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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Situation still desperate despite culled numbers in evac centres

Volunteers still hard at work.top pic Fiji Sun bottom The Jet

Question: If fewer people are in the evacuation centres, have they been forced to return to uninhabitable homes?
Question: If they HAVE gone home, how are they feeding themselves since crops were also destroyed?

Fiji officials say just 50-odd evacuation centres are still operating with 700-and something people in them compared to close to 15,000 going into Easter. But does having fewer evacuation centres and less people in them mean an improvement in the situation?

Information being circulated suggests businesses, NGOs and relief agencies have done a tonne of work since the flash floods hit Fiji last week. Stories and emails tell of a desperate situation and begs the question 'If all of this work is being done by agencies etc, where was the government aid?' 

People helping out tell of feeding 1500 people a day and having to turn some away because they didn't have enough to go around. "We had just fed 600. We had to look at 220 people and not be able to feed them. It's a terrible feeling have to drive away and not be able to help."

The same volunteer says: "The schools are being told tomorrow (Sunday) to send home all the evacuates and flood victims home. I don't know where they will go! There are thousands of people. We are putting as many family packs together as we can to give them as they are sent away. Pray for Fiji and ask for a miracle to get this food multiplied and out to such needy people and families. Here are the Nadi town photos as promised. I said last night it looked post apocalyptic."

Stories in the media today suggest the desperation is still there despite the narrative from the regime suggesting everything is back to normal just because schools opened and they culled numbers in evacuation centres.

Today the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama also shifted his attention and headed to the Northern Division to visit the bauxite mine and chips factory in Wairiki in Bua. A quote from the Fiji Live story: "He finished his tour of the flood-ravaged Western Division yesterday and commended the rehabilitation work done at the Rarawai Mill in Ba by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and mill workers, while visiting the mill. He also met business houses and families."

Fiji flood relief update
Only 30% of Nadi shops open
Red Cross calls for more volunteers
Clear indications families need assistance sending children to school


Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that FijiTimes has hardly updated its photos of the flooded areas around the country including the other newspapers! There is no better way to show proof of whats happening than by sending in photos all the written comments come to a big fat ZERO when the evidence is there for all to see. Come on people get your photos into C4.5!

Anonymous said...

my heart goes to the poor and needy people.
can ag and frank put these people in the hotel as frank promised.
actions speak louder .

Anonymous said...

Voceke and his boss Aiyarse have no plan for these evacuees. He is making empty promises and there's no way these people will be accommodated in hotels.

Firstly, there are too many of them, and sadly Voceke is wishing that they voluntary return to their flood houses.

Secondly, Voceke has no money to pay for their hotel bills. How can he afford that when he can't even afford to feed these people when they were housed in evacuation centers?

Voceke is running out of options. No he doesn't have any options as he is one nutter of a PM. His pride is too much in his head to formally ask for overseas assistance. It has to come from government but he doesn't want to be seen as weak. We all know he's a weak fool, but his pride is hurting the people of Fiji.

Meanwhile, the poor people are left to fend for themselves. The question is, how can they when their houses are uninhabitable?

Shame on you Voceke.

Anonymous said...

Baini and the Regime needs to be praised and congratulated for the efforts it made to look after the flood affected victims.
I have just come back from Fiji and have witnessed the hard work of the regime.

Keep up the good work.
i would appreciate of this blog can at least give due credit to Baini and the Regime.

I wont be surprised if my compliments are not published by theblog owner.

Anonymous said...

Blog owner must be sick of people saying dare you to print this. Myself I'm sick of lying mullet head Bai supporters saying 'I've just been back from Fiji and seen all the wonderful things the govt has done'. Sure, just look at the lies being spun over the floods. Wake up numbskull

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8.16pm

What a load of crap...stop talking rubbish...for your infor evacuatees were fed by the church, NGO, and other social groups...NOTHING FROM REGIME!!...makes me wonder where have all the $$ contributed to PM flood appeal account gone to??The clean up of towns were basically by volunteers, fireman and prisoners...and yes there is no more pics in our papers on the flood/evacuatees etc...maybe FB has no more tricks up his sleeve to hoodwink the public of his supposed goodwill.....FB recent visitation to centres i bet were for photo sessions and vote buying tactics....and nothing else!!!!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe go to hell,pisshead

Anonymous said...

Tha Nadi & Ba Town is stink, because of the debbries, Govt will be visiting the the West for distribution of $10,000 cash to regime supporters only.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Rajendra Prasad - The current Director only got the job because of his connections in the Military to push Prasad out because he was over 55 - Basically Alipate is up himself and tries to talk himself out of tough decisions with his new slang because like the current Military Junta he is incompetent for the job.

Alipate you are a d!@#$%^d and think before you make statements. You commented that you need the approval of the Water Authority of Fiji before giving out flood warnings is crap - So while people were losing their lives, personal belongings and their families lives in danger you were waiting for somebody to make that tough decision for you.

Like your kallou VB said civil servants should think outside the box - People's lives were at stake and warnings should have been given come what may and you should be fired for your inability to make life or death decisions at critical times.

Come on Khaiyum sack this dickhead for trying to blame the Water Authority of Fiji instead of manning up and taking responsibility for his incompetence.

Alipate you are one big numbskull -
Do you think when the US gives tusnami warnings for Pacific Countries from Hawaii after an earthquake do they get the approval of all the Island Governments or Authorities before they do this.

No becuase time is of the essence and people's lives are at stake and the same concept should have been used by you in this critical time.

Natuva is a bigger dickhead than you by agreeing with you that the merger of the Hydrology Section and Department of Meteorology will improve the warning system.

As long as d!@#$%^&s like you and him are there to make tough decsions the people of Fiji will continue to suffer as basically the job is beyond both of you.

I have no love for the Military Junta but one thing you must give credit to Aiarse is that he is a decision maker even if it is right or wrong.

Good example is the new Bail Decree 2012 to get Mac Patel's arse for absconding and failing to appear in court - Aiarse is out to get him at all costs as he did not want to pay $1million like YP Reddy to get the case dropped.

Alipate do the right thing and resign as you are incompetent for the job as Khaiyum will fire you as VB & Natuva can not do anything to save your arrze.

April 11, 2012 4:59 AM

Anonymous said...

pm appeal funds been used to host party for army officers and ps sharon smith

April 11, 2012 7:01 AM

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49 am the Nadi Weather office gave the warning of flooding on Wednesday more than 48 hours before it actually happened.

The hydrology department (under Aiyaz Khaiyum) gave nothing. They didn't have any data on the rising water levels up in the higlands (or if they did, they were negligent in failing to disclose that information).

Thats not Alipate's fault. He did his job more than adequately by providing the forecast of impending flooding. That is the job of the Nadi weather office.

Its not the weather office's job to forecast the level of rise in water levels across Fiji's creeks and rivers. Their job is to forecast the weather, which they more than adequately did.

The Hydrology department's responsibility is to provide real time on the ground data about the rising ater level. They failed to do that.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4.59am

You got it right - VB & his Mataivalu ni Solisona and Director Met & Natuva are completely out of their depth in dealing with this disaster.

God Almighty is more powerful than all their guns and the Mataivalu ni Solisona & their families will suffer for genertaions to come for bringing suffering to the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Stop defending incompetent Alipate.
The fact of the matter is that if he and the Department of Meteorology was so good on the job he could have predicted with the amount of rain that was going to fall in a given period that severe flooding was to be expected of rivers and streams - This is what anybody elese with a bit of common sense in his position would have done.

He clearly states on Tuesday 10th April Fiji times that he cannot give flood warnings without Water Authority of Fiji approval but fails to explain why he did not use his gavokavoka to give a genaral warning that severe flooding was expeted in rivers and streams with the rainfall expected.

The truth must be told and that he is incompetent for the job - aiarse would have done a better job if he had all the up to date weather information at his disposal.

The Oracle said...

All that has happened is Frank Bainimarama has embarked on a Qorvis/Sharon Smith publicity stunt to look appealing to the people of Fiji and to the international community. He has made empty promises which have not been fulfilled - milk, baby food and diapers for babies at evacuation centres etc... and special care for the children. Unfortunately, the children who have suffered from the floods are being taken advantage of by Frank and his QORVIS/Smith publicity roadshow. Tons of false promises made while tons of beaming "meet the children" photos are beamed to the rest of the world. The election campaign has already started.
The only real sign of military government "relief" work has been the clean-up of the Rarawai Mill (a good job by the soldiers, I have to admit) and the clean-up of Nadi.
Everything else Frank has promised has come to nought.

Anonymous said...

The people of the west should sue this illegal govt for not informing them before hand about opening the Dam. Bunch of idiots open it up early in the morning when everyone is sleeping...... the person on duty at the dam should be sacked for negligence..... and don't think Suva will be spared as well.... people say sa levu na valavalaca.... in Nadi ....Suva to will have it's turn because of the night clubs closing at 5am in the morning..... waraka namaka...... your turn will come Suva!!!!

Thank you to the Australian and NZ govt for all the assistance.... May Yeshua bless you A 100 fold..... Your Economy and your PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Soon we will have a decree on people stying in evacuatuion centers, all the decrees being made by one person and passed by cabinet. Aiarse is the ruler of Fiji

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Aiyarse is the ruler of Fiji and Voceke is so dumb he didn't even notice it.

Anonymous said...

ag taliban rule and fijians follow.
the master/ruler of fijian is tui taliban ag.
where is the fijian bati all gone undercover.
soon fijian will be all following islam like frank/mo.
decree coming up soon by ag taliban .
fiji declared muslim and taliban state.

Anonymous said...

Nothing New! The same old Voceke trait, bullshit,after bullshit. He made a lot of promises, which is not surprising, just a dreamer with no brain. How can you relocate a town as big as Nadi, and Ba, Tavua, Rakiraki and all the residential properties. Next, we hear of evacs shifting to hotels, OH my gosh, what is Voceke thinking, that we are as stupid as he is? Io, no brain ga no brain. Voceke ga Voceke. Bloggers, his name is changed to VOCEKE!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:58 you cannot predict the amount of rainfall by looking at vapor formations. You can only asses how heavy that cloud formation is (in terms of moisture)via the IR sattelite imaging. That assessment is generally that it will either be heavy rain, moderate rain or showers.

That is why weather stations all over the world have rain guage stations. Those rain guages measure rainfall ex post facto to confirm rainfall figures.

That is also why weather stations all over the world have a hydrology section which guages rise in water levels in streams and rivers. This gives credible backup data which enables that analysis of projected flooding to be verified and confirmed. Those readings are taken at the headwaters of streams and rivers and in intervals down stream and down river. That is why reading hydrology water level reading guages are placed at intervals starting from the headwaters all the way down stream/ river.

The real measure of water level rise comes from measuring the streams and rivers.

In Fiji that is the job of the Hydrology department as Alipate quite correctly points out.

A Fiji Hydrology department which incidentally was unable to provide those readings until the flood had well and truly engulfed Nadi, after which those readings became a pointless execersize, the damage having been well and truly done.

Alipate gave his assessment of flooding on Wednesday, more than 48 hours before the flooding started. He worked with the resources available to him, and he did good work.

The failure here is of the hydrology department. It was unable to provide readings for the headwaters of the Nadi River, the Wainimala and Waidina rivers and the Ba river in the critical hours starting from Wednesday evening and all the way into Thursday.

I am not protecting Alipate. I am pointing out the finer technical details of how that process works.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:58

Suggest yopu check the facts.

The Nadi weather office did give that food warning on 28th March 2012.

In contrast, Khaiyum's Hydrology office did nothing.

Alipate did his job.

What did the conman Khaiyum's Hydrology department do and where is it ? Where is his hydrology Department's data ?

Here is the weather warning from the Nadi Met Office as recorded on Fijilive on 28th March 2012:

Flash flood warning for low areas

March 28, 2012 12:11:21 PM

Fiji's Meteorological Service has issued a flash flood warning for all low lying areas as a shallow tropical depression was located west-southwest of Nadi this morning.

The depression which is gradually moving towards the south, is not expected to develop into a tropical cyclone, but is bringing periods of heavy rain which the weather bureau says can result in an overflow of rivers, creeks and streams.

Senior Meteorologist Amit Singh said the whole of Fiji group will experience rain which will be heavy at times, with squally thunderstorms.

He said that a strong wind warning previously in force for the land areas of Vanua Levu, Taveuni and the Lau Group has now been cancelled.

Meanwhile, a low pressure system in the Solomon Sea is expected to develop further and become a cyclone by later Friday or early Saturday.

The system is not expected to cross the Fiji Group but its indirect effect will be felt over the country.

By Ropate Valemei

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap by the Department of Meteorology staff defending themselves by saying you cannot tell how much rain is going to fall in a certain period by looking at vapor formations.

Weather stations all over the world with competent staff can now tell you if 1/4 inch to 1/2 an inch or even less/more rain will fall for a certain period of time at exact times before the rain moves out of a particular area.

Based on this they can predict how severe the flooding may be for a certain area - They certainly do not need hydrology staff to give them exact readings on the ground to predict if there will be flooding like what the incompetent Met office staff are trying to imply on this blog site.

So cut the bullshit Met staff and accept that you are a bunch of ninkumpoops who are incompetent for the job.

Your next excuse will be that you do not have the proper equipment like other weather stations all over the world.

Have you dickheads ever heard of the Doppler Radar that can predict weather conditions even rainfall to the minute for a particular area where the radar will show both the intensity and time rainfall will be over a particular area at a given time.

This in turn leads to better predictions of weather like rainfall, winds etc at any given point and time.



Anonymous said...

Anon 2:37 I am not a staff of the Fiji Met department. I do however know about the work process which is involved.

And yes i do know what a Doppler weather radar is. It can only be used to calibrate the intensity and type of precipitation, not the quantity.

Hence you can assess whether it will be heavy rain or showers and thunderstorms. And you make the appropiate warning as Alipate clearly did on the 28th of March 2012.

So now you make a general statement that weather people all over the world can indicate the exact measure of rainfall prior to the rain fall and only based on cloud formations using the Doppler radar.

Can you tell the blog where in the world does that happen ?

And show examples by links.

I am not aware of any weatherman in the world using Doppler Radar or Sattelite imagery being able to calculate and tell the exact quantity of rainfall down to millimeters and/or inches just by looking at cloud formations on the radar and from the sattelite imagery.

Maybe you know one ? Your Aiyass Kaisi perhaps ?

Anonymous said...

I thought his name has always been Voceke Bocimarama.

Anonymous said...

I say sack the incompetent Director & Staff of Department of Meteorology.

God help you if you do not know countries that are using the Doppler Radar for on time weather predictions.

It is not my job to tell you what countries use it but one thing I know that it is used in my part of the world and predicts the weather including likely rainfall very accurately including time that rain including heavy bands will be stationary or pass over a certain area at a certain time.

Since you dickheads are not up to date with technology you can even type the name of your street and it will give you the exact time the rain is expected to hit your street.Stop the grog drinking in Office hours and do some research you blockheads.

Like I said earlier cut the bullshit and educate yourselves you bunch of ninkumpoops.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:13

Well Alipate did make that warning of flooding. He made it on the 28of March 2012. That was 48 hours before the flooding happened.

He did his job quite adequately.

By the way, which country are you in the world where the Met office can tell you the exact millimeters and inches of rain before it actually happens ?

Pray tell ?

And provide the URL link to your local Met office so that the blog can see this new wonder of Met people predicting the exact rain measure down to millimeters and/or inches before it happens.

Do enlighten the blog please.

Anonymous said...

Go and do research and find out for yourself instead of drinking grog and wasting taxpayers money all day.

I said it before and say it again that the Director Meteorology should be sacked by Khaiyum for his incompetence including some of his senior staff who obviously do not have the analytical skills to clearly predict likely rainfall totals based on the data available to them.

Dickhead Pinpoint Doppler can tell you the estimated amount of rain for a certain area in certain amount of time that could have helped the people of the Western Division.

Weather forecasts by the Met Office are very general and did not pinpoint that areas like Nadi would be very hard hit because of the likely rainfall amounts - Ooops forgot that the dickheads could not give an estimate based on the data they had in hand.

Ulukau ga na Ulukau - Tamata kaisibokola kece.

Anonymous said...

Go and do research and find out for yourself instead of drinking grog and wasting taxpayers money all day.

I said it before and say it again that the Director Meteorology should be sacked by Khaiyum for his incompetence including some of his senior staff who obviously do not have the analytical skills to clearly predict likely rainfall totals based on the data available to them.

Dickhead Pinpoint Doppler can tell you the estimated amount of rain for a certain area in certain amount of time that could have helped the people of the Western Division.

Weather forecasts by the Met Office are very general and did not pinpoint that areas like Nadi would be very hard hit because of the likely rainfall amounts - Ooops forgot that the dickheads could not give an estimate based on the data they had in hand.

Ulukau ga na Ulukau - Tamata kaisibokola kece.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:36

Here is the weather report as published by the Fiji Times on 28the March 2012 (48 hours before the flood).

And yes, The Nadi Met office had specified flooding.

And yes the Nadi weather office has specified HEAVY RAIN for Nadi. That is an estimate which when coupled with the flooding assessment is as clear as day.

So what did Aiyarse Kaisi's hydrological orifice produce ? Where is Aiyarse Kaisi's hydrological data from his hydrological orifice ?

This is as published in the Fiji Times. From the Nadi Met office.

So show the blog a place in the world where they can predict exact rainfall in millimeters and inches before it happens, you still haven't provided any link to any met office in the world capable of doing that.

Weather Bulletin

Issued from the National Weather Forecasting Centre Nadi

at 5:30am on Wednesday the 28th of March 2012

Situation: A shallow tropical depression to the north of Fiji is

expected to move over the group today. At this stage it is not

expected to develop into a tropical cyclone over Fiji waters. The

associated trough of low pressure affects most parts of the group.

Forecast to midnight tonight for the Fiji group:

Occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms over most places.

Flooding of low lying areas expected.

Moderate to fresh southeast to northwest winds, gusty at times.

Rough seas.

Outlook for THURSDAY : Rain and thunderstorms over most places.

For Navua / Suva / Nausori :

Occasional rain and few thunderstorms.

Outlook for THURSDAY : Rain and thunderstorms.

For Nadi / Lautoka / Ba :

Rain and thuunderstorms developing, becoming more frequent later today.

Outlook for THURSDAY : Rain and thunderstorms.

For Labasa :

Occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms.

Outlook for THURSDAY : Rain and thunderstorms.

For Savusavu : Occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms.

Outlook for THURSDAY : Rain and thunderstorms.

For Rotuma :


Over Waters: West to northwest winds 20 to 25 knots. Rough seas.

Over Land: Moderate to fresh west to northwest winds.

Periods of rain, heavy at times and squally thunderstorms.

Outlook for THURSDAY : Rain and thunderstorms continuing.

Anonymous said...

Stop Complaining Met Staff - You bunch are incompetent in doing your job.Comment edited-C4.5

Anonymous said...