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Friday, April 27, 2012

Liberian despot's fate proof Bainimarama's crimes will catch up with him

Fiji's illegal ruler has tried to reinvent himself as a legitimate leader but no makeover can change the fact Frank Bainimarama is an unelected leader ... an unprincipled military commander who used the army to take control of the country and who has kept citizens under this thumb for the past five years via the rule of the gun and illegal decrees. The fate of the Liberian despot, Charles Taylor, is a message to unsanctioned leaders like Bainimarama.  
The face of a fallen despot. Below: Dictator on the loose thanks to the support of army.

Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia, has been found to have "aided and abetted" war crimes by a United Nations-backed tribunal in The Hague.

After four years of hearings at the special court for Sierra Leone, the disgraced one-time guerrilla leader was found to have provided sustained support for rebels during their reign of terror in the neighbouring west African state.

He was also said to have participated in the planning of certain attacks, including the assault on Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

The judge said Taylor would be sentenced on 30 May after a hearing on 16 May.

Taylor, 64, the first African head of state to be brought before an international tribunal, had pleaded not guilty to all 11 charges.

He stood at the back of the court while the judge formally found him "criminally responsible" of aiding and abetting in the commission of 11 crimes.

Hands clasped in front of him, Taylor blinked as the long list of his criminal responsibility was read out. His eyes shifted not knowing where to focus.

Between 1996 and 2002, the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF), which Taylor supported, was found by the court to have committed crimes involving terrorising civilian populations, murder, rape, sexual slavery and enforced amputations in Sierra Leone.

Judge Richard Lussick of Samoa said more than 1,000 children had the letters "RUF" carved into their backs to prevent them escaping. Children were used to amputate limbs, guard diamond mines and hunt for food. Some were involved in fighting.

The judge said Taylor told RUF commanders to seize and hold the diamond-producing areas of Sierra Leone so that he could continue trading gems for arms and ammunition. One diamond was said to have weighed as much as 36 carats.

The court found that despite Taylor's denials, he knew from August 1997 about the campaign of terror being waged against the civilian population in Sierra Leone, including murder, rape and amputations.

Taylor continued privately fuelling the conflict by providing arms and ammunition to the RUF in Sierra Leone, the judge said. His clandestine dealing helped undermine the peace process even when there was a regional arms embargo in force.

Taylor's conviction will be widely welcomed in Sierra Leone but the response in Liberia, where he was once seen as a freedom fighter and retains support, may be more critical.

Human Rights Watch pointed out that he was the first former head of state to face judgment in an international court on war crimes charges since judges in Nuremberg convicted Karl Dönitz, an admiral who led Nazi Germany for a brief period following Adolf Hitler's suicide.

Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav president, faced trial by an international criminal tribunal, but he died before a judgment was issued. Another head of state, the one-time president of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, is also detained in The Hague. He will appear at the international criminal court on charges of crimes against humanity.

Human Rights Watch said the trial of Taylor signalled an end to an era of impunity. "Taylor's trial has immense significance for people in the west African sub-region who suffered as a consequence of the violence and instability he allegedly fomented in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Côte d'Ivoire," the organisation said.

"For decades, so-called "big men – people who either led armed groups or wielded significant political power – have been allowed to carry out abuses, seemingly with no fear of being investigated or held accountable by a credible judicial body.

"In this trial, for the first time, such a 'big man' was taken into custody and forced to answer for his alleged crimes."

The judges also had to consider how the 11 charges against Taylor fitted into three legal levels of proof: whether he aided or abetted in the execution of the crimes; whether he was involved in the offences as a joint enterprise with paramilitary groups in Sierra Leone or, most damningly, whether he exercised control and command over the other rebel groups that perpetrated atrocities. In the end they decided his role amounted to the lesser of the three categories.

Taylor has 14 days from the receipt of the full judgment to file a written notice of appeal with the registrar against his convictions.

Despite previous suggestions that he would not be able to attend, his lead counsel, Courtenay Griffiths QC, was in court to hear the final verdict.

Despots have nowhere to hide
Mark Malloch-Brown
Finacial Times
As Kofi Annan’s number two at the UN, I recall a long few days painstakingly monitoring with lawyers the procedures for the handover of the exiled Charles Taylor by his Nigerian hosts-turned-captors to the Liberian authorities and thence in mid-air to the UN and so to the Hague and his trial. Everything had to be done by the book to avoid later appeal but we were writing the book as we went along. This had hardly been done before. Until then international justice when it came to leaders who had run amok had been with the exception of Nuremberg more mouse than lion when it came to action. Indeed when Mr Taylor went to Nigeria he thought he had a deal ensuring him lifelong sanctuary.

Now the outcome of this special court, the verdicts of the International Criminal Court and the Balkan trials of Slobodan Milošević and fellow military and political leaders, Cambodia’s internationally supported prosecution of Khmer Rouge leaders and others tell a very different story of gathering international judicial activism. Leaders usually cannot get away with mass crimes against citizens anymore. Even if their own judicial and institutional systems are too weak to hold them to account, there is now a higher international authority that will.

This can, as it has in Sierra Leone and Liberia, offer a redemptive healing for traumatised societies where child soldiers incited by Mr Taylor had murdered and mutilated on a massive scale as he sought to control neighbouring Sierra Leone’s diamonds. But it’s more powerful use still is as a deterrent to other murderous leaders, such as Bashar al-Assad in Syria or Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, who are still used to getting away with it. Here the impact is more mixed.

These two leaders are probably more determined to hang on because of the risk of international trial if they step down. Whenever I was involved in discussions of what it might take to persuade Mr Mugabe to go there was often talk of allowing him perhaps to end his days in Zimbabwe itself where there might be some protection against an international arrest warrant. For Mr Assad there seems little prospect of a secure retirement with his in-laws in west London. The warrants would fly thick and fast given his vicious actions over the last year. The negotiations over Darfur were complicated by the ICC charges against President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan despite a provision in that court’s charter which would allow the UN Security Council to delay a trial if that would help the diplomacy forward.

So the threat of justice may make old leaders hang on. Where its deterrent value is much higher is with new leaders who as they embark on governing their countries recognise a new accountability. If they fall outside the pale and commit major atrocities they will be judged and there are political deals to ease their departure can no longer trump this. President Obasanjo of Nigeria gave Mr Taylor an offer of safe exile to stop the fighting. But when the wheels of international justice turned he very properly had to renege on his word.

The message is that there is nowhere left for murderous despots to hide. That is an extraordinary step forward in global accountability and responsibility and far outweighs the difficulties of temporarily making it harder to prise a long time offender  from office. We should celebrate today’s verdict by copying President Truman’s old White House office desk sign, “The Buck Stops Here” and sending it to all world leaders starting with A for Assad and completing with Z for Zimbabwe.

Hague finds Charles Taylor guilty
The Charles Taylor verdict shows that future despots have nowhere left to hide


bout rere tiko said...

hey bainimatanisona arrest is around the corner.au sa rere tiko

Anonymous said...

In conjunction with this progressive direction, the SP Forum nations must take immediate note and steps to implement a charter that will not only address the situation in Fiji but deal with the huge weakness in the present Bikitawa arrangement.

Bikitawa should not be based on an "invitation" but based on unlawfull depossing of government which is a human rights issue.( my vote being stolen) Bikitawa should not be solely about an "intevention force" but include total air an sea sanctions that are immediate and uncompromising.

We all need strong deterents so that future coups in any SP Forum country is not an option.

Now how do we ever get these bastards out. Negotiate!!!???

Is there a corporal standing in the wings.

Is there a iTaukei Chief plotting to bring down destruction and slaughter on the vulagi's.

Maybe Australia/New Zealand can afford to make an offer to the Fiji army to be part of a Regional Force.
Save poverty sriken Fijians FJD 120 million a year.
Australia /New Zealand get a cheap army for peace keeping duties around the world and and some good stout soldiers to work with.

Fiji Army becomes once more a professional army that can stand tall and proud.
I cant see one professional soldier not wanting to become all he can be.

All it takes is some real leadership by Australia. Australia needs to appreciate it lives in the Pacific and not the Mediteranean.

In my grandchilds life there will be 70 million people in this region.

Lets think like Chinese....100-200 years ahead.

Anonymous said...

fiji people should march to the army barrack and arrest the juntas.

Anonymous said...

Retribution is not the highest of laws, human or divine, but it is as inexorable as fate.

Bainimarama doesn't have as much to answer for as Charles Taylor. But his crimes against Fiji are grave nonetheless and far more serious than anything Qarase and Chaudhry did or are even alleged to have done.  

God willing, that Bainimarama, too, will soon have his day in court. I'd rather see his rule end that way than in Khaddafy-style bloodletting.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Fiji Observer said...

I think that the author is a dreamer...For a Charles Taylor type of inquisition,Voreqe would have to have mass killings under his command.He does not have that .He would be seen as a normal leader now so stop dreaming... this anti Frank campaign is all about Native supremacy...THAT WON'T HAPPEN !!!
Fiji is poised to become the way the world should be in matter of years rather than decades....be patient and enjoy the new Fiji.Pity that he is being ill advised by idiots like Nazhat and Aiyaz and the cj Tony,who goes both ways when debated with.Nazhat is a criminal lawyer,how she has become a constitutional expert is weird to say the least.I call her opportunistic and a commandeering bully of no consequence and a person who wished she was the first female .....something again and again.

Anonymous said...

Question to BLOG???

With all these evidences against Bai of murder, humantarian abuse, assault, so on & so forth at hand with almost everyone.... WHY CAN'T WE FILE A CASE IN ICC?????

Anonymous said...

If we're serious about no more coups in Fiji, then we should include Rabuka and together with Frank and all those who benefitted from their coups plus those who benefitted from Speight, in a national renunciaton process against coups. Let's do the full cycle not just a fraction.

TURUKAWA said...

one day mafatu!!it will happen,let the springs of freedom run its course and he will fall on his own shit.

we are waiting to see this happen and tired of watching them send destruction in whatever they touch.this very evident in what is happening in fiji.

we are all sick of their monopolies and decree after decrees..when its gonna end??

tired of watching the bloody army trying to pretend that they are bringing/supplying all the food and flood relief to the ppl when they just tried to use their army trucks to let the ppl belive they doing a good thing providing flood relief for them which is the opposite..army didnt bring any food,its the other fiji ppl from overseas and locals who gave to help their country ppl and not the army..pm wants every containership of relief goods fundraised by ex fijians overseas to go through his govt then they will only lift the vat and other cost if they let pm and group distribute the goods to the ppl.if you dont,you pay full cost and govt wont lift a finger, i dont belive they will do that for sure..cannot trust them!!they might sell it to paddys or other outlets to feed his army..

what a load of bullshit propaganda VB & kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Don't see the relevance of this to Bainimarama-unless someone wants to lay charges in the Human Rights courts now etc? Or are we waiting for Bainimarama ro get out of the Govt or military before things begin to happen? Put simply if we have to clear up the rubbish-it will have to begin from 1987 than and only than will we put fear once & for all into the hearts of coup makers and followers-many of whom we are cruising on this site as so called anti-coup when the real truth is somthing else! Now that will take a lot of courage to do & a lot of guts, blood , sweat & tears to complete! Why? Many who were invlolved in 1987 would be in their 60's SO WHAT! "Talaraki mai na susua ni vuci" as the saying of the ancients go-than we will see who really stands where!

Anonymous said...

It is better that way @ s/Dakuwaqa. Ghadaffi-style execution is too merciful a punishment although he ordered the torture and execution of his fellow soldiers.

There are other ways to punish this dictator which he will fear more. We will bring him to a real court where genuine justice will convict him and he will be fairly punished accordingly.

He will see all his money and possessions taken away from him and he will regret that he ever lived...yet he will live to experience all his regrets and wish and yearn that he were dead.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more than you S Dakuwaqa. He did not do as serious a crime so he should not end as Gadaffi but let him have his day in court.

The Thinker said...

@11:14 AM. Think like the Chinese? who think ahead by a whooping 100-200 years? Yeah right. They will WISH they did, think ahead, when the next government refuses to pay them back the illegal debts incurred under Baini (they are real real stupid for lending to this illegal regime!!!) and kicks out both the Chinese and Indian embassies from Fiji for good. We don't have any need for these two corrupt pro-Bai governments.

Anonymous said...

the dictator is one man and one man only.

isnt rabuka a one man today in 1987 he was a coupstar giving orders

the dictator will stand trail and answer for his corruption/scams and crimes

he belongs in naboro for life not the PM Office

Fiji is under hostage by a gang of thugs abusing the security forces chain of command.

take away this they will be dashing in cassava patch

Time will come every dog has its day.

Anonymous said...

Lets call upon the ICC to begin charging the ductator for the murder of CRW soldiers:

Monday, March 19, 2012
Details of death of CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale revealed

Dictator Frank Bainimarama’s violent paroxysm of revenge against innocent CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale following November 2000 mutiny at Delainabua barracks

Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz stopped police interview when soldier confessed to killing CRW soldiers on dictator’s orders

Kalounivale’s post-mortem report went missing from Police and DPP files



Anonymous said...

No one will touch Baini as he has done great work for all.
Most ate happy except a few who are regular contributors on this site.
Baini will win elections as he is the peoples man and not corrupt like Qarase, Chaudh, ans the rewan chief.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's day will come. Justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.16. If we start with the guys from 1987, there will be more coups. Don't you know that Fiji is now known as coup land? It's more like cuckoo land.

Anonymous said...

How stupid this all seems when the leader of the world's largest democracy - India - has hosted Frank Bainimarama in Delhi and praised him for his enlightened policies. You guys really are on the losing side of history.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dakuwaqa i just know that you're the writers above-you just maybe right...Good luck & more power to your BIG FIN!

Anonymous said...

frank/khaiyum will only move out of power by the force of coup or arrest.
who in fiji have the guts now to arrest frank/khaiyum .no one all lamusona and yes man .
shame on you compol another crook/mosese ass licker of frank/khaiyum.
fiji hope lies in the hands of uni students .
who can march and topple the regime.
wake up guys before fiji is f up by these thugs.
where isapisai tora and kinivuwai .

Fiji Mercy said...

Fiji Observer at 12.30am Bainimarama is not a 'normal leader' you imbecile and Fiji is not poised to become the way the word should be you Horowhenua fool. Fiji is falling apart and is broke. @

Anonymous said...

Be careful how you bloggers want to point fingers at Bainimarama, yes, he may be guilty of the things you accuse him of but, whether you like it or not, justice will be measured as to who stands to gain from his conviction, it would be racist and greedy politicians, sacked corrupt civil servants etc and just as guilty ex soldiers. In other words, you form a minority and those who stand to lose will be the mass of Fijians on the ground who continue to be looked after by this government which is really trying but for lack of cash flow, is in trouble and mind you, it is only bearing the brunt of Qarase's capitalist economic policies. Moce Jo, Frank you have OUR votes in Fiji!

Hallelujah said...

Anon at 12.13am Your brian has been softened by booze. Bai getting due recognition in India, eh? The 'world' is putting up with the puppet leader of Fiji because he has made himself PM and is using army to stay in power ... and travelling the world acting out the part. He has not been elected in by the people of Fiji. So of course India (you can put Melanesian leaders in taht category too although I suspect deollars and resources pass hands there somewhere) would recognise him thanks also to the bullshit propaganda he is righting the wrongs being to Indians. But the time will come when reality returns. It is taking longer than it should because people are embedded in comfort and have been lulled into that false comfort. When New Zealand and Australia start hosting Bai then we have something to rave about.

Anonymous said...

. . . . whatever way. Just hurry-up bring it all to an abrupt end.For the sake of all Fiji.
Have a race with the "prize" to the winner.The winner, of course, is the people of Fiji.
How they go? whats the chance? If I were a betting person I would bet 85% death and 15% trial/prison.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:48, I do occasionally send comments without using my Dakuwaqa pseudonym, and perhaps in some instances you could tell. But I assure you none of the comments above are mine except the one I signed with my pseudonym.

Happy swimming!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:43 p.m., if all are so happy with the regime as you confidently claim, why are you so afraid to have elections?

Anonymous 12:13 a.m., history isn't over yet. And if you think Bainimarama is enlightened, then you must be a Neanderthal indeed.

Anonymous said...

The idiots who say Voceke will win the elections are just as uneducated as he is. And he will use all the dirty tactics available to stay in power. One stupid blogger even said that people are happy with Voceke, they're eating well and surviving. I just don't know if you're deep inside Voceke's ass of are about to enter...the people are suffering you asshole, the percentage of those living below the poverty line is increasing, and the corruption going on is worse than before.

Get your uneducated head out of Voceke's ass because all you're saying is shit mate.

Again, someone said that Fijians and Indians should work side by side. The same with other races. But he failed to realize that that is actually happening..BUT there is always that underlying monster lurking in the background...and that is the iTaukei will not entertain the thought of an Indian being a PM. This is the reality people..if that happens, let me tell you this, there will be another coup. Sad but true.

Mish Mash said...

Talking about all things sweet shouldn't Frank be at home leading the inestigation into the underage beauty queen won by Baby Torika?? Frank your race policies have not been a sucess for Fiji mate.

Half Done said...

It's true beauty pageants are rife with conflict and catty behaviour but organisers to blame for bringing the eyes of the world again to Fiji. Ex the Miss World Fiji website. "Instead of bringing all the wrong attention to our brand and country, why not start supporting our ambassador, building her up and praying that she impacts the world with her story - Fiji has received enough negative press already, shouldn't this be one for making up for lost ground?"

Anonymous said...

Voceke should be tortured, just like the men and women he helped torture.

Anonymous said...

Okay we see that a lot of people are thinking on the line that what happened in 1987 was right and 2000 was okay for the objective but not the means. we are real christans cause we really know how to protect our own through how we look. We are very spritual cause we can ban people from working on sunday but we cant decide which day is sabbath cause our own are observing it on saturdays. We have 90% of our jail population but we are christans. The coup and the PEOPLE WHO GAINED are all none from us. In 1987 Dr Bavadra (God Biess Your Soul and May Use You As HIS PEACE MESSENGER)was removed cause he was not one of us and not a christan. Our enemy are the indians because they are satanic and we cant seem to have the guts to work hard like them due to satan helping them in strength and inteligence. We are the greatest people ever bron and because we are Taukei and cristans its okay for our sons and daughters to rob the satanic Indians after which we have to go to church on sunday and pray before every meal even though it was obtained from robbing the satanic indians. We are a great group of people looking the same but some are different and will continue to go with humanity.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the motives were in staging the coup, Bainimara has not been able to deliver what he promised ie to clean up corruption in fiji and rid of all corrupt poticians, but nothing has come to light; That does not mean Qarase and Chaudry are clear of this deeds; We need new breed of poloticians in the coming elections and no old guards; then and only then can fiji can make progress otherwise we will see same old cat fghts amongst the old foes.Fiji needs visionary leaders who can re build our international reptation and get us out of this bloody financial mess we are in; Bai and Arse must be sent to Naboro to spend some time with Speight who can give them a good lecture and other prison mates can fix these two which the genral public could not do...

Anonymous said...

Do we know what is happening to the Ghai constitution? What are they doing? They've seems to have
got their full membership 5 now whats holding them back? How about the consultation process? what's involved and have they even begin with this aspect of the game? Peni
shes pretty tough, how come she's not making noises in there,unless shes changed?

Anonymous said...

I like as much fresh blood as the next shark, but this isn't the time to divide over new candidates. That only enables Bainimarama to play us off against each other. 

If Qarase and Chaudhry will swallow some of their ambitions to form a unity ticket along the lines I've proposed (one year interim administration, genuine constitutional dialogue, Truth & Reconciliation Commission, stepping aside for new elections), then we should fall in behind them. However distasteful we might find either or both of them, they've already demonstrated enough combined vote-getting power to unseat the regime electorally.

Bear in mind that our support for the unity ticket is less about elections and more about negotiations. After all, the election is kabuki theatre; only force will remove Bainimarama. The main reason to have a unity ticket is not to prepare to compete in what will surely be false elections. It is to provide the focus, leadership and discipline necessary to prepare all Fiji-loving people for mass resistance against the regime. We need leadership for our machine, to prepare for that inevitable time when Bainimarama demonstrates his insincerity with another brazen act.

Fiji desperately needs new blood, but I respectfully submit that to call for it now is a tactical blunder. Only the wrong kind of blood is likely to surface as long as the regime is in power. Unseat the regime. That will clear the way for a new crop of leaders.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Degei said...

Agree Dakuwaqa, with my colleague from the sea. Bai has said the military will continue to watch over whoever comes into power after 2014 elections. So the army presence will be very much there as they will continue to monitor that govt whoiever it might be implement the Peoples Charter. So fighting elections will not make sense as the army's way of doing things will have to be followeed. The winning partyu or parties will not have a free hand to run the country. Forget about elections then and focus on formulating strategies that will unseat this goon from power. That only can you have a free election and free rule.

Anonymous said...

Most likely sequence of events:

1. VB loses the election
2. New democratic parliament votes to abolish the army
3. Another coup
4. Australian and NZ military intervention

Frank the Skank said...

Before and after pictures of Frank. He looks more real and honest as a military coup man then all trussed up in suit and tie ... it's cos he's a liar. Clothes don't maketh the man, Frank

Anonymous said...

One thing is pretty clear.

RABUKA's immunity was guaranteed (enshrined) in the 1997 Constitution.

With the purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution - Rambo is very exposed and naked - No wonder we do not hear anything from him nowadays.

Rambo can be arrested and tried for Treason in Fiji and internationally anytime now.

As to the present thugs - the only reason for a new constitution is guaranteeing their very own immunity from TREASON!!

Anonymous said...

With the supposed abrogation of the Constitution, what spares Rabuka from prosecution is Bainimarama's personal fear of setting an adverse precedent for how a future government might handle his own treason.

Anonymous 4:52, I don't share your analysis, but I hope you're right. It seems likelier to me that VB will steal the election than lose it. I could lay out the whole scenario for you, but I don't want to give the regime any ideas. It's already taken many of the preliminary steps but in a belated and clumsy way. I've given a general description in the past for what I call the 18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama, which culminates with the Bainimarama-controlled Cabinet appointing him president with broad executive powers and his transforming the appointment into a lifetime title.

You mention military intervention. Foreign intervention won't happen without a precipitating event, like a coup, accompanied by serious civil unrest. Foreign powers rarely intervene militarily, especially without an invitation from the host government. 

In Fiji's scenario, they would need to 'break in the door' and come in 'hot', with the primary objective, at least ostensibly, of seizing Nadi and Nausori airports in order to secure routes for the evacuation of their nationals. The secondary mission objective of regime change would be a branch corollary of their operational plan -- as a matter of necessity, since Bainimarama will naturally construe any unbidden foreign military intervention as an invasion and attempt to rally the RFMF to resist it. Of course, being Bainimarama, he will be mostly concerned for his personal welfare, all the while posing as the champion of Fiji's sovereignty.

In the unlikely event it should come to such a pass, this would be the time for mature voices to counsel self-restraint, to avoid the calamity of which Ro Teimumu warned. It would also be the opportune moment for long-suppressed patriotic elements within the RFMF to reassert themselves rapidly and decisively, in order to bring Bainimarama et al to justice, and to restore order and the rule of law in Fiji.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Qaddafi, Mubarak, Saddam, NOW Taylor TO NAME A FEW, any guesses who is next?
I wish and hope!! The sooner the better!!