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Friday, May 25, 2012

Judicial moles: more Sri Lankan judges leaving

Sri Lankan jduges welcomed 2011. Fiji Times file pic
No announcement yet by the regime but insiders have spilled the beans - Fiji's judiciary has its youngest appointee ever - the 24 year old son of Nanise Rakatele - Charles Rakatele.

Insiders say Rakatele was appointed on Monday and will commence sitting as a magistrate on June 1st in Nausori to replace Mosese Naivalu whose contract is not being renewed as from 1st July 2012. 

More losses, though, with eight Sri Lankan judges and magistrates said to be leaving and there is huge interest in the future of Anthony Gates whose contract expires in August 2012.

Meanwhile in Lautoka at the moment, just one civil judge is handling three High Court civil files.

Insiders also say Sofia Hamza - an Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum lackey - is a new magistrate who is facing serious family problems as her police prosecutor husband, Yasin, has had a child out of marriage and the mother of the baby has secured court orders for child and spouse maintenance. 

Judicial moles say the besieged police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, won’t sack Yasin Hamza for the extra marital affair as he has been warned by Khaiyum not to touch him. 

And more problems for Justice Daniel Goundar with the national intelligence bureau investigating how he sold his Nailuva road property for $500,000 when it was on the market for $320,000. 

Word has it that it has been bought by a benefactor whose cousin appeared recently before Goundar.


  1. Given the state of the Fijian economy, perhaps I can buy it back for $20,000 !

  2. If they're to investigate Goundar for such an anomaly, then they should investigate ASK, too, because he did the same thing.

  3. The Sri Lankan judges are and have been reading C4/5 - and are waking up. How could they work under an Attorney-General who conspired to overthrow a democratic government, and their recruiter Tony Gates, was one of the judges who fine-tuned Voreqe's speech! It was a very simple plan - coup and a Fiji High court ruling later rejecting Qarase's challenge but it all backfired when Fiji Court of Appeal overturned Gates' ruling - hence no choice but to abolish the 1997 Constitution to avoid joing George Speight and others in Naboro

  4. SEX , DRUGS and ROCK & ROLL!!

  5. Anthony Gates, please be sure to leave us your mailing address when you go. After all you've done, we do so want to keep 'in touch'.

  6. Interesting to note that Epeli Nailatikau's name isn't on the shortlisted list of names eligible for vunivalu of Bau.

  7. Why are these foreign judges been refused a second terms? Was there any explaination? This is an outrage cause inspite of any good reason(s) for not renewing their contract, it is a major loss for the country economy? You pay to bring them in, you pay during their employment,and you pay for them to get out!Why couldn't Gate
    hire local lawyers who has been in the bench for over 10 years or so,i'm pretty sure they should be competent enough to;read,write,&dispensed justice? I think tha Anthony Gate is an Assie spy mole, whose task is to financially messed-up the country economy back 20 to 30 years??? Bai
    be careful about this assole and better kicked-in his ass before he skipped the country!!!

  8. Too much coruption yaar.lol

  9. sa vacava tiko mada na sotia ra lave dagger tiko mai qori i nabua lol

  10. Why cant our judges and lawyers boycott the illegal regime.
    tell frank/khaiyum to f off and uphold the 1997 constitution .
    frank/khaiyum bs decree is good for t p.
    wake up guys learn from your learned friends from parkistan .they boycotted the court/govt.

  11. Foreign investment in fiji hasnt improved at all after this illegal regime put in place incentives they might find attractive..

    Biman Prasad the chief economist says foreign investment in the country has not improved since government has very attractive incentives to investors..haahaaa..Would anyone please tell me who in the world would want to invest in a country that is run a bunch of thugs wannabe leaders and is so lawless that the judiciary is obviously corrupt big time..The only people that would want to invest here would be con artists..Chineese dru cartels that front up their shady businesses with travel agents and the chineese TRIAD..haaahaaa..Get real Aiyaaaz and smell the real air..your fundamental changes is a whole lot of shit..You dont have any right whatsoever to change a countries constitution cause you are illegal...full stop..You wannabe legal pro..never won a case in any court of law and you can get stuffed with your thesis and your smart talk..The time is coming when the citizens of this country will march up to your new property in vunakece road..bought from stolen taxpayers money fron the fiji Treasury and will hang you from the tree that is looking down from your front yard..You bullshit con artist..

  12. Isn't it truly comforting that we have an independent judiciary that performs to the highest ethical standards?

  13. Wow. A 24 year old magistrate?

    Does that mean all the appearing lawyers will need to assist him with his studies?

    This is truly "scraping the bottom of the barrel".

    Unbelievable. Only in Coup-Coup Land.

  14. @ Radiolucas

    Yes, 24 years old. In normal times one needed to have been in practice for a minimum of 10 years even before one qualified to apply for consideration to an appointment as a Magistrate.

    10 years ago he would have been a 14 year old in Primary school doing his Secondary School Entrance examinations.

    Same goes for Goundar who wouldn't even have qualified for appointment for a Judge's position in normal times, let alone become Acting Chief Justice.

    Prior to 5th December 2006 for consideration to appointment as a Judge one needed to have had a minimum of 20 years post admission experience.

    What is happening here is merely a reflection of the poor state of the Judiciary. The corruption, manipulation and lowering of standards.

    They had already appointed bankrupts (Koya) to the Magistratcy.

    So these susbequent developments are not an abberation.

    They are now the norm for Fiji's judiciary and legal system, not the exception.

  15. The 24 year old thinks hes up to the job, and why not, our judiciary has been farked up so deep and so long maybe he will do a fine job.

  16. the country has gone to the dogs full stop !!

  17. the country has gone to the dogs full stop !!

  18. @ Anon 6:22

    We're paying the price of having an inexperienced lawyer who never practiced law now playing Attorney General at the expense of the nation

    Then as this article indicates a Millitary lawyer whose only claim to fame was to participate in the frame up cases (ala stitch up jobs) for the CRWU fall guys post 2000 was a "co architect/ legal adviser" of the December 2006 coup d'etat.

    Vast gulf between believing you are upto the job and actually having the capacity to do the job. Two different things.

    Capacity comes with skill gained through well earned experience.

    One results in solid outcomes, the other in a mess.

    What we have in this country today is the result of people believing they are upto the job and then making it all up as they go along.

    No skills and no experience, just lots of theory and making the rest of it up via coverups and manipulation and propoganda as they go along.

    Net result ? The mess we have today

  19. But all of you forget that this 24 year old is an exceptionally bright and a very very SMART individual. Now instead of congratulating him for his achievements you all get together to malign him and the regime. How typically unFijian is that??!

  20. Bai just so you know, Tony Gate is a poofta and works for the Aussie Secret Services.If i was you i'd used him as an example to future
    Aussie spy, by taking this assole to Delainabua and let the boys have a go with his sonalevu before
    removing his baku (if he has one) fo good!Then fire the SOB?

  21. And who the heck is this Nanise Rakatele? Where did this 24 years old graduated from? Most probably from one of the Indo-Fijian academy
    of psychological Warfare-USP;NUF;UF
    no doubt? At least they're hiring locally and inexperience minds.

  22. @ Anon 12:09

    "Exceptionally bright" applies in university and a structured learninfg enviroment where kids are expected to learn things over two semesters and do exams.

    In the real world, "exceptionally bright" is merely part of the package. You also need experience, and skills developed and honed through years of experience.

    Work in the real world is not the same as studying at university. One is theory and the other is practice.

    And the bench is not a place for doing trial and error learning on the job learning the application of theories. That should have already been gained through experience in practice. Years of practice.

    An exceptionally bright medical gradutate is not the same thing as an experienced neurosurgeon.

    Same principle applies with Lawyers and Judges

    Corruption and manipulation of standards leads to sub par systems of governance.

    And that is what we have in display in this country today.

    This is not a criticism of Ratakele. He may very well be an "exceptionally bright" boy and deserves such a future.

    But the system also needs to apply standards which have stood the test of time and produced quality outcomes for the nation.

    Standards which are universally applied throughout the strong liberal and functioning democracies and legal systems in the Commonwealth. UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.


    This is a criticism of the mismangement of the system which has now led to the corruption and manipulation of the standards of the Judiciary, its ethics and its quality. All at the expense of the nation.

    Not a criticism of Ratakele.

  23. Many former lawyers at DPP claim that when the ilelgal A-G Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum left the DPP's office, they found hugle bundles of files that he had not bothered to go through them - he was basically hoarding the files instead of deliberating on them, with a view to prosecutions. The SOB should be hanged from a lamp post

  24. @ Vito
    Nailatikau can only qualify as Vunivalu of Tonga or Baulevu but definitely not Bau.

  25. Hahahaha a 24 year old judge? This is a complete joke!! It takes years for a lawyer to gain experience before they are considered to be judges. I suspect he's just out of law school, still green and inexperienced. Fiji is indeed a laughing stock.

  26. @ Anon 1209 am

    Would you pls explain how he is very very smart ?

    Also what achievements ?

    at 24 ?

  27. http://wobblybloggy.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/rat-leaving-a-sinking-ship/

  28. @ May 27 9am, that's why we need to elect Chiefs instead of one clan deciding it and giving criteria. Those eligible are not Chief material anyways, so why the fark do we bother in this day and age!! Get rid of that farken system..

  29. So this police prosecutor, Sofia Hamza's hubby has been, fruitfully, having it on the side, whilst madam magistrate Sofia Hamza is larking-up kyumie ??

    Scandalous, so so scandalous!!

    And in the meantime the POLCOM is snuffing $F7million worth of cocaine in fifty dollar bills.. And Alki BAI is guzzling wine by the gallons...

    WHILST Fiji Water-toddler KYUMIE is Scheming SCHEMING .....and scheming...

  30. 24year old is too young to be magistrate.Not enough life experience.
    Fijians turning up to court will face another shoving of the STICK up the arse.
    When will Fijians learn?
    This Illegal Regime must be eliminated ASAP.

  31. Ass need magistrates and Judges who can be his puppets and experienced and ethical qualified lawyers dont fall in the puppetering group. Aiyaz you have unfijianinsed Fiji that now THE KAIVITI have lost their identity and who helped you is our once great institution THE ROYAL FIJI MILITARY FORCE,THEMBO.RFMF you have sold your Fijian people to the gutter man and sent the tradition to Naboro land fill Wake up RFMF suckers

  32. Anonymous 12:06, for better or ill, chiefs are not elected, they are born. Want to get rid of the system? Fine, let us restore constotutional governance, and then we'll talk. Until then, joining with the regime in trying to cram this down the people's throats is treason.

  33. If, as Samuel Johnson said, the law is the last result of human wisdom acting upon human experience for the benefit of the public, then what manner of law and wisdom are we to expect from someone with so little experience as Rakatele?

    s/ Dakuwaqa

  34. Recall that one of the arguments the regime has for lifting the targeted travel sanctions imposed by other governments is that they make it difficult for Fiji's judiciary to attract qualified magistrates. Now the Sri Lankan magistrates recruited by Tony Gates are leaving in droves. When even mercenaries personally recruited by the Chief Justice find that serving in Fiji's justice system is unconscionable, then what does that tell you about the quality of justice in Fiji? The travel sanctions are not the impediment to justice for Fijians. This regime is the impediment.

  35. The Fiji Judiciary has been raped and faarted ,not once but so many times since the first coup;
    We have lost so many qualified people from the benches to please the Coup perpetrators.
    No qualified practising lawyer would want to serve on the bench to be dictated by an AG who has no knowledge of how the Judiciary should function and take instruction from him . Come on Fijians wake up before its too late; What has happened to you guys; You were very brave to do Marches/Protests and Roadblocks against a duly elected Govt of Bavadra, So What is stopping you to do similar actions against this draconian dictator and illegal Regime; Come on wake up and start the protests; how many will the army shoot? That would be the Start of Rebel and we can easliy bring these guys to justice and then will see birth of anew FIJI...

  36. Time is ripe for a transitional government to be put in place. A transitional government as opposed to interim or caretaker government. This is because a caretaker or interim government is for indefinite period. A transitional government is only during the transition.

    Members of the transitional government should not be allowed to contest 2014 election. We just can't afford another agriculture scam. This will also allow a fair and just election. It will also facilitate an open discussion for the proposed constitution.

  37. Villagers on Kavewa island Macuata suffering Diarrhea and skin infections.


    Thanks to Water supply from Government.
    Fijians being shoved up the arse again with Bainimarama STICK.
    Time to remove this illegal government ASAP.

  38. Who says that Sri Lankan Judges are leaving because they are against the policies of the present Fiji government?

    They have to leave because their contract term coming to end and they are unable to get more leave from their country.

    Those money greedy set of idiots would sell their lives if they get additional time allowance from their country.

    It it well known in the department, two Sri Lankan High Court judges based at Suva, who signed their initial contract for 2 years managed to get it extended for another year and one judge's contract coming to an end by the end of October.

    What a laugh... they won't leave unless they have to go....

  39. Fiji judiciary is showing signs that it is becoming a circus of judges and magistrates, all for a show before they are quickly shown out as they were quickly shown in.
    How many judges and magistrates have we had since 2007?, and how many DPPs?, we have all lost count.
    Why the high turnover?, it is because of the 'full independence' of the judiciary, as we have been continuously reminded by the regime.
    This is actually the judiciary 'the regime way', not free, not independent, not transparent, not anything at all to our expectation.
    When the regime does not respect the decision of our courts, how does it expect the people to view the system?
    We do not need reforms, reforms, and reforms, but we badly need restoration of the credibility of our systems and institutions.

  40. Military view....says

    What the hell are we doing with our once beloved military institution. Frank and Aziz and Aiyaz have made a mockery and tarnished our reputation.

    Do we have eyes that can see OR are we blinded by the fact that Frank has brained washed us all and paid us to stay loyal. For the last 26 years I have been loyal to the institution, now we are forced to be loyal to one man - Frank.

    what is wrong with us fellas & who is Aziz and Aiyaz anyway? they are holding Frank by his skin - kila vata.

    Now days we only hear about talks on China and Russia with understanding the complexities of internationalisation and trade and foreign relations. what a shame to us military. We have been brain washed by all Franks bullshit.

    well I guess we military were not trained politicians and neither have the capacity to be one. we were trained to protect our citizens and country even if our commander fails his nation.

    So what should we call ourselves now? soldiers of who - Aziz. Aiyaz Khaiyum, Frank and Nazhaat Shameem.
    These people have sold Fiji big time.

    I am ashamed & gutted absolutely.

  41. @ Anon, May 27 3.35pm, "Chiefs were born", maybe you did not finish school properly. Most Chiefs murdered other Chiefs to get their Chiefly title in the old days..wake the fark up..

  42. Well this is Fiji and anything is possible with these idiots. Corrupt, greedy, foolish, selfish. This Govt is corrupt. What happened to the FBC board case, invovling Chamapak Brijlal and Whippy. Apparent;y some Guji connection has paid off AG to bury this case. AG walks off again with $$$ put in his offshore bank account in Malaysia or Middle East.

  43. @Anonymous 7:23
    Soldiers who have integrity, like you,are "ashamed" of what Bainimarama is doing to Fijians.
    But the present crop of soldiers have "no shame".
    They give excuses like "We have to feed our family".
    In fact they are like the prostitutes that sell themselves at Rt Sukuna Park. These prostitutes say the same thing "We have to feed our family".
    These soldiers have prostituted themselves to Bainimarama and to Aiyaz Khaiyum.
    He says "Jump"
    They say "How high Sir"
    They say "Bend over". The soldiers say "How low Sir".
    All arseholes.
    The army is now full of arseholes. Men with no integrity.
    All this bullshit about "obeying orders" is just that. All bullshit!

    The Soldiers are not alone.
    Chaudry went and joined Bainimarama.
    Aiyaz, Shameem, Yabaki, etc etc ALL these people should have known better but they chose to destroy us.
    These are the treasoners and they should be dealt with in the proper manner.
    Lets begin by destroying Delainabua. Lets ask the Americans to help us destroy it.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  44. @Military view... your comment was so well put. It is exactly as we see things going on now with the military. Whilst the top rung of the military trash what is dear to the indigenous Fijians (military is mostly indigenous) the military just sit by and let this atrocity initiated by mostly non military people iarse aziz shamim etc and enforced by puppet vb and army cronies. @Military view.. Thank you for being truthful and not being easily swayed like many other soldiers by vb's bs and pay off.

  45. we can expect a spirited deefnse of the 24 year old magistrate and the other allegations by Crosbie Walsh of course, as the regime never feels inclined to bother even looking into it or responding. All is just fine, nothing to see here.

  46. The chinese burnt the bus.

  47. @Anonymous @3.35p.m.. chiefs are born but we don't need chiefs who corrupted and take advantage of their titles to misuse funds.

  48. Fiji sources reported that owing to pressure building in camp, a number of explosive developments took place during the week.

    Torturer Colonel Qiliho has been relieved from his appointment as Commanding Officer LSU, and sent on leave pending investigation over his conduct with the woman he impregnated when serving in Sinai as Commanding Officer. The young female Officer bore him a child.

  49. HOTNEWS FROM RFMFMay 28, 2012 at 1:31 PM

    Not to be outdone, bloated spokesperson and Land Forces Commander Colonel Tikoitoga and Chief of Staff Operations Colonel Suliano had a fist fight following an argument at the Officers Mess where they were drinking. Fighting among officers is a very serious Military offence.

    Sick in bed Commander
    All this chaos at the camp is taking place while their overlord, the illegal PM and sick Commander, Bainimarama, has been bedridden. In fact, it is reported they don't even know at the camp that their Commander has been sick for the past week. No doubt even Bainimarama himself would not like his men to know he is sick and unable to perform his duties. All this of course means the illegal AG and bomb maker, Khaiyum, can act as PM and supremo even over the military without Tikoitoga, Suliano or Qiliho being able to do anything about it.

    While Khaiyum may well be running the government today, source say he is getting uncomfortable and that he might leave Fiji with his family well before 2014 or if something happens to his sick puppet boss.

  50. All this chaos at the camp is taking place while their overlord, the illegal PM and sick Commander, Bainimarama, has been bedridden. In fact, it is reported they don't even know at the camp that their Commander has been sick for the past week. No doubt even Bainimarama himself would not like his men to know he is sick and unable to perform his duties. All this of course means the illegal AG and bomb maker, Khaiyum, can act as PM and supremo even over the military without Tikoitoga, Suliano or Qiliho being able to do anything about it.

    While Khaiyum may well be running the government today, source say he is getting uncomfortable and that he might leave Fiji with his family well before 2014 or if something happens to his sick puppet boss.

  51. Professionals have no more hope on the current regime and are all leaving in droves... Now it has been reported that 12 more Air Pacific local pilots enroute to PNG to fly their international airline Air Niugini's 737 fleet ... that's in addition to the more than 20 ex-Air Pacific top local engineers and domestic pilots now maintaining and flying Air PNG ... Fiji's loss is PNG's gain...go the wantoks!

  52. Fijian soldiers remind me of a story from the Bible called The Good Samaritan .
    The Fijian soldiers see bad things happen but they look the other way.
    They walk to the other side of the road.
    They see their fellow Fijians suffering and going into more and more poverty but they look the soldiers look other way.
    They say "But I need to feed my family"
    There is incresed lawlessness and sexual crimes but still they turn their face away.

    The land cries out to God "Who will be my Neighbour?"
    Who will be the good Samaritan?

    Even the Religious Leaders are also covering their eyes and walking away to the other side of the road.

    Meanwhile the Fijian babies cry out "Who will be my neighbour?"
    Who is going to be my Good Samaritan?"

    Will it be an Indian man or woman?
    or Will it be you my Fijian friend?

    The institution called the Fiji Army needs to be destroyed completely.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  53. @ Anon 12.06pm. I guess that's why your Chief likes you so much. You bend down too much!!

  54. Latest is that a lot of children have been sent away from some schools because FNPF has refused to provide education partial withdrawals to their parents for unknown reasons. Needs checking out 4.5

  55. why so many judges leaving and so many buses burning in fiji


  57. Whats happening to NEEL CHOROA SHARMAs case for profiteering with ROHIT his advisor,AG or rather illegal AG was trying to stop all work by the so called gutless fattu Langman,word is around Sharma cant sleep with out sleeping pills, and ASS has again started to drink ALOCHOL

  58. Pramesh Sharma of BSP out to takeover from Malakai Naiyaga ,he is at his best at masi polo with one of the board members who was at his home this weekend with Lai

  59. Air Pac pilots n Engineers leaving as they are not satisfied with their overbloated pay..still want more. Their 2 story house and Hilux not gud enough they want their own jets now!! Well job prospects 4 those in waiting and we have plenty so not like we going to miss them....

  60. Tappoos very quite as so called elections nearing ,and AIYAZ KHAIYUM now has moved in to Tappoo flat behind ALBERT PARK ,and AFL ready to hand over NADI AIRPORT to Tappoo group who will operate under another NAME ,so out goes Mac Patel or unless Tappoo sublets it to them ,Krishna Murti of Tappoos Chota Nata man is doing all the wheeling and dealing

  61. @12.06 pm, that's why you are a slave to your Chief, who made your two daughters pregnant and countless other minors. If that's ur idea of your Chief, good luck. My Chief resides in Heaven.

  62. The arse*ole trying to buy Fiji for $20,000 is part of the problem, not solution.


    His CICI needs a STICK, STICK, STICK,



  64. Made in Shri Lanka Judges don't last Long like the electronics made in China!

    Also CJ has been planning a "JUDGE SHOPPING SPREE" to Lanka for a Long time - He deserves some retail therapy!!

    Also Mara ke Bulu has infected Baini's CICI which needs a big STICK!!

  65. It is then purely coincidental that numerous magistrates have suddenly returned to Sri Lanka for 'personal reasons' after they made a ruling the regime didn't like?

  66. Was it not last year about this time that 6 magistrates from Sri Lanka also left Fiji abruptly? It was then also said that the magistrates left for personal reason. Is this a coincidence or is it like that time of the year again.

    Since Tony Gates male partner passed on, Justice Gates has been frequents Sri Lanka quite a bit. It is in the rumor mills that Tony is trying to find another partner. By the way his ex partner was also Sri Lankan.

  67. To the arrogant dimwit @ 9:27 AM, chiefdoms are regionally centralized organizations of local communities, where the rank of an individual is determined by his genealogical distance from the highest ranked member of the society - the chief, and the rank of the local community depends upon the rank of its highest ranking member, or local chief. The chief inherits the position, s/he is not elected.

    You claim that most chiefs murdered other chiefs to get their chiefly title in the old days? Perhaps you're confusing Fiji's hereditary chiefs with the murderous usurpers now in power in Suva.

    Let's take this a step further. If a traitor is one who uses force or violence to overthrow the duly constituted government, then Bainimarama is a traitor, is he not? Now, this traitor has illegally ordered the dissolution of the GCC, even though it is an institution sanctioned by Fiji's constitution.

    To support this call, as you do, is tantamount to treason, customarily punishable by death.

    Maybe you did not finish school properly and missed the civic lessons teaching patriotism and loyalty to Fiji, but that will be a weak defence to give to the court in your trial. Consider this your wake up call.

  68. Valataka na Dina, doesn't it bother you that were the Americans to bomb Delainabua, Anonymous @ 7:23 and more like him might be killed? His comment is a reminder that the coup of 2006 was perpetrated by a treasonous faction within the RFMF, not by all RFMF. I don't know, but I have to believe that a significant number of RFMF are sickened to know in their hearts that their leaders are traitorous villains. Wouldn't it be better to seek out soldiers of conscience and organise them to take active measures to restore constitutional government instead of relying on American bombs that are never coming anyway?

  69. Yes, I guessed as much. Gates travels to Sri Lanka in search of another bum buddy. If he can't debase them sexually, then he tries to do it professionally, by persuading them to take up magistracies in Fiji.

    This Aussie pædophile perjurer and anti-democratic coup apologist is Fiji's chief justice and acting president during Nailatikau's absence. How low has Fiji been forced to stoop!

    Gates' ass must be feeling mighty empty of late. Well, to each his own, I guess. I just hope we can hang the old queer before he skips the country or dies of AIDS at his government residence on Allardyce Road.


    Four magistrates were sworn-in by the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau at Government House in Suva yesterday.
    The four were include, deputy registrar Mohammed Saneem, former journalist Ro Alipate Doviverata Mataitini, Siromi Dokonivalu and Charles Ratakele.
    Ro Alipate is the son of the Vunivalu of Rewa, Ro Epeli Mataitini.
    Mr Ratakele is the youngest magistrate to be sworn in at the age of 26.
    He follows the footsteps of his mother, Nasinu Magistrate Nanise Ratakele.

  71. @10.34 am, Clearly you don't know your own history and god speed to the big Chief in delainabua who will take out that dinosaur system..

  72. @ 10.34 quote: You claim that most chiefs murdered other chiefs to get their chiefly title in the old days? Perhaps you're confusing Fiji's hereditary chiefs with the murderous usurpers now in power in Suva.unquote

    Methinks the blogger u responded to, meant that Fiji's current hereditary chiefs inherited their chiefly titles from those in their past who had resorted to murder to takeover a chiefly title? Power is might? History may be repeating itself, in a sense.

  73. First of all, Congratulation is in order for the new magistrate, Mr Ratakele.

    But 24 years old, Isn't that really young. Will he be in charge of the juvenile court? How many years experience does he have as a lawyer? Was he a solicitor or barristers? What are his records in Cases?

  74. Those that may think that the property value in Fiji is high are correct my cousin sold his home in Nailuva rd just a 3 years back and got as a sum of $350,000, i didn't ene think it would fetch such a high price. In Nadi land for a medium size home is around the $100,000 for starters.Is it the oveseas buyers??

  75. Maybe Mark is thinking of the home belonging to his Abos cousins in Darwin! Even $20,000 is an inflated fees for those homes? When there are no windows, doors of floor-used up for firewood as electricity bill has gone unpaid! Doce

  76. Valataka na dina reminds of the Indo-Fijians geeting based after the first coup andthe Fijians all looked away and some even participated! Bible story is a long, long away this one is close to our time so whats change bro! Different times same story? Qiri lali or lili, sauma lesu o cici!

  77. @Anonymous 8:19
    I don't quite get your point.
    However I wrote my earlier post because most of the soldiers in the Fiji Army know of the story of The Good Samaritan.
    And most of them know that what Bainimarama is doing is wrong. However they go along with it or "turn their face away" by saying " I need the money to feed my family"

    It's interesting that after I wrote my post yesterday, Fiji Village has published today an article by Dr Raina Prasad that the number of babies admitted for malnutrition increased from 32 in 2007 to 140 in 2011. That is a 400% increase.

    I don't know about you, but for me these figures break my heart.

    These are innocent babies.

    Fijian soldiers should be ashamed of themselves.
    This is the direct result of their actions.
    How long will they continue to live in Denial?
    Are we going to wait for 2014, while these babies die?
    Do you my friend not care?

    I have said it before and I will say it again, The Fiji Army base in Delainabua needs to be destroyed now.
    All Fijians must get together and lobby the US Government to bomb that place to smitherins.
    We just cannot stand here while this arsehole Bainmarama continue the genocide of the Fijian race.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  78. @ Anonymous 10.34am - 29/05/2012

    In cases of Chiefs, with due respect to their forefathers, I think that we need to follow our melanesian brothers' style of electing chiefs and not the way of the colonials.
    It is the big man system. where by you earn the people's vote esp the itaukei. Why can't we resort to that.
    But then again what has chiefs got to do with the issue of new magistrate and the allegation of abuse of office of some high court judges?
    To the idea of Adultery esp the Police Officer, has he reconciled with his wife? If he has why resort to punishment by his superiors or punishing his wife who is a new magistrate, Good luck to her and her new career. How long has she been a lawyer? I have heard of her! I hope that she is good and fully understand the law.
    I do hope that they renew Mr. Naivalu's contract in the judicial even as a Judge would be good.
    Anyway to all the new magistrates' please lead the judicial with fairness and Just for all who deserve it. Please do not bring egos into the court room. A court room is most magnificent place esp the hearings while they are being held. Vinaka Dhanya bud, fa'asia, Thank you

  79. @ Anon 8.19pm

    You are about to see worse

    Just make sure you don't get "involved"

  80. Anon@8:19...Hey buddy, if you don't like what happen in 1987 coup
    then i seriously doubt you gonna like what'll happen this time? I don't even think the Police force and the military forces people will and can control the emotions this time around. I would suggest a peace keeping force be invited to make sure the innocent a protected & damaging,burning and or killing doesn't happen? But than
    emotions can be devastating????

  81. Minister of Health Neel Sharma and Rohit Rambissesar milking millions at health ministry.

  82. 24 or 26 he would not make the bench in any other country. Only in Fiji is the judiciary so pliable.

  83. Valataka na dina i love you answer "ask the usa army to bomb Delainabua". It beeen done was done in Vietnam , Iraq and now in Afghanistan -has it resolved any issues? Reminds me of the quote in the Bible " an eye for an eye" BUT in the end we all go blind! There are others ways to resolve problems and issues-killing is not one of them. Yes i do feel about the children thats the reason why i give up sometimes 6 months of time working for free in Fiji!

  84. Anonymous 5:11, your 'big Chief in delainabua' is the biggest assh*le and traitor in the country.

    And you know what else, dimwit? He wasn't elected, either.

    Your logic doesn't hold up any way you slice it. But good luck with defending yourself with that at your trial for treason!

  85. @ Radiolucas...well if you are a very smart student like Charles Ratakele who has a high IQ than maybe you can talk nonsense!!..but since you are not, just don't be jealous and keep your mouth shut...
    all of you here who critisize the government, you are all STUPID!! people like you always bring down our country. At list the government is doing a great job, if you were all given these men's position, you'll all look like fools coz you are all dumb and stupid!!


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