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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RFMF response reveals its fear of Rewa chief

It seems the regime is afraid of women - strong and powerful women.
In a clear attempt to muffle the voice of democracy, the junta's spokesperson Mosese Tikoitoga has moved to stomp on two events this week that show the citizens of Fiji are still fighting hard for a return to democracy.
Using the well-heeled regime organ the Fiji Sun, Tikoitgoa yesterday tried to belittle womens groups meeting for the first time since 2006 and calling for gender equity at both the political and constitutional level.
Today, the cardboard colonel tried to downplay  the significance of a letter from the Rewa chief Ro Teimumu Kepa to Frank Bainimarama about the abolishment of the Great Council of Chiefs.
The letter tells Bainimarama fair and square: “The revolutionary changes that you are making in Fiji cannot be made without the involvement of the Great Council of Chiefs of Fiji. They are the source of peace, stability and unifying factor for the different communities living in Fiji.”
Trotting out the regime's stock argument the  chiefs had to go because they had become highly politicised, Tikoitoga claims Ro Teimumu's letter is a non-issue. Yet he's using the Fiji Sun to promote his cause.
Sticking to his story that Fiji is moving forward, he reminded people that "All grievances must now be aired through the democratic channel and not through an undemocratic channel like the GCC."
Tikoitoga has his work cut out for him. There has been huge support for Ro Teimumu despite detractors and regime aligned regional journalists making out she is playing the race card. 
If anyone's playing the race card they are.
There is also support for the womens groups and their call for an immediate return to democracy, despite Tikoitoga telling people NGOs are self-serving.
We will no doubt see more of Tikoitoga as the regime continues its charade of allowing people to engage in so-called constitutional talks (only to claim via media they're racist and greedy) and the country prepares for 2014.

The RFMF land force commander will be marched out to keep people in line, allowing Bainimarama to continue his electioneering, pretending he's squeaky clean and fit to be voted in as PM or President.
Such is the hypocrisy at work in Fiji today .... as it moves forward.
Beware of NGOs


Useless Fiji military said...

Without their guns the Fiji military are nothing. Under the leadership of Khaiyum's goose bhaini the Fiji military reputation is totally destroyed internationally - say goodbye to peacekeeping and other roles girls - oh and by the way you and your families enjoy your travel restrictions.

Sharon Suaniu said...

So the regime is using the race card as their exit strategy.

Anonymous said...

we have women of good calibre leading by example and one example is nur bano ali...

Anonymous said...

Mofo Tikoisona is back, and barking for Voceke as usual. He is indeed scared of women, because:

1. He has slept with many women other than his wife.
2. His wife smacks him with a sasa at home.
3. He's scared because when Voceke falls, he will fall too.
4. When Voceke loses, he won't have the chance to be the commander.
5. The women are more educated than him.
6. The chiefs will ensure that he will face justice.

Big mistake Tikoisona, the people won't vote for Voceke. They're only claiming to support him so that he thinks he's guna be the next PM. Hahaha wait and see, he will stage another coup when that happens.

Anonymous said...

More irony-tinged stupidity from the regime, this time from the troglodyte Tikoitoga.

He begins by saying that for chiefs like Ro Teimumu Kepa to 'keep harping' about the abolishment of the GCC is a non-issue to the current leadership. That's quite telling, isn't it -- the chiefs are harping? I thought it was just Ro Teimumu and that she sent only a single letter. Apparently there are other chiefs like her, and they are 'harping' about the abolishment. The Lady has apparently hit quite a nerve.

Now, if the Gone Marama Bale's letter is such a non-issue, then why have the regime's top shills spent so much effort in trying to rebut it, and why is the Land Force Commander now weighing in as well?

Tikoitoga said the way forward now is that we must focus on a 'future in which all Fijians are represented' -- as opposed, I guess, to the perpetual present, under Bainimarama, in which NO Fijians are represented.

Tikoitoga said that the reason why the GCC had been abolished was that 'for the past 20 years the GCC, including its secretariat, had became highly politicised, with its members having political affiliations and membership in political parties.' Sounds so much like his earlier criticism of the Methodist Church. Remember the ironic headline? 'Military Tells Church to Stay Out of Politics.' I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

But Tikoitoga might be on to something. Following his reasoning, the RFMF should also be abolished.

Tikoitoga says: “All grievances must now be aired through the democratic channel and not through an undemocratic channel like the GCC." Hmmm, what exactly IS the 'democratic channel' to which he refers? Is this a new radio station, perhaps one only he can hear?

Tikoitoga said the iTaukei people had given their total support for the Government and the decisions it made. I'm sorry, but did I miss a poll of the iTaukei, or is Tikoitoga just dialing in to that radio station in his head again?

Tikoitoga said "all Fijians want to live... in a Fiji that... championed decisions made through democratic processes.  The GCC had been de-established and that would remain." Bainimarama abolished the GCC by fiat -- is that the 'democratic processes' to which Tikoitoga refers? Is that the kind of 'democratic process' we can expect from this regime in the future?

First Driti and now Tikoitoga. Where does Bainimarama go to find Land Commanders with so much comedic flair? LOL.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Chiefs are history now.
Why is the Rewan chief(!) crying foul?
Why was she in support of 1987 and 2000 coups when we all races thought GCC was for all!!!

She has no support. Stop being self fish and consider not bludging any commoners.

Anonymous said...

So long, Good Bye, AdiĆ³s Amigo, Astalavista, Sayonara, Ni Sa Moce GREAT COUNCIL of CHIEF. Your days are over and done with. The party is over.

Anonymous said...

If we want true democracy, then the GCC [plutocracy] must go.

If we want equal and fair opportunities, then the, lease monies should continued to be shared equally amongst the mataqali members.

If we want true Chiefs, then no Kai Loma blood, or Vasu, or Vakawati Tani should be considered for the Chietain title. Accordingly, Temumu should abdicate the title of the Roko Tui Dreketi.

Position of Chiefs shouls only be given to the full blooded iTaukei.

To the Grassroot Fijians, its time to stand up and face the perpetual "veivakalolomataki" of the so called Chiefs and remove them from their title. We are all Chiefs.

Me ra Turaga ga o ira era rawati ira vakataki ira.......... sega ni bula loto ena i lavo ni lisi.

May God Bless Fiji......

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga will be too busy promoting the government in coming months to play the field at least.

Campaign Manager said...

Trues up. Voreqe out and about drumming up support, in his tee shirt and shorts! Lols

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga does not have a clue as to what is a democratic institution, democratic processes and far off knowing what democratic principles are. He has never been part of one, nor have benefited from a fair one.

He badly needs some lessons in democracy before making serious comments about institutions that existed before he was born.

Fly on the wall said...

Expect the tit fortat to be the way of life until Voreqe sneaks his way into a 'legal' govt.

Anonymous said...

CM@5.50pm Saw photo of him and his entourage. He looking like he asking for directions from villagers and they all looking at map book while his men standing back wanting to scratch their head. Seems to me they actually think he thick but no guts to say.

Anonymous said...

@ annon-507pm,522pm and 553pm- you all sounds like,masi the balls for BAIASS and the illegal crew!!! ok,now I get it, you are members of the SSNT-Sotia ni Soli Sala ni Tapi...tell your spokesperson draka levu TIKOIS@#$%^A to stop harping on democracy as he doesnt know anything about it..we with you Na Gone Marama Bale RTD,we will fight till they are down on their knees,aint nothing is impossible mate,if we have the will,we have the way,its either by HOOK or by CROOK...bcos,democracy is removing a legall government,banning the GCC,taking away of the rights of KAIVITI,degree and many more-I think thats democracy to you TIKOIS@#$$%%%%%A,too much harping as you mentioned to the RTD,boidada tiko na tarausese!!!
Sa qai matata tikoga mai na matanimeke,sa balavu dina qai boidada na kena qaqana kei na matana.
Sa dri yani-KAIVITI.COM

Anonymous said...

Who is this Great Council that needs to get into middle of decision making by any government. They were just there during the Colonial days as watch dogs for them. Brits are gone and now is the time for Chiefs to go. As a matter of fact this is long overdue. They should have gone in 1970.

Anonymous said...

George Speight & Ro Teimumu arm in arm during the 2000 coup.

CCD Office Lover Girl said...

It's unfortunate that Fiji now has to listen to under-educated individuals like Mosese Tikonatona, courtesy of positions thrust upon them without meritorious qualifications.

Whenever he opens his mouth, rubbish comes because he is so full of RAVISI. What a nut to say that people are not to be swayed by statements of NGOs including the Fiji Women’s Forum.

Be advised Tikonatona that the RFMF uniform is now a source of pollution that smells from a mile away...have you ever noticed people's mannerism when a soldier in uniform passes by...most wrinkle their noses and hold their breath.

NGOs do not need to air views to secure donor support...since 2007 such support is a formality, if you do not know, MT.

Come on MT, Fijians do not need to be protected by the military...but needs to be protected from DAUYALEWA VAKASAGAI-IRANAGONE like you

What new and better democtratic Fiji you and your wannabee colleagues are trying to build?...we were democratically led in 2006

Only for KAISI like you and other KAISI in the military is the Great Council of Chiefs a non-issue.

Tikonatona, though your name is I Taukei, you are not even I Taukei...look at you as REA as snow is white.

Your problem Tikonatona is you lack the mentality to think critically; why you seem to contradict yourself in most things you say.

Anonymous said...

I just cannot understand how people like Tikoitoga earn their pips. This guy is a hell of an idiot. He must be told that politics is a fact of life, you cannot remove it. Every nation down here on Mother Earth is governed by some kind of political philosophy and Fiji is no exception. Politics thrives in GCC, Sanatan Dharam, Fiji Muslim League, Methodist Church, other christian churches provincial councils, tikina councils, trade unions, in villages, in mataqalis, yavusas,the three traditional confederacies, municipal councils, Fiji Rugby Union, Fiji Football Association, Fiji Netball, hockey, tennis, atheletics, NGO's and everywhere else. It is part of life that is why we have the word POLITICS in the dictionary Tikoitoga Ulukau.

Anonymous said...

I think the GCC is an anachronism, but it is a constitutional institution amd cannot be constitutionally removed by an unlawful government. Even to discuss such an idea at this time is to give aid and comfort to the enemy -- i.e., treason.

You want to get rid of the GCC? Fine, help us free Fiji, and then we can discuss it. But even breathe the idea before then and be marked as a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga is right. Institutions like RFMF should not get involved in politics. It is good that he has announced this.

Anonymous said...

we dont need mosese sotia solisona to bark for his boss.
mo/fisher is and idiot like his bosses.
time for this mo kailoma to be hanged in his land of savusavu.
ag taliban hanged /frank hanged at albert park
fijian have to fight and restore gcc.
where is all the high chiefs all gone under ground.
fiji for fijian not for kailomas or talibans.
fijian why cant you march and arrest the juntas.
lamu or what.

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu had it easy and sorry to say in the end true justice will prevail as the majority of the iTaukei are learning now.Sa rauta mada na kana loto kei na vodo loto, draki qo, dui ta kena and this is the consequence of democracy which the Fijians in pre-Independence should have thought hard about and fought for their rights. 'Qo sa bera. The international community is watching.

Anonymous said...

@9:16 PM

Traditionally in Fiji, pips are bestowed not gained...when someone has a RT, Ro, from the coast, has a kaivalagi blood of some sort in him/her, or has been towing the line to those who lead and manage, with the appropriate connections. I thought that it is time that those pips are gained through meritocracy.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please permit me to write about my recent observations. I was watching Fiji TV news about 2 weeks ago after a very long time and noticed that every single comment coming from senior government officials during news time was being made by the i-taukei. This prompted me to extend my observation a bit and true enough in the 2 weeks since my first note of this fact i have seen maybe 2% of any other race on TV representing government. Aside from Khaiyum and doctor Sharma plus a few others in lesser roles such as Parmesh Chand the number of senior government officials who are non i-taukei is perhaps at the 5% level. This is totally strange coming from a government which purports to be multiracial and all that crap. I also note that Frank and his team have spent the last 6 years visiting i-taukei areas and you very rarely if ever see them any where near Indian settlements. This in my opinion is something that the Indian community should be aware off and not be fooled by the equal suffrage propaganda that the regime is bullshitting about. The i-taukei on the another hand are the most bread and butter based voters in the world. As my former house maid said " in the koro boso if you bring more loaves of bread then the previous politician they will vote for you". I think Frank has the majority of the i-taukei eating right out of his hands. -Comment Edited:C4.5

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dina says..

Mosese, nanuma vinaka tiko na vanua sa tu kina qo o Driti...

he use to talk like you.....so what happens now...

qarauna tiko... Frank does not trust taukei even most of you snr officers..

he trusts Talibans more than you guys cause they are finacing him - full stop.

Anonymous said...

That's right, that's why he took out the Hot Bread lady.. so he can pave way for his own breadshop in a few months, let's hope not!!!

Anonymous said...

1st the GCC then new land reforms, this is only the start.

mark manning said...

So we know Frank and Aiyaz' Achilles heel !

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me where is this Moceke Solisona wavoki originally from?????

Anonymous said...

Hey, guess what people, I have just been reliably informed by someone from Cakaudrove that Tikoitoga's surname is FISHER. I have also been told that the Fishers are from Cakudrove. His brother is the Western Prisons boss and his sister Angela [nee Fisher] used to work for the FEA. For some reason Tikoitoga chose [??] to use his mother's maiden name. The mother is from Kadavu by the way!!

Anonymous said...

What about the military are they not politicizing what the have and are doing??
Tikoitoga, has now shown that like Voreqe, he too has a PEE brain the idiot!!
This is what happens when you open your mouth too much and meddle in things that are far beyond your mentality!!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Tikoisona is fishy.

Anonymous said...

Ah hah!!
Oh, I get it - Tikoitoga is using that name and not 'Fisher' because he was the product of a extra marital affair that his mum had. That streak [extramarital] from his mum obviously is in his blood and that is why he has been having affairs after affairs after affairs.
Don't you seriously think, MRS Tikoitoga, that you should give your philandering hubby a taste of his own medicine. It is payback time babba!! You game??
You would be pleasantly surprised why is available OUTSIDE the confines of the army married quarters!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mrs Tikoitoga is still with the man who is not sure whether he is a Tikotoga [ kai viti ] cum Fisher [kai TANI]?
At least Mrs Talemaivatuwiri [ OC's wife at Lautoka Camp] had the guts and conviction to leave her hubby high and dry after his lasaituba with Sainiana Waqainabete!
Furthermore, she bloody made sure that Waqainabete got her marching orders!! Good on you Mrs 'T'.
Why do you think that Waqainabete is now history and Minister Natuva has a new spokesperson?
What goes around comes around Waqainabete!!
Sa sauti iko vinaka na lasaituba o a cakava tiko kei ira na tagane vakawati.

Anonymous said...

Can't see the fuss with Tikoitoga been of part European decent, after all Fijians suported one called George Speight-wasn't any fuss then as if his mother has to do anything with it! Now all can see the viciouness of the Fijians towards another any wonder why we still here at this moment still standing in DA? Beautiful