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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Locals look to God's grace rather than regime's know how

Shops trying to re-open asap
Still no sign of Fiji's new best friend China although a local 'Chinese' delegation has turned up in Nadi bearing gifts.

Hoping for quick reovery

The delegation has been described as 'high powered' and included the Chinese Association of Fiji, Fiji Chinese Federation, Chinese Education Association, Chinese Culture and Sports Association and various provincial association heads. 

The Fiji Sun says they brought money and food and met with local Chinese businesses who had concerns about the way food items were handled and then the Ba Town Council to relay those concerns. 

An FBC report says a tour of Nadi shows none of the shops were spared. But no mention by the state-owned news organisation of the crucial matter of insurance. Nadi is a no go area for insurance because it is flooded regularly so none of the shops have insurance.

Agriculture is no better with Sigatoka worst hit. The Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Colonel Mason Smith has told the Sun damage from Nadroga and Navosa is $2.5million and the aim is to get farmers planting again quickly so they will be distributing seeds in coming weeks. 

But a blogger says the recovery will drag out because the continuing rain will keep the soil waterlogged preventing farmers from even putting fertilizer in let alone plants. 

"The plan for reviving that economy out West depends on God's grace. Continuing rain simply makes planting impossible and in turn means the farmers don't make their quotas, meaning they won't be able to generate income to pay their lease monies meaning the businesses in the area don't get money to replenish stocks let alone keep up with the mortgage repayments.

"Meaning all government's haughty plans, haughtily announced in that haughty budget of last November for that sub regional economy, is as good as kaput."

Tourism is also predicted to take a hit with insurance expected to rise because of the risk of flooding between November and June.

The death toll for the floods is now 8 with media reporting the death of a 61 year old man yesterday in Moala, just outside of Nadi. He is said to have died after swimming with family members in a flooded river.

The police have also this weekend ironically issued a warning to people to secure their properties. The warning follows the court appearance of seven police officers for stealing from a supermarket during the floods.




Anonymous said...

The warwar tinpot dictator is the biggest disaster to hit fiji.

Nothing is moving nothing fiji gone back 30 years.

look at he state of the nation when junta get 700000 paycheck all years.

Dictator now out with begging bowl junta got no money left.

fiji is heading for bankruptcy.

Ping Shing said...

I heard Dixon Seeto led this 'high powered' delegation that didn't include anyone from Chinese government or message from China proper

Sharon Suaniu said...

This is war between good and bad, truth and lie, light and darkness, righteous and unrighteous. Frank's 2012 campaign budget busted on these disasters. God will bring this regime to it's knees.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear of the 7 police officers stealing. If those entrusted to guard against stealing ended up committing the crime themselves then its a dangerous precedent. It shows how bad the economy is, everyone is desperate to put food on the table by hook or by crook and our poor policemen are no exception. The regime needs to take a deep breath and ponder over the situation. Its perhaps time to toss in the towel and march to Naboro.

Chingtaua said...

How can one expect the Chinese to help when the repayment of loans taken by these goons from them is not forthcoming. So don't blame the Chinese. We cannot have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame the poor policemen. If the chief goon can have a suck of the national treasury whilst guarding it, they would also like to have a little of what they are deployed to guard. For Chief Goon it's like Dracula guarding the blood bank.

Madrai muneke said...

If chief goon can have a suck at the national chest whilst guarding it, the 7 policement can also have a little of what they're guarding. For chief goon its like Dracula guarding the blood bank.

Anonymous said...

why r u bloggers not helping. all you do is bad mouth the current government. they are trying their best to minimise SUFFERRING so why dont you just assist. politics aside that is. forget whether they are there writefully or not thats not the issue.......the issue is they are trying their best to minimise sufferring. this is the christian way

Anonymous said...

The issue is the regime is making sure they all survive and
Prosper. As you can see from their response, the Fijian people are not their first priority, it is well down the list, the next priority is to be seen doing something.....they can' t even get support from their newest friends...maybe take some of the taxpayers money out of the bloated military budget.

Anonymous said...

pay cut for all ministers/president and army budget slash by 50% .
enough of kanaloto jiko.
money to be diverted to flood affected business people and citizens.

Anonymous said...

Yes saw Dixon Seeto yesterday in Nadi town visiting only chinese nationals with other foreign chinese people... So far it good as we all look after FIJIANS yet China decides to help its own 1st...maybe we should sent them all back to China...

Anonymous said...

Army has come out with a new way to counter the hard times. AG has directed a degree to be drafted for the militrary to use both sides of the toilet paper to cut cost. The militrary council has endorsed the proposal because it doesnt have the balls to say no to the taliban operations in Fiji. Highly reliable information that the next commander will be a taliban.

Anonymous said...

Cannot blame policemen for stealing as pay packets are low and most have family to feed. So the need sideline jobs! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, only through God's grace. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

There was a sad story on TV One news today of a home in Nadi that was sinking slowly into the soft mud. It is a house on piles and the occupants had no idea at the beginning of the flood that the house was being sucked into the mud. It is now unliveable. And it is unbelievable if we had not seen the pictures of tv.

We heard and read stories of liquefaction during the Christchurch and Japan earthquakes and now it seems a similar thing is happening during the Fiji floods.

Anonymous said...

AG just made the following comment: At least nadi residence can now go fishing without leaving the house!

Anonymous said...

anonomous 8 april 6.07 . . .
are you one of the dummest people on the planet?
"they are doing their best" ? ? are you completely ignorant of what has happenned to Fiji ?
pull your head back into your hole.
The same goes for anyone who thinks that banana and taliban will ever do anything to redeem themselves, and escape judgement for their crimes against the people of Fiji. They will pay.
-Sydney Tourist

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 6:07pm "all you do is bad mouth the current government. they are trying their best to minimise SUFFERRING so why dont you just assist."

We do. We do all we can do to help alleviate. But we cannot just sit here and watch the incompetence of the regime add to the suffering of the people - it is THEIR JOB to look out for the interests of the people - not line their own pockets and fail the people when they need help the most.

Valataka Na Dina said...

Enough rubbishing the government, a true patriot will come our and help Fijians in a time of need in such an hour as this. Shame on you guys for hurling abuse from the comfort of your sitting rooms in New Zealand and Australia.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, China is only interested in making money, and helping out their own. Its rather dubious that the Chinese are saying how much they have contributed towards the relief efforts, so Voceke that's your friend so suck on that you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks people for helping in the cleanup and getting our country back into the game. Those of you who have done your bit we commend you for your speedy recovery.Those of you that have not have the courage to start we urged you to please start now so we can all move
forward? I know it's hard to get back after a major disaster, but we've done this before and certainly we can do this again!Yeah gotta start from somewhere, little at a time, but let's start right now! Let's do it and get it over with???

Just saying said...

@Valataka Na Dina New Zealand and Australia are doing their part for Fiji either personally (ie sending monies to our families etc) or via the governments or groups etc etc. Also there are probably more armchair critics in Fiji than you want to admit. Bulk of the people following this blog are from Fiji itself.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Sona. People rubbish the government because it's a rubbish government. NZ and Australia donated out of goodwill, without being asked. Now we are still waiting for this government's friend China to front up. Or are you dumb to assume that it's coming? As for your master Voceke, he's running around worried as he doesn't have a clue on how to handle the situation.

Anonymous said...

@Valataka na Dina. I think you're not the real Valataka na Dina. You should call yourself Lailai na Dina. Fijians overseas are tired of your lying thieving boss. That's why they don't want to help.
By the way where's the MSS? I can only see pictures of prisoners helping.

Anonymous said...

In 2006 when destabalising the country they were not in the least bit bothered about unity lying that the country was bankrupt. Their weapons raised against the nation.

Today they're pleading for unity, and their millitary government really is bankrupt.

God works in mysterious ways.

How the mighty have fallen, their weapons of war perished...

WO1 (ret) said...

hahahahaha MSS, ASS, SSS ......we've got you sussed boys.....including you Baini and ASKukum.

Anonymous said...

That's right use the prisoners for all the hard work while the army hides at the barracks. If FB uses the army then whole world will see how useless they really are.

Anonymous said...

Most of the army are over sized old and no action almost died. I saw some yesterday in Nadi.

Why they didn't send out all 3000 troops to work? This flooding was like War by mother nature as the black cloud hoovered over Fiji for almost a whole day...when the mega flooding took place.

Also some talks are going around PM relief fund was expiring on 31st March and then they opened the flood gates at the Dams to rush the over spill waters to create mega flood so PM can extend the donations to keep coming.

Does this seem like what they might do?


Anonymous said...

He's using the prisoners instead of the army in flood rehab work because he's frightened someone might take over an unmanned QEB. Any takeover will mean the end of him.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the skies have rained on Bainimarama's parade to coronation in 2014. As is said: "Retribution is not the highest of laws, human or divine, but it is as inexorable as fate."

The regime wants us to believe it's doing all it can to deal with the flooding. The real point is that Fiji wouldn't be in this mess if the regime had fulfilled any of its promises after the January 2009 floods.

The regime and its supporters also say that all patriotic Fijians should uncritically fall in line behind the regime's efforts and pitch in.

We ARE pitching in, doing more than the regime or its backers/slackers. 

You want a moratorium on criticism? Fine, when the dictator and his supporters observe a moratorium on committing treason, we'll suspend our criticism. Fair dinkum, mate!  

The RFMF doesn't belong in the business of nation-building. It is even now, in fact, tearing down Fiji's government and institutions. Flood relief should be handled instead by a civilian corps of disaster response and civil engineering experts, supported by local volunteers. Disband the RFMF and establish such a corps.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

I wonder what will happen to the magnificent 7 who helped themselves to goodies they're supposed to be guarding.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:16
They'll get the Peter Kean treatment. ie tea and biscuits + a pink ribbon then released from prison back to a higher paying job.
Easiest way to promotion in Bai's Civil Service.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Yes, like Judas guarding the Jesus and his apostles purse, Voreqe will meet his day soon. Judas lasted only three years. God will answer our prayers.
"Vengeance is Mine", He said.