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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bainimarama's coup plunges his Indo-Fijian supporters into poverty

Many living in poverty in Fiji but Indo-Fijians worse off. (pic from recent floods)

Pic used by Fiji Live to illustrate story
The group Frank Bainimarama and his regime have boasted most about saving from previous so-called poor performing, racist governments are worse off economically, according to figures from Fiji's Bureau of Statistics.

The Bureau's Household Income and Expenditure Survey, says more Fiji citizens are living in poverty and that Indo-Fijians are the worst off.

According to a Fiji Live story, 72 per cent of those living in poverty were Indo-Fijians and 66 per cent iTaukei. The figures are from 2008 to 2009.

Forty-five per cent of the Indo-Fijian population living in poverty are said to live in rural areas while 21 per cent reside in town and city areas.

Forty two per cent of the poverty-stricken iTaukei live in rural areas and 17 per cent in urban areas.

For other ethnicities, 50 per cent of the poor live in rural areas while 16 per cent live in urban areas.

The Bureau of Statistics Survey also found that 15 per cent of Fiji's poverty stricken famlies live in urban areas while 37 per cent are in rural settlements and villages.

Fiji Live quoted Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Netani Rika as telling the Eastern Division development board meeting last week that a recent survey had indicated there is a big increase in poverty in the rural areas.

Rika said those below the poverty line is measured as average households of four members who earn less than $155 a week.
Poverty survey


Anonymous said...

fijian havent learn from 1987/2000/2006 coup that fiji goes back by 20 years in development.
fiji been run by this army thugs fiji will go broke.
what happen since 1987 brain train .fiji indians moved overseas.
well educated fijian left fiji too.
we dont need this illegal wanna be armies govt anymore.
fiji army budget been doubled so frank/mo/ag taliban can stay inpower and reap fijians and tax payers.
why cant we use this army budget to help poor and needy people .
time fijian armies wake up and see how they been used by ag/frank/mosese .
they were used before by rabuka govt.
where have the fijian improved nothing.

Anonymous said...

we fijian have to stand up and fight the regime.
our families are getting poor.
this idiots are getting richer.
who will lead the march to fight the regime.
god help us fight this taliban regime.

Anonymous said...

whats the bet the regime claims this a huge success and that the dismal numbers are acertainly got nothing to do with them and it just proves how open they are. Looks like the indians have put their lot in with the thugs at their own cost, well at least they are all 'fijian 'now. But certainly some indian are doing just great out of the coup and their craven relationship with the military.

Anit Singh said...

This is the first time any acknowledgement of the existence acute Indo-Fijian poverty has been publicly published. Is it only bcos it suits certain politicians to criticize the present regime??

The Indo-Fijian poverty ALWAYS existed since Colonial era and carried on during MARA times, and was in desperate states during RAMBO / Qarase Times.

What did the Qarase Govt, do to help the Indo-Fijians refugees at the Girmit center in 2000/2001 - the answer is zilch!! They blatantly and unashamedly used the funds allocated for victim rehabilitation for VOTE BUYING and Agriculture Scam.

From the years 2000/2006 almost on a daily basis the Qarase govt. were inhumanly and without mercy evicting Indo-Fijian farmers from their farms by adamantly refusing to renew their leases and in the name of native supremacy.

Just tell us how many farmer/families have been evicted since 2006???

The picture used to illustrate your story is also a evicted farmer's house - now squatting!

The Indo-Fijian poverty always existed due to a systematic, sustained and structural racism emancipating from policies of various 'racist' regimes in Fiji - Mara's, Rabuka's, (unfortunately also Choorhari's) and most blatantly Qarase's.

Today, contrary to all their claims the BAIYUM regime has worsened the poverty of all the races of Fiji but they are not solely responsible for the blame.

The indigenous poor have their Mataqali, Vanua and their land to fall back onto - what of the Indo-Fijians???

I know bcos I am a product of this acute poverty.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is if u want to move out of poverty u have to be hardworking- until grog is part and parcel of indo fijian community like a daily routine they will neva move out of poverty- u see for yourself - first thing in any market is making of grog - does that happen in overseas - no way

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes should lead a government of National Unity, this should be supported by Mahendra Chaudhry and Laisenia Qarase from outside of politics. They should not have any direct role themselves.

Anonymous said...

What about the iTaukei? They are also affected by this coup, not only Indians.

Anonymous said...

If you are poor stop producing children. They are poor because of lack of education and its the previous administrations to blame for that. Fiji will go down somemore when we will became like Africa. Thats what happens when the no school army took matters in its own hands. May Rabuka and his KAWA rot in hell including all the Army Officers with Choudary,Mara,Qarase and the present administration. All a group of Kawaca's.

Anonymous said...

Pitiful figures for both communities. Anit is right -- it didn't get this way overnight.

The most immediate and dramatic way to lift Fijians out of poverty would be for Bainimarama to step aside for a unity government, which would help greatly to restore investor confidence. But of course we all know that isn't going to happen, because Bainimarama cares sweet bugger all about anyone other than himself.

This regime has been raping the Indo-Fijian community from the start, and getting away with it, simply by promising a later 'wedding' and paying off some conniving 'relatives' with a few baubles.

Sabeto Sardar said...

Anonymous 11.56am.. I agree with you. Grog which has made the indigenous community lazy to work their land has also taken a strong grip on the Indo-Fijian community. Young Indo-Fijian children today have become very lazy unlike their forefathers. The hardworking Indo-Fijian generation is gone. You go to canefarming districts and see the difficulties cane growers are having in getting people to harvest cane. Indo- Fijian boys are no longer interested in the land. They do not want to dirty their hands now. This is the truth. They want to wear good clothes everyday and roam in the towns. Many of them have also slipped into marijuana. Times have changed. And to make things worse there is no money in cane unlike 20-30 years ago.Come on let's face the truth. Some farmers leaving their farms while lease still very much in force becauise of the simple reason there is no money in cane. Fertilizer price is up, so is land rental, mills cabnnogt gurantee a breakdown-free season, sugar price remain the same. This are the tre4alities on the ground. The sugar industry is a goner. We have to quickly divert to other means of generating foreign exchange.

Anonymous said...

Something does not add up. If indo fijians account for 72% and fijians 66%, this is around 138%.

My basic maths taught me it should be 100%. Let's get the facts.

Some People now realise coups are bad. Finally, some people have come to their senses as that's what the other commmunities said after 87 and 2000.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anon 12.03pm..
Why should a non-entity like Beddoes lead a national unity govt. What proportion of the population does he represent? Just get LQ and Chaudhary lead a national coalition because they still command the numbers.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anit Singh...vinaka vakalevu..phew..!! AMEN..AND AMEN said...

"This is the first time any acknowledgement of the existence acute Indo-Fijian poverty has been publicly published. Is it only bcos it suits certain politicians to criticize the present regime??
The Indo-Fijian poverty ALWAYS existed since Colonial era and carried on during MARA times, and was in desperate states during RAMBO / Qarase Times.
What did the Qarase Govt, do to help the Indo-Fijians refugees at the Girmit center in 2000/2001 - the answer is zilch!! They blatantly and unashamedly used the funds allocated for victim rehabilitation for VOTE BUYING and Agriculture Scam.
From the years 2000/2006 almost on a daily basis the Qarase govt. were inhumanly and without mercy evicting Indo-Fijian farmers from their farms by adamantly refusing to renew their leases and in the name of native supremacy. Just tell us how many farmer/families have been evicted since 2006??? The picture used to illustrate your story is also a evicted farmer's house - now squatting!
The Indo-Fijian poverty always existed due to a systematic, sustained and structural racism emancipating from policies of various 'racist' regimes in Fiji - Mara's, Rabuka's, (unfortunately also Choorhari's) and most blatantly Qarase's. Today, contrary to all their claims the BAIYUM regime has worsened the poverty of all the races of Fiji but they are not solely responsible for the blame. The indigenous poor have their Mataqali, Vanua and their land to fall back onto - what of the Indo-Fijians???I know bcos I am a product of this acute poverty."

HAVE TO RE-POST THIS...that is probaly one of the reason a few of us i Taukei advocate Fijian Indian rights..may be time to include them in the VKB!!

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes is the only person who can be trusted by other leaders of the political parties to lead a neutral government. Whos trust MC and LQ.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo qai lai volai ira saraga i Namuka.
Sa bula re Tau wakakau
Kai Bau Dina

Anonymous said...

there is no requirement for anyone to HAVE to renew leases, lets make that clear.The motives behind not renewing, i could care less.

Bisun said...

It is time Semi Meo put money where his mouth is and share his yabusa, tikina and mataqali land to us poor landless Indians.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo you made me think! AS for Anita Singhs comments bang, bang, bang! Many knew of this especially the iTaukeis but were silent-why because it was a case of 'part of the crowd', 'don't rock the boat'! They deserve it!Doesn't it remind you of some leaders around the world-especially during the 2nd wordd war! Well guess what in this world when you harm one person by intent or collusion it will come back to you because you harming your ownself! We are all one! When we get that thru our thick skulls than the thinking side of our sleepy brain can understand and our stomachs digest the simple fact we are humans first, second and last, than we on our way to immortality!! Any other games we play with people lives places us in the catergory of ANIMALS! Harsh but its a simple fact! We are all products of GOD's will you can decided which one you want and how you will worship, i am not concerned with what happens later my concern is for my fellow human begins NOW! Share the love people its the only way to live! God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Well said Bisun 3.40p.m

Hear! Hear! @ Anit Singh.

I-taukei @ 12.48p.m. raises an equally valid point.

Where to now??

Anonymous said...

Government also allowing this 'information'....Household shoppers who think they’ve been paying more at the check-out are right.

The Bureau of Statistics says a wide range of foods in its survey rose by three per cent in April.

There were other increases – in heating and lighting, five per cent: transport, one per cent and durable household goods by half a per cent.

The average annual rate of inflation for the 12 months to April has gone up by 8 point 2 per cent while the month on month comparison shows a 6.4 per cent increase. -FBC News

Anonymous said...

Fiji militarys party, will be called National Party of Fiji

Anonymous said...

Why blame Qarase about the eviction
if you owe rent to the land owners
and your lease has expired? why blame the Government or the Land owners? Why don't you blame the farmers, for not paying his
Rent? Why would i want to re-leased
my land to you,if you still owes me thousand of dollars in back-rent?So stop the whining, pay your back-rent and well see if i want to rent you back my land!

RaOne said...

The cane farmers land lease money is directly deducted at source at FSC and paid to NLTB - direct!

you kaicolo- junglee kaiviti, trying to Lasu-lasu and hoodwink that the poor Indian farmers do not pay land lease. Thats the biggest bullshit bigots like you can come up with.

The land lease money is paid first and foremost and than the TAX is deducted again at source and than farmers receives the left-over in THREE slow installments.

Kaivitis like you are the worst racist pigs on earth and Qarase is your leader.

If you havent been paid your rent go ask NLTB or your Chiefs - why blame the very people whose TAXES develop the country and finance all your pro-indigeneous affirmative action programs and scholarships which ONLY Fijians enjoy.

How bloodly unfair is this????

RaOne said...

Accusing poor farmers of not paying rent is a gross misrepresentation of facts.

The cane farmers' lease /rent money is deducted @ source @ FSC and paid directly to NLTB first and foremost. After that the TAX is deducted in full and than FSC deducts payments for the fertilizer.

The remainder is paid to the farmer in three slow installments.

No landowner can claim not to have been paid - that's a lie! If you have not been paid ask NLTB or your Chief.

To come up with a lame excuse as you have above is morally wrong. Yes now the Indo-Fijian farmer has learnt their lesson and would not lease your land - You can very well keep to your self.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@3.14.. you could care less for motive behind not renewing lease...?

Offcourse then you must be a direct beneficiary of $20m interest free tax payer money handed out unlawfully to benefit you by Rabuka as to why the then GCC had percuniary Conflict of Interest to then make him a life member of GCC.

So likes of you who became rich in that process have tunnel vision as to who cares.

So I say to you your wealth has come out of corrupt money to benefit you and unlike of the hard working cane farmers who paid sugar tax to educate you and change your life around.

You are the kind of loosers that were given a place in 1997 constitution that can have your views in parliament if you make it above 10%.....

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.14 Wrong maths .. you must be a science student.

It does not add up to 138%.

It is the % of those in poverty. e.g. if 30% of all population is in poverty, and then breaking down on racial lines - then 72% of all Indians are in poverty.

sa sucu sa lutu

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.01

You must be class 2 educated. It still has to add up. If 72% are indians the balance has to be fijians. The balance has to be 28% (100 - 72) not 66% as stated. Go back to class 1.

Anonymous said...

The lease term once it expires its up to the landowners to renew it or not irrespective if one's lease rental payments is up todate. Its not Qarase's fault....Its the landowners decision whether it turns into bush or forest its their choice...Simply tenant's days are numbered...so one can rubbish landowners as uneducated and lazy...it does not matter to them at all-it is what they call the Fijian life style..Live with it!

Anonymous said...

What is so hard to understand?

"According to a Fiji Live story, 72 per cent of those living in poverty were Indo-Fijians and 66 per cent iTaukei." As others have pointed out, this cannot be true, since the percentages must add up to 100.

The logical explanation is that Fiji Live got the story wrong or was misquoted, and it should instead have read: "According to a Fiji Live story, 72 per cent of Indo-Fijians and 66 per cent of iTaukei are living in poverty."

Should there be any surprise that Fiji's media misquoted an economic study?

If the figures seem horrendously high, bear in mind that they're from 2008-2009, too early to capture the rapid economic advances made under this regime.

Yes, that last comment was just a joke -- a cruel, cruel joke.

Anit Singh said...

To anon, @ 11:12

I agree its your land and your prerogative to renew or not to renew a tenant's lease. But that is not the issue!

The issue is the manner of eviction [inhumanely and mercilessly] of your tenants - some of whom have been your tenants for more than 30 odd years or so.

If the land is not up for any urgent need - whats a for few more days, weeks or months...

Most tenant farmers despite their long,long years of toil had barely made any significant savings - they always paid their dues however, their lease money and Taxes.

They educated their children without assurances of any scholarships because they are Indo-Fijians.

Evicted farmers, however, though evicted and homeless do remain Fiji citizens. And as such should become the responsibility of the government, [in this case Qarase's].

Now if the Qarase government took no responsibility towards the evicted farmers' rehabilitation and resettlement and/or assistance / or expressed concern or care about their sorry situation and desperation and plight - only because of their race, than off course Qarase becomes a blatantly racist man and a racist PM and someone who purposely used 'land/leases' as a political weapon to dispossess and punish a particular 'racial' group.

I am sorry but Qarase and Chauhhary both have had their days.

Anonymous said...

"72% living in poverty are Indo-Fijians and 66% are Fijians" This statement is true if they are treated separately. That is, of all Indo-Fijians, 72% are said to live in poverty, likewise the Fijians. But if they're talking about the whole population, then yes the figures are wrong and misleading.

It's also wrong to assume that the figures should add up to 100% because there are other ethnicities too, such as Chinese, Rabi islanders, beautiful Rotumans etc.

Statistics can cause a lot of problems if used in a wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Anit Singh, what's your problem? It's up to the landowner to decide when the lease expires. Stop stirring as that's exactly what you're doing. When an Indian leased the land, he/she signed a contract pertaining to the lease. And of course there are clauses in the contract that both parties fully understood. So if the Fijian landowner decides not to renew the lease, then what's the fuss Anit?

Like I said before, stop stirring because at the end of the day, you will continue to moan but the land still belongs to the landowner. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

RaOne...Whining again and no one believes your bullshit,go and talk to your lawyer! It's the Native Land Trust Board that are prosecuting your brother the Farmers for unpaid back-rents? So don't try that bullshit on us landowners or try to trash our Chiefs.If you say that you've paid your back-rents then see your lawyer and get him to takeup your case(s)in court? Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...please try editing your notes before writing or see RaOne for some help? Anit Singh...Sorry, no can do...law of the land must be observed? If the law clearly states that RENT must be paid on your lease,then by george,you must pay for the rent when it becomes due!!!If you're renting out your apartment,house or flats to Tom,Dick & Harry, and every month
they reneged on their rents,would you be kind enough to allow them to stay on until they can pay you their 1,2,3,4,5 years back-rents?If you can do that,then i'd have a
land for you in Texas!!

Anonymous said...

A landlord has every right not to renew a leasing arrangement and renegotiate lease price after lease has expired.
Just because you leased the land X amount of dollars 30yrs ago mean that you can't renegotiate a new price once the term is up.
I'm sure someone has some figures on what was payed 30yrs ago and what it means in today's terms.

Anonymous said...

Anit Singh, sorry but you're totally wrong. Like one blogger said, see your lawyer if you think something's not right. But reading your comments tells me that you're not educated enough to understand contracts. Go back to school and learn.

Mo Tikoitoga said...

No worries all you maths wizards

Introducing :

The Poverty Percentage Decree

72% plus 66 % EQUALS 100%

Signed by :

Pig Ass Naulukau

Uneducated said...

“Everything continues in its state of rest or uniform motion
Except an external force acts on it”
– Isaac Newton, First Law of Motion

The external force is ‘friction’!

Bhaiya Babu said...

Aree! Aree Aree... You people started blaming grog for our poor plight - now what has grog or grass to do with poverty?? Yeh??

That's our only escape!! from this miserable reality... - that and c4.5!

Anonymous said...

a landowner once relayed that one of his tenants had a dog which he will always let loose when his children & grandchildren goes to the shop which was near his farm, even after repeated warnings it was to no avail...it was until the lease expired that he begged the landowner for renewal and was told...no Bhaiya you are a pest because everytime we come near your farm we just run for our lives in our own land..now you just have to go somewhere else with your dogs..the Moral of the story is this "learn to live and respect the owners of the land-surely they will accept you as one of their own" Most Indians cannot leave Fiji because they have ackknowledged and fully accepted the Fijian life style but there are still others who appear not to understand this...You got to go around all over Fiji to see what am higlighting " as they say in Nadroga "Yato mo kilasia na no"

Anonymous said...

It is alright to talk strict contractual agreement on lease expiry and non renewal, but also it should be noted that your view should then be regarded as refunding $20m free illegal money which without any interest payent for 10 years would mean opportunity interest cost of $28m further money to make landowners and rich.

You should therefore support transfer of those accumulated assets back to the State .. and then we can surely understand lease contract as legal contract.

You landowners want everything for free..... and then tell the poor farmers their lease expired so cannot renew.

Anonymous said...

@ Anit Singh, good thing is that ALTA is scrapped as it was out of date and didn't serve both communities, esp. the i-taukei. 30 year lease term is not the issue, its THAT clause in ALTA that tenants had used extensively to extend the lease to another term of 30 years, thereby depriving an entire and expanding itaukei clan of the usage of their own mataqali land. We're talking about the best arable land here.

So I don't understand why Chaudhary held on tooth and nail to an outdated ALTA that was despised by most landowners, when it could have been re-negotiated in good faith by both sides.

My 2 cents worth.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu said...

To My 2c Worth, Yes you have some merit in the point you are making. Which means a decent debate or point made. Good on your perspective.

If these State reserved productive agriculture land was depriving expanding iTaukei clan of usage of their own matagali land, how many of these expanded itaukei have made use of these productive land to demonstrate these were not surplus to their requirements?

And if majority of these land 10 years after expiry of ALTA remains unproductive, then where are these expanding itaukei matagali gone, may I ask?

Most stories about itaukei are contradictory. Reportedly Qarase said that after having been PM for so long and travelled so extensively to villages for past several years, he has noticed that the youths are too lazy... drink grog past mid night and sleep until mid day ... and do not go out to their garden.

So when will they (not all but those lazy ones) become productive, even if they are expanded family who cannot have their own reserved land to be productive?

When you have ongoing productive land, then sure enough you need to apply for your requirements so NLTB assess that requirement.

ALTA was classified to ensure the land will remain productive land for life of the nation. 30 year term was to ensure a review can take place to renew for the same tenant.

If that is no longer productive, it has to be not renewed for the same old tenant but to be offered to new ones so to ensure the land remains productive and contributes for the purpose to being the "life blood of the nation".

This is why they are classified as "agriculture" land.

So if the matagali member wants to be the applicant, he gets first priority to new lease, but still under ALTA. So even matagali gets it under ALTA and can be taken away from them as much as it can be taken away from past tenants on expiry or surrender.

Botom line is politicians have been dishonest to create fear for vote buying and planting their political animals into the office of NLTB to ensure that fear continues, hence compromising the
independence of NLTB as trustee's for the purpose of managing lease money for the matagali.

So when the banker PM finally secured his own position, he offered 75year lease increasing it by more than 100% from 30 year term.

But this time Chaudhry took onto not attend meeting Qarase when he had the mandate of the people and being representitive of the cane farmers.

By not attending to dialog he failed the cane farmers to help resolve lease issues to help reduce the financial mess created by politicians in order to take control of parliament, hence making Poor Indian farmers continue to suffer.

Therefore Chaudhry and FLP directly contributed to the mess after 2005 when they had the mandate to do something.

Repurcussions of non renewal of leases saw foreign reserves falling towards bankruptcy as evidenced by fall below $500k in late 2005, which then was boosted by $300m FNPF investments brought back to boost the reserve temporarily, but reserve that was spiralling downwards.

So this offer of 75 years was not about good samaritan by Qarase but purely about economics of managing the government, its treasury and lifeblood of the nation.

BUT what Anit Singh is saying is right. What as Interim Prime Minister did Qarase do to stop these mischief making to stop these farmers getting evicted at the hands of the matagali who were hoodwinked to propaganda that they can get planted cane land for "free".

All leased land fall under the control of NLTB and not directly by the land owners. Even landowners do not have any right as their rights are managed by their own trustee NLTB.

Why have the landowners not asked for NLTB to be disbanded if they think they are educated enough to manage their own land and lease money, etc... if they think they should.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu

Anonymous said...

@ anon .. my 2cents worth,

No landowner had raised that the ALTA was outdated when Rabuka offered to renew leases under ALTA but after the 1997 Elections.

Even GCC did not disagree with that call. So there was no issue with non renewal or ALTA.

However he did say some 20% of land may not be renewed only because the expanded matagali may be requiring for their own use, but those farmers will be re-located.

So as head of government it is the role of the government to take control on policy matters and not the matagali.

So when Qarase came as Interim PM ... what did his IG do to honour the promise his own SVT government made.

Fact is they used the land issue to bully the poor farmers and did not demonstrate true leadership but Indian bashing to call themselves Fijian hero's.

Then came Chaudhry who took the Girmit Centre money to pretend to form an evicted cane farmers camp at Valelawa and promising to take them to Agentina for a 100acre farm.

But when he got the $2m by demonstrating he was running a camp (but not given any money to the camp that the money was suppose to be given to - the Girmit Centre, he put the money into his personal bank.

Chaudhry , his NFU and FLP put together ... Chaudhry was lucky to be not assaulted as after victims of Valelawa found they were used by Chaudhry which we know now it was to hoodwink donors of $2m that he and his FLP were honest representative of the poor.!!!

Can the fallen out politicians of FLP like Krishna Dutt, Tupeni Baba, Haroon Ali and others, tell us the public how did they run FLP as they are equally accountable to Chaudhry's personal trusteeship of money to be put into his personal account and never making it for the purpose it was given.

Why as senior members of FLP why they allowed Chaudhry to keep the money and not into account of FLP and then from FLP to hand over the entire money to the Girmit Centre Refugee Camp, who were the ones that were suffering further at hands of Qarase for having challenged the abbrogation of the constitution in 2000 well known as Chandrika Prasad case?

Why as honest politicians, they let Chaudhry have his way?

Anit Singh said...

To 2 Cents Worth & Sa Sucu na lutu

You two above give me heart to continue with what seems a real can of worms we opened here.

I also feel exposed and a little scared because I am being me and not seeking the safety of anonymity.

I think we are quite maturely dealing with issues which we know are important / sensitive; like our racial stereotyping / prejudices, and the changing dynamics of race-relations since 1987/Now, and land and now Qarase / Chaudhary.

I know that both Qarase / Chaudhary are leaders of their own political parties. Both have in the past pursued policies/agendas which may have won them elections- but which were not necessarily good for our country.

Inability of both the above leaders to amicably negotiate (resolve) agricultural land lease extensions, in my view, is one of the most serious of their many short-comings.

We meet many skilled/career farmers who have turned out to be very bad Taxi drivers in Suva, today- Why?? And how does the economy of taxi driving benefit Fiji more than agriculture?? [case of lost opportunity costs]

But the most important questions that bucks me, at the moment are:
*How come as compared to Qarase/ Chaudhary - the BAIYUM regime (as illegal as they are) have so successfully delivered on to extension of leases for all existing tenants with the mataqali /landowners. There is also further possibility of continuing ‘good-will’ negotiations under this regime.
*The BAIYUM regime (as illegal as they are) by calling every Fiji-born a “Fijian” has also achieved in (re) instilling in me and in many Indo-Fijians a ‘sense of belonging’ which was twice very rudely fractured.
*The BAIYUM regime (as illegal as they are) is promoting, in principle at least, a non-racial Fiji, which is also very appealing to me.
*But what seriously terrifies me about the BAIYUM regime is their agenda to pursue purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution – which I believe is a living document.
*Also the policy towards ‘one person-one vote’ would see the total erosion of the protected reserved seats for Indo-Fijians in the Parliament. With the population of less than 30% - and if this ratio is more or less distributed throughout all constituencies – and the voters as per habit vote along racial lines than the Indo-Fijians should be lucky if there are represented AT ALL in the next elections –

This may well be the reality of the BAIYUM regime’s (as illegal as they are) non-racial Fiji agenda!!
Please help clarify some of the above… if you may!!

Anonymous said...

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu, seems you got to put in more than to cents worth. How did you get C4.5 to print such a lengthy comment? What's your secret?

Anonymous said...

@ 1.36 my secret is the report is balanced and not making Qarase look bad!!!! but Good in this story !!

That shows we can work with him if it comes to that!

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu

Anonymous said...

Anit, you make a very valid point about the 'one-person-one-vote' elections. No one seems to have noticed, or cared because our leader Chaudhary was part of the 'Charter' Committee {NBBWhatever), and how could he have possibly 'sold' Indians down the drain?

Unbelievable!! But maybe and I am hoping you are Wrong!

Unknown said...

Everybody is saying,I'm scared because of this and that,trouble may come our way,if we hold on to everything then what's God's.We need to learn to hold on to what's ours and give God,what's his ok.Now listen,we all need to pray and believe thru faith,with our faith possibilities may raise,working together can help our country Fiji,I'm just a young man,one day I want my children to look up and say is that Fiji, is a beautiful country,that's where I was born yes I love my country,you want your children to say that,Wow,that's only thru communication will help the moment come to life.If they's no communication,they's no unity! no love! no agreement,how can we build Fiji.We all human,human rights are important,we should put together idea's to build Fiji, help one another,be good with money,love each other,work together.If I was the prime minister of Fiji I will look at the people's needs first,before my selfishness we all goner stand before God someday and answer questions what you goner say then to God,so beware that God is watching everything.Raise Fiji raise to another level of planning.GOD bless junior Naleba