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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rewa chiefs tackle Bainimarama over Namosi mining

Rare protest from villagers including children, such is the concern about the mining.

Ro Teimumu Kepa
Growing opposition to mining in Namosi with Ro Teimumu Kepa now leading the Rewa chiefs in denouncing the plans of Namosi Joint Venture.
In a letter to Frank Bainimarama (titled Opposition to Mining Exploration in Namosi Province and signed by Ro Teimumu and eight other chiefs), Rewa says they oppose in the 'strongest possible term any official permission' that will allow Namosi to carry out  exploration or mining.

The chiefs offer their own environmental assessment and say they were driven to after discovering the impact studies presented to them last year at two briefings were commissioned and paid for by Namosi Joint Venture.

The letter from Rewa highlights seven areas of environmental and cultural concern, including the pollution of Fiji's biggest river (Rewa) and tributaries and the effect this will have on nearby food and water sources, especially for the Suva Nausori corridor.

It's feared the location of the Waila pumping station intake valve just outside of Rewa province will affect most of the people living in the corridor (perhaps Fiji's largest concentration of people), who get their drinking water from Waila. 

The question is asked: What will happen if the water is contaminated - what will they do, relocate us, like they are doing in Nadi to suit the interests of the cartels on Denarau?

Rewa says mining will cause irreversible damage to its river and watershed areas and no amount of compensation can restore the loss of ancestral village sites and sacred burial grounds.

Chiefs register 'grave' concerns with Bainimarama


Ronin said...

I really dont understand what Bainimarama and Khaiyum are doing. The government coffers are empty, all these stupid decrees [which to the people, it seem to protect these two].

I hope both Khaiyum and Bainimaram are reading this comment: You better pull your socks if your guys are thinking of competing in the elections...

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu is correct
The irreversible damage from mining copper in Namosi would be unfathomable.
NJV / Newcrest has shown itself early this year to be totally irresposible and unwilling to listen to important stakeholders (like Landowners).
There was leaking of toxic stuff into the Namosi River but they did not listen to landowners grivences , who were then forced to take it up with Bainimarama.
Can you imagine how irresponsible NJV will be when the mine is in full swing.
I heard the mine will cover 700sqkm. That's bigger than the whole province of Namosi in size.
The damage from such a mine via Navua River and Rewa River would be unimaginable.

Better to stop it. Let's get money via Eco Tourism and let's not damage our environment.

God gave this country to Fijians. Lets be good stewards and look after it properly.

The Sovi Basin is such a beautiful place.
And many tourists already enjoy going up and down the Navua River experiencing waterfalls in a virgin state and also white water rafting etc. And villagers are already benefitting financially from this.

"Only when the last tree cut down
the last river poisoned
the last fish caught
people will see that you money cannot eat "
- Canadian Cree Indian saying.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Ok I agree that we need to protect our water resources,do we need this modern industries-maybe but we also need to look after, the future generation of Fijian people!
Could we please go back to revitalizing the Sugar industries,the coconut industries,the fishing industries,the farming industries
and lets not kill ourselves by poisoning our water & its resources? Vinaka Ro Teimumu i'm with you!

Anonymous said...

These army wont understand any legal frame work.
they have to be taken out by force.
where is the bati and fijian support of the chiefs.
batis were to protect the chiefs/lands/church and god.
time for action no more talk now.
action speak louder than word.

Anonymous said...

RO Kepa should have banned Frank not to come to Rewa.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Marama Roko Tui Dreketi. We should all do our utmost best to stop mining in Namosi. The people in Bua are now complaining about the pollution are now facing now.
Our health department now have only one pathology and much worse he is retired and no one to replace him. What is the minister been doing all this time. I heard the minister of health is to busy seeing 50% of Indian be recruited every year at Fiji Nursing School. But the problem with Indian nurses that they don't last long before migrating.

Anonymous said...

Indian people dont want to waste their time in fiji.
Fiji belong to native fijian .
We have to move overseas where indians will not be used like slaves in fiji.
Indian can become president of fiji but fiji indian was gg of NZ.
So why blame the indians.

Anonymous said...

Ro Kepa should start a protest march in fiji.
So we can see if fijian support the chiefs or are scared of Frank.
Testing time now.

Anonymous said...

@8.06am.... Indian nurses don't last long before migrating?

I see a lot of Fijian nurses in Auckland Hospitals' also.

When Fijian's migrated to British Army no one said train Indian soldiers for local use?

Anonymous said...

The Bougainville Revolutionary Army

Mike Forster

The current situation on Bougainville has arisen from the repeated failure of the government of Papua New Guinea to enter into meaningful negotiations in good faith with the people of Bougainville. This situation
continues to this day. Despite the agreement between Papua New Guinea
and Bougainville that the Commonwealth Secretariat will facilitate negotiations and organize a multinational peacekeeping force, Papua New
Guinea fails to communicate with that body toward negotiations.

Originally the conflict was a localized business dispute over the mining agreement between the Panguna landowners and Bougainville Copper Limited backed by the Papua New Guinea government. The original terms of the agreement had been set in 1967 during the colonial administration of Papua New Guinea by Australia.

The landowners were concerned about the vast destruction of the ecosystem that was taking place as a result of the mining. Their concern was aggravated when they discovered that some of the chemicals in use at the mine were prohibited throughout the world.

The scope of the Panguna mine has to be seen to be believed. It is a tribute to human ingenuity that people are capable not only of moving a mountain but of excavating such an immense basin as well. One stands in awe at the rim and looks across a vast crater to the other side. Giant trucks appear as tiny toys on the mine floor. What the landowners see is that their land has virtually disappeared.

What do they have to replace this great loss?

In 1989, when it appeared that all requests for renegotiation by the
landowners were falling on deaf ears, Francis Ona declared that they would close the mine until the matter was negotiated. The closure was achieved relatively easily. With a few men and some explosives they felled one of the main pylons bringing power to the mine from Loloho and threatened to continue these actions until the case was heard. It was not Francis Ona's intention that human life would be endangered; rather, he
acted because human life was in danger, because of poisoning from the mine and the inadequate assurance for the future of the landowners, who now own just a huge hole in the ground

Anonymous said...

Sir Sataya Nand should be Fiji President .
We dont want army guys anymore.
Army have messed fiji up.
Fiji has performed well under MPC and Late Ratu Mara.
He did wonder for the kiwis in NZ.

Anonymous said...

If there is one chief in Fiji who is wise and makes entire sense and firmly stands her ground FEARLESS against adversities and injustices imposed on her and her clan by the current leaders who have taken rule over Fiji by the force of weapons and might, it is none other than RO TEMUMU KEPA.

She is a current threat and a figure of prominence on her enemies "black list". However Fiji's attention will be focused in the days to come on this one particular annointed Chief who will make a defiant stand against the forces of this military regime.

If Fiji is looking for someone to look up to, someone who is going to make an example of the wicked and deceitful lot who rule over this country without FEAR OF GOD, then they need look no further.


Anonymous said...

RO Kepa
March to the army barrack and tell the armies officers off.
We want the chiefs to lead than we follow.
go Rewa go.

Mataiasi Moroca said...

I do not bilieve this very current rumour in Auckland NZ that QVS has been closed permanently by the illegal Govt. Is this true??

Or just associated with current school holidays and lack of funds to feed students during sch holidays??

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile underworld asian figures enter the streets of Suva. A struggle for power has started on the streets of Suva. The police/soldiers have turned a blind eye to what's really happening along Victoria parade in Suva. The murderous Chinese drug lords have moved in, and most likely paying someone of most importance to allow them to carry out there dirty deeds on the streets of Suva. The death of the Asian men a few days ago is only a tip of the iceberg. Night clubs in Fiji are being bought by murderous millionaire Asian drug lords. Nightclub are only fronts. They run prostitution, gambling , drugs and laundry there money from this avenue. This is quite a big operation and a few people high up in the government offices are getting paid to turn a blind eye!!!!!

Angel Gabriel said...

Anonymous 10.22...Asian drug lords were brought in by Sitiveni Rabuka and assisted by Qarase's mates...remember the asian mafia queen saga..... yes well as I was saying ,you can't "laundry" money especially the fijian variety because they are made of paper. they would disintergrate in the machine .
Maybe after thinking outside the box you folks can now use asian drug lords for assassination duties against this government.Bacause the bati are in hibernation for the last 200 years. They only appear when the army backs them .Thats when they loot and burgle and rape. Ro Temumu is no chief as she can't lead from the front of the crowd.She will use excuses of being a woman etc,etc etc.ASIAN DRUG LORDS...now that should send a chill up some government spines.

Fijiana said...

I do not believe That Sir Satya Nand is a Fiji Citizen any longer. So it would be an exorcise in futility to even suggest any thing like that. Sir Moti Tikaram would have been a better choice. But now he is seriously ill.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka...E na oti mai na koula, na varasa, na copa keina na yau vakavuravura, ia na bula ni tamata ena tubu tikoga. Sa nodai tavi meda qarauna mera na wasea tiko na noda gone ena veisiga ni mataka na i yaubula savasava ena veigauna ni mataka.

Komai Naibenubenu said...

Vinaka vakalevu Na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi. After six years of groping in the darkness this country can now see a bright flicker of light in you Madam. People it is now our duty to pray for this brave lady so that God gives her wisdom and the courage to lead our march in reclaiming our country from the hands of the dogs that are running us down to ruins.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi! Where men have been weak and failed to stand up to their rights, The RTD has once again shone and made a stand that each and everyone who wants to call themselves Fiji Citizens should be making!

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2

I greatly admire Ro Teimumu Kepa. She's a person of true courage and integrity.

I cannot say the same about Croz Walsh. I had taken him to be someone with enough largeness of mind to print viewpoints with which he disagrees. After all, he claims that he'll publish 'all original, substantive, genuine comments of all polticial persuasions'. Alas, the claim is untrue. I had thought past omissions due to oversights, but now I know they were deliberate.

In his latest column -- after referring to me as 'Anonymous', despite my customary 'Dakuwaqa' signature -- Croz introduces the extraneous and bizarre requirement that I must first be well versed in the rantings of Thakur Ranjit Singh before I can qualify to comment on the regime's treatment of the Fiji Times. In fact, I had read TRS's criticisms of the Times and found them unpersuasive, although I, too, am critical of the newspaper. 

Well, if Croz won't publish them, perhaps C4.5 will. It has wider readership anyway. I invite C4.5's patient readers to judge for themselves whether my comments are so unoriginal, nonsubstantive and ingenuine that they should not be published. Or is Croz's refusal to publish them really because he suffers from the same intellectual cowardice that is the impulse behind the regime's media censorship -- i.e., he just can't handle the truth? Following, in Part 2, the comment Croz won't publish:  

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2

I'm not surprised to see the Fiji Times singled out for criticism on this pro-Bainimarama website. After all, the regime has been gunning to destroy or take over the FT for a long time. This is not because the Times has practised irresponsible journalism, as Aiyaz and others claim, but because it persisted in reporting factually on regime misdeeds.

'Media responsibility', as used by the regime and its supporters, is a euphemism for propagandising on behalf of the regime. If you're 'responsible', you print what the regime wants. If you're 'irresponsible', you print something that the regime doesn't want published, regardless of whether it is true.

It's sad to see what has happened to Fiji's most venerable publication, the Fiji Times, under regime pressure. The regime cut off all government advertising. It forced the Times to sack editor-in-chief Netani Rika. It forced the newspaper's sale. It imprisoned its new owner on phony charges, probably because he had the temerity to save the newspaper, and/or because he's a commercial rival of the Tappoos, prominent regime supporters. 

That's to say nothing about the firebombing of the homes of Fiji Times employees. Too bad the regime never caught the culprits.

Times temporary publisher Dallas Swinstead hoped he could placate the regime by dumbing down the paper and avoiding political content. But all he achieved was a bland newspaper with a weak editorial staff. Well, I suppose the only alternative was shuttering its doors forever, but it's sad to see a former champion of press freedom fall to such a low estate. So much for freedom of the press in Fiji.

It's even more heartbreaking to see what became of the Fiji Sun after the regime took publisher Russell Hunter from his home and expelled him from Fiji in the middle of the night. The Sun has since become the regime's sycophantic parrot. No wonder it receives all government advertising and even gets paid to publish the fascistic regime supplement 'New Dawn'. 

I've learnt from more than one source inside the Sun that the newspaper and the regime are closer than gums and teeth. The regime gives its news and interviews almost exclusively to the Sun, which tends to build circulation even among those opposed to the regime. Bainimarama sometimes calls Sun reporters to dictate stories without attribution. Aiyaz sometimes writes his own glowing tourism columns for publication under a Sun reporter's byline -- a violation, incidentally, of the Media Decree he himself authored and promulgated. Sun publisher Peter Lomas personally picks out what he considers the most flattering photos of Aiyaz and tries to include one in almost every edition. That's called 'responsible media' in today's Fiji.

Media do need to be more responsible. In most free countries, that is achieved through libel laws, peer review, and high standards of journalistic ethics. 

In Fiji, those who want to follow events have little choice but to turn to blogs. Yes, blogs are notoriously poor sources of information, but they're more reliable than Fiji's newspapers. What does that tell you about the current health of Fiji's press?

Indeed, were this the first Easter Sunday, I would expect that only bloggers would have reported the Resurrrection. The Fiji Sun would have printed the guards' version of events exclusively, whilst the Fiji Times would merely have made passing mention of the earthquake.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Jopez said...

Did the PM give his verdict yet on the mining, coz i ain't heard it??..

Anonymous said...

Hey, se tiko vinaka o Roko Tui Dreketi!!! Uro uro tale mai na kedrai rairai!!!

Pio said...

Ni kalougata saka tiko na gone marama bale na roko tui Dreketi. Mo ni qaqa saka tiko, ka me ravuti nai naki ca ni meca.

Taukei. said...

Suggest all those in favour of mining Namosi research what damage mining inflicted on the Fly River in PNG?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:22

Whilst you are off topic you make a very valid observation of another major pollution happening in Fiji.

Although within this blog we often read minor digs between Indian settlers and indigineous Fijians in general both these races mix and work together well here.

What we are now seeing is another race in mass coming to Fiji with the sole intention of making money. The majority do not intergrate with the general society or wish to.

As reported on TV the murder victim had come from a 'Private Chinese Club' ! Are there 'Private Indigenous Fijian Clubs', 'Private Indian Clubs' or 'Private Rotuman Clubs' ?

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Namosi, i vei ga o Tui Namosi? Should be sitting next to Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi! Tui Namosi should have learnt from his late father, an educated chief. He should not tabetabe to Voreqe who has nothing really to offer - no education, no combat skills, no peacekeeping experience, no nothing! Biggest hypocrite- doesn't practice what he preaches- and hopes people don't notice- talks about ending racism, yet violates the rights of indigenous people in the land of their ancestors! Can't take that away from the people as they are rooted to the lands! Go Rewa, we are behind you!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka sa rauta me vosa kaukauwa tiko o Roko Tui Dreketi......Sega walega ni Marama Levu....Kila ga na cava ni rau lasa kei Bainimagana mai Australia ena dua na gauna.......Sega ni wili kina ena gauna a kau cake kina ena keba....ME TAROGI TALEGA O tIKOIDORA....Koya ya e doudou tiko kina o koya baleta o Bainimagana sa kania oti na kuro kari baigani ya ....Rawa ni doudou na kodrokodro ena nomu loma ni bai...Kila ga na koli ni kaidia....E caka tale tiko vei cei na ka qo mahn.....

Anonymous said...

Who elected the junta?

The chiefs are elected by birth to be chiefs.

The chiefs of fiji must up against the WARWAR>

Masimoto T said...

Talking about the courage and tenacity of Ro Teimumu, what about the Vunivalus of Bau?? They are as quiet as a field mouse.

No courage chief. Sa vakaloloma. Rogo ga e na vei ka lolovira vaka na kucu gone yalewa under age.

Anonymous said...

Sa dua na ka na vei vaka cacani e tiko vei keda na Itaukei! Eda sa tara da tiko nikua ena levu ni lasu kei na vei "liu muri taki"!Sega ni ka vou e a dau tu ga ena na noda genes! O Anonymous 3:37pm e sega ni bau wase na dina kei na lasu-se soli mai e dua na vaka dinadna baleta na lasa nei Roko Tui Dreketi kei Voreqe! Eda vei talanoa taka na Namosi mines tina na nona vei qaqi ena nodra lasa o Roko Tui Dreketi kei Voreqe! Isa sa vakaloloma na noda bula ni sa yacova tu ga ne qeteqete ni saulo na vei talano ka sega ni bau wase vaka laialai e dua na ka yaga baleta na leqa ena yacovi keda ke sa mani yaco me dola na mines mai Namosi. Na nodra koli na Ida era sa qai i vavalagi sa ra dro tale tiko ga na i Taukei ni Vanua ka sa cici wavoki tu qo na nodra koli ena via kana- o dolava mada na matamu mo rai ka sogota na gusumu ni sega ni dua na ka yaga o wase mai se mani dina se sega, sega kina na nomu bisinisi. O ira ga na dau dara kei ira sa turu tuga na nodra welei ena wai ni diva era volavola vaka iko!

Anonymous said...

April 12, 2012 3.37pm. The comments you make a vulgar and cheap, and really only refelect who you are and where you come from, more so because you hide behind the the Anonymous tag on this site. Of course you completely miss the point of the lette and also ignore the fact that the letter is also signed by the other Chiefs of Rewa Province. To give substance and traction to your accusations please publich your real name and location. Or are you the dog barking in your owner's garden. Really pathetic, get a life. By the way we already know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous April 12, 3:37pm.

It is not a wonder that floods and other catastrophic occurrences are now happening frequently in our beloved land.

The Chiefs and the Methodist Church are being abused. These two were the main institutions were the main players in the acceptance of civilization into Fiji.

E na rua ga na ka e na yaco e na nomu beitaki Ro Teimumu ni rau lasa vata kei Voreqe:-

1. Ke o dina e na sega ni yaco e dua na ka.

2. Ke o lasu, ia waraka namaka ni dua tale na leqa levu e na yaco.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous April 12 3:37pm mudrau sa sega beka niko madua taka ni dua na marama e tu taka chiko na ka e dodonu me tu taka e dua na turaga. Sega sara ga na betena na nomu comment me baleti Ro Temumu. Vakaraitaki ga na benu e lomamu. Na tamata dau kanakana benu...backslide sega na betemu...lausamu. Veitalanoa qo e baleti ira na wekeda mai Namosi ka sa mai veitokoni kina na Marama mai Rewa. O ira mai na tebara era na affect taki talega ena veika e caka chiko mai cake. Nanuma chiko ya anonymous @ 12 April 3:37pm drau veivutu kei Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

Methodist Church of Fiji should be given an opportunity to decide whether they want to be a Religious Group or a Political Party. Of course there is a fine line between the two and there is a separation of State and Church issue. This applies to all religious groups. In the past no one really bothered or cared. Now the public is more educated. We simply can not let any religious group take advantage of tax exemption by calling it self a religious organization and be actively involved in politics.

For years Methodist Church got away with this. Now the time has come for some serious decisions to be made.

Anonymous said...

Can i please be allowed to make a comment about the issue of nurses. To start of with nurses in Fiji do the most important job in keeping our people healthy. They are severely underpaid for doing doing one of the most important jobs in our society and they deserve to earn more hence they migrate. Looking at the other comments on this site one can best describe most comm enters as "simple". The comments are one way or the other. Fiji's problems are way more complex then that. Their are so many issues at play here that most folks just don't get it hence the current situation. We will always be a third world shit ass country unless people start understanding the true meaning of democracy and freedom. Please sit think and understand. Fiji's issues are not a one way street.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous April 12 3:37pm...O kauta mada vei na i tukutuku lasutaki kei vakacacani o tukuna wavoki tiko qori ena site qo....Ke o dina biuta mai na yacamu dina kei na nomu koro...etc...na nomu tukutuku rairai o kauta mai ena sovasova ni benu mai lami...tovolea mo rai mada vaka gumatua. Sega na kemu yaga....Raica na marama qo e valataka tiko e dua na ka dina...

TAMATA MACAWA O IKO...@anonymous April 12 3:37pm.....

Anonymous said...

Where is the i taukei Nabukebuke the turaga na Tui Namosi? His people are complaining and he is nowhere to be seen or heard. Very unusual as Namosi is a province that always speaks with one voice. Perhaps the Roko Tui Dreketi should give him a courtesy visit to remind him of the importance of the signing of the Deed of Session by his forefathers. The matanigasau that he performed at the army camp a few years a go and whatever golden handshake he received since that time will not bring bring prosperity to his vanua. His people are crying and he is quiet. Why? Sa liga batabata beka o Rajah sa toka lo ga. Sa vavei na kuwaca na vatu?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:56,

Your argument applies even more to the RFMF.

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces should be given an opportunity to decide whether they want to be a military or a political party. Of course there is a huge difference between the two, and the civilian authority is supposed to be supreme. This applies to all professional militaries. In the past no one really bothered or cared. Now the public is more educated. We simply can not let any military take advantage of Fijian taxpayers by calling itself an army and be actively involved in politics.

For years the RFMF has gotten away with this. Now the time has come for some serious decisions to be made.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa, it's just as Suliasi Daunitutu said of the Fiji High Commission's refusal to accept the protest letter on Black Tuesday. It's because Croz recognizes you, knows what you stand for, and he doesn't want to be seen entertaining something that he doesn't want the world to know.

Anonymous said...

The GCC members are suffering no money. The two Fijian institutions which should have stood for democracy,human rights and rule by law when the first coup was executed but both institutions stood and watched and also gave into lawlessness and this is the result they both reap now!!!!

Lomani Viti said...

O Anonymous April 12 ..3.37pm e dua la vei ira na ulukau ka roqo dakai tiko qori mai na keba. Sa maumau na i rogorogo dokai ni mataivalu ni Viti vei ira na i lala qavokavoka lala ka ra sa mai lewena tu nikua. Ia sa leqa ga na kena veiliutaki. Na ika e dau bona ga mai uluna.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Marama Roko Tui Dreketi. We stand with Rewa.

And thank you, Dakuwaqa. Looks like you had another contest with an octopus, except this time you won. You've got sharp teeth while the octopus only squirts ink.

Anonymous said...

sega e dina tiko o koya tamata macawa o iko, na marama talega e dau vinakata me lausamu se vacava..?sa vaka edau cata na veiabati

Anonymous said...

Glad to see C4.5 isn't afraid to publish the entire range of opinions, even if Croz Walsh is too craven to publish Dakuwaqa's.

Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh knows sweet bugger all about journalistic ethics. What he does is exactly what the regime will do in this upcoming constitutional charade, which is to allow only enough commentary to give the process the appearance of inclusion, while using its dictatorial power to drown out or outright exclude the most articulate opposition voices.

Daq the Knife said...

Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear
      And it shows them pearly white
While old Croz Walsh, babe,
Lies in a heap, yeah,
Could it be our boy's done something rash?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.09 AM

In regards to RFMF you may be right. I wonder how much you are educated. I see that you have borrowed the writings from Anon @6:56 PM and have not made the slightest attempt to do your own writing. May be you went to a Methodist School. Clearly shows your educational background.

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu for President! Croz Walsh for Banana kisser and ASK licker!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:14, that's the point. Anon 12:09 is using Anon 6:56's own words against him, to show that they apply to the RFMF even more than they apply to the Methodist Church. It's called sarcasm.

I think that was obvious to most readers. The fact that it went over your head indicates that maybe YOU should go to a Methodist school.

Anonymous said...

Ro Temo is the last person on earth that qualify for president. Her qualifications are as follows: nationalist, Ignorant,arrogant, racist, self-centered, and good for nothing. Her brother Ratu Mo was quite opposite. Sorry the he left us so quick. I think that is why they say "it is only good that die young". May his Saul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:47 PM

No thanks I went to Marist Brothers High School. Which is far superior than ANY Methodist school in Fiji or abroad.

Anonymous said...

Anonyimous at 3:37pm Fiji has had floods because of the wet weather-nothing to do with the Methodist Church nothing to do with the Chiefs-just simple its the time for the rainy season. We flooded because of poor infrastructure, lack of foresight not because Frank is leading the country! The poor infrastructure was there from before Qarase neither did he improve on anything! If you care to go back to before the coups it was both the Methodist Church and Chiefs who gave advise to Qarase-look where that has left us! Short of memory long term ones or (painful ones that is) can't remember the role of GCC & Methodist Church in supoorting coups but can remember floods! Maybe the NZ Maoris should be remembered too they suffred a worse flood than Fiji -did someone do something to the Methodist Church in NZ or for that matter the Maori Chiefs! SA rauta na CON!

Anonymous said...

Annon 3.26pm... uuhumm, Goes to show how shallow you are! Btw, what were you doing for a living prior to 2006? looser.

Anonymous said...

There has been coverage of the Namosi mining plans but fair to say Frank has typically quashed real and informed debate about it. Important that we make use of the start given here by Rewa province to make our views heard.

Anonymous said...

For those who don't know, when fiji got its independance in 1970, we had similar gdp per capita as singapore, malaysia and mauritius. Today, these countries are so well ahead of us.

The problem for the last 40 years is that we have been fighting amongst ourselves and not looking forward for the next generation. So I would blame all past govts.

We now have resources that can help us catch up. We don't have to go the png or nigeria way. Western aust and canada have mines much larger than namosi. If u see the pictures, its full of kids.

Is ms re temumu upset that the namosi is not in rewa and therefore hindering the progress of the people of namosi. Let's gets this investment started soon for the good of all.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that a lot people now agree that democracy is the best way forward for fiji. Great, hope they do not change their views if FLP wins and MPc becomes PM.

I find it odd that people now see that the 1997 consitution as a great doc when Prof Wadan has torn a lot of it apart as it gives a lot of ambiguity on the part of Govt of national unity.

I find it odd that a lot of indians who supported the coup because MPC was beside FB have now changed their mind because MPC is no longer part of it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:26, the putative 'superiority' of the Marist Brothers education certainly isn't reflected in the quality of your commentary. Quite the contrary. More akin to the nonsense that we hear from that other Marist numbskull, the traitor in chief.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:21, beware the biblical injunction against bearing false witness. If you knew Ro Teimumu, you wouldn't speak so churlishly.

Anonymous said...

Couple's nightmare stay in Fiji and talk of 'food poisoning' on Denarau. http://www.times-age.co.nz/news/fiji-stay-proved-to-be-no-holiday/1344796/

Will Khaiyum say its misleading reporting?

Blood in the Water said...

C'mon, Croz, say it ain't so. This fish is making you out to be so much chum. Time for us to hear your ringing defence.

You're not really afraid of a mythological fish, are you? Time for you to turn him into shark fin soup.

Don't disappoint your loyal supporters. We're both counting on you!

Anonymous said...

I read of the Kiwi couple's plight during their nightmarish holiday in Fiji. They suffered food poisoning, nearly drowned, had some of their gear stolen from their room and were stranded for days without a flight.

At least they have the satisfaction of knowing that their tourist dollars helped to prop up Fiji's dictatorship.

Vinaka moce! Do hurry back!

Anonymous said...

For those jumping up and down about Franks education he only completed 2 years at marist-before that he was an RKS old boy!So should we also find out which primary school he went to so they can also share the blame-lets get real!

Anonymous said...

Annon April 15, 1.17am..

To be precise, 1 Term in RKS and couldn't hack it thus the transfer to Kaunikuila to complete form three and dropping out after form 4. yah..MOB Man!!

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