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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Khaiyum miffed over 'rushed briefing'

 Khaiyum: Caught on the hop and not happy with today's meeting with Carr and McCully. pics MINFO

Not quite a tantrum but pretty close. 

Fiji's acting prime minister was clearly not happy today with the way his meeting went with the Pacific Forum's Ministerial Contact Group, led by Australia's Bob Carr and New Zealand's Murray McCully. 

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has accused the group of being too narrow in its approach saying it's not meeting a wide range of people. How so? He says of the 74 trade unions and other organisations the MCG could've met with, it chose 'those who are against the government'. 

"This afternoon they are meeting the trade unions and they are only meeting Pramod Rae, Rajeshwar Singh, Attar Singh and Felix Anthony. Felix Anthony we will turn around and say – well, he represents FTUC - but the point is there are many other organisations that do not actively participate in FTUC, so I don’t think it’s a very inclusive process on their part.” 

Sayed-Khaiyum complained to local media the Contact Group only met with him for about 20 minutes and 'they seemed to be in a rush.' He said they also interrupted him during his briefing, saying he needs to be brief because they had more questions.

And he was huffy about being asked about the role of the army in the future, especially after the planned 2014 elections.

“They asked me if there is any reserve seats for the military, I don’t know where they got the idea from – Bob Carr asked that question and as all of you know, you live in Fiji .... nothing like that has ever been mentioned, nobody has ever said that."

But Carr was right to zoom in on the all important issue of military representation: it continues to be a major worry for many and is nowhere near being resolved, with even Constitution Commission chair Yash Ghai steering clear of it.

A rather smarmy Khaiyum was all false outrage. “I was amused with Carr’s question. There has been no proposal saying that there will be seats reserved for the military because no seats will be reserved for anyone." 

Khaiyum was happier with safer subjects. McCully asked how New Zealand could be useful with voter registration and Khaiyum replied: “One way they can help us is to provide the technical support we need."         

The Contact Group has also today met with SDL leader Laisenia Qarase, the Fiji Labour party leader Mahendra Chaudhry and the Opposition leader, Mick Beddoes. Tonight, they talk to media.


  1. They rushed through with you wannabee AG...coz they dont want to hear any more bullshit from u...duh!!!!...coz the last time u said 2009 election.....wot happened???........

  2. Mosee Vasu, NAVUAMay 1, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    It is a genuine worry for the Fiji citizens that the elected Govt will be hamstrung by an overseer ARMY who will ensure the army sponsored roadmap is adhered to;

    What most of our citizens want and should be made very clearly, strongly and in very clear language that we want to abolish the Fiji Army....no if or buts. Fiji Army has ruined Fiji severely and our future must be an ARMY-FREE future

  3. The first picture shows that Airse has been hit with something 'sweet and sour'on some part of his body I dont want to mention.

  4. kauim think he big lawyer.

    simply put no fooling around of oz and nz ministers.

    they not from bush like his hand puppet.

    democracy means end of junta dictatorship and all thugs to stand trial.

    kauim plot to gail garase and chaudhry will be rewarded with this man to stand trial for his scam and corruption.

    the end game is near.

  5. hehe why are you complaining ASK? You were not voted in by the people just get the hell out and return where you came from??

    who gave you the right to lead Fiji into bankruptcy?? Its all over the blogs, you guys are just stalling for time and using our blinken $$ bloody bludgers wannabees!!
    Take your thesis and try apply that in India??

  6. They kept it brief because everything ASK was saying has been read in the local papers, better to skip th BS and get straight to the point and ask the hard questions.
    Where was the dicktator?? Maybe he would not have been cool under fire and done the cassava patch run when shot at with the HARD questions. Hahaha

  7. Bainimarama cn't be there in person coz he cn't thnk fast enough to answer tough questions.lol

  8. One thing that kaiyum should understand is there's no negotiation with terrorists. Well done Mr Carr & McCully.

  9. They cut the brief short because they were expecting Bainimarama to humour them with his arhhhh hmmmm duh answers. Lol

  10. Give Fiji A ChanceMay 1, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    It has been very empowering for the people of Fiji to have the MCG in the country. Thank you Mr Carr and Mr McCully it is important you visist more often to help level the playing field and to remind this illegal government who lives in a glass bubble that their reality is distorted.

  11. Trues up reality bite for the illegal regime and the acting supervisor of the spoils of war - McCully and Carr are not required to kiss your backside and are not in fear of being hauled to the barracks. Suck it up Khaiyum you cry baby.

  12. Must be nearly time for boney butt khaiyum to take the fall. Shiva the monkey god has spoken.

  13. Aiyarse is only a legend in his own lunch time not that of Messrs Bob and Murray. Time to go home and kick the cat ASK

  14. Bob Carr good on you for asking the hard question. K Rudd couldn't do it.About farking time someone stood up to this arsehole and told him what is coming out of his mouth is as per his name!

  15. The stunned mullet is still whining Carr came to Fiji with preconcieved ideas. Hello? The whole world knows this govt is illegal so why the surprise they see through you?

  16. Can you please look at the person you are shaking hands with. Shows the level of education this illegal regime has. They can get away with china and Cuba as they are not any better then this regime.

  17. Our high flying AG seem to assume that taking a stand against a human rights abusing dictatorship is unfair and shows pre-conceived ideas. His rants about Mr Carr asking about the role of the military is the ultimate hypocrisy. It seems that he wants the world to believe that there is problem with Fiji's military. How ridiculous.

  18. the illegal puppet master thought he can woodwink carr and nz fm-only 20 minutes and hard questions-just for sake of it.

    real reason is to meet the opposiion and strenthen them to overthrow the junta

  19. Hahaha Khaiyum looks like a monkey. No wonder the baboon is in India. Just as well because Voceke can't answer a simple question. He'd rather be bending over and kissing dirt than facing up to MacCully and Carr.

    Aiyarse has no idea how to conduct himself, he's lost.

  20. Good opportunity for Carr and MCully to ask Kububola and Khaiyum as to what bad did Aust and NZ did to Fiji to deserve the expulsion of their High Commissioners.

  21. How dare Khaiyum SOB dare asking MCully for technical assistance after spilling so much venom on New Zealand by chief goon.

  22. I was wishing the hit squad were going to take in the two foreign ministers as their guests up at QEB. That will provide an opportunity for our army to be tested against that of Aust and NZ.
    Chief baffoon has been hitting these two countries with hard words and there is a need to do some real test to see whether his hard words hold any water.

  23. Good questions Mr Carr on the post-election role of the military because they are insisting they will continue to keep watch over the elected government to ensure that it rules in accordance with the charter. We can't have such a situation in a democracy. That aspect needs to be clearly defined.

  24. Excellent question from BC. Make sure his answer is satisfactory enough. Also ask him how much money he has in his Australian bank accounts! That will stumble him.

  25. Arse did you buy the montblanc pen or was it a gift from Tappoo's?

  26. Aiyaz Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama should use this opportunity to explain why they are scared of the GCC, the Methodist Church, the SDL Party, the Labour Party and the trade union organizations. It appeared that both of them are not aware that to overthrow a government elected by the people under democratic process is a serious crime. My best advise to you ASK and Ratu Josaia Voreqe is to either hang yourself to the nearest tree or seek political asylum to India or China.
    The people of Fiji are waiting for the day to sue both of you and to investigate into all the government dealings carried out since you took over the elected government in 2006.

  27. Monkey God Shiva BhainiMay 1, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    Great photo of the tea boy khaiyum isn't it croz? He looks more shell shocked than dimwitted davis.
    Well done Mr Carr. What a pity the chief warwar goon wasn't there to witness the total humiliation!!

  28. How about the huge losses of foreign investors who have no vote and no redress? Interim Minister Bernadette stated the regime would assist them. All the regime did was sack her and ignore the foreign investors. That is where the money went - investors losing total confidence - but these idiots would not understand 'investor confidence' or care a hoot about the plight of 'these foreigners'!

  29. Bainimarama kissing the ground in India because of default on loan owed to Indian Exim bank. Went to India to seek Indian Government concession and rescheduling on this loan repayment which has been in default since 2009.

    PM talks EXIM bank loan
    May 1, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

    One of the things discussed between Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his Indian counterpart, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, was the $86 million loan from the EXIM Bank of India.
    This money was specifically to modernise Fiji’s four sugar mills and improve farm production.
    The Permanent Secretary for Sugar, Lieutenant-Colonel Manasa Vaniqi told the Fiji Sun from New Delhi yesterday that the meeting was at the Indian Prime Minister’s residence and not in the Mr Singh’s office.
    Also at the meeting he said was the Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherje.
    He said the response from the Indian government was very good.
    As a result of this meeting, Lieutenant-Colonel Vaniqi said Fiji had to prepare a proposal about the loan and sent to the government of India through the Indian High Commission in Suva
    This loan was formalised by the former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and an executive of the bank, Deepali Agrawal.

  30. People, we don't really need this contact group.

    Who are these people to come and tell us when or how we should be holding election

    We are ok and we do not need any election. We are ok with this government. We dont need Qarase, chodory or peodophile beddoes. They will bring bad politics and corruption

    We are ok. No election. To the Contact group...go back to where ever you come from...go and mind you r own contry...mind yuor own business....who the hell are you guys....you nuinsance

  31. I'm surprised Aiyaz didn't pull his usual stunt -- making his visitors wait outside for half an hour while he played tiddlywinks with Christopher Pryde.

  32. Twenty minutes? That's normally only long enough for Aiyarse to answer a simple yes or no question.

  33. This was not a consultation but a hostage negotiation, to try to free the people of Fiji from their kidnappers.

  34. Photo caption 1: "Who put bubble gum on my seat?"

    Photo caption 2: "Did I just step on dog shit, in my own office?"

  35. I can see fear in Khyums eyes...the road of terror with Bai has come to end...na bui ni koli sa loki sara tu ka tara tale tu na ucuna...e sega ni ura me damu totolo..

  36. Absolutely exceptional that the two
    Forum leaders have turn-up after 6 years to enforced the Biketewa accord, the Aitutaki Declaration, the Nasonini declaration and or the
    Honiara declaration? OMG how come it took 6 frieken years for the Leaders to act on the above declarations? Does this visit has anything to do with Aussie coming General election? Is this where he's (Carr)supposed to rattled Bainimarama cage and demand a democratic election ASAP or else???
    Now thats leadership and we need to get it on!!!


  38. Pote, ASK looks like a naughty schoolboy being summoned before the principal and assistant head school mistress. It's amazing how the photos capture that in an instant. He does not look like the haughty, self-important, wannabe know-it-all (usually speaking before newly graduated un-experienced journalists and newly graduated un-experienced civil servants)that comes across on FBC TV. Now you are meeting the real heavy weights in the business and you are reduced to a whining fool.

  39. Anon@11.52 is an ASSHOLE.

  40. Foreign InvestorMay 2, 2012 at 6:56 AM

    Anon 10.59 Comment on foreign investment hit the nail right on the head. It has cost our company $5 million. That money belongs to relatively small overseas investors and looks likely to be lost. It is for their retirement, squandered by this regime as they seem to have squandered FNPF money for Fiji pensioners.

  41. Fiji media reports AUST and NZ happy with Fiji. So who is speaking the truth? Bloggers or Fiji media?

  42. Nothing in AUST media about this visit! Why?


  44. Pix 1..I'm, here Sir can I get some tea organised for you.

    Pix 2..He cannot see MCully straight in the eye because he could feel he was indeed a political lightweight after feeling the weight of the man he's shaking hands with.

  45. The reason Carr & McCully are asking questions about ideas that nobody has verbalized is because that is the way Fiji is run these days (by Frank & ASK).

    I give you, for instance, the dreaded "overnight decree", a staple of Frank & Aiyaz's ruling modus operandi!

    Most people in Fiji are already aware that Regime statements are just propaganda that has little or nothing to do with reality. So why respond to them?

    Better to judge the Regime by its deeds, not its words. So better for the MCG to take its cue from those, and not from anything the Regime has said, or not said

  46. Anonymous 11:52 PM, to answer your questions, the MCG consists of duly elected ministers of governments of countries neighbouring, and historically friendly, to Fiji. They are in Fiji at the request of the Pacific Islands Forum and with the permission of Fiji's current regime. Strictly speaking, they have more right to be in Government House than the present occupiers.

    Your sentiments and style pretty concisely capture the essence of this regime's argument and attitude. What I don't understand, though, is why you hide behind anonymity. Since you're such a proud regime supporter, you don't have anything to fear from the regime, right? And if all is well in hand, what have you to fear from the opposition?

    Otherwise, what are we to conclude except that you do fear the regime, worry its rule could soon unravel, or are embarrassed to reveal your true identity as, say, Frank Bainimarama himself? That would explain your ability to capture the spirit of the regime, your crude writing skills, your ignorance, illogic, arrogance and callousness.

    It doesn't explain your homophobia, though. Since the most notorious alleged pædophile in Fiji is your own illegal chief justice, I would have thought you rather enjoyed a buggering!

  47. it was just a waste of time if the Aussie and NZ counterparts were really serious about this visit why allocate just 1 day for such an important fact finding mission? Me thinks the brother from NZ & Aussie are simply trying to do a 'show' piece that they doing something kind a makes the up & down jumping of all who live overseas about the Regime cometo a simple' useless visit"!Don't belive me watch their comments over the next few days!

  48. khaiyum doesn't get it...he ain't legit so carries no weight in discussions with anyone. The end is nigh... quick get on that flight to India or Pakistan. Judgement day beckons

  49. Chameleon Khaiyum changing his tune today. He making more conciliatory noises today playing up to 'positive' reports by Aussie and NZ media about the 'progress' in Fiji. Carr and McCully don't get it wrong

  50. Once and for all, no one needs to listen to you insignificant rat Kaiyum because you are nobody! U just a guy who's there as dummy for the guntoting ulukau soldiers, whose head is exposing his bum kissing the feet of sikhs in India. Oilei na bavulu ga na qanivulu! U really look like a scared rat there! Isa time for holding up the bank is almost up! The coffers are dry, your boss is such an emptyhead he is not worthy to meet the big boys and gals of the Pacific. Isa, how low you have sunk!

  51. Once and for all, no one needs to listen to you insignificant rat Kaiyum because you are nobody! U just a guy who's there as dummy for the guntoting ulukau soldiers, whose head is exposing his bum kissing the feet of sikhs in India. Oilei na bavulu ga na qanivulu! U really look like a scared rat there! Isa time for holding up the bank is almost up! The coffers are dry, your boss is such an emptyhead he is not worthy to meet the big boys and gals of the Pacific. Isa, how low you have sunk!

  52. Come on 4.5 CC

    Give us some light refreshments please.

    You have these two pics that are asking, begging for a photo caption contest....please,please pretty please.

    A little time out......hahaha

    and we know how laughter and mockery drives dictators insane.

    The Narccisist (egotist) hairy arse definitely caught ...what? Somebody said something about dog shit!!! hahahaha........what!? hahahahaha.....hahahaha.

  53. Bob Carr is well informed about Fiji. He would not put up with any BS from ayarse. . . and let's face it, everything ayarse says is BS.
    ayarse knows he is illegal and that he has little chance of surviving until an election. . hence he always takes the negative defensive position in repling to anything people say about the illegal junta, so he says that "they came with pre-concieved ideas". well duuhhh.good one ayarse, you can't say anything without making a fool of yourself because you are totally illegal-end of story and it will be the end of you. Whos fault is it? bet you can't guess!
    -Sydney Tourist

  54. The only reason why the election is still so far off is that the illegal thugs think that time will obscure their crimes and they will be able to convince the public that they are deserving of a chance to run the country by getting elected..............
    other than that, there is no reason why an election could not be held in as many months that it takes to get organised-normally 3 months, but with the state of Fiji at the moment, it will take say 6-8 months.
    For the sake of a new free Fiji, BUGGER OFF baini and ayarse.

  55. Caption 1: "What? Oprah is coming back?"

    Caption 2: "C'mon, Christopher Pryde. This is becoming embarrassing!"

  56. 1: "Wait, do you smell that? That's disgusting! What is that odor?"

    2: "Oh, yick, it's ME!"

  57. Presumably the 'technical assistance' that they require will come from cuba, PNG, China and azerbaijan and benin? Surely they wouldn't have the gall to ask Aus NZ would they??

  58. What a stupid question from Carr with regards to seats for the military in the new parliament? Wonder if the thought that Frank is that stupid to even contemplate such a move? What purpose will it serve? But what gets me is where is this type of intelligence coming from? If its from the Aussie Military attache in Fiji boy someone in the Military in Fiji is leaking information? But Carr really show up more of a State level member than a Foreign Affairs Minister-more like a dope than a Minister when you thing of his stupid remarks about P & G than this one about the military seat!

  59. After last night's rogering by prydewith PrydeMay 4, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    Caption 1 - Uhh Ohhhh!!!

    Caption 2 - Shit!!!!! I thought it was only gonna be a fart.

  60. Finally, the SPForum has drawn a line in the sand!They've come to Fiji to let us know that the "Biketawa Declaration"is alive and working and it is going through the process! Although we all want immediate action, but system has to go through it's long and arduous process in order to ensure that what was carried out by
    the member states, was just & without future repercusion.I think we have one more stage left before the Forum security council can act
    militarily against the Fiji illegal Government? So let me be the one to say this to Bai and Khaiyum, pull another stunt and refuse election in 2014 and see what happen???I won't hesitate to joint RAMSI and to kicked your ass!!

  61. No election in 2014 - look out!


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