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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Khaiyum unwittingly right ..... Fiji is not Burma

Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi taking the oath of allegiance to join Parliament. Pic AFP.

Burma (otherwise known as Myanmar) on way to a civilian government while Fiji is still waiting for elections

The Pacific Forum's Ministerial Action Group clearly hit a nerve this week when it tackled the role of military post 2014 elections and seats being reserved for them in any government formed.

The illegal attorney general and acting prime minister, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, went into defensive mode telling media Bob Carr's question was silly and the Australian Foreign Minister must have Fiji confused with Burma.

Khaiyum also dismissed New Zealand Foreign Affairs minister Murray McCully's suggestion of a partial lifting of the travel sanctions if military officers currently installed in government departments are sent back to the barracks. 

He told Fiji media: '... the government will continue on its path to a new future, just as it has, on its own accord, regardless of the carrots offered or sticks blandished by certain individuals.'

The regime is obviously not ready to relinquish its power and continues to dodge the big questions: what is the role of military after the elections and even what is its role as we engage in constitutional reform, bearing in mind it's a process created out of its decision to abrogate the 1997 Constitution when the Appeal Court ruled its coup was illegal.

We know from leaked reports from inside the regime that Frank Bainimarama has no intention of stepping back and that he will try to either install himself as Prime Minister or President and take key military officers with him to continue what Khaiyum calls the 'path to the new future.'

In Coupfourpointfive's March 21 story Leaked road map report reeks of truth, insiders outed several models being prepared as part of an exit plan for Bainimarama including the suggestion he lead a political party using a name aimed at uniting Fiji:

*The illegal PM must form a political party using the current government set-up and empower experienced political loyalist to be his henchmen.
*Militarize all government departments with soldiers, who are to be his campaign runners.
* He form and owns the name “One Fiji Party” - the theme being One Fiji for all.
*Cabinet be reshuffled to put into motion a political campaign working team.
* New energized loyal colonels and commodores must be Cabinet's new faces.

One of those 'energized colonels' as we have also revealed is the regime spokesperson Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga who insiders say will represent the Tailevu area although it hasn't been resolved if he will be nominated from the list or if he will be required to contest the seat. (C4.5, March 14)

The MCG team was justified in grilling the regime about the role of military with New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully now telling regional media it wouldn't surprise him if the regime is forming its own party. (see Radio Australia story below).

A statement from the RFMF's chief of staff Mohamed Aziz Thursday shows the military will do (as it has previously said) what the illegal government tells it to. 

Aziz told the Fiji Sun the RFMF 'will continue to prioritise the constitutional process already set out by the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as the nation prepares for the 2014 polls.'

He said the MCG had questioned him about the return of the soldiers to the barracks after a new Government is in place after the general elections and his reply to them was: "..... We’ll come to a decision after all the constitutional processes had been implemented."

Khaiyum is right in one thing: Fiji is not Burma. After the first elections in 20 years, the former pariah state with an appaling human rights record, is moving away from a military dictatorship towards a civilian government. Fiji, meanwhile, is still grappling with an illegal regime busy cooking ways to stay in power.

McCully says Bainimarama will form political party
Talk military may contest election


Anonymous said...

UN rewards RFMF torture squad.

Qiliho personally participated in the torture of women activiists at QEB in 2007 and the subsequent initimidation and stoning and burning and firebombing of houses of Lawyers, Journalists, Unionists and SDL politicians.

Rokowailoa participated as officer in charge of activities pertaining to the brutalisation of civilians taken up to QEB in the days after December 2006. He ran the torture unit. So too Draunibaka, Nariva and Damuni.

The only clean names on the list, untainted by human rights abuses, are Ieli and Vosawale.


Tikoitoga confirms UN wants Fijian expertise


Fijian military officers have been invited by the United Nations (UN) to be part of its monitoring team in Syria.
This was confirmed to Fiji Sun yesterday by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Land Force Commander and spokesperson Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga.
“The Cabinet has approved it and the Prime Minister and Commander of the RFMF, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, has given his approval on the names of eight senior officers. Their names had been passed on to the UN headquarters,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
The eight senior officers are Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Qilio (team leader), Lieutenant-Commander Marika Vosawale, Captain Netani Damuni, Captain Elia Rokowailoa, Captain Viliame Draunibaka, Captain Ieli and Captain Camaitoga Nariva.
The party will leave for the violence-hit Middle East country next week.
Colonel Tikoitoga said the RFMF was happy with the invite and said this was recognition of Fiji’s participation in peacekeeping duties.
Meanwhile, the man leading the UN monitor mission to Syria has told Sky News he expects to have more than 100 observers in the country within the next few days.
Speaking in his first TV interview since arriving in Damascus, Major General Robert Mood recognised there has been criticism of the UN’s slow arrival, but said he was bringing in a large team.
He said: “As we speak there are 52 in the team. At the end of today it will be 59 and we aim, in the next few days to double that.
“We have aeroplanes coming in with people and kit.”
The major general said he had not underestimated the task ahead of him.
He said all the UN can do was help to facilitate dialogue to achieve a political solution.
There had been ceasefire violations by both government and opposition forces, he said.
According to the report, Major General Mood stressed that the Syrian government was not hindering the UN mission in Syria and it was allowing the observers to go anywhere they wanted.
He said 50 observers were in Syria now; 31 of them were deployed in several areas. He said the number may double within the next few days.
The Norwegian team leader also toured central Hama province on Thursday and met with its governor, during which he said his team had the chance to break the cycle of violence in Syria and stressed that the presence of monitors have a “calming effect”.

Anonymous said...

Even if they formed a political party we wont vote for them..they can form one but wont get any votes..

Anonymous said...

@Aonymous 12:58 The UN and the Syrians will greatly regret having invited these Fijian thugs.

The proud name of the UN and Fiji Army will once again be trampled in the dust by these unprincipled men.

This is a decision Ban ki Moon will regret.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Ieli and Vosawale must be banging each other if they are to be clean......if they were clean they would have resigned from the military...

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is right when he says that the idea of reserved seats in parliament for the military is a silly notion -- almost as silly as the idea of the military running Fiji's government. What's the military party's name -- One Fiji, Once Fiji, UnFiji, Done Fiji, Gun Fiji?

Regarding Tikoitoga's claim that RFMF will be deployed to Syria as monitors, it will be interesting, won't it, to see how that one plays out. After all, the United States has said it will not agree to new peacekeeping missions for the RFMF so long as U.S. Section 7001 sanctions apply to Fiji. Although the sanctions law went into effect before the 2006 coup and wasn't written with Fiji in mind, Fiji has now been sanctioned under the law longer than any other country.

Since the United States pays a quarter of the UN budget and underwrites most of its PKOs, Washington can easily nix RFMF involvement, if it chooses.

I think Tikoitoga is assuming a lot if he thinks Washington will permit this deployment, especially if it includes the likes of Qiliho and the others, who presumably will pop up as hits during the embassy's Leahy vetting for human rights abuses.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

ag taliban and frank owns fiji now.
we fijian are sleeping when these army thugs rape our tax payers dollars.
when we will unite and fight these idiots.
time for action no more lamusona.
sdl/flp will win the election but aziz and mosese has said they will support baini .
so in reality coup already planned.
fiji have to abolish these army thugs first before any election.
we just will waste time and money in election.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess Coup 4.5 should be Fiji's Ministry for Information. Without you we would know nothing of what was going on.

Anonymous said...

Hey c4.5 any news on whats happening with fiji police, my son came home stating that something is seriously wrong somewhere !

John F said...

In my humble opinion, the chances to have free and fair elections in 2014 are extremely slim. What we see in posturing by the AG is a clear hint of things to come: No, we don’t need assistance in voter registration for Australia (they could peek over his shoulder when he rigs the process), no to what he calls ‘carrot and stick’ approaches, no to anything that would ‘interfere’ with Fiji’s sovereignty, meaning in clear English, no interference with the actions of the regime. If the regime was serious about democratic elections, it would hand the registration process to an independent body and not to one of the most prominent regime leaders, it would welcome independent election observers and it would allow freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. Sadly, nothing has happened so far that would suggest the regime wants to go down that track.

So what is the incentive the regime could have to let free and fair elections happen? The only hope it would have, is to win and legitimize its rule. An elected government would enjoy lifting of sanctions, inflow of investment and economic growth. The people of Fiji would benefit. The risk on the other hand is enormous: Loosing an election would have a whole host of legal implications, too many to list. At a minimum the perpetrators of a coup would have to take responsibility for their actions and would have their actions and cash flows scrutinized. So where from here? Hope Khaiyum and Bainimarama are good people at heart, free of greed and free of hunger for power, immune against the lure of the considerable perks they have allowed themselves as leaders? No, this is a very unlikely scenario to bring change to Fiji. As I don’t see a chance of any sort of uprising happening in Fiji until the situation gets really very bad, what is the way out?

The key is the military. The UN has to give them enough incentives to dismantle themselves as destructive force in Fiji’s society. The UN needs peace keepers, the UN has been at least in part responsible for the militarization of Fiji. What the UN needs to do now, is to take over all active military and employ them as professional peace keepers outside Fiji. They would draw decent salaries, remit considerable cash back to Fiji, but would be allowed to carry a firearm when visiting home. Fiji could move on without the scourge of rabid Colonels wreaking havoc at home, it could move on to become a place like the world should be. It this feasible? In my humble opinion it is the only way. The alternative? Delayed elections, stalled elections, rigged elections, another coup and endless misery in a country that could be as happy and prosperous as Mauritius.

Fiji Democrat said...

Exactly right John F

Believe it or not said...

Qarase trying to get in on the action after missing in action.

Gutless regime said...

Further to what John F said. Too easy and convenient for regime to hide behind Fiji sovereignty now. They'll trot out the carrots and stick argument when put on the spot.

Anonymous said...

@ John F the regime is desperate for legitimacy. They hope to get that through rigged elections.

Legitimacy, they hope, will bring in capital funds which they desperately need to keep the RFMF dictatorship afloat.

Without those desperately needed funds the rank and file will turn on the officers and advisers who conspired and manipulated the 2006 coup d'etat. This is an economy which is in freefall, deep in debt and losses and no growth.

An army marches on its stomach.

The problem though is that to secure that legitimacy the process leading upto those elections have to meet international stsndards of propriety and credibility.

That is where the rigged elections plan falls apart. You do not comply with Cotonou standards set out in the EU framework, you do not get the EU grant and/or any of the other hoped for sources of funding.

Zimbabwe has found that out much to Mugabe's dismay. He (and his Colnels)had thought (quite wrongly) that the act of having elections per se is the panacea to the issue of legitimacy, rigged processes notwithstanding.

Freedom of the media, freedom of association, freedoms guaranteeing transparent legal processes and Judiciary are all essential prerequisites to a free and fair democratic election. They are integral to the process of democratic elections.

The answer is not more UN deployment for the Fiji millitary because that will not dismantle the Fiji millitary but only strengthen it. UN deployments require a skills set and ongoing capacity building in that regard, meaning that it results in the militarisation of Fijian society. Skills this country does not need.

The answer is in the dimilitarisation of Fijian society. This misplaced ethos based on ignorance and myth that the Itaukei millitary heritage demands the existence of a bloated organisation which does nothing more than polish boots and march around at the expense of the country, eating up 15% of the yearly GDP and producing nothing of value except instability has to be questioned and rendered redundant.

How to achieve that ? Let this millitary regime run itself out with this course it has taken upon itself since December 2006. The officer corp who thought they could run the country should be allowed to run with their plan to the end of the road, to the point where like Suharto in Indonesia and Marcos in the Phillipnes and Ceasescu in Rumania the rank and file finally have had enough of the lies and manipulation and turn against the Dictator.

The UN does not help resolve this issue by granting deployments for peacekeeping. They merely complicate it and strengthen the RFMF dictatorship by giving it credibility in the eyes of the rank and filer

The answer is in the isolation and weakening of this regime. That policy is deriving results, the Dictators desperation for money is starting to place significant pressure on his support structures within the RFMF as the Fijian economy tailspins for lack of investment and inflow of now desperately needed aid funding.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous May5 12:58pm, you sound like Ieli and Vosawale are both banging you. Anyone in military uniform is dirty. Stop trying to make up stories to save your kind.

Anonymous said...

Qarase was blocked by the media as u well know.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys drinking grog, or what?

The UN cannot hire all of the RFMF because the regime wouldn't let it even if the UN wanted to. Dakuwaqa is right -- the United States has already ruled out future PKOs for the RFMF, so the UN will need to look elsewhere. Under pressure from Canberra, the UN is already looking to replace RFMF soldiers in UNAMI.

The regime is not going to allow demobilised RFMF to keep their weapons when they return to Fiji. That would create more havoc if they did, not less.

The key is for the military to disband and join the police, instead. The UN can hire them as police. It can't hire them as soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse looks like a monkey, and Voceke looks like a baboon. Should they be in the zoo?

Anonymous said...

Whether Bai&Khaiyum likes it or not
there is no way out! The Biketawa declaration has already been activated.The visit from the Ministrial Group last week in which Mr Carr,McCully and other Forum Ministers visited Fiji.Is actually the third stages of the forum declaration.So Bai cannot pull out from the election in 2014 cause if he does than the South Pacific Forum may then put the vote to the SECURITY COUNCIL and
will then result in the Forum sending in Security forces to removed Bainimarama&Khaiyum illegal Government? They both realised that when & if the Forum activate the last stage it would definitely means Naboro for both assoles???Can't you see the worry in Khaiyum's eyes during his meeting with Carr&McCully & Group?

Bhaiya Babu said...

GOD Bless Burma!!

Komai Naibenubenu said...

Reply to Believe it or not..The media is frightened to be associated with Qarase so do not expect them to priint any comment from him, that's why he has never been heard. I take my hat off this gentleman for remaining the humble man he is after he is going. He has been one of the victims of selective justice by this regime which is actually on a wild goose chase.

Anonymous said...

How come these no school goons selected for Syrian peacekeeping suddenly holding ranks of captain. Must be rewards by chief goon for being great torturers. This is the kind of militarty we now have..no school drunkards become officers...and worse still commander.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous May 6, 2012 10:46AM. They are drunks and climb your mother and sisters too. What do you expect them to be? They are taught to kill their enemies, not to love them.

Anonymous said...

May be we give them our blessings coz we cannot bring them to justice here for what they did to innocent civilians during and after the 2006 coup.Every dog has its day.Let someone neutral do the judgement. May be the Taliban who knows.

Anonymous said...

Komai Naibenubenu

There is no way that anyone say two words in same breath. Qarese and humble. That would be a contradiction within itself. Qarese does not know the meaning of the word "HUMBLE". The words that do describe him better would be arrogant, self centered and many other adjectives.

Qarese was Prime Minister for iTauke population of Fiji only. He was not a Prime Minister for Fiji as a whole. His attitude and policies were openly nationalistic.

He put his tail between his legs and fled to Lau. If he was any kind of a leader, he would have challenged Bainimarama and stood his ground. But being a pussy, he ran for the island. Qarese has nothing to offer to the people of Fiji. If anything he is a hindrance in Fiji's progress. I wish the faster his case is done and over with and gets sent to Naboro, the faster we can see the progress of our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

'Fiji One' sounds like 'Fiji 1st' Party - are they one and the same???

So Mick Beddoes is with Aiasre and Baini Yeh??

Uneducated said...

Whow! Komai Naibenubenu you said it so beautifully - Qarase was good riddens - But it is also a story of 'means and ends' - Now that we are in fire from the frying pan...

ex navy said...

Is this the same Rokowailoa the well known rugby player?I thought that he is a humble man?Let them go to Syria guys we go to the Nite clubs and wait for their wifes.
Please Bainimarama speed those idiots travel document to Syria.The quicker they leave tht better.I hope they all return home in a coffin.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.49. you don't know what you're talking about. So using your shite logic, an Indian PM is a PM for Indians only? Magen Choodry is bent as, how much has he stashed away in overseas bank accounts? In case your Alzheimer's deteriorating, what happened to that cash given by some people in India? I suggest you fo back to St Giles as they released you by mistake.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:45 PM

I am not a Mahen Chood hry fan. He is as much a thief as Qarese. They both can form a party while serving time at Naboro. They both can rot in Naboro all I care.

You logic or there lack of is a good evidence who needs to get some professional help at St. Giles.

Pay them a visit and tell them that Qarese sent you. You might not have to pay for the services. They will understand.

Have a nice visit mate.

Anonymous said...

Annon@11.49. You can go on negatively about Qarase until the cows come home. Fact is, majority FIJIANS will vote for him should he stand the coming election. Why?? because he looks after our interest, we the Kawa itaukei..If that doesn't sit well with you then piss off..

Anonymous said...

Garase ia f wit and should never be iven any political consideration.He should goand live in the village ,plant cassava and do a bit of fishing and teach micro financing in the koro.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:14, they climb their own fathers, is what you mean. Who is the 'enemy' here but the people of Fiji, their own neighbors? They are committing treason and destroying their own country. They will never know sympathy or respect so long as they follow Traitor-in-Chief Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Qarase is a development banker who has worked to improve the lot of Fijians as well as Fiji as a whole. What is wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.58. It appears that they released you early from St Giles seeing that you know a lot about the place. Get some help before it's too late and you'll end up as a permanent guest at St Giles.

All you're raving on about is....nothing really. And that's a sign of a demented lunatic hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

koya mai nai benubenu-your name is self explanatory -you are out of place.

Anonymous said...

Sound to me like an exit strategy for these military executioners?Sent them to NO-MANs land and make sure they don't return!Bai is getting totally wacko,he can't see straight,every solidiers is a potential killer,everyone is planing your doom!You can only trust them for a while,then they'd get smarter and start to plan your overythrow.You'd have to be on constant look-out for possible change?Anyone that could,would &should must be removed & replaced?
No wonder Bai can't sleep in the same bed twice,he has to keep moving or someone is going to shoot him in the back or during his sleep? With the exceptions of his trusted conspirators and hanger-on,like Leweni,Tikoitoga,AZIZ, the majority
new appointments, can only in the military for 12 months, before he transfer them elsewhere.Bai knows that the only safe place for him is to go overseas.Why else would he constantly going overseas? The man is scared to death that someone is going to blow his brain out in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha! ha!, Qarase looked after the iTaukei? Dou yavu bavulu sese. He only looked after the iTaukei he colluded with to get rich by using iTaukei institutions like the NLTB, The Fijian Affairs Board etc. If he cared so much, then why did he let his cronnies including one Muslim use the extinct mataqali fund? Qarase and his lot abused iTaukei trust to the core and they will pay. Several landowners including Narewa people lost their land to investors cause Qarase government USING THE LAW, transferred native to crown land and then leased them out. He has used the chiefs, GCC and as I said, na nona i tovo vakaisi e sa muria koya saraga vata kei ira era vakamuri koya.

Anonymous said...

Qarasese or Qaralevu also bought class A shares from Fijian Holding whilst ordinary Fijians Were sold class B shares. The yasana and the few privileged Fijians like Qara were allowed to purchase class A shares and when people started asking he sold them away and made quick bucks out of it. Is that someone who cares about the ordinary Fijian or itaukei? During election campaign he promised roads bridges etc and even moved in machinery. Once he got elected the machines disappeared and the promises too. Itaukei is not so easily tricked now Qara.

Anonymous said...

If any cares to find out the biggest voter rigging ever done was in the USA just saw a documentary on CNN -i bloke register 68 times and it was all done by others now you knw how Bush won the elections the second time around? As for Fiji vote rigging was going in Suva Grammar in the 1980's sorry to disappoint people-they just sat inside aroom there in the school marking blank ballot papers-not a story but facts and they were from the famous boarding schoool in Tailevu!

Komai Naibenubenu said...

Anon May 7..2.00pm
100 per cent agree with you. When it comes to voting indigenous Fijians will mass-vote Qarase. We have different interests and Qarase has proven to be one of the best in protecting indigenous interests, land , qoliqoli, special rights etc. Like it or not that's how things are going to happen FULL STOP.

Anonymous said...

Bush's second election victory wasn't very close. He beat Kerry pretty handily, especially in the Electoral College.

But vote rigging at Suva Grammar in the 1980's!? That news really burst my bubble!

Tama ni mata vuvale said...

Qarases class A shares is far much better than Bainimaramas friend the Police Compo drugs share haha
Tama ni mata vuvale