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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

South African expert joins regime's Constitution team

Murray at the time of her work with the African Network of Constitutional Lawyers

A second international expert has been named for the five-member commission set up by the regime to put together a new Constitution to replace the 1997 one it abrogated in 2009. 
Christina Murray is originally from South Africa and is Professor of Constitutional and Human Rights Law at the University of Cape Town. 

She joins the chair of the Commission, Yash Ghai, from Kenya who was appointed last month as the two offshore experts who'll be helping to shape the new Constitution.

The planned new Constitution remains controversial but the regime is forging ahead with its consultations and the civic education programme due to start in May.

It is not known when Murray will arrive in Fiji but is currently a Senior Fellow at the US Institute of Peace in Washington DC and has taught and written on a number of areas of law, including human rights law, particularly relating to gender equality, violence against women, and constitutional rights for women, international and constitutional law.

The other members besides Murray and Ghai are the Fiji representatives Taufa Vakatale and Doctor Satendra Nandan. Just one position remains to be filled.


Anonymous said...

If this Murray values her reputation and work, she should not take part. She should know that this regime is illegal, it seized power and it was abrogated the constitution after they were declared illegal. I suggest she steer real clear off this illegal constitutional process. The people have not voted for a new constitution so she and her group do not have a legitimate or legal mandate to work on a new constitution. I suggest we flood her with texts and faxes and emails (can someone get her contacts please) to protest against her taking part! Same with Yash Ghai and Taufa, Nandan. Let's go get em guys!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the two experts are from Africa?

Anonymous said...

So she's an expert on gender equality. Voceke recently said women should not hold any PS posts. Not a good look for Voceke.

Violence against women. Recent reports of a couple of women who were bashed and ended up at CWM. Not a good look for Voceke, again.

Constitutional rights for women. Refer number one above. Not a good look for Voceke, yet again.

International and Constitutional law. Fiji doesn't have a constitution since 2006. Not a good look for Voceke, again!!!!.

One must wonder if Voceke's boss, Aiyarse, appointed these experts deliberately to make himself look good. I predict things will go pear shaped if these experts insist on applying the law to the fullest, something that Voceke is scared of.

Anonymous said...

They should advise frank and ag that army is the problem not the constitution.
the court ruling is valid for 2009.
all this is illegal.

Anonymous said...

The message should go out loud and clear to these so called constitution experts that this country has a legitimate constitution, hence we do not need another one. These 'experts' should know that no country can have two constitutions, which one will the courts refer to?, certainly not the illegal one!.
To all the members of the so called illegal constitutional panel, please stay away from participating, as it holds no water. It will question your integrity on all the valuable work that you have done throughout your career. It's illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, unjustifiable to the least.
Perhaps it is better that amendments to the 1997 constitution are proposed for the elected parliament to deliberate upon, rather than wasting time and money trying to formulate a totally new and illegal constitution.
We have had more than enough constitutions already, no more please!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Constituional review work can only work if it is totally divorced from the Government during the period of their work.

But even if they admit that this would be the case, it would still be a biased Constituion. You know why? Just because it was Frank and Khaiyum who appointed the members of the Review team.

It would have been acceptable if an independent Commission was tasked with the appoitment and the whole review exercise.

So this is just another farce!

Anonymous said...

areee y africa re bring experts from India where aiyaz hail from.lol!..aiyaz when a democratic govt comes into power again,your s will be sent on a bilibili back to where ur ancestors came from.haha! basteti,kaishi,lol o iko..you'l be send back in pieces eh?..lol

Anonymous said...

All these so-called constitutional experts have no sense of integrity in them because they are being blinded by the money offered for the job.

Adi Kalavo said...

This impending constitutional making cannot stand as a credible process when you have people like Taufa and Satend on the panel who are both coup apologists. Secondly the unilateral and heavy handed manner by which the terms of reference were formulated and the lack of any consultation with political leaders on terms of reference makes this exercise a joke.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed with all the above comments. If these two so-called experts want to maintain their integrity, then they should decline the offer. Again, they should read the 2009 court ruling and say NO to Aiyarse.

I presume the new constitution will have an African flavor to it since these experts are both from that continent. What happened to the late Sir Paul Reeves' work with regards to the constitution? It's just another tactic by Voceke and his boss Aiyarse to make sure they are immuned from any prosecution when this government falls on it's knees.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:45 PM

Just watch your back, in case he ships your entire mataqali back to africa or taiwan first!!

Ni hao! Xie xie!!

Anonymous said...

lol @ 8.52.& how's he gona do that?arrest our mataqali from all over the world?lol! arrest you ga since you are sniffing his back syd.lol

Anonymous said...

Q: Who appointed Murray? A: An illegal government.

Ergo, Murray's appointment is illegal.

I'll suspend judgment regarding Murray's personal integrity until I see how she comports herself in this situation, but her presence does not change the essential illegality of this exercise. The U.S. Institute for Peace is highly reputable; however, Murray's willingness to lend credibility to an unclear but already highly-flawed constitutional process naturally raises concerns in this regard.

Wittingly or unwittingly, Murray might or might not allow herself to be manipulated by the regime. Who knows, she could surprise us by scrupulously adhering to democratic principles and insisting upon truly open and inclusive consultation.

The process to date has been utterly illegal. I can, however, see some value in participating in the process for the purpose of challenging it from within, fully expecting that regime bad faith dealings will eventually compel me to opt out of the process and condemn it. As I've said before, such participation should only be in the context of a unified opposition strategy going in, which I look hopefully to an Qarase-Chaudhry united front to devise.

Perhaps Murray's contribution will be to give the process the integrity it sorely lacks. Clearly, Yash Ghai and the others named cannot be relied upon to provide it.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Taukei. said...

Can't believe this person is a trained legal expert? Far as a lot of us are concerned its simply a case of yet another greedy expat legal bovine awaiting her turn at Viti's trough.

Anonymous said...


Hey,i really don't care,i was told by an old Tanzanian that the tribal land @ Ruviti is still standing empty, since our ancestors departure?I'd like to lay claim to a piece of land in the old country!

Anonymous said...

Can someone suggest names for this Constitutional review etc?

Anonymous said...

The Lady in question is credible. Her reputation is intact what happens is an opportunity to see how the Regime leaders go when the Committee members decided to go their way with regards to the new Constitution -i for one don't believe that she will risk her reputation for a few dollars! Seeems we can't please everyone all the time or can we!

Anonymous said...

what in the world, bringing in all these so called experts...WE HAVE AN ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT ....omg!!!!!H

Anonymous said...

A name for the constitutional review process? 'The Big Con'.

Anonymous said...

Bring on any election. We know the current regime is in for a hiding.