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Monday, May 14, 2012

The day Fiji stopped being unique

A shattered paradise – 25 years ago
Lest we forget

“At 10 o’clock this morning, members of the Royal Fiji Military Forces took over the Government of Fiji. They have neutralised Parliament and by the same process have suspended the Constitution of Fiji”: Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka announcing the takeover of Dr Timoci Bavadra’s democratically elected National Federation Party/Fiji Labour Party Coalition Government 25 yeas ago.

This was the news that shocked Fiji and the rest of the world on Thursday May 14th 1987. A thick mustached Lieutenant-Colonel Rabuka, the third highest ranking officer in the military at that time, basically usurped the powers of his Commander Brigadier Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and Chief of Staff Colonel Jim Sanday to overthrow Dr Bavadra’s NFP/FLP Coalition government that had been in power for just five weeks. Dressed in a grey suit and wearing a military tie, Rabuka told a packed media conference the army and he were now in charge of Fiji.

At the time Nailatikau, who is now the military regime’s President,  was in Australia and his only statement in the hours after the coup was to discourage the armed forces of Australia and New Zealand from taking military action to end the coup.

At 10 o'clock Rabuka led a team of elite and well-trained group of fully armed soldiers to topple the government by the barrel of the gun. At that time Rabuka would not have known that he had basically uncorked the bottle and let the coup genie out. Since May 14, 1987, Fiji has had four and a half coups -  September 25, 1987 again by Rabuka; May 19, 2000, December 5, 2006, and April 10, 2009.

The NFP/FLP Coalition
For the 1987 general elections held in April, the Fiji Labour Party, founded in July 1985, formed a coalition with the National Federation Party – a party fragmented with in-fighting but still commanding majority Indian support. The fragmentation of NFP started upon the departure of its leader Jai Ram Reddy from Parliament in December 1983. In May 1984, he lost his seat after refusing to return to Parliament under the rule of the then Speaker Tomasi Vakatora and deliberately missed two sessions. But he still commanded respect and widespread support amongst the Indian community.

However, when Labour formed a coalition with NFP, they turned to Reddy for assistance in getting NFP stalwarts and supporters to agree to a coalition. During the 1987 election campaign, Reddy was the keynote coalition speaker with Dr Bavadra. But he did not contest the 1987 elections. In a tightly contested race, the Alliance Party, whose leader Ratu Mara had described the coalition “like oil and water which cannot mix” won 24 seats while the coalition won 28 seats in the 52 Member House of Representatives. Both coalition partners won 14 seats each. (In the Eye of the Storm; By Brij Vilash Lal)

In 1977, the Alliance Party had lost to Siddiq Koya’s NFP by 24-26 seats with Sakeasi Butadroka splitting the Fijian votes but Ratu Mara was returned as PM by the then Governor-General Ratu Sir George Cakobau.

In April 1987 when the Alliance Party finally lost its grip on power after a 17-year rule since Independence in 1970, the Fijian community was angry at Jai Ram Reddy. Their anger increased when Dr Bavadra appointed Reddy as a Senator and his Attorney-General and Minister for Justice. The Deputy PM was NFP leader, Harish Sharma, while the Finance Minister was Mahendra Chaudhry.

Protest marches started around the country with the first march and roadblocks in Tavua. The placards read; “Bavadra the boat Reddy the Captain”. Reddy’s law firm Stuart Reddy & Co at Lautoka was firebombed by arsonists and destroyed. His home in Lautoka was also fire-bombed. But these were no reasons for the coup. In the days after the coup, Fijian nationalism raised is ugly head and Rabuka led the cries of “Noqu Kalou noqu vanua” – My God my country.

Newspapers shut down briefly
When Sitiveni Rabuka executed the coup, he locked up all the Coalition MPs (except one or two) at the Prime Minister’s residence in Veiuto (library and research facility of new Parliament after 1992). Initially they were taken to Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua.

The army tried to segregate them and Indian MPs were forcibly removed to Borron House. Dr Bavadra and all his MPs were released after six days by which time Rabuka had installed a military government.

The two daily newspapers at that time were The Fiji Times and Fiji Sun (which closed down after the 2nd coup for refusing to buckle to censorship). Both published the story about the coup on its front pages on 15th May and condemned the military action. The Fiji Sun went a step further and posed a question whether Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was conveniently missing from Fiji and who were behind Rabuka. The editorial written by two directors described Fiji as being turned into a banana republic.

Both newspapers were ordered to shut down for 6 days and resumed publishing 6 days later reporting on the release of the hostages. They were allowed to print uncensored until the 2nd coup happened. The other news channel at that time belonged to Radio Fiji and it was censored because it was and is government owned. The newest entrant in the media market was Communications Fiji Ltd – then broadcaster of FM 96 radio station. It defied censorship in 1987 and built a reputation as an independent news organization. However, that reputation is being tarnished by the Radio Stations’ newsroom both before and after 5th December 2006.

On Friday 3rd November 1989, Dr Timoci Uluivuda Bavadra died at the Lautoka Hospital having returned from New Zealand just three days earlier. He had succumbed to terminal cancer. Dr Bavadra was only 54 when he died. In a funeral not seen before and close to 60,000 people passed through Viseisei village to pay their last respects as well as attend his funeral.
Fiji’s media made no mention whatsoever today of May 14 being the 25th anniversary of the first military coup.


Aam Aadmi said...

If the bast*rd had been hung for treason, then there would have been no other coups subsequently !!!

However the GCC made him a life member instead !!

Anit Singh said...

reminiscences of the moment..

Shock! Utter Shock! … Like breath refusing to leave my lungs, speechless, body tense, inert, mind unable to comprehend the meaning of the word “COUP”, unheard of before, but by instinct knowing that something profoundly painful has just happened.

I was then young, innocent and intensely in LOVE.

We have since picked up our pieces and moved on and maybe for the better but still I remember..
dreams and destinies changing cause that day.

me and we will never be the same again!

Steven Singh said...

The fijians were promised many things like taking over indian owned shops and houses apart from usual looting and stealing of properties, livestock, crops, owned by indo-fijians.

The coup was planned at the methodists church headquarters and fully supported by the church executives led by Reverand Manasa Lasaro and other thugs after they had carried out a coup of the church, kicking out the President Rev Josetaki Koroi.

How could on forget the bible bashing talatalas of 1987, who preach that the coup was god sent and Rabuka was a saviour for the fijians.

The GCC fully supported and abetted the coup making rabuka, a life member of the council- what a shameless act.

Today, we find that the indigenous fijians are much worse off and the GCC aboished, which is a very good thing.

Unfortunately the pandora box of coups in fiji has let out the genie and the coup culture will continue......

Fiji as a whole is much poorer now.

Bisun said...

We have forgiven Rabuka, and this silly Bainimarama is the worst of all!

grinno said...

A coup is a coup who ever uses a gun to take over a government should die by the same gun.Rabuka,Speight and Bainimarama should all face a firing sqaud.If nobody is willing to pull the trigger then I am willing to do the honour.

Anonymous said...

Victor Lal says:

As an original staffer of the defiant Fiji SUN which had refused to buckle to dictator Sitiveni Rabuka's media coup decrees, one is ashamed of the present nameshake Fiji SUN - a regime propaganda trash since the deportation of Russell Hunter, and now edited by none other than one Peter Lomas, one of the many prominent casualties when the glorious Fiji SUN refused to kowtow to the godfather of the present coup culture in Fiji.
While Fiji Times agreed to operate under partial military censorship, Fiji SUN blamed the military for "current tyranny of fear".
In June 1987 Fiji SUN published allegations that coup leader Rabuka had bought a house in Suva favoured by wealthy Indo-Fijians and expatriates on a 10% mortgage, from a prominent Alliance Party politician.
In its editorial of 15 May 1987 the Fiji SUN, while inveighing against the coup, before being shut down by Rabuka, had asked:
"What right has a third-ranking officer to attack the sacred institutions of Parliament...to presume he knows how best this country shall be governed for the good of all? The answer is: NONE. But...was he encouraged by others to act? And if so, who were they?? Did others stand by and lend support to these unlawful actions?
As I have disclosed in my own book Fiji: Coups in Paradise, the others were many, including Ratu Inoke Kubuabola and Filipe Bole, presently representing the current military dictatorship in Fiji.
They are not alone. One of the victims of the 1987 coups, MP Satendra Nandan, re-emerged to chair the obnoxious Media Council which has destroyed Fiji media beyond recognition, as a lackey of that obnoxious thief of a finger-jabbing prat, the illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. But coup godfather Rabuka's rise and demise should be a salutary lesson to the dictator and all his supporters that justice will prevail - good will triumph over evil men and women running Fiji since the 2006 treasonous coup.

Anonymous said...

One of the balaclava'ed 'elites' who accompanied Rambo that fateful day was non other than our present polcom. NAIVALURUA. He should be Charged with double TREASON.

SEMI MEO said...

Circumstantially, we would rather “Paradise remade” then “shattered paradise”

Realistically, have we gained more than we lost?

But, thank you Coupandahalf for the journey down memory lane!!

Anonymous said...

Voice From the Past said:

The late Dr Timoci Bavadra had reminded us in April 1988: “To claim that the military, which has wrought nothing but misery in our nation is the only suitable body to clean up the government, is truly sinister and dangerous.”
How true, just look at the present dictatorship

Madarasi Anna said...

Bavadra the boat Reddy the captain
Khaiyum the captain bai the boat .
Q=why did J R Reddy become attorney general and later fled under petticoat?
A= This man thought his political career will be finished as he ran away from the house on a very petty issue from then the speaker who was absolutely correct. simply this man wanted leadership and he is the main course of coups in fiji.

Anonymous said...

coup start said god told him to do coup .later he changed his tune.
this coup culture need to stop and fijian have to understand the constitution is above anyone in fiji..
we cant to have coup and constitution every time.
sad day for fiji.
time for fijian to start hanging coup stars one by one.
than coup will stop and we dont need guns and army thugs anymore in fiji.
fijian have home grown coup stars .
who coup legal govt.
i hope we will learn that no coup is good.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

So what if the papers didn't print anything on it today? Who gives a F...? Anyway will it change anything? Stop living in the past and see where to go from here. You really sound like a four point five.

Anonymous said...

rabuka did pay for his mistake in 1999 election.
people voted svt/nfp out.
rabuka gave us a good 1997 constitution.
we thank you for this rabuka but no for coup.
we hate frank and his army thugs.
what frank/ask will give us .huge debt .
f fiji people and economy .
we dont need any new constitution but need legal govt back and army back to the barrack.
we need to disband the fijian army for good.
no coup will happen again..
god bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

where is rabuka and jai rawan reddy now.
seems they gone quiet after the great loss of 1999 election.
reddy and rabuka have gone dead with its party svt/nfp.
nfp now want to join frank party.
where is the big talk that nfp wants to retain 1997 constitution.
nfp is a party for rich man and they are like bajaru..no shame.
sleeping with rabuka and now frank.
y p reddy is controlling nfp.
ask rejected parmod rae and nfp to be in franks govt.hahaha

Anonymous said...

CID Head Office break-in now investigated internally
Publish date/time: 15/05/2012 [07:07]

Print this page
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Police are now internally investigating the break-in at the Police Criminal Investigations Department Head Office in Toorak last week.

Director Operations SSP Rusiate Tudravu said that interviews are now underway as they are still trying to find out how the thieves managed to enter the office.

There is still no word on what was stolen.

Story by: Ronal Deo

Anonymous said...

4.5 coup, I think you should open a discussion on the lies by the Director of Immigration to the people of fiji and the world regarding passports, i think he is a non performer, and is high time he should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese Mafia broke into Toorak Police HO.
They now running the country.
Naivalurua is their lackey.
Aiyaz is a stupid boy playing in the sandpit so the Chinese leave him alone.(as long as he's doing what they want)
Vuaka is a demented old man so he just sign on the dotted line.
Fiji is now run by Chinese Mafia.
The Fiji Army role now is to protect this Mafia.
All this Constitution consultation is all bullshit.
The Constitution has already been written by Chinese.

Fijians will be drinking grog in the village and laughing but Chinese will take their land from them ( by proclaiming to save them from Muslims.)

So its up to you Fijians. Is this the future you want for your children?
If its not, then we have to make a concerted effort now and ask the Americans to bomb Delainabua now and take all these arseholes into custody.
We cannot wait for 2014. It will cost more in human lives and also financially then.
We must act now!

-Valataka na Dina.

Keep The Faith said...

I salute you Victor Lal and your comment!

May we all continue to be as bold, unwavering, consistent and true to the rule of law.

May we never forget that the fruits of treason are inedible and taxing to the pockets and psyche of our beloved nation.

Good will indeed triumph over the evil men and women running Fiji since the 2006 treasonous coup.

Anonymous said...

kurwee said..........

The annas intelligence is superior that is no match even you hide under the madrasi banner,shame on you that had tricked the poor cane farmers of fiji to steal millions of dollars that is why you are being charged for that and waiting to go to jail.

veritas said...

We have been sidetracked by Rabuka and his actions.
It is important to closely examine the hidden puppet masters, external actors and geopolitical events of that era.

Rabuka should come out with these details, in fact his public apology in the paid advert should have come clean with this.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reddy has earned his name as a retired judge but not as a sacked finance minister then chor chodri,still struggling to earn himself a favour and image...........shame on you guys. He can go to jail no QC will be able to save him.

Anonymous said...

Although he's gone Ratu Mara surely was the architect of Fiji's coups. Couldn't take defeat by Bavadra and Co. Rabuka was merely used. He did not want to use his son-in-law because of his mediocrity. He did not have neither the military precision and the depth to successfully execute such a complex operation. Sanday was too clean and would not succumb to such an idea. Rambo presented the best potential and also had the respect in the rank and file. The old man already had his planners assembled, two still roaming the corridors of power as we blog Kubuabola and Bole. All he needed was a gun totter to take the lead and things would be done in no time. Son in law discouraging NZ and Aust from intervening confirms his support for takeover. So he too became a complicit and now enjoys sitting on an illegal throne itself. I feel sorry for people who heap praises on this SOB. He should be equally blamed for supporting Rambo in 87.

Anonymous said...

All army guys with "Coup" as part of their topic in their thesis should be marked and removed from the Army ASAP!! This just shows they had preplanned to carry out a real coup in FIJI.

Bloddy craps!!Remove the ARMY ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

police stealing from the police vaults.
what a joke.
well cant blame people now.
army have stolen democracy from us.

Anonymous said...

Fark Rabuka should be in prison like Speight..what the fark is FICAC waiting for.. he was a corrupt individual, fathered children everywhere, slept with ppl's wives while their husbands slaved for him..I don't have the slightest respect for this scum bag..somebody lock him up already...

INDIAN MAN said...

Thank GOD for this and the other coups..the more the merrier....all the poor folks of Fiji will get visas to emigrate and the land will once again be populated with uneducated,warring natives.
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN !!!!!!(from more colonising)

Anonymous said...

inoke kubu bola formed the taukei movement..
same idiot in svt.sdl and now franks regime.
this kubu bola knows to play his personal agenda with every govt..
frank was part of all coup than he should be fired with current president nailatikau too.
all this coup idiots should face the firing squad or be hanged to death in suva .albert park.

Mahen 'Chorwa' Chaudhry said...

The big disaster for Fiji politics is Mahen 'Chorwa' Chaudhry. THis man was not fit to be PM. His arrogance, stupidity and nepotism led to 2000 coup.

Stupid dictator tried to treat media and the country as if it was his labour party, which he reduced to his chamchas and yes men.

Mahen is partly responsible for Indo-Fijian hardship. Throughout his career this man has used Indians to further his an his family's interest - top-paying job for his uncouth beta Rajen and senate seat for useless in-law Sachida.

The Labour management had nominated someone else for senate but our 'Mr Transparency, Accountability and Integrity', mahen pal chaudhry snuck in grog partner Sachida's name.

Mahen 'Fiji ke Robin' Hood went around begging bowl in hand and used name of the poor to raise money then put it in is bank, around $3m.

No wonder people say gali, gali me shor hai chauhdry khandhan chor hai (chaudhry clan is crooked).

What a slick operator – he shafts it into the people and the stupid people continue to support him. Maharaja Mahen has tapped into Fiji Indo's peasant gullible, backward mentality and is milking it for all its worth while they see him as a demigood.

as they say, you deserve the people you vote. Indos have gained nothing because of their poor choice of leaders - continue to vote for this useless and destructive politician mahen and you will suffer because he will always out himself and his family first.

There are many examples of this man's greed and how he wrecked country, including sending his MPs to join Govt but refusing to let go of opposition leader's position and perks.

After caught evading taxes an stealing from the poor, the shameless, low-down chor is still making statements when he should crawl inide a hole and hide.

Anonymous said...

The real instigator of the coup was not Rabuka....it was the intepretation of the social changes in Fiji (Viti)by those stakeholders and their perceptions of how the specific elements of changes may affect their being and establishments in society. The outcome of this process over the years and the ad hoc intepretation: that is the intepretation of specific issues as they have arisen has given rise to specific social changes in Fiji.

It was simply SWOT analysis conducted by different segments of society in Fiji at the same time, bearing in mind their individual status quo and forever worshiping those societal charecteristics that distinguishes them from the rest.They also believe that those charecteristics are the best and others have no choice, but to assimilate. They further belive that the process of assimilation must be enshrined in the constitution of the land, hence it necessitates a particular stakeholder to align itself and becomes apolitical.

However, the process of assimilation in Fiji is automatically aligning itself on a global scale to what is universily know as globalization. Hence, Fiji is playing its part in the global arena whether you like it or not!!
Another key outcome is percieved side effects, and these are affecting our cultural and religous orientation, and how we want to present ourselves as an ethnic group for example in society.

A distinctive outcome of the process of social changes in Fiji is our children...one can easily see and hear two Indo Fijian children speaking in English all the time...it is the same as Fijians (Kaiviti)...when asked to go to the temple, church or mosque..they are only say yes to their parents because of mere respect...they hate it guys....why? because this is the 21st century and they are living in a infragmented and flexibile society....social media of the 21st century is the only medium they worship. To them it is better than being too culturally and religouslly oriented, which is a bit old fashioned.

To those of you who reside outside Fiji, just listen to your kids when they speak English...those are sign of social changes that is inevitable to confront.

I must also say here that most of you who reside abroad should actually thank people like Rabuka for staging the 1987 coup and others.. because that is how you gained the invaluable immigration application points for permanent or semi-permanent residence overseas.
Further beneficiaries include those who have been given employment opportunities outside Fiji and are currently earning substantial salaries and perks. I know most of you are also using this medium to voice your grievance...are they actually grievance or are you just voicing/showcasing your financial status, as you are in that land with "green pastures" and secure fortification as they say.

Finally, I am afraid to say that from a social scientist's perspective, the coup cycles in Fiji are just the appropriate tool for globalization.

Hence, let us not assassinate the charectors of people like Rabuka and the rest...lets try to focus on the merits, including upholding the rule of law irrespective.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should invite the British back to run things for us. We don't seem to be doing a very good job of it ourselves!

Komai Naibenubenu said...

I had strongly supported Rabuka's coup and still hold that view today. As an indigenous Fijian, I believe in the paramountcy of the indigenous Fijian people in their own country. They have an special interests that needed to be protected in perpetuity and these interests were being threatened with changes taking place in the political landscape and indigenous Fijians themselves have clearly expressed this in the protests that were taking place following the defeat of the Alliance Party. To them, the Alliance Party was the political party they confiidence in to protect these interests because it was being led by their chiefs. My observation may sound absurd but like it or not that was the reality on the ground at the time. Other coups that followed were merely copycats, the worst of all the 2006 which was executed to save the skin of one person at the expense of the nation because he wanted to escape being jailed for ordering murder of CRW soldiers.

Anonymous said...

get rid of the army,we'l get rid of coups

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:40pm

I am trying to ascertain that there is actually a positive relationship between the coup cycle in Fiji and our assimilation to the process of globalization.
The proposition is that the coup cycle hastens the disintegration of the norms and status quo, hence shaking the "MALUA" and "FIJI TIME" attitude from its very core.

Once these two variables, are modernised and reformed, they will have dramatic influence on key stakeholders in Fiji's social structure, including economic, political and social environment.

We should also take note that Fiji's balance of payments (BOP)has always shown that our imports has always exceeded out exports....irrespective of whether there is a coup or not...including pre/post independence era also.

We have never been self reliant on any commodity except tavioka, dalo, bhindi and local veges.

We have been importing rice, flour, lamb, chicken, beef, and other important cooking ingredients ever since - even though the Ministry of Agriculture, through FOREIGN AID has tried innovative techniques of improving land use.
AUSAID and institutions like The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariate have tried over the years to improve yield on a sustainable basis, but have failed, even though their annual reports showed otherwise - I think that these reports have been deliberately overinflated to LOOK NICE AND PROFESSIONAL..what a scam and load of bul!!!

Hence, the quicker we assimilate, the more we can mingle with the leading economies of the world and grasp the technocrats competences in how to maintain and sustain productivity levels.

As of now and because of the coup cycles in Fiji, most of our citizens have gone abroad. They may say that the coup cycles in Fiji helped them to make that choice, however, it is really their monetary power and quality of life that has risen over time, because they have assimilated to the norms of their new country of residence.

How does Fiji benefit from that? Remittances of course!!

Remittances are playing an increasingly large role in the economies of many countries including Fiji, contributing to economic growth and the livelihoods of less prosperous people.
According to World Bank estimates, remittances totaled US$414 billion in 2009, of which US$316 billion went to developing countries that involved 192 million migrant workers.

For some individual recipient countries, remittances can be as high as a third of their GDP. As remittance receivers often have a higher propensity to own a bank account, remittances promote access to financial services for the sender and recipient, an essential aspect of leveraging remittances to promote economic development. The top recipients in terms of the share of remittances in GDP included many smaller economies such as Tajikistan (45%), Moldova (38%), and Honduras (25%), including Fiji.
Remittances, may have already surpassed the sugar industry in terms of the total earnings for Fiji's economy, hence I still do not understand why Fiji should be diverting considerable resources to the Sugar industry..it is a "white elephant" folks.

In rationale economic thinking, one should always allocate resources to the basket that yields the maximum, given the current conditions...I don't have a doubt in my mind that Fiji should concentrate on THE REMITTANCES industry!!!

How will the government do that?
May be by reducing taxes..and do away with the current stupid "CHARITY TAX' that is blocking loads of containers currently stuck at the major wharfs in Fiji. Goods in those containers m are going straight into our villages and communities and may improve quality of life!

All in all, these realities with established economic indicator fiqures may be positively alligned to the side effects of the coup cycles in Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Rabuka does not have immunity from prosectution for his crimnal and civil wrongs actions.

The 97 constitution no more so no more immunity.

Complaint to police nust be filed for crimnal charges and class action by all citizens/person who suffered losses and damages must files civil case claim against him.

One day same for wawar dictator.

Kai india said...

87 coup is done, get over it people.
stop bleating endlessly about it.
if people really look into their hearts, '87 coup averted a major disaster in future but they do not want admit it, it is too hard to come to terms with.

Indo-Fijian brothers doing quite well abroad.
It is hypocritical to complain about missing fiji while enjoying all the benefits of Australia and NZ. This is the satendra nandnan-syndrome. if u miss and love fiji so much, just come baclk here. don't be hypocrite.

My Indo-fijian brothers need to toughen up and get on with life and do something for fiji instead of looking back all the time and moaning and complaining on and on while having good life abroad. it is giving indos bad name.

87 coup has diffused lot of tensions, fijians in majority now, they do not feel threatened. But problem is previous qarase govt which went overboard with discrimination against indos and tried to drive them into the sea. very unchristian, not to mention stupid, and resulted in qarase's own downfall. there was no need for qarase govt to target indos, they are no more a danger. they will continue to leave and population will decline.

but time to stop scapegoating rambo for all of fiji's problems. rambo was not as nasty as qarase towards indians. he was not a hypocrite as fas as i can see.

not like bloody mahen chorwa chaudhry low down person who stole $3 million meant for poor indians.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka needs a fucking bullet!

Komai Naibenubenu said...

Whilst we continue to fight each other on the political front by way of the blogs etc, the Chinese Mafia continue to make their entry into the country unnoticed as the country has heavily pre-occupied itself in the rights asnd wrongs of 2006 takeover. These people take full advantage on situations like this to enter and consolidate their position and their illegal and unethical trade. Gone to the dogs we have.. And I'm sure going by the latest incidents in the police folrce, some illegal entries by these people have been facilitated by those expected to be keeping a watch against such entries.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:16 So whose Law do you want us to "uphold". The Constitution or Bainimarama's law or somebody elses law ?

If it is the Constitution then there is no place for people like Bainimarama or Rabuka and they should be tried for Treason?

If it is Bainimarama's Law then we should not complain.
Any Tom, Dick and Harry can do another coup tomorrow and we just follow his law.

So which law do you suggest we uphold???

Anonymous said...

KaiViti if Rabuka wasn't the instigator of the coup then who was? My information says the plan to put this in operation was long, before the elections-scenarios were already put into place by the military. The truth was there was never going to be an Indo_fijian Govt in Fiji if the powers to be or the military which is basically dominated by Kai Vitis had its way! You can write an all you wnat about Rabuka puppet or othe wise the plan for this to happen was already in place years prior to it happening!

mark manning said...

Unless there are deterrents to coups, they will continue. This is something Fijians will have to grapple with as they untangle their conceptual obligations to Tradition and Culture from, as opposed to their obligations to a Constitution, not necessarily an easy or palatable transition.
One would have thought that well Educated Soldiers, would have known their own obligations to the Constitution, yet it seems no.

Anonymous said...

It is fashion to blame the British for the shorttcomings of newly independent nations. Maybe the time has come to change that attitude. I note that the few British and French left dependencies do not want any change in their status. Without appearing to be racial it was the Indians in Fiji who demanded independence. Maybe time for a rethink.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chor Singh - please stop with your comments - it doesnt make sense - go to school like Bani should - its Indians like you that make Fiji look bad - this bandwagon doesnt want a ugly monkey- Rabuka is the real A Hole who started this coup culture

Anonymous said...

Rabuka has said that he wished he did not execute the coup d'etat from the beginning. He did not realize that his initial action in 1987 would have repercussions today of the nature that we are experiencing today. He is genuinely regretting what he did and his punishment is that he is living with his guilt and shame.

Spate is in jail. He is also paying the price for usurping the freedom of the voters to live with the governments they voted for despite the shortcomings of these governments.

But what about those who illegally usurped the 2006 elected government and who are still obstinately holding on to the helm desperately while the vessel is profusely taking in water with not enough people to bail out the water?

All these highly corrupt people in high places should look heavenward and seek forgiveness from God and look "upward" to the people they had battered, and illegally conspired against, and also seek forgiveness from them and allow new and stronger hands to steer the vessel toward safer seas.

These new stronger hands will have the capabilities to call many other capable hands to bail water out of the vessel and repair the leaks. These new hands are not the type who abandon ship like some who have absconded while while "going has been getting tougher".

Are there any such citizens of our beloved Fiji living within our midst today?

Anonymous said...

fuck the british they are respionsible for half of the worlds problem no wounder they broke rot in hell the queen, mara rabuka, coudary, speight, qarase and bocimarama with the taliban all fucken manipulating bastards. the kawa will pay and is paying learn from the past to build a better future.

Aam Aadmi said...

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Coup victim Chaudhary backed Rabuka over Kamikamica to become prime minister in 1992.Rabuka did not keep all the promises he made to Chaudhary, to get his support.

Coup victim Jai Ram Reddy got in coalition with Rabuka in 1999, and he and his party lost all their seats.

I'm convinced that there is a special place in hell reserved for Fiji's self serving politicians.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh pls shut up with your bulshit and broken english. U lied about not taking MP salary. You back-stabbed SDL. You joined hands with Chaudary junior while still with SDL. You joined sports council after the latest coup. The list can go on. Pls shut_up. We don't need politicans like u who run away.

Walk the talk my friend. People of fiji don't need to listen to a pea head like u.

Anonymous said...

The story by some uneducated and blind FLP supporters that Jai Ram reddy (JRR) was running away in Sari is a complete lie. This story was manufactured to put jRR and Nfp in a bad light by MPC.
The truth is that JRR gave us the 97 consitution that MpC criticised. Look up the Hansard reports.

Also, MPC joined that IG, so he must be jailed.

I can also report that he was sacked because the pM found out he lied about the money he hid in aust. He will be in jail before the 2014 elections.

Anonymous said...

How can we say lest we forget. Indians will never forget this.
The GCC showed how racist they were and are.
I am happy it happened in 1987. In fact it should have happened in 1977 when NFP failed to form the govt as it knew the army was anti.
At least indians are happy in other countries.
Taukies can live in fiji and enjoy the grog.
And let Victor write more creoe thesis.
We need more coups because GCC. Supoorts them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Madarasi Anna People like you give Madarasis name of Mad Race. You are not only a disgrace to our community, but also are a disgrace to human kind. You need to get your facts right before you get your fingers in gear. Jai Ram Reddy NEVER stole from poors and pocketed the money. Unlike Choor Dhry Jai Ram Reddy was a true leader. He is the one that got Rabuka to realize the mistake that he had made. Rabuka has apologized so many times, now what do we want him to do? He has accepted that he did make a mistake by falling into Ratu Mara's trap.

We need to give Jai Ram Reddy credit for so tactfully handling Rabuka and coming up with a fair constitution

The other issue that we need to discuss is Dr. Bavadra. I went to visit his grave on May 14. It is sad to hear that NO ONE from Labor Party has ever visited the grave site after the funeral. Choor dhry shame on you. I think this shows that Mahen Pal Choor dhry is a user. When he is through using people, he forgets them. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Don't be so dumb. At least Dr. Bavadra has 6000 people at his funeral, I hope there won't be more than 6 people in Choodu's funeral.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again,whine,whine and more whining from the untouchable.Why continuing to blame
PM Mara? He's always on your side-Mara-unlike Qarase & the Modern Fijians elites, has never have any confidence in his own people ability, to delves in modern day business? Why blame Rabuka either,he was only carrying out direction from US the
COMMITTEE OF 12-NOW OF 10; as 2 members RIP have passed-on.We the committe were hand-picked by the GCC and sent abroad as future custodians, of our islands.We made decisions, based on long term survival of our race!!!So cut the bull-crap whinning & let Mara RIP and give us -the Fijian -some credit,that we can think& protect
our small part, of this world? Aint
you all a bit curious about our ability to mesmerize the entire human race, with our small numbers and all-yet we beat the world in the London-7, last week and took the gold!!

The Committee of 10:

Anonymous said...

"From a social scientist's perspective, the coup cycles in Fiji are just the appropriate tool for globalization" -- what a ridiculous notion!

Sounds like the kind of sophomoric statement only Professor Nandan might say.

In fact, Anonymous 2:16's comments are mostly incomprehensible, and those that are comprehensible are pseudo-sociological nonsense -- like the argument we should focus on the merits of Rabuka's coup, such as the fact that many of those Fijians who were displaced have since found greener pastures. How about the fact that without the coups, Fiji itself would be a greener pasture?

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is a fine individual who learnt the hard way. Had he followed the straight road would have been a fine statesman and leader for Fiji.

But there is no getting away from it. What he did was so wrong that he will now never be what he could have been.

The blame for that lies squarely with him but the opportunists and manipulators that drove him should not sleep easy. Their time may yet still come.

Wainiqolo E said...

We all know that some NAZI haulacOst perpetraitors were tried and convivted when the laws cought up with them at their ripe old age, even on wheelchairs.

So its still not late to drag Rabuka and current Police Chief and all others involved to court and prison for carrying out the first coup. LET US HAVE JUSTICE

Anonymous said...

@4.01pm get rid of the army,we'l get rid of coups

If you get rid of the Army, whose going to stop a gun wielding idiot like Speight running around wild..

Anonymous said...

If anything that Bai has done good in past 6 years is that he got rid of Great Council of Thieves and the Methodist Nationalists group. Both this groups should be Beverly dealt with. The should be an inquiry commission set to find-out their roles in all four coups. Anyone found to be perpetrator should be hung to death. Mind you I am not an advocate of death sentence, but in this case we have to send a strong statement.

It will only be than that the coup culture will stop in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka apologised.
When will Chorwadry apologise for not stopping Bai's coup but joining it?
When will Shameem apologise for raping Human Rights in Fiji?
Sarda Reddy avoided tax and runaway to NZ etc etc
Now Goundar will run away too. How about he apologise to Motibhai for blatant injustice and also apologise to the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Whow! Committee of 10 - I wonder what plans you have got for BAIYUM - BA-BOOM!! PLSE HURRY!

Komai Nakauvadra said...

Anon May 16, 10.08am

Remember there are strong evidence on record in thne Col Evans Report that the army was heavily involved in 2000 coupan and Bainimarama himself has been implicated. So talking about keeping the military to watch on people like Speight is simply a hogwash. What we need to consider is aboloshing the military and enter into a defence agreement with NZ and Aust to keep watch over us. It will be good for the future political stability of the country as these two neighbours of ours have shown they have zero tolerance on the armed usurpation of democratic power. I believe no one would dare try another coup in the future if we go that way. Relying on our own military to keep watch over our national security is like dracula watching over the blood bank.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:16/4:18, coups create displacement and disintegration. Displaced people integrate into other societies. Social disintegration leads to new mores, institutions, ways of doing. And yes, remittances are a by-product of diasporas and often are very helpful to recipient economies.

So, doesn't this show a positive relationship between Fiji's coup cycles and Fiji's assimilation of globalization? Not so sure. Is Fiji assimilating globalization or is Fiji choking on it? Might it be that the interruptions, disruptions and setbacks created by the coups have actually hindered Fiji's economic development, hampered the growth of its tourism sector, hurt its civil aviation, created a brain drain, substituted authoritarianism for plurality, and fostered distrust among the races and other elements of society, actually leading to a mentality than is more tribal and less cosmopolitan?

Following your line of reasoning, slavery was a good thing for Africa, and the Holocaust was a boon to Jews. That is a very callous argument that minimizes, if not overlooks, the costs.

The sugar industry is important because it is the livelihood of many Fijians. Without it Suva and other towns will be swamped by internally displaced people. This historically has been an important commodity for Fiji. It would be foolish for Fijians to abandon it at a time when global sugar prices are high.

If Fijians should go into 'the basket that yields the maximum', then young Fijians should consider going either prostitution or the RFMF, because under this regime, treason and Chinese triads seem to prosper most.

Anonymous said...

One common thread with all Fiji's coups - they were all led by people who did not know what they were doing, but who because they had more self-confidence and populist appeal than good sense and moral courage, they were able to mislead the military and the unwashed masses into choosing wrong over right. But by the time the people and the army realized they had been hoodwinked, it was too late - the damage had already been done.

Rabuka, Speight & Bainimarama - same rubbish, different day!

The only difference is that two out of these three has admitted what they did was wrong!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning can i sincerely suggest you don't go where you have no idea of what you talking about! To attempt to "untangle their conceptual obligation of Tradition & Culture as opposed to their obligation to the constitution" is to ask the Fijian of the impossible! For someone who says he fought for Indigenous rights in Aussii- you haven't the foggiest idea of what the Indigenous people are talking about when it comes to custom, tradition or land! You can't seperate that it is practically impossible-do you think you sound stupid in your comments. The coups were done to power hungry people.Do you think the coups were planned by a simple villager sitting in some village? No it was planned by the educated, the villagers were the pawn, education is not the criteria for stopping coups. You seem to over simplify the education in you stupid commenst with regards to soldiers-soldiers are taught to follow orders-Nazi Germany is a good example! Did you ever see an ordinary soldier standing trial for the atrocities conducted by the Nazis- a big fat zero! Its only the big guns that went on trial. The Fijian people will have to learn the hard way to decided if they want a democracy no different form other countries that became democracies-the ebst example is Britain-how many were killed so democracy flourised-or has it florised! No the rich are richer and poor poorer-so does democracy give all of us an equal footing? Look at the USA how many in poverty, lack of health care, dying from simple diseases? Need i carry on-its the Fijian people that will decided, in the end custom, tradition and all aspects of our lives has nothing to do with coups! No write something that has a value for discusiion instead of trying to pick on our what some of us hold sacred!

Anonymous said...

@ Komai Naibenubenu said, May 15, 2012 6:33 PM
Fully agree with your comments. The Asian influx with the problems it is bringing is far more important than this continual blog bitching re who's to blame for past actions.

Anonymous said...

One cannot really keep track of the magnitude of Asian crime ring influx into the country post-December 2006. This is the problem with coups. You lose all genuine and valuable entries like foreign investmnent and what you have instead are exactly the opposite in uncontrolled inflow of rogue elements. One problem begets many others, that's what coups generate.

Anonymous said...

@11.55am, we're a sovreign nation, you do that, then why don't we just ask them to rule us!!

Anonymous said...

nothing will change in Fiji. We are all lamu lamu and do not want to attract any attention. Money is more important then what is right!

mark manning said...

@ anon 150 p.m.
I get what your saying, but see it from a different angle in regards to the Constitution, tradition and culture etc.
I don't believe it's as complicated as everyone is making it really.
As for Educated Soldier's obligations to the Constitution, I was referring in essence, to their Oath. Perhaps i should have defined which soldiers, those responsible for instigating the coup as against those put in the uncomfortable position of following Orders, orders which were questionably illegal at best. I hope that clears it up a little !

Anonymous said...

How very sad!! We are slamming the GCC and the Methodist Church for siding with Rabuka when he claimed his coup was to protect Fijiians, and now when Frank is claiming his coup was to give Indo-Fijians the right we are cheering him - a coup is a coup - do we really want rights as Indo=-Fijians through the barrel of the gun - or the end justifies the means

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:37, you've pinpointed the main fallacy in Graham Davis' silly argument.

And the biggest farce of all is Bainimarama posing as protector of the Indo-Fijians, when he was secretly the prime mover behind the nationalists' takeover of Parliament in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning there is no angle from where i am standing, its a CIRCLE of LIFE-360 degress! Until and unless you understand the Indigenous people-that means understanding their,culture, tradition, language, beliefs, etc , etc there is nothing to discuss. Its the educated ones you need to talk to they pull the strings, they rule the masses-but now the masses are waking up from their slumber its nothing to do with education-its to do with TRUTH! Therein lies the simple answer! Everything else is side show to no where! Look around you how many Indigenous people of Australia still talk their language-something that took them longer than 40,000years to develope yet the White man comes and destroyed it in less than 100 years! Thats an achievement on its own.Even Hitler couldn't do that to the Jews! Herein lies also the danger of fooling around with things we don't understand and try to over simplify it with an "educated guess"- so when you rob the people of things you should leave alone the inheritence of their next generation such as language, culture etc once gone ain't never coming back again -you must know better because you tell me how many Indienous people who live in Sydney can speak their language for that matter when was the last time you heard to Aborigenes speak their language! For that matter when was the last time you saw 2 full blood Red Indian? Get my drift!

mark manning said...

@ anion 249 PM
Who is advocating the destruction of the Fijian Culture and Traditions ? Answer, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, supported by none other than Indigenous Fijian Soldiers.
All I'm talking about is separating, if possible, Tradition, culture and the constitution.
Is that possible ?
Perhaps I should have put it as a question in the 1st. instance.

Fark Fanning said...

People should clean their own backyards first.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning where are you getting your infor from? Bainimarama is not causing the destruction of Fijian institutions rather the very opposite! Its a pity when you come to conclusions based on what you read, hear and discuss without understanding the history of the Fijian people! As for asking now about seperating tradition, culture and the constitution here is what Qarase said about Democracy "it is a foreign flower" Now why would aPM sya that if it were not true? The Constitution doesn't mean shit to the ordinary people in Fiji! You barking up the wrong tree! How long did it take the people of England to get rid of a KING? Now when you understand that try putting that into relevency with regards to Fiji! When the crooks came to Govern the country went down hill fast-yet those that advocated for democracy like Aussie & NZ said nothing! But aid kept following! The outcome of todays woes in Fiji is multifactoral -no one solution will fit the glove, it will take the Fijians living in Fiji to sort out the mess, everyone else is just a side show thats including you and me!

mark manning said...

@ anon 309 pm
We'll see what transpires once Democracy and the 1997 Constitution is restored.

Anonymous said...

The likes of Komai have still not learned that any illegal overthrow of an elected Govt amounts to treason and the end result is death!!!
Rabuka was not a fool or a child who many people believe that he was used. The other influential authorities were also swayed to support the coup.
Now this is the fruit of what was sowed.

Anonymous said...

Mark we never had democracy as for the 1997 Constitution it was a RACIST one, where we voted based on our race? Now you tell me if that is what Australai would want for its development & future of all its peoples. Not to hard to answer if you used you brain. If you vacre to shut up for a change you might just learn something-this is what happens when yo don't know Fiji , its people, custom & traditions-get a real life, help the Aborigenes mate!

Anonymous said...

In your face Mark Manning ..... Everyone is seeing what a dumb arse you are with your posts..... hi,hi,hi

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys really seem to have a hard-on for Mark Manning. If he says white, you say black. If he says black, you say white. You are becoming tedious.

The issue is Fiji and ending Bainimarama's dictatorship, not Australia's aborigine policies and getting rid of Mark Manning.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 19 7:32, its got nothting to do with Black or White read what i posted its a simple case of understanding someones culture, traditions , beliefs etc, etc-here we are trinfg to discuss issues of relevency for Fiji not come up with the kinda stupid remarks Mark does! Talking for the sake of talking! Fiji's problems ain't as simple as he seem to makes out-if his suggestions were so brillant i ask why doesn't he suggest some to the Aborigienes in Aussie who are still worse off than the Fijians! I don't mind your help but please prove to me its working in you backyard before you start telling me what to do.

Anonymous said...

How is Mark Manning to be blamed for Australia's aborigine policy?

You're obsession with Manning is pretty weird. Every time he comments, you flame him. No matter what he writes, it's wrong.

We've heard your views againand again re Mark Manning. Now please tell us your ideas for how to end the dictatorship destroying Fiji.

Anonymous said...

25 years later we seem to be in the same spot a bit like the proverbial mouse running flat out on a wheel. Our young people who are below 30 have only seen Coup leaders like Rabuka and those that come after Rabuka elected or by a point of gun become their role models. Whinch means that the ptrojected generation of 45+ age group are the only hope to take us out of the wheel race. However most of these people are so messed up themselves either because of the coup or some other reason they have lost hope in doing something useful.

I think what sympathisers like Mark are really saying is do we have a clear way out, if so how and what are we doing about it. So dont cloud your confusion or ignorance by attacking those that are asking valid answers instead of running to the - you dont understand our people, culture and so on, its too easy mate. What we need is to contribute to these difficult questions. And whats so unique about our culture and heritage, we are no different then other indigineous culture anywhere in the world, trying to survive and make sense of this mordern world we live in. So we are not unique there is more like us around unless you kow of people who live in Mars or something that may offer unique solutions. I would argue the solution(s) to our problems is right here in mordern civilisation. Problem is people like those who are in leadership dont trust or embrace the future, yet they seem to be doing their best to stall and keep us in the wheel that goes nowhere. Listen to what they are saying about the blue print of taking Fiji, another contitution which is not worth the paper written on it. Actualy why dont we just agree after we have the election we burn our constitution and leave as free people guided by Common law principle which has developed over the years.

They want create a level playing field, this is a joke. The minute you create this you know its not level anymore as those that create it cant see themselves at the same level as masses, they will always interfere to provide a leg up to people in need.

People are diverse beings its meant to be like that (not just cultural sensitive fijians) Some are meant to lead, serve, doctors, teachers, scientisit, ligusitics. we cant simply be lumped into one race of consfused rugby dancing grog swipping racist lot. No we want this country to grow and our children to have a decent life. You forget Fiji is one the best place in the world so we have a lot of upside, lets not over complicate things and use the so called Truth everyone is talking about here and see where it leads us!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark wants us to go back to 1997 Constituiton-now can anyone say its a fair Constitution? How long will we cary on with a Constitution that makes us vote based on our Race! If we serious of having democracy we must first begin with getting every little nut who aid & abetted in the first coup & all subsequent coups to answer for what they did! Soem think that this should be leftas "water under the bridge" well water under the bridge is now drowning all of us! The problem with Marks comments is he purpotes at one tiem for a fighter for the Aboriginal cause tahn he says that the problem with the "aborigenes is they their own worst enemy"! Now after that he started have ago at the Indo-Fijians for whatever reason , after a while he saw his racists remarks not making to much of a headway-so he decided to change tactics. The simple fact is Mark advices us on how to resolve the problems we from his own expertise yet the Indigenous people of Australia are far, far worse than the prople of Fiji yet they are living in a DEMOCRACY! Indigenous youths are dying from sucides like its going out of fashion, preganancy in teens is out of control-do i need to carry on! The point i am getting at is the reason why the Indigenous in Aussie is that the very destrution of culture, language etc, etc is a key cause of their problems. Can we leave Fijis problems to be solved by the people of Fiji-it is not as easy as people make it out to be.If it works in your backyard Mark tell us us your solution?

Anonymous said...

You want to end the dictatorship in Fiji,you never will! Because the Fijians always lived in a DICTATORSHIP! If you didn't know that than go back and find out how CHIEFS came into existence by the power of war club!

Anonymous said...

Yes.... very soon my Clubo is coming to a HEAD near you!! And that would be one DEAD DICTATOR!!

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts simple fact is Fijians lived under a Dictorial system. The Dictatorship in Fiji is due to Fijians not standing up when the first one arrived on the scene! Now the vary ones who supported the first Dictator are against the new one! What is it a state of confusion or now in a state of CONFESSION!?????The Bible says clear the muck out of your eye before clearing it out from someone elses. Some think they can do both at the same time-no wonder we getting no where? Tarogi o Ra dina , saumi taro o RA Lasu-need i say more!

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah.....can someone come up with something better......Rabuka did it for the indiginous fijians........speight did it for the indiginous too......how about bainimarama......he did it for noone but himself.......even if the chiefs support the past coups its still Fiji and fiji are for fijians.......so let them be.....just root out all the foreighners behind bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Dump arse Fijians with no brains still believe that Rabuka's coup was god given and good for the indigenous race.

What a shame?

Anonymous said...