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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fiji regime tries to play hard ball with Qantas

Mooove over: The airways have a new trolly dolly.
The regime is reported to have rejected a FJD 70 million offer from Qantas for its 46.3 per cent stake in Air Pacific.

The national carrier is being re branded and will go back to operating under the name Fiji Airways in a move to cash in on what the regime says is the strong 'Fiji' brand.

The magazine Islands Business says Qantas, the second biggest shareholder after Fiji, has offered to sell its shares but the price is higher than what the regime thinks is fair.

It quotes the illegal attorney general and tourism minister, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, as saying: 

“We believe that the offer is too high for the value of the shares,” says Sayed-Khaiyum. “The worth of the shares by way of reference the last sale of shares in Air Pacific was in approximately early 2006, when the Solomon islands government was selling approximately one percent of its shares in Air Pacific. They offered it to the then Fiji government who did not want to buy it. Qantas bought those shares for about $1.74 a share but Air Pacific’s financial position then was a lot better then before they made those consecutive years of loss.”

The regime is also reported to want Qantas to follow procedures outlined in Air Pacific’s Article of Association, which says 'any offer to sell should be formally made and should a conflict arise on the price offered, the matter is to be taken to an independent arbitrator who will then appoint an independent valuer to value the shares'. 

“The Fijian government remains keen to buy Qantas shareholding in Air Pacific Ltd and is committed to negotiating a sale price with Qantas in good faith and in a fair and transparent manner as set out in my letter (to Qantas).” 

The regime has already commissioned what it says is an independent valuation from the Australian firm Lonergan Edwards which valued '100 percent of Air Pacific at between F$145m-F$165m and Qantas’ 46.3 percent shares at between F$67-F$76 million.'

Qantas offer too high: island business

All Moo- Fiji AirWaze: bloggers respond to unpopular move


Sukuna for all said...

Talking about Pfilthy and lele's government okay with gays to march in sukuna park but not the methodist church to meet? Good on the gay community for breaking thriugh the barriers but it just shows the uneven playing field of Fiji

Anonymous said...

Nice image, I really think the uniform could change too!!wailei too much expenses..

Komai Naibenubenu said...

Losing the Qantas partnership will be a big blow to Air Pacific let alone the decision to revert its name to Fiji Airways. Qantas presence in our national airline is important at this time because it helps maintain some degree of confidence of flyers in Air Pac. Fiji being coup...coup...land run by gun totting idiots becomes a high risk country. When it comes to dealing with a very sophisticated industry like airline, the safety standards can become an issue of great contention. Qantas presence has neutralised that perception but now with its impending exit, our airline is bound for doom. And when you revert the name, it only accelerate its flight to oblivion.

Keep The Faith said...

ROFLMFAO @ Dave filling-'is-guts new bulumoookau makeover.

The red emblemmed blazer really brings out the real you doofus. ROFLMFAO again!

Pathetic said...

Air Pathetic will become Air Khaiyum and the clan will cream off whatever it can. Aunty does the rebranding and Khaiyum will pocket all the bribes that he can find. Without Qantas support, Air Fiji will go the way of Air Fiji - which has disappeared.

Anonymous said...

I think its very important to reflect on why Qantas was brought in to have the upper hand in management of Air Pacific although they were minority share holders. The former board headed by Gerald Barrack were not stupid to allow Qantas to have the upper hand. first Qantas had many years of experiece in running an international airline industry and they knew which routes were profitable and which were not. they had to make some hard decisions for the sake of sustainablity of the airline and this is seen by current regime as profiteering by qantas at the expense of air pacific. this is not so. Qantas gave air paific confidence and credibility. its code share arrangment with Air Pacific and vise versa gave air pacific international marketing exposure and identity. to shove qantas in such a manner is an insult. to qantas i say please dont consider this insult as that coming from fiji and its people. its only from Khaiyum and Bainimarama. People of fiji are with you all the way and thank you for keeping our airline afloat. we regret that we are now witnessing the demise of our icon in tourism industry - air pacific!

Anonymous said...

I think it totally unfair and inappropriate to show David Pflieger wearing Tony Gate's lounge apparel!

Anonymous said...

So now Aiyaz is saying Air Pacific hasn't been doing well and the stocks are not worth that much? Then why has your regime forced FNPF to give a 200 million loan to Air Pac?? The hypocrisy continues.

Anonymous said...

air pacific is f up like air fiji.
the regime is f everything in fiji.
when fijian will wake up from the deep sleep.
they have been con by past fijian leaders.
we had great stateman like Ratu Sukuna/Mara.
now we have fake fijian leaders.like ASK/BAI..

Anonymous said...

photos really portrays the image of this idiot.
he is like his boss ask/bai.
chor bastards.

Anonymous said...

vinaka aunty nur bano

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - so whose fault was it that Air Pacific made all those consecutive years of losses?

Was that Qantas' fault, too?

Was it Qantas that staged the coup which trashed Fiji's economy and set our tourism industry back how many years?

Was it Qantas who appointed David Pflieger to the position of executioner-in-chief of Air Pac?

Was it Qantas who tried and failed to remake Air Pac as a low-cost competitor to V Australia and Pacific Blue?

Yet another case (like the FNPF) of the Regime making horrendous mistakes, but then expecting others who had nothing to do with it, to pay the price and bear the burden of those mistakes

Anonymous said...

Love the new uniform -hope all the crew including pilots wear them! As for buying Qantas shares yes the reality is the shares are indeed down so what does that do to the credibility of the Consultants etc who rated the shares in Air Pacific higher than what it was? Reminds me of the kind a moves Qarase once did with the Fijian Holding Shares. Yali e dua na choro fallow cadara mai e dua tale-ra taisa rauta mada na vei vaka lialia yani!

Emosi Duasuga said...

We had been discussing at my work during work breaks the change to AIR FIJI from Air Pacific and move against QUANTAS by the illegal regime in Fiji.

I work for the biggest civil engineering company in NZ,

All my workmates have very strong negative opinions about the changes and all vow to avoid AIR FIJI when it comes to being. They will talk to their families and friends to do the same,

I support them

Bisun said...

The name Fiji will not be appealing in airline industry. Fiji is a third world country and the service onboard only befits third world citizens.

Alter ego said...

Let me get this straight:

Independant valuation of Qantas share is F$67M - $76M. Qantas asks for F$70M (in the lower half of the valuation) and Fiji Gov says too high?

Anonymous said...

A word of advice to PM and Kaiyum and of course to Phlieger. PLEASE PLEASE do not forget the historical context of Qantas relationship with Air Pacific. Lest we forget - QF rescued FJ and since became its strategic commercial partner in international travel industry. It leverage FJ's position to penetrate the international market.

OK, let's think for a second as to why QF wanted to sell its shares. Simple. The idea or intention to sell was post 2006 military coup. It was triggered by what they saw, smell, heard and tasted about how FJ was being used by the regime to advance its interests big time. QF directors in FJ Board apparently witnessed an unprecedented interference in the commercial affairs of the company, making them worry that the company has somewhat been politicized, if not militarized, by way of some unwarranted directives like fly to India, China etc as part of the Govt's Look North Policy, which to-date has still not been materialised because the Fiji-India or Fiji-China routes are not viable. Do your maths Mr Regime Govt The Chinese and Indians know this fact well as they have done their homework and that's the reason they airline's are not interested to fly into Fiji.

Commonsense will tell us that QF thrives in a democratic environment and will not tolerate any political or militarised influence in the future of the company they have commercial interest in like FJ.

That said, I plead to the current regime to be very careful and at least have some sense of wisdom and accountability on the way you are supporting Phliger to do what he wants for this airline.

The reality is that the regime is not fully aware that Phileger has an arrogant attitude towards Govt gullibility and he is exploiting it. He knows that PM and Kaiyum will always accept what he proposed to Govt without any prior thought or review. Phlieger knows very well that PM and Kaiyum and the entire Govt has no clue on matters regarding international aviation.

Please PM - remember that there are some very qualified Fijians who are more qualified and experienced than Phlieger and are ready to give you wise advice and not entirely rely on this yankee.

I guess the problem is Kaiyum's attitude and perception about Philger is that he is indispensable.

God willing, I am looking forward to the time when FJ will return to normalcy under a democratically elected govt.

PM and Kaiyum if you want to find out the truth - this guy is actually been advised by external consultants as he has no international experience. He comes from a domestic airline setting within the United States. He lacks basic understanding of micro-business of running an airline but is very good at delivering futuristic speech or statements to tempt or impress Fiji Govt.

Mukesh said...

Bainimarama and his sapotas will blame past governments when air pacific crashes. First they're into name change hoping it'll salvage the ailing airline.
Air Pacific will find it's death under this dictatorship so as the sugar industry.
The casino will be a failure too.

Anonymous said...

I agree we can't improve the airline without a democratic government in place..but let's give Philger a chance..he's trying..you can't put the man down for that...

Anonymous said...

When Qantas Is no longer involved I will not fly with Air Pacific/fiji again. Air Fiji will end up having a reputation like Garuda or some other tin pot airline.

Anonymous said...

vinaka at above comments, which concludes that everything that the regime touches will rot.very sad indeed. i only feel sorry for the staff and management who have no say in this- the consultants are making the decisions here. Thanks for bringing in these wanna-bes who will bring the company down to its knees. Moce yani Air Pacific ! sa malo

Anonymous said...

Bula guys!
If one critically examine the profile of the undermentioned Academics from FNU, they seem to have the same profile..I mean these guys hold the following positions:
1. Head of School of Management
2. Head of Department of Economics, Banking and Finance.
Surprisingly, the profile of the Dean - Faculty of Business (Dr. Mahendra Reddy) is the same…How come..Can someone enlighten us as to what is really going on..please read on, or go the FNU website TODAY!!
Mr. Shaukat Ali
(Acting) Head of Department
Nasinu campus
shaukat.ali@fnu.ac.fj Ph: (679)3684504
Fax: (679)3393029
P.O.Box: 7222, Nasinu, Suva.
Education (Degrees & Awards):
PhD (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of Hawaii, Hawaii, 1998
MSC (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of Hawaii, Hawaii, 1996
PGD (Development Studies), University of South Pacific, 1991
BA (Agriculture), University of the South Pacific, 1989
Diploma (Tropical Agriculture), University of the South Pacific, 1987

Mr Keshmeer Makun
Acting HOD
Nasinu campus
keshmeer.makun@fnu.ac.fj Ph: (679)3394000 Ext 303
Fax: (679)3393029
P.O.Box: 7222, Nasinu, Suva.
Education (Degrees & Awards):
PhD (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of Hawaii, Hawaii, 1998
MSC (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of Hawaii, Hawaii, 1996
PGD (Development Studies), University of South Pacific, 1991
BA (Agriculture), University of the South Pacific, 1989
Diploma (Tropical Agriculture), University of the South Pacific, 1987

Dean, Dr. Mahendra Reddy
Dr. Mahendra Reddy
Dean - CBHTS
Nasinu campus
deanbusiness@fnu.ac.fj Ph: (679)3394000 Ext 201
Fax: (679)3393029
P.O.Box: 7222 Nasinu, Suva.
Education (Degrees & Awards):
PhD (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of Hawaii, Hawaii, 1998
MSC (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of Hawaii, Hawaii, 1996
PGD (Development Studies), University of South Pacific, 1991
BA (Agriculture), University of the South Pacific, 1989
Diploma (Tropical Agriculture), University of the South Pacific, 1987
Is there something fishy going on at FNU or what, and maybe the VC (Ganesh Chand) should respond immediately to this report....otherwise can the police or military conduct investigations please ASAP.
However, the two main definitions of fraud are:
1. Obtained, done by, or involving deception, esp. criminal deception: "the fraudulent copying of American software".
2. Unjustifiably claiming or being credited with particular accomplishments or qualities.
Hence, those who have been cited above should be taken to task in view of the definition of clause 2 as above, or whatever the current legislations in the CCA for Fiji. Further, fraudulent misrepresentation occurs when one makes representation with intent to deceive and with the knowledge that it is false. An action for fraudulent misrepresentation allows for a remedy of damages and rescission. One can also sue for fraudulent misrepresentation in a tort action.

mark manning said...

Basically, Aiyaz is admitting that since the Regime took control of the Nation in 2006, Air Pacific has lost value !

Ghost who walks said...

Mark Manning, I'd heard that you'd died and got a terrible shock seeing your name here. Why do people spread such nasty stories? Obviously these rumours of your death have been grossly exaggerated. But I did hear it in a noisy bar so maybe the person said "brain dead" but the "brain" bit got drowned out by a kaila or something. Anyway, welcome back from the dead.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and Bai are two big con artists and along comes mr.corporate con america to con both..sa vakasota ga na ka qo..

Anonymous said...


Just Desserts said...

It's fair for bloggers to criticise and pillorise Dave. As Sosefo Inoke said when you put your hand up for this government you can expect to be called 'Illegal.' Dave is working for an unelected government whose leader took the country by force and who haskept us under control via decrees issued by a judiciary that has actively involved itself in the illegalities, despite a Court of Appeal ruling that said the 2009 coup was illegal.

Anonymous said...

So when Qantas, the Australian National carrier, is no longer a shareholder in Air Pacific, does this then mean it will once more fly into Fiji.

Qantas, the Australian flag carrier is more or less tasked with providing Australian citizens safe and comfortable travel to the world.

The thousands upon thousands of Australians that fly to our shores must surely be given this choice by their government, if not by right, then surely by moral force.

So our dinky little third world national carrier is going to do it all alone.

Qantas decides to no longer code share and flies its own flag.

Ok, so now Qantas now flies to Fiji and customers a given a choice - Qantas or Air Pac - oh, but for loyal Air Pac customers there is no longer choice because Air Pacific is no more.
Why is that? Because Qantas is no longer shareholder of Air Pacific.

So what is my choice?
Qantas and Fiji Airways.

Really! Ummmm.

Qantas safest airline in the world versus
third world Airways.

Every business has its bread and butter, and if you are lucky you get some jam.
Did we just through away the bread and butter?

Meanwhile we are still waiting for EU to come through with some lolly now we have ditched Boeings for the Buses.

It would have been nice to be flying into the United States with brand new Boeings to pick up their citizens who are now sitting upon untold, unlocked wealth that is producing billionares by the day and millionares like confetti.

The United States is fracking itself back into pre-emminence with cheap reliable energy under its feet, and Fiji needs to take advantage of this bonanza by flying into the heart of it, plucking up these weary stressed cash ladden holiday seekers and deliver them to the heart of the Pacific !

"Yehaa! Ride 'em cowboy!", doesnt have the same ring, in a bus.

Anonymous said...

Nice Photo / Good Branding! Now we can promote GUY (MSS) rights and Air Pacific together!! Two birds with one stone / Very Clever!!

Anonymous said...

Air China could buy it outright and later recover its loan, they have all the expertise and skills and will be happy to assist Bai

Anonymous said...

boycott fiji airways

Anonymous said...

Australia should just do the right thing- Tell Khaiyum to shove the 46%shares and ban Air Pacific from Australia ans also stop Qantas from flying to Fiji.

Fiji's tourism industry would be fucked, Military Junta will have no money and country will go bankrupt.

Australian tourists will fly within Australia or to other destinatiomns that Qantas flies to - Qantas will not be the loser when all is said and done.



Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:35 Very clever. China Airways taking over Fiji Airways for free. And cancel all Chinese debts.Therefore Fijian people lose more FNPF $millions to the Chinese.
Look North policy means selling us to the Chinese.
Its time to get rid of Bai and his MSS.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon May 17th 11:35pm

So what are they waiting for them ?

Why isn't Air China here already ?

Bai and his pie in the sky eh ?

Anonymous said...

Main question to ask the Regime is do they have a clue on what will be the net effect of QF having no more shares in FJ.

Here's a simple answer. QF will either fly in own plane here (and they have the right to do it) or continue to use or share seats with its off-shoot low-cost airline (Jetstar). Either way, the obvious scenario would be that FJ will be directly competing with the big guys and realistically FJ cannot do that coz the big guys (QF and DJ) have economies of scale. Basic economics.

And gradually, FJ will varnish in the market. The name of the game is airline cooperation through strategic partnership and not competition.....

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.02PM. Well it appears that they all studied at the same time, same courses, same qualifications awarded in the same year.

What is the probability of that happening? Perhaps Ganesh can answer that.

Anonymous said...

Ass could not even manage his personal Bank accounts at Colonial aka BSP bank ,it was overdrawn till next pay day and wanting to tell and teach Qantas on shares, he has only recently made millions otherwise his Father was struggling to feed him .poor old Khaiyum stll sweating for CHARAN JEET SINGH ,retire your old men and give him few millions for him to buy a walking stick,todat Friday how would you go to mosque and pray AG

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to inform that 'distinguished academic commentator' Croz Walsh that the picture of Pflieger in a stewardess uniform was photoshopped. You can tell by the shadow under his right breast.

Anonymous said...

He's a faggot anyway. Word is, he was looking forward to the gay parade in Suva, but Aiyarsehole said no.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:37, maybe they all went to the same forger and paid for the same fraudulent credentials.

Anonymous said...

@ May 18, 2012 1:33 PM,it is a photoshop picture,don't take a genius to figure that out.lol

Anonymous said...

Qantas brought 'safety' into air pacific. without them, air pacific is just a bunch of 'cowboy' pilots.
so, to the travelling public, the choice is yours. 'cowboys' or no 'cowboys'.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:12 pm May 18

There is a saying that goes like this "Empty vessels makes the most noices/sounds". And you sound like one. Yes, Qantas trained some of my former pilot collegues in Air Pacific and you know what? They have continued with the Qantas tradition in being one of the Safest and most Professional group pilots that I have worked with. Enlighten us please, as to how many accidents or hull loss has Air Pacific had? Zilch, yes the same as Qantas, Zilch and I believe they endevour everyday to maintain that safety record to the benefit of all their traveling clients and their country which they have continued to serve. So much for your Cowboy branding. Please Grow up and do your homework before firing off nonsense.
RA 2..

Anonymous said...

Qantas has been milking money from Air Pac because our managment have been sleeping on the job. They have made more than 10 times what they put in though fees etc without profits.

One example is the reservation system where QF seats would be filled first before FJ seats. They also bullied AP in the forward price of oil.

Over the last three years, records show that QF have had some serious problems as they have been trying to go for some cheap maintanence service.

If QF pulls outn tourist will still flock to fiji. People will still fly as fiji air as Cathy pacific will man the aircrafts. Cathy pacific has a better repution and safty record.

Anonymous said...

Look when Qantas was managing Air Pacific, Air Pacific was making money. Ever since Fiji took over the management we are loosing money like crazy. I would suggest that Qantas be given a management contract for at least 20 years. We will not have to borrow from FNPF and the members of FNPF will rest peacefully knowing that their money will not be going to a loss cause.

Ever since Pflieger's arrival, we have had nothing but problems. The employee moral is at the lowest, the service sucks, passengers are teased with meal portion. I can go on with the list. Khyum and Pflieger should be made redundant.

Anonymous said...

"Among carriers operating in Asia, Australia and the Pacific Region, Qantas and EVA Air had the best record with no history of accidents. The airlines with the next best records of one accident each are:

"Air New Zealand
All Nippon Airways
Asiana Airlines
Cathay Pacific"

Source: http://safety.lovetoknow.com/Airline_Safety_Ratings

Anonymous said...

Hey, dimwit at 6:05 PM, ever hear of sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.00pm or should I say Mr Pflieger please stop blaming someone else for your mistakes. We know it's wake up time for you. If $70mil is too high then why not sell the government share to qantas ? Let's see if the accept the buy price!

Anonymous said...

Qantas is first of all a commercial airline who operates as one of the major airlines in the region. When most airlines were struggling to make money, QA was simply flying high making money. AP had the wisdom in those years to seek partnership with QA with it come commercial expertise and know how that AP could not get by itself. Times have changed, coup coup land did not help but its minor given the enormous challenge QA face from even more efficient carriers like Sing Air and the like. QA had to change its tack to tackle what is the reality of the Aviation world and that means its nice JV with AP must come to an end becasue it no loonger makes sense to QA. Coup or no coup it had to sell of its shares so it can concentrate in the bigger market, called asia. Operating cost was killing its wings in Aus so moving into Asia was the logical choice. Fij wants to play tough in this world when they have very little to go with. The so called we need our own airline to protect our tourism market is so lame that tourists will come to fiji anyway whether you have AP or Fijiair..makes no diff. What Fiji should do or AP, look for a buyer to buy QA out maybe some Asian airways since we are so far up NOrth. Or join forces with so called MSG and form own low cost airline and dump this nationalisitic loss making airline it carries on - who cares, just drop the airfare and remove the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:01

Qantas has always concentrated on south east asia. That has been a key area of operations for Qantas since the 90's.

The sale of Fiji shares in AP has nothing to do with the south east asian market.

Its to do with the political interference into the decisions of the Air Pacific board since December 2006.

So what makes you believe "some Asian airways" will buy into Air Pacific ?

Another one of Bai's pipedreams ?

Puf-Military said...

These guys are nuts. Instead of this rebranding hogwash how about actually providing decent services. Haven't you heard of word of mouth advertising? People mingle in airports and share their travel experience with friedns and family. No way will any rational person be convinced by Phhtooey's backward reasoning. F ur rebranding lunacy and let the company be run by competent people you moron, oops that means not the IG and their illegal appointee mouthpieces...

Anonymous said...

The photo of the CEO says a lot of him, wanna be boss and also toilet cleaner at the same time talk about multi-skilling!