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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rewa chief: there was no threat from me or anyone else

Transcript of the Radio Australia interview between Rewa chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa, and the Australian journalist who claimed she was playing the race card. 
Fiji chief denies making threats
A paramount chief in Fiji denies she's played the race card or threatened internal strife in a letter to the interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

Ro Teimumu Kepa, who heads the Burebasaga Confederacy, says her letter to Commodore Bainimarama simply stated that the role of the Great Council of Chief in the life of Fijians should not be discounted.

An opinion article in a pro-government newspaper criticised her for threatening a calamity, but she says she was simply raising the concerns of indigenous Fijians, and was making no threats.

Presenter: Bruce Hill.

 Speakers: Graeme Davis, Fiji-born Australia-based journalist; Ro Teimumu Kepa, who heads the Burebasaga Confederacy of Fiji

KEPA: What I was trying to say in that letter is that there is a place for the GCC in our country and that is that we have over half the population that are indigenous Fijian and those people have the highest forum with the GCC where they can bring matters of concern or of interest to them to the GCC. So with the abolishment of the GCC which he… I think it was one of the first things he did was to suspend it, that was in 2007 and then this year he has brought about in the decree, the total abolishment of the GCC.

HILL: In your letter you say that any calamity between the races or even between indigenous Fijians themselves can only be resolved with the involvement of the GCC. This word “calamity”, that’s been criticized as being some kind of a threat perhaps some sort of prediction that violence might break out?

Kepa: There is no threat from me or from anyone else. We do not have anything that can cause calamity. They are the ones that have everything, and right from the beginning, they’ve been taking away things slowly from the population, but especially from Fijians

Hill: It’s been suggested that with this letter, that in some way you  are playing the race card an that this is a symbol of the old Fiji?

Kepa: You know, we live in a country that’s multi-racial. It’s not talking about any particular race except that it is addressing the interests of the Fijians, in that the things that he has been doing, he has been taking away our rights and privileges as Fijians. So this, you know, if it is talking about a particular race, all right, its talking about a particular race, and that is the indigenous Fijians. Now I’m not saying that we are better or worse than any other race in Fiji. You’ve been here, you know how everyone gets on well with one another. What I’m speaking about is from the perspective of the Fijians. We are happy to live in, I am privileged to live in a country where we have all different races, and the different foods that we have here that are contributed by the different races, it makes it a very interesting country for us to live in.

Hill: But Graham Davis, a Fiji born, Australia-based journalist wrote an opinion piece which was published in the Fiji Sun newspaper strongly critical of Ro Teimumu’s stance. He’s not impressed with her public commitment to a multi-cultural Fiji.

Davis: Well I’m very pleased to hear that Ro Teimumu Kepa is saying that Fiji is a multiracial, multicultural society. If you look at multiracial, multicultural societies in Australia and New Zealand, no citizen in those countries uses the word ‘calamity’ in a debate about interracial relationships. And the word calamity means great disaster, causing great suffering, and great disruption, great dislocation. And I’m wondering, and a lot of other people in Fiji are wondering why she would choose to use that word, unless she was signaling, that if the government continues to marginalize the GCC, that there will be a calamity. I mean this is a buzzword, these are button-pushers in the Fiji context and that’s what people are very concerned about in relation to some of her statements.

Hill: Is there any concern that perhaps some of the iTaukei, the indigenous Fijians might react to the abolition of the Great Council of Chiefs in an inappropriate way?

Davis: Well of course there’s concern. I mean there’s concern throughout the country about this because you know, there… nobody really knows the extent of… to which the GCC can still command loyalty at the grassroots. I mean the evidence for this is a bit conflicting. I mean you have the Prime Minister Bainimarama saying that the chiefs have lost their mana with ordinary people … but ahh… one significant thing that has happened is that the GCC have forged what seems to be an alliance with the Methodist Church which has the allegiance of the majority of indigenous people as well, and of course the other races in Fiji would be concerned that an alliance like that, which confronts the government head on about this fallacy that Fijians have been disadvantaged, could cause a lot of trouble for a lot of people.

Hill: I asked Ro Teimumu Kepa if she herself think the abolition of the GCC might lead to some sort of reaction from indigenous Fijians.

Kepa: I think Bruce you have to ask the people about it because I’ve put my case forward, I think it would be best if you were to ask other people as to what they think about it.

Hill: Graham Davis says although everyone in Fiji publicly agrees with the idea of it being multiracial, multicultural, the race card is still a factor.

Davis: Well it is being played and its being played by Ro Teimumu Kepa when she says Fijians are being disadvantaged. They are not being disadvantaged, what is happening in Fiji is that the other races are finally getting some satisfaction after two or three decades of indigenous policies and indigenous supremacy. This is the canard that she is playing, that somehow, the Bainimarama regime is out to disadvantage ordinary people. Its not. Its about creating a level playing field for every Fiji citizen irrespective of race. Its just a complete and utter fallacy under the circumstances.



Anonymous said...

Davis, you are dumbass bigot idiot. Fijians and I mean taukei belong to Fiji and Fiji belongs to them. You and your fathers were once guests and remain guests to this day. They have their god given right to be who they are in their own land. Who are you to come and dictate this bull shit about level playing field. Have you lived in nz or australia there is no level playing field you idiot. There is racism right across the board in so many subtle or explicit ways. And the ones who suffer are the natives in their country. You take away the institutions that are dear to Fijians and they become vulnerable in their own country. Fijians do not have big businesses. Al they have is their land and their chiefs and their relationships and culture. Piss off back to where your fathers come from Davis you white racist uncultured pig.

Anonymous said...

FNPF pensioners still not paid out this afternoon.

FNPF has no money. Bankrupt

Anonymous said...

Awful lot of I mean and aahhs from the independent journalist.

Anonymous said...

in relation to comment, the rules are not racist comments -yet the blog owner allowed because it is anti regime.
Lets see what happens to my comments:

Common fijians were always kept in the dark by the so called chiefs. The chiefs got all royalties but paid none to commoners.
The chiefs are good for ceremonail activities and a Great Council ofCeremonial Chiefs be established.
Kepa can be the president and all fijians should still be happy they got CHIEFS!!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Graham just dont get it. Who is he trying to Kid Would he treat and grant equal family rights to a stranger, a thief or a criminal and gatecrasher in his own Household???

Would he after 10 years of lodging elevate the rights of this stranger, criminal and gatecrasher, and at the same time forcefully suppress the rights of his own family members. I dont think so...unless he wants marching orders from the wife, protests and sorts from his own kids.. its simply unnatural and unjust.

What would GD's take be if Indigenous Fijians in India demanded equal rights as that of the Brahmins...yeah right...it is simply unthinkable and a damn stupid assertion at that.

The itaukei have been very accomadating amidst growing marginalisation and Credit must be accorded to the virtue and benovalence of the iTaukei Chiefs.

Long live our Chiefs,

Rerevaka na Kalou ka Doka na noda Veivakaturagataki.

Our Chiefly structure and system has been shaped through time...it is still evolving. Let us make our little contribution to build it for the better rather than senselessly dismantling it through personal and partisan agendas.

Why in the World have people become Anti Indigenous Fijians I wonder. Why deliberately bother, disempower,disenfranchise, fragment and alienate etc less than 1 million of the World's most Loveable and Loving people.

Vina valevu Du na Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi na taqomaki Viti kei na kena Kawa iTaukei dina.

Me Vakalougata taki Viti kei ira na Marama, Turaga Bale na noda Kalou ko Jiova.

Anonymous said...

What a charming person we have at anon 5.45. Everyone else is a vulagi except "dumb arsed bigots" like him. Listen up, moron, those days are over. O-V-E-R. No-one is taking your land or messing with your institutions. If you want to have inbred hereditary chiefs lording it over you, be my guest. But everyone is now E-Q-U-A-L. If you don't like it, too bad. The only place you are vulnerable is in your "racist, uncultured" mind. As Voreqe said today. The pigs in Fiji's Animal Farm have been more equal than others and that's not happening anymore. Moce mada Vuaka. You are now bacon and toast.

snouts in the trough said...

Graeme Davis is just stating the facts. Under the sdl which Ro Kepa was a part of, the i'taukei got more than everyone else. She talks herself about privileges. Frankie has taken them away and about time. Fat Cats like the Roko Tui Dreketi had a too good for too long.

Taukei. said...

@ Anon 5:45.

Big test for Taukei culture & beliefs? Survive these people (RFMF)we'll emerge stronger - don't? Then everything we thought we believed in obviously wasn't worth saving. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Why is Davis not asked about his thoughts on the real reason on to why Bainimarama really had this coup and about all the corruption, nepotism and all th BS decrees this junta is making.

Fiji Loyal said...

Methinks it's a waste of time trying to upgrade Davis to a higher plane of understanding. Let's leave him where he's happiest, in the gutter, with Bai and co. More important matters await us.

Blind stupidity said...

It's a weird world when some people want to be ruled by leaders who inherit their positions from their fathers or other members of their family. How did Ro Kepa get her job? She inherited it from her sister when she died.

When my sister died I got nothing. She gets a title, power and idiots kissing her butt. Which means there's no justice in the world either.

When she says indigenous people are being disadvantaged, what she really means is that "I'm being disadvantaged". Anyone who can't see that deserves to be led by her.

Anonymous said...

The iTaukei have their land and culture and it is not threatened at all. This lady here is just stirring up trouble and we can see it here already. She just wants that fat pay check back and other things etc etc.. Take a hike mam..u n ur likes days are gone..

Anonymous said...

The first comment here is offensive and should never have been allowed. It's totally racist. The writer says only "Fijians and I mean i'taukei" have rights in Fiji. I am fifth generation Indo Fijian. I have nowhere else to go. Why do you think we support the government? Because they support us. You talk about democracy but we don't want it if this writer is a democrat. He is not. He is a racial supremacist and we need protection from him. Yes, even at the point of a gun.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Ro Buna!!
And who are these two white wankers anyway??
Press on Ro Buna!!

Anonymous said...

Haha look at Davis thinking he knows what's best, this GCC subject is all he has to go on.
The international community think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Haha look at Davis thinking he knows what's best, this GCC subject is all he has to go on.
The international community think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

We seem to be going around in circles-hasn't anyone noticed? GCC , BCC as Vietata once said "Council of Thieves"! Its very,very simple the i Taukei are saying that they want their Chiefs or for that matter Ro Teimumu is saying that the Taukeis want the GCC back! Yes-answer is simple have a referendum (i know there is no legislative right now)but that should sort once and for all if this British enacted system is wanted by the iTaukeis after that we can all live happily in peace-no more coups , no more liu muri's and ll IS a big happy Family! Tatadra!

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is a non-entity like Croshbie Walsh - they treasonous coup has given the two publicity which they would never have had if there was no coup. I had never heard of the two, and know they are exploiting the Pig's coup, to see their names in print and hear their voices on radio - they are self-serving opportunists - FULL STOP

Anonymous said...

According to this nutter Davis, Voceke did what he did not disadvantaged people by staging the coup. He said people are not being disadvantaged. Wake up Davis, the situation in fiji now is worse than before.

You did not say anything about corruption, how Aiyarse and his close friends are filling their pockets, yet poverty is at it's highest level.

Come on Davis, get your head out if the sand and go to Fiji and see first hand what the situation is.

Anonymous said...

I'm bored with this. Can we move on?

Anonymous said...


You sound like Davis himself you idiot. You live in this hypothetical world of equality of yours, you dreamer. It is not about equality it is about EQUITY you dumbass. Go and school yourself so you can think a little but deeper, and also travel the world a little so you can see the hard core realities of life.
Whether you like it or not you a vulagi in my country. Come to my home or my mataqali and try and argue your equality, and we'll pull your pants down and show you what it is like.
If there any change to the governance of Fijians in their own land, whether it be changes to the GCC, land laws, etc, it must come from Fijians themselves, and not shoved down their throats by some manipulative and cunning vulagis using idiots and corrupt people like voreqe and his soldiers tO do their dirty work. Have you asked what 70% of total population in Fiji who are Fijians or I taukei what they think when their rights have been trampled upon without their proper input?

Get a life you moron.

Anonymous said...

Just because Davis, the kumala vula was born in Fiji and his father was a talatala in the Methodist church he seems to THINK that he is an expert on things dear to us TRUE fijians!!
Back off Davis!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get a life you idiots, Davies is 100% right.

Right from early 1970s I-taikei had it all and chiefs more then others.Now they crying for democracy. Thier type of democacy where what belongs to you belongs to I-taukei and what belongs to I-taukei belongs to I-taukei only.

Paula said...

Davis refers to the multicultural societies of New Zealand and Australia where nobody seems to raise the specter of racial calamity. He certainly has a point. What he conveniently forgets is the undeniable fact that these counties are a) democratic societies, b) Societies where the rule of law is upheld and governments can be challenged in court should anyone feel there is a need to do so and c) these countries are run by qualified and elected representatives of the electorate being fully accountable. In my humble opinion, the risk of calamity has a little bit to do with a violent military forcing out an (imperfect) but elected government.

Anonymous said...

To you Davis I ask: You talk about a level playing field, Frank has changed the distribution format for the distribution of lease monies, whereby all the mataqali members receive the same amount of money regardless of their pecking order. Will he do the same to his Illegal Regime? Of course not!!
So where are you coming from? The bottom line is that you, yourself should not fan the catalyst and fire!!

Fiji my Fiji said...

Davis please concentrate on Australia nad the Abrogines ,try and get them a level playing field and we shall see if you can,you maybe Fiji born but you do not know Fiji or the i Taukei

Anonymous said...

In true FIJIAN and biblical upbringing, circumcision for us men, apart from other factors signifies MANHOOD. We are not scared from getting rid of that useless skin!! It wants to see the LIGHT!!
For Davis, most probably, like all kumala vulas have not gone through that important ritual. They prefer to remain in the dark, as it were!!

Anonymous said...

Any or all of you commenting against the Roko Tui Dreketi have either been not registered in the Vola Ni Kawa Bula, never set foot in your villages, luve ni salas or are not true registered Fijians!!!!
I rest my case!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ro Temumu for continuing to bring up the case for the taukei Fijian. I pray that you will never refrain from speaking the truth just because these vulagis are doing their best to belittle you.

Any discrimination to the vulagi Fijians are all in their minds. The economy is firmly in their grasp. Any assistance to the taukei Fijians in recent times has always been to try and empower them to become more than mere workers in the various businesses. Proceeds from lease monies for chiefs is mere pittance compared to the real wealth derived from valuable resources that is firmly controlled by vulagis. The assistance was not to entrench racial supremacy (I find this constant vulagi claim hilarious - when has a Fijian acted superior?, seriously) but rather clutching at means to avoid racial annihilation/

Now under Frank, we see taukei Fijians being firmly entrenced as hotel workers ('the real attraction to Fiji is its people blah, blah...' and we taukei Fijians feel really happy that we are noticed for such things and it suits the business owners just fine because we are not remotely a threat anymore), rugby players ('the natural flair ....blah blah).These things are good but we must look beyond that...

Graham Davis is part of the system that wants to keep taukei Fijians the old 'obedient, subservient' way. He is entitled to his views. But do not allow ourselves to be intimidated by it. We must believe in our own empowerement and work towards that and I must say we are doing well! Vive La Roko Tui Dreketi!

mark manning said...

Graham Davis has his head so far up Frank's arse, it's hard to see where he ends and Frank begins !

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu doesn't sound like the incendiary racial supremicist Calamity Davis makes her out to be, does she?

It's a little amusing watching him squirm as he suddenly recognizes and then attempts to reconcile the contradictions in the regime's argument. -- you know, the line that Ro Teimumu's letter is a 'non-issue' because the iTaukei all support the Commodore, the chiefs have all lost their mana, etc., and yet that same letter might somehow incite the iTaukei to rebel and to engage in calamitous acts. Well, which is it? All he can do is chalk it up to conflicting evidence, but when the regime is arguing both sides of the issue, doesn't that mean that one of the regime's arguments must be wrong?

Calamity repeats his claim that Ro Teimumu is 'playing the race card', but it is he who is pouring fuel on the issue, while she is playing it down. In fact, it is the regime that is playing the race card by pretending to be the protector of Indo-Fijian equities, when, as Wadan Narsey and many others have pointed out, it is really doing little of any practical value to advance kai idia interests as a whole.

An illegal regime cannot abolish a constitutional institution like the GCC, all arguments to the contrary notwithstanding. On the other hand, it needs to be said that Fijian 'nationalists' -- i.e., iTaukei chauvinists -- do not advance the cause of returning Fiji to democratic governance by threatening other races. In fact, that is antithetical to Ro Teimumu's nonviolent approach.

Fiji can again become the way the world should be, but only if we first make in ourselves the change we want to see.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

It is really pathetic that when someone like Graeme Davis gets abused merely for telling us what we already know. What is wrong with you people? Can't you see what has happened in Fiji? The i'taukei got everything in the past 25 years and no-one else got anything. If you can't see that you are blind, stupid or living overseas. Davis is right and you are wrong. Wake up or live like dogs at the feet of the new Fiji where you are the morons, not him.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a Fiji indian only a Indian from Fiji.
When you an Indian goes overseas and tells a Kiwi or a Aussie that he is Fijian, they will 99.9% of the time get a funny look and most probably be told to pull the other one.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a Fiji indian only a Indian from Fiji.
When you an Indian goes overseas and tells a Kiwi or a Aussie that he is Fijian, they will 99.9% of the time get a funny look and most probably be told to pull the other one.

Anonymous said...

Scrapping of GCC will spell doom for this country. It plays a very important role as a stabilising influence in our national life. Many political leaders of the past have attested to this fact. Jai Ram Reddy, a widely respected Indo-Fijian political leader recognised this when he made an historical appearence at a GCC meeting some years back where he presented a moving speech praising the institution and emphasising the need for its continuing existence.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.27. Judging from your comments, you are indeed a dog and have lived like a dog for the past 25 years. Can you elaborate of what you said about the i-Taukei getting everything in the last 25 years? I can only say you're an Indian because your totally anti i-Taukei.

Also read the postings above....there is no such thing as a Fiji Indian, it's an Indian from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone praise the fact that the country has had its government stolen at the point of guns.,, taken over by cowardly murderers, theives, woman bashers, etc
TREASON is the name of criminal offence which should bring the death penalty.
Junta supporters will eventually live with the shame of their actions, and some of them will be in prison-if they are still alive.

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

Davis....can you see properly..

Do you have a God given natural eye..?

The race card division is worse of in NZ & Australia.

The whites are racist (generally) against coloured people.

They are even selective over jobs against Maori & Pasifika's. You have been lucky because you have a white name and white coloured skin.

So what is wrong with indigenous Fijian people living up to championing their initiatives and protecting their institutions of identity. Indigenous people initiatives and aspirations is recognised by United Nations charter/convention anyway.

we the Kaiviti will remain a kaiviti respecting our Chiefs/vanua & identity....God gave us that and NO one including Frank can take that away...full stop.

Here in Fiji, in NZ & Australia, they too call their own institutions names like..."indian institute of ....." Indian Newslink".....Indian.... etc etc.

Yes because they are proud to be indians.. and kaiviti's have no problems with that either.

Anonymous said...

Ro Kepa, GCC is gone, and we are all better for it. You need to move on and get used it.

Anonymous said...

I'm English Australian! Doesn't sound right.

Anonymous said...

RACE is a fact of life!! Are people not proud of the Indian, Fijian, Vasu, Chinese blood flowing through them??!!
Our manners, traditions, our cultures are all different - so how the bloody hell some nitwit tell who I am??
I am proud to be an Indian!!

Anonymous said...

It's the blood that runs in your veins that matters and what's in your heart that defines who we are.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a previous comment, when it comes to indigenous matters it's more about Equity than Equality.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the other bloke John Davies, now there's a guy who really understands Indigenous Fijians.

Anonymous said...

That's right Davis, Fijians shouldn't use word like 'calamity' that white people in aus or nz wouldn't use in discussion of race. Is that like blacks owning the word 'nigger'?

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.14. The GCC is still there, and mate I bet you will sing a different tune when Voceke and Aiyarse both fall dramatically. Listen up moron, no one will remove or abolish the GCC.

Fuss about nothing said...

Davis says nothing wrong here at all if you judge him by the facts.

FACT: Calamity means a total disaster involving great distress and suffering. Anyone who uses this term in Fiji about race relations is being mischievous and irresponsible, whoever they are.

FACT: Public policy has favoured the i'taukei over other citizens and it is THEY have been disadvantaged, not the i'taukei. Anyone who argues otherwise is a fool because the whole country knows this as a FACT.

FACT: We are all now Fijians by the laws of the land, not just the i'taukei. Some people might not like it but it's done. It won't be changed whatever happens over the next few years so get over it.

I am NOT an Indian from Fiji, an Indo Fijian, a kai idia but a Fijian. You are also Fijians. You lose nothing, I gain something. You are not disadvantaged by my advantage.

This hereditary chief is WRONG and Davis is RIGHT. Get over that too. She is MORE IMPORTANT because she's a chief and should start behaving responsibly and like someone worthy of the respect of all Fijians. He's NOT IMPORTANT AT ALL because he's not a chief, just a commoner telling it like it is. So enough!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:20pm An English Australian still equals an English English. What might sound better is you saying you an Australian of English background-which still confuses the white Australian whose forefathers came from England?

Anonymous said...

For those who want to belittle Graham Davies by going back to his forefathers please remeber his father was a Talatala & true person of the cloth and well respected in Fiji especially in the Methodist Church. Stood up and spoke against the coup of Rabuka. Was also a humble person, who was involved deeply in the plight of all races in Fiji and spoke fluent Fijian. Lets not start calling people and their forfathers names the point is this a place for discusiion appears some just can't handle the heat or is it they just help themselves. DRi yani.

Keep The Faith said...

The Court of Appeal ruled in 2009 that the 1997 Constitution is still in force. That means that the GCC as a constitutionally mandated body still exists.

The solution is simple. Do not participate in the farcical "constitutional consultations" (now even more manipulated with pot head Penny Moore joining the party with the gender overkill), and become party to the military regime's treason by being fooled into making a new Constitution, because it is legally impossible. Even the learned (& treasonous) Anthony Gates is on record as saying so: http://intelligentsiya.blogspot.com/2012/03/anthony-gates-constitution-is.html

They need you, yes, you, you and you to justify that their act of high treason against the state was carried out with your endorsement, in the absence of Parliament. If you're cool with going down with them in flames and contravening section 109 of the 1997 Constitution, keep going.

Let's not forget that the regime needs public validation in a big way and because every other attempt at public approval eg Charter and FNPF reforms have fallen in a heap, this is their only chance to convince everyone (especially the courts at some point down the track), that you gave them your blessing. No one should think that they can say they were not warned.

It's a numbers game folks. Spread the word far and wide because the regime has already despatched propaganda teams from the PMs Office out to rural areas to start massaging public opinion on these constitutional consultations, in the hope that they will make up the numbers of endorsement that will save them from the hangman's noose.

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu says – “The Great Council of Chiefs has a role to reconcile the rights of indigenous community with the development of an equitable national society. It remains my steadfast belief that we chiefs have a moral obligation to cultivate the concept of shared interests and values to transcend the differences that exists in the different societies in Fiji today. Only the Great Council of Chiefs has the capacity to help preserve a viable democratic political system of the nation.”

What a SHAME?

We all know that the GCC members were highly politicised, they fully supported Rabuka’s and George Speights coups and created havoc in the aftermath of coups.

They ordered/used their subjects to burning and looting not only in the Suva city but also in areas in the west, north and who can forget IN NAITASIRI- VIRIA, etc.

Their so called high thief is now doing time in naboro.

Many other GCC MEMBERS were tainted, jailed for their actions- Naiqama, DIMUIRI and others and yet released at the speed of lightening by the racist Qarase’s SDL GOVERNMENT.

Not forgetting some GCC MEMBERS taking over military barracks in the north and one even impregnating a girl below 16 years of age- POLICE COMMISSIONER TELL US WHY THIS THUG FROM CAKADROVE HAS NOT BEEN CHARGED?

If i go on the list is long and many indigenous people are well aware of this.

The GCC Members have been taking the lions share of the lease money and leaving us nornal itaukeis peniless.look at the history of fijian chief's

Her share of lease money is drying up and reduced, same as other GCC members, who had enjoyed the lump sum since independent.

Why cant the ordinary i taukei's understand this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:14, aka Tikoitoga, this regime is gone. You need to move on and get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Davis the fact is,like you Kai Palagi over their in Aussie&NZ we the Fijians would prefer to have full control of our home?We don't want to be marginalized by others be they Indians Chinese or European etc? Call it anyway you want but that is the God truth,and i'm not going to apologies for it.We as a race,if that what you'd prefer to call it,wouldn't want to end-up like our Maorians native of NZ or the native of Australia,US,Canada,or South-America, whose country have been invaded and taken over by outsiders?Why can,t we be left alone to run our country like India,China,Europe,Middle Eastern,etc and like these countries accept others to come and live,work,marry,die &burried,born,tour etc,etc?Somethin Like you guys? Is that too much to ask?Indians thought they could and kicked the European
out of India? The Chinese did it too? We haven,t kicked out anyone yet, but here,s every Tom Dick&Harry accusing us for beign racist? You hang on in there Mr Davis, most of the Indos leaving Fiji are moving real close to your home,lets hope well live long enough to see the changes 30 years from now??? Live Long and Prosper?

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa, talk about splitting hairs. Everyone knows the chiefs don't command the mana they once did. That doesn't mean they have none at all. Even here, we can see that some sophisticated i'taukei who have computers and use the internet are still slavish followers of their chiefs and go ballistic when someone like Davies even questions them.

While that happens, of course chiefs like Ro Teimumu are capable to whipping up false hysteria. if she can manipulate educated i'taukei, imagine what she can do with the less educated ones in the vanua. She tells them "you are being disadvantaged" and talks about "calamity" if it goes on. Of course that is incitement. It's the cue to ordinary people that their chief perceives a threat and it's their duty to respond to protect the vanua.

This woman is a menace to the whole country but especially i'taukei. To protect her own privileges, she is making them feel vulnerable when they don't need to be They own most of the land and you cannot be dispossessed like the Maoris or whatever if you own the land.

It is Ro Teimumu who is vulnerable, not her people. The government has chosen not to fund the vanua through the chiefs because they kept a lot of the money for themselves. It's time for ordinary people to wake up to this fact and stop blaming Indo-Fijians and people like Davies for a problem that is entirely theirs. In fact, Ro Teimumu is the real enemy for trying to exploit fears that are totally baseless.

Anonymous said...

Why compare Fiji with the 2 countries like Australia and New Zealand who dont actually value and understand the fundamental, traditional values of the indigeous people....

We invite journalist into Fiji to write a "piece" of their mind, and yet they push their own values and upbringing to be superior than the iTaukei way of life.....

We have so may iTaukei out there in and out of Fiji that can also write what exactly is happening in Fiji from a stand-off point of view...

Anonymous said...

THE State will not borrow more than $195 million even if there is a lot of interest in the Fiji Infrastructure Bond.

"Government will not borrow beyond the $195million that has been approved by Cabinet for 2012," Finance permanent secretary Filimone Waqabaca said in response to questions raised on the $20m Fiji Government Viti Bond float.

"So, even if the bonds are oversubscribed, our acceptance will still be within the approved limit," Mr Waqabaca said.

He said the FIB issue, which is $175million, would be floated in the market during specific intervals.

The government had announced during the 2012 Budget that it would borrow $195 million domestically to fund its capital works.

"The government finances its deficit by raising money from the market through issue of securities, which in Fiji's case is called Fiji Infrastructure Bond," Mr Waqabaca said.

"Government ensures that the revenue generated is sufficient to cover operating expenditure.
Fiji's debt level at December 31 last year was $2.7billion, at least $2billion is with the Fiji National Provident Fund. This was the statement by Filimoni Waqabaca.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.25. Firstly, you're not a iTaukei because an iTaukei does not swear at his/her chief. Come on, man up and say you're an Indian disguised as a iTaukei. Cowards like you hide behind the safety of a computer screen, and you have no guts to say to a Fijian.

Let me say this to you moron, the chiefs will always be part of Fiji and they're still strong as ever. Their supporters, even in the army, will crush Voceke and Aiyarse. Ou wait and see the mayhem that these two clowns have caused, and they will pay dearly I promise you that. In the meantime, I strongly suggest you refrain from calling yourself a Fijian because you are not.

Anonymous said...

Is this Ro Teimumu or is it the people behind her?

Getting all worked up over the GCC. Why? She married a non-chief which effectively make her children commoners (if she has any). wtf!

Anonymous said...

MYTH -GCC reconciles natives, without GCC all is doom and Gloom.
FACT - GCC has failed the country by upholding racial divide and hoarding money. Fiji continues without them,older chiefs must go and the new brighter , educated chiefs must be installed immediately!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.54. I don't really know what solvent you're on boci. Perhaps you're hungry, or maybe you're one dumb mofo. What I do know is, you're an Indian who has something against the chiefs and the Fiji chiefly system. I'm sorry but Indians don have a caste system which is alive and still existed. Now Fijians don't have that system where people in the lowest caste are treated like dogs.

By the way, her children are chiefs by inheritance, just like Princess Diana's son, a prince by the way, marrying Miss Middleton, a commoner.

Anonymous said...

LOL... 5.08PM

Her children are her husband's inheritance. In Fijian custom heritage is from father to children. Princess Diana's children are royals by lineage of their father; Ms Middleton marries into royalty, thus makes her a royal. RoT married DOWN, dude - get the drift? And so too are RoT's children - by lineage of Kepa, their father, a commoner, they are commoners. wtf!

Anonymous said...

When will the Marama Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa organise all the chiefs in Fiji to lead Fijians in a peaceful demonstration???

It's now six years and people are still waiting for the chiefs to lead from the front, not just issue press releases pliz.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.08p.m - you sound desperate.

Desperately Seeking Legitimacy for a priviledged lifestyle that's been taken away from you???


Anonymous said...

OMG...what is wrong with you people??? i am a taukei yeah but what matters to promote the best for Fiji for our children and grand children is the fact that if you are born in Fiji you hold a Fiji passport therefore you are classed as a Fijian just like all other countries world-wide!!!! Now whose the biggest rascist here huh?...Its common sense when you see someone you know exactly where there origin lies yeah!!! it must not matter if they call themselves a Fijian ...in fact we should be proud....its all for a better future. Our generations have experienced some most ridiculous dramas since 87...enough is enough please.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:39, I invite C4.5's readers to look again at our respective arguments and to judge for themselves whether it is I or you and Calamity who is/are splitting hairs. 

It's pretty clear that Calamity Davis was equivocating because he couldn't reconcile the contradictions in the regime's argument. It isn't me but Calamity who quotes Bainimarama as saying that the chiefs have lost their mana with ordinary people. It isn't me but Tikoitoga who said the iTaukei had given their total support for the Government and the decisions it made. But at the same time, Calamity and others claim that Ro Teimumu's letter might somehow incite the iTaukei to rebel and to engage in calamitous acts, and you claim that The Lady's supporters 'go ballistic' whenever she is criticized and follow her slavishly. Well, which is it? You can't have it both ways.

Are 'sophisticated i'taukei who have computers and use the internet... slavish followers of their chiefs', as you make them out to be, or mostly sincere and concerned Fijians who primarily seek to preserve their cultural identity and/or restore the country's rule of law, as I submit? 

And pray tell me, do you think I'm 'going ballistic' now? Why, just because I'm pointing out the fallacies in your arguments? Also, since he's obviously an avid reader of C4.5, why doesn't Calamity Davis answer for himself? Does the leading coup apologist now need an apologist of his own? Is he now becoming like Croz Walsh, ducking a debate? I ask in sadness not in anger, because two years ago I thought both had greater objectivity and intellectual integrity.

How much mana the chiefs still enjoy will, in the final analysis, be a question each Fijian must answer for him or herself. But that is not the real issue. The real issue is how much mana does Bainimarama have, and the answer clearly is none. No matter how much you and your fellow travelers try to distract us from it, the cold, hard fact is that what Bainimarama is doing is nothing less than high treason, which makes you and your co-supporters accessories after the fact.

Ro Teimumu is indeed capable of 'whipping up false hysteria' but she has refrained from whipping up any hysteria, false or otherwise, in the interest of preventing violence. Her statements are not incitement but the truth. In a time of universal deceit, it seems that telling the truth is a revolutionary act. 

In fact, it is Bainimarama and his henchmen who have been behind all of the polotical violence in Fiji not just since 2006, but, as we now know, reaching all of the way back to 2000 as well. Why no word of censure about that? In fact, Calamity Davis thus far hasn't even been able to bring himself to speak to that issue, probably because it turns most of his apologia tyrannus into mincemeat.

I know Ro Teimumu, Bainimarama, and most of the other major players personally. Ro Teimumu is Fiji's finest example of selfless leadership, while Bainimarama is a selfish, brutish, and egotistical liar.

The iTaukei do own most of the land, but recognize that the regime is effectively alienating them from their own land through its new Land Bank rules. Moreover the regime is attacking the lotu and is now seeking to demolish constitutionally-mandated structures related to the vanua, apparently to facilitate Bainimarama's usurpation of the presidency. These are not baseless fears.

Flaws and inequities in the traditional workings of the vanua are for the vanua to work out -- they are not to be dictated by a traitorous thug. Similarly, any changes to Fiji's constitution are only for Fijians to decide, in freedom and without duress, once Fiji is under a lawful regime... and not a moment before.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha s. Dakuwaqa me limitation ga na dakumu qai vavaca yani o Setani. Kua mada na mai lasu tiko...

Min of Education Staff said...


Ro Teimumu is Fiji's finest example of selfless leadership, - having an affair with a young fijian rugby player, who is less than her son's age.

What a fine example - when u want to be in public life, be prepared to face the exposure of your personal life as well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:51, I don't know whether your allegation is true, and I don't think you know whether it is, either. So, just a friendly warning to you -- the regime has now decreed that gossiping can land you in prison. You don't want to end up as a bedwarmer for Driti. Or maybe you do. Your sexual orientation is up to you.

Don't tell me that that is the worst slur you can muster against Ro Teimumu! Really? The woman is in her sixties now and has been in the public eye for a long time. That's really the best you can do? C'mon, you've got to try harder. I mean even if it were true, that might disqualify her for beatification as Saint Teimumu but not for a political leadership role.

After all, for the sake of context, let's just compare your allegation with some of the allegations against Bainimarama. Off the top of my head these would include murder, treason, torture, corruption, plunder, arson, mayhem, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, mutiny, etc., etc. I don't know, mate, that's some pretty serious stuff there, including some possible capital offenses. And just between you and me, I'm confident that when the day comes, the prosecution won't lack for former regime figures wanting to turn state evidence.

Oh, and did I forget to say that Bainimarama has a roving eye?

You're right, hardly worth mentioning.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Just saying said...

@ s/Dakuwaqa ... Previously Davis has thought that he rubbish bloggers, Ro Teiumu and C4.5. Now he knows people don't think so highly of him and his opinions, he shouldn't be so quick to spread his vile politics.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can some one please give me a background on this Sitiveni Raturala. He speaks as if the entire country revolves around his b!@#s.
heard him on Fijian talk-back radio this arvo. . . what a d!#$%^&d! Who the pharrkk is he?