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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nadi shut as regime leader admits infrastructure not up to par

Nadi: devastated. pic smh.com.au
An admission tonight from the illegal leader of  the enormity of the devastation caused by the floods and that the regime has to be ready for the next one.
Frank Bainimarama told TVNZ a short time ago "hard and fast decisions have to be made about our infrastructure so we don't get bogged down every time there's heavy rain."
Cyclone Daphne skirted Fiji last night saving it from a further battering but the damage of the last four days of flash flooding have caused millions of dollars in devastation.

Nadi has been so badly devastated the town will be shut for the rest of the week with damage expected to be higher than $300 million - the cost of the 2009 floods for the area.

Nadi Special Administrator, Aisea Tuidraki, has told FBC News that businesses are cleaning up and a team has been appointed to clear debris.

Denarau: accessible file pic
“The water level this year is one metre higher than the one in 2009, so in three years time, the flood intensity will really increase. Floodings in Nadi used to be a rare occurrence but for it to happen within a three-year span with rising water levels, it is definitely a concern."

On Denarau Island, it appears to be business as usual with Starwood Fiji Group of hotels and resorts saying they are still in operation despite the flooding in the Western Division.   

Management says guests previously unable to access Nadi airports or flights out of the country, are now able to access the airports by road. It says all roads in and out of Denarau are open and accessible by car. 

Dry feet: army file pic
And some news on the efforts of army and navy. The regime says four teams of 20 military personnel are on stand-by at the Force Training Group in Nasinu. 

It also says military personnel helped Nausori Health Center staff this morning to open: "Military personnel restored the health centre by moving chairs, tables, beds and benches from the maternity unit to the general outpatient department."

Yesterday we asked what the army and navy were doing. It seems we've been given an answer but - moving chairs? And on standby at headquarters?  Not exactly frontline work or clean up. 

Naval officers were apparently also deployed to Wailotua yesterday and returned last night after a full assessment of the situation in the area. A spokesperson says military officers will be provided with 'logistical support' to ensure services to the public are restored as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Remarks on need to fix infrastracture by chief goon means more shady loan deals with China in the pipeline. This crook and his cohort Taliban SOB will make use of every opportunity like this to fill up their pockets.

Sharon Suaniu said...

LOL!! only 20 military personell on standby?? I thought it was 20 divisions or regiments.

Most hoteliers in Nadi were supporting Frank during 2006 coup, now they getting what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Dry feet - waste of space!!

Anonymous said...

To Baini...."AND......."
Lol @ army ni solisona moving chairs. Those on standby at hq must be doing the same, playing musical chairs.
April 3, 2012 7:23 PM

Anonymous said...

Army has 270 soldiers in the west already helping from evacuation, setting up evacuation centers, cleaning up with field engineers clearing roads with chainsaws and earth moving equipment. A 15 man team has been distributing rations in Nadroga. Distribution of rations from Suva to the west has been done by the army. Cleaning up and assesesment in all division by the army. Setting up of DISMAC centers from manning communications equipment to briefing and running the operations centrex has been by the army and navy. Another 100 soldiers to be in the west tomorrow to assist the 300 plus already deployed there to cover ab and Tavua areas too. Sad that this soldiers don't seek publicity for what they do and who said that they were answerable to a few bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the army deserve the sona of anonymous @7.31pm after all the hard work they doing. Thanks for the donation of your sona which will be utilized thoroughly. Maybe you can also donate the sona of you mother and father too for the army. Wananavu ya!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7.31pm, you sound like someone in the army vutuka na watiimu, hihihihihi

puaka rea said...

Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and Senior Army Officers were having a party on Friday 30TH March while people were calling for help
by intelsourcefiji on April 3, 2012
The MSG member countries Prime Ministers and Ministers were held a offical closing dinner at Government House on Friday 30TH March 2012, from 6pm to 9pm. This was hosted by the Prime Minister at the Government House despite that HE the President and First lady were in Tonga attending the Funeral of Late Kinf of Tonga.

With due respect to HE, and disrespect to the Presidents house when he is not around, the Prime Minister accorded the hosting of dinner at the offical reception at Presidents House. When the visiting head of states left around 9pm, the army band contuined to play till 3am in the early morning of saturday while senior army , police officers together with Prime Minister sang, danced and made merry.

This was happening as the people around Fiji were calling for help and the senior officers were getting laid and drunk at the Presidents House. Adding to the spice of the evening was when the Prime Minister around sometime after 11pm ( full drunk) and other senior army officers including Land Force Commander rose a toast to the amaze of the serving waiters :

” This is to my government in power, no one will take us down”

Also around 1am the Land force commander MOSESE TIKOTONGA was found with a girl in the kitchen by his wife.

In the early hours of saturday morning the the party makers also smashed glasses at the Presidents House and broke a few furniture with a cost of damages is said to be around $2500.00.

Filibuster said...

Anon@7.3pm What crock - there are no army deployed anywhere at the moment. If there were, spin doctors would've shunted pictures of them at work all around the world just as we saw with Frank. They are not being deloyed because there's no money to pay them.

Guards said...

George Orwell's "ANIMAL FARM" comes to my mind.ISA KO VITI!!!PM drinking and merrying while people suffering.This news was from the soldiers who were on duty at government house.Buck Privates guarding officers drinking and 'fondling in the kitchen',Col M Tikoitoga land force commander,you half caste,puaka rea.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me the exact number in the RFMF on permanent position?

soldier boy said...

To deploy soldiers you need money,for rations,fuel etc,also we need food rations from donating countries as we have seen during the cyclone era of the previous govts (Cyclones Kina,Oscar,'Bebe') but now we have none NZ ans Aust donate via the Red Cross so how can you deploy soldiers when there is nothing for them to do,PLEASE who ever is say that soldiers are being deployed that is just 'B@#*S@#T" from the goernmant spin witch doctors.

Anonymous said...

No pictures on government pages from what I have seen of fiji's lean mean army at work either in January or now

Anonymous said...

Go to fijilive to see army vehicle transporting tourists from Denarau. Go to evacuation centers and ask them who is bringing them rations. You can't see them if you comfortably blogging from overseas or from your homes. Keep going army and keep doing what you doing....you don't need publicity as the real people in need know who is helping them which is definitely not the bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Whow! - Is that some of the dismantled body parts of the tourists in the photo?? Must have been very bad floods.

Anonymous said...

Munu in Tonga must be pissed off that he missed the party. He gave the ok for the party at the taxpayers funded residence as long as no one uses hi second bedroom

Anonymous said...

Probably chief goon is trying to have a feel of what Government House is like because he's eyeing the place as his next stop. But how can a wild party as such be hosted there in the absence of the current incumbent. But understandably he may have approved it as the guy is also a wild party lover. This is what we see when the dogs are in control.

Anonymous said...

Mataivalu ni Soli Sona (MSS),,, LOL !

Can someone explain how and where is the name started, it is being repeated a few times,, LOL, i can see someone is trying hard to defend this name..

Anyway back at the floods, our community here in OZZ will be sending a 20ft containor of clothes, furniture, household items etc at the end this month. I was brought up in Nadi and it hurts to see the damaged this floods has caused. We love FIJI and thoughts are always with the people but not with this wanabe illegal BS PM & MSS...lol !

Thanks C4.5 for the update

Anonymous said...

What's with the gun? Shouldn't they be holding water purifiers or food rations to hand out?

Is Fiji under threat from another country?

Anonymous said...

People, i would like to tell you that I did'nt want this frienken job! I was forced by RUM& his two Tavales to do it for them and now they've all back-stabbed me and left me hanging? RUM took-off to Tonga and now his other Tavale & Sister have followed and not sure if they'll return? I'm doing my best to try and help the flood victims, but this continueing calls for my head, is now scaring the shit out of me and CAN WE JUST BE FRIENDS? Not sure why i agreed to pull this mother of all coup since now everybody are calling me names even my poor frieken dog wouldn't respond to, and WE ARE NOT AMUSED! i swear to the almighty degei that if someone calls me another bad name-i will definitely quiet and move to VANUATU TO TAKE UP MY HIGH-CHIEF POST "WARWAR"!

Anonymous said...

During the Ratu Mara days we used to see Aust / NZ helicopters and aid immediately deployed to Fiji.
The people suffer cause Bainikaiyum are greedy for power and are not allowing AID in. Evil is in power in Fiji,,,

Anonymous said...

Friend from Ozz about to send 20 ft container... Please double Chevy VAT status before sending. You may get slugged when it arrives. Be ready to pay.

If soldiers are really at centres and helping how come we don't see them on tv or pictures here locally or on media overseas?

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why all donation sent to Fiji has to be approved by the PM's office?? have they nothing else to do yet to keep tabs on what is being sent from overseas as donations.Is it because they have nothing to offer the flood victims yet jumping on an opportunity to be seen that all donations is provided by the govt?..and what they have to offer.. as the saying goes...Nomudou arse sara !!
Good on you Aust and NZ ..give to red cross to distribute fairly and evenly...not the 20/80 concept...80 for the govt and 20 for the needy.

Anonymous said...

This is why a government needs different member appointed in different portfolio. At the moment we have 2 guys trying to job of 20 or so ministers with ability of just doing only one.

In Fiji Times the headline reads "Tourism okay, says A-G

Well mr A (farcking) G how can it be ok when all the media in Australia and NZ is showing how unprepared you guys are. We have hospital stories by Rhyes Wessener and images of tourist getting evacuated across wooden planks by locals. Don't see army or police or emergency body helping!

Anonymous said...


What's with the t-shirt ? Also what's with all the headlines in Fiji sun where PM is ordering purifiers etc. mate just get on with.

Anonymous said...

What are we having in Fiji? Flood or war. It seems like a war with the pix of the three stooges holding guns.

The Oracle said...


State the facts: AG
Radio Fiji Wednesday 4 April 2012

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has called on media organizations to stop sensationalizing on the flood disaster that has wreaked havoc in the country and report only the facts.
Sayed-Khaiyum says exaggerating on flood reports and relief efforts will only hamper the rebuilding process of affected areas as well as the assistance to flood victims.
“We need to be able to ensure that you also as the media organizations are reporting the facts, not sensationalizing or pandering to overseas interests or a particular political point of view. Because at the end of the day it is essential that those people in particular who suffered, who cannot access their homes, who have not been able to get to their homes or not able to get to their jobs are able to do so quickly. And the way that you do it is to be able to restore things to the normal way in which we do things as quickly as possible.”
Government officials are out in the field assessing the damage caused by the recent floods.

SO, for the sake of the tourism dollar... no one died as a result of the floods; claims that more than 12,000 are housed in evacuation centres are FALSE/sensational; photos of tourists camped out at Nadi Airport are in fact pictures from another country; tourists were not charged exhorbitant fees to make their way to the airport; Air Pacific flights were never disrupted; the regime did not mean to issue a media release asking that in-bound flights be suspended; Frank Bainimarama is touring war-town Iraq and not the Western Division.
All that has been reported so far has really been attempts to "sensationalize" the flood disaster and is tantamount to "pandering to overseas interests or a particular political point of view".

Khaiyum, have you just woken up from your drunken stupour? Because you seem to have missed a few days in your life - the floods were real, the suffering is real and the media is simply reporting what's happening on the ground. Ask Frank, he might be able to enlighten you. Or has Elizabeth Powell come crawling to you to whitewash media reports which are being sent abroad and which have the potential of damaging the tourism industry? She was at one of the resorts over the week-end. Were you also there?

Anonymous said...

Ozzies are donating clothes, food, warm blankets etc to be flown across via Air Pacific. A registered charitable organisation will receive the goods and distribute to the needy. Let's all work together for the flood victims...I am not from the West but we can help out in whatever little way to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Baini is using this disaster for election campaign.

Anonymous said...

swallow your pride frank/mo/ag .
fiji needs help and you dont have money and means to assist the poor/needy.
so ask nz/auss govt for help asap.
we had 60 million reserve funds in govt budget during our time in govt.
so this shows you as finance minister you dont have the budget .
resign now if you guys cant deliver.

Bahiya Babu said...

What Floods really.. ? I am very confused!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the account Anonymous 8:05 gives of the party. I wish I could have been there when Mrs. Tikoitoga's discovered her husband hitting on the kitchen help. Maybe I could have driven her home and consoled her.

Anonymous said...

Where's the mataivalu ni solisona?
They should be out there cleaning the streets of Nadi.
Vuaka himself should go and stand there with a broom for another photo opportunity.

tonoka said...

All is back to normal now, thanks to the hard working citizens of this country and no thanks to you armchair critics from overseas..

Anonymous said...

The discussion about what the army is or isn't doing is interesting but misses the central point. The mission of armies isn't flood relief; it's the militant defence of their country's national security. 

Fiji's once-proud army does not belong in the business of nation-building. Under Rabuka and Bainimarama, it has in fact become a parasite feeding off the body politic. Flood relief should be handled instead by a civilian corps of disaster response and civil engineering experts, supported by local volunteers.

Unless Fiji fears invasion by Tonga or Samoa, then it doesn't need a standing army, which is only a drain on resources and, in Fiji's case certainly, a menace to the people's liberties. Fiji's surer protection would be a strong navy, not an army. 

Fiji really doesn't even need a navy. As an island country surrounded by treacherous reefs and vast ocean, Fiji needs a robust coast guard and little else.

Peacekeeping deployments enhance Fiji's sagging international reputation and perform valuable services, but the real motivation behind them is political: buying the loyalty of troops interested in earning extra income from deployments. Although a financial boon to individual soldiers and their families, the deployments are, on balance, actually draining Fiji of an estimated one-two million dollars annually.

RFMF deployments are typically in a static, light infantry role, suitable for goons whose main function has been the intimidation of their own unarmed countrymen in the permissive environment of Suva. But the future of the RFMF's PKO deployments is highly in doubt. 

Kevin Rudd wanted to end them immediately, but this was never realistic. Washington supports the UN contention that governments should not have to pass a political litmus test when offering PKO support, and it's the U.S. taxpayer who pays the Iion's share of PKO expenses. 

The real problem is that U.S. sanctions against Fiji's military are causing the gradual decline of RFMF readiness for UN missions. Also, Washington is disinclined to support RFMF participation in any future PKOs.

The UNAMI mission will eventually be shouldered by the Iraqis themselves, leaving Fiji's bloated military in search of another mission. As we've already seen, idle hands are the devil's tools.

Fiji's interests are better served by demobilising its swollen army and enlisting demobilised personnel into the police. The UN needs boots on the ground in a gendarmerie capacity as much as, if not more than, it needs soldiers. The UN has set up international police training facilities in an effort to meet this need. Notably, U.S. sanctions against the regime do not extend to police and coast guard activities.

By strengthening the size and professionalism of its police force, Fiji would find a new outlet for the energies of its bati, who, with proper training, should come to understand the need for civilian supremacy in policymaking. A stronger police would help to protect Fiji from its real threats whilst strengthening the rule of law.

Fiji should learn from its mistakes and adapt to the changing times. Fiji should drop its army and navy and strengthen its coast guard and police. 

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the sense of personal embarrassment of the visiting dignitaries if Bainimarama really raised a toast to his own government and said what Anonymous 8:05 claims. Well, little bantams are great at crowing! The ignominy the guests should have felt for fueling this idiot's egotism! 

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

So tell me Rhys whatever your name is, are the hospitals in PNG any better? I think your story backfired on you & your league mates!

Anonymous said...

Simple answer to this problem-STOP developments UNTIL you get the Infrastructure in place first and up and running! Water has to go some where if you bury the creeks and rivers they will find other ways to get to the sea. The Vaturu dam management needs to be taken to TASK! STOP planting trees up in the hills to replace Native forests. There was a plan in place years and years for the people of Nadi and that was drawn up by Japanese Engineers to build specific systems to divert water during flooding as we have just encountered and then shut off when everything is OK. Pity they thought it was expensive then well it now costs more to repair the never ending damage & more and more TEARS! There is another issue forgotten here when they stopped the land leases to the sugar cane farmers-the farmers all walked off the land and NO ONE now managers the huge drains surrounding the cane fields, which is so badly blocked with soils and ribbish no wonder Mountainview in Nadi saw its worse flooding ever! When you temper to much with Mother Nature it tends to come back and bite you really yes, really hard on the CICI! It appears some of us have just got such 'hard" cici's its tougher than or skull bones !DRi yani

Anonymous said...

Was Sharon at the party? I guess she was because she's the Permanent Sexrectary for Info.

No qanibulu said...

They bring out there guns when there's a flooding. The only thing they know, maybe they were thinking to shoot the flood waters. Gonei eda sega ni tiko ena buca ni valu, dou yavu bavulu!

Anonymous said...

The flood hit Nadi and the majority of western Fiji the same day that the ground breaking ceremny for the new casino in Denarau was supposed to be held...what a coincidence!!

Anonymous said...

an Simpson, Taveuni
Submission for Constitution

District Guardian Councils

The floods show the utter failure of Multi-party Westminster system and the military junta.

Design and costings for flood control systems have been in place for a long time. I am stupefied that loans raised have been for roads rather than for high priority flood mitigation.

Just a suggestion from a dalo farmer, would not a cheap syphon system on the Vaturu dam take the sting out of any flood (take some water out during rainy season), or else put in a inflatable barrage system in to raise the lake in flood, release after flood.

The People's Congresses of Central and Western Fiji and the National Congress of Fiji would never allow this state of affairs.

The District Guardian Councils would have long ago sacked all officials associated with these disasters. Up to an including our Governor. Nobody is indispensable, and we would not have to wait five years.

I am an interested party, my family members have had all their belongings immersed, twice. They escaped with only the clothes on their backs.

The TWO non negotiables going into constitutional talks will make not one iota of difference to our "body politic", which is rotten to the core and will remain so whilst we persist with a multi party system.

Fig leaf said...

Anti-Bainimarama does not mean anti-Fiji - get it! I love Fiji but I don't have any time for Bai and Kai so get over yourselves who can't see the difference.

Fiji Peace said...

Clearly the fight is on here between those of us who support this unelected govt and those who don't. I totally agree witgh the last blogger voicing our hatred of FB and ASK does not make us anti-Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Mataivalu Ni Solisona (MSS) is now recognised by the bocis as their official title - This is why they are defending their name with all their guns and power at all costs.

By the way the MSS name originated in one of the Ministries under Khaiyum's control in 2010 but for obvious security reasons cannot be divulged to protect the civil servants who work there - His own civilian advisors coined this name for the kaisibokolas.

You bunch of d!@#$%^&s why wait for supplies from Austarlia & NZ when you should get off your azzes and clear debris and help the poor and hungry people.

We can start by diverting all food for the Military for thext 3 months to help the starving people while you go and do what you do best to get your feed - solicici.



Anonymous said...

I fail to see how Fiji's flooding is somehow an indictment of the Westminster parliamentary system. How does one connect to the other? 

Although the case can certainly be made that past governments should have done more to prevent Fiji's current flood control problems, the failure of individual parties or of past governments isn't attributable to the failure of the Westminster model or the absence of a one-party state in Fiji.

For the past six years, Bainimarama's clique has ruled Fiji as a one-party state. Where has that gotten us? Bainimarama's government is highly centralised, and he has exercised the powers of a despot, yet the flooding is worse than ever.

Anonymous said...

Things are getting worse as this dictator rule is not addressing all the important issues. The2 of them have lost all focus. That's what happens when you hold multiple portfolios.

Give up frankie and Arse.

The Oracle said...

@all ...Anon7.37 and Anon 8.51 equals Qorvis?sharon Smith

Anonymous said...

People, in our haste to be critical of the present Regime we also need to help our people! Lets not forget them its their pain we need to understand-right now harping about the Regime is not goign to hepl thos ethat are sufferring! Can someone who is at the very least able to collect funds or anything else to help our peopel please do something -but for the Con artists please stay away!Maybe our C4.5 Editor could start the ball rolling! Too much to ask?DRi Yani

Anonymous said...


This is not the time to be wearing your clean uniforms with shiny boots and toting your M16s.

This is the time to turn your "swords into plough shares and your
spears into pruning hooks". It is the time to turn your M16s into digging forks.

Anonymous said...

@1.05 am

You can not equate the present military junta to a one party state.

A one party state has democraticaly elected officials and sits in congress....were due you see this in the present situation?

Please raise your level of intellect for this discussion.