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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fiji soldiers released after brief detention

 A Fijian soldier serving for the MFO
Conflicting reports this morning of ten Fiji peacekeeping  soldiers being captured by Bedouins in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

International reports say they were detained briefly in the Sinai region where the security situation has deteriorated since a popular uprising ousted the president, Hosni Mubarak, more than a year ago.

The reports said the Fiji soldiers were part of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) and were eventually released but the circumstances were unclear.
"Bedouins told the MFO members who were driving by that the main road was closed. They led them to an unknown area and refused to let them leave," said a security source in North Sinai's Security Directorate.

Climbing the wall to democracy? Another Fijian peacekeeper
Reports said the MFO could not be reached for comment, while state TV and the state news agency MENA denied the incident ever took place.

MENA, however later, cited its own security source as saying the troops had in fact got lost but had later found their way home without any problems.

Fiji's land force commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, has downplayed the incident telling Fiji Village a short time ago the ten soldiers were not kidnapped by the Bedouin tribesmen.

Tikoitoga says it was a roadblock incident, and media reports from BBC and other overseas outlets were 'distorted'.

He says the tribesmen stopped the soldiers at a checkpoint and fired warning shots. He says they were held for more than one hour but after intense negotiations were allowed to pass.

Meanwhile a Fijian soldier was killed in  Afghanistan over the weekend.

Private Ratu Manasa Silibaravi
Private Ratu Manasa Silibaravi, 32, died after an indirect fire attack on an operating base Ouellette, in the northern part of Nahr-e Saraj district in Afghanistan with his British colleague Corporal Andrew Steven Roberts.

Silibaravi was new to the specialist role of advanced searcher which involved working to detect makeshift bombs.

He joined the army in 2002 and served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was on his third tour of duty. His colleagues say he was a highly valued member of his search team.


Anonymous said...

How can they be out on a "patrol" of a known area, in numbers, and get captured ?

They are lucky the Bedouins didn't cut their throats and throw their bodies ot in the desert to rot (which they do over there to the refugess from Africa who try to get into Israel crossing through those Egyptian deserts).

Anonymous said...

army should start from fiji.keep peace in fiji .
hypocrite like the boss baini

Anonymous said...

Ten Fijian soldiers.
How many Bedouins?
Maybe they were drug-running.

Anonymous said...

RIP brother manasa silibaravi..

As for the Fiji soldiers,Bedouins should fly missiles on their camp,and see whose the tough falla when they run to take cover all the time,and also bomb where they take cover and will see where they run to,and if any chance some survive,kidnapped them and cut all their boci,then release them,after that than see who will dare go back to peacekeepers in bedouins when they will be all Lamusona like always..

Anonymous said...

mosese already in fiji news trying to save face.
fiji armies should protect fiji people from their army thug bosses.

Anonymous said...

The regime is very concerned about this because the Bedouins are demanding the release of all their fellow tribesmen, and it turns out that Shane Stevens is half-Bedouin!

Anonymous said...

They weren't really kidnapped. It was a misunderstanding with a prostitution ring involving payment owed for the use of a camel.

Anonymous said...

The word is out that FIRCA now wants to hire Bedouin revenue agents.

Anonymous said...

Useless buggers.

Their job is to police that whole zone monitoring movements, including Bedouin movements.

They are also supposed to interdict armed Bedouins who enter the zone they are monitoring and hand them over to Egyptian authorities.

Now they go and get captured by the Bedouins in the zone they are supposed to be monitoring.

As if failing to monitor the Palestinian movements in over the Gaza border wasn't bad enough.

All they are good for is marching around Suva with their cassava patch dash commander and massaging their "guns" fraternising with the females of the RFMF


ex navy said...

I cant understand on how can these idiots can go missing.Maybe they were playing amongst themselves and they donot know that they are in the lala land.Most of these Fijian army comes from a very abusive family circle.child molesters,rapists,homosexuals,criminals,thieves like their leader etc,etc,They are making a fool out of themselves.
Sa sivia na veimasi polo kei na soli mua muri sa ra lako sese tu kina ni yavu mataivalu bavulu ni Viti.Va tu ga ya yatuni vei ira na dakai da.
ex navy

Anonymous said...

@ ANON 11.14



"Most of these Fijian army comes from a very abusive family circle.child molesters,rapists,homosexuals,criminals,thieves like their leader etc,etc,"


marykubutirossligairi said...

That's all they're good for.....Force Skill at Arms Competition" Vana vaka lailai, vuni vaka levu. me ra lai diffuse taki IED mada yani i Afghan.....yaaaa.......tawa ga na taurosese, ka qai sosovi lago tu yani. Ni yavu MSS.

Anonymous said...

I remember a story when Fijian soldiers first started peacekeeping in Lebanon (1976 I think), in one incident 4 Palestinians with guns held up an unarmed Fijian soldier. The Fijian soldier punched them all out and tied them up and handed them to the authorities.
Those were the good old days .
They were different men in those days. Very courageous.
Nowadays it's the opposite. May be 1 Bedouin held up 10 Fijian soldiers.
Only good for show off and torturing unarmed civilians.
Can't even help people in the flood. Only kanaloto, good for nothing.
Reminds me of Leviticus 26:37 - "They will flee, even though no one is pursuing them".
Lamulamu. Vaqakoro.

Anonymous said...

They were kidnapped because the Fijian soldiers were eyeing up their women.

SEMI MEO said...

Pathetic stupid and evil comments against our sons and brothers littering this highly esteemed column should be refuted and cursed!!

Those foreigners blogging here prophesying doom to our sons and brothers should just stay out of our affairs. As if they do not also have sons’ and brothers serving in the Fiji Military.

Why should the misdemeanour of a few thugs in the Fiji Military Forces cloud our patriotic pride and gratitude of the exceptional peace keeping duties to humanity toiled under the hot desert sun by our sons and brothers!

These faceless cyber thugs and prophets of satan may just be careful as the unwritten rule of this esteemd column is that you get ten times the blessings we post or conversely, ten times the velocity of the curse one prophecise…but, for now we say..God forbid and give them time for themto run back to sanity..

We pray for the safety of our sons and brothers..that all…all…of them returned safely to camp and thence after return home to their loved one in beloved Fiji..

..and keep these foreign bloggers out of this esteemd column..!!..or if they are Fijian..then..may be non of their blood ever served in the Fiji Military but were just..caqe veva wavoki tiko e tauni..se dro i veitavioka ena gauna na saini kina sotia.. kaishi..bhokola…

ex navy said...


Yes you are quite correct that the army are my Kai vatas.How can I called the Fijian army Kai vata when these very uncivilised Fijian army abused and even killed our Kai vatas the innocent civilian of Fiji.They killed one of my cousin and you expect me to call them kai vata?I doubt about that bro.You tell me Who are my real Kai vata here?
Sa so ga na kai viti viavia vosavosa vaka lotu.These fijian army need an atomic bomb to wipe them all out including those people supporting them to end the coup culture.
ex navy

Anonymous said...

Meo go back to Fiji and pay your bond with the FAB. The one you took for your scholarship to do your Degree in Australia which you never completed because you failed and absconded and ended up cleaning malls in Brisbane.

Otago said...

Meo its not only the FAB na nomu i dinau e tu qo deu na qai tukuni iko eke.
This Meo also borrow from some source which I will reveal it soon or later so that it will keep his big mouth shut.
Ni o sa dinau sauma nomui dinau ni o sebera ni o lai vosa.

Anonymous said...

True fijian colors making just comments to the poor soldiers who are working hard to feed their families by people who are sitting far away with no worries about paying their bills.

Some of u have been brain washed to the extend that you don't have and moral or ethical values.

Pls don't belitle your own race as you will become the laughing stock.

Ex-Lelean said...

People who are unable or unwilling to pay their rent should shut up and not blog !!

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous May 8, 2012 7:02 PM..oh..faceless and nameless thug..check with FAB..they did NOT..they did NOT pay for my Tuition..

..why not join all pray for all Fijian abroad...is that too much to ask..

@Otago...vosota sara niu sega niu sauma na kutari nei tukamu au a kerea...
..wele tok ana Dictator da mai veisolo e saqata o keda...o vela

Anonymous said...

Okay, listen very carefully to me people of Fiji. We holding your soldiers here in the Sinai. You do exactly what we say or none gets back alive. You deliver $5 million dollars -- real American, not fake Fijian -- in small, unmarked bills to goat herder's tent, road from Rafah to Jezeel. Also send us your chief Nurbano Ali. We want her to teach us how better to be ali baba. If she no come, send your top hostage taker Voreqe. No send Aiyaz -- we already plenty liar!

Anonymous said...

All these dogs should be clearing mines with a hammer. The Fijian army is still disgraced, that won't change in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Anyone has these Bedouins phone numbers,i'd like to text or phone them and get them to execute the bunch of bastards.We don't want them back,if need be use them as your slaves to tend your sheeps& donkeys or camels.They'll probably
screw these animal and give us a bad name too? Just shoot the assoles and get it over with.We don't want them back!!!

Anonymous said...

Ratu Manasa you are a real hero. As for the 10 members of the Mataivalu ni Solisona nobody gives a shit about these bunch of bocis.

Anonymous said...


No need to call people "kaishi bokhola". Makes your preachings less likely to be believed. Makes you less then yourself.

Think a bit deeply on that. If not than be "shallow" about it.

It's your choice. And you choose what you will really become.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous said...May 8. 2012 11.49PM..oh...ko cei sa vosa..."Makes you less then yourself."..at least I am a "self"..though impefect..

Gladly, I am NOT a no body with no name and face..you kaishi bhokola..!!

..then..ask some else to preach to you..bothy!!

Anonymous said...

Ben Naliva used to teach these Fijian soldiers to stick the gun up people's arse. (just ask SDL secretary Mr. Speight)
Good thing the Bedouins don't stoop that low.
They just released them without harm.
Stupid Fijian soldiers should be thankful and learn.

Benjamin Franklin said...

Semi Meo please come back to Fiji and pay your dinau.

Anonymous said...

Meo, interpreting at the Immigration Tribunal and divulging the contents of sub judice material you accessed in the course of your employment by the Australian Federal Goverment as an intepreter probably makes you a good enough liar over there to con the Australian Federal Government and Justie Department and make money from the poor Itaukei in Brisbane by conning them into giving you money to "organise their papers".

Enough lies Qase...sa rauta mada na lasu FAB absconder

Anonymous said...

Ben Naliva is a sexual predator..men, women, or animal will do for him..someone smack him when this is all over..

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous May 9, 2010 12:57PM..lol..lol...lol...opps..why or who am I laughing at...

1. Pls..kerekere...take up you accusations with the Australia Federal Government…lol…lol…as if I care..

..pray for the safe return of our sons and brothers from all overseas hot spots..

Anonymous said...

Meo 10:08 AM, May 08.

You must have really been annoyed by my remarks because they are true.

You have become a less believable person now, which makes all your other remarks just plain baloney.

Makes me believe that those accusing you of your FAB debts are true.

Go on calling people "kaishi bokhola" and more people will decide not to believe you anymore.

The more you carry on with your rantings, the more you become like "the boy who cried 'wolf'".

So, feel free to do so...go on calling people other names.

Benjamin Franklin said...

Kua ni vasagai Meo qori na qase levaleva.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous May 08 10.08am...cop out..eh??..what can we say if you have lost touch with our ligo?..pls, go and check the true meanningof 'kaisi" .."Bokola"..before you bring your under cover guttless wanna be saintly self rightoeus religious spin to this esteemd column..
1..you do not have a name!!..which is NOT christain at all..do'nt tell us patriotic wisdom to hide from the Dictator..
I've never ever claimed to be pefect..but over the years have stood, sacked, vilified for what I belive for..no regrets at all..

..as for you..oh nameless and faceless wanna be christian...you children may spit on your grave..that is if they dare mark it...as you do noy have a name oh ghost who walks!

.mai vunau tiko e ke...tukuni ga vei iko na ka tukuna o Tevita vei Koliaci...kena vakadewa vaka namuka...'bothy'!!

Anonymous said...

@ Meo May 09 2012 9:01 PM.

To call someone the names you have used is bigotry. It is prideful and ungodly.

You surely don't want your children and your grandchildren to call you those names do you?

It's either you choose to be believed or not.

It is not unchristian to use pseudonyms or anonymous. Better for my children and grand children to call me anonymous than the names you have, through your conceit and high-mindedness, used on others.

Fully Meo said...

Semi Meo, how do we know that's your real name and not a pseudonym?

But really, who cares? "A rose by any other name..." and all that rot.

If it IS your name, however, shouldn't you try not to disgrace it with such immature outbursts?

Otago said...

Semi Meo,How can someone proved that you are the Semi Meo from Namuka levu na duruka.What about a passport photo.
Raica kona i dinau o cakava tu nomu job tu eke mo sauma sega ni tukuna tiko na FAB ko na dre o a cakava,tu.Sa vakaloloma o bro ya ni sa sega nona job yalo vinaka mo sauma nai dinau me rawa ni bau vukei ratou.O leqa o mai kerekere sa rawata na bula sa dro.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahaha..... sa raica Meo sa vakasisila na dinau ca o cakava wavoki tu. Koya na qaqa kerei saka la mo ni bau nanuma na nomuni dinau koya bini wavoki saka tu qo mo ni bau sauma saka mai.

mark manning said...

So the mighty Fijian Soldier is not as invincible as they portray themselves to be afterall.

SEMI MEO said...

@Fully Meo..I love you 'cause, you looooveee my name...

@Otago...kauta na nomu conspiracy i qara nibenu..na ka a au dre na nomu.....

@Anonymous May 10,2012 11.16PM..oilei bubu maria!..dina..vakasisila na vana vunivuni tiko mai ruku ni sulu i ra..lol...lol...rerere...

Why cant some foreigners worry about their own ADF performances in theatres of war..so far Australia has lost, with due respect, 34 lives in just over THREE years..
That is about the same number the Fiji Army lost in 8 world hot spots they’ve served in since the first Sinai deployment in 1978!!...over THIRTY FIVE YEARS!!!!...some, more volatile…

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo ADF is in warfighting operations in Afghanistan. Engaged in battles. Real war.

Fiji RFMF has not engaged in any warfighting since Solomons. Malaya was an Emergency

Sinai is peacekeeping. Not war. UNAMI is guarding the gate at UN compound in Baghdad, security guard job.

So they get captured by Bedouins in the first real contact they've had in Sinai since 1980.

None of the regiments of the RFMF has battle honours. They have never ever fought alone as an RFMF regiment in any battle, including during World War 2.

The 1st Brigade ADF alone had 5 Victoria Crosses in World War 1Their Battle honours were won at Lone Pine, Pozieres, Bullecourt, Passchendale, Hazebrouck, Amiens and on the Hindenberg Line

Thats just the 1st Brigade alone with those honours in One world War. More than anything the RFMF has won in its whole existence.

Be careful when you try to make those comparisons, because those regiments in the ADF have a martial history covered in glory and achievements far surpassing the RFMF's by any measure

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous..May 11, 2012 8:04 PM..Indeed, it is hard to make distinct "comparisons"..even in the issue 0f Victoria Crosses as you alluded. Especially when nearly half our brave soldiers in the Solomon Island,. Malaya campaign may not speak English; let alone verbatim citation as possible candidates for special honors.Though many of our men, were used..or more sacrificed as scouts in advance party in jungle warfare.

I am no War historian like you .but seems the Kiwis got about 20 of the glorious crosses…but was smart for ADF across the Tasman to manufacture her own type of VCs.

Though the Fiji Army is honored by only one “real” VC..but was more than enough, together with the memories of other braves we posthumously daily pride their legacy.

Still, let's keep praying for the safe return of all soldiers to their respective families,,

Anonymous said...

@ Meo

One of my Grandfathers on my mother's side fought in the Solomons as a Commando. He spoke perfect English. He returned from the war and worked in Government.

The large majority of the soldiers who went to Malaya were better educated than the one's here at QEB today. There were teachers, administrators and even men who later became Members for Parliament who went as officers. many of them had done their Cambridge O levels before they signed up. Rt Penaia hiself went to Oxford.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous May 12, 2012 1.46PM...of course, you are correct..you concured to what I said that...

"nearly half our brave soldiers in the Solomon Island,. Malaya campaign may not speak English"

Honorable and brave soldiers like your maternal grand uncle, Ratu Sir Penaia..Ratu Semi Kuboutawa (eh...my name sake) make up the less than 50%..

Still..Fijian braves miss a lot of honurs..even..ones like Fijian British SASs..and many other..wrong skin colour??..may be