, for the FEA disconnection??
Few days late my foot- IT IS A FEW WEEKS LATE YOU IDIOT!!
Referring to QVS you seem to be dis-orientated. You talked about 'grooming" that is EXACTLY why the reference. So where are coming from?
Must be from Maris like Frank - cannot make head or tail of things!!
You want to be SO studious referring to Bob Marley. How can we not worry?? We are starving you imbecile. The cheek and arrogance of you!!
My wife is sick and I can't take her to hospital.
We are all dispensable, all the bloggers, me, Taito and Nagataleka.

Anonymous said...

At april 24 12.49 pm...
I believe we shouldnt blame the current board ceo and ex mgt team for this. The qn we shld be asking ourselves is "what was the pre coup board doing back in those days? Were they too busy making investment decisions without realising that the sustainability of the fund was at stake? Did they take the necessary steps to review and implement imf and world bank reports on fnpf sustainability..? Reserve Bank of Fiji shld also be blamed for not taking necessary action on this.We all knew that FNPF was not going to sustain itself by 2050 but implementing the annuity review and reforms were too slow until after the 2006 coup..Therefore i would like current board and managemnet team for fast reforms in ensuring that the Fnpf will remain sustainable and be the main source of economic growth in our beloved nation .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OH OH OH Mr Taito congratulations i wish we had more people like you....SELLING FIJI TO A BUNCH OF NIGHTCRAWLERS!!! The platform dear Taito you standing on looks quite fragile at the moment to support your ambition don't you think!!! you semmed to be a gentlemen who is easily ruffled to say the least!! maybe you should consider your incompetency as an EARLY RETIREMENT for you mr hmm!!hardly any indication anywhere that PENSIONERS STILL WANT TO BEAR TO BE APART OF YOU hmm You allowed lizard like individuals to BREED in your accounts 'well' guess what you MORON ...YOU JUST BROUGHT THIS COUNTRY DOWN ...ohh i forgot sleep well u need it for the rest of your LIFE

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There is no more money in FNPF because the people running it now are no longer running it as a business.

The FNPF is actually run by Frank.

Taito is just a yes-man who will fail.

Frank has no idea how to make money or how to save money.
Frank has been in-control of the Army from before 2006 and it has never kept to its budget.
So what makes people think he has the ability to save FNPF.
Vakanuinui ki na bilo cicila.

FNPF will go bankrupt and Frank will sell off the assets ( buildings) to the Chinese inorder to pay the loans.
End-result is Fijians will be thoroughly fleeced of all their belongings.

You have lost the GCC
You will loose FNPF
The next thing you Fijians will lose control of is YOUR LAND.


We need to take back control NOW!(not 2014)or else we shall lose our country forever.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

ok ...sa da kauta kece ga a noda silini...vakarerevaki a maroroi sede i na bilo cicila..da ka lulutu yarayara ga sega bau a weta....oilei ko Fisi..

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FNPF has more than enough funds to pay out all pensioners. they cant invest offshore and cannot invest into private equity ..so all the funds are tied up there at the banks..ANZ and WBC kua na lasu..levu na malafi nei fnpf tu qori..actually FNPF runs all the banks and controls the money supply in Fiji..

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isa i wish u well FNPF.

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sa sega dina ma mala..juraga..au sa kurabui ka galeu..ka qoroqoro ga..gosh this is sooo sad..isa ma parents have missed out on this months payment coz they registered late..this is so unfair!they didnt know as they were away overseas..this is defnitely not a good sign FNPF. someones not doing his job . u bunch of incompetent staff and managers

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We need to ask the current Board; How much have they lent to Air Pacific and others including the Regime since being appointed ; then we go back to see the previous Boards dealings and the one before that which lent to Momi and Natadola projects;projects which have been disaster bringing FNPF to its knees; Every single member of these Boards and Fnpf management who authorised these deals should be taken to task and prosecuted for mismanagement of Members Funds.What expertise did Ajit Kodkoda bring to PNPF ; he is only a salesman of C J Patels warehouse distribution; its a shame people of the calibre are appointed to such important positions as guardians of public money;God save FNPF and Treasury and people of Fiji from these thugs. Clean up the mess now or we are doomed altogether...

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Because Frank is away in India while we, who have worked hard for most of our lives to serve the people and the country, are not getting our life's savings in order to have some food on our tables, roof over our heads and some clothes on us, we have decided that Frank will lose our votes in the upcoming election, if it happens at all.

Indiana said...

FNPF does not have any funds, it's broke people. The funds have been used by Voceke to service loans from the Chinese. Taito was only trying to stall and all the glitches and what not are simply excuses to appease the pensioners. How long does it take to fix these glitches?

Voceke's lap dog Fijiana, what's your take on this?

The Late Bob Marley said...

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!  
Get up, stand up: don't give up the fight! 

Most people think, 
Great God will come from the skies, 
Take away everything 
And make everybody feel high. 
But if you know what life is worth, 
You will look for yours on earth: 
And now you see the light, 
You stand up for your rights. jah!  

We sick an' tired of-a your ism-schism game - 
Dyin' 'n' goin' to heaven in-a Jesus' name, lord. 
We know when we understand: 
Almighty god is a living man. 
You can fool some people sometimes, 
But you can't fool all the people all the time. 
So now we see the light (what you gonna do?), 
We gonna stand up for our rights! (yeah, yeah, yeah! ) 

So you better: 
Get up, stand up! 
Stand up for your rights! 
Get up, stand up! 
Don't give up the fight!

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Funny how every time this regime shows its inadequacies, its supporters rush to lay the blame on previous administrations. You clowns have been in office for seven years now. That excuse will no longer wash.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:34

FNPF's Financial accounts for 2011 does not show any monies owed to it by any of the Banks. Have a look at the Annual Report for 2011.

The money is invested in ATH, in the Tourism sector and in loans to the Fiji Government.

Sa sega dina saraga na i lavo ni FNPF, koya sa leqa kina na kena saumi na i lavo ni peniseni.

Eratou sa waraka tiko na deductions no FNPF e na vula qo, ka ratou sa vakaqara finance tiko me bridging finance, me rawa kina ni saumi na nodra i lavo na pensiseni.

Anonymous said...

Latest rumours more Marist OB's for big posts...already Voceke, Kaiyum, Aziz, Osama..

Anonymous said...

UNICEF report says nearly half of people in Vanua Levu now living in poverty.
Welcome to coup-coup land.
Comissioner Nothern Moceica says "Its only numbers. Nothing to worry about".
Just shows the stupidity of the people running this country.

Fijiana said...

FNPF needs to rethink the two hundred million dollar loan to Air Pathetic, I mean Pacific. This is just as bad a loan/ investment as Momi Bay. The members need to start a drive to protest this loan. We need to start a petition drive and let the government of the day know our sentiments. Become more vocal in the decision making process. The members should be adamant that the CEO, the Board Members, and the whole bang lot should be terminated immediately.
Look people this is your hard earned money. This is the money you earned by your blood, sweat and tears. This is your retirement. It does not matter if it is this board or previous board that screwed us over. The fact remains that we got shafted by someone. We need to take control and straighten this predicament out.

Dr. Narsey had predicted this situation long time ago. We just sat and did nothing. It is time for corrective action to be taken by us members. No more of this” Vaka Malua Fever”.

Anonymous said...

All FNPF money have been used by Voceqe Bainivore for development wor,building bridges,making roads,electricity for villages so they can vote for him in the coming election.SA KUA MADA NA VEIVAKAISINI TIKO BOCI.TU GA NA BAINIVORE TU O IKO VOCEKE KUBUTI MOCEKE TIKOITOGA

Anonymous said...

Poverty has worsened in the last 6 years, but Voceke does not want to address this. He's more worried about clinging to power, he's power hungry, and sadly he doesn't even care about the people. That's the reality.

Anonymous said...

Look people i'm with whoever had said above that there is no money left in the bank for these poor pensioners? Voreqe knew that people
are going to come straight to his office about their pension, so he skipped the country and got Taito to stalled, while he tried out his con job, on the indian Government? What a stupid man, voreqe you've live,eat,sleep,play,go to school,with the lowest cast(Untouchable)that India had disposed-off, in the 19th century and live with them for over 160 years,but you've never learned anything? Now you think you can manipulate the manipulator? Good luck Voreqe?Sorry to have to burst your bubble and to tell you this, but you'll return to Fiji without any money. You'll have to face up to your stupidity and again have to lie to 11000 Fijians as to what you've done to their funds?Maybe you can take the money off Khaiyums' bank account?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:03

The answer is in your hands. Find ways to evade your taxes.

Get more involved in cash dealings so that it does not need to be deposited in the bank.

FIRCA can only tax what it can see.

Govt doesn't give a damn about the people, why should the people give a damn about it ?

Evade your taxes, but be smart in how you go about doing it.

Anonymous said...

Music, Rastaman, ragae and all the Bullshit lyrics, of any song, are no good. Just give us the money!!! End of story. To hell with your music, and the singer. The only music I would like to hear is, " Here's the money."

Anonymous said...

If you are evading taxes don't flash your cash around. Hide it.

Watch your assets purchases. If you do not need a new car, then do not purchase a new car. Otherwise you risk being identified as a tax evader if the value of your assets accretion exceeds what you are showing in your income.

If you want a new car, then get a loan and buy it at a level which matches with your declared income.

Work within your declared income in doing asset purchases. Hide your black cash for other non traceable things such as spending on DVD's and going to the doctor and buying new CD's and new stereo and new canvas and food that sort of things Small spending stuff which are not identifiable as big item purchases and hence are not traceable. Things upto $5000 are non traceable when you do it in cash. You can still enjoy your quality of life, with the exception that there are no major asset purchases which you cannot justify with your declared income

Be smart about it.

The Government does not give a damn about you, then why should you give a damn about it ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:52pm whilst we laying all the blame on locals hasn't anyone noticed the fees they were paying Consultants at the Provident Fund was almost in the $1000's per day.Where do you think they came from? Good old Australia! As if we had not enough rip offs by Aussies from the days of been a Colony its still happening now yet they count the pennies they give to the Pacific Islands after they bleed the countries dry from digging up minerals,chopping down trees! Its still going on in Papua & New Guinea, no diffrent from what the French are still doing in New Caledonia! Colonialism still exits in the Pacific we just too blinded by the hand outs from Aus Aid to notice! Its what made Qarase's "accounting Books" also look good . Yaco mai nai lavo ni aid qai divert to personal projects!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Voceke will return from India with 1 000 000 rupees. Yes you heard me, 1million rupees.

Anonymous said...

Anon1.48. Ask yourself who hired these consultants. You're in no position to question Aid from overseas as without these, Fiji will continue sliding down the slippery slope.

I'm sure you witnessed the fiasco during the recent floods. Voceke had no money to help out, and donor countries donated, without being asked by the way, via NGOs. In a way this is aid isn't it? In the meantime, your dear leader is overseas looking for money, as there's hardly any around. Why did the pensioners have to wait weeks for their payment? I'm sure you have an answer to that.

Anonymous said...

ae qai sega tale nai lavo ni FNPF sa dua nai tukutuku ca..au vakabauta ni se levu tiko nai lavo e VT..ni masu tiko vakalevu..me savasava na yalo ka me tu dodonu talega ...na qai savasava nai lakolako.

Anonymous said...

@1.48pm, better loosing $1000 a day then loose $650 million..not 4getting the Natadola Momi projects so forth and on... At least they know what they doing..

Anonymous said...

maybe the indians will give voreqe $2million like they gave mahen. then he can come back and pay the pensioners.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:01pm $1000 a day was just the starting point not for just 1 consultant it was for a whole team incluing the other expenses which ran into years! The payments didn't end when they left Fiji no it continued but now its in overseas dollars! As for Aid 80% of the Aid from AusAid goes back into Aussie pockets! The figures or amounts quoted is never the amount taht Fiji receives! Its a totally different setup with the European or Indian Aid thats the difference!

Anonymous said...

When you critical of people talking about Aid compare what Fiji got in the floods from Aussie as to a what Burma gets and we are far far better than Burma with reagrds to human rights etc! So why the double standards!Not defending the Regime but not blinded by the double standards also when it comes to attaching democracy to the equation! Aid yes but not give with one hand and take 80% with the other hand! They good at it because its all done to the Indigenous people of Australia reason why they still living in crap!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote from VB. "The hostile or indifferent reaction of most ordinary Fijians has apparently infuriated the military regime. On 08 September 2008, Bainimarama railed against those criticising the Charter and threatened that elections would be cancelled and the military would rule for a further 20 years unless it was approved.

The Central Intelligence Agency says that out of 172 countries, Fiji is ranked 76th in terms of its defence spending and GDP.

Therefore in comparison with its GDP, Fiji's military budget is bigger than 96 countries including New Zealand, Italy, Thailand, Germany and Canada.

Can Frank confirm that he still stands by his statement in 2007 that no persons, including him, serving, or have served in his cabinet military regime will run in the much touted Fiji’s 2014 general election?