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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ten Fijian soldiers captured in Sinai

Bedouin have kidnapped 10 Fijian members of an international peacekeeping force in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, security sources say.

The kidnappers are reportedly demanding the authorities release from prison several fellow tribesmen, some of whom have been convicted of terrorism.

The Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) has not commented on the reports.

In March, Bedouin blocked access to the MFO's North Camp at al-Gorah for a day to press for the tribesmen's release.

They pulled back after giving officials a month to examine their demands.

The MFO is an independent force formed to monitor the borders between Egypt and Israel following the 1979 peace accord. It consists of military staff from 12 countries including the US and France.

Fiji provides an infantry battalion, whose mission is to observe and report all activities in the Northern Sector of Zone C, which includes the major border crossings at Rafah, Kerem Shalom and al-Awga/Nizzana.

"They were patrolling and we seized them by firing in the air," one of the kidnappers told the AFP news agency. 

"They are with us now, and we want the liberation of all Bedouin prisoners." (BBC)


Kai-Gau said...

We hope and pray for their safe return.

Voreqe and goons take heed - a warning has been placed here for you to realise your act is ILLEGAL from day one and the people of our nation will continue to suffer. Now let's see whose families are now being affected by this.

Anonymous said...

fijian in fiji should arrest frank/khaiyum.
fijian will suffer more under this illegal regime.
time for action.
un should sent fijian solider back to fiji.
fiji have own grown regime thugs.
how can they keep peace in overseas.
when they dont keep peace in fiji.
armies are thugs in fiji.

Anonymous said...

source REUTERS NEWS AGENCY - EGYPTIAN BEDOUINS RELEASE 10 KIDNAPPED FIJIAN MEMBERS OF PEACE KEEPING FORCE IN SINAI.....latest news update.....all is well in the Sinai Peninsula for Fiji Soldiers now!!...GOD Bless.....

Anonymous said...

Big deal....that's part of the job. They got themselves out didn't they?

ex navy said...

Because of terrorizing inoccent people in Fiji all the curses and spoken words will make these toy soldiers insane like their leader Bainimarama .Very soon they will be marching around without any uniforn because all these bad omen and demon has gone into their heads.
Sa qai kune ga mai na ka dina na mataivalu ga ni soli mua muri.
The Bedouins should just pull those Fijian army pants down and rub some chilli on them to warn them that homosexuals are prohibited in that part of the world.
ex army

Warlord said...

Ha ha ha....Bloody bunch of pufters this Fiji army soldiers are. The truth is they were all sodomised by the rag tag Bedoiuns. They need to tell the truth man.
Were they all limping when they were released...yes very badly!! he he he...

Anonymous said...

Warlord May 8, 2012 8:06 PM, you appear to have experienced being sodomised by bedouins by your explicit detailing of what happens when one is sodomised. Thank you for showing your true colours.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please text them Bedouins and tell them to shoot these bastard down and burnt their frieken carcarses? We don't have and don't want to ever see their face again? You can do two thing with them. First you can whip the shit out of them and keep them as your slaves, they can looks after your Camels,Sheep or cattles.Second,you can put their ass up the wall and shoot their down?

Warlord said...

While the Bedoiuns were sodomising the Fijian soldiers they were screaming " Allah Akbar" while the Fijian soldiers were screaming "oilei tamaqu...yalah yalah!! LMAO!!