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Friday, April 20, 2012

FNPF pensioners still not paid

Fiji National Provident Fund still hasn't paid pensioners - two days after CEO Aisake Taito confirmed the first payment under the new age-based pension scheme had been delayed because of technical glitches.

Taito blamed the glitches on internal and external processes but said pensioners would get their money by Friday.

The Fiji Times revealed two days ago it had been inundated with calls and complaints from disgruntled pensioners in the west, Nausori and Suva who hadn't been paid on Monday as promised by FNPF. 

It quoted Taito as saying: "We're working round-the-clock to sort out these glitches and are processing payments on 24-hour shifts to ensure that all payments are paid out by Friday."

Friday has rolled around and payments have still not been made according to information sent in to us. Neither has there been any further explanation or apology from Taito, who two days ago pleaded with members to bear with them saying the processing was an onerous exercise and "we are pooling all resources to sort this out".

Taito also said at the time FNPF would ensure the money is /transferred accurately and efficiently to each of the 11,000 members.'

"I would like to sincerely apologise to pensioners for this unforeseen delay and would like to assure them that payments would be completed before the end of the week," he told Fiji Times.

All pensioners who validated and chose an option before February 29 this year were to have received their payments on April 16.

Fiji Village yesterday had a bash at getting more information from FNPF promising to update people but has yet to.

The Fiji Village story verified though that 9,600 of the 11,000 FNPF have validated or agreed to the new payment format and should've all been paid on Monday.

There are conflicting reports about payments being made today (Saturday) and Monday. Some say payments still haven't been made while others like Fiji Live say some are on the way and the rest will follow Monday.


Mick Beddoes calls for FNPF board not to be paid


Anonymous said...

I guess his contract won't be renewed after this debuckle..

Anonymous said...

Both Taito and Nagataleka should be taken to task and sacked immediately!!
They are not on the receiving end so they really do not care about the pensioners who rely on their pensions to survive daily. And what about those who have been affected by the floods?!!
It is very evident that the arrogance and the high-handed attitude of the Illegal Regime has rubbed off on these two dictators and liars!!
Come on Voreqe, we who are now in our twilight years should be enjoying what is left of our lives. But, NO we are crying, starving, begging, disgruntled,broke etc etc.
We expect you to garb the proverbial bull by the horns and immediately sack these two.
But then again, like these two, you too are getting your normal pay so the reality of the matter is that you all do not care nor do you give two hoots about our plight!!

Anonymous said...

No explanation is good enough for the first payment not being made. They have had months to prepare and spent big organising the new options and then muck it up. Huge sympathy for the pensioners.

Anonymous said...

No money to make payment. FNPF does not have 100 million cash sitting in its bank account.

They've given all their money in "loans" to the Fiji Government, to the FSC, to Momi and Natadola, to Air Pacific etc etc

Economy not growing. No new jobs. No wage rises. 14% deductions have trickled down to a fizzle relative to FNPF's outgoings.

No sustainable interest income. RBF directed all the monies invested offshore to be brought back to Fiji where there is no comparable rate of interest.

New retirees signing out of FNPF every month and they want lump sum too.

Members migrating every month and they want their money repatriated likewise. Lump sum.

FNPF books have been done on creative accounting since 2007.

FNPF is sinking.

Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

As a QVS old boy like both Taito and
Nagataleka, I am just dumb-founded at their actions and uncaring attitude towards the poor pensioners!! VULINITU as QVS is affectionately and proudly referred to by us OBs is short for KORO-NI-VULI-NI-TURAGA. Yet their action falls far short of their QVS bringing.
Like them, I am fortunate that I am still in the workforce and getting my normal fortnightly pay. I would hate to be in the pensioners' shoes. To the pensioners, I feel for you all, I can imagine how you feel, I grieve with you, I cry with you, I share your hurt and pray that the Almighty will comfort you all at this very difficult time.
I just hope and pray that I do not experience what you are all going through.
It is my prayer that Taito and Nagataleka will, later in life, experience what you all are going through!!
Have faith in the Lord and Provider of all good things, pensioners!!

Anonymous said...

To Taito and Nagataleka: Do not tell us the problem tell us the SOLUTION by paying us ASAP you liars!!
Your press releases Nagataleka sounds very much like your former boss at FEA [Husmukh Patel]. You both sound like an old AND scratched player!!
With all the modern technology that we have, do really both believe that we accept your lame excuses?? Because we certainly DO NOT!!

Anonymous said...

To Nagataleka: I worship at the same SDA church with you. Tomorrow is our SABBATH. If you come to worship tomorrow, then please redeem yourself and ask the THE Provider for His mercy on you for the hurt and anger you have INFLICTED on the poor pensioners.

Anonymous said...

what else you expect from the i'taukei leadership at fnpf. they got the job through old boy system like half of government. group of loosers.

Anonymous said...

To those Christians who think that by joining the civil service or govt linked statutory bodies at a time like this, you are carrying the Fijian Christian tradition of serving your fellow men, you must be dreaming. You will just end up telling lies as this is the hallmark of this regime. 'Better to remove your hand than to rot in hell', as the scriptures have clearly warned us.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when we allow coups to happen and we do nothing.

You cannot allow evil to persist and expect good to come out of it.

Sometimes I wonder about the Christians who are in Bainimarama's cabinet . How do they rationalise with their position?

I guess one good thing is that the stupid soldiers will now also have no FNPF.
So much for supporting evil and corruption.

"You always reap what you sow"

-Valataka na Dina.

mark manning said...

The Soldiers need the money to keep supporting the illegal Regime !
Robbing Peter to pay Paul !
Does that make Frank a modern day Robin Hood ?
Or just a common thief !

Anonymous said...

And where is all the money all gone to fat cats, hard earned money rightfully owed back, you thieving, greedy pigs

Anonymous said...

Please bear with us. All FNPF pensioners will receive their annuities eventually.

We've experienced some unforeseen glitches in our internal and external processes. I would explain the glitches further except they are too technical for most people to understand. Suffice to say that we are working 24 hours round-the-clock to complete all payments. Being inundated with calls and complaints is only making matters more difficult for us.

Prime Minister and Finance Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama is personally involved and active in helping us sort through these issues. In the meanwhile, in an effort to help speed payments to pensioners until the present glitches are resolved, he will soon announce a new PM's National Provident Scheme to which Fijians will be invited to contribute generously. This is the time for us to pool our resources, not to exploit other people's personal misfortunes for political gain.

It is an onerous and difficult task, but these glitches will soon be ironed out. The Roadmap is still on track.

Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me what was wrong with continuing with the old system?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Isa, I really pity the poor pensioners who have not received their dues!
While Taito and Nagataleka sit down to their Sunday lunch of vakalolo fish, roast chicken/pork, dalo etc etc, some pensioners will be lucky to have bread and tea.
The one consolation that I have is that both my retired parents are at PEACE with our Lord, who is the provider of all good things. REST IN PEACE MUM AND DAD.

Anonymous said...

FNPF is going to have to start selling what assets they have to come up with the cash money.

Anonymous said...

While it is a great concern that pensioners have not been paid as promised on the due date, I believe it is a wake up call!! We have LIARS ruling our nation - no integrity whatsoever. Even the good in their given high positions will eventually have to LIE to the people regarding the true economic situation this country is facing.

Inflation is high - its shocking what you can get out of a $50 bill at any supermarket Worser still at a Pharmacy or Dentist these days Its the poor in the end that suffers. Pensioners rely on their payments in order to survive. We can imagine how worrying and painful it is to be turned away.

This is another wake-up call - there's no one to be trusted in government. One lie covers up for the next and that's the reality.

FIJI is sinking!

Anonymous said...

While it is a great concern that pensioners have not been paid as promised on the due date, I believe it is a wake up call!! We have LIARS ruling our nation - no integrity whatsoever. Even the good in their given high positions will eventually have to LIE to the people regarding the true economic situation this country is facing.

Inflation is high - its shocking what you can get out of a $50 bill at any supermarket Worser still at a Pharmacy or Dentist these days Its the poor in the end that suffers. Pensioners rely on their payments in order to survive. We can imagine how worrying and painful it is to be turned away.

This is another wake-up call - there's no one to be trusted in government. One lie covers up for the next and that's the reality.

FIJI is sinking!

Anonymous said...

No more paisa. Sa sega na lavo - All the money has been used to pay the Mataivalu ni Solisona, Civil Servants Pay and debts of this illegal regime.

Do not complain people of Fiji as this happens when you blindly support the Military Junta that has driven Fiji 50 years backwards without standing up for your freedom and rights.

Next the civil servants will not get paid but by hook or by crook the kaisibokola MSS will be paid.

And dumb arse Aiarse thinks that investors will buy Fiji bonds when all their investments can be nullified by a decree like the Airport Decree.

Mark my word Tapoo's will get all the space at Nadi airport as they have already paid Aiarse & Voreqe in their overseas accounts. Motibhai will get nothing.

Anonymous said...

fnpf no money now.
govt used all funds.
where is keni/momi guys .gary of momi been jailed in nz.
why keni not been jailed .
who have robbed fnpf funds .
poor fnpf members suffer .
when army enjoys the funds.
frank/ag watch your back bastards we will get you soon like what happen to gadaffi.

Anonymous said...

How many people work at FICAC? I'm asking as they donated $10K (days wages) towards Fiji flood. If this multiplied into yearly figure that's $2.6mil. Wonder firstly if this true figure. Secondly what fraud or crime money has this department recovered. I'm sure if you add other operating costs then it will be higher then $2.6mil.

Anonymous said...

Some heads must roll in a situation like this. Government system cannot be seen to be inefficient as this. Worse than a village cooperative.

Anonymous said...

A reasonable question to ask is:
Has banana and taliban been paid?Have the corrupt police and useless soldiers still been paid?
Find the statistics of the businesses and shops that have closed. How many people have lost their jobs over the last 5 years?
- this information would make a very sobering story.(C4.5 go dig)
Don't kid yourself about tourism. Even that will eventually fade away.
. . . Fiji is slowly being screwed into total poverty and bankrupt.
Who will take over the country when the bottom is declared?
You all better hope and pray that it won't be the Chinese.
If drastic action isn't taken ... kiss goodbye to your country, is it too late already?
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Really? where's the money?Show me the money? Who stole our Money? Comeon guys have you forgotten already about the two crooks from the FTUC-Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai who saw their chance right after the coup in 2006, went and convienced the PM that they're the best two for the top job in FNPF.Folks didn't take them long to fleeced our Pension fund?Can you believe it? The two macafaka who promised their Union memberships to protect their membership dues,pension funds etc,were the very same macafaka, that stole our money!!!I said leave them to Khaiyum AG he know what to do to these crooks???

Anonymous said...

No more money. Eaten by some two-legged cockroaches that were discovered after after December 2006.

Anonymous said...

Look not much we can do-cause there
is no money! The Government has no dough,they've been raiding from all the Government corporations to funds all their civil servants,run the offices,police and military members?They can't meet their loan payments and loan interests? Why are we're having an election in 2014? So after the election, we're
going to look legit and a Government of the people,by the people,for the people would have been in operation? The funds from all the western allies will float in and problem solved? Why do you think the Army wants an election for?

Anonymous said...

Zack says...

Fiji this is the problem when we encourage coups. And we end up with appointees of lightweights running our biggest super fund.

What internal glitches....tell the truth Taito ( lasa i tuba falla )

Each time we cross each others path in Suva, I wish we were in normal times. I would bloody thump you. You have caused us pensioners so much pain.

We pensioners don't deserve this..what was wrong with pre coup administrators. Why can't we blame Frank for the coup - as a results this is where we at. No investors, negative growth, high unemployment, etc etc. These are engines for growth for the FNPF to survive and be sustainable.

Taito you keep blaming the past management because you wanted their jobs....look at where we are right now. The past management has taken FNPF to $3 billion mark, your current administrators and board including Frank's illegal regime isdoing the opposite.

We pensioners have worked so hard to put our savings for our retirment - your govt has initiate what is going to be huge social disaster for Fiji. More people on the street.

Anonymous said...

No money in bank account to payout. Waiting on receipt into account first so this story just delay tactic.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad.I feel for the people who would even have one meal a day.God will hear their cries,watch your back Bainimarama.You shall answer for all your misdeeds.Justice shall prevail.

Anonymous said...

comon guys - atleast Taito was bold enuf to say sorry - did any previous govt employee ever said sorry - no way....give them time...atleast they saved all the mass by previous govt bad decisions by FNPF by likes of Qarase, felix anthony etc.....i mean u cant hide the fact what APRIL company was doing and SDL govt was in power that time......$400m was spent on Natodola project-- can SDL and the board of that time FNPF (ie Daniel urai and Felix Anthny ) tell the ppl of fiji why there was so much overspent? who made the cut - Can felix disclose that all the contract given during his time were made in the best interest and he had declared conflict of interest- i mean he has not given any job to his buddies and his family (his brother martin)

Anonymous said...

James 5:4 Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against you, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.

Anonymous said...

No amount of lame excuses, outright lies, inhumane treatment and blatant disregard for the poor pensioners will exonerate both Taito and Nagataleka either in this life or later!!!!!!!
Sa rauta mada na lasutaki ira tiko na pensioners!!
If you two cannot deliver then do the honourable thing and GET OUT!!
How can we the younger generation trust the two of two if this is the way you two lead the FNPF? I just hate to imagine the MESS you two will leave behind as your legacy!

Anonymous said...

Let us remove evil from our midst.Let all churches pray for the downfall of this govt and bring them to justice.

Anonymous said...

Taito, Taito, enough is bloody ENOUGH.
Do not tell us your problem!! We demand our money. We have far BIGGER problems - we have had to literally BEG our neighbors, families and friends for financial and support to EAT!! Period!!

Anonymous said...

They will probably look for a short term facility with one of the commercial banks to cover the Penioners payment shortfall.

They are juggling on the workers FNPF deductions receipts which are supposed to be received every two weeks by them. They will use the bank finance to pay off the pensioners and then they will pay the bank off at the end of the month via that inflow of fresh deductions for the second week of April 2012.

FNPF is in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

If he really cares for the pensioners, then, on their behalf, I call on Voreqe as the line Minister responsible for the FNPF to call a press conference IMMEDIATELY and tell us all what is happening, what he intends to do and how he will address the issue. Day in day out he is in the press opening this, saying this, partying here, partying there,
doing this, doing that etc etc
Hang there you pensioners!!
This is where his true colours will kick in!!
Naliva ; Tell your boss that we a man-made DISASTER HERE!! Can those pensioners affected also go to their respective DISMAC centers for help. After all it is a DISASTER!!

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS..Recipients of destitute allowances dished out by the Ministry of Social Welfare who have reached 70 are shocked to find that the payment of this allowance to them have been discontinued. They have been told to apply for a newly introduced scheme which they have not heard of and they are completely lost as to what the hell is happening. Something is terribly wrong in the State of Denmark so to speak.

Anonymous said...

It seems apparent the country is being inflicted with a curse which is why we are going through so much hardship in the form of natural disasters and now with signs of economic disaster. Our national finances are likely to be in shambles with the recfent FNPF revelations. We need to answer some very tough questions and get this this mess sorted out. I believe it all points to the issue of leadership. What kind of person do we have leading us? We must accept the fact we have leading us is one who has blood on his hands. There are incriminarting evidence that he was the one that ordered the brutal killings of the CRW soldiers. A person as such cannot and must not be allowed to sit at the helm of national leadership. He should remove himself from the position or be removed if he refuses for an entire country is suffering because of one man. He has to answer for his crimes. If George Speight can be made to account for his treasonous act, a paramount chiefs as Qaranivalu and the Tui Cakau be jailed for crimes they committed as well as Ratu Jope Seniloli, why is Bainimarama being spared? Are we a country operating on two sets of rules?
As a relative of a CRW killed in 2000, I and my family still cannot come to grips with what had happened especially when he was not involved in the attempted mutiny at QEB. He was not even near QEB at the time. We will not go to rest until justice is served on the person who initiated the killings. We really need to take a deep look at the situation we have come to at this stage and action needs to be taken to straighten things out and remove the curse that currently engulfs the nation.

Sharon Suaniu said...


Anonymous said...

People from Fiji First Santa, Anit and Nick stop making fool of yourselves. Staying in new Zealand and trying to send all bullshit ideas and submissions is a laughable.

None of you have any creditability and are political novice. Just because Anit is married to one of the Shammem sisters does not mean anything. Better spend your time else where and stop living in dream world

Sharon Suaniu said...


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely NO MONEY to pay the pensioners. The money has been used to service the loans from the Chinese. This is only a smokescreen to cover up what we already know...there's no money in the FNPF.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:45, you can't blame SDL anymore they haven't been in power for over 5 years.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This situation is a true reflection of I'Taukei leadership. Nothing more. Look at the government of Fiji basically 90% I'Taukei's re running the shods like with big big words like capacity building blah blah blah but infact all they doing is building the capacity of their stomach. It is sad to see the old suffering but I think these could have been the same people who benefited from the 1987 coup. Dau lotu lasulasu tiko vakaukaua na gauna yaco mai dua na vacalaka sagai tiko ortau na kaidia me tusi taki. Kenda na i'taukei e sini rawa ni cakava dua na kaca io me raica manda vavinaka na wiliwili ni kawa taukei ira lusi gauna tiko na prisons. Have a good look at our way of life in blaming others for our faults. fnpf got was finished in 1987 when it landed money to government on government garranty its like if i dont pay i will pay. its still time you guys can come to nz or australia for a decent living and let the army kill each other for a sagamoli, which will happen in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21 2012 3:50 PM

very well said..

In short.....How can we have a murderer leading our beloved Fiji.

Killed CRW and Killed a few more in 2006 coup.

Frank there's too much blood on your hands...

We will not rest but keep watching and cursing you and your family.

Our hearts are crying out to the Lord for help of freedom and restoration of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Listen up people,why attack Taito when he's trying to ensure that the money is paid out appropriately
to all pensioners? If you want to blame someone blame Bainimarama for
trying to run a ministry of which he has no idea and or qualification
to run? Only people with advance commercial&Business qualifications from the best University were normally the right people for the job? Bainimarama qualification is in the business of Killing his enemies.He's favourite catchword is: "Kill or be killed"?If you think that he gives a frieken hell
about your pension or your lives,think again? The Fijians who
have recently been brought in to do
an honest job & to straighten out the S-H-I-T left in the NFPF by the
crooked two=Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai are trying their best to do right for you all-so the best way to help yourself,at this time is to give Taito some slack!So he can come through with your Money? Just remember, do not ever trust these two bastards from the FTUC again in your lifetime? If need be take Frank out as well?

Doviverata said...

Dear All Readers

I would like to get your attention to the following.

1. Pensioners will not get their payments because FNPF has no money - the illegal govt has taken all of what was left - this why Bainimarama, stuck his nose, in FNPF, saying it would collapse if necessary steps would not be taken

2. Taito is one of the regimes stealth suckers, so he will not be fired or held liable for this situation.

3. If taito is saying that they have to pool all the resources to sort this [11000] pensioners' payment processing, let me tell you, that FNPF has 10 times that number of members. it is a sheer lie, if he says he is pooling the resource. - if fnpf is able to process the accounts of 100s of thousands of member account without a glitch, then processing 11000, should be peanuts, right?

So, there aint no money in FNPF. We workers' last hope is gone. And if it is not stopped now, then forget it.

Keep The Faith said...

While we completely sympathize and with pensioners having to endure this, it could very well be that FNPF will continue to face these glitches (and lie through their teeth just like they did with their 'reform propaganda') until they receive next month's due's.

Your super custodians ie the regime's board appointees have managed your funds to live from hand to mouth. And while we hate saying "we told you so" we (& Prof Narsey) did signal the dangers of having the illegal and treasonous regime and their buddies managing the pension funds, long ago: http://intelligentsiya.blogspot.com/2010/01/pension-fund-loses-plot.html

Anonymous said...

Please of importance getting paid first. Money getting channelled into army and ASK and FB first. Just the 2 of them getting same as the entire FICAC

Bhaiya Babu said...

Too much Charter in Fiji now - so the two legged cockroaches have infested glitches internal and external - Pensioners please be patient or rest in peace as aunt BANU has been urgently appointed to sort out the shit.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:50
In a way it's a curse but I believe we are just reaping what we have sown in the last 20 years.

Fijians have evolved to a point where we just accept everything.
If someone rapes a girl in the village, and the rapist presents yaqona and ask for forgiveness we accept it.
That is definitely wrong!
The old Fijians never behaved like that. If you rape, you either marry the girl or you die.
And so it is, people now commit adultery and we just accept it.
Its' not considered wrong anymore. etc etc.

Unfortunately this is happening even in the church.
And yet it is the church that is supposed to be the champion of Integrity and Righteousness.

So to me I no longer was surprised that Fijians just accepted the coup.
Perhaps the army and all who did the coup will present yaqona and we just forgive them.
This is the current mentality that has now afflicted Fijians all over.
WE just turn a blind eye to it and laught it off.

I lay the blame squarely at the church for being asleep at the wheel; for mixing doctrines.
The Methodist Church (and other denominations)must stand up and preach that Right is Right and Wrong is wrong.
There are hundreds of Christians that get killed everyday around the world for standing up for what is right.

Jesus said "I wished that you were either Hot or Cold but because you are lukewarm I will vomit you out of my mouth".

It is time for the Church to stop being lukewarm ( ie mixing right and wrong) and stand up and be counted.

It is time to preach against coups.
It is time to preach against Bainimarama.
It is time to bring him to Justice.
It is time to stand up for those who are weak.
It is time to do what is RIGHT, come what may.

We are reaping today what we sowed 5 years ago.
Whatever we sow today we will reap in 5 years time.

God eagerly awaits what choice we are going to make next.

-Valataka na Dina.

Fijiana said...

Hon. A.D. Patel must be turning in his grave. The founder and the architect of FNPF had come up with such a great idea that even Australia, NZ and many other Commonwealth countries adopted the provident fund scheme as designed by Hon. Patel.

Hon. Patel was also the Guardian Angel for sugar cane farmers. Seeing how Choudhry messed up the the whole farming community, would not make Mr. Patel very happy. The farmers are to be blamed. Knowing the fact that Chaudhry is a self serving individual. why did the farmers fall for his trap. He has fooled the whole country.

People wake up and smell the java. Stop being fooled by people of Chaudhry's caliber.

Aisake Taito if you can't stand the heat. move out of the kitchen. May be this job was not meant for you. You took a bigger bite than what you could chew. Please spare us pensioners. We are not an experimental mouse. We are human and it is our money that you are messing with.

Anonymous said...

On thursday a lady from FNPF came into our work place demanding mthe boss to pay up FNPF arrears..saying that its the law..well my boss always makes small payments and this is done according to business climate..now business is so very bad that he is struggling to make ends meet..we the employers know full well how he is struggling to keep things afloat and we dont mind him making late payments on our behalf because we are satisfied with getting our weekly wage just to survive cause things have gone from bad to worse since the coup in 2006 despite this illegal governments window dressing of fiji getting better..the economy is in shatters and I think the lady from FNPF was sent around demanding employers in arrears to pay up cause FNPF is going under..what a coincidence..now we all know why FNPF sent her..it is because there is no more money to pay pensioners..

Anonymous said...

Look, we're sorry, but the glitches haven't quite been resolved yet. Don't worry, you'll get your money eventually. I sense that we're closer to the end than we are to the beginning. We're working on this round-the-clock, without ceasing, which is why I am giving you this status update even in the middle of the night.

So please stop the phone calls and harassment because they are only making our job worse and annoying the finance minister. He is putting the finishing touches on his new PM's National Provident Fund, which will help to speed payments. You bloggers overseas should stop harping and donate to the PM's Fund.

We're sorry about being late for this payment, but rest assured, you will get your money and the timetable for the Roadmap is so far unaffected.

Anonymous said...

What is this PM's National Provident Fund that is being proposed? What is wrong with FijiNational Procvident Fund? Is this fund being set up as part of a political campaign strategy for this goon? Why shud it be called PM's fund? This guy does not deserve to have anything named in hias memory whether it be a fund, street, building. What good has he done for the country that makes him deserve to have something named after him. The only place he deserves is Naboro. He must be apprehended and face the courts for murder, treason and insubordination.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The problem at FNPF is theirs alone not government or anyone etc etc... If they have problems they should have foresore it..otherwise the staff in there are incompetent..so the CEO might as well resign ASAP..to save face..

Anonymous said...

Go Taito Go! Please make sure the pension is paid out to the right people?We know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Fijiana, your verbal diarrhea seems to be getting worse. Who gave you the idea that NZ, Australia and other countries adopted the idea from FNPF? It's the other way round dickhead. In NZ they have the national superannuation scheme that has been in existence from many many years, and it still works, unlike FNPF who is broke, no money to pay the pensioners. Mate get your head out of Bai's arse.

Anonymous said...

People this is a plot by Aisake and the FNPF anti Regime members to ensure they continue to create hatred towards the Regime, Bhainirama and Aiyarse chutar!!!

Aisake you have made your dent in the Mara clan and creating more hatred by delaying members money blaming technical glitches is the icing on the cake!!!Aiyarse cu mada vei Bhaini vata i Taito!!!

This is how God works in such situations; HE exposes the weakness and frustrates people towards insanity! Watch this space for Taito's resignation........this week guaranteed!!!

Mahen Chaudhary, Felix and Dan Urai are exploiting FNPF through threir connections and creating the hitches.....Long live Unionism but not in the guise of these three stooges!

Anonymous said...

So they are changing the name to FIJI NATIONAL POVERTY FUND. This is common pactice before you make changes, the software must hamonise and acceptance to any proposed changes.

This is part of the on-going reforms proposed by this regime. I have withdrawn all my monies.

Anonymous said...

Who is Anonymous 1.37am, why is he speaking on behalf of FNPF?? Is he the CEO or Nagatalevu?? How reliable is your assurance to us pensioners and bloggers??

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.13 am

SDL were elected so all they did was legit huh? Well, the chineze crook Ah Koy, the biggest self-serving cork sucker in the elected (mind you!) SVT government first sold us out when he got the FNPF to fund the ATH. This ATH, is a monolith of mismanagement, and is an ideal figurehead for our iTaukei businesses! Sorry if it offends, but this company, being at the forefront of IT still runs like a village canteen from Naitasiri!

The seeds of SVT, planted by Ah Koy, were nurtured into maturity by another crook from the outer islands - qaandrase! His government dabbled with FNPF funds to bail out their financial messes from 2003 - 2006. Anyone remember the Momi and Natadola sagas? They had SDL and the head sapo - Dakuidreketi all over it. If the regime is bankrupting FNPF as you lot claim, then they’re only delaying the inevitable under the SDL.

Wake up and face reality, you cowardly f**kers! We never have the balls to stand up and say, "we were wrong". This is reminiscent of the Methodist Church too.

Unless our lot admit our mistakes, we’ll continue to suffer, Baini or no Baini. The problem is we have the VKB assurance in one hand that only fuels our laziness, the Bible in another, that gives is some apostle complexes. The biggest problem however is our greed! That's at a level even the Indians can only admire!!!!

We can all quote verses from the bible 24-7, but to quote a lesson anyone of us Methodists have learnt, we have nothing. Kuch nayyee, zilch, nada!

Go ahead C4.5. print this dose of reality!

Anonymous said...

Atleast some good has come from all the bad and we fijians for once we know what is wrong will always be wrong in a 100 years time and right will be right in 100 years time. It is now important to blame Rabuka, the methodist church and the disbanned gcc for all the rot we are in. Unless they all apologise to the victims of 1987 coup and commpensate them this curse will continue till fijian start killing each other over money accumilated by others sweat and blood. Time to start doing right and punish the wrong doers from Rabuka to Banimarama and not forgetting the taliban. Think about it and act now, do the crime do the time.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have just finished Sunday lunch of plain draunimoli tea and bread!!
Wonder what Taito, Nagataleka and Voreqe had for lunch?

Anonymous said...

Frank will win the 2014 election. He will be Fiji's next elected PM. His party will form the next govt.

He is very well advised by his strategists and this includes how easy it is to win the election even if none voted for him. The outcome can still come his way. It is called vote rigging by some but in the 2014 election, it will be a simple case of data manipulation.

He will only need to ensure he controls the people who will man the electronic voting system. VIOLA. DONE. He will get the result he wants.

So lets see the real situation and so if we can fight him,why dont we just join him. Think!!

Fijiana said...

Aisake Taito's "deepest apologies" can that be deposited in any bank?

If so let me know.

Anonymous said...

Only the God Almighty can help us now - no money means the pensioners are first, then the civil servants, private sectors and then the army. I doubt if anyone will lend us $1billion like EU to Greece. Everyone please let us now turn to God and pray for His protection on our future generation.

Anonymous said...

Well we're planning on having draunimoli tea with topoi for dinner!! I hear they had a lovely Voreqe BBQ for lunch...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:55 PM

I am sure Frank has learned a lot from SDL and 2006 election.

See what a good training does?

Bob Lee Swagger said...


Anonymous said...

Hey why change Government now, Rabuka was in power for 10 years after his coup,why not Bai? Although i don't like his manipulative style by getting an Indo to carry out his shit,but he's a Fijian and i've definitely noted his Nationalism in administrative style? So hey, why not Fijian needs discpline and he's probably the only dude that could do it without flinching?So to tell you all the truth, i have made up my mind to vote him in!As far as disestablishing the GCC,yes
i'm also ok with it?I'm sure he's going to established a similar Chiefly institution to also includes other members of the Fiji communities-Kaidia.Kailoma,Kaivalagi,Kaijaina
etc and be more representatives of our country citizens?...Ratu Chodory? Ratu Chong,Ratu Beddoes,Ratu kwon doesn't that rings a bell????I know you'll probably swear at me for such stupid ideas? Hey i just can't help
myself!!!By the way,thanks to you Taito for paying me my pension fund
last friday and i appreciate it very much.

Fijiiana said...

Anon @ 10:59 AM

I am not going to come down to your level and argue my point. All I have to say is seeing your language and class or the lack of, you are pretty uneducated person. So, I rather not waste my time.

Anonymous said...

Pensioners still not paid out as of Monday 23rd April 2012, contrary to Taito's PR release of Saturday 21st April 2012.

No FNPF payments have been made at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to begin this status update by noting that due to considerable progress we have made in overcoming the previous glitches, we have now started to make some annuity payments.

We also have made progress in preparing for the launch of the PM's National Provident Fund. The Fund will give all Fijians the opportunity to contribute generously to a superannuation fund under the direct control of the line minister himself, who will take a personal hand in ensuring its proper distribution.

New rules will streamline and speed distribution of payments and improve the fairness of the system by reducing redundancies and introducing minimal needs and eligibility tests. Under these simple tests, we will make sure payments go to the proper parties, those in real need who give their allegiance to the principles of the People's Charter. We do not want to see additional monies going to fat cats and/or to the enemies of Fiji.

These reforms build on the improvements we have already made toward the fairer distribution of lease proceeds to all members of the mataqali and not just the chiefs. In addition, they simply reimpose the just suspension of payments to certain pensioners working against progress and will next expand the target class to include all those who refuse to swear allegiance to the progressive principles of the Charter.

By more narrowly defining the class of eligible pensioners, we Fijians will be able to build a more sustainable and flexible superannuation fund that values those who value us and stops empowering those who would disempower us.

These changes are necessary to establish the economic preconditions for democracy, without which elections would be a pointless exercise. They will help to ensure that the Roadmap remains on track.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous April 21 12.02 and Anonymous April 22, 1.37am...you certainly sound like WAINIKITI WAQA-BOGIDRAY the coup apologist, corp-opportunist that now is the Sexual Relations Officer, I mean, the PRO for FNPF. Tell you what Wainikiti, stay with Netball..cos you can hoodwink and do professional foul with players and no gives a fuck cos it does not put food on the table like the issue at hand. Problem with you is that you think you the need third leg in three legged stool at the Mary, Voreqe household.. Me qarauna ga o Mary, lakolako o caiti Voceke tale....nio nomu trademark ya!!! Long story short...f!@#k your glitches and malfunctioned systems, when its time to pay!! TAITO..rui levu talega nomu baosi tiko mai QVSOB Club, lakolako ratou na vakavutuki iko tale nomu OBs!!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous.3.33pm...isa sa qai ca tale...vinaka na vakaceuta...kaila mada.

Anonymous said...

Fijiana, all you're saying in here is....nothing. If you're going to make generalizations, then back it up with some facts. Perhaps you failed Form four three times like Voceke.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I feel for those who still have not received any payments from their FNPF pensions and who also are victims of the recent floods. These are the worst hit by this debacle.

I hope and pray that our loving God, our Heavenly Father, will give them some peace during these hardships. May they gain the resolve to bear their burdens with courage and perserverence and yet with integrity.

May those who have had a hand in the mismanagement of FNPF funds look deeply inwards into themselves and sincerely ask for forgiveness from those whom they have wronged and from God against whom they have grossly sinned.

And to those in Government and those high up in the FNPF, do not expect to be believed by voters because these sorry states of affairs have happened during your watch.

Anonymous said...

Pensioners still not paid

Go home, pensioners told

17:46 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Roland Koroi
Fiji Broadcasting Commission

A large number of pensioners queuing up at the FNPF building today have been told to go home and wait for the call from the Fund to tell them if their money has been processed.

Some have been lining up at the FNPF Building in Suva since last week and turned up today only to be told they’ll have to wait a little longer.

FBC News arrived at the FNPF building at around 3pm today to find a long queue of pensioners.

Not long after, FNPF CEO Aisake Taito showed up, directing his staff to get the details of all waiting pensioners.

The details included their phone contacts, FNPF Numbers and their names.

Pensioners were then told to go home, and await the FNPF’s call.

Taito was overheard telling pensioners it will do them no good to wait around, or waste their money coming to Suva.

He has promised them that when their money is in, FNPF staff will call them.
The Fund has been delaying the payment since last week, blaming it on a technical glitch.

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Anonymous said...

Vinaka CEO, and Management Team.

Fijiana said...

Pensioners should DEMAND interest and damages that they may suffer during the waiting period.

Premila Kumar wake up and your organization should fight for these innocent victims of incompetent fools.

The other set of fools who should be held accountable are Board Members of FNPF. They too are answerable to the public.

@.COM said...

Aisake Taito is the CEO for FNPF. He has his Political Master for which he has to tow the line. In this case it is the coup leader and illegal PM, Bainimarama.Have you noticed the absence of any comment from either the illegal PM or the illegal AG? no public comment has been forthcoming from either of them it is because they have left the dirty work to their political appointee, Aisake Taito to decieve the pensioners as a delaying tactic to buy time for FNPF contributions to come in to meet the amount required to pay the pensioners. Why this? simply because of insufficient funds.

Coup 4.5 said...

@ COM 6.19PM....

How low can Taito go to be at the frontline of evertyhing and having no mercy at all to the poor pensioners. TAITO CAITI TAMAMU!! These pensioners have sweat blood all their lives for this country and this fund was suppose to take care of them. You know whenever I see you in Suva, I wish it was normal days we living in, so that I can spit on your face. I curse you for LYING to innocent hardworking senior citizens of this country!!! Iko beka a lauvutu mai QVS....koya se onns ca tiko ga kina vei iko ni rau vutuki iko tale tiko o Voceke kei Aiassy!!! Boy!! qarauni iko tiko!! Mateni tiko ga nai ma Club, dua na gauna o na qai kila raravisa ni ka na caka vei iko.-Comment Edited:C4.5

Anonymous said...

Gob bless fiji!!!!