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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ro Teimumu might be Fiji's only answer but can key players come behind her?

Ro Teimumu has shown she can lead from the front but are SDL, FLP, unions, chiefs and the church prepared to relinquish their power base to allow her to take that lead?

Where to now? By Non Fijian

Every now and then we see statements from political leaders, comments from unionists, opinion pieces from democracy fighters and a few masterpieces from people like Professor Wadan Narsey regarding prevailing situations.

But there is no use going back to 2006 over and over again and trying to analyse how the political situation in Fiji unfolded.

A considered goner: Vorege Bainimarama in India
There is no doubt that two main political parties in Fiji today is SDL and FLP headed by Mahendra Chaudhry and Laisenia Qarase. But will - and can they - survive the political battle in Fiji today? From what we can see they are trying to show their presence in the political arena but are only making statements every now and then, nothing else.

Khaiyum: Bainimarama's only hope
Looking at the recent idea of a Coalition, it seems that both leaders are deluded by the promised elections and are confident of winning in 2014. What they cannot see is that they are at the end of their political life, unless they get their act together and actively find the way forward for Fiji and also for themselves.

Most likely there are only two ways of getting rid of the current regime and that is by force or by negotiations. If anyone is believing in elections and most of all of defeating the regime by elections, they are day dreaming. Firstly, there is some doubt still about any elections at all in 2014. Even if does happen, the regime will play all their cards to win by hook or crook. They will never hand over the power and that is a fact with all dictators.

Hence we only have two options, negotiation or force. Then the questions are, who is going to take over by force, who has the resources to do so, is it by violence or is it by people marching down on the streets and forcing the regime to step down, or is it the military again?  None of these options are viable at this stage as we cannot see any positive moves by any party or movement.

How can the negotiations take place and on what grounds? The regime leadership and most of them who are benefiting from supporting it, is living with the fear of imprisonment for life if not the worst, if and when the regime goes down. Who can give them immunity for treason and all the other crimes committed by them? 

GCC would have been the best option for Bainimarama to be granted immunity. But then of course Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum got Bainimarama to abolish it which ensures ASK as the only option for Bainimara’s survival because he can manipulate the law and the new constitution. Bainimarama’s only hope now is ASK, law, new constitution and possible elections to legitimize him.

The only other alternative is the chiefs, supported by the church, but only if they can come together strong as ever to bring Bainimarama to the negotiation table. Can the Rewa chief Ro Teimumu Kepa lead this? Can she bring the chiefs together and form a new entity that could replace GCC? Can the political leaders MPC and LQ support her unconditionally? Can all political leaders, chiefs, church, unions and other NGO’s come together behind Ro Teimumu Kepa? Do they see her as a nationalist or a racist?

There is no racism in Fiji. The political leaders have been using the race card in their politics and the current regime is doing the worst to raise the racism as an issue that needs to be eradicated. Any country or race can only be called racists if they are killing each other in the name of race. 

Qarase recently admitted that there is no racism in SDL. Ro Teimumu Kepa, too, recently explained that it is not about Fijians. The question is Why not? All the battles in history are for the race, country or religion and the leaders stood by their beliefs. It is fact that Fiji belongs to Fijians and Fiji’s identity is Fijians. 

The Indian community can be categorized as the most unfortunate people in Fiji. Today they cannot call India their homeland or Fiji.  They were either brought in to Fiji by force or some came here to pursue their business and other aspirations. However, there is no doubt that Indians are proud to be Indians. Their only grievance today could be racial discrimination that exists at work places or access to the other resources such as land. 

There is also no doubt that Fijians are willing to live with Indians as brothers and sisters as they do today as long as their rights are intact. It is about accepting the facts and living with one another in harmony.

The biggest question here is that no one is willing to openly stand up for their race. If a Fijian stands up and speaks for Fijians, then he or she will be called a “RACIST”. If an Indian speaks for Fijians then he or she becomes a “TRAITOR”. This is the dilemma we are facing today in Fiji.

Fiji needs a new leadership. A leadership that can openly distinguish problems with facts and openly discuss them. They may be called nationalists. But that is what Fiji needs today.  A leadership that is willing to give up their lives for their race, land and the country. Nationalists who can see the agony of other races and find solutions to overcome racial discrimination.

There is already tension against the Indians today simply due to the policies adopted by the current regime and worst of all, the one who is calling the shots in an Indian. Unfortunately, the person with the title “Prime Minister” cannot and will not be able to see the difference between facts and problems, let alone standing up for his own race.

The “prime minister” is just a simple man with arrogance, no intellect, no dignity and no values whatsoever. It is shame that the people who are holding the titles “minister” have no dignity and continue to hold the titles knowing very well that they do not belong to them. How can a man sleep with this guilt and shame and most of all showing off him/herself as a “minister” to his/her own community?

What do we have today?

We have political leaders who show their presence to show the public they exist. They are waiting for something to happen to jump in and take the political seat which belongs to him/her. We cannot see Mr. Chaudhry or Mr. Qarase doing anything else to bring people together against the regime. We have so called democracy advocates from overseas who do the same. 

We have people such as JB and Suli who every now and then write articles that are too complicated, hard to understand and with no start or an end. They all want only to show that they exist and are already dreaming about ministerial titles if a change happens. 

There is not much news from FDFM NZ at all apart from forming a council. We have the unionists who are making some noise within their boundaries and most importantly getting their network properly utilized to gain some momentum. We had Roko Ului Mara who is very silent today although it is a fact his fleeing to Tonga and subsequent activities woke everyone up. We have Professor Narsey who gives his valuable insight to current issues. We have blog sites such as Coup Four and Half leading the way and many others doing a fantastic job to keep people up to date.

This leaves us with the only option of Ro Teimumu Kepa. Can she openly take up the role and bring Fijians together as a nationalist? Can our two political leaders learn to negotiate and support her? Can the chiefs, church finally understand their role to the nation and gather behind her? Can the unions and other NGO’s get behind her and support her with their networks?

If not, the winner will no doubt will be the ASK, not Bainimarama as he is goner. 


Anonymous said...

She will definitely unite the Fijians, and the chiefs. Voceke is shit scared and rumors are , he's suffering from consistent diarrhea, not because he has a bowel problem, it's because he's scared. Aiyrasehole Khaiyum is also suffering. He knows that when Voceke falls, he will go down with him too.

It's a known fact that it wasn't Voceke's idea to abolish the GCC, it was Aiyarse's. Someone said that judge Goundar has gone to NZ, and I know for sure Aiyarse will flee the country too. These thieves and abusers should be prevented from leaving Fiji until they are brought to justice.

Long live the chiefs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How convenient that Bai is out of the country when Carr arrives, is it because he is to stupid to give any one on one answers without knowing what questions he will be asked before hand.
I must say Bai has been played like a fiddle by the fiddler himself ASK.
KEPA seems to be the solution that the country has been asking for, I just hope church and political leaders can put the differences and self agendas to the side for the sake of the nation.

Anonymous said...

It's an absolute question as to where to from here. The division we currently see among our people tears us to pieces. But it is time for NGO's, Unionist and Political lobbyst to put their differences aside and UNITE for the sake of our children and the future generation.

The question many would be asking how will all this work? & who will be the first to reach out.

We have spent so much energy cursing Bai & Aiyaz. What we need is a united front & taking a stand on our rights. Who can stand and be counted and believe in the dream of a nation free from coups.

Our economy is in dire need of some stimulation, job creation, innovative ideas.

I cant understand there is a population of more than 800,000 and the army only has less than 4000 soilders. What exactly are we scared of. That we cannot take the streets and government building with demonstration.

Enough is Enough

Anonymous said...

GCC is gone and we are all better for it

Anonymous said...

The dictator has no support when it comes to people power, even most of the army and navy and their famales will not vote for the junta party.

Its only the chain of command abused by gang of thugs.

Fiji neeeds a mother of all coups to gail the junta thugs.

Anonymous said...

She is a racist and will remain one till her death. GCC is gone means saving for the tax payers and if some people want to keep it than they should pay for its existance not all of us. All mentioned to lead are crooks and we have not forgotten 420 million fraud by rabuka (God is with us) coup Methodist and GCC were delighted about it. Choudhary 2 million steal on the name of poor and Qarases Agricultural scheme to buy votes than we have current corrupt group who took over the government to get rid of corruption but are corrupt to the bone. Thats it everyone for himself Fiji is gone to the Dogs at Delainabua and I will vote with my group to any party which gets rid of the Army for good as they are the problem, a group of kanaloto wanabees who are fucked in the head thinking they know everything and come out the most stupid. There is a joke that they join the army cause they cant think for themselfs and someone has to tell them the difference between good and bad bloody loosers.

Anonymous said...

She has no support. And to top it , she is uneducated and has been bludging the common fijians in her province for a long time. Such people are called PESTs. She can form a great council of pests.
GCC is history.

Anonymous said...

Can LQ and MPChodo Coalition [SDL/FLP] declare your coalition stance on ALTA / NLTA or TLTA.

Both you idiots should note that not a single poor farmer family has been inhumanly evicted, dispossessed and/or left on the roadside since 2006. If you relook at the newspapers from 2000 / 2006 heartless evictions were happening almost on a daily basis.

Is this ALONE not a good enough reason for us to support Bainimarama and vote for his party in the next elections??? The reason for our acute poverty is not BAIYUM but the cumulative effects of LAI and CHODO – we do not want to go down that track again.

We have long been told (by the Methodists and the Chiefs) that democracy is a foreign flower and now we believe them.

NO THANKS said...

No, with due respect to Roko Tui Dreketi, Fiji needs a leader who understands how the economy functions etc etc. and, is humble enough to accept advice as Ratu Mara did with Siwatibau. Rabuka fell because he totally trusted Ah Koy. Chaudhry and Qarase were both too arrogant and greedy. I am iTaukei and just do not trust people like JB and Suli who are barking from overseas for I am tired of corrupt people particularly those who look to joining parliament as their way to accessing petty cash for their upkeep - OILEI. And sadly, I just do not think that RTD has the depth to be visionary for she has already farked up her province with her divisive rule and cannot seem to look beyond her supposed royalty.

Anonymous said...

I will stand behind Teimumu and take her from there.....

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.09pm. I really feel sorry for you, the GCC is still in existence. Voceke and Aiyarse can say what they like but the reality is, their action will only unite the Fijians, and will make the GCC a stronger body. You better run and hide when your buddies Voceke and Aiyarse fall, that's a fact.

Let me tell you this moron, the army will turn against Voceke people like you will feel the brunt of their anger.

Sharon Suaniu said...

Anon 6.40
Kaiyum won't flee the country anytime soon. He's the most powerful man in Fiji atm to be feeling insecure. everything's in his hands thanks to his attack dog Bai.

Anonymous said...

Did someone just let out a brain fart???...who thinks up such superficial options as this...we need to be realistic...back to the drawing board folks.

Anonymous said...

She is a racist and will remain one till her death. GCC is gone means saving for the tax payers and if some people want to keep it than they should pay for its existance not all of us. All mentioned to lead are crooks and we have not forgotten 420 million fraud by rabuka (God is with us) coup Methodist and GCC were delighted about it. Choudhary 2 million steal on the name of poor and Qarases Agricultural scheme to buy votes than we have current corrupt group who took over the government to get rid of corruption but are corrupt to the bone. Thats it everyone for himself Fiji is gone to the Dogs at Delainabua and I will vote with my group to any party which gets rid of the Army for good as they are the problem, a group of kanaloto wanabees who are f!@$$d in the head thinking they know everything and come out the most stupid. There is a joke that they join the army cause they cant think for themselfs and someone has to tell them the difference between good and bad bloody loosers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fijians need to be united now than ever before.
they have to fight ask/frank now.
if not fiji is history and will be in huge debt to china.
who will pay the loans taken and abused by this crooks.
ro kepa have to lead the march since the man chiefs are to scared to speak.
only hope fijian have now is ro kepa and mpc/lq should start the march to the army barrack.
people power.
united we stand divided we fall.
god bless.

Mo Jo said...

Key here is organisation. Fiji must decide on a leader that can take on the regime and come behind him or her. Kepa has shown she can stand up to Vorege. Chaudhry is playing the game but forget Qarase he is suffering from extrement arrogance thinking he doesn't have to do any groundwork for support.He cannot rely on votes of old: this is new ballgame and only those with a strategy will win.

Anonymous said...

NO THANKS. Are you suggesting that the pig Voceke is the best person to lead Fiji? Just look at the state of Fiji at the moment under Voceke. He doesn't even know anything about the economy, let alone lead. Man you're one dumb mofo. I guess you're a failure just like your man Voceke.

Anonymous said...

The Fijian and indo Fijian students in india are seen their in the picture supporting baini voceke,this group of student are so dump and don't know what they learn in UNI,such that bring the question of this group of student work ethics ,stupidity and to diffrentiate the good from the bad,they are just so weak and shouldn't be absorb in Fiji,Seen their in the picture just standing behind voceke is that dump and sycho journo girl mereseini marau,she work before in fiji times and now studying in india,and reporting on bainimarama visit to india,telling the people of fiji all the bullshit,http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=199427 it is also surface that this mereseini marau is sharing a flat with a fijian boy and known to be having sexual relation with him ,name peni bukalidi,despite she is been married and her husband is in Fiji,people this is the kind of stupid and low life journo that is reporting on the Fiji times,Furthermore their is also known that a millitary officer "eroni duaibe"studying in Orissa,india as well is behind all the gathering of students and polluting their mind about the good work of the illegal regime and visiting the illegal voceke as seen in the picture,these group of student is so blinded by the fact they are to be told what is good and bad,or are they just not educated enough and dump to choose between good and bad...

Anonymous said...

Ro Temumu is the only hope though she may not be as competent as some others but write off Qarase and Chodo in this crusade; Fiji needs a visionary leader with some Financial background to uplift the financial mess we are in,and my bet is Save Narube former RB Governor. He can lead the country with some 10 interim ministers until the country can go to polls and elect a democratic government.The mobilization of the general force to be initiated by RoTemumu and backed by all citizens of fiji and the army retreated to the barracks including all military personnel who have been appointed to civilian positions..God bless fiji

Anonymous said...

Frank, you are doing a great job. You are the greatest Fijian leader ever to be born in Fiji, over thousands of years. Keep up your good work, victory is yours.

Anonymous said...

GCC is gone, NLTB is next to go. Then an elected govenment will rule fiji

NO THANKS said...

No Anon @ 10.14pm, I am not suggesting Frank either. My bet is Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi and he is wise enough not to be a windbag!

NO THANKS said...

No Anon @ 10.14pm, I am not suggesting Frank either. My bet is Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi and he is wise enough not to be a windbag!

Radiolucas said...

From my understanding, Frank met Aiyaz and asked his advice regarding what the Police Files and potential charges might be.

Aiyaz had a bright idea, and took Frank with him.

But, as the author points out, the genesis of all these crimes do not really assist us today in understanding what NEEDS to be done, and at the same time, to have the determination and resources to get it done.

In spite of everything, Aiyaz and Frank both know that they live on borrowed time - they have ruined too much and harmed too many to survive their crimes.

Anonymous said...

there is only one option for dictator.

He fails to gail chaudi and garase then they will nail him to his coffin in the next election.

either way the dictator end game is cassva patch dash then naboro fr live.

people power will prevail at the end.

who elected these thugs?

Anonymous said...

Frank is doing very well thank you very much. Yes, there have been many improvements and there are also muck-ups. Government service has improved 100% and our problem is, many people expect miracles overnight and are too impatient for positive results. Vakabibi o keda na iTaukei. At least everyone can read Frank like an open book. I prefer the devil I know than the one I don't.

Anonymous said...

Frank's biggest threat which is giving him sleep problem is in his own domain up at QEB. It is well established fact that quite a number of senior and highly qualified officers are not happy with Frank's public outbursts and his giving too much leeway to his right hand Taliban. Issues like scrapping of GCC is really getting into their nerves. These officers were raised in indigenous concentrated schools like QVS and RKS. The best of indigenous tradition and culture is being deeply entrenched in their spirit. I know quite a number of QVS OB up in camp are not with Bai but they have to go with the flow at least for now. It really is a catch 22 situation. These boys have the potential to turn the tables on Frankie. Surely the kind of spirit that stirred up Driti and Mara to want to turn against Frankie is also working in the spirit of many more officers in the barracks. It will be just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Charles Talor has been convicted and I guess Arse will make a decree that international court cant jail veceke. you guys the faster the better make an exhit and to taicakamu kepa dont look for caps now when you already had the chance but were to involved in licking qarases balls grow up and learn to earn money for a living. thats the best you can do you old whore

chiefs call said...

What about the other chiefs?

Can Ro Temumu organise them first to support her in a public rally? Then maybe people will join if they see their own chiefs taking the lead.

These should be the key organisers, only the chiefs.

Anonymous said...

We need one that is not going to divide the Fijians. We are now one, those of indian origin and the indigenous people. We are now all Fijians and we need a leader that will test this development.

This leader should take Fiji forward without any regards to Race. That is the challenge - Therefore a Question is - Can Ro Temumu be our leader in calling?

I sincerely do not agree. Why, because it is best that she, as a paramount chief, do not involve in national politics.

High Chiefs can not fully perform their traditional obligations if they are tied up by national politics. I am sure they would agree to endorsing promising new leaders and also therefore lend them their support.

There are a good number of potential political leaders in Fiji, new faces and components to give us a fresh start. A restart to our national politics must be a new direction and we need components to lead us.

I respect Ro Temumu Kepa and i would like to see her be in her best place, exclusively for her Title, The Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi.

Qarase and Chaudhry had done their bit and must call it off.

Anonymous said...

C4.5, it seems to me that featuring "Where to now? By Non Fijian" without further attribution is tantamount to endorsing the views stated therein. Otherwise, why feature an opinion piece by a random 'non Fijian'? 

In fact, I wonder whether Non Fijian is non-Fijian at all but simply fears being labeled a racist, especially since many of Non Fijian's views are remarkably similar to those of iTaukei ethno-nationalists but not widely shared outside that community. 

So, although I agree with Non Fijian on other counts, excuse me if I don't share Non Fijian's views that there is no racism in Fiji. I don't for a moment accept the bald assertion that "Any country or race can only be called racists if they are killing each other in the name of race." Racism has many gradations below outright genocide. In fact, it is quite prevalent in Fiji. Non Fijian basically admits so, by admitting to racial discrimination in work places and in access to land and other resources.

Both the ethnic Fijian and the Indo-Fijian communities feel insecure. They have legitimate reasons for fearing maginalisation. Fiji needs to deal with these issues frankly within a democratic rubric of majority rule with minority rights. 

Bainimarama and his apologists play the race card in order to distract Fijians from their treason, which is the real issue. This strategy, the widespread contempt of ASK, and the regime's suppression of dissent are polarising race relations.

I'm glad that Non Fijian agrees with me that faith in elections is misplaced. If Bainimarama feels he cannot win elections outright, he will postpone them again, or (more likely) manipulate them in such a way as to transform them into his cornation. He cannot risk losing power.

I'm also glad that Non Fijian has joined my call for Fijians of all stripes to unite behind Roko Tui Dreketi. A week or two ago I publically endorsed RTD for President, Qarase and Chaudhry for PM and Vice-PM respectively, Rt. Joni Madraiwiwi for Chief Justice, and Prof. Wadan Narsey for Finance Minister. 

Qarase and Chaudhry ARE at the end of their political lives, but their greatest contributions are ahead if they will unite for the sake of Fiji. They must lead the country back to the democratic path and then quickly step aside for new blood. They need to state explicitly that they will not contest new elections to be held one year into transition. Once they do that, we need to give them our full support, to strengthen their negotiating hand in an effort to avert violence.

Since the GCC is constitutional and the regime is unlawful, the regime's disbanding of the GCC is illegal. With their social contract broken, and no longer constrained by the institution designed by Britain to keep them in check, the chiefs ought now to unite behind Ro Teimumu's leadership.

Some few have courageously taken a public stand against the regime, but only RTD has done so consistently from within Fiji. Everyone has been waiting for someone else to bell the cat. Well, RTD has done that. She just needs a few true Fijians of all races to stand with her.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse@10.20pm. Voceke is the greatest Fijian ever to rule Fiji? You're too far up Voceke's ass your mouth is his second anus.

Poverty, corruption, abuses, murder, pensioners not getting paid, family and friends filling their pockets with Fiji's money, natural disasters, economy in ruins, and the list goes on and on....yes a great leader alright. I strongly suggest you start crawling out of Voceke's ass in case you're stuck there for life moron.

And Anon@10.27, I can only say that you're an Indian who is so anti-Fijian you're celebrating already. What a laugh. The GCC and the NLTB will never be abolished moron.

Anonymous said...

They have guns but no balls. Useless army.

Anonymous said...

Ro Kepa is a strong leader. She could well be the 'Maggie Thatcher' of Fiji. I would vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:04 AM

NLTB and its management has been obstracting economic growth in Fiji, this will create lots of jobs for ordinary people, who live i poverty.

GCC is a waste of taxpayers money. You can have GCC without taxpayer funds, by getting them elected like normal MPs.

Anonymous said...

Quote from VB. "The hostile or indifferent reaction of most ordinary Fijians has apparently infuriated the military regime. On 08 September 2008, Bainimarama railed against those criticising the Charter and threatened that elections would be cancelled and the military would rule for a further 20 years unless it was approved.

The Central Intelligence Agency says that out of 172 countries, Fiji is ranked 76th in terms of its defence spending and GDP.

Therefore in comparison with its GDP, Fiji's military budget is bigger than 96 countries including New Zealand, Italy, Thailand, Germany and Canada.

Can Frank confirm that he still stands by his statement in 2007 that no persons, including him, serving, or have served in his cabinet military regime will run in the much touted Fiji’s 2014 general election?

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu has Fiji in her heart!! I will vote for her any day!!

Power to the People.....

Anonymous said...

I SDL fields candidates again, Ro Kepa is a shoe in. Or for any party that she decides to adopt.

She is either politically savy or has politicaly savy advisers.

So now we build the next field of candidates:

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu is the last person that can lead this country. Her arrogance, prejudiced nature, Nationalistic views, politically novice, among many other attributes automatically disqualifies her. Now the people that are on same page with her might think that she is the best thing happened since slice of a bread.

All intellectually thinking people will discount her from the word go. If you want country in disarray, and another Zimbabwe, than she will be the right person.

The leaders of yesterday have their "date of use by" expired. We need some new face. A new leader with experience and who has broad knowledge of not only Fiji, but also on international politics. He needs to understand the needs and wants of all different ethnic communities. Work with people well and have a team that consists of multiracial background.

The only person that comes to my mind is Mr. Raman Velji. We need to approach him and urge for his participation in Fiji's progress. Mr. Velji is a moderate, politically well versed with Fiji as well as international politics. He is the first Fijian in the history that contested for US Congress. He is a people's person. Unlike others he is not one that looks to fill his own pocket.

Anonymous said...

Its great to see that Rajesh Singh ( the fired associate Sports Minister) supporting RO KEPA - true opportunist will always sleep with their enemy - RO KEPA though might not want Rajesh's support after their fallout in 2005

Anonymous said...

Remember people-Wednesday next week
we want everyone to come down to the albert park at 0900am. Mahendra Chaudhry is to be here first, as he is the march leader who will organized the march and lead the march to the illegal PM office. Look for this assole in the park cause he could be hiding in his car till 9.30am so when you got here, go right to the centre of the field and stand there,till
others comes in to join you?We are looking for at least 10,000 people to respond to this "MARCH FOR PENSIONERS MONEY" we've gotta ask and demand explanation from the illegal Pm of Fiji.If you don't know how to manage our money than get out of the managing business?

Anonymous said...

Both ex leaders,Chaudhary/Garase have failed the Fiji people. They have tainted records and should no longer think let alone participate in elections.Where is Filipe Tuisawau hiding? Younger educated chiefs must participate in elections and GCC is history -they are not needed anymore. The chiefs must contest elections if they want to lead.

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Chaudhry will be the best person to lead Fiji.

Anonymous said...

bai is a vuaka minded

Anonymous said...

What a load of RUBBISH! Yes some making light reading but practicle-i doubt it! As for Ro Teimumu-she may get support from her Province but for the rest of Fiji-who the hell knows its a simple question can you trust anyone at this time? be they Indo-Fijian or iTaukei? Ro Teimumu i don't think so? Lets get some young blood in people who are concerned about Fiji not just iTaukei not about Indo-fijians stealing the land but sharing the land so we all can better ourselves, not about we came here first and everybody else is 2nd class citizen! When a person gets up and says they here for Fiji and attempts to unite us then we moving ahead as people and country! When the discussion is still centred around the question of race we still don't understand or want to understand hence our problem is still in the SMALL THINKING ring.Beyond that it is too difficult and around it is confusing so the best is to stay with the CROWD ie (race)!My Fiji can fit all the races of this world and still have room left over because my Fiji has a HEART so large and so hugh it has no boundaries! So please don't make out my Fiji is just for 1 race thats the thinking of a 1 track mind! We are united by our differences not our similarities thats is our challenge-its not a DREAM! DRI yani

Anonymous said...

Well expressed anon @ 3.34pm, I couldn't agree more. Sa rauta mada na nanuma tiko na vodo loto with our so-called 'indigenousity'. Yes we were here before Indo-Fijians and others and so what?

Anonymous said...

Why so much priority and talk about indaviduals that may or may not be capable of running a goverment.

Any new Prime Minister will be the leader of the political party that is voted in by the majority. To enable the population to vote these parties must put forward their manifesto to cover what they intend to do to sort out any present problems and do for the future of Fiji. The voting public can then make their decision based on these facts.

Is it not about time the present political parties start selling their policies and ideas to the voting public. Forget about indaviduals, they are only leaders of a party and voicepieces for the party and who they are is determined by members of that party.

Adi Laisa Mukusiga said...

Ro Teimumu says – “The Great Council of Chiefs has a role to reconcile the rights of indigenous community with the development of an equitable national society. It remains my steadfast belief that we chiefs have a moral obligation to cultivate the concept of shared interests and values to transcend the differences that exists in the different societies in Fiji today. Only the Great Council of Chiefs has the capacity to help preserve a viable democratic political system of the nation.”

What a SHAME? She is a Bull Shit Queen

We all know that the GCC members were highly politicised, they fully supported Rabuka’s and George Speights coups and created havoc in the aftermath of coups.

They ordered/used their subjects to burning and looting not only in the Suva city but also in areas in the west, north and who can forget IN NAITASIRI- VIRIA, etc.

Their so called high thief is now doing time in naboro.

Many other GCC MEMBERS were tainted, jailed for their actions- Naiqama, DIMUIRI and others and yet released at the speed of lightening by the racist Qarase’s SDL GOVERNMENT.

Not forgetting some GCC MEMBERS taking over military barracks in the north and one even impregnating a girl below 16 years of age- POLICE COMMISSIONER TELL US WHY THIS THUG FROM CAKADROVE HAS NOT BEEN CHARGED?

If i go on the list is long and many indigenous people are well aware of this.

The GCC Members have been taking the lions share of the lease money and leaving us nornal itaukeis peniless.look at the history of fijian chief’s


Her share of lease money is drying up and reduced, same as other GCC members, who had enjoyed the lump sum since independent. They are crying now, trying to use their mataqali members…….but they have lost their trust

i taukei landowners are getting an equal share of lease money and thanks to VOREQE BAINIMARAMA.

Anonymous said...

I hear and see a lot of calls for fresh blood and new leadership. I wholeheartedly agree. I must also hasten to point out, however, that the regime has put Fiji in a position where new talent cannot easily surface and be recognized. In the absence of elections and in a political and media environment marked by repression, the only 'talent' that gets pushed forward or promoted are those sponsored by the regime. This does not automatically mean that those so promoted do not have merit, but it does raise some concerns about their bona fides and character.

Fiji does need fresh leadership, yes, but to call for it now implies the belief that the upcoming elections will give Fijians the opportunity for that kind of choice. It will not.

The choice the regime will want to give Fijians in 2014 will be the choice between an elected Bainimarama or an unelected Bainimarama. If the regime has its way, Fijians will either elect Bainimarama or their votes will not be counted.

The regime has several ways by which to do this. The regime has already warned that it might disqualify political parties -- in this way to hamper the work of the SDL and FLP political machines. It might disqualify 'politicians' -- i.e., Qarase and Chaudhry. It could simply toss out adverse election results. Or more positively, it might put forward a bewildering number of new candidates in an effort to confuse voters and to divide the opposition. The 'new blood' on offer in this scenario would only be a regime ploy to deny enough votes to the opposition to enable Bainimarama's ticket to win a plurality.

With all due respect, this is not the time to cast about for newbies to challenge the regime. This is the time to unite behind those (Qarase and Chaudhry) who, however distasteful to some, have demonstrated enough combined vote-getting power to unseat the regime electorally.

However, it is also the time to demand that Qarase and Chaudhry state explicitly from the outset that theirs would be an interim administration of one year duration only, designed to restore civil liberties, begin a genuine constitutional dialogue, establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and pave the way for free elections, in which they would not contest.

Then, by all means, Fiji should look for a new generation of leaders.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Mr. Raman Velji, Blowing your own trumpet .. are you???

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:38 AM

It is an insult to Maggie Thatcher when you compare her to Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.21. You must be dreaming, so wake up. You said Raman is the best man to lead Fiji, and I take it he's an Indian. Mate why do you think the coups started? There is no way an Indian will become a PM in Fiji because once that happens, another coup will take place. Racism is the underlying issue here, sad but true.

Voceke used corruption as a platform to stage the last coup. And what happened? Corruption is rife and it's worse than before. Voceke and Aiyarse, along with their friends are raking in the dollars, yet the majority of the population are sliding deeper into poverty. Now can you answer that?

As much as you support the abolition of the GCC, let me say this to you, they're stronger than ever, but you're so blinded you don't even see that. The Fijians respect their chiefs, bar a few, and I know the Fijians in the army are not happy with what Voceke and his boss Aiyarse have done. There will be bloodshed and there will be another coup, mark my words.

As for your man Raman, what's he done in the last 6 years for Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Word coming out of Voceke's office is that Khaiyum will be made a chief. And after the election he will be known as Ratu Aiyarse. We already have Chief WankWank.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.28am, you must be a politician, using the race card again. ULUKAU vakai tamamu. We all know that the coups of 1987 & 2000 were really perpetrated by dissident politicians with their private sector friends and a handful of senior soldiers. It was convenient for them to use race as an issue. Who the hell do you think you're fooling. Our experience has shown that it is not the race but the person that is guilty of poor leadership. Let us look inwardly at ourselves eg, the iTaukei, it is our own leaders and political chiefs who stole from us not some Ramesh from whereever! 'O valialia cei, kaisi bokola!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ !:30 AM

Mr. Raman Velji does not need to Blow his own trumpet. Your assumption is totally wrong mate. I am sure that he has much bigger and better things to do. I am not sure if he even visits this site.

Anonymous said...

For those calling for ONLY iTaukei to lead this country, shows that we still have some Nationalist around. The mindset has to change. Our Indo brothers have been in this country for ages. They were not only born here, but also most of them are 6 or 7 generation. They have same rights as anyone else. We iTaukeis need to accept this as a reality. We need to learn to live with this and change our attitude.

We need the best person to lead Fiji. Race, color or creed is not a prerequisite. This is 2012. Lets not burg down on race. We are better educated and need to be progressive. If Obama could lead USA than why can't in Indo brother or sister lead Fiji? The only requirement that we should ask is that, that person needs to have the know how, Leader (not like Chor dhry) and has no prejudice.

May the Best Person lead our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

In the Australian venacular, Baini and ayarse only have two chances:-
When you weigh it all up.
They have ruined for themselves, any chance of continued success.
They only have themselves to blame for their final fate.

Anonymous said...

Raman Velji? If he ran for the U.S. Congress, what makes you think he still has Fijian citizenship? Moreover, running for political office in another country is normally an expatriating act. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu like Margaret Thatcher? I don't think so!

More like Aung San Suu Kyi.

Anonymous said...

Teimumu the way to go but she will need the support of the Indian political leaders, the FLP and National Federation Party: Fiji Liberal Coalition Party

Anonymous said...

The GCC should be made to answer for all crimes, past and present. No one should be above the law.

Nonetheless, the GCC is sanctioned by the Constitution, and an illegal regime cannot make lawful changes to the Constitution. The farce currently underway has no sanction of law.

If the GCC has lost the trust of the people, then the people should change or remove it, but only through constitutional means. To argue its change or removal via unconstitutional means is treason. And those who commit treason should, upon conviction, be hanged until dead.

Voreqe Bainimarama has no compunction about taking and giving other people's money away without due process. Is theft now considered a virtue?

Racism is not the underlying issue. Treason is the underlying issue. Racism is merely the excuse, and a very tired one at that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 249pm
"Mahendra Chaudhry will be the best person to lead Fiji."
Please send donations hahahahaha
He will help the poor with the donations i promise heheheheh
YOU SILLY BARSTUD- MC is a trade unionist and pocketed millions in donations that were meant for the poor!

Anonymous said...

Is Raman the US based fella who instigated the abolition of the GCC? And if he ran for the US senate or whatever, and failed, let him stay there and try again. What has he done for Fiji of late?

Anonymous said...

Kaliopate Tavola is probably the best person to lead the government. Only MP in previous two parliament never to use racial slurs. Only MP who was so enthusiastic about Labour joining the SDL Government's first term. But of course Labour rejected the offer after Lai only gave them non-essential ministries.
Even Lai knows the capabilities of these fine gentlement. Lai had to get Tavola out of political retirement, offer him a Senate seat so he could be the Foreign Minister.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:25 PM

Raman Velji definitely can't be the US based fella who instigated the abolition of the GCC? He is a bridge builder not a bridge breaker.

But good try mate. El wrongo again.

Anonymous said...

What has this guy Raman done for Fiji? He will never be the PM, and besides he's a US citizen and Fijians don't like foreigners coming in and wana rule. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kalio Tavola is a definite person who is a diplomat in the true sense of the word who should be part of a new government. Also Robin Irwin who is a straight talker - an Independent who calls a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

And Pita Nacuva. Another talented politician, experienced in Town Planning which has proved to be a weak area holding back development and investment. There are others in the ranks of Labour and NFP. Wadan Narsey has to be considered for his economic background and his in depth analysis of financial matters.

Anonymous said...

Kaliopate Tavola is a nice fellow but problem is, he is weak. And as for diplomats - don't trust them, they are the most professional liars!

Anonymous said...

The question is will Kalio Tavola, Robin Irwin and others WANT to stand for election?

Kaliopate Tavola is da man for Fiji's Prime Minister after elections said...

Kalio Tavola has a lot of respect and support to lead a multi-cultural NEW PARTY, to govern Fiji after elections - not Racist SDL or Qarase or chor, conman millionaire Chaudary.

I bet Tavola will definately not release any coupe convicts who are enjoying Naboro.

Now is the time to get this faithful son of KADAVU to lead the Nation.

Anonymous said...

anon@9:37am...Really, if Fiji Military Budget is as high as Germany,NZ,Canada,Thiland and Italy
my question if WHERE IS BEEF? I mean considering that these other country have Tanks,Submarines,Fighter Aircrafts,
ships, Helicopters,etc,etc.One of those fighter jet can cost between
5 to 6 million dollars.Either your info is incorrect or someone is giving you the bull? Please do your research before you post?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06, Anon 3:37 was discussing Fiji's defence spending "in comparison with its GDP." Please read more carefully before you flame another post.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote no Indian PM in Fiji, thats why the coup!!! What a load of bull!!! If that was the reason for the coup, why was Qarase and Bavadra overthrown!! Do not cry for democracy if you have this mentality.Fiji will continue the coup culture as the root cause has not been dealt with. Rabuka should have been hanged for the coup, but 99% of Fijians supported him including the chiefs. garase accomodated all the coup supporters and thought he will be secure but it back fired on him.
So next election if any Bai will lead for the next 20yrs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:30 PM

This not end of story, it is only the beginning. Raman Velji was born in Fiji. So that makes him a foreigner in USA not in Fiji. In Fiji he is a Fijian. As far as lot of people asking what has he done for Fiji in last 6 years. Tell me what has Qarese, Mahen Choor dhry, Ro Teimumu or any anyone in Fiji politics has done for Fiji. Simple answer is NOTHING. A big ZERO. They have just put their tails between their legs shut their mouth. Choor dhry joind the government till he was given his walking papers.

Anonymous said...

Whoever becomes the PM will inherit a nightmare after what these pigs Voceke and Aiyarse have done. Robert Mugabe has a lot in common to Voceke.

Anonymous said...

No Chinese bonds will be honoured by the new democratic government as negotiated by an unelected regime.

No 'deals' done by FNPF or others are legal as officers appointed by illegal regime. A lot of unscrambling to be done.

Compensation for 100's of officers terminated without cause - who pays?


Anonymous said...

Anon@1.53pm..Raman can not be a foreigner in the US otherwise he wouldn't have contested the senate seat he lost. It's the other way round dickhead, he's a foreigner in Fiji, just like Davis. In fact he's done nothing for Fiji in the past 6 years, and he will never be PM. But dreams are free so keep dreaming nut bar.

Anonymous said...

Its truly surprising to see a Kepa from Lau being the Paramount Chief of Burebasaga.

And why are these Lauan children treated with the respect far beyond the respect given to the real chiefly children of Rewa, let alone the Vanua o Burebasaga. The Mataitini children, the Logavatu children, the Rayawa children.

Temumu should vacate the Roko Tui Dreketi title in favour of another Chief of Rewa.

Anonymous said...

If Raman Whoever does not read this blog ... well then no use having him as a leader - the next leader must be very well versed with the views expressed in c4.5 otherwise he would be no good.

So advise your man to get on the blog..

Anonymous said...

The different races in Fiji have differing interests that they will want protected and they will vote for the people they believe will protect these interests as related to them. As a indigenous Fijian who has land and other interests whether cultural or otherwise I will definitely vote for the likes of Qarase, Apisai Tora, Ro Teimumu, Ratu Naiqama, Takiveikata and many others like them because I know they embrace the kind of political p[hilosophy however radical they may be will assurte me the protection I need to safeguard my interests. For a factory, he will look to the likes of Urai, Felix, Mahend and many others and will vote for them because he believes they would protect his interests based on the political ideologies they champion. For a suagr cane farmer he will vote for the likes of Chadhaury, Jagnath Sami, and the likes because they have political beliefs which champions the cause of canbefarmers. This is the reality of elections ..because the voting pattern is such, we are being viewed as rtacists or whatever one may one to call it. But the truth of the matter is our choice of candidates for parliament will always be aligned along our poilitical interests and those we see can protect thjose interests.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:30 PM

I think you need to understand few things about US laws. An "Naturalised Citizen" may run for any public office except the Office of President. A Naturalised citizen or anyone looking foreigner whether he is born in US or not are called a foreigner.

Mr. Velji is a naturalied citizen. He was born and brought up in Fiji. He is a very much Fijian. That id his birth right.

By the way, as your reference of me being a "dickhead", yes I do have a "dick" and a "head" but certainly that does not make me a dickhead. I hope I have made myself abundantly clear and get it right mate.

Fijiana said...

Anon @ 2:18 AM

Very well said. I could not agree any more.

Now the test is will the public be stupid enough to let the so called of yesteryear make some more fool of the public. Likes of Choor Dhry should NEVER be allowed to come back in public life. Qarese should go back to Lau and enjoy the sun shine and sit under the coconut palm and relax with a tanoa of Kava. The rest of them should just hang out enjoy what ever is left of their life.

For sure we need new faces and leaders that are progressive.

Let us also change our attitude about race. We are all Fijians and that is the fact of live. Lets accept it and move on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:13 a.m., my friend, I'm afraid that you're the one who doesn't understand immigration and nationality law.

Perhaps I can explain it to you. Mr. Velji was born in Fiji to Fijian citizens. This made him a natural-born Fiji citizen. He later applied for and received U.S. citizenship. This made him a naturalised U.S. citizen.

You're right that naturalised citizens can hold elected office in the United States except for the presidency, as the U.S. Constitution requires that presidents be natural-born U.S. citizens.

Note that Mr. Velji is a naturalised U.S. citizen. He is not a naturalised citizen of Fiji. He was a natural-born citizen of Fiji, but he voluntarily gave that up when he swore allegiance to another government. Taking the U.S. oath of citizenship was potentially an expatriating act, meaning he had to renounce his Fiji citizenship to take the U.S. oath. Running for political office in the United States is another potentially expatriating act.

If Mr. Velji wants to run for office in Fiji, then he should speak to a consular officer at the Fijian embassy. Even after renouncing his Fijian citizenship, he might be able to gain it back again.

But just between us, were Mr. Velji to choose to become a Fijian citizen again in order to run for office, I think many people would have to wonder about the ambitions and loyalty of someone who switches his allegiance back and forth. And, frankly speaking, to give up U.S. citizenship to return to today's Fiji would cause a lot of people to wonder also about his sanity.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 29th, 7.11pm, keep your mischievous stiring of chiefly Rewans out of this blog-site. Keimami kilai Ro Teimumu ga baleta na dra turaga/marama tiko vua ka kawa ni luve ni vakamau. Dou yavu boicici na via kauta tiko mai na yacumu dou. Dou kakua ni vakalialiai kemudou na viavia turaga, dou boidada.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.22. So why are you so adamant that Raman will be a suitable PM, when you clearly stated that he renounced his allegiance to Fiji in order to gain US citizenship? Regardless of him being Fiji born, he chose to turn his back on Fiji and become a US citizen.

So Raman being the next PM of Fiji? The answer is NO.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:22 PM

My friend have you heard of dual citizenship? Have you heard of Birth Right? If Mr. Velji so chooses to to return home, so be it. That is his call.

Just remember that Mahatma Gandhi spent time in South Africa and returned to India only to get India its independence. It is my understanding that Mr. Velji's roots are from Porbandar the same place where Mahatma Gandhi was born. Not that I am comparing Mr. Velji to Gandhi but there might be just another history in making.

Anonymous said...

@Anon April 30,2012 3:21pm is the same person posting as Anon April 29, 7:11pm.

This person has deliberately created a situation where the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi will be weakened by the division he wishes to create with these type of comment.

The person is trying to create a situation where the close family members of the families named in
the two postings take sides for and against the Marama. These are very powerful families that have been named generally in these posts and feelings will run high against the Marama because of the way the postings are worded. This is surely an attempt to weaken the Marama further.....I urge members of the Province of Rewa to disregard these two posts and do not play into these dirty tactics. The person is pretending to be on the Marama's side when in fact IT wants to destroy her.

Bhaiya Babu said...

So Mr. Raman Velji it is good to know you got a 'head' and a 'dick'.

Excellent! imagine being without either or.

Now the idea Mr. Velji is to know when to use which and where!!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

The question is, why is Raman all of a sudden showed interest in Fiji? Perhaps it's some encouraging him to return to Fiji. How long has he been away for?

Will some critics welcome Davis back as a candidate in the elections? Now that's a serious issue, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:51, what did I write at 2:22 that you could possibly construe as my supporting Velji for PM? I do nothing of the kind.

Anonymous 6:59, both Fiji and the United States do allow dual citizenship, but again, running for office in another country is potentially an expatriating act. Also, high government security clearances are usually out of the question for dual nationals. Talk to a consular officer.

Anonymous said...

Raman, thanks but no thanks. Stay in America and try your luck again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Velji

Do not get detracted and disheartened by some silly comments.. if you indeed are looking at standing in the elections.

They are asking what you have done for 6 years for Fiji. And I ask what has other politicians done for 6 years prior to Dec 2006?

Is that the best they could do that they gave reasons for military to walk into parliament?

This shows how incapable they were that they for 6 years since 2006 still have not offered any solution to military and the people they purportedly represent.

Where are those who are talking big and giving opinion? Most of them are big talkers who in the last 6 years have not given balls to Fiji because they showed Vorege they do not have one!

As for your American citizenship, who cares if you contribute with new solutions for Fiji when those who have lived in Fiji for as long as you have been away in USA have only taken Fiji into circles of coups!

These Fiji based politicians of the past who still want to be in frontline are the ones that could not even run their role in parliament according to law. This is why they should be left in the PAST.

So who is the President of political party that is the government of the largest democracy in the world?

May be you should join Nick Naidu's "Fiji First Party" as they are a new party...

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu ...

Anonymous said...

Right, for Fiji's highest office, let's draft Raman Velji, whoever he is!

He now has two supporters. That means his support base doubled overnight! Clearly, momentum is on his side.

Anonymous said...

Let's put it another way. Raman's support has grown 100% overnight. Yes momentum is indeed on his side.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Bhaiya Babu

I want to make myself abundantly clear that I am not Raman Velji. So do not ASSUME. You know when you assume what happens? Ass/ u / me
You make an Ass out of you and as far as me I am smarter than you so I see what a fool you are.

Bhaiya Babu said...

The fool that I am, I am, I cant help it but you Mr. Raman Velji are only deceiving yourself - You cant prove to me or all us readers that you are not Raman Velji - go ahead prove it!- for once and for all - beyond reasonable doubt - that you are not RAMAN VELJI - self promoting yourself - GO ahead Prove it or just SHUT the Fcuk UP!

Anonymous said...

Bhaiya Babu @ 2:53 AM

Mate which part of my statement did you not understand??? I am now fully convinced that I am dealing with some idiot. I AM NOT MR. VELJI!!! Neither he nor I are answerable to you for I don't know "TUM KON KHET KE MURAI HAI." Mr. Velji has nothing to prove to you either. I am not sure if he even reads this blog.

Anonymous said...

Mr K Tavola seems like a great choice for leadership.

Has the public heard any utterings from him about Fiji's sorry state of affairs since 2007?

We've heard earfuls from Narsey, Prof. Brij Lal etc. but can't recall Mr. Tavola taking a firm stance on Fiji since ousted from Parliament.

Bhaiya Babu said...

"MY NAME IS NOT RAMAN VELJI" would make a nice Bollywood movie title - or better still "RAMAN VELJI USA CONGRESSWALA" or what about "Velji's Murai"

don't you think Mr. Velji??? Ha..ha!! Getting under your skin ..am I?? Good!

care for a toke.. Mr. Velji??

e..o Taki

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:18

I fully support your comments as well as your recruitment efforts. I certainly hope that Mr. Velji reads your posting otherwise we need to get hold of him by one way or the other. As a mater of fact I would add one more name. Dr. James Anthony is another person that will do Fiji good. Anthony/ Velji team will be great. I bet if anyone that can help Fiji, that would be this Velji/ Anthony team. Lets try to push the issue. VOTE FOR VELJI/ ANTHONY team 2014

Anonymous said...

Okay, Mr. Velji, I believe you're not a sock puppet promoting yourself. But this is hardly the time to bring in some cherries to divide up the opposition vote. We need to unseat Bainimarama first. After that, feel free to renounce your U.S. citizenship and to come back to Fiji to run for political office. Just because the people of Oregon rejected you doesn't mean you're not good enough for Fiji. Anyway, if it doesn't work out, you can always renounce your Fiji citizenship again and return to your home in the States.

Anonymous said...