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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Japan forum rejects Bainimarama saying 'insufficient pace of reforms'

Setting the bar high: Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba
Cold dose of reality today for the regime with Japan's decision to spurn the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, from the annual PALM Forum of Pacific leaders.

Flying high with airline mates but spurned internationally
The regime had anticipated being a player at the important forum because of the work it says it is doing on the ground for democracy: namely discussions for a new Constitution and elections in 2014.

Buoyed also by the recent visit of the Pacific Forum's ministerial action group which it took as New Zealand and Australia engaging with it, the regime considered Bainimarama a shoo in for next week's Tokyo talks.

But thanks to last month's agreeement by the MCG team and the well-grounded caution being shown by its delegation leader, Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr, Bainimarama will not be at PALM.

According to AFP, Japan was closely monitoring the situation in Fiji to see if it was appropriate to invite Bainimarama but "decided recently that it's impossible because of the insufficient pace of reform toward democratisation."

An official quoted by AFP says Japan welcomed Fiji's promise to hold elections and constitutional talks, but "there are some negative moves such as enacting a law that could restrict human rights."
AFP quotes that official as saying: "We instead invited Fiji's foreign minister."

Tokyo says the decision was made after 'intense consultations' with Australia, in particular Bob Carr who is in Tokyo, New Zealand, the United States and others.
The Australian quotes Carr as saying: "Our view is that we maintain our position on Fiji until we have been persuaded that the process of constitutional consultation is thoroughly open.

"There have been encouraging signs in Fiji but the continuing process of consultation about a new constitution has some distance to go. But there should be no weakening of our position until democratic norms have been reinstated."

A welcome reminder to both the people of Fiji and the international community.

Bainimarama took the country by force in 2006 promising to clean up the corruption of what he said was previous racist governments but he has effectively created a Fiji that is even more divided.

He and those he put in power to enforce his 'clean up campaign' have reneged on democratic elections, abrogated the 1997 Constitution and used emergency laws and decrees to rob citizens of their rights, all the while engaging in corrupt behaviour themselves.

Not surprisingly, the regime has taken the high moral ground and has told Japan Inoke Kubuaobola is “busy” with another international engagement and Fiji will not send anyone to PALM.

Discussions for a new Constitution meanwhile started this week with the Commission chair Yash Ghai having arrived recently. 

Ironically, the talks kicked off with Ghai saying the government should justify any restrictions which are in place and it should not hinder public consultations - and the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, typically using double talk to reject the suggestion.

The contentious issue of what role the RFMFwill play during the process, the elections and thereafter continues to be unclear, made even more so with conflicting reports about individual RFMF members being allowed to seek election.

Ghai: Govt should justify restrictions
Getting meeting permits not a restriction – AG

Groups fear limitations on free speech
 Fiji's Constitution will define neutrality: Tikoitgoa
Military officers to resign if contesting the 2014 elections


Anonymous said...

To the Japanese foreign minister;-
You have made a good decision against this fraudulent government. Now you must stand your ground ... what! you say you will allow the Fiji foreign minister to come ? WHAT THE !
You made your decision - stick to it!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese long weighed the idea of inviting Bainimarama to the PALM Summit. Tokyo's decision in this regard signals that some members of the international community aren't simply going to wink at the regime's half-hearted efforts toward dialogue in the interest of declaring "victory."

Carr may have intervened strongly on this issue, but a quiet word from Clinton probably carried greater weight in Tokyo's calculus. Tokyo uses Washington's policy toward Fiji as a touchstone but has less confidence in Australian leadership on the issue.

In fact, Washington doesn't really have a "Fiji policy" per se, but simply applies its laws and global policies to Fiji as it would to almost any other country in the same circumstances. Exceptions are rare and require a presidential determination.

This unemotional and detached approach appeals to Japanese sensibilities, but they're also punctilious about their responsibilities as host. The Japanese likely feel a bit conflicted about the situation, but they made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Now AG is accusing bus association to be corrupt. Whenever he makes such accusation you know that he is about put his hand in to make some money. Any industry left in Fiji that he hasn't accused of some form of corruption? Oh yes his own office!

AG when will you announce that the regime is corrupt and taking Fiji backwards?

Anonymous said...

Fark the Japs. What have they brought to Fiji? Killed our great soldiers during World War 2 the mf's.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese aren't stupid they playin the same games as everyone else, including Australia & NZ. If they were sincere they would not allow Fiji to participate at all-now why wouldn't they not do that? Soon the next round of discussions with occur with regards to whaling in the Southern Ocean-now who would you think they will turn to Australia & NZ for support! So far the Japs have thumbed they noses at the International community with regards to whaling-now Australia & NZ know they can't do shit about it! But if you smart enough look at the aid the present Regime is getting from Japan that should enlighten a few of us! We seem to be getting conned by ll ths small talk yet how long has Bainimarama been in power??? Now won't that tell you the whole story!

Anonymous said...

The pressure needs to be kept up though on the MCG and Carr and New Zealand. Bai should've been taken out long time ago

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The corruption is in the regime not the Bus company Kaiyum. too much bullshit.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh, sa qai pote,what you got to offer to that forum Vore,they already know your trick. All your overseas trip is about choking around bullshitting,begging and you don't want people back home to know what you've been up to. They must have got your agenda before hand.Sa ra via kilavaki iko mai. Don't try your trick on those people. Vesumona started from them and they can sell you just like that before you come to your senses.If you can't handle the pressure, then give it up.Don't make your problem be our problem.You forced the military to pursue your own personal agenda against the previous govt,now you drag everybody in. All these mess is just because of you. Not race,politics,church,union, media,chiefs etc,these were only your excuses.You are out of options now and you don't have the brain to rescue Fiji from the mess you created.Ma qai ga nakoro.

Anonymous said...


Investigate the corrupt closure of entire SCC and other councils and new NZ company got tender to run councils-massive unemployment soon.

Investigate the corrupt company to make the monorail from nausori-suva-=ba.

Anonymous said...

Thank you JAPAN for not inviting Bainimarama - he is Illegal anyway. No one voted for him!!He does not have the mandate of the people!!

Vutuki Thakur said...

hehe in your face pig ladiesfence.. but the pig always has something up his sleeve. Expect retaliation.

Anonymous said...

Japan is not being inconsistent or wishy-washy. Fiji has participated in all PALM summits, if not at the foreign minister level, then via Suva's ambassador to Tokyo.

Canberra and Wellington are not going to support the Japanese position on whaling.

Anonymous said...

Japan is unhappy as fiji has strong ties with china.
Japan and china do not get along well.
Simple politics and this has nothing to do with the regime.
Fiji should get china to show its stength and the japanese will bow down in no time

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:24 Japan has far bigger ties with China then Fiji will ever have.

The whole area of north east China from Manchuria and uptowards that north eastern sector has the biggest concentration of Japanese investment anywhere in the world. Hitachi, Toshiba, Matsushita you name it.

Toyota has one of its largest plants in south east asia situated at Changchun.

The Neusoft Institute of Information in Dalian is basically funded by the yanks and the Japanese. It is one of the top high tech training centres in the world today producing software engineers and hardware engineers.

Dalian has grown massively since the 90's on the back of Japanese investment. Today it is developing into a major port city in this Pacific Rim.

5000 Japanese software companies operate out of Dalian alone. They are responsible for 90% of the outsourcing sales from that city. For the last 10 years Dalian has had 50% growth rate in its IT industry because of the infusion of all that Foreign direct investment from Japan, amongst others.

What makes you think China will bow down to the carpet beggar conman Bai ?

Anonymous said...

The most corrupt of all, Khaiyum, is now talking about a Freedom of Information law! He says the new decree will let businesses challenge govt dept decisions and see who beat them to a licence! Another one for his mates. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

In todays propaganda newspaper..''Fiji Sun""..frontpage news is Bai calling for Japaneese PM to visit fiji..haahaa..heres his old trick again..he tries very hard to convince them that everything is normal on the ground..shows how very dumb and stupid a leader of a country has become..or maybe someone should inform him that the Japaneese government has its embassy and representatives here who keep the Japaneese PM informed on all the progress being done on the ground and if all is well they will notify their respective govt..hahaaa..Now we see that Frank is a real dickhead..numbskull and no school wannabe leader..

Paula said...

It is time that the international community believes what Khaiyum and Bainimarama say. They have never told a lie haven't they? It is sad to see how such a wise leader as Bainimarama is not allowed to enlighten the PALM meeting with his intellect. The Japanese should have seen him at the ADB annual meeting when he explained his innovative macroeconomic approach! After all he leads a country that is not only free, he also presides over an economy whose private investment ratio has fallen to 2% of GDP. This is a world record.

Anonymous said...

well done japan.
un should ban this idiots too.
we dont trust anything this illegal regime say and do.
they are bunch of liars and crooks.

Anonymous said...

why the f#*& would you guys want to ridicule our hard working Prime Minister.He has done a better job than any other PM in the history of Fiji.Japan or no Japan our PM will and is taking our country foward.

Anonymous said...

Well you can'y have your cake & eat it too you dumb farks.........as they say, a big toad in a little well..

Twoodle doo gents........

Anonymous said...

The Japanese are pointedly not inviting Bainimarama to their summit, so the idea that they might now be persuaded to send their PM to Fiji for a visit is pretty foolish, given the facts on the ground.

The idea of China making a show of strength versus Japan over Fiji is ridiculous. Neither country cares that much about Fiji. In fact, its ties with Fiji are now a bit of an embarrassment for Beijing. Notice that every time the regime tries to play up China's involvement with the regime, Beijing is mum or tries to play it down? Sure, under Bainimarama, the Chinese government and the triads are making inroads in Fiji, but Beijing doesn't want to advertise that fact. It's trying to outflank what it sees as an American-led encirclement, without calling attention to the fact.

Tokyo invited Kubuabola to the PALM. That's a higher level than Tokyo offered in some previous PALMs. It's a snub, but not a gratuitous one, like some of the regime's, and neither should it have been unexpected. It really isn't such a big deal.

Anonymous said...

pUT A 15% TAX ON jAPANESE vehicles
brought in to be sold in Fiji?Including all japanese products?

SEMI MEO said...

RAMSI in the Solomon Islands…soon,probably RAMJ for the land of the rising nuclear waste..seem, who ever gave the most towards Japan tsunami rehabilitation will be heard.

…Fiji may have given gave peanuts according to the Japs, now treated like a monkey…

Phew..Australia's sure rising to be a super power!!..with all her natural resources as bargaing chips..

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 7:41pm

"What makes you think China will bow down to the carpet beggar conman Bai ?"

Well said - for China the choice would be between Toyota and the FSC - one, a profitable international company, the other being a corrupt regime's pig-pen.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:51 a 15% tax on Japanese vehicles to Fiji doesn't register even as a blimp on Tokyo's radar.

Asco and Carpenters Motors the biggest importers of new Japanese vehicles to Fiji both bring in, on average, 20 vehicles a month. Peanuts.

The second hand car people bring in vehicles which are sold for between $500 and $1500 on the Japanese second hand car trade market. They bring in around 50 cars a month on average.

The car Japanese car imports to Fiji is not even worth $USD 15 million a year. A peanut figure when you stand that up against Motor companies like Toyota which has a global revenue of $USD18.53 trillion a year.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:26, Bainimarama is taking the country forward alright -- straight to the abyss.

The best PM in Fiji's history? I know that some of Fiji's PMs have been rather disappointing, but really! 

Let's review the record, shall we? Please correct me if anything I write is in error or in any way an exaggeration. 

Your hero led a band of traitors in seizing your elected government and now holds the entire country at gunpoint. Indeed, we now know that Bainimarama was behind every coup attempt back to and including the 2000 attack on Parliament.

Bainimarama rubbished Fiji's constitution, took away your vote, censored your press, sabotaged the economy, plundered your pension fund, forbade gatherings of three or more, arrested and harassed human rights activists, stomped pregnant women, firebombed and tortured political opponents, dismissed the entire judiciary, hired mercenary magistrates from abroad, closed parliament, sold the country into ruinous loans, opened the country to organized crime, forbade church meetings, abolished Fijian cultural institutions, got the RFMF blacklisted from future peacekeeping operations, punished those who spoke the truth, appointed and promoted those who lied, etc., etc. 

Your man is known far and wide as a bald-faced, inveterate liar. He's less than a grotesque mediocrity playing the part of a hero; he's a villainous traitor who subverted Fiji's imperfect democracy in order to avoid accountability for his crimes. He violated the trust reposed in his command, soiled and sullied his uniform and disgraced the RFMF by leading it in bullying and torturing the very citizens it is supposed to protect -- your neighbors and countrymen.  

He denies you your right to elect your own civil and religious leaders, to voice your opinion on the street as freely as you do on this website, drink grog with mates of your choosing, petition this government peacefully for change, address labour grievances through collective bargaining, receive impartial justice from the courts, or expect accountability regarding the expenditure of your tax money. By disingenuously justifying his actions as necessary to achieve racial justice, he's severely harmed race relations in Fiji.

What other PM has so dismal a record?  

Is it Japan's fault that Bainimarama turned Fiji into a regional pariah? He treats Fiji's traditional and true friends with arrogance and ingratitude while aligning Fiji with international jackals who seek only to exploit the country's present vulnerability. 

How does Tokyo's decision not to invite Bainimarama to PALM 6 in any way imply disrespect for the Fijian people? The man lacks even the barest shred of legitimacy. Far from representing Fijian sovereignty, he's the main obstacle to the ability of the Fijian people to express their sovereign will. 

Speaking of sovereignty, every country has the right to decide who it invites to visit. Bainimarama arrogated to himself the title of prime minister, but Tokyo understands that the title has now become a quaint Fijian term meaning 'hostage-taker'. 

If it makes you feel better, George Speight didn't receive an invitation either.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Radiolucas said...

@ Dakuwaqa

I think Anon 10:26 just got served.

Very well said.

Anonymous said...

haahaa haa..anon 10.26..POTE..with a capital P..Pee Brain..

Anonymous said...

Pretending to have Free and Fair Democratic Elections is not fooling any one.

Anonymous said...

Japan does not want the head of a Mataivalu ni Solisona Military who has da for brains and cannot think and comprehend things for himself to attend and make a fool of himself as Sir Khaiyum will not be there telling him what to say and do.

The true leader of Fiji, Sir Khaiyum the Vunivalu of Bau and King of Fiji wanted to attend in his place but when this was rejected he directed Frank to announce that Kubuabola was not attending.

Kubuabola not happy as he will miss out on his free trip and allowances and just like the Mataivalu Ni Solisona can do fuck all about it as Sir Khaiyum is the one man government in charge in Fiji.

Sir Khaiyum has directed that VB, Kubuabola, rest of Cabinet Ministers and Mataivalu Ni Solisona go and vutusona instead of wasting his time on this issue as he has other money making proposals for himself to consider.

Sir Khaiyum - We are the Mataivalu Ni Sona you are our king and Master and like Voreqe we are your puppets ready to be stringed along as you wish.

Anonymous said...

What valuable contribution can form four dropout make in such a highly esteemed forum of leaders who are top university graduates.

Anonymous said...

Nalin Patel,so easly fits in everywhere,with all govts in power,you got to have art of slithering

Cat Got Ur Tongue? said...

Anonymous 10:26, Dakuwaqa called you out. He asks to be corrected if anything he wrote is in error or in any way an exaggeration. Well, is it? Here's your chance to put old Dakuwaqa in his place.

You claim Bainimarama is Fiji's greatest prime minister ever, while Dakuwaqa says he has a dismal record and points to a long litany of his alleged crimes and mismanagement. Don't you have anything to say for yourself?

Anonymous said...

Nalin Patel is a advisor to BAI and Nalin runs FIRCA .He was the one who got AJITH KODAKODA from CJ PATEL appointed as chair,making PIO exit ,well he Nalin Patel are official accountants to most guji business and C.J PATEL GROUP and check how much tax does Sandeep Patel pay,NONE,, KHEM CHO BEN CH?D

Puf-Military said...

Piggy you mindless orangutan. Don't you know you and your boyfriend Khaiyum's collective pea brain is out of its depth. Unqualified cabin boy who failed Fiji Junior 3 times. Khaiyum a formerly obscure lawyer who never defended a case in court or regarded as competent by real lawyers.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Cat Got Ur Tongue. Anonymous 10:26, if Vuaka is the greatest PM ever, you should have a list of his accomplishments point to. I'd like to see what's on it. And what do you say to Dakuwaqa's long list of indictments? I'd like to read your refutation.

For that matter, how about another regime supporter replying to Dakuwaqa? What about it, any other takers? Anybody? Croz Walsh, Graham Davis, Sharon Smith-Johns... I so look forward to reading your response to Dakuwaqa's charges. Mohammed Aziz, you've obviously already spent a lot of time preparing for your legal defence, why not give us a preview?

This is your chance to man up and set the record straight. After all, what better defence than the truth? Or else, what are we to conclude, that the truth isn't very flattering in Vuaka's case?

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa, why do they keep ducking you? Because they got nothing.

Anonymous said...

You supporters of Frank, you say he's taking the country forward, you even say he's best PM ever. But Dakuwaqa challenges you with the facts and away you hide like the lamusona you are.

Cat Got Your Tongue? said...

Yeah, I didn't think so. Anonymous 10:26, you gutless POS traitor, don't make any more statements you can't back up. The same goes for those other cowards named by Anonymous 4:54.

Every one of you afraid to fish, because Dakuwaqa bites, while you can only bark!