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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bainimarama’s behind-the-scenes backers were in the judiciary

Doctrine Necessity: Pervez Musharaf

Treasonists Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Mohammed Aziz drafted dictator’s Doctrine of Necessity takeover coup speech, with help from Manasa Vaniqi


By Victor Lal

At 6pm on 5 December 2006, Frank Bainimarama, the future dictator of Fiji, declared his takeover of the SDL-FLP multi-party government of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase. The bleary-eyed Bainimarama, who had been drinking heavily in the RFMF’s Officers Mess before appearing on TV, claimed that he was taking over the Qarase government under the Doctrine of Necessity, a legal doctrine deployed elsewhere, most notably in General Pervez Musharaf’s Pakistan.

Out of stride: Hughes and Bainimarama
However, in the same takeover speech Bainimarama claimed that the RFMF not only believed in the 1997 Constitution of Fiji but it also believed and adhered to constitutionalism. He claimed that he had “stepped into the President’s shoes” (in fact he had illegally stolen the President’s constitutional sulu and sandals) to dismiss the duly and constitutionally elected Prime Minister Qarase.

What of the future? Bainimarama outlined the course of events that were to take place in the next few days after the 5 December 2006 takeover. Let him speak to us: “The takeover will not be permanent; tomorrow I will summon the chief executive officers and charge them with the duty of running their own ministries until an interim government is appointed. During the Great Council of Chiefs meeting next week I will be requesting the Great Council of Chiefs to re-appoint the Turaqa na Tui Vuda as the President. His Excellency will then appoint a caretaker government. In the meantime a military council will provide me with advice. When the country’s stable and electoral rolls and other machineries of election have been reviewed and amended, elections will be held. We trust that the new government will lead us into peace, prosperity and mend the ever widening racial divide that currently besets our multi-cultural nation.”

In February 2006, the former Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, Jennifer Rawson, passed to the US Embassy in Fiji copies of two documents that raised concerns about RFMF Commander Bainimarama’s intentions in the run-up to the 2006 planned elections in Fiji.  Both documents were given by the RFMF to the former Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes. 

According to Larry Dinger, the then US ambassador to Fiji, it was unclear if Bainimarama meant for Hughes to receive both documents.  He specifically directed his staff to give Hughes only the first, a letter Bainimarama had written to Vice President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, dated February 14, 2006, that detailed RFMF complaints against the government and called for the delay of elections until a census was conducted. 

The second document, titled “Doctrine of Necessity,” argued that under certain circumstances extra-constitutional action by the military would be justified.  Hughes had planned to share the documents with his boss, the Minister of Home Affairs, Josaia Vosanibola. The letter from Bainimarama to Vice President Madraiwiwi stated that the RFMF “would like to express its dissatisfaction and disappointment on the general state of affairs in the country.” 

The letter listed a series of complaints about the Qarase led government including: perception of widespread corruption, failure of Fiji’s electoral system, deterioration of the rule of law, and the government’s attempt to destabilise the RFMF. The letter reiterated the point Bainimarama had made to Dinger in February 2006 that unless a census was conducted, the general elections should not be held. Unless there was a census, “the upcoming elections will not be contested on a fair and democratic basis and it will deprive the people of Fiji a truly democratically elected Government.”

The document titled “Doctrine of Necessity” appeared to be anRFMF-prepared think piece on extra-constitutional options and justifications.  It began by referring to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, which after the military takeover in that country, “declared that when the state of affairs in the country deteriorate (sic) to such an extent (crisis situation) where there is no constitutional provision to provide a remedy, extra constitutional measures can be taken under the doctrine of necessity.”  The document enumerated the evidence that the Court relied upon to determine if a crisis existed in Pakistan and noted the Court’s finding that General Musharraf acted for the welfare of the people in taking over the government.

In subsequent pages, the document discussed “the prevailing political, legal and social conditions in Fiji.” It noted that a census had not been conducted, questioned the independence of the Elections Office, and stated that many voters were disenfranchised.  Under “Collapse of the Rule of Law” the document attacked the proposed Reconciliation Bill, stating that it was unconstitutional and would result in amnesty for persons convicted of treason and others not yet charged. 

The document charged that the Supreme Court was biased, and noted a rift in the judiciary.  It stated that “ethnic considerations are now utilised to appoint judicial officers and these have been carried out unopposed by the President of the Fiji Law Society (who is Graham Leung) and the PSC.”  It claimed the government was filled with corruption.  Finally, the document stated the government had attempted to destabilise Fiji’s military forces “by way of administrative action and trying to incite members of the FMF to rise against the Commander and those loyal to him.”

The final page of “Doctrine of Necessity” listed a number of actions to be taken “in the event extra-constitutional steps are taken": appoint interim administration, members of which will not contest the next elections; inform the public as to why such action was taken; give assurances to the business community to ensure stable commercial and economic activity; and seek assistance from the international community in order to undertake a census and electoral reform.”

Police Commissioner Hughes told Rawson he didn’t know if Bainimarama meant for him to see the “Doctrine of Necessity” document, whether it was given to him accidentally, or whether an RFMF staffer intentionally gave it to him without Bainimarama’s orders.  Rawson told Dinger the document clearly was contemporary, since it referred to issues like the census, and the alleged attempt to incite members of the military “to rise against the Commander.” 

The document, at times, used the same wording as the letter to Vice President Madraiwiwi.   On the other hand, the document always spoke of the military in the third person, and referred to the “FMF” instead of the “RFMF” as used in the letter.  Dinger could not say for sure, therefore, that the RFMF drafted the document. 

Hughes showed the documents to Madraiwiwi on February 16 2006 after Rawson arranged a meeting between the two of them. Madraiwiwi said he had received the letter from Bainimarama, but not the “Doctrine of Necessity” document.  After seeing the latter document, Madraiwiwi told Hughes “if this weren't so serious, this would be laughable.”

It is worth pointing out that when the definitive history of the 2006 coup comes to be written, Madraiwiwi will go down as the principal culprit who acted as the midwife in the birth of dictator Bainimarama. See one of my earlier articles on Madraiwiwi: (http://rawfijinews.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/nailatikau-must-take-bainimarama-by-the-horns/).

He put obstacles in the path of the Qarase government at every stage because Bainimarama had promised him the chiefship of Tailevu before the run-up to the treasonous coup. 
Meanwhile, Hughes told Rawson that, as Commissioner of Police, he felt duty-bound to share the “Doctrine of Necessity” with his boss, Vosanibola. He had not yet done so, because he wanted his police “intelligence section” to do some checking into the document.  Rawson said Hughes would pass the document to Vosanibola “sometime next week”.  Dinger told Washington: “If and when Hughes passes the documents to his minister, the PM will become aware, if he is not already, of Bainimarama's ponderings about removing the Government.” 
In late February 2006, Hughes had a private meeting with Bainimarama where he tried to dissuade him from carrying out a coup, warning that it would be catastrophic for Fiji. Bainimarama rejected Hughes’ view suggesting that unnamed Indo-Fijian businessmen had told him Fiji could bounce back from another coup in 18 months.  
Bainimarama added that he does not care about international reaction, including the possible loss of aid money from Australia, the United States and New Zealand.
The secret memo of the 27th February meeting between Hughes and Bainimarama portrayed an erratic Bainimarama surrounded by a compliant officers corps that was feeding Bainimarama’s sense of righteous grievance against the Qarase government. When Hughes suggested Bainimarama should educate rather than threaten, Bainimarama said education wouldn’t work. The Fijian people “only respond to the stick from us.”
According to Dinger: “The secret report of a late-February conversation between Fiji Police Commissioner Hughes (protect) and Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Commander Bainimarama is worrisome reading, with Bainimarama signalling he is willing to remove Prime Minister Qarase and place himself in power if the PM and his party win re-election in May and continue their present course.  Hughes noted (as we have) that the Commander's views in a conversation often vary from benign to a sense that military intervention is nearly inevitable.  Hughes concludes that Bainimarama is distorting and exaggerating the Fiji situation in describing what he sees as a duty to the nation that transcends democratic principles and processes.” 
According to the secret memo, the conversation between Hughes and Bainimarama broadened to the RFMF’s Pakistan-like “Doctrine of Necessity,” put forth as justification for potential military action against the government.
Bainimarama railed against the “evil, corrupt, cannibalistic” Qarase government and expressed regret for putting Qarase in power during the events of 2000. He said he should have retained power himself, for 5, 10, even 40 years. 
When Hughes warned Bainimarama that he (the future dictator) was contemplating “treason,” which would bring him into conflict with the police, the courts and the international community, Bainimarama dismissed such “by the book” concerns as not applying to the Fiji context. 
But who put that infamous “Doctrine of Necessity” Arguments (DNA) into the dictator’s mouth on 5 December 2006? Police intelligence unit investigations revealed that two of the dictator’s co-treasonists, the illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz, with the help from Lt-Colonel Manasa Vaniqi, had prepared the Pakistan-like “Doctrine of Necessity” justification for the dictator to read out on 5 December 2006. Two prominent High Court judges fine-tuned the speech with their legal broomsticks.
In the words of Dinger, who told his masters in Washington, “We are aware some of Bainimarama’s'’ behind-the-scenes backers are in the judiciary. They did their best to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”
The trio (Khaiyum, Aziz and Vaniqi) had escaped conspiracy to commit treason charges before Fiji police could move against them – now, after the coup, Khaiyum is running Fiji as the illegal Attorney-General with his decrees, gloating “Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it “treason.”
In other words, although he and others have committed treason and actually succeeded in overthrowing the Qarase government and taking over the country, nobody, according to Khaiyum’s decrees, dare call him and his pet dictator a treasonist, because he’s now the king or dictator and will punish anybody through his decrees who says his actions were treasonous.
But Khaiyum is mistaken; the long arm of the law awaits him, come 2014 election or not! The same applies to Aziz and Vaniqi and others who “did their best to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. As human rights lawyer Imrana Jalal once reminded us: “Flirt with the rule of law at your own peril.”
In the words of Cicero, “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself…He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
Again, as Judge Andrew Wilson, while convicting Jo Nata and Timoci Silatou, and which applies to Khaiyum, Aziz, Vaniqi and others, stated: “You were each proven to have committed that crime. Both of you (Nata and Silatolu), together with George Speight and other persons, between 19 May 2000 and 27 July 2000 at Suva and at other places, did commit treason against the Republic of the Fiji Islands and the lawful government thereof. It was a joint enterprise that you were each involved in. There was a common intention held by both of you (and by George Speight) to attempt to achieve an unlawful purpose in conjunction with one another, viz. a coup involving a sudden attempted overthrow of the government by force… Your conduct was destructive of the rule of law itself; it cannot be justified upon any legitimate ground.”

The ringing words of the former High Court judge Justice Nazhat Shameem when she jailed Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure, who had become the short-lived Attorney-General in the “Speight Government” after the 2000 coup, applies to Khaiyum amd Aziz (both lawyers): “However I cannot disregard the fact that as a lawyer you were expected wisely to counsel those around you. As a lawyer you should have been prepared to fight for the rule of law. Instead you worked with those who destroyed it. Your conduct was destructive of the rule of law itself; it cannot be justified upon any legitimate ground.”
Treasonists Khaiyum and Aziz must not be allowed to play any roles in the shaping of the nation or in the drafting of a new constitution as an escape hatchet; their rightful place is a common cell in the Naboro maximum prison – alongside Bainimarama (wanted for murder of the CRW soldiers) and Vaniqi – and other treasonists.
That is the only way we can end the coup culture in Fiji. It is also the advice that we should be giving to the two constitutional lawyers of international repute – Yash Ghai and Christina Murray – who have been duped by the treasonist Khaiyum – the author of the “Doctrine of Necessity” document which ended up in the hands of the former Commissioner of Police Andrew Hughes, a copy now in the vaults of the United States State Department.
Any desired changes should be made, if there is a general consensus, within the framework of the 1997 Constitution, and with no promise of immunity to the treasonists. 
We must say with Mahatma Gandhi: “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall - think of it, always.”
A new Constitution must not be allowed to be written or dictated by the megalomaniac and illegal Attorney-General of Fiji – the treasonist Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. 
He should be imprisoned under the 1997 Constitution of Fiji that still exists following the Fiji Court of Appeal ruling against the 5 December 2006 coup.


Anonymous said...

frank is the con man mf liar.
he needs a visit from usa sas.
time for usa to kill this bastard and make fiji people free.
fiji is been controlled by its own enemy the army and taliban ag khaiyum.
he did coup to save his butt from ending up in prison..

mark manning said...

There was never a " Doctrine of Necessity" in Fiji in 2006 and there was no "Crisis" until Frank Bainimarama committed High Treason against the State.

Anonymous said...

When Hughes suggested Bainimarama should educate rather than threaten, Bainimarama said education wouldn’t work. The Fijian people “only respond to the stick from us.”

If the above was the view of the dictator, than why is he, the military, and the drunkard Irreverent Akuila Yabaki embarking on a voter education exercise about the need for a new constitution - why cant the dictator use his "STICK" to force a new constituition on the people of Fiji

Anonymous said...

taliban ruling fiji ASK/AZIZ and Nazhat..
Frank /Army/Police are the puppet.
Auss/NZ/USA should get rid of these thugs.
We dont need this corrupt govt and judges.

Anonymous said...

What is the Cakobau Clan wasting their time in meeting for? - Sir Khaiyum is the Vunivalu of Bau & King of Fiji since 5th December 2006 no if's and buts about it.

All Cheifs in Fiji are under his control except for Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Good Example is the dumbshit Tui Namosi agrreing with the work of Government as they will now have acess to roads, schools etc in a press release prepared for him by Sir Khaiyum.

If he was a Cheif and fearless leader of his people he should have been demanding all this and for shares in the new mining company so that generations to come will benefit no just Sir Khaiyum & VB.

Ask the dickhead Tui Namosi how much he was paid to agrree with Government's plans while his people will suffer for generations to come, you tamata kaisi bokola just like the Mataivalu Ni Solisona.

Cannot blame him really as he needs the money as I am led to believe that he went to the US after 5th December 2006 he had to work as a security officer as sa sega na paisa.

Sir Khaiyum has now conned him to be part of this corrupt regime as while he will be getting thousands of dollars in backhand payments the Vunivalu of Bau and King of Fiji, Sir Khaiyum will be receiving millions in his overseas bank acount.

All these so called Chiefs should be very, very careful as Sir Khaiyum has vowed to abolish the Chiefly system under the new constitution as he has already disbanded the GCC so all peoples of Fiji are treated equally no matter your race, colour or religion.

Like the Mataivalu Ni Solisona sing every morning Long live our brave leader and King Sir Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Isa Madraiwiwi, lots of respect for you Sir. You should have been the President now.

Samunidawa said...

Interesting how Bainimarama views that Fijians cannot be educated and need the army's STICK.
Fijians should shove the STICK up Bainimarama's cici.
May be then he can learn something.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:20
We can see from Bainimarama's first speech in 2006 that he was still acknowledging the GCC as a seat of power.
However his views very quickly changed.
I think this was the influence of Nazhat Shameem and Aiyaz Khaiyum.

You are right. Kaiyum's thesis and desire is to dismantle Fiji's chiefly system - and consequently Fijian culture - and then it will be easier for him to rule.

Unfortunately as I see my own relatives in the villages, they're behaving like the proverbial frog that is being slowly boiled.
They have NO IDEA what is about to hit them.
They are laughing and dancing while their land is being swept off their feet.

One day those Namosi villagers will wake up and no more beautiful mountains. Only one great big hole in the ground.
No more beautiful rivers but only muddy poisonous waters with dead fish and prawns.
No more ota,rourou and dalo.

The sad part is they will never smell their $millions of dollars that everyone else took.

These Fijians will be "left holding the baby", so to speak.
In 20 years time Fijians will become like Aborigines in their own country.
They will become like Native American Indians in their own country
Defeated, Depressed, Debilitated and full of Diabetes.

I say : Let's put a stop to this and LETS BOMB DELAINABUA NOW!

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's cici @ the moment is occupied by a boci! Save your STICK for Later!

Anonymous said...

The only way to stop the coup culture in Fiji is to get rid of the illegal Bainimarama regime.

We can make a start by boycotting the voter registration exercise, and also boycott the constitutional review exercise.

These will send a clear message to Bainimarama, and to the world community that we standby and uphold the 1997 Constitution, and that we want an end to the farce tha is going on in Fiji right now.

Codro said...

Bainimarama got his ideas of abolishing the GCC from Ra. The story of Fiji's history and how it became Fiji was told by a man in korotubu in Ra to which he based he is based from that their were no chiefs in Fiji.....just Degei and Rau na Ciri.....Lutunasobasoba was the scriber for these two brothers and when they were banished by their father from nakauvadra for killing the rooster, they left Fiji and Lutunasobasoba was their scriber and to write down all the things that they did and the places they visited. Lutunasobasoba came back with other people and dropped the book that he wrote about the two brthers(Rau na ciri). In Nakorotubu in Ra lives a man he still tells the history of fiji. This man is visited by Bainimarama and after that visit he abolished the GCC. If you dont believe what i say then i suggest you all ask his security guards to tell the story. It is not the influence of Arss levu Kaiyum or Aziz.....It is Bainimarama himself. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

Boycotting the elections and constitutional dialogue will only play into the regime's hands. If we don't participate, they will win by default. If we do participate, they will claim that our participation gives legitimacy to their process. The only answer is to participate but to say boldly and upfront that the process is illegitimate, a new constitution is unneeded, and this government is illegal. Then prepare to vote and to fight, because your vote won't be counted.

Anonymous said...

It isn't the people of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States who should get rid of this dictator, it is the people of Fiji. Where are your chiefs, and where are your bati? Stop pretending to be helpless. The tools for organising and resisting are all around you. Where is your pride?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't surprised useless Manasa Vaniqi one of co-authors of coup speech. This man has always been opportunist. wanted to be something he has always aspired for big posts but no education. Now that he is running sugar industry, he will be the last nail to the industry's coffin box. Sega ni kila na vosa,,no school

Anonymous said...

@ Codro, shyte ! are you saying this whole thing started from a story about some guys killing a phucking rooster ?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1pm
You saying then to be a true Fijian you have to abolish all chiefs because there were no chiefs. Only Lutunasobasoba etc.
No chief means you also have to abolish the Matanivanua, no Bati, No Turaga ni Yavusa or Mataqali etc etc.

Hey that is a very clever idea.

Just abolish every organisation in Fijian culture.

Wow! That's very clever.
You should write a Thesis on it.

Sticky said...

Bainimarama is right. Fijian's (including him) only understand the stick. It seems to be about time that we give it to him. He can sit on it and share it with Khaiyum, but we the people have to deliver it first.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you I'taukeis become freedom fighters for all the indigenous people around the world.

Bisun said...

Hey Codro so Bainimarama has abolished the chiefs and now Degei, Lutunasobasoba and the ciris will come back to lead us? I will have to inform the avengers of this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:37, well said, and I agree with your analysis completely. Enter the competition like William Tell, with one arrow for the target and a spare for the tyrant Geisler.

Anonymous 1:00, with all due respect, I believe Frank Bainimarama has long had the GCC in his crosshairs. Let me explain.

I've often said, paraphrasing Karl Marx's 'The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoléon', that Bainimarama is a grotesque mediocrity pretending to play a hero's part. The events in Fiji since 2000 have all been scenes in Bainimarama's psycho-drama. The Americans were right -- a psychiatrist would have a field day with the guy.  The whole nation is being held hostage to his ambitions and insecurities, while he indulges himself a personal voyage of discovery and self-actualisation.

Bainimarama is indeed a mediocrity. He would rise no higher than a warrant officer in a real navy. In fact, his treason makes him prima facie unsuited to any military career. He belongs in the brig, awaiting court martial for mutiny, treason, murder, theft, acts unbecoming an officer, etc. His rise to power is not a testament to his genius but to his ruthlessness and the cupidity and spinelessness of those around him.

'Ratu Voreqe' resents the chiefs, especially those in the GCC. 'Chief Warwar' knows Ro Teimumu and others will never accept his usurpation. His intense feelings of self-inadequacy cause him to crave respect, which he thinks he will gain with the presidency, but he knows the GCC would never elect him.

He also knows that the twisted and legally discredited version of the doctrine of necessity that serves as the pretext for his treason leaves him potentially open to a challenge from the President, theoretically his commander-in-chief. 

I have long predicted that, having usurped the prime ministership, Bainimarama will next usurp the presidency. The constitutional dialogue will in time be seen to be just another of Bainimarama's 'vagina monologues', this time the process manipulated to allow him to reshape the powers of presidency. Thanks to one of his early decrees, the authority to name Fiji's president has supposedly transferred from the GCC to the Cabinet. And with so many cabinet positions between them, Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum achieve a cabinet quorum every time they meet tête-à-tête.

Bainimarama depends on Aiyaz as a toddler clings to a blanket. Bainimarama hates playing the stammering idiot and the butt of every joke. Being snide, glib, and amoral, Aiyaz can absorb the verbal baiting of the Helen Clark types and dish it right back, after a fashion. Bainimarama also relies on Aiyaz now as his psychopomp to ferry him across Fiji's treacherous political waters to what he imagines will be the security of Government House. 

Bainimarama is a driven man. He will not stop until he is president for life. 

For us, his contemporaries, that means Bainimarama may control Fiji for much or all of the rest of our lives, if he is not stopped.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

We should call for the jailing of treasonist Khaiyum, Aziz, Vaniqi and Vore

What should be in the new constitution
The people of the country can make contributions in relation to any issue that they believe should be included in Fiji's new constitution when wide-spread consultations begin from July.

Many people are discussing about equal rights, ideal voting system, the appointment of the President which was previously done by the Great Council of Chiefs, the make-up of cabinet and parliament and even the caliber of parliamentary candidates.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said that people should start thinking about issues that really matter and ensure that they attend the consultations.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

He said that many groups have already commenced their civic education programs as talks start on the constitution consultations.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Any Constitutional Talks should first and foremost spell out the meaning/ scope/ definition of the T word TREASON!!

Who has committed TREASON???
Why did they Commit TREASON??
Where did they commit TREASON???
When did they commit TREASON???
How did they commit TREASON???

When will they commit TREASON AGAIN???

What should we do to those who commit TREASON???

After how long should TREASON be Committed?? every 10yrs?? 5 Years?? two???
Please bloggers explain what does the word TREASON mean???

Anonymous said...




The sound of Fiji moving forward...

Anonymous said...

Did not the AG lose the case of 'Doctrine of Necessity' after the Rabuka coup?

Anonymous said...

Mentally Challenged Kyum should be sent to the chiefs in Cakaudrove to be gang-banged!

Anonymous said...

The 'Doctrine of Necessity" demands that we shove that STICK up Baini's cici and let Kaiyum loose amongst the Cakaudrove Chiefs to gang-banged!!

Anonymous said...

Codro, Komai Waimari, we know of the Story.. Sa Dina!

Anonymous said...

Who are these Indo-Fijian businessmen bastards - please name them - so we could deal with them with our own sticks - I thought the Indo-Fijians were suffering under the Qarase government - but it seems they were prosepring - traitors! Was it Hari Punja?

Anonymous said...

Two prominent High Court judges fine-tuned the speech with their legal broomsticks.

The two were Justices Tony Gates and Nazhat Shameem - with a helping hand from sister Shaista Shameem

Vish Sharma, Suva said...

Gali, Gali mein Shor Hai, M P Chauhdry khandhan Aur Fiji Labor Party chor hai (chaudhry clan is crooked and con). permalink
1 Votes
Gali, Gali mein Shor Hai, M P Chauhdry khandhan Aur Fiji Labor Party chor hai (chaudhry clan is crooked and con). i

The big disaster for Fiji politics is Mahen ‘Chorwa’ Chaudhry. This man has destroyed the livelihood of poor sugarcane farmers, and he was not fit to be PM. His arrogance, stupidity and nepotism led to 2000 coup.

Stupid dictator tried to treat media and the country as if it was his labor party, which he reduced to his chamchas and yes men like rameshwar prasad, Gandu Vashnoi, master James, Anand Babla and others.

Mahen is fully responsible for Indo-Fijian hardship. Throughout his career this man has used Indians to further his and his family’s interest – top-paying job for his uncouth beta Rajen Chaudhary a rapist, as alleged by Indian national, Muskan Balaggan. .

Mahen also gave a senate seat to useless Sachida Sharma, father of Vishwa Sharma of nestle, and who is chaudhary’s son-in law…

The Labor management had nominated someone else for senate but our ‘Mr. Transparency, Accountability and Integrity’, mahen pal chaudhry snuck in Sachida’s Sharma’s name.
Mahen ‘Fiji ke Robin’ Hood went around the world with a begging bowl in hand and used name of the poor sugarcane farmers of Labasa, to raise money to resettle them after the expiry of their leases, then he put millions of dollars of donations in is personal bank account, around $F3.5 Million at the Commonwealth Bank in Australia.

Thanks to Victor Lal for exposing Chaudhary’s millions…. (Vinaka Victor)

No wonder people in Fiji are now singing that – Gali, Gali mein Shor Hai, M P Chauhdry khandhan Aur FIJI LABOR PARTY chor hai (chaudhry clan is crooked and con).

What a slick operator – he shafts it into the people and the stupid people continue to support him. Mahendra Chaudhary has tapped into Fiji Indo’s peasant gullible, backward mentality market and is milking it for all its worth while they see him as a saviour.

As they say, you deserve the people you vote. Indians in Fiji have gained nothing because of their poor choice of leaders in Fiji – they continue to vote for this useless and destructive politician mahen chor dhary and they will suffer because he will always be out himself and his family first.

There are many examples of this man’s greed and how he wrecked country, including sending his MPs to join Govt but refusing to let go of opposition leader’s position and perks.
After caught evading taxes and stealing from the poor, the shameless, low-down chor is still making statements when he should crawl inide a hole and hide.

By the way, MP Chaudhary paid $80,000 in tax to FIRCA this year, being tax on his stolen money in CBA Account in Australia


mark manning said...

Assuming Frank is psychotic, what does that say for the rest of the Military who follow his every order ?

Anonymous said...

Vish Sharma

STOP making up STORIES about our Leader!! Mahendra Pal Chaudhry is a Good man and he has done nothing like you suggest. So please STOP all these LIES about our one and only LEADER. You are just a useless detractor and good for nothing sour grapes!! So shutup!!

Anonymous said...

Baini is the one needing the stick. We need to remove this illegal regime to stop this coup culture.

Anonymous said...

Indo-Fijian businessmen have always sucked the governments. Only government that they couldn't suck was Chaudry's government. So why this anger against them now.
Just go to suburbs like Blockhouse Bay, Lynfield and the North Shore in Auckland and see how these businessmen have siphoned money out of Fiji and are still doing it.
Their families live a luxurious life with money that is suppose to stay in Fiji.
The Suncourt director might be in jail but his son has got a mansion in Sydney and we will all know where that money came from. This is just one example. There are many.
Chaudry's 3.5 million is just tip of the iceberg.

Bham Bham Bhole said...

err, Robin Hood robbed rich to help the poor !!

Chaudhary kept all the money himself in Australian Bank.

Wonder if he has any accounts in USA/Canada?

Anonymous said...

People cut the crap! We don't need
the 1997 constitution it, way to huge and far complicated. One of the smallest nation in the world,yet has far bigger constitution than the USA,Britain,Australia,New Zealand,Japan etc-Why? The constitution committee was made up of Indo-Fijian academics,a single Fijian politician & former NZ Governor. Why wasn't a Fijian Academic or Fijian Lawyer appointed
is any one guess? But like i said in 1997-i don't like it, and felt that it would definately caused long term problems for our multi-racial society? The constitution didn,t even went past it's birthing stage? Chodory was elected Prime Minister in 1999 and immediately,threatened to removed the President? A coup by Speight followed a month later? And here you are calling for it's restoration? Are you nuts? I say lets wait and see what the new constitution will bring before we pass it for the future generation!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that the Cakobau are now meeting in order to appoint a new King of Fiji.As a mater of fact
i'd rather they picked Ratu George Kadavulevu Cakobau? The girls i'm not so sure about, as they have lots of baggages to haul around? A King could be the glue we need to bind us together? Like Bainimarama, i don't think the GCC is an effective institution for Fiji-but it could be if we tweak it

Anonymous said...

judges should all resign than we see how ag/tony gates will run the court.

Free Fiji said...

A chief came to being during the warring times in Fiji. After Christianity those theat were left ruling at the time installed as chief becuase they overpowered any other ursurping power that appear on the horizon. Not very difficult to understnad that.

Aslo the role of any government is to govern for the people who entrusted them to gover wisely, justly and with mercy so that people may thrive in a country/community. No one would argue with that.

So what happened when you arrive at a conclusion that the Qarase govt is corrupt, unjust, and dividing the people of fiji to a point where it is not going anywhere or is going somewhere else other then where say Frank it should be going.

Why Frank, becasue he put Qarase there, Ratu Iloilo there and how he did that was he knew he had the powers to do that with the Army supporting him as its Commander. And who put Frank there, Ratu KKT Mara himself after Rt Epeli Ganilau completed his term.

OK picture this, Frank saw that Qarase was as red neck a nationalist far more potent then Butadroka the man who mentored Qarase in his early days in Cooperatives. Big mistake, Frank said. What to do??

Doctrine of necessity, not to use it but to see if there was a precedent in any country other then Fiji. OK why not ask lawyers they should know something about this. most say no way but a few say actualy this is entirely possible. But you need a big stick to carry this out as it aint going to be easy or pretty.

Most military officers who understand the oath said, ah ah no way Frank, but most young say its OK boss you say the word we will go with you ala RUM - (who realised much later that it was a difficult road. The question that most people put to Frank at the time so after we take over the Govt then what?

Out came the blue print from the senior army officers which when most people stood back thought heys its like a Maxist , socialist, utopian dream that everyone can be happy and get along. Fine but how do you get there and maintain it. Well we make the military the strong man, and speak the word from village to village to towns to cities, to country that care to listen. The word is , we will rebuild Fiji such that no one will recognise it anymore.

So here we are looking abck at those helpless moments when pawns like Dinger, Compol at the time stood by and watch and say i better get out of here as this place is about to go bananas.

And we say or Rt Madraiwiwi should be here or Ro Teimumu should be that and good on her for standing up, and Tui Namosi is a coward by selling his people short. This is all silly sentiments of what Fiji has become before Frank and now the product of all this is Frank and his cronies. All these three chiefs did nothing to steer Fiji away from this mess, publicly they may say words that were carefully crafted to sound intellectual and intelligent but they were hollow as their own people felt nothing at all to change or to call for change, nothing. In fact all of them were deep up to their neck with deciet and corrupt deeds they were dead inside.

ONly Fijians who cry out at night suffering and see the need to get our country back on track the way it was meant ot be where prosperity and diversity of people are realised and nurtured will change Fiji. Frank will dissappear like a shadow in the night, a new dawn will rise up and the people will take charge and they will install their leaders as Fiji comes out of this mess.

So when , when we realise all of us in Fiji that where we are going right now is taking us nowhere, only then we can do somehting. Soon.

Anonymous said...

All this BS after BS . . . and more BS.
There is only one way to bring an end to this illegal regime, and we all know what that is.
It is only fair and expedient that 2 people be sacrificed to bring back the fair and proper Government to the Fijian people.
Baini and Aiyarse will never live to be elected, let alone for life.
He will be remembered for the oppposite - death and destruction.
He is an opportunistic liar and murderer. He pulled the coup to keep himself out of prison, and in doing so, imprisoned all Fiji citizens in his oppressive nightmare.
He will not see the election. He will go the same way as all like hime have done around the world.
Justice and the rule of law under free democracy will return-this is what is worth fighting for.
Go VRF - tic tok tic tok
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Where have all the rhetoric gone?
Clean up
Coup to end all coups
Doctrine of necessity
Think outside the box
No discrimination
Equality for all
Dirty politics
Rule of law
Road map
Smaller Cabinet, more portfolios, more !!!!!
Independent Judiciary
Election is just a part of democracy
March 2009 election
2011 election
EU commitment on EDP 10
Development of rural communities
Roads, water, electricity development
Development of the sugar industry
Reforms of the Sugar industry
Reforms of the ciivil service
Reforms and reforms
FNPF reforms
Rule of law
Constitution Commission with no Secretariat
2014 elections
Any more familiar rhetorics?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:10, let's not forget that Frank ordered Fiji's economy to grow at 6.6 percent (instead it contracted), and Teleni ordered all crime to stop by the end of 2009. Also, remember the promises of transparency? Frank hasn't allowed the publication of audit findings ever since.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:09
Another rhetoric:
- Look North Policy - epic fail.
China and India not as friendly as he thought. Now they shoving the STICK up his bum
so suddenly he wants to do election ( because EU wont give money unless there is election)

but now they want to join it.
because he running out of money.

These stupid monkeys think money grow on trees.

-Racial equality for all - except the army
-Voreqe is bullshit artist.
Its unfortunate that alot of Villagers still cant see this

Its all lies.
Voreqe is LIAR.
2014 election is another lie. He said in 2009 he wants to run the government until 2020.
He wants to stay out of jail.
- All this Constitution forum is all bullshit.

Look North Policy has failed miserably.

Voreqe you keep Looking at Naboro, because one day we will put you there.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5.18am, King Of Fiji my ass, he can be King of my Shyte if they want...Nobody wants this Chiefs anymore.

Anonymous said...

Adding rhetoric..

'Move Fiji Forward' as..




Anonymous said...

Andrew Hughes-former Fiji Police commissioner was also a Aussie secret service mole. The Qarase Government should have checked him out throughly before agreeing to Aussie carrot stick.His mission was to ensure that the coup was activated without any problem?He played his role real well right to the very end. For his trouble he was returned safely back home to Aussie land and for doing such a good job, was awarded a higher position with huge pay raise with the UN commission!Maybe they could do the same for Bainimarama and khaiyum and sent them to the frontline in Afaganistan or Irag?

Anonymous said...

If anything, Andrew Hughes was one of a few people who did his best to uphold the rule of law and bring dictator to justice. In the end, dictator's guns and green goons triumphed. Biketawa Decalaration could de invoked, with foreign troops on Fijian soil, if the people of Fiji simply rose up against the dictator and made Fiji ungovernable!

Koli Daukada said...

@ Anon 2.39am.. No place for cassava patch dashers in Afghan and Iraq.

Dela Ni Waisiliva said...






Anonymous said...

Unlike any other politician, Mahendra Chaudhry is a man to be reckoned with.

Despite all that has been labelled against him, most of it proven false of course, he is definitely made of steel.

I admire his boldness and courage whenever he has to make a stand and cant help but notice how he makes his enemies look COMPLETE UTTER FOOLS!


Anonymous said...

@Annoymous 2.39am

Where'd you get all your BULL from?

People like you probably watch too many secret agent type movies and love to hatch a plot like the one you just did just so you can say something around the grog bowl eh....non substantive surely.

Anonymous said...

Overheard by one of Hughes security as to what Bai is telling Hughes in the pix as he is being shown to his vehicle. "Commissioner, I hear that you've formed a special investigating team to investigate against me on CRW deaths. Don't you try it or I'll just have to take over."

Anonymous said...

anon@ 9:10am...Hey give Bai some credits! He was able to fool everyone. Although everyone thought that he wasn't smart and a fool, yet he was able to outsmart the Fijian Government, all the smart elecks in the police force including the Australian appointed Fiji police Commissioner? Hoodwink all the Government lawyers, all the so-called military officers,including Rabuka & Mara?Yet no one gave the man credit, even Khaiyum,Gate,Shamimi,Bano etc gets more credit than Bai for the coup? Yet he Bai, after 12 years at the helm of the FMF still running the show like day one?He's still the man! Bai you Rock!!!

Mahen-Lai dalliance said...

Both Qarase and Chaudhry were self-serving leaders who used their people for their own political and pecuniary benefits. So did Fiji’s other leaders, unfortunately .

I was against the coups, especially when Qarase was coming around and being more inclusive and giving Labour Party its due in Cabinet, even if he did it after being threatened by the military. Both Indians and Fijians were very receptive to a unity govt.

But Chaudhry wanted too keep his cake and eat it also. He made a huge blunder in staying in the opposition and sending his MP’s to join govt. He continued the farce by trying to discredit the unity govt of which his own party was part of. Typical self-serving, greedy, grabbing mahen behaviour. Then Mahen outdid himself by supporting the Bainimarama coup.

I regard mahen as the most destructive politician in Fiji’s history. He should have looked at the long-term and he should have been consistent by opposing the Bainimarama coup, especially with a SDL-Labour unity govt in place.

Opposing the coup would have been good for Fiji’s future, including race relations in the country. What a lost opportunity. A typically selfish Chaudhry thought of his own interest and supported the coup. Qarase, is no better than mahen. He helped mahen in this decision to support the coup by needlessly persecuting Indo-Fijians.

But an revolution or an overthrow is not the proper manner to deal with the coup. We need
a smooth transition and a new beginning based on lessons learnt from the 2006 coup.

Qarase and Chaudhry have been the worst leaders in Fiji history. They actually make you miss the Rabuka years. In fact, Rabuka is far more genuine than these two clowns.

But, at this juncture, I believe Qarase and Chaudhry are the best we have to see us through the transition. reality is that these two will enjoy broad support if they do the right thing, just as when during unity govt period, when there was an air of optimism in Fiji.

Unfortunately, right now, all we have is mahen and lai. If these men use their talents for Fiji and Fijians of all ilk, then we have a chance. They do not deserve a second chance. But in this case we have to put Fiji first – the end justifies the means scenario, when we have consider these two tarnished leaders.

Indigenous Fijians should be first among equals for sure, but this does not have to equate to pushing Indo-Fijians out to sea, which is what Qarase and the likes of Mere Samisoni had been doing.

If lai and mahen have seen the light, they can reunite the nation. That’s the bottom line now. that’s what should really matter.

Anonymous said...

The stupid Idiots of this illegal Military Regime would not know what a constitutional process was. They have never ever used one before and would not know how to implement one if they were given one to carry out. Best to just keep using the rules of the Circus for Clowns and Monkeys. The ones they have been using since they illegal took Power.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:15 makes some good points. I don't regard Mahen and Lai as more destructive than Voreqe, but it's a valid argument, if one considers that it was Mahen and Lai's poor leadership that gave Voreqe his opening. I also agree that the important thing now is to unseat the regime and that a Lai-Mahen tandem gives us the best chance to do that.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:22am lako mada lai kania na dei bainimarama,lialia ulukau ! taura nomu lialia lai sosomaka nona cici o bainimarama...

Anonymous said...

Lai was seen at PARMESH SHARMAs BSP guys place this weekend at Nasinu . What a party ??? khali Blue vinka Johnnywalker