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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whistleblowing police officers 'to take fall' for the CID break-in

CID headquarters in Toorak: Police have confirmed break-in was an inside job. pic Matavuvale

 Naivalurua facing more than a split in the ranks
Insiders say the officers who linked the police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, and his top two deputies to a drug ring have been set up to take the blame for the break-in at the Criminal Investigations Department in Toorak two weeks ago.

The breach in security came just days after Coupfourpointfive published a letter from an anonymous police officer to the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, saying there had been a drug consignment of cocaine and narcotics in January under the name of Naivalurua which was cleared by border police without checks. (Letter implicates police commissioner in international drug racket, C4.5 May 6)

In that letter titled Re: Disclosure of Extracts for Abuse of Power and Office by Commissioner of Police, the unnamed officer said the  shipment was delivered to the drug lord, Setoki Cei Turaga, in Toorak.

He said subsequent surveillance by the drug intelligence unit had shown mobile phone conversations between Turaga, Naivalurua and his deputies, Henry Brown and Isikeli Ligairi.

The officer went on to say the unit had been victimised as a result by Naivalurua and officers had been either demoted or dismissed.

Coupfourpointfive revealed just days after that story the CID HQ in Toorak had been broken into and that it was an inside job.

Sources told us cocaine was taken and that theft from the well-secured headquarters is estimated at FJD7 million dollars over a one-year period and included cocaine, heroin, pill drugs, marijuana and hard cash recovered from Chinese raids, and jewellery etc.

Fiji police have confirmed the break-in came from inside saying an 'exhibit' (believed to be cocaine) kept in the drug unit was stolen. Both Raisate Tudrau and Ana Naisoro have said an investigation is underway with Naisoro saying 'the latest finding' had led to Naivalurua demanding the immediate recovery of the missing item and 'arrest of those involved'.

But there have been no leads or arrests and the accusations against Naivalurua go unanswered, as does Bainimarama's silence.

Coupfourpointfive has now been told again by reliable sources the Toorak break-in will be pinned on the two officers who blew the whistle on the drug ring and kickbacks.

Our sources say a plan has been hatched to pin the crime on the officer who first fingered Isikeli Ligairi for associating with Turaga - Rajeshni Mala - and the officer who penned the letter exposing the racketeering to Bainimarama and urging him to clean up the force.

They say Mala, who has already been demoted by Naivalurua, is an easy target. She investigated the murder of a Chinese national a few months back and came across evidence of mobile phone conversations 'between the Chinese and senior officers' including Naivalurua, Henry Brown and Luke Navela.

They say on submitting a report to the director of CID, Naivalurua ordered she be taken off the case immediately.

They also say the cocaine taken in the burglary was in a vault she had access to and that the Officer in Charge of the drugs when the security breach occurred, was ASP 1837 Sakeo Ganivatu.

It had been earlier claimed to Coupfourpointfive the lapse in security occurred after the Officer in Charge was changed.

An insider says the break-in is undeniably linked to the drug ring.

"After the officers wrote to Bainimarama they are now being systematically removed. They will be issued a termination letter soon, as they have been interviewed. It's claimed it is all a set up by the Commissioner."

The insider says officers want the corruption exposed but: "How can anyone be arrested if the Commissioner and senior officers are involved? There can't be any arrests made by the police. This investigation needs to be headed by someone from the prime minister's office but not Pio Tikoduadua."

Tikoduadua is accused of tipping off Naivalurua about the anonymous letter that was sent to Bainimarama - and Naivalurua leaving unexpectedly for Hong Kong.

Naivalurua has not replied to the allegations since his return but has been quoted as saying he continues to be committed to weeding out corruption.

A former deputy commissioner from the Fiji Prisons Service, Orisi Katonibau, has however been the first to speak on the record about the allegations dogging Naivalurua, describing him to Coupfourpointfive as opportunistic and corrupt. (Former Fiji Service deputy commissioner speaks out C4.5 May 12)


SEMI MEO said...

To uphold the integrity of the Fiji Police Force we suggest it best an independent investigator be appointed. No..no..no..I am not suggesting Aust or NZ Police at all, but experienced forensic toothpick investigators from within the Forum Island Countries. Not only have regional Police advanced well into transnational crime detection and forensic work, but would be an expression of good will towards our immediate Island neighbours that we value the independence of their Police Force.

Just that, we have not asked, as definitely we are not an isolated island of our own to pretent we know it all!!..what are friends and neighbour for?..even in bi/multilateral level .

Phew..we are just tired of theories and hypotheses cooked up by the “agent binods”, ‘satini kakis”, “kovula dau cina”,”kanala sucu caroba’ and the rest of them lurking in the shadows…

Let’s get the Police back on the beat…not beating each other for goodness sake!!

Anonymous said...

sagai boi mai na ca mai cid, valoloma na kawaca ira yadrava tiko na vanua gori. we have all the details of the drugs and will be a history for future cops school. sagai vacava na intel ni mataivalu sa kacivitiko go na mataivalu ni sona, ive na namcou intel. valoloma na wana be commis drau veicai kece lol

Anonymous said...

Anyone notices how the Police Commisioner tries to put up an act like he is some sort of genuine guy of integrity..haahaa..a big joke..fijis crime rate has gone up and this is due to the fact the commisioner himself is a big or in fact the biggest criminal on the loose..There is no more law in fiji..in fact fiji has become Lawless and all the decrees coming out of the Illegal attorney generals office is total rubbish..The Police commisioner himself was the mastermind of the robbery in Toorak and CID and other officers shoul start investigating him..

Anonymous said...

all corrupt bastards.
fiji need ramsi/un force in fiji.
we dont have any faith in this crooks compol/army illegal pm frank, kahaiyum and cronies.
who will clean this idiots.
i guess we just bomb this bastards.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

If you walk around some parts of Suva today..I mean areas around the market, the car park near Sukuna park, and near/in some major shopping malls, in the handicraft center etc..you will be approached by some Fijian men...and I must say majority of whom are from Lau.
These men are all carrying small carry on bags and they will try and sell Jewellery, including watches and the lot. I must also say that things that they are trying to sell at cheap prices are of high quality.
Further, this aggressive selling strategy has been going on for say almost 15 - 20 yrs now.
If you have been to India, then you will understand the concept of "aggressive selling".

However, from the outset, one can conclude:
1. That these people are selling stolen goods from the sneaky and shrewd manner in which they approach...for example they will say, this watch really looks nice on you..try it on!!
2. There is a network with a pimp (like a drug lord) who controls the network and operations
3. This network will of course have already befriended those who are in charge of policing our streets and their bosses.
4. I am pretty sure that most police officers who patrol the streets of Suva and other cities know this...I am just wondering why they are still being allowed to operate.
5. I am also pretty sure that most people in the greater Suva/Nausori/Nasinu, and even in major towns and cities of Fiji know this operation.
6. I am also pretty that some off duty policeman, military personnel and others have been approached by these people.
7. This operation started small like others, but has ballooned over time and products being sold have also increased in assortment...I have a hint that it also include drugs now....it doesnt take a rocket scientist to discern this.

However, can the police inform us on the magnitude of this illegal operation. If they want proof or anyone else for that matter, just take a walk through the streets of Suva tomorrow.

These guys have been well trained...they meticulously observe things like:

1. What car you drive.
2. Clothes you wear including shoes, sunglasses etc
3. Your shopping bags etc.
4. Whether you are a "new face" in town etc

In view of the above, can I ask the Commisionner of Police, other Senior Police offcers and all police officers to come out clean...there is certainly something fishy going on with a rotten smell.

Concerned Citizen of Suva.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the sources who are leaking 'information' are actually the culprits and the net is closing in on them.

What do they do? Go on the offensive and try to discredit Naivalurua. Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Maumau na lotu nei ra baku.

Anonymous said...

So we either have corrupt compol or corrupt officers ... who do you believe. I want to say Compol but the campaign against him has been long and consistent. I'll have tosay: the jury is out for now

Samunidawa said...

@Anonymous 9:59 and 10:37
Police detective Mala catches the Chinese murderer and then gets demoted by Police Commissioner?
Huh? WTF
So you tell me which one is actually corrupt.
Its obviously the Commissioner who is corrupt.
Are you two blind or mataboko?

Anonymous said...

To the guy who posted on May 23, 2012 9:59 PM, i totally agree with your point!!!
This too is not the whole story, it is only part of a story and is therefore not reliable :)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:49


Keimami warai ni via kila, warai talega ni via rogoca na dinau nei Semi...qori ena qai saumi taro ga kina o Semi..Vavei i keri? So talega na money lender lada era vaqarai kemudrau tiko...kila tikoga o iko.
E veivosaki taki tiko mada qo na veibeitaki ena tabacakacaka ni Ovisa e Viti.
Ke sa warai ga na ka drau rawa ni cau mai kina, drau kua ni vakalusia na nomudrau gauna..kei na neimami gauna talega na wilika tiko.


SEMI MEO said...

Faceless and nameless coward @ Anonymous May 23, 2012 9:49 PM..pretending to be blogging from a dark corner in an internet cafĂ© in Honson Building Suva….lol…lol…

Isa..kerekere…au sega ni tamamu!!..vosota sara ke lasutaki iko o nomu Na niu sega ni sauma tiko vua na mainatnce..sa mai kequ wale na samu ni dawa ni nomudrau veilasutaki.

Se cava tale beka na noqu cala vei iko…au a butakoca na i kutari nei tukamu??..tukuna mai meu na rawa ni daru na lai veitagicaki ena veivosoti se daru veimea wavoki voli va qo...

My last post stands irrespective of phats from nameless and faceless cyber thugs from the side line of our efforts to rebuild beloved Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Even foreign fishermen traveling in groups are now being mugged with apparent impunity by gangs of kai viti hanging out near the market at night. I'm told by some that they reported the muggings to the local police branch right away, but the police didn't raise a finger to help them. This makes for bad business for Fulluck's Angels Club and other Chinese brothels sanctioned by the regime.

Anonymous said...

Now we get into a 'he said, she said' situation.

I know the compol isn't particularly popular with C4.5 readers, and I completely understand why, but let's not be in a rush to judgment. The compol is also reportedly unpopular with Aiyaz, so he must be doing SOMEthing right. Let's wait to see some evidence before we jump to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

bunch of crook and hypocrite people running fiji now.
army/police are personal bocu guards now for ASK/BAINI.
Wolfs in Sheep clothing .
They use god and church to protect themselves.
fiji is curse bec of the regime.
why we cant stand up and fight the regime. look at people in middle east.
they can do it for democracy and freedom.

poker said...

it is a big farce....FB knows that the Police Com is a crook....no wonder the long big silence...even AG is now sleeping on the job.....

Anonymous said...

Like I said, Chinese Mafia now running the country. Voreqe getting paid by them. RFMF getting bribes from Chinese Mafia.
Naivalurua wants a piece of the action. Vuaka wont like it when he finds out.

The Bible says "For the LOVE of money is the root of all manner of evil"
And these Fijians are willing to sell their fellow Fijians and everyone else because of their LOVE for the money.
Poor Rajehsni Mala.

Anyway folks, there is only one solution : not 2014 election. The solution, as I've said many times before, is to bomb Delainabua now.

- Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:58
Our beloved Fiji has now become a corrupt country, because of its corrupt leadership.

God's judgement will come upon us if we don't do something about it.

Fijians will suffer, not only physically with increasing diseases like HIV AIDS, Typhoid, Diabetes etc etc; also Flooding, Tsunami; Earthquakes etc. All this will come to Fiji if we don't act.

Fijians will also suffer intellectually.
Our children will become stupid.
This next generation won't produce as many highflyers like the last generation.

This is the judgement that will come upon us if we don't act.

There is corruption. We can see it.
And God knows that we know
And He is expecting us to do something about it.
That is why I keep saying we must act. We must put a stop to this. Otherwise our nation will suffer terribly.

So I say lets put a STOP to this.
Lets ask the Americans to help us by bombing Delainabua and let's take hold of this country and turn it around to where it should be headed ( to the paths of Righteousnesss and Incredible blessings)

The Reverend John Hunt used to walk alongside Rt Cakobau when he came back from his cannibalistic raids.
John Hunt turned Fiji around and there were incredible years of blessings that followed.

Evil people including Bainimarama have hijacked this country and the country is suffering terribly. Fijians are suffering terribly. There is increased poverty.
There is increased school-dropout. There is increasing disease and illness.
There is increasing crime.
THere is increasing sexual crimes.
Even small innocent children are suffering sexual crimes etc etc etc.
We must do something!

If John Hunt can turn Fiji around by facing up to Cakobau ( even though he could have been eaten alive)
If John Hunt can do it, We can do it.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minster

what an embarrassment to the Nation Speak now or take action or lose the faith and respect of Police Force.

We have been holding the fort for you but now the water is over the head. The moment FPF shakes the whole country will be in chaos :

- this is the reason why officers not bothered about attending crime scenes or complains.

- I never agreed with Teleni version of running the force, but at least he was doing a much better job then this idiot.

Oh am a SSP in the force.

Anonymous said...

@anonoymous 9:15am
So your 'God' will ignore the fact that people were killed due to your suggestion of bombing somewhere ?

I assume this would be because someone else did it for you.

Anonymous said...

The curse on Fiji will not go away unless people stand up to the Illegal Military Junta. Look at what happened in Libya and now in Syria.

Although thousands have been killed finally they won their freedom in Lybia.

In Syria the US & Western Countries are now helping the free Syrian Army unofficially and Assad will also go very soon.

If people want help from the US, Australia,Britain, EU & NZ they have to unite and stand up for their rights to get rid of the Illegal Military Junta and all its supporters.

All current Ministers and people in power are filling their pockets at the expense of the suffering people of Fiji while the Mataivalu Ni Solisona cannot do anything as it is now run by Commander Khaiyum who is also the Vunivalu of Bau, King of Fiji, Ka Levu of Nadroga and holder of all the other chiefly titles in Fiji except that of Ro Teimumu Kepa who has the guts to stand up to these crooks.

Anonymous said...

When you've got the would-be Vunivalu of Bau calling on people to support the government, there's something quite mad about talking about a people's uprising. Those doing so must be living overseas along with most of the people who make comments here. There's simply no other way to explain their total isolation from the reality in Fiji, where there's no significant challenge to the regime. Not even in Lomanikoro Rewa, where it's all in one woman's head. Yes, there are people who are unhappy in the vanua but they're under the thumb. Stick their heads up and they'll get whacked

Anonymous said...

Talking about getting whacked you only have to rad today's Fiji Sun to see where it's coming from. Under the headline 'Take Care, says Army' Mosese Tikoitoga is 'telling' people to watch what they are saying about how genuine the constitutional talks are! Talk about bullying and using propaganda newspapers and propaganda journalists to threaten people to back off. Welcome to Fiji'sreality, underground or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:31

Freedom comes with a Price.

Even God paid for our freedom by a death on the Cross.

You have freedom NOW because someone paid for it.
If you want freedom for Fiji then there is a Price, my friend.
Question is are you willing to pay the price, for the sake of your children?

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Village headman and some villagers gang-raped a child in Cakaudrove.
(todays Fiji Times)
What is Fiji coming to?

Anonymous said...

Who would be Vunivalu of Bau?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11:49am

.....and no doubt there will be those in Fiji that will say it's due to their Gods will or blame the present government.

Anonymous said...

It is my humble opinion that Commissioner Naivalurua is clean. It is just that some corrupt police officers are trying to cover up their butt. As the saying goes "best defense is to be offensive".

Just because Naivalurua is an Army person, does not mean that all army personnel should be branded as bad guys.

Anonymous said...

its obvious the commissioner himself is corrupt with his puppet senior officers! laurai ga i ka na masi polo jiko vei rau na senior officers qo... pliizzzz giving all this crap speech around fiji, talking about how low the police force is & what they must do to improve their service to the public...plizzz commissioner try cleanning your nose first then clean others! mau2 la na soli speech wavoki jiko! tamata mada ga e corrupt himself! i'm so greatful this has come up, thank you to that officer who wrote the letter 2 the PM! now we know the rotten egg in the force! *KAILA! BUT the question is whether or not PM would act against the commissioner?

NadroKid said...

I am just wondering back here whether Detective Mala uncovered a plot by the regime to sell the 7 million dollars worth of drugs back to the Chinese so the proceeds can be used by the lawless regime for another backpay for the useless soldiers up at Delainabua.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:00 is largely correct. On the other hand, I don't get the impression that many are willing to kill or be killed in order to keep Bainimarama in power. And as for the Lady in Rewa, if she just gave the word, I would march.

Anonymous said...

Samusamuta said........... Reap what you sow.Don't blame anyone just blame the coup of Baini kei Ayiarse. This is the result of an illegal goverment that is holding power to protect itself. They can not get out of it now because there is no way out. When coup happens it is a good feeling for some but only for a short period. As it prolongs it corrupts the system and the mind of people. So all those who are tempted or fall in line have a go at it and abuse the sysytem. only democratic institutions are balanced and accountable not a bunch of military thugs. They are there for their benefit and survival,but it will be a big task to clean up Fiji as the rot is growing in all directions.

The first thing will be to dismantle the army and get rid of all army personnals in goverment and private institution.

A special multinational or regional force should take control of the situation.Those at the helm of the force currently should all be sent on leave pending investigation with immediate effect.
The army has dismantled the force because they know that the force is a law enforcement agency and will get them one day or the other so just wait and see time and events will dictate the destiny of this country. Once a paradise and will still be a paradise in the pacific.

Fijiana said...

Tikoitoga's statement in Fiji Sun is an unfortunate one. If we want Fiji to move forward, we need to allow everyone to speak their mind freely. I would also advocate that when the Constitutional Commission hands over the report to Constitution Committee, they need to fine tune the Constitution. Thereafter there should be a referendum which the citizens of Fiji get to vote on. Only if the referendum passes, than and than only it should be adopted. Otherwise we can not have that constitution. I am not being a critic of Constitution Commission, but simply stating my opinion as I have the right to do so as a citizen not only of Fiji, but of this world.

Anonymous said...

The main culprit is that idiot Dakeo Ganivatu or Gandmaro who left his wife in Tavua and eloped with the magistrate who was serving in Tavua.An incompetent Police officer corrupt and dishonest,stole Police exhibits in Tavua Police staion,just wondering how come he got this position. It is all coruption top to bottom. Shame to see that there is no one credible honest and realible left in the Fiji Police Force. All are a bunch of masi pollos and arse lickers.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina, I thought you were half-joking, but apparently you're serious.

Sorry, but you're barking up the wrong tree. The Americans won't bomb Delainabua or anywhere else in Fiji. If Fijians won't sacrifice for Fiji, why the hell should they?

On at least one occasion, they even had Bainimarama by the short hairs. They could have publically humilated him merely by calling attention to a few simple facts, but they chose not to, preferring to try to work with Bainimarama's government, not against it.

Regime change has never been U.S. policy toward Fiji. If it were, the 82nd Airborne would have made short work of the regime a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:02 why are Qiliho and his gang for Syria still not in Syria yet ?

Something to do with the US directing UNPKO not to allow them to deploy to Syria ?

Anonymous said...

And while Tikoitoga makes his threatening sounds in an effort to intimidate Fijians from speaking their mind about the sincerity of the constitutional talks, where are the admonitions from Yash Ghai and Christina Murray, telling Tikoitoga to restrain himself?

Anonymous said...

people, the facts are; Don't beileve in all these crap, Fiji doesn't have a drug market worth mentioning and to top it all, when it comes to the global enviroment, Fijis contribution is so tiny in terms of drugs, money and politics. So grow up people.....

Anonymous said...

Dunno, but I do know the Americans don't wash their hands of the responsibility of tracking what's done with their money once they give it to the UN. They're on record as saying no new PKOs for the RFMF, and I don't see anyway to pretend that Syria is part of an existing mission.

We know that the Americans have concerns that Qiliho has been involved in human rights abuses. That's enough to trigger what they call the Leahy vetting process. That should assure that Qiliho is nixed from participating, even if other RFMF are allowed, which I don't believe they are. After all, if the RFMF was participating, wouldn't the regime be crowing about it daily in the Fiji Sun?

This is more evidence that today's RFMF is a stain on Fiji's honour and international reputation.

Anonymous said...

Kainoda drau vivutu la i semi meo..

drau yavu vuli vakavo vata....ni tautauvata sara la kei ira na ovisa butabutako ra tu qo i viti...

dou yavu tamata macawa kei semi meo....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:02
Yes I'm 100% serious.
I have not come to this decision lightly.
I am of the view that the Corruption facilitated by the army has now infiltrated Fijian society and a bomb in the right place will turn the tide for us.
I love this country too much to see it go to the dogs like Bainimarama.

Just think of it. Where will we be in 5 yrs time/ 10 yrs time?
Do you really think with these numbskulls running the show that Fiji will suddenly get better.

Someone has said that the definition of stupidity is to keep doing the same thing ( or same leadership) and expecting a different result.

Americans are human beings and I'm sure if we ask them they will oblige.
We need numbers.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

We've already seen Chinese hitmen snuffing out other Chinese on the streets of Suva. Who's to say that rival triad factions aren't involved in the drama at Fiji Police? One triad group could be using corrupted officers to try to frame those who are still honest and effective, by trying to plant incriminating evidence indicating their collusion with the rival gang. In this way, they can get rid of their rivals in law enforcement and the criminal underworld at the same time.

I don't know that this is the case. It's pure speculation only. But the point is that you don't know yet, either, so don't be in a rush to judgment until the facts are in.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:28 so thats effectively an admission, on your part, that the Fiji Police Force has indeed been compromised and is infiltrated by organised crime as Coup Four Point Five has been publishing.

It a fact that cannot be dismissed as speculative and/or fantasy. After all, the cocaine didn't just walk out of the "secure" National Intelligence Bureau facility on its own did it ?

And this has happened under Naivalurua's watch. An RFMF officer. What does that say about RFMF "leadership" ?

Anonymous said...

Fiji times says Sedition victim Sri Lankan Jagath is not allowed to travel for his parents pooja and to see his ailing brother. Court rejected and says humanity does not exist in Fiji.

Whether he is lying or true, this does not reflect any good signs about the judiciary in FIji. ASK must have told the judge dont let the bastard go, let him rot here.....ha ha

Anonymous said...

@ valataka na dina

So why dont you do something about it instead of the usual garbage you write> you should change your name to "speak bullshit. by the way where was your fight for democracy in 2000? only talk mate.

Anonymous said...

'Valataka na Dina"
Don't be put off by the odd "precious" reply that dissagrees with you.
You are one of the main cries that is sensable in every way.
Also ... it is all going to happen in Gods time. The rest of us think that it is long overdue, but gods timing is perfect and beyond our knowledge of what the big picture involves.
To use the signature of another blogger;-
tic tok tic tok
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Given the excellent coverage by coup 4.5 may I suggest that they start a newspaper as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:50
Since you've been reading what I've been writing, I challenge you to go through all my posts in the last 12 months and expose the "bullshit".

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Thats the policy to look for an indian to blame for the fall cause she knows a lot and is sleeping with sakeo.The militrary intelligence is trying its best to have this drugs case solved but they cant get a hint. This is CID at its best 7 million drugs gone, mark my word R.B.F. vault is next and this is just a joke dont TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

Anonymous said...

Someone had mentioned Natin Patel's name. Do these names sound familiar? 1) John Sami 2)Francis Narayan 3) Natin Patel

The common thing about the 3 is that all 3 were employees of Asian Development Bank.

Anonymous said...

@2:18 PM

Vinaka vakalevu na nomu vosavosa ca tiko mai gonei....sa vakaraitaka tiko ga nai i vakatagedegede ni nomu vuli vinaka!!!....ka sa vakaraitaki kemuni tale tiko ga kei na vanua o drau qai mai kina.

Tukuna sara mada mai vei keimami..o yacova sara mada na kalasi vica?...se fomu vica?...
Ke o yaco koso - kena i balebale, o nu sa vakaraitaki kemunu jiko ga mai ena vuku ni vosa o ni a cavuta mai: VULI VAKA VO...

O au na warai ni via talaucaka yani na noqu i vakatagedege ni vuli de na qai rika mai tuba na yaloka ni matamu....tabu saka yani.

Nanuma tiko na money lender lada ya kemudrau!...sa vaqarai kemudrau tiko mai..ni drau sa moce madaga e dai kei na vei siga kecega ena loma ni macawa 2 mai qo..me waqa tikoga e dua na matamudrau. E kila tale tikoga na nomudrau lewe ni vale...drau tarogi koya.


Anonymous said...

@ May 24, 11.49a.m.

I can't find that news report on Cakaudrove village headman and others gang-rape of a child. Have they removed the story? Appreciate if you could find it and post in here. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:29, yes, of course the integrity of Fiji Police has been compromised, and the strong possibility exists that it has been infiltrated by organised crime elements. The speculative piece is whether rival Chinese factions are involved, and one trying to implicate honest cops with incriminating ties to its rival.

It's a black eye for Naivalurua and the police any way you cut it. I'm not sure it says anything larger about RFMF leadership, but as a general matter, the RFMF should return to the barracks, its leadership should be tried for treason, and it should be demobilised.

Moreover, given the rapid rise of triads, the fact that the Chinese Embassy has been paying bribes to the police for the purpose of obstructing justice, and Beijing's choice to become a major supporter of this illegal and oppressive regime, a Free Fiji should review its diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China and repudiate all Chinese loans.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:40, YOU grow up. Fiji is too small to be considered a large market for anything, except relative to the micro economies of the Pacific Island countries. But the real threat here is of Fiji becoming a preferred transshipment point. Another threat is that this corrupt and treasonous regime, which is already in bed with Chinese organised crime elements, will take a turn toward narco-militarism.

Anonymous said...

So So Scandalous... Fiji's Polcom implicated in drugs importation and there is more.. $F7million worth of 'goodies' just STOLEN / Disappeared from right under the COPARI's noses....

This is making of our very own SLUM-DOG millionaire!!! And introducing our heroine: "RAJESHNI MALA".

Brave Girl!! - Well Done!! Do not let this TRIPLE TREASONOUS (1987/2000/ 2006) CRIMINAL - pretender Polcom. NAVALU2 get away with it this time. ARREST HIM!!

Anonymous said...

$$$SEVEN (7) MILLION ??? worth of SHIT just took a walk???

This would be the BIGGEST all-time Fiji robbery - WHOW!!!

All the GOOD COPs have been FORCED to RETIRE!!! Praise the LORD !!


Anonymous said...

Seven Million $F dollars???.. is more than CHORO'S $3.5 Million - Or is Choro's in Aust. Dollars???

So it Looks like PolCom has beaten Chodo Choro's record of thieving.

Only consolation is that at least PolCom. did not choro from the poor people like Chodo did.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina, I value your contributions to C4.5.

It was Albert Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

Why should the Americans intervene in yet another country? What core U.S. security interest is at stake here? Many of those Fijians who might support intervention now would resent 'U.S. imperialism' afterwards.

Many Fijians have military experience, and bomb-making technology is all over the Internet. Just remember that while a well-placed bomb can accomplish great things, a misplaced bomb can cause horrendous and irrevocable tragedy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is so funny .... Fiji Sin today published the following one sentence story, complete with byline about the current political debate. Oilei!

May 24, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

By Leone cabenatabua

We’ve heard accusations made by our political leaders about preparation towards the 2014 general elections. What surprises many is that these leaders have their own manifestos and ideologies on how things are run.
But they are all teaming up at the moment. Isn’t it funny when you think of it?

Anonymous said...

"RAJESHNI MALA" 3* (Three Star)

Bhaiya Babu said...

@ 9:42

Yes it is funny!! If you look at it like this..

So... CHODO is not ready for an erection in 2014! He wants one in 2015, Does he ???


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:13
Village headman + villagers of Cakaudrove gang rape; Here it is


(Here is part of the story)

Police look into gang rape claim
Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, May 24, 2012

A group of villagers in Vanua Levu are being investigated by police for the alleged defilement of a 12-year old mentally challenged girl.

Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri confirmed that police are looking into the allegation in which the village headman is also accused of being part of the group.

The Cakaudrove Provincial Office has warned village headmen in the province and those in traditional leadership roles that if found guilty of such offences they would be dealt with accordingly.

The situation has also drawn the attention of the Fiji Disabled People's Association that labelled the incident as "sad because these are the very people we trust to look after us".

Insp Sokomuri assured that they would treat the alleged incident like any criminal case requiring thorough investigation.

"We have received a report and started our investigations into the case which involves a group of men."

Insp Sokomuri said the village nurse reported the matter to police.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:04
I'll answer your questions:
1) Why should the Americans intervene?
Because the Chinese are running around corrupting this country
2)What core US interest is at stake here?
But the Fijians will love them for it and fight with them in years to come. Just look at our loyalty to the British.
3)Fijians will resent American Imperialism?
Not if it is their desire to bomb Delainabua.
This is the crux of the matter.
We need to inform those villagers how bad this Illegal Regime is for them and their future generation.
4)Military experience for bomb making?
I have none.
No one else is talking about dropping the bomb at Delainabua except me. And I'd like to recruit more people, inorder to facilitate #3.
I can understand why ex-army people will be reluctant to bomb Delainabua because that place has emotional significance for them. It's like a home.
But I say "To Hell with it" . It's been taken over by scoundrels so lets bomb it.

I think this is the least painful way to do it.
We give the soldiers 24 hrs to leave the place and then we bomb it to smitherins and take over the country and give it back to the Fijian people.
Americans have "clever bombs" which are precise. So it wont cause too much collateral damage.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua, you can not run away from this break-in issue. Even if you were not involved which I doubt very much after analysing all accounts available so far, you're still accountable as it happened under your watch. & million dollar worth of drug steal is huge deal.

Anonymous said...

You are right Bhaiya Babu Chodo needs some Viagra and he farting anal in flp blog - just have a read. This is the Xed Minister of Finance for BAIYUM regime talking!!!

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina, some have suggested that you're RUM, but I guess you really aren't, because, just as you say, you really don't seem to have military experience.

The Americans should bomb Delainabua because the Chinese are corrupting Fiji? Well, name one place where the Chinese are not a corrupting influence. That's just how they operate.

In my experience, everyone begs the reluctant Americans to act, and when they finally do, the people are elated. That lasts for about two days. After that, the previously grateful people begin questioning the motives behind U.S. intervention. For those who swore 'eternal gratitude,' the second guessing using begins a week later.

So what if you don't have military experience? Do you need to be a chef before you begin cooking for yourself? Make your own lovo pit. Stop turning to the Americans for barbecue. They're not interested in delivering take-out to this part of the world.

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