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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Former deputy commissioner Fiji Corrections Service: Police commissioner a 'corrupt opportunist'

A MOMENT IN TIME: Ioane Naivalurua and his Acting Deputy Orisi Katonibau in October 2010. pic Fiji Correction Service website

In a week where an unnamed officer has implicated police commissioner Ioane Naivalurua and his top two deputies (Henry Brown and Isikeli Ligairi) in an international drug racket, the former acting deputy commissioner of the Fiji Corrections Service has agreed to go on record about what he says is Naivalurua's corrupt and opportunistic behaviour.

Orisi Vuki Katonibau says he does not want to hide behind a mask. He told Coupfourpointfive Naivalurua is an 'opportunist who has left  a legacy of corruption, manipulation and hypocrisy unparalleled in the history of leadership of the Fiji Corrections Service.'

Katonibau's on the record criticism comes as police insiders insist the police commissioner is linked to the Toorak CID break in, claiming he left last Monday on an unexplained unofficial trip to Hong Kong.
Naivalurua's critics want him investigated but say Pio Tikoduadua, the permanent secretary for the PM's office, tipped Naivalurua off to the anonymous letter spilling the dirt on the January 12 shipment of cocaine, leading to the drugs unit being threatened and Naivalurua trying to cover his tracks.

In a letter titled Naivalurua's Legacy in the Fiji Corrections Service, Orisi Kantonibau confirms earlier revelations about Naivalurua's unpopularity over senior officers being sidelined in favour of young, inexperienced officers, forced departures, alleged backhanders and nepotism with wife Kesia Naivalurua having her finger in the Correction Service's pie.

In his letter to Coupfourpointfive, Katonibau says: "Naivalurua’s wife Kesaia behaved like an officer of the FCS, ordering senior officers and their wives to do extra curriculum activities such as decorating venues for Yellow Ribbon programmes, visits by dignitaries and church programmes week in and week out. 

"Consequently, officers’ children were left  unsupervised at their homes late into the nights. 

"Department funding for such programmes was handled by her in some cases without any proper accounting procedure. She even had her pot plants leased to the department which were located at the National Corrections Service Headquarters without any proper tendering process. 

"She also benefited from the Yellow Ribbon Tents at Albert Park during the Hibiscus Festival in 2009 and 2010 where she used the occasions to sell her pot plants, cakes and other refreshments that were delivered to the venue by prison vehicles.

"Wreaths for the departments in any official death were purchased from her as she directed at exorbitant prices ranging from $80 to more than $100 dollars each. She was allowed to sell chocolate cakes with prices ranging from $40 and above to officers that were delivered by the Commissioner’s official vehicle to their homes.

"Officers concerned were reluctant to purchase the cakes but only did so in order to gain favour with Naivalurua. Kesaia normally accompanied Naivalurua on his official visits to the prisons at the expense of the department which was not a normal practice for a Commissioner’s wife.

"Naivalurua had three prison vehicles specifically reserved for his use while senior officers at times have to arrange alternative transports at their own expense.  Naivalurua used his official vehicle with his official driver to look for an apartment in Nadi for his son who was employed there in the tourism industry."

Bloggers will know Naivalurua has been accused of taking backhanders. Katonibau says in his letter: "On one occasion in 2010 he and a number of senior officers at the Prisons Headquarters were invited to lunch at one of the Chinese restaurants in Suva by the Chinese Ambassador. According to a senior officer present they were given an envelope each containing notes of $50 by the Chinese while Naivalurua’s envelope appeared much thicker. 

"Later, two Chinese national who were imprisoned at Suva prison for corrupt related offences for trying to bribe the Permanent Secretary of Finance were released under the extramural punishment by Naivalurua. The two prisoners served their extramural punishment at the China Club in Suva under the supervision of the Chinese Embassy.  The release was very unusual as foreign prisoners are considered high flight risk and were not eligible for such release." 

Katonibau says two senior officers, two junior officers and three subordinate officers resigned from FCS because of Naivalurua's concerted campaign to eliminate 'long serving senior officers from the department as he considers them obstacles to his leadership.'

"He preferred young and inexperienced officers whom he can easily indoctrinate and manipulate with his ideology in line with the objective of the illegal regime.'

"In 2008, immediately after the decision of the High Court which favoured the military takeover, Naivalurua summoned his senior officers to FCS Headquarters and informed them of the decision and also mentioned that they (Illegal Regime) were ready to standby whatever the decision of the court was. When such decision was overturned by the Fiji Court of Appeal in 2009, he did not summon his senior officers to brief them of the court’s decision.

"Over the years, the annual recidivism rates for the Fiji Corrections Service had fluctuated between 40 and 50% and under the regime’s strategic development plan this trend was required to be reduced by 50%  by 2014.  The traditional formula for calculating the recidivism rate was replaced by the Hong Kong formula in calculating the 2010 recidivism rate as instructed by Naivalurua. 

"This was reflected in the year’s annual report which showed a significant decline in the recidivism rate. It was basically done to show that the department was on track in achieving its target as mandated under the regime’s strategic development plan. However, in reality such decline was only a paper exercise without supporting evidences, a typical case of where the means did not justify the end."

Katonibau says there was particular bitterness over the termination of the 13 officers in 2009 who were implicated in the assault on some inmates at Suva Prison. 

"Originally, the officers were found guilty and given various fines as a punishment by the Tribunal which were endorsed by the Commissioner. However, about a month later Commissioner Naivalurua summoned the officers into his office and told them why he would not terminate their service given the seriousness of their offences, and gave them seven days to respond in writing. The officers were finally terminated. 

"This is considered a case of double jeopardy where the officers were punished twice for the same offence. While we do not condone assault on prisoners,  natural justice needs to be exercised by those in authority."

Katonibau says under Naivalurua's reign there has been an increase in escapes and other security breaches. 

"Worst amongst these incidents was the tampering of warrants at the Minimum Security Prison by a known fraudster (Etuate Suguturuga) who was implicated in the stealing of a laptop at the illegal Prime Minister’s Office. Release dates of prisoners were altered without the knowledge of officers where a number of prisoners were illegally released as a result.

"The officers implicated in the incident were not disciplined and the officer in charge of the prison was merely reverted to his substantive rank and re-posted to Prison Headquarters despite the seriousness of the incident.  It was only a white wash by the Commissioner to save face for one of the worst incident in the history of the Fiji Corrections Service occurring under his leadership."

Katonibau says "Naivalurua may be an efficient military officer given his training background in the FMF as some people consider  him to be, but since taking up the post of the Commissioner of the Fiji Corrections Service in December 2006 his leadership style has revealed the darker side of him. 

"He introduced and exhibited a leadership culture of suspicion and fear among his officers, where officers were required to work 24/7 and do things without considering the lack of resources and forced to find alternative solutions even if they have exhausted all means available to them.'

Tikoduadua gets Yellow Ribbon gift pack from FCS. file pic
Katonibau says despite Naivalurua’s leadership flaws, he was venerated by some members of the community - particularly business people and high profile criminals - under the pretext of their support for the Yellow Ribbon programme but only as means to secure and advance their personal and business interest with him and  the illegal regime.


Expat said...

This is so sad. Fijians turning on each other under this terrible regime situation. I am an expat. who loves living in Fiji but I have noticed this over the last 6 years.

Eye Spy said...

Wow! The eyes have it and guess whose gaze is level.

Anonymous said...

This brother needs to be thanked for speaking on the record. We need more of this.

Anonymous said...

""He preferred young and inexperienced officers whom he can easily indoctrinate and manipulate with his ideology in line with the objective of the illegal regime.""

The above statement about the corrupt-to-the-core ipolcom is the same rationale used by the Fiji military officers when recruiting Form 4 level drop-outs to join their rank and file since they can be easily brainwashed to obey orders from officers without thinking or knowing that they do not even have a defence if they commit illegal acts based on these 'superior orders'. Fijians using Fijians. Very sad.

The Fijian military must go, they've caused more harm to Fiji as a whole than good.

If those high school drop outs were put back in high school to complete their education or learn some skill or trade, they wouldn't be any need to use peacekeeping as an excuse for their employment.

There are ways and means to gradually assimilate them back into civilian life which will SAVE Fiji a hell lot of money, life and threats to life and sadness, in the long term than what we're continuing to see.

mark manning said...

@1-4 of 4
Where have you been ?
Fijians have been turning on each other since before the 1987 coup !

Anonymous said...

@Mark & 1-4, all for the better. Just as it happened in Aus with your Speaker of the House!!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that someone is very afraid of Naivalurua? Coup4.5 seems to have been used by these criminals to taint the compol trustworthy character. Keep in mind
who is the deal makers, in the Illegal Government? Also keep in mind that the Compol cannot go anywhere without authorization and money given from the AG? All the compol trip abroads has been mapped-out by the office of the AG.
Now who is the culprits???Is Naivalurua a treats to the illegal Government? Did they screw-up in putting this man in charge of the Police Forces? Is Naivalurua too honest for the good of the illegal Government? Is it possible that Naivalurua has the smart& quality to removed Bainimarama & Khaiyum and return power to civilian rule?
Lets just wait and see how all of this will play out eventually???

Anonymous said...

Birds of feather flock together. Must be I'Taukei Christans thats in the blood yeah. Doomed for ever remember 1987 GOD IS WITH US never was never will be. GOD is always with the truth. Next major break in is at the Army get the hint.

Frank Serpico said...

Just because some disgruntled police officer writes a letter without signature does not mean anything. If this fellow had balls, the least he could have done was put his name down.
People can say whatever they want but don't hide yourself. Be a man and come out openly.

Anonymous said...

I think he made the mistake by says naivaluruas wife was acting like a prison officer she was the prison commissioner and now she is the police commissoner same as vocekes wife, taleni, savua's wife use to tell us to by pig and take it to her sister in natalau village. Sa valoloma na kawa taukei

Anonymous said...

Orisi I dont know you but I respect your courage. I was told by the famous Ayas Ali who is known as the guy who broke from max on several occasion about people being released b4 the release date by the poofta who stole from Vocekes office but i didnt believe him. Navaigauri fucked the prisons and now its the police. CID is fucked for life this guy has to be held accountable n the drugs case which was found by boarder but the case closed by him mother fucker.

Anonymous said...

Sarava ga na matanimeke. Sebera tiko ni laga na chorous, se qai ka 2 ga ni qaqana sa dui tautau na yava kei na liga..waraka.....meratou veilecayaki sara vaka vinaka..ni yavu taki ena koco kei na butako i tutu, mo dou yacoi vei? Keimami sa sega soti sara ni lialia na Kai Viti! Trust is earned & Honesty ALL the time not part time...Those are the basic principles...Kua na vakarorogo vua na Tamata e sega ni kila na Kalou dina! Vakasuka na ka taucoko mo dou bula ke dou yalo kaukauwa tiko DOU na sotava..ke sega ni yabaki qo se yabaki mai ya se ya...se mani vacava na kena balavu..na ka ga dou Teivaka dou na Tamusuka.

Anonymous said...

Eonder what kind of deal Orisi gets from the deal maker for trashing an honest statesman? Just remember Orisi, someone had said earlier that if you live with the dog you'd certainly get the fleas?
Don't be scratching now-Orisi????

Anonymous said...

This is what you call a real Bati not all those who proclaim to be one but are really Bati Lamusona that would apply to 99% of indegenous Fijian men right now.

Hopefully the kaisibokola's of the Mataivalu Ni Solisona can see the light that while few make millions at their expense they only get a few dollars extra in pay,field & ration allowances.

Each and everyone of them should look a themselves in the mirror everday and ask themselves who is really benefitting - Voreqe, Aiarse, Shameems, Nur Bano Ali, Senior Officers & their families, Corrupt business people OR the people of Fiji and their families who will have to pay all these debts for genrations to come.

God bless Fiji and I pray everyday that this Mataivalu Ni Solisona is destroyed by the power of God so that Fiji can be free from this evil curse on its people.

Fair Praise said...

Well done Kantonibau and well C4.5 Excellent coverage on the CID break in and excellent follow up with Katonibau. Keep up the door stopping ypou guys the only one doing it.

Anonymous said...

There is certainly courage here from Katonibau. hat remains to be seen is where this will all go ....or will Naivalurua go? I would've gthought that they could've easily 'got rid' of him by giving him another post - easy as - and is normally what they do.

Anonymous said...

I salute you Mr.Katonibau.
i wish we have more people like you to spill the beans of this corrupt regime.
i have called the idiots frank/khaiyum .
this bastards have put our country and rule of law to shame.
time for fijians to kick this idiots out now.
united we stand divided we fall.
same on compol what can we expect from the army thugs .
who have stole our democracy and constitution.
frank will cover all this up.
where is the so called clean up mr illegal pm.
f cover up and looting the tax payers money.
god bless fijian people to stand up and fight the illegal regime.
like people did in the middle east.wake up fijians.


Anonymous said...

fiji is full of corrupt bastard army thugs.
get rid of the army than coup culture and rot will stop.
armies have been wasting tax payers dollars for ages.
read the ag reports.
that why frank didnt want ag to audit army regiment funds /others.

Venione Naliva said...

@ Frank Serpico 11.33 pm

The guy gave his name. He is Rt. Orisi Katonibau

Can you give yours ?

Anonymous said...

pio is another corrupt ps.
he was taking money from my friends .
well hope this guys will rot in jail one day.
fijian didnt learn from past coup.
we had army govt in 1987 .
who f our economy,nbf bank.marine ship yards/others.
now we have another frank army govt f our country.
where is the good /acct /transparent govt.liars.
f paid himself back pay for 30 years what a joke.
ficac and police another f up regime ass lickers.

Anonymous said...

frank is frank battan singh hahahaha

Anonymous said...

The FijiWomens Cricket team went to give their "i tatau" to the Illegal President Nailatikau yesterday.
And he gave them his "blessings"

Why do peolple keep doing the wrong things and expect that they will be blessed?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11

Pio has terminal Cancer. Specialists in China had been working on him with chemo but the Cancer has only grown bigger. He has a massive tumorous growth in his head and its spread own to around his vetebrae. They cannot remove it without risking damaging the nerves from his Central Nervous system, paralysing him or possibly killing him instantaneously. He is on pallative care. Painkillers and sedatives. Lots of prayer meetings going on for his recovery, but like Tabakanalagi its futile. Mara ki bulu.

Manueli is bedridden. No more long walks for the Gagaj. He is also on his way. Mara ki bulu.

Tawakedrau died this week. Cegu yani.

Senilagakali died 6 months ago. Cegu yani.

All the Millitary Council guys are going one by one. Mara ki bulu.

Anonymous said...

I salute the courage of Mr Orisi Katonibau in exposing the corrupt activities of Naivalurua. Under the circumstances this was a very brave thing to do. I wonder if the local tabloids will have the guts to interview this man and get his story out to the general public. There are a lot more stories out there and we need honest men and women to come out and tell their side of the story as Mr Katonibau has done. Thanks also to C4.5 for these stories which we'll never have heard if not for you. Great work, keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

So why is this not in the local papers or anything.. Orisi you sound like a guy who has sour grapes...Grow Up..

Anonymous said...

@11.48am you probably rite, did they not die of old age??..Mara ki bulu.

Anonymous said...

Great work Mr Katonibau and C4.5 for the coverage....

Anonymous said...

I am a police officer based at the Police HQ. I have seen and witnerssed the corrupt and illegal activities of the CP, DCP and ACP. We urgently need an investigation to be conducted by an independent team possibly from the Commonwealth. 99% of the Fiji POL are ready to testify against the top three corrupt and evil officers. This is an everyday topic of discussion in the Force.Uludamu prefers immature and inexperienced officers to be his Deputy and ACP. We are taking each day as it comes because of our children and for food on the table. The sooner the investigation starts the better it would be for the nation as a whole in terms of policing.

Ratu Moape Gadai said...

The cat is finally out of the bag, as far as Naivalu2 is concerned. Those in the know had first hand experience of his failure as Commissioner of Prisons.

Katonibau is an officer who came up the ranks and is now retired; that's why he is speaking out. Had he spoken out while still in office he would have been booted out. Now however, Naivalu2 can do phuck all about it.

Francis Kean even escaped from Naboro, catching a private car to Suva but Naivalu2 ordered that he not be charged or disciplined.

This news release has been long time coming and kudos to Katonibau.

Anonymous said...

Pio Tikoduadua, St Paul said in Galatians 6:7 "God can not be mocked. For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap". That cancer shall kill you. Your death shall be a slow and paiful one. Its time to REPENT NOW or Never. Only Jesus can save you. Do the right thing, resign accept the Lord to be your personal saviour, repent and confess your sins and serve JESUS in Spirit and Truth.Than only you shall be saved.Otherwise HELL and the Lake of Fire is waiting for you around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Orisi Katonibau has done the honourable thing. He's shown moral courage and leadership by going on record to expose Naivalurua's misconduct as Commissioner of Prisons. If this is what Naivalurua did at Prisons, then I shudder to think what he might be doing at Fiji Police. And of course, these allegations corroborate earlier claims regarding the improper involvement of Mrs. Naivalurua at Fiji Police. 

On the basis of Katonibau's revelations, I'm lowering my appraisal of Naivalurua's performance at Prisons considerably. That does not mean that I now subscribe to the current unproven allegations of drug smuggling and the like. I don't, and I pray that I not be disappointed on that score. But we'll see. Let the chips fall where they may. 

I'd hoped against hope that Naivalurua would seize the first available moment to help restore rule of law in Fiji, but that hope is dimming. The longer he gets along by going along, the more his reputation and standing will suffer, and the more for which he'll need to account. 

This situation must be very demoralising to whatever fundamentally honest officers remain in the police force. Some undoubtedly wonder what they should do when it seems that all around are corrupt. I urge these good people to document and report. Do your part, even if others do not do theirs. Don't compromise your integrity. Better to sacrifice your career than your honour or your soul. Be courageous. We who serve a just God know that He does not abandon those who remain faithful to Him.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:47 qori o ira na "Alpha Group".

E dina. True, Old age and senior.

E donu vinaka na veitarataravi sa lako qori.

One by one starting with the most senior and down the line.

Sa ra tekivuna na i lakolako qori o ira na qase ni Alpha group era waka tu ni vereverea mai na keba.

Mara ki bulu.

Anonymous said...

frank what a nice clean up and good govt you promised fiji people in 2006.
results is f up corrupt govt and officers.
frank if you have any common sense left resign now for fiji sake.
we dont need any more bs from your illegal regime .
go back to the barrack .
armies are good for nothing but to coup the legal govt.
if you have some pride left for fiji .
pls resign now.
if not get ready for some one to coup you soon.

Anonymous said...

Io, wiri na madigi. Sa nomudou.

Cavu nai kelekele.

Kaci ki na matanicagi e va.

Sevula na matasawa, siri ko Ro Dadakulaci.

Cagi donu na waqa sa mua yani qori.

Ki Bulu.

Ai magiti e i vakalutu ni qele. Vakadei ni Vanua ko Viti.

Era sa na vodo yani e na waqa oqori ko ira taucoko na vakavuna na vereverea ni vanua.

Vakarusai kina vakadua na cakacaka ni vere ra a tuvana ena Me 2000 kei na Tiseba 2006 ko ira na kila vata na cakacaka ni vereverea koya.

Oi, E ra sa lecava beka ?

Ia, ni sarava na moto ni vanua.

Sharon Suaniu said...

Sa qai vo ga o rau na mainboy me rau mara ki bulu talega, o aiyarse kei nona koli o voreqe.

Vinakavakalevu Katonibau, hope dogs like Peni Naliva grow the balls to right the wrongs they've done.

Frank Serpico said...

Anonymous Venione Naliva @10:18 AM

My first name is FRANK and my last is SERPICO. Frank Serpico. I hope I make myself clear.

Anonymous said...

More people going on the record will cut the regime propagandists down to size. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

What all this about? Doesn't George Speight runs prisons department. He took over from Kunatuba.

George Speight for Prime Minster

Kunatuba for President

Anonymous said...

Anon@1"07pm...No need to scare the shit of Tikoduadua before he finally keel over? But you're doing a hekva job so keep it going!
As for the Mara ki bulu dude,you too seems to be handling this illegal supporters with the right DRAUNIKAU MIX,if you need a hand(s)gimme a ring-I don't mind learning a new trade? Maybe a quite,bloodless,non-intrusive,non-violent, ancient "DRAUNIKAU",may just do the job for us????

Anonymous said...

Where is Baini's Mara ki bulu - lond overdue this one ..and whilst at it please order one for Choordhry and Kyum too!

Anonymous said...

One of the most disturbing aspects of this story is the allegation that Chinese embassy officials are bribing the police with envelopes full of money. Kubuabola should summon Chinese Ambassador Huang for a full explanation, but of course he won't, because he's receiving red envelopes himself.

The Chinese are running roughshod over all accepted norms of diplomatic behaviour, and stepping all over Fijian sovereignty, because the regime in enthralled to Beijing. Let's not forget Beijing's perfidy once the regime is gone. Fiji should repudiate all debts amassed to the Chinese by the regime, kick out Fulluck and the other economic agents for the PRC, close the triad-run brothels, and switch diplomatic recognition to Taipei.

Pete said...

Thats the problem of putting people like Isikeli Ligairi on ACP post. An inexperience officer who has not gone through ladder from being an investigator. I wonder if he had succeeded in any investigation. Just qualified through a hand pick of commissioners cadet. Used to be a drunked officer during his days. Yes because he's a 7th day adventist who parted his wife and 4 children & went on with his marital affairs. Haven't heared from his drunk and drive case where he wrecked a police car in Labasa.
Yeah he can be a wolf wearing sheep skin up in those top posts if the Police force.

P.O said...

"Mrs Naivalurua hosted tea party for Police women"
Fiji Times 14/05/2012

"Considering their hard work in enforcing the law, senior women officers were hosted to a morning tea by the Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Ioane Naivalurua's wife, Kesaia Naivalurua, at their residence in Suva yesterday.

Senior female officers from the Northern, Western, Central and Eastern divisions got together a bit earlier to celebrate Mother's Day, which will be celebrated today.

Police public relations manager Ana Naisoro said it was an opportunity for the senior female officers to meet and share their special day ahead of today.

Mrs Naivalurua acknowledged the dedication and hard work of the women officers, especially the challenges they faced in juggling their work commitment and family life.

"You should be able to ask yourself if you've made an impact on others' lives, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, for others it might mean a whole lot more," she said.

Mrs Naivalurua told the women officers that they had been given food for thought that needed to be explored and taken seriously.

"In everything we do, whether it's on the personal or professional front, we must leave a legacy so that in generations to come we can say that we did our best for our children, our family and our society."

She also stressed to the officers the importance of not taking things for granted.

"We might do things that seem like mundane tasks but you'll be surprised at how those actions, whether they may be spoken or unspoken, can leave a legacy that you and others can be proud of," said Mrs Naivalurua.

The officers also exchanged gifts to commemorate Mother's Day."

Who is she to host and talk to the police women?? I wonder how much money she is getting from the police fund for this host.

Anonymous said...

vinaka voreqe na nomu vosa ni yala2 ni ko saga me toso o viti ki liu. io da sa raica ga ni sa vaka me toso tikoga ki liu na kena toso ki muri... vaka me sa liu muri tikoga na toso qo mahn.... qo dou samaka tikoga na benu ga dou binia tiko....sega saraga ni dua na bemu makawa e samaki...

qarauna na 2014 iko yalataka...de lako2 da rai tu na vura2 o sa vakaicici tu e macawa...

Anonymous said...

Yeah you right,same thing she did with prison officers wives. Where in the Prison/Police acts did it state that she can dictate to officers and families.She is just a farkin normal house wife.Getting these ladies from various district to Suva will cost taxpayers money (i.e)accommodation,fare,food etc.This confirms what Katonibau was saying is all true.Naivalurua you are a BUM SUCKER letting all these to happen but too scared to stop it.If you can't clean your house, how can you clean all the shits our country is facing at the moment.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:21

Not drauikau. Sau ni Vanua.

"Mara ki bulu" means black death from the Sau ni Vanua. A tormented death where one leaves the physical realmn in spiritual and mental (and sometimes physical affliction)confusion and torment.

Unreleased. Unforgiven. No rest in peace. No "Tola". Tola means repentance, it means "last rites". Like the old warrior Mara on the scafolding at Bau released his spirit by proclaiming that the bread in his hands had become "sour" i.e Madraiwiwi. Did not recant his warrior ways to the end, but he did release his spirit by that "Tola". He went in peace. He did not die the old noble way, at the hands of a chiefly born bati clubman delivering the final club blow, he died the new way at the hangman's noose, but he made sure he died with his spirit released to the old itaukei Gods. His wrongs were released by the Vanua.

In the olden days a noble blood like him would have only been clubbed by a warrior of a chiefly clan with the respect and dignity he derserved. He would have been clubbed in front of the Vunivalu and the nobles of Bau and members of the household gathered for that solemn and sacred occassion. The club would have been in the hands of a noble blood.

Old, pre-Christian Itaukei warrior phrase from the East.

Like the Vikings going to Valhala, our old people had ther own beliefs too.

Anonymous said...

OB Pio you shud have joined the priesthood bro when you was going there anyway. I keri o sa na qai lauvutu wale ga nomu sona. Look at your face. You do Frank's dirty work for him and look at what you get. You get encouraged to also get dirty...for what? a few lousy bucks..if you still have a brain cakava nomu matanigasau...think of your children and family. And also get your face off the bloody TV you look fucking silly with saliva dripping from the corners of your viavia smart mouth. You can't talk your way out this except to swallow your pride and do the honourable thing.

Anonymous said...

@ Pete 3:14
Pliz its not about SDA faith...Its the ACP personal evil deeds. These are two different issues. Hope you'll understand.


see it to believe it said...

Fiji News
CID to conduct internal investigation

13:19 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Vosita Kotoiwasawasa

An internal investigation has been launched into the alleged break-in that took place at the Criminal Investigations Department last week.

Director CID – SSP Vakacegu Toduadua says they will begin questioning soon.

Toduadua says no other information can be released at this stage as it is a sensitive matter for the Force.

Anonymous said...

Naivaluruas corruption has finally been revealed,whilst in the RFMF,they continuously flaunted their ego and in the process corrupted the system,same things happened,wreaths,cakes,construction of a greenhouse,divertion of funds to build an extension to his quarters. These are the things this wicked man and his wife did...thank god someone revealed them.

Ex Law Enforcement Officer said...

Kesa hosting a tea party for senior female officers?Who paid for the Kesa?What authory has she got to summon this female officers?who paid for their fares their respective divisions to Suva? ANS: Kesa,NO WAY its us the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Chori Banao all Boss does it you all fill your pockets while time is there,as per PIO the sucker is having sleepless nights ,, he took the TANOA from RATU ULUI, and the curse followed ,very soon he will be a gonna to rot in hell ,even AG swears at him and pushed him out of all boards ,Pio honourable thing, APOLOGISE to him, you know who???

Anonymous said...

Orisi you traitor, you sold out your Kai, for a few pennies and promise of a new post from Khaiyum!!

Anonymous said...

@10.58am about that Mara ki Bulu, like the history and story, damn thought i was watching a movie reading that..vinaka..more more..

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people like Katonibau and others chose to say things when they're out of the picture. If he really truly cares about what's happening within the Corrections services then come out in the open!!

All that can be derived from this is a case of sour grapes!!!!!

What have you done Katonibau that's made a difference??

Or what has your family done for the Corrections service while you were working there?
Come on!!
As far as i can tell from these comments, at least Mrs Naivalurua cared enough to help women with their personal lives.

Which is more than i can say for you.

As a dedicated civil servant i'm trying to make a difference and if you truly did care then come out of where you're hiding and speak the truth so that every one will know

we are moving head and anything that is being said now is nothing more than just a case of sour grapes

stop dwelling in the delusional past

Anonymous said...

Orisi said exactly what he should have said and hide nothing.He's not sour grapes or traitor as those idiots mentioned above.He has proved himself to be a honest and hard working officer throughout his working career.If you don't want to believe what he said,take it up to the anti corruption unit to ivestigate.He will not back off but will standby his words.Naivalurua pretended to be the saviour when he came to prison,talking lotu,family,accountability but was doing the opposite.Firing officers every angle without taking a second thought of years service,families and the nature of offence.Accepting gifts of any form from any members of the public is not allowed in the Prison & Police Acts.If this govt. is true to it's words to eradicate corruption then this man need to be ivestigated dating back to 1987 when he was in bulcluver at parliament.Gonna be interesting to hear all the shits he is been hiding all these time.Sa jekia.

Anonymous said...

Iowane, the writing is on the wall. You knew it was coming down to this. Somebody needs to go. It's either Aiyaz or it's gonna be you. He as much as told you so already. He's detested, you're respected, at least within the RFMF. But he has allies, and they're already gunning for you. It won't be long now.

If you're gonna make your move, it had better be right quick. You've only got one shot, so you'd better make it count.

Otherwise, what, you're just going to slink away like Ganilau? That's never been your style. You're better than that. You're better than all these idiots.

Don't go easy. You've got some cards -- play 'em! Play to win or be the spoiler, but don't just fold.

Anonymous said...

PIO seems like your 'Mara ki bulu" has well advanced!!!


Anonymous said...

Pio.... you only "Pio" Frank...

Keep Madam away...

Anonymous said...

No one is above the law. The problem the law in Fiji is simply a line drawn in the sand so people trample over it like a crowd rushing to a rugby match in Lawaqa park. COMPOL is a person of good character, he impressed me a lot. But all good men have a human fraility and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. He is no threat to the powers above him or Frank and his team, he is part of the team. If he was a threat he would be disposed off long time ago. COMPOL is part of the cancer infiltrating Fiji at the moment. Time will come when this cancer will be rooted and thrown out to be ridiculed by people. So lets not be kidded by this revelations, its should come as no surprise whatsoever. Time is running out.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you're probably right. Time is running out for Naivalurua to prove you wrong.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous May 12 2012 1031pm
You sound like a sensible guy or may I add someone close to compol. Maybe you know then more you are letting out on this topic. Why don't you let us in on what more do you know. Sounds interesting. One thing I do know is before IN came in the force it was already corrupted. None of the current officers at the top have the credibility that was there before the coup of 87. I'm talking about officers from the 80's backwards. At the time there was alot more discipline and accountability though it may have lacked in upgrading modernization etc. As soons as the military & unstable politics crept in the country with the coup in 87 till now. The force has become become a whorehouse of corrupt officers.

Anonymous said...

@ Frank Serpico May 12, 2012 11:33pm
Easier said then done bro. What you really mean is "be a smart man". No one will really put their name in a letter that contains some heavy stuff like that but it sounds like something worthy to investigate and it is only prudent that the boss makes a statement to dispel any notion of corrupt activities by him or those close to him(???). To be frank I think this whole scandalous allegation is true and if there were really a free media in this country we wouldn't be commenting in C4.5. We'd be commenting in letters to the editor. Se va'evei?

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous May 20 2012 1:13am

There is a saying "Be nice to your kids. They'll choose your nursing home". Be nice to the people of Fiji they will decide the fate of all those who fucked about during their short tenure in power.

Ex Law Enforcement Officer said...

It is a factual Statement in relation to this scandal....We all know that Naivalurua came from Prison Department where there is ONLY 500 staff included the civilian staff ..and his success from Prison he thinks that it will be relevant to the Police Department of 4500 staff (Officers & Civilian personnel)with officer all over the country and in operation from 27/7 in various category from traffic, CID, Prosecution , Intell and etc.Whereas the Prison is in Korovou...Naboro..Namosau...Vatureikuka...& Lakeba...The management of the police will be totally different from any other Law Enforcement Agencies either Prison or Army ..it is the Police job to do all the security and law enforcement work with the support of other agencies such as Immigration...Customs...Bio Security...as majority of our Security law are covered by these agencies...There will have a different perspective towards their line of work and when you mix their work with other tactics used by other agencies they will surely overstep their mark such as such as we seen lately the used of violence in the Police Interrogation...The used of Judicial to rule injustice to some case brought to them...The questionable release of prisoners and so forth. Where do the wife of the Commissioner tries to teach other wives to bake and cook...Does the Wife of AG will try to teach the staff of the Ministry of Justice, Commerce & trade how to do Rice Palau...or the PM's wife to teach the Military wives how to cook and bake?...it is ionic when we try to justify the means of our work when we know it that it is immorally wrong.....Our poor, street kids, prostitute, beggars needs someone like the Commissioner wife to come and teach them some new skills but I beleive the Commissioner and his wife will not have a fitting accolades required for this service deceitfully paid by the State... it is Unfortunate that this Government is Not Answerable to Anybody..Not otheR people or taxpayers...even To God...Our Military government DOES NOT ANSWERS TO ANYBODY ...It is funny when they mentioned the Word Transparent when they do not know the meaning of that word..We should have a new meaning of such word....Transparent : When dealing of the lesser people are to be conducted in an open manner . When a high Authority is involved..this word does not cover them (immune) .....It will be very soon that Frank & His Colleagues will be brought back to earth and their dealing SHALL BE open up for scrutiny...

Anonymous said...

interesting development within Fiji Corrections Service. Enquirer within for more details