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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Regime in over its head - will it ask for help?

TWEET! Row, row your boat gently down the stream, life is but a dream. pic Shiri Ram Imagine South Pacific

It's the picture the dictator Frank Bainimarama tweeted to show the world all is well despite the country being hit a second time by floods in a matter of months.

But one day out from what should've been a busy tourist Easter weekend, Bainimarama and the regime are grappling with a national crisis: millions of dollars of devastation, 14 thousand people without food or a roof over their heads, severely damaged infrastructure and flood shy tourists.

DISMAC says the Western Division is 'fast recovering' with most of the major infrastructure and essential services being restored as authorities work around the clock to help Fiji bounce back.

The Ministry of Provincial Development permanent secretary, Inia Seruiratu, told media today the lines that had affected communications and services such as telephone, automated teller machines and EPTOS machines in the West had been restored.

There is clearly a plan to get the country back on its feet but it's a huge logistical effort and there's a danger the rush to get tourists back might swing ahead of the one to restore order locally.

Evacuees at Votua Catholic School sent home
The regime is faced with a number of realities, the big one being this: Fiji needs help - is it prepared to swallow its pride and ask New Zealand and Australia (both who have the resources) to step in?

Thousands of people have already been displaced - they are now in danger of diseases such as dengue fever or leptospirosis and there is the question of  rebuilding the infrastructure and key areas like Nadi quickly.

There is already talk of moving Nadi to Namaka, an idea which came up after the January floods. It's  being pushed again by the Nadi Council.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has accused the international media of misleading reporting but Bainimarama's tweet showing a rather 'swimming' view of the floods is more so. The cheery chap in the bathtub is far from the current truth.

Prisoners put to work in Ba

Evacuees sent home

Inmates clean up Nadi


Boss said...

Poor prisoners get roped in eh. Good to see someone helping. Good on you boys. Anyone know who man in the tub is?

Anonymous said...

The man in the tub is the new assitant minister of information commandore Varinava vololevu. The shot was taken by Sharon Suaniu and
voreqe want the picture sent to foreign land so that they'd know that Fijians don't need their help?

Anonymous said...


Ok people this is getting very embarrassing, that we're getting blamed for all these natural disasters? You guys are relentless
with your criticism of Bai our PM and leader, whom i might say is working hard to campaign for the PM job in 2014. I can tell you that
Bai is doing a fantastic job?I won't be surprised if the people of Fiji will elect this man to be their President?

Anonymous said...

Man in the tub is from the NAVY

Anonymous said...

Everyone is helping except bloggers. Common Fijians let keep going.

Anonymous said...

If they're letting the prisoners out to clean up the mess, maybe there's a chance Bainimarama and Speight will cross paths between Nadi and Naboro -- Speight on the way out and Bainimarama on the way in.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the regime should transfer Nadi to Kiribati, since the West seems to be sinking faster than Tarawa.

Anonymous said...

Since when has this regime ever swallowed its pride in order to do what's right for the people of Fiji? The only time it's swallowed its pride has been to avoid personal humiliation, not to help Fiji.

Anonymous said...

FBC News has now discovered the source of some of the information given to New Zealand and Australian media about the recent floods.

It was the owner of a hotel in Nadi who was not happy with the lack of information, and action, when floods struck the hotel last week.

Mohammed Naseev who resides in New Zealand and has invested heavily in the tourism industry in Fiji claimed to FBC News this morning that his calls for help during the floods fell on deaf ears.

Naseev owns the Hibiscus Pacific Resort in Nadi, a 200 room resort which was 60% damaged.

He claims he called the police and the fire authority all day Friday, but was told there was no boat available to rescue his guests.

Naseev claims there were 15 tourists in his hotel at the time and all would have perished if it was not for some i Taukei from a village nearby that came to their rescue and took them to the safety of the nearby Digicel Building.

Naseev says he has invested $44m in the business and he was disappointed with the Minister for Tourism who told the world that everything was fine in Fiji when no one came to his resort to see the damage done.

To add to his disappointment, Naseev claims, ‘til now there’s still no water or electricity at the resort, and no offers of assistance.

Naseev said he was frustrated that no one in Fiji came to his assistance despite the calls he made on the day of the floods so he rang media in New Zealand and Australia and told them of the severe effects of the disaster.

Earlier this week Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, was critical of those whom he said had spread exaggerated stories about the floods in overseas media.

Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary Elizabeth Powell says Naseev’s resort is near a flood prone area and they would have required considerable assistance during the height of the floods.

Powell says its unfortunate he decided to call the Australian and New Zealand media instead of calling organisations like DISMAC for assistance.

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Anonymous said...

Like I've said before, Bai won't ask for help.
This is the nature of Dictators.

If Bai is still in power, in 10 years time, Fiji will resemble Somalia.
This is the nature of Dictatorships.

Fijians need to understand that David got rid of Goliath by a stone to the head. Not by Fervently praying.

Bainmarama has to be apprehended and be brought to justice NOW!

To entertain the thoughts removing him by election in 2014 is sheer stupidity.

Someone said that Stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
So what result do we expect if we let this guy continue to lead for another 5 years?

And some people still want this same shit for another 10 , 15 years.You must be kidding!

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Voceke and Aiyarse seem to have conflicting views on what is happening on the ground. For Aiyarse to criticize the foreign media for reporting on the situation in Fiji is a sign that he's under pressure big time.

Voceke should start begging NZ and Australia for urgent assistance since they are just 'around the corner'. No point in relying on his friends in China and India because it will take days or even weeks for them to get there, if ever.

Come on Voceke and Aiyarse, eat humble pie and do what's good for the people who are suffering. Or are you scared their armies will arrest you?

As for the guy in the bathtub, that's one of the boats Fiji navy uses for their training.

Anonymous said...

that's the new Navy rescue tub, fuel for dinghys are expensive.

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse is very ignorant. Is it a coincidence that on that Friday was a foundation ceremony for the building of the new casino in Denarau, C4.5 please investigate this. they are rumours being circulating that the site in Denarau where the casino is to be built was ripped apart by the flood, and the Pastor who was asked to pray for that site was badly affected, apparently the waters came inside the house through the roof and part of it was ripped offf, word is The Methodist head quarters in Suva gave him stern instruction not to partake in the foudation ceremony for the casino and Denarau, OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THEN SACRIFICE..... IF THIS IS TRUE... FIJI HAS JUST EXPERIENCE THE PHYSICAL WRATH OF GOD...UNFORTUNATE THAT BECAUSE OF THE CASINO THE WESTERN PEOPLE HAVE TO SUFFER.............. PLEASE DO NOT BUILT IT..... WE DO NOT WANT A TSUANAMI OR TORNADO... OR ANY OTHER FREAK WEATHERS..... BLESSED EASTER TO EVERYONE ..... AS WE ARE ONCE AGAIN REMEMBER THE POWER OF THE RESURRECTION.... WE PONDE DURING THIS TIME OF EASTER, TO ASK JESUS FOR HIS FORGIVENESS AND MERCY UPON FIJI.......GOD BLESS YOU ALL.....

Anonymous said...

No wonder Voceke was telling the people to wait for the boat. Just look at the paddle he's using!!!!. Voceke should get into the tub for a photo opportunity to show the world that he is indeed a navy man.

Anonymous said...

the on the dinghy is sakeo from the navy...he is a experienced diver and a qualified electronics engineer. he can invent anything out of everything...

Anonymous said...

Methodist youths are too busy looting shops, wonder what kind of help they going to provide.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is actually working. Their is a frail attempt at making things look normal when nothing could be further from the truth. I heard from the cops and other officials that Nadi town was ordered to be reopened as normal from today. This government is as far from reality as it can be. No shops in Nadi have anything left most business don't have any windows or any infrastructure left. Getting stock is another story. At best it will take at least 2 to 3 weeks to even begin thinking about opening up the town. The other issue is the availability of water or the lack of it. The WAF has got to be the most pathetic organization in Fiji. Most parts of Nadi even those that were not affected does not have any water. Frank is way over his head. Suggesting that Nadi Town should be moved to Namaka is a pipe dream. What happens to the Millions of dollars in investments in town. People will not just abandon their properties. Their has to be an Engineering solution which Frank will never figure out as it is beyond him intellectually and he is too proud to ask for help. Remember the downfall of many leaders has come from their own arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Can Mara and all his supporters in NZ and Aust collect money and give to the flood victims please. I know you do not support Bai and company but for the sake of goodwill and kind gesture do something for the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Valataka. The time is ripe to rid the Bai and Azz's tyrannical regime and restore real order and justice to the people of Fiji.

Fiji has more than enough professional men and women of integrity to take the country back to elections. Those banking on 2014 are in 2 categories : those wallowing in self-denial because they feel helpless; and the criminals in power who are banking on manipulating the systems in the interim order to win the elections and give them the cover of legitimacy that they desperately seek.

better to kill said...

God send David to kill Goliath,why cant any one kill bai or kaiyum

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:22, rather than pretend to speak for the common Fijian, why don't you cowards let common Fijians speak for themselves through elections? The regime would just as soon pretend the flooding didn't exist, just as it would like to pretend the bloggers don't exist. But somehow reality and the truth seem to find a way of surfacing again and again, just as Nadi will, once the 'silt' (i.e., regime lies) is cleared away.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the man floating in a bathtub full of dalo, trying to paddle through the floodwaters with a rake, seems like the perfect metaphor for The Commodore.

Keep smiling and keep paddling, but don't go in the water!

Anonymous said...

Looks like prisoners carrying the burden of hard work for this flood intead of Frank's Merry Men.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:58pm, Mara has another form of evacuation to worry about than the floods in Fiji. His "water well" in Fiji is being flooded by a fellow Lauan who worked with him in 3FIR and got kicked out for a robbery with violence case. RUM was saving him from prosecution until he ran away to Tonga leaving his "water well" to be now flooded by his boy Mateyawa.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a national crisis. I have been told people are going into the evacuation centres to get food because the government doesn't realise that while you may still have your house you don't have crops.

Anonymous said...

Prisoners working at the Ba Muslim School and Corrections saying the use of prisoners is part of their civic programme

Anonymous said...

The man is smiling because he stole that tub.
How many villagers own tubs in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

stop blaming sdl/flp leaders they not leading the govt .
the idiot regime are using tax payers funds to party all night and screwing the ps sharon./ag sucking bai/mo licking ag balls..
if sdl/flp was in power nz.eu.usa,and auss would have flood money and food/others in few hours..
this regime too much pride.can swallow the pride.
than people suffering and army and ministers partying.
why bai is visiting people but no food.
no money govt is f up.
people is fdfm nz have donated funds to the radio appeal.so stop blaming people.
all fiji people are doing the best to assist with radio apana.
we dont trust radio tarana . pls can john samy.john prasad,francis narayan,sada reddy ,robert tell fiji public how much they donated to the radio appeal-ans zero.

Anonymous said...

Are u guys kidding!

That fellow in the tub is just one of us.

The navy would have lost the plug, but if by some miracle they had managed that, they would have had to look for a paddle , and if they managed two miracles at once they would then have had to negotiate without hitting a reef.Not f!@#$%g possible!

The only thing from the navy worth a shit that reached the west was that raincoat.
April 6, 2012 8:20 AM

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys,commodore Varinava Vololevu, was caught trying
to follow RUM bad example to Tonga in a bath-tub, he salvaged from the Nadi Hotel.When caught by the flood police,varinava appears distraughted; and thought that he was been rescued, by the Tongan navy? I'm sure the man has lost his frieken mables and i blame RUM
for Varinava stupidity! I'm pretty certain that the time for Khaiyum to make up a Decree for people trying to bail-out, when the goings get tough, is possibly past

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.24. Looks like he stole the rake for his paddle. Oh he also stole the yaqona plants for Voceke hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

The NZ government announced today that it has donated a further $750 000 towards the flood relief in Fiji. Voceke and Aiyarse, where are your friends in China, India, and the MSG?

Come down your high horse and thank NZ for helping out without being asked. Your Chinese friends are only interested in making money, not giving. Voceke, you should be ashamed of yourself as you've been blinded by your lust for power.

Anonymous said...

Prisoners are human beings who also have rights and should not be treated as slaves. If they are required to undertake any work outside the prison enviroment,we must understand that they are not covered by insurance or claim for compensation in case of severe injuries,ilness or loss of life.All they get after the task is a vinaka with couple of smokes or newspapers and see you later. I'ts always very easy to say, bring the prisoners to do these shitty jobs but lest not forget that we do not have to punish them again, the courts have dished out their punishment (i.e)time to serve in prison and no more.Question is, where is the R.D.Unit of the army if they still exist coz they are paid and covered by insurance and they have the necessary skills and tools for the job. Not the prisoners coz they will follow orders no matter what with due respect to the authority with silence.

Anonymous said...

Varinava Vololevu putting on a smile for Voreqe Vocolevu.

Anonymous said...

THanks nz govt for helping fiji people.
Pls PM JOHN KEY can you sent SAS to take this REGIME out .
Fiji have suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ April 5 - 7.17pm

This regime's casino promotion in the country is being strongly opposed by the church. Casinos are evil developments and was very much rampant in Sodom and Gomorrah when it was struck by God's fury. Taliban needs to be reminded that this once-cannibalistic country is deeply entrenched in Christianity and only became civilised by the word of God introduced by the early London missionaries. We should not forget that. Taliban SOB would have ended up in the lovo had it remained that way. I tell you this country is subjecting itself to curse if it continues to entertain un-Godly activities. More flood, cyclone suffering on the way.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the bathtub was heard yelling out to Voceke, 'boci boci hop in'. And Voceke replied 'vutusona who authorize you to sail that boat? Now the Tongan navy has seen our secret weapon you idiot!!!'

Anonymous said...

FDFM Australian supporters are organising donations to be sent to the western division!!

It may not be publicised but we are working here, we have not forgotten the flood victims......

Anonymous said...

i use to think that work such as the one the prisoners are doing use to be done by the army in the previous elected governments, so what are they doing now when prisoners are doing the very thing they are suppose to do.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anon 11.23am..The prisoners are doing the work whilst the army with guns are guarding them to prevent any likely escape which would create another crisis.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.50. Isn't that the job of prison officers to guard the prisoners while they are outside? These useless army wannabes should be working alongside the prisoners as they are criminals as well. In fact Voceke and Aiyarse should work with them to get used to the idea of being a prisoner when their turn comes.

Fijiguide said...

The guy in the bathtub is smiling because he had just rescued six trapped children from the house in the background. The parents had locked the children in while they were gone. He had to break the louvered glass to get the children out of the house. The guy is actually a student in theology and has nothing to do with the govt or navy as other people have conjectured.

Anonymous said...

Listen up people,too many people are taking advange of the flood and are claiming vixctim of the flood even though we later found that their house was not effected at all by the flood.Under our law these people can be charged
for faulse pretense and can be put away for quite a long time?Since i am a good guy, i'll let this silly problem slide and we'll just have to do better in identifying these
people in the next emergency situation?

Anonymous said...

Can somebody confirm tehmateyawa story!