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Monday, May 28, 2012

Fiji Correction Service 'goes on the record' for besieged Naivalurua

BONE OF CONTENTION: Fiji Corrections Service statement defends Mrs Naivalurua's involvement in her husband's work but fails to tackle the kickback claims.

Naivalurua and Katonibau
The Fiji Corrections Service has rallied for Ioane Naivalurua defending him from criticism he is an 'opportunist who has left a legacy of corruption, manipulation and hypocrisy unparalleled in the history of leadership of the Fiji Corrections Service'.

In a statement sent to Coupfourpointfive, the  Corrections Service takes umbrage at the former FCS deputy commissioner who made the charge, Orisi Katonibau, saying it shows 'the hallmarks of the previous leadership that promoted a culture of corruption and inefficiency.'

Katonibau detailed a number of incidents and examples to us to prove what he and others have said is the ineffective and corrupt leadership of Naivalurua, the former Corrections Minister and the current Police Commissioner. (see earlier story Former deputy commissioner Fiji Corrections Service: Police commissioner a 'corrupt opportunist' May 12). 

His revelations came on the heel of those of police moles who linked Naivalurua to the Toorak CID break in and an international drug ring, along with his deputies Henry Brown and Isikeli Ligairi.

In the May the 24th statement ('response to an article on your blog') and emailed by the Services' public relations officer, Ana Tudrau-Tamani, the Corrections Service puts up a defence for Naivalurua for most of the allegations but fails to address the most crucial one - that of corruption and kickbacks.

Katonibau says Naivalurua was seen with other senior officers in 2010 at a lunch in a Suva restaurant taking an envelope containing $50 bills and that two Chinese nationals who were imprisoned at Suva prison for trying to bribe the Permanent Secretary of Finance were later released under extramural punishment by Naivalurua.

The FSC statement took issue with Katonibau speaking out. 

"It is unfortunate that a long serving officer of the Corrections Service has decided to vent his frustration on his former superior Brigadier Iowane Naivalurua. 

"Mr Katonibau was one of the few officers that the former Commissioner, by virtue of their long service and experience, offered high position in the Service to offer leadership and command. Unfortunately he failed badly, despite being promoted to the position of Deputy Commissioner."

The statement also tries to dismiss Katonibau as being part of the Fiji that badly needed cleaning up, saying he came from a "culture that readily accepted very low standards on all aspects of the FCS operation"
... "After all he was the product of the schools who on years of experience thought that they had a right at the top."

"He continuously exhibited a draconian attitude, an authoritarian leadership style that was the hallmark of the previous leadership that promoted a culture of corruption and inefficiency.  This culture was reflected in the sad lack of knowledge within the Service, with education and training being severely restricted."

In a show of support for the beleagured Naivalurua, it says: "Mr Naivalurua’s education training and experience cannot be in any way compared with Mr. Katonibau’s by any stretch of imagination."

The statement also defends Kesia Naivalurua. A number of its 20-something points refer to her 'valuable contribution'.

"Mrs. Naivalurua’s involvement was to provide a holistic approach to the development of the Service.  Previously, women and families were not considered part and parcel of the Fiji Corrections Service.  Wives were brought in to improve their self-esteem, rather than be confined to the kitchen and raising of children, traditional male chauvinistic trait.

"Through Mrs Naivalurua, the ladies were trained in flower arrangements, baking pastries and cooking in the art of decoration.  They have become an integral part of any Fiji Corrections Service outreach programmes in the decoration of stalls/floats for hibiscus and in the selling of their products, particularly during the Hibiscus and similar programmes.  

"To infer that such activities left children unsupervised shows that Katonibau’s lack of understanding of such activities as these would be in the order of 1 activity a month apart from the week long Hibiscus Festival.  Even on this occasion, the ladies have restored themselves to ensure there is minimal disruption of family commitment.  For the Deputy Commissioner to not understand or know the details of such arrangements is a sad display of his capacity and indeed leadership.

"Mrs Naivalurua was never at any time provided any funds for any of these programmes.  She would however, as a mentor and tutor to the ladies be responsible for quality of any set up by the ladies.  Like all the ladies, they brought in all their cakes to the stalls for sale.  Her pot plants, which were her own, were sold through the set up of the Suva Horticulture Association and never with the YRP set up.  Mrs. Naivalurua’s trip to the Institutions was to talk to the wives to promote their roles in the effective operation of the Fiji Corrections Service.

"The sale of cakes was not of Mrs Naivalurua’s making.  This was in support of a Church Youth group that was providing programmes in the Institutions and during our outreach programmes.  This was delivered to officers who volunteered to support after hours by Mr. Naivalurua’s daughter in her private car.  Obviously, Mr. Katonibau had never purchased such was not aware of the mode of transportation.

"The purchase of Departmental Wreaths for funerals is a major reflection of the status and class of the organization.  The previous practice of buying $30 wreaths from the Flea Market was the standard readily accepted by the likes of Mr. Katonibau in the past.  

"With the proclamation of the Fiji Corrections Service as a disciplined force, the need to change our perception on the gravity of the occasion for which a wreath was required, has practically never entered Mr Katonibau’s mind.  This is to be accepted, as the prevailing superficiality in the culture that he stood for would never allow him to change."

The FCS statement concludes: "This is definitely not the leadership style we want inculcated within."

Editor's Note: We asked if Ioane Naivalurua had seen the statement and were told: "It is a statement by the Fiji Corrections Service in response to comments attributed to the former Deputy Commissioner and we would like to go on record for it." 

Deputy Fiji Corrections Service Commissioner speaks out


Anonymous said...

Just look at brown face looking like a thief,and lawakica con man, and look at the amount of banana,pawpaw and cakes on the table for just a few person,waste of tax payers money feeding this butabutako,lawakica officers..

Ex Prisoner said...

The explanation is nothing more than an attempt to rebut the allegation of corruption on the basis of individual traits or education of Naivalurua and Katonibau.

Corruption does not differentiate between education or leadership abilities. Corruption stems from disdain or disregard of processes, procedures and the law.

Naivalua has been guilty of abuse both in Corrections and Police.

Anonymous said...

Ana, Ana, Ana, keimami dau tukuna e na noqu vanua - "NO VASEWA, NO VASEWA!!"
Sa rauta mada na tabetabe, sa rauta mada na masi polo, sa rauta kubutia tiko!!

Anonymous said...

Vei kemudrau Naivalurua kei Ana :
E na sega ni rawa vakadua me na vunitaki na lasu, butako, veivakalolomataki kei na vei kakece dou via vunitaka tiko!!
E na kacivaki, me vaka sa tukuna na i Vola Tabu!!
Au sa kurabui e na lotu lasulasu o ni cakacava tiko vakarairai na lala Ovisa yavu butabutako!
Na noda lotu e da sega ni kaburaka me kila o vuravura. Na Lotu o iko ga kei na nomu Kalou.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying that 'wisdom and maturity is far more better and acceptable than education'!!

Anonymous said...

"Wives were brought in to improve their self-esteem rather than being confined to the kitchen and raising children, traditional male chauvinistic trait.


And what did Mrs Naivalurua train them in ?

"Through Mrs Naivalurua the ladies were trained in ....baking pastries and cooking"
Did I miss something?
Does Ana think before she opens her mouth?
Does she know what "chauvinistic" mean?

This Ana is another spokesperson in the same class as Leweni.
Both really stupid and have no idea what they are saying.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

shame shame shame on ur fallas...yavu butabutako...era sa kila talega na butako na watimudou kece....


Anonymous said...

I thought dictator had told his goon soldiers not to read or believe the blogs - presumably that applies to the statement from the Fiji Corrections Service

Anonymous said...

If all the prison services wives needed was a cake stall they could have hired Mere Samisoni. This stinks and as usual the regime spin doctoring aint working.

Duhh Fiji said...

More power to Mr Katonibau! Fiji Correction Service obviously worried and taking this seriously. What an admission.

Anonymous said...

The GREED is laid on the table and reflected in their eyes. Kana Vinaka and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

what is hidden will be revealed

Anonymous said...

More than once I've publically defended Naivalurua or asked that we give him the benefit of the doubt. I would like to read the full statement by his spokesperson, but I must say that the portions so far published by C4.5 are very disappointing. To Katonibau's specific and substantive allegations, the spokesperson offers only superficial excuses, vague, ad hominen attacks on Katonibau, and ambiguous criticisms of police operations before Naivalurua.

If the spokesperson wants to heap blame on Naivalurua's predecessor Teleni, then be my guest, but if she means the Police Force under Andrew Hughes, then I don't buy it. At least Hughes was moving to arrest Bainimarama for the CRW murders, whereas Naivalurua keeps turning a blind eye to the injustices committed by the regime and the RFMF.

As usual, the regime doesn't see the irony in alleging male chauvinism by Katonibau while extolling Mrs. Naivalurua for teaching the officers' wives how to do flower arrangements, bake pastries and cook in the art of decoration. The spouses should have no role in the Corrections Service, unless they choose to run a voluntary/voluntary prisons charity.

And what does any of this have to do with the allegation that he and his men received envelopes of money in pay-offs from the Chinese embassy?

Naivalurua has had a strong reputation, but he's losing it rapidly, and this sort of defence doesn't help. In fact, it's worse than no defence at all.

If Naivalurua wants to preserve his dignity, he needs to act quickly. The way to do that is not to react against the honest criticisms of Katonibau but to arrest the lawbreakers within the regime.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Keep The Faith said...

Once again a lesson in why PR and journalism are completely different skill-sets.

There's your integrity and professional character down shit street Ana Naisoro. The stench will follow you in perpetuity.

Anonymous said...

Ana you totally miss the point,talk on issues and stop personalising. You just trying to cover up all the shits your former boss created. How long have you been in that job to enable you to compare Katonibau and Naivaluruas performances.If you think Naivalurua was clean,how about in the army and now with police.You boasted the changes Naivalurua brought to corrections which is fair enough but one must not forget that corrections was operating with very limited resources before Naivalurua came in and never blow their budget.F.Y.I Naivalurua was in bulcluver in parliament in 1987,2000 instrumental in removal of Governor General and 2006 was on leave after returning from middle east but pretented that he knew nothing about the coup and was suprised when called up to take over from prison.I suggest you better read the Official Secret Act before you speak for corrections in this forum.Stop being Naivalurua's bitch.Officers and wives of corrections were submitting to Naivalurua in fear of his threatening style of leadership.If you want us to believe you then do come up with true facts and figures of your recidivism rate and answers to all allegation of abuses against him.Otherwise shut up and go give Mere a bath, sa boica.

Anonymous said...

Hearty Congratulations C4.5, the fact they issued a denial directly to you is a great victory. Someone above posted that soldiers were supposedly not to read these sites, but whatever one thinks of Ana Naisoro, she knows many civil servants at very senior levels are reading C4.5 and have their own supporting stories to tell. Keep up the good work. Please email all the civil servants directly and open a secure conduit where they can send you their stories without being caught.

Anonymous said...

Pensioner says.....

Now what about us pensioners who have been treated like packs of wild dogs on the streets by FNPF CEO Aisake Taito - who has misled his stupid board members to believing what he says.

From many of us who constantly visit the FNPF, we see from staff body language that NOT ALL IS ALRIGHT in that office.

Leadership by Aisake Taito we're told that he threatens majority of the staff and that he is still way off the mark when it comes to financial management and pension issues.

He is vindictive, provocative and intimidating and threatening staff on regular basis. One of my cousins that work there says that Aisake has lied to board members many times and is being selective.

What kind of leadership is this is a corporate envirnment - a dictator more like it.

Aisake you have to work hard to earn respect from 90% of the staff who see your leadership as shameful and idiotic.

The board should immediately investigate Aisake Taito be behaving in a manner that compromises the intergrity of the Fund and its members.

Moard members you have a more people person and former FHL CEO as in Jaoji Koroi whi is better fit for the role than Aisake taito.

Taito never made it in Finance and now runs the strongest financial institution...you must be joking.

Ask Finance people and they will tell you. act now before prospective pensioners suffer.

This is why some of us pensioners do not trust him.

watch this space....

Anonymous said...

What a shameful sight in view of hungry kids across the nation. Is this what they mean by poverty-alleviation? Lord make them choke to death on all that crap in front of them. They are corrupt and definitely know what they are doing.

Thug said...

The stink of rot and corruption becomes overwhelming in Fiji. In the meantime it is very obvious that the thugs that have usurped our nation are nothing but a bunch of thieves aiming to fill their pockets as quickly as possible. When Bainimarama officially opened the treasure hunt with his leave back pay, every self respecting crook jumped on the bandwagon and dug in. When Fiji finally declares bankruptcy, we will have a few very rich thugs laughing their way to the banks in Hong Kong and Dubai. Perhaps the time has come to do something about this? Perhaps we should overcome our fears and our indolence and chase the thugs away. And perhaps those soldiers in the RFMF who still want to look into the mirror without shame should be the first to move. How can we sink so deep? How can we tolerate such humiliation?

Koli Daukada said...

Ana do you realise you've just placed your thick head on the chopping block by sending direct to C 4.5 an official government press statement in trying to counter Mr Katonibau. Did you know that chief goon has issued a directive for soldiers not to read this blogsite which means (if you have some common sense) passively covers all discplined forces including correctional services. You are now guilty of insubordination. Sa rui sivia na tabetabe sa sega nio raica rawa na cala ko sa valata ulu lala.

Verily I Say said...

Only one blog has the kudos to get the regime responding to their stories. Keep it up C4.5 there's a lot more for you to do.

Anonymous said...

Rt Orisi Katonibau is highly respected in the Prison Service. For that reason I don't think what he's alleging are make ups.

Reggie said...

Katonibau is very humble man who has been in the prison system for long, he know's corruption when he see's it.
It is people like him that Naivalurua and Frank are trying to weed out so they can be replaced by 'YES SIR' tabetabe inexperienced officers.

Anonymous said...

Amateurish journalism Ana. Its just tabetabe journalism at its best and how you made yourself a fool by forwarding it to C4.5. So all you're ppl suckers of regime are reading this site. You'll learn a lot from the site, the kind of writing you see here shows the intellect of ppl contributing and how the site is being highly regarded.

Anonymous said...

Long Live Katonibau !!!

Anonymous said...

Once again someone is being praised for saying something once they are out of the picture

Wouldn't it have had more meaning if Katonibau had quit if he was indeed working with a corrupt leader back then??????!!!!!!

i would have had a lot more respect for him rather than now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr & Mrs Illegal PolCom seem to be treating these tax-funded institutions as their own political dynasty. Shameless and Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Why are taxpayers funds being wasted on a personal PRO for an Illegal polcom?

Ah, I get it, Fiji is under military dictatorship in which Naivalurua plays a key role...

Anonymous said...

Did Ana do this herself or was she asked to

Masi Volo said...

What are you talking about Ana???
Who are you to defend on Mrs Naivalurua's behalf?
Sa sega ni rawa ni o na masia tale e dua na polo nei Naivalurua ni rau sa yadua tu o Isikeli Ligairi kei Brown. Sa na qai vo ga na qalana mo dreta tu.

You can not involve a kitchen in an institution and is not a place to make business for personal gain.

Sa rauta mada, sa rogoca mai na kemudou rogorogo.
O adi Naivalurua me dabe ga vakadua e vale ke sega me lai dolava e dua na nona stall ena makete. She does not have any place in the organisation.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do not be so hard on Naivalu2 because he is the "chosen one" to replace the ailing 'Mara ke Bulu' infected, STICK in his cici, Baini, when HE is GONE!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ana Naisoro....you were better off reading Fiji One News dumbhead!! This is what you get when you want to gain overnight by supporting this illegal regime....start countin now as all of you have user by dates!!! Kotiva nomu buiniga sa sega ni o vakaraitaki vinaka vaka e dua na marama dina ni Viti e lomana nona vanua!!! Tonoka nomu i thithi da liga ni marama!!!!

Ex- Warden said...

Reply to Anon @ 29 May, 7.01pm

Mr Katonibau as far as I know was offered to be on contract by Naivalurua if he wished to continue in the service on the day he retired but he declined the offer. To those of us who know him , Mr Katonibau is a man of principle and will never compromise corruption existing in the rtop echelon of the service.

Anonymous said...

Ana.Holistic approach - more than enough food on the table with only 4 people while the poor are crying from under the table and were only fed with droppings.DISGRACEFUL.
Is that the type of comparrison you stated between Naivalurua and Katonibau.Your statement does not in any way favour corrections officers and wives,you just let them down.Before you and your former lover came to prison officers and wives have been hosting and catering for national and international dignatries brilliantly.
Katonibau has 30 plus years experience in corrections and knew very well the in and out of the system which I believe your lover would not have a clue of.Why can't you compare your lover with the illegal P.M because they come from the same school and background.You mean to say Frank failed misserably just because of his education background and not his experience.
Ana do your research well before you talk, you are doing more harm then favour to your workmates and families.My interpretation to your press release is that - correction officers were stupid,wives don't know how to bake & arrange flowers,not faithful believers until you and your lover came in and taught them. I don't see any change in corrections during Naivalurua's time except uniforms and parades here and there but the core fuctions none at all just bullshit paper excercise. Stay tune guys will be right back.

Anonymous said...

Oh so you're saying that Katonibau saw the light once he neared retirement and declined because his boss was allegedly corrupt??!!!

Yet prior to that he didn't see any of that and now the light appeared again so he's bringing up the issue????

What a joke!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is funny when Ana is trying to compare the education level of Mr Katonibau and Naivalurua.. how about comparing about the corrupt practises done by both to see who has more... Most of Naivalurua's one has been published... bring on Katonibau's one if any if... Also how about the education level of Bainimarama and Qarase.. compare them if education is an issue rather than the intergrity of your actions...

Anonymous said...

The chief goon is reportedly sick at home because there is no money in the national kitty and he does not know what to do. Being an idiot that he is, what the hell is he doing as Finance Minister, a ministry he does not qualify to hold. He only knows how to spend money but no understanding how to generate it. Oi aue..Sa vakaloloma ko Viji. Sa vakadrakai dina ai lakolako qo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ana Naisoro is the PRO for Naivalurua - appointed in 2012 from Fiji TV. And no she wasn't transferred to the Prisons Department. As of May 27th she is still the Police PRO. http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/2298/police-conducts-post-mortem

Naisoro joins Police
Friday, January 20, 2012

FORMER television journalist Ana Naisoro has officially begun work with the Fiji Police Force as its new Public Relations Officer.

Ms Naisoro, who worked in the mainstream broadcast media for four years before moving to Fiji Television Ltd, is excited about her new role.

"I started work on Monday, so the past four days have been a real eye-opener," she said yesterday.

"This isn't your usual organisation and it's been a learning experience familiarising myself with how the force operates.

"It's different and challenging. I love that I don't have to ask questions but have the questions directed at me."

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua was delighted with Ms Naisoro's appointment, saying the force was fortunate to have someone of her calibre.

Anonymous said...

If Ana Naisoro is PRO for police, what the hell is she putting out a press statement on behalf of the Correctional Services for when she has nothing to do with the departement. So its all being arranged at the instructions of Naivalurua himself. I'm also alarmed at thge high turnover of police PRO under Naivalurua. Sokomuri, Theresa Ralogaivau, now Naisoro. Who's next and how soon.

Anonymous said...

I thought I read Ana PRO corrections sent this out????...whichever Ana it is, it's so funny reading all these comments....the language and the warning of NO VULGUAR SWEARS OR RACIST ATTACKS warning sa no use...

Coup 4.5 said...

Bloggers, please note the FCS statement was sent by Ana Tudrau-Tamani NOT Ana Naisoro.

Anonymous said...

Ana Tamani, 30, is now the new Community Affairs Officer to head the Service’s Public Relations & Media Unit.
Mr RK Singh has had several years of management experience in businesses, the latest of which was in the garment industry.

Mrs Tamani has a media background in both the print and electronic media. She is a graduate of the University of the South Pacific and currently pursuing post graduate studies
“It will be another exciting and watershed year for the FCS ion 2012 with both FCORE and CARE to come on line,” says Director of Corporate Services, Mr Peniasi Kunatuba.
“We will need good people to start laying the foundation for the two new entities.”
FCORE will be the commercial arm under which all current enterprise in the Corrections Service will be managed and CARE is an after-care initiative to involve the wider society.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god this is so funny!!!!!!!

Most of those commenting on this thread can't even read!!!!!!...bunch of idiots, wrong Ana all along....although it clearly states which one...qo gona na leqa ni vuli vakavo....GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN HOW TO READ!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Guys the Ana we are talking about here is the wannabe smart ass from corrections Ana Tudravu Tamani, Ana Naisoro is the police PRO and Ana Rokomoti the farker is with judiciary somewhere and is a military officer,may be the DOGAI machine who wrecked MUNU.

Anonymous said...

That asshole licking his fingers make me sick.