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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

High Court judge gets 'marching orders' despite 'sacrifices'

Sosefo Inoke in 2009 the day he was sworn in along with Gates

Leaked correspondence from inside the judiciary tonight confirms what the ordinary Fijian already knows - the regime is a law unto itself and there is no such thing as an independent judiciary.

Emails (leaked to C4.5 by moles) between a leading High Court judge, Sosefo Inoke, and the illegal Chief Justice, Tony Gates, also shows how things may well have played out for some of the Sri Lankan judges who've left these shores so abruptly.

Correspondence between Inoke and Gates over the decision to not renew his three year contract confirms outside hands at play within the Fiji judiciary. The strings, as we've always known, are being pulled from way above Gates, by none other than Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

A reply from Gates to Inoke dated April 20:
“Thank you for setting out your work in the Division.  It is highly commendable, and you have clearly driven many improvements at the Lautoka High Court.

"Having referred the matter at your request, I have received the same decision back.  Regrettably therefore I must inform you that the decision I had communicated to you before, stands”.

Inoke was appointed by the former president Josefa Iloilo for three years: in fact, he was sworn in at the same time as Daniel Goundar, Davendra Pathik and Anthony Gates were reappointed after the Constitution was abrogated in 2009.

In his letter to Gates about his contract, Inoke acknowledges the unpopularity of those working for the Fiji judiciary today rather plaintively:

"All legalities aside, what seems to have been lost in all this are the personal sacrifices that I, and my fellow local judicial officers in the same situation that I am in, have made in service to our country and the ridicule that we have had to put up with in the last three years.

"We put our hands up as called upon when others shied away.  We have had to put up with being called “illegal Judge”, “illegal Magistrate” and worse, but despite all that, we have proven them all wrong.  And what do we get in return? Our marching orders.  I feel used for some people’s own personal vendettas and agendas.

"My final pay still remains outstanding despite your direction and my having to call the Chief Registrar three times.  It is now 11 days overdue.  I have lodged my application for my practicing certificate but feel very uneasy that it will be issued despite your promise that all local judicial officers who have had their contracts not renewed will get their certificates.

"I feel compelled to voice my opinion because I fear the independence of our Judiciary as guaranteed under the law is being compromised."

He also writes to the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau seeking his help, saying he was appointed by Iloilo so his appointment can only be terminated for good cause or revoked for good cause by the president:

"The thrust of my submission is that our people are entitled to a Judiciary which is independent of the Executive arm of Government and a pillar of that human right is the requirement that Judicial Officers have security of tenure by being appointed until the retirement age, subject only to removal by the President.  In the case of Judges of the High Court, that age is 65 years. 

"That is provided for in our law, before 2009 and now, in the Administration of Justice Decree 2009 and recognised in various international instruments such as The Beijing Statement of Principles of the Independence of the Judiciary in the LAWASIA Region which was signed by our former Chief Justice, Sir Timoci Tuivaga, The Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct 2002 and The Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary which are part of our law.

"These instruments stress that an independent judiciary is a pre-requisite for the Rule of Law and that the principle is for the benefit of the general citizenry and not the Judicial Officers.

"The Chief Justice has just simply told me that it was “the powers that be” that decided not to continue with my appointment, which I take as my removal from the Bench.  As I have said above and in my letter to the Chief Justice, the only authority to remove a Judge is the President.

"... something needs to be done to address the issue of Judicial Independence in Fiji."

Editor's Note: Inoke has made several rulings that might be considered anti-government. One of them was last year when he disagreed with the decision of two judges to dismiss the charges against three police officers convicted of murdering a robbery suspect and were later sentenced to life imprisonment in 2008. They had been found guilty of murdering Tevita Malasebe the year before. The original sentence was handed down by Nazhat Shameem.


Keep The Faith said...

Another one bites the dust. How much more simpler do we have to make ourselves when we reiterate on the blogs day after day, and year after year that no one is indispensable to the illegal and treasonous regime except for Bainimarama and Aiyaz?

I'm sorry but it would be a stretch to feel any sympathy here. Inoke should have elected to defend the rule of law. He chose not to.

Where he has felt public backlash on his illegal standing on the bench and his 'personal sacrifice', it behooves him to bear in mind that many others in this country have also had to endure 'personal sacrifices' not of their doing, simply because officers of the court like him aid and abet high treason against the State. The nation is reaping the fruits of treason and the burden (mostly economic) is ours and the next generations, to collectively bear.

That Inoke should also state "illegalities aside" speaks directly to a shameless condemnation of the supreme law of the land, contrary to the legal oath that he took.

As I've said elsewhere, We The People now sit courtside in the rapidly unravelling chain reaction of ɛt ˈtuː ˈbruːtɛ fever, where we will observe with fascination who phucks over who the hardest.

If there's anything I can offer Inoke at this juncture, it would be the hope that he has all his evidence ready for his day in the dock.

We are all equal under the law.

Komai Annerly said...

play with the pig and you only cover yourself with mud but the pig is happy.

Some idiots learn the hard way so go and do some useful thing like teitei because you will receive no sympathy.

Take that bothy, Semo Meo with you.

Anonymous said...

Time is a great revealer. The truth are beginning to surface. So there you have it. What we have been saying all along about the erosion in the sanctity and indepedence of the judiciary continues to receive confirmation. Nigel Dodds report indeed has merit. The country has gone to the dogs that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Sega tale na isa Sosefo. You seem surprised but pliz be honest, youve known from start how it was going to end esp. with that criminal Aiyaz SKaiyum calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

Is this judge serious? Surely he knows that he is an illegal judge. He wanted the money that is why he joined. Now he gets the usual treatment ans he cries?

2naDa said...

Why are you complaining now when you already knew you supporting an illegal regime all along? You can't erase a zebras stripes. Such a foolish judge.

Anonymous said...

There were many who were just to happy to associate everyone who stood up to take up roles in Government in Fiji as supporters of the Regime-this letter from Judge Sosefo Inoke proves otherwise! Hopefully people can see that there are people honest and good people even during difficuly and sometimes terrible times, not to just lump everyone as a regime supporter. This is a terrible indictment on the present powers who have so far always claimed the neutrality of the Legal & Justice system! How come the Sri Lankhan magistrates etc didn't open their mouths when they resigned??

Anonymous said...

inoke is con artist like his boss tony gates and ag.
dogs eating dogs now.
fiji is full of liumuri people.
time for judges and lawyers to practice the legal oath they took to uphold the law and constitution .
no more court case and court officers .than the regime will fall.
prove fiji and the world that lawyers are there to uphold the law not for money.

Anonymous said...

inoke if you want to redeem yourself from fijian .
start the march now to the illegal president/pm/ag and tell them they are illegal people holding the post.
tell ghai too that fiji 1997 constitution is still intact and a living document.
like your boss cj tony gate gave his ruling in chandrika prasad vs state ruling in 2001.
courts appeal ruling april 2009.lq vs state.
prove fijian now.

Anonymous said...

fijian lawyers /judges wake up now .
how you been used by the illegal regime.
time for all of you to be united and fight the regime.
united we stand divided we fall.
lead the protest now.
join force with political party and church,chiefs and people.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

frank and cj and ag .
prove the world now that fiji is corrupt free.
fiji is more corrupt now than ever.
frank and ag and tony gate are the greatest con man liars.
judges and magistrate should all resign now than we see the fun.
who will mend the court system.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Khaiyum calls himself AG and does not believe in the independance of the Judiciary.
He is law unto himself. Just like his puppet Bainimarama.

Why is it that people still trust these two snakes to dliver a free and fair election in 2014?
Its never gonna happen folks!

What is the useless Army doing?
Are they stupid or blind or just lamu?
Surely they can't be wishing that things will turnout RIGHT like Mr Sosefo.
No No No these people are evil. The only answer is to bomb Delainabua ASAP. Not 2014.

If we continue in wishful thinking that things will turnout right in 2014, like Mr Sosefo, then we are stupid too.

WE must request America and Australia to bomb that place now.

-Valataka na Dina.
(by the C4.5 you are doing a good job. That is why they email you rather than the local newspapers).

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

However way I look at it the core of all problems and misery we are facing in Fiji is the army and its rouge leaders vb and sr. Whilst we have Sosefo and others accepting posts in the noble intent of helping the country they are also seen as supporting the illegal regime. Understandably it would be hard to be out of job for 6 going on 8 years from coup to date to election. This is the evil strategy of the regime which to finacially weaken people in order to make them submissive to the regime for need of help. Thats why we see all forms of characters showing their alter personalities acting in various abnormal ways as they clamour to gain out of this unusual situation.

SEMI MEO said...

Judge Gagaj Sosefo Inoke will be remembered as a brave son of Rotuma.

We believe it is probably an opportune time Rotuma and her people seriously explore sovereign autonomy..again.

Had the privilege on two occasions in 1989 and 1995 to soak up the pleasantness and goodwill of her Polynesian people and tranquility of her white sandy beaches and lush rich citrus , dalo farms and fauna..unique only to these blessed Islands!

See no reason why Rotuma cannot economically survive and fair well in regaining her place once again as an autonomous sovereignty in the International community….

Many low-lying atolls with a few coconut trees enjoy this sovereign autonomy. Over the years they have shifted from total reliant on foreign aid, to now enjoying fruits of varied off-shore investments and remittances by their overseas residents.

With all dues respect, Rotumans are NOT i taukei, nor do they claim to be. They cannot be a fourth or fifth confederacy of the vanua; Fiji.

May be …may be the best opportunity to wean Rotuma away from Fiji’s dominance and untangle from the colonial mistake is massaging Rotumans autonomy and sovereignty claim during the constitutional consultation…… the Chiefs of Fiji and the big Churches may be graceful enough to support brother Rotuma weaning process…

Of course, we can still continue to sing ‘Viti kei Rotuma”., like we serenade “Viti kei Tonga” or taunt ‘Viti kei Rusia”…. .as it was never Vitirotuma…

Judge Gagaj Sosefo Inoke legal and engineering brains may just be best suited as a leader of the new Protectorate or independent state of the Republic of Rotuma! ..

Anonymous said...

Throw off oppression . . . .
and embrace freedom.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

So the Suvavou Clans land claims judgement was forced onto Sosefo to deliver eh? Time for the clan to take the law into their own hands and look for this fellow in civilian clothes and decloth him the best way we know.......ya me yamaraki se samuraki!!!!wananavu

Anonymous said...

i think you need to be in their systerm to make a diffrence..so judge heads up and walk tall,i take my hats off ,thank you for trying hope you can spend some time with your family now....

Komai Naibenubenu said...

So money was the underlying factor in joining an illegal judiaciary. This man deserves no sympathy from anyone. Why should he be demanding for the assurance of his practicing certificate. Everyone should boycott engaging legal services of this lawyer if he ever returns to private practice. Go and plant taroro in Rotuma you liumuri SOB.

Radiolucas said...

It was good of him to be true to the concept of the separation of powers, being the cornerstone of good government.

It is just sad and shameful to see the way that this has been subverted by Aiyaz, Gates, Goundar and the Sisters Shameem for their own personal, reasons.

I feel sorry for Inoke - though that feeling is tempered by the fact that he ought to have known the devils he was dealing with.

Me to You said...

The line we stopod up when no one4 else would is the same for RFMF but who really applauds them? At the end ofthe day they serving themselsves first eating well at the table of the regime while the rest of us eat humble fare but remain true to the principles of truth and justice

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:11

The only "diffence" they are making is to their pockets.

There is no functional Judicial system in this country today.

A fuctional Judicial system has a foundation of transparency and competence. That is what Justice is all about.

Gates runs a brothel and not a Judiciary dispening justice because under him the law is prostituted and manipulated and corrupt.

He himself tells lies under oath. Thats how he was promoted to Chief Justice, and why Gounder was under him considered Acting Chief Justice material.

Anonymous said...

Independent Rotuma. Can see some logic in that after all these coups. Just needs a positive referendum of all Rotumans.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comments -- keep 'em coming!

I appreciate the genuine moral dilemma for judges initially torn between their desire to give the people the fair administration of justice they deserve on the one hand, and their antipathy to what they knew was an illegal regime on the other. To my mind, no such dilemma now exists, because the fair administration in today's Fiji simply isn't allowed. The regime has shown conclusively that it observes no separation of powers between the executive and the judiciary, has no respect for due process, and tolerates no independent judges.

This chief justice pimps a stable of Sri Lankan camp followers and takes his marching orders from an attorney general who, far from being the chief law enforcer in the land, is the chief lawbreaker. No self-respecting judge or magistrate would stay on in such circumstances. Better to resign in protest in order to call attention to the problem and to preserve what tattered sense of dignity and pride you have, than to end up prostituting yourself and your profession like Christopher Misnomer and others.

I repeat my call for the law societies of other Commonwealth countries to consider disbarring members who take up appointments in Fiji -- and in any regime suspended from the Commonwealth -- if they adjudge those members' actions prejudicial to the independent functioning of that nation's judiciary. Note that this test would not necessarily mean the disbarment of every serving member of Fiji's judiciary, but as Satan continues to sift them as wheat, it's clear that only the chaff will remain.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Paula said...

Khaiyum can reiterate his sermon that the judiciary is independent as much as he likes, only Croz will believe him. Now Inoke whines about his misfortune. Join the club man, you are not alone! There are hundreds of professionals who lost their livelihood because they refused to kiss Khaiyums ass. This is a club of honorable man.

Benjamin Franklin said...

Semi Meo, yes Rotuma has always been a part of Fiji and they're truelly i taukei.
Maybe you can go cut some coconuts in Rotuma to help pay your dinau here in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Sosefo. We who do not agree with Khaiyum and Bai will accept you as one of us to legally bring them down.

Talk to your kaivata Daniel Fatiaki and gang up with other bright and honest people who value truth and integrity and discuss how you can devise plans to send the coup perpetrators to gaol for a good long time before they destroy us all.

INDIAN MAN said...

The Judiciary IS independent !!! It IS independent of the Law. But dependent on Aiyaz AND Christopher Proud.(before a fall).
But don't worry as we have a plan...to dis-establish the problematic Judiciary. Why do we need one in the first place? We will save a lot of money if we didn't need judges...so no more judges as of next week.

Anonymous said...

charles ratakele is new magistrates

Anonymous said...

Heaps of Professionals are now are now migrating to Oz, NZ and more plying their trade in PNG, Samoa, Honiara, Vila etc..n making gud money..Just make sure if u don't want to kiss Kaiyum's ass you have a backup plan, otherwise just kiss it for the interim!! kaila..

Anonymous said...

Many have left positions from the Regime controlled country and have not uttered a word. Some even took off? Inoke shows what guts is-he at least has the courage to write down his thoughts on how things must be down with regards to seperation of powers! Question is will our big brothers in Australia & NZ do anything now or is a case of Fiji is in the too hadrd to handle basket??

Anonymous said...

Here falls another domino! Here falls another illegal person who has no moral character! You deserved it Inoke!!
Bite the bullet Inoke and move on in life.
Soon there will be no dominos left!!

Fly on the wall said...

The target is the unelected government not Inoke, attack Khaiyum and Bainimarama. Inoke just the typical Fijian who has been taken in

Pay up Khaiyum said...

Imagine the number of employment complaints Gates and the regime would get if there was rule of law in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Why were P.S.s Anasa Vocea and Isireli Koyamaibole dismissed? Not submissive?

Anonymous said...

Iosefo is just like any of the coup supporters who joined the regime thinking that it was a call by the nation, when it is nothing closer.
People have been used then abused, because the dictator is not worried about the country, he is worried about his exit plan.
Where are the Peoples' Charter appointees, where are 2007 FNPF Board members, do the Decrees follow what the Charter stated, e.g the Media Decree? NO!!! they are all fakes, fake government, fake Charter, fake appointments, fake decrees, fake court decisions, fake institutions,fake foreign relations, fake titles, trying to formulate a fake constitution, all for show!, all for a fake exit plan.

Sosefo, assisted in the fake SuvavouCourt decision, where the claim by the Suvavou Land owners were denied their ownership right to the Suva city area. Their village was originally situated where Government House is today, where they were asked to move to their current location, where the name Suvavou [new Suva]originated, all this happened just over 100 years ago.
Sosefo and other would be appointees you should not have joined this regime in the first place, even with good intentions, the whole regime is a big fake!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what was Epeli Nailatikau's response to the letter.
May be Kahiyum got him by the balls too.

SEMI MEO said...

@Benjamin Franklin May 10, 2012 2:34 PM...kid in the sand pit taunts..."man, you jealous tiko…jealous because I enjoyed Rotumans meaty succulent fish , spongy dalo and downed with the syrup of the moli ni Rotuma…lol…you're not only jealous..you crying now because I had double doze…thc…tch…tch..

Ia, me qai dua ga vei iko na qani bulu me nomu I sala…as president of my fan club..STOP FOLOWING ME AROUND!!

Talk on the topic…OH..thanks…but no thanks for insulting mu Rotuman cousins s as if their economy revolve around copra cutting…siosio..you have no idea…no idea of the family, clan and Island investment portfolios in Fiji and abroad…no blooming idea!!

Do you really think they have been sleeping all this post colonial era??..

Oh…with due respect , Rotumans are not Melanesian I taukei “ of Fiji…they are Polynesian “I taukei” of Rotumans..

..now you’re jealous of the Rotumans..

Anonymous said...

Semi Meow, you're rambling on like a sick puppy. Oh sorry you are sick. By the way, how's your brother Voceke?

Anonymous said...

Actually Rotumans are Micronesians.

Anonymous said...

Ass K must GO ,Bai save your marama now or life will be HELL .

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz smartly sends DUMB Bainimarama to India to bow down at temples and ask for forgivness and smartly meets Foreign Ministers of Aust and NZ who make a monkey of him,and he directs FICAC not to charge his mate minister for Health for corruption ,as profits were shared in Hongkong during the sevens ,why did Sharma broke kangaal LEGA Minister go to HK out of his normal route ,who paid for his stay and extra airfares, hello wake up PM and Langman spineless

Anonymous said...

Is it true:

Sosefo Inoke: According to our legal sources, Inoke was running a failed law practice that is originally registered as operating out of Nadi but most of the time Inoke has been Suva. Our sources say after the National Bank of Fiji's $220 million dollar scam was un-earthed in 1995, Sosefo Inoke was amongst a group of four lawyers who were owing the NBF a massive $400,000 they had overdrawn from their overdraft facility.

Sources say following the revelation, Sosefo fled to Australia to escape the clutches of the Bank and also avoid disciplinary proceedings that were about to be instituted by the Fiji Law Society. He re-surfaced at the turn of the century but has struggled to maintain a viable law practice. According to our sources Inoke’s main motive for accepting appointment is financial.

Bisun said...

Arreehh! tabale Semi Meo ko au sa waraka tiko ko iko me soli ko au dua na qele aqo ko iko na koro reh....oti ko iko biu ko au na yacana i na bola ni kawa bula, kedatou tokatoka bata, mataqali bata, same yabusa ree.... kakua lebu walega na speak ike walega ko iko sa segai action tiko, da lebulebu.

Anonymous said...

I think Sosefo Inoke was also a failed candidate for the Rotuma communal seat - he was representing Ratu Epeli Ganilau's National Alliance Party - maybe dictator suddenly no longer trusts him?

Anonymous said...

Since someone above seems to think
that Rotuma should seek sovereingty
due to Bai's AG- firing of Inoke!Yeah right! Since were in the dismentaling mode, could we do the same for Ono I Lau. I'm sure lots of Ono Islanders would rather be independent rather then be parmanently bound to a coup-coup land with no freedom in sight?

Anonymous said...

@8.48pm, Rotumans are Polynesians, lai vuli tale..viavia vuku qai sega...bothy..

Anonymous said...

Why do your proregime bloggers not answer your 'Anon' contributor - why were Anasa Vocea, Isireli Koyamaibole & many others terminated?

Anonymous said...

Ask France if they can make Rotuma a Department of France and join their cousins in Wallis and Fortuna. No coups there and more money.

Anonymous said...

Vocea...wasnt he a boss in pwd? most corrupt department of government, destroyed by Inoke Kubuabola when he became its minister afte 87.

Maybe he didnt want to share

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:25 pm

What about Koya ? They've hired him as a Magistrate despite the fact that he is under a Receiving Order (Bankruptcy proceedings) ?

What about Gates who lied under oath to the Court of Appeal n the Takiveikata case ? They've hired him as Chief Justice.

SEMI MEO said...

@to all the faceless and nameless @aNUNImosi..opps..Anonymous..

@aNUNImosi1."Rotumans are Micronesians"??...yeah right!..we are sorry that while the rest of us were in school...you were "kaba quwawa tiko"..ROTUMANS ARE POLYNESIAN!!..THE QUWAWA HAS BLOCKED EVERYTHING MAY BE INCLUDING YOUR HONORABLE BRAIN!!

@aNUNImosi 2...AGAIN YOUR BLOCK HEAD ..has compared Ono i Lau to Rotuman...goodness!!..now you've constipated badly enough to say.eh..nothing11

@aNUNImosi 3..Gagaj Inoke Sosefo is a honorable man..unfortunately, accusations and allegation by these facelss and nameless cyber thugs in this highly esteemed column are even not good enough for the flush toilet...but..flies infested 'vale ni vo keli ena rusa na koro"...yep...they tink just like the credibility and charater of these @aNUNImosi liteering this cyber ring...

These @aNUNImosis ..bout rerebaka tiko aqo Bhainamarama..korotou rerebaka tiko malua sa moku korotou so sotia biabialebu aqo na keba..


Ra yavu lala veilecayaki...ra sota ga kei nodra Paraiminisita kei nodra Komada..ia tiko na vaka shaka shaka..cuva tiko e ra..ramuramu tiko..na cava ni rere vaka vua na Dictator qori..dau taro o ira na qase mai na'oro....e cava e rua na draga ni ena??

Anonymous said...

Dumb Arse CID looking for clues on who broke into their Headquarters - You do not have to be Einstein to know that it was the Mataivalu Ni Solisona looking for 2006 Coup Files and files on the Illegal Junta & their friends for all the corruption that is going on - Does YP Reddy's Files ring a bell.

Why do you think Pryde was appointed to the DPP's Post - To ensure that cases against certain people do not see the Courts as the Sri Lankan Expat did not want to follow Aiarses orders.

Well guess what - Aiarse will not be here to protect the Mataivalu Ni Solisona for long as he is preparing to flee the country as he has his millions stashed overseas already.

Langman and FICAC (Fiji Independent Commission of Assholes and Soli Cici) are also useless and Aiarse decides who gets charged and who does not.

God help Fiji especially the the ordinary hardworking people who are suffering to put food on the table for their families.

Fijiana said...

This is not the first time that Rotuma will be seeking Independence.
In 1987 Gagaj Sau Lagfatmaro (Henry Gibson) had advocated for Independence. For those that want to get further information, Google "Henry Gibson Rotuma".

Gagaj Sau Lagfatmaro has genuine documents that clearly show that Fiji was just convenient location for British government to administer Rotuma from. Also financially it did not make sense for British to have a separate governor in Rotuma and a full set of administrative personnel. Economically it just was more practical to have the governor in Fiji to administer Rotuma from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! @ Indian Man!

Bhaiya Babu said...

In his book “Roots of Haitian Despotism” Robert Fatton tells that despots/dictators use apparatuses of the state to “nurture the cult of his personality", and in portraying himself as having "all encompassing sphere of competence”....
.."People are led to believe that without him there would be only darkness and disorder. Despots know that their rule depends on their capacity to suppress alternative centers of authority. A despot does seek to keep his courtiers at his mercy and makes sure that they all know it. He is the ultimate dispenser of favor and disfavor, of gift and confiscation, of privilege and ruin. He places himself above the law; indeed, he is the law”.

He gives and He takes. So what is the big deal Mr. Judge Inoke??

When in favor You sang his praises and virtues…
And now in disfavor You speak only of his woes..???

Anyone who takes an oath of allegiance to serve a despot/dictator has already sold his soul, his personal dignity and character is forever tarnished, tainted, compromised!!

There is also a depth of traditional wisdom in the profound Indian saying which goes like this: “Dhobi ke Kutha Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat ke”! Ask one of your esteemed fraternal Judges to explain this to you one day!

You are not alone in your predicament Mr. Judge, there are many other ‘Dhobi Ke Kuthas around for you to take comfort from; namely Chaudhry, Vaseonoi, Johns Sami & Prasad, Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh, Francis Narayan,…and the list continues.. Justice Patik…


Anonymous said...

This regime is going round in circles, fake road map taking the people no where. We were better of in 2006. We have lost more than we had achieved.
Loss of skilled professionals
Loss of foreign earnings
Loss of dollar value
Loss of quality leadership
Loss of foreign aid and technical support
Rise in inflation
Rise in unemployment
Rise in natural disaster damages
Rise in corruption and nepotism
Rise in unfair dismissal
Rise in comming to terms with harsh reality of financial mismanagement by the regime.

Sosefo like many others, is just a pawn in this fake game/regime.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:10 PM

We were better off after December 6, 2006 till about 2008. After the infiltration of Arse who sidelined every productive and intelligent person in the administration. Choor dhry was an exception. Choor needed to go. In his case it was a blessing in disguise.

Qarese needed to go. He went. I hope he just goes vanishes forever from the political scene.

Anonymous said...

I don't think suggestion about Ono-i-Lau to join Rotuma's in cessation idea will be received easily having Jiko Luveni in the military regime cabinet. It's a pity Jiko could not be restrained from joining regime by hubby Col Luveni who was a minister in SDL govt. Well very hard woman to control, Poor Mike found that out some years back.

To err is human said...

Inoke was wrong but regime DID wrong - there is a difference

Anonymous said...

Komai Nabenubenu money is now and will always be the FACTOR-anyone who says anything else is either too damn poor or is a millionair! The real person who stands up for the CAUSE is a REAL Rarety! Era sa yali na tamata dina, o ira era sa vo tu qo sa maka nodra qaibulu"s! All talk no action!

Taukei. said...

Old proverb Inoke should ponder?

Lie with dogs & you get fleas.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! @ Bahaiya Babu

Anonymous said...

Qarase is not vanishing Mate, did you watch the Fiji1 news last nite. He wants the 1997 Constitution to stay. Everywhere there is a sense something's going to happen soon..go buy ur bazooka now!!

Anonymous said...

Qarase is streets ahead of many in Fiji. A gentleman, a Fijian nationalist with concern for all other races and a development banker. He will return as Prime Minister. The ball is starting to roll. Take heed or be rolled over.

Anonymous said...

Qarese is a goner. Bye bye ni sa moce Qarese. Enjoy your stay in Naboro. There is no 2 ways about it. Just as Bai put you there as PM he will make sure that you are history.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:18 and Semi
Go and ask the Rotumans and they will tell you they are not Polynesians.
Ask them where they forefathers migrated from.
There language and culture is also closer to micronesian than polynesia.
Go talk to your Rotuman friends Semi. You might learn something.

Anonymous said...

@12.10 pm Maybe you need to look at where you came from because you centairnly jumping into things you know nothing of..and making an arse of urself if i might add...

Anonymous said...

Guys, if you want to know about the Rotuman history,google it and stop acting like dummies?
But for your record there was a theory that the original inhabitants of Rotuma were Fijians.Who were returning home, from Samoa,Tonga,vanuatu and other pacific islands, which our sea farer fore-fathers had been to for trades,etc,etc.they were pushed off-course by strong wind or currents.With them, were possibly new wives,children, and or friends from these areas? I read this theory in a study which makes a lot of sense. That's my story and i'm stickin to it!!!

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@Anonymous 12:43 You my friend should go back to Africa and talk to your relatives there about some manners.

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Leave Khayaum alone, you guys, cannt you seek he is doing great job where King Qarase and his cronies controlled everything inlcuding land which was owned to the farmers. he threw them out see what happened to him, you do unjustice, some one will do unjustiec to you. Keep up the good work Khayum, there are lots of sour grapes around, let them bark, they will find their solence when they get tied. Fiji was doomed long beofre Mara planned his vision to suck off the farmers, he did not realise that farmers would die one day when the natives will starve off hunger. Khayam is feedding you people termprorily, so don't make to many song and dance, just shut up and get to work and earn your keep and stop thuggery in the streets. Visitors to Fiji be careful of the natives they make gangs in front of the banks and they will rip your cash in a flash.As to Inoke, you did a good job, your contract was for 3 years, what elese you want, the President's job, leave that for the blogger.

Anonymous said...

Judge Inoke was a gentleman, he upheld the rule of law. He was legally appointed by the President, he showed courage and tenacity in performing above the ranks of the bloggers and the ignorant commentators that he fell short in delivery. Marshall should be shot on the spot, he was not a judge, he was a villan, a corrupt one as well. He showed his power and complained about other judges to the C J, his job was to hear the appeals and let the appeal judges decide the cases, he did not have the authority to judge the judges. WE are so glad at last he was given the marching orders.He demonstarted that he knew more than any one else, he had no authority to interfere with Judge Inoke's private life, what ever was the problem in his personal life was a matter for the CJ, and not Judge Marshall.