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Friday, May 18, 2012

Boss of Miss World heads to Fiji to fix pageant fiasco

The head of the Miss World beauty queen franchise is to visit Fiji to rescue the brand after last month's controversial pageant.

The fiasco over Torika Watter's unpopular win followed by the revelation of a judge they were pressured into naming her the winner by the pageant organiser, Andhy Blake, has made worldwide headlines, including the Washington Post and E News.

Watters has been pulled from the competition and runner up Konini Vakalomaloma will instead represent Fiji in Mongolia next month.

Julia Morley, who is based in London, says she plans to visit Suva as soon as possible. In an email sent to the Associated Press she said: "Sadly I am aware of many problems that have occurred."

Morley says she wants to work with a 'specially selected team', including this year's Miss World Fiji pageant director, Andhy Blake, to what find what she says is solutions for future Fiji pageants.

She says Blake's 'heart is in the right place but with all the negativity and anger toward him, (it) has, in my opinion, overwhelmed him.'

Andhy Blake, who has told critics to 'stop bablling', has been widely blamed for the pageant becoming such a fiasco and the initial reports which pitted Watters supporters against those who complained she didn't have the right look to represent Fiji. 

The criticism have increased in the past week with the revelations of judge Hupfeld Hoeder and Torika Watters herself who said in a statement Blake knew she was 16 but had told not to worry because he had waived the conditions for her. 

In a post on the Miss World Fiji website, Blake agrees he preselected Watters as a semifinalist and gave the judges his personal opinion that she should win, but denied that made the event a sham.

Blake's full statement:

Unity – Let us Honor that!

Bula Vinaka,
It is with a heavy heart, I write this statement – why? Because for a country that I love, people that I call my own, culture and traditions that I am proud of and a society that stores fond memories have become all but a hunting ground these past few days. International Media labeling my home, my own people as ‘racists’, innocent lives of young beautiful women invaded for their privacy, hopes of young women diminished and most importantly, the dignity of our people ridiculed.

This journey of what I had set out on to Fiji 12 years after I had departed her shores is a gift for our vanua, people, pride and culture. A gift to empower young women, youths, advocate for a charitable cause and above all – a chance for Fiji to shine on a greater platform, one that is second to the summer Olympic Games, one that is unique in its own self.

Fiji has taken a beating – a very harsh beating. We are being labeled as racists’, I am being called a ‘scam artist’ and the life of an innocent, young and beautiful woman – Torika Watters making headlines in almost every newspaper across the world, for the wrong reasons.

Miss World Fiji 2012 has been the talk of many newsrooms throughout the world, around the ‘kava’ bowls and in society and work places. They do say, any publicity is good publicity but I challenge that! When you work so hard to build something to give back to and make our country proud only to come against the many that try to paint a negative image, the first instance is to run – run back to where it is I came from.

But I am not that person, I came to Fiji to do something great for our people and I am going to see this through till the end. Yes, there are so many questions asked about Miss World Fiji, Yes there are so many allegations surrounding the selection criteria, Yes there are tongues wagging about our event being a scam, Yes there is always going to be someone that is always unhappy.

To settle these issues – No, had this event been a scam or media stunt, I firmly believe that this gift would have been taken away from me. I came to Fiji in the faith instilled in me from God to carry out the calling on my life now and had I done anything with intentions other than that, I would have been exposed and my project halted.

Yes a 16 year old was allowed into the competition and Yes I should have checked her eligibility – An honest mistake I take full responsibility of but without making these mistakes, how else can we learn and grow from them? Torika Watters is a genuine soul, beautiful young women and a loving family – No she was not bribed into this competition, No she was not called up in Sydney via telephone to head to Fiji and No, the competition was not rigged in her favor.

Yes I selected her as a semi finalist, Yes I gave my opinions to the judges of who I saw fitting for the title but No, I never juggled the results to allow this young woman to win. Torika Watters was selected because she impressed the International Judges with her charm, personality, grace, maturity and above anything else, she had a genuine and powerful story – one that I still believe will impact the world.

Too many ‘hear-say’ are influencing the many in our own societies and our own Media are responsible for the ‘rubble’ they allow to publish – basing them on anything other than ‘ACTUAL FACTS’.

As the National Director for Miss World for Fiji – I am calling for all this ‘babbling’ to stop. Too many innocent individuals have suffered as it is – Yes I am also one of them. When are we prepared to stop? Who will be held responsible if the outcomes of anymore of this fabricated rumors end in something tragic?

We have over a month to prepare our Ambassador to Miss World – Koini Vakaloloma. I ask you to please honor her privacy, my privacy, our culture, our pride and traditions and end all this rumors that Media allow to print. Miss Fiji is not representing just herself but is carrying the pride and hopes of us all as proud Fijians.

In 2013, Torika Watters will be given the opportunity to represent us should she choose to accept this challenge. Yes I have announced that she had to relinquish the title, but No I do not feel she was given a fair chance in fact influenced by other parties to make an earlier statement thinking otherwise of the pageant.

We all make mistakes – Because we are humans, It is how we turn them around to make a difference, impact society and that is what is needed to cope for our Beauty with a Purpose campaign on Mental Health.

Miss World Fiji – the start of something great, support us and encourage our young women to be apart of this amazing platform in 2013. We each have a responsibility to play, bring honor to our country and change the views of how the outside world view us. I am making this change now – I hope you accept my invitation and stand with me.

Vinaka Vakalevu and God Bless.

Andhy Blake
National Director
Miss World Fiji 2012


Anonymous said...

Andhy Blake is a self serving, self indulgent wannabe. No "yalo vinaka, ni vasoti au" or "yes, I could have done it better". No, it all someone else's fault. Fancy blaming the media! What a joke. The Miss World group and Julia Morley can't fix stupidity. It's past all that.

Anonymous said...

Please enough of this Vanua thing.

Anonymous said...

How come this crap is on this blog?

Not so innocent blake said...

An honest mistake?? lolzzz........

Anonymous said...

Andhy Blake wants to see this through to the end. Andhy, this is the end.

I hope you're drafting your resignation letter.

Anonymous said...

Miss World second only to the Olympics? Hahahahahahahahahahahah!

Andy Blake, you are so full of crap that your designer purse must be full of toilet paper!

Anonymous said...

blake you are like the f up guys in the army.
why dont you join baini cabinet.
you are another dictator in fiji.
you have put this little girl and fiji to shame mf.
koini is pretty and she is the best choice.
go girl make fiji proud.

Anonymous said...

Representing Fiji in an international plattform my head..get real,Blake, your letter represent your own self-serving ego! lacks substance/character of a genuine solution! the world only see beauty in that peagant, they don't care where the girl comes from?...stop using the Vanua and pride and what not to hide your own inefficiency...

Anonymous said...

Torika keep your head up girl and do not worry about all the racist criticism.

You won fair and square because of your Beauty,Poise and Grace and the world is now you oyster as you can use all this negative publicity to your advantage as it is no fault of yours that you were born more beautiful and smarter than all your critics out there.

Disgusting that people of Fiji criticise you because of your beautiful skin and where were all these critics when Greg Smith,Haynes, Pivac, Macallion and others of fair skin were picked to lead and represent Fiji at past Rugby and Rugby League World Cups.

Shame Shame Shame people of Fiji - Why take out your frustration with Voreqe and his Mataivalu Ni Solisona on this beautiful girl when you do not have the guts to stand up and talk about freedom, tolerance and democracy that is more important to Fiji's future than promoting racism.

So all you tourists with fair skin who go to Fiji for a holiday just be aware that it is all a facade and all made up when they welcome you with their false bula smile as there is hate, resentment,anger and envy whenever they see a fair skinned person.

Anonymous said...

when you are corrupt it diminishes your so called good intention. Nothing good can come from corruption, history teaches you that and when people who prance around saying stop the babling, like this bloke...he should have listen to his own advice..ala let the judge judge.. and for this lady to say his heart is in the right place, it makes a fisaco of the whole affair. His heart is corrupt, therefore his actions have proved to be corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Why come back to Fiji Blake..you just like that bothy Khaiyum..bring nothing but back reputation to Fiji!!

Cancer said...

This nation cannot get passports and it cannot organize a beauty pageant. It cannot fix its sugar industry and it will not miraculously transform into a smart democracy come 2014. Unless we remove the cancer of militarism and stupidity that has befallen our society unless we take back our once proud country the blunder will go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Pound to a penny Blake supports this illegal Government. If the lovely girl does not qualify on age then there is no issue.

Anonymous said...

People used to say 'Only in America'...Now we say 'Only in Fiji'...Welcome to the new Fiji!

Blake Sucks said...

Blake has also pissed off sponsors. One of the big ones has emailed him to ask why did he bother getting judges when he had pre-selected Torika and held a place for her in the semis. Fair call I say. The results of beauty pageants can't be decreed.

Anonymous said...

Pliz let's get back to Frank & Aiyarse topic.

Anonymous said...

Such arrogance Andhy Blake!

Corrupt practices ends in failure! Lame excuses doesnt get you anywhere.

Youve brought dishonor and disrepute to Fiji and you cant dodge that so stop YOUR useless babbling!!!

Anonymous said...

Torika is akin to the so-called 'foreign flower' of democracy and Andhy Blake to Bainimarama. The 2014 elections will be fixed worse than this pageant.

Anonymous said...

Andhy Blake, I'm sorry mate. If you call yourself The National Director for Miss World Fiji and you don't even know the eligibility age for contestants then you deserve all the criticism you get.
It's bloody embarrasing.
Next time please get your act together.
Vosota sara boso.

Anonymous said...

Blake ULU Kau-what school you went to? How can you have not known of the age criterion? Are you trying to cover your fat cici now by your error? You may have thought that the people in Fiji would be so dumb they will fall at your feet cause you some big sona who went overseas & now comes back with all this 'huff & puff' knowing it all! Look around and see what you have done , stop blaming others you now have a fine stick shoved up the wrond end by yourself-doce!It was you own doing its whats called DOKADOKA!

Anonymous said...

Common Guys Blake has admitted his error, at least Fiji has made another world headline. I feel sorry for the Mrs Waters as it has really humiliated her, try again in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Confessions of a Conman, Part 7!

Anonymous said...

Well!! well!! the National Director did not know that the age limit. Where did this clown appear from? How can someone who did minial tasks in some small show in NZ come and run a national event? Note to Blake... "While you were f..ing around NZ getting over your depression and finding yourself (ni a yali tu na yalomu) we were getting educated here and genuinely trying to move Fiji forward". Blake is just another conman. How much of the proceeds from the show really went to St. Giles. This whole show looks like you did a fundraising contest to pay you bill at St Giles.

Anonymous said...

Blake = Pflieger

Both bloody arrogant and lialia.

Who allowed them into Fiji to con Fijians - pathetic go get a life!

Ratzmann said...

Who else shouted out to the whole world that Fiji is a racist country??....Fiji media and media in the pacific...well done. You have made us all Fijians in fiji and abroad proud...vinaka. Keep up the good work...GO RACIST FIJI..GO..will be our chant in Hongkong, wellington, london, dubai 7s...totoka.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Torika. The regime has just announced that your reign will need to be pushed back to 2014. It doesn't want any more beauty pageants right now. It just wants to concentrate on the economy and constitutional dialogue. Also, the regime says all previous contestants will not be eligible, because Fiji needs new blood.

Anonymous said...

Don't look now, Blake, but the tide is coming in, and your pants are wet.

SEMI MEO said...

Why not Mr Blake and Mr Daunitutu organise a MR World pageant instead..that will be blakely good!

Just Saying said...

Blake obviously in the wrong...Torika telling ti how it is

"Miss Fiji, who was too young to travel this year, Torika Watters, will be most welcome in 2013, thus giving Fiji and the Miss World Organisation time to work on a solution for the future for 2014," says Morely.

"We hope the young lady elected will be given support from everyone to 'Shine for Fiji' and she will be made most welcome.

"We hope the people of Fiji will get behind her to assist her with her preparation before leaving Fiji.

"We do look forward to receiving the representative of Fiji this year," says Morely, "she will enjoy our wonderful Festival of Beauty with 130 other countries".

It is a great education, realisation and will promote Fiji as it should be promoted."

While a date has not been confirmed for Morely's travel, she would visit Fiji and work together with a specially selected team including Andhy to find solutions for the future." (Stuff NZ)

Anonymous said...

by the way...why a man is the boss of Fiji Miss World?

Anonymous said...

Oh please save it@this call for national pride, international image crap!Get to the point - the Fiji public would like an explanation on the accusations levelled against you Mr. Blake - don't hide behind this whole stupid overused lame excuse called 'the vanua'....its pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Oh please just get to the point & provide an explanation on accusations leveled against you - stop hiding behind this overused lame excuse (the vanua)...its pathetic!

If the statement did anything - it confirmed how dodgy & shady Mr. Blake is...this vanua thing & trying to garner up national pride is really a desperate call to fix his reputation. If you think otherwise then provide a legitimate statement to explain the accusations levelled against you to the Fiji public - we don't want a public speech on national pride...arghhh!

Anonymous said...

Just Great, this story is the most popular on Yahoo News, right now. Flashing on their main page and hundreds of comments..Sa da vakaloloma..


Anonymous said...

And the fun continues.

Ousted Miss World Fiji Torika Watters has refused to give back her crown and prizes And this never-ending saga could see the owner of the Miss World franchise Julia Morley visiting Fiji soon while the Ministry of Tourism's Elizabeth Powell called on the two to end their "verbal combat". Watters was disqualified as Miss World Fiji and from competing in the Miss World pageant in China in August because she was under-age. In a statement Watters said she does not think it is right for Blake to ask her to return her crown that she had won. Her comments follows Blake’s public request for the 16-year-old beauty queen to return her prizes so it can be handed over to the runner-up Koini Vakaloloma, 24, who has now been names Miss World Fiji and will represent Fiji at the world pageant. “I don’t think it is right for you to ask me to return the prizes that I won and I am not going to do so,” she said. She said she did not step down or refuses to perform her duties as claimed by Blake. Watters returned to her family in Nadi as she was uncomfortable with the entire situation. She said she would love to represent her country and its culture in the Miss World and hopes she can in the future. Meanwhile, Tourism permanent secretary Elizabeth Powell has called on Watters and Blake to resolve their issues with each other as soon as possible.

Read more at: http://www.fijilive.com/news/2012/05/torika-watters-refuses-to-return-crown/43338.Fijilive
Copyright 2012 © Fijilive.com

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sounds like Torika is going to lawyer up.

Anonymous said...


cool hand said...

Blake looks cool in his suit. why the 'h' in 'Andy' I wonder. Tamata wadobula.

Anonymous said...

Look again at Blake's photo. Recognize him now? He's Bond, James Bond, Secret Agent 007 with Great Britain's MI5 and a reserve commander in the Royal Navy. He lettered in Asian languages at Cambridge. His personal weapon of choice is the Walther PPK. He has a licence to kill... women!

Puf-Military said...

Sorry Torika though you did very well Lewa. Unfortunately like another poster said your reign will be pushed back to 2014.
Khaiyum doesn'tlike anyoone else taking the spotlight on the news etc. so Andhy you can resolve this by crowning Aiyarse as Miss Fiji World. He represents every man woman and child, rock leaf and iguana (endemic & imported) in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum already has the titles of 'Miss Information' and 'Miss Carriage of Justice'.

ProudFJ said...

Mr Blake made a mistake and moved. Vinaka Andhy for having the courage to do that. Vinaka Torika for being brave. You are beautiful and God never made a mistake.

For all racists in here "sa rauta vinaka me yaco na coup". I never would have believed that we itaukei could have stooped really low and make offensive remarks about our own vasu itaukei - the lovely Miss Watters. I have never been a supporter of the regime but I now have come to conclude and believe having observed all this fiasco that racism in Fiji truly is a disease that can only be removed through hardline policies.Na lawa voravora ga ena na qai samaki Viti.

Sa re.