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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letter implicates Fiji police commissioner in international drug racket

A letter from a police officer to the illegal prime minister accuses the police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, of aiding and abetting Trans-border drug smuggling from China to Fiji and New Zealand.

In the letter titled Re: Disclosure of Extracts for Abuse of Power and Office by Commissioner of Police, the unnamed officer says the consignment of cocaine and narcotics was brought into Fiji on January 12 under Naivalurua's name and cleared by border police without checking.

Police commissioner deputies Henry Brown and Isikeli Ligairi (or Sekeli Lageri as he is named in the letter) are accused alongside Naivalurua.

In the letter dated April16, the unnamed officer says the drugs were delivered to Fiji's well-known drug lord, Setoki Cei Turaga in Toorak, Suva. He says Turaga was subsequently placed under surveillance and that mobile phone conversations between Turaga, Naivalurua, Brown and Lageri were recorded by the drugs unit intelligence team.

The officer says he has been in the Fiji police force 12 years and he fears victimisation. He signs himself only as 'Honest Police Officer.'

Readers may recall a leaked report last year from Fiji National Intelligence Bureau about a drug sting on February 2011 that revealed a deputy police commissioner was involved in unexplained dealings with Turaga. (Coupfourpointfive March 11, 2011: Police sting: drugs and drunk police official)

In that report, an unnamed deputy police commissioner was found using an official vehicle after hours; the police car was seen parked outside the Deep Sea Night Club from 9pm to 2am in the morning and the DCP seen 'drunk and in heavy conversation with one Mr. Setoki Cei Turaga, suspected drug peddler and distributor' inside the club.

It was revealed in the same report that Setoki Cei Turaga had been officially charged and been under NIB surveillance for the 2010 drug bust at Toorak worth more than FJD1 million dollars - a case which had also allegedly implicated the former Land Force Commander, Pita Driti.

The name of the officer was not disclosed in that report but the April 16 letter from the Honest Police Officer to Bainimarama names that DCP as Sekeli Lageri.

The letter goes on to tell Bainimarama, though, that someone in NIB tipped Naivaurua off and he has since issued all drug unit officers to cease investigations. Naivalurura is also accused of demoting the investigating officer, Rajeshni Mala. 

Mala was the officer who initially busted Lageri for associating with Turaga at Deep Sea Night Club last year.

The officer urges Bainimarama to 'clean up the Fiji police force' saying Naivalurua is abusing the wide powers given to him under the POA decree and that he is also jeopardising national security and putting Fiji's image at risk with its international trade partners. 

The letter encourages Bainimarama to bring in the officers involved, including Naivalurura, saying 'I have faith in you to clean up the Fiji Police Force.'

Fiji police and customs have been waging war with drug racketeers in recent years with Nadi International a popular destination for drugs destined for New Zealand and Australia, or coming in to the country.

In 2010, authorities also busted a drug ring involving several foreign nationals  handling narcotics at an estimated value of $28FJD million (NZ19.8 million dollars) with police saying they had also confiscated a large amount of white powder believed to be raw material for a drug product and allegedly originated from China.

Weeks before, border protection agents at Nadi International Airport had also seized close to 15,000 pills of Contact NT - used to manufacture crystal methamphetamine. 

In August last year, Custom officers found a large consignment of marijuana or Indian hemp at Nadi. It had come in from New Zealand.

An insider says a senior official in Bainimarama's office knew about the drug ring allegedly involving Naivalurua, Brown and Lageri but did not tell him about it. 

Bainimarama has been away in India and Manila but returned late this week. Sources say the letter exposing the January drug consignment and implicating Fiji's top police officers has been on his desk waiting for him.

The letter has also been sent to the Minister of Defence Minister, Joketani Cokanasiga.

Page one of the letter
Page two of the letter


fiji policw said...

Finally someone has spoken compol! Everyone in hq knows your dirty! Your wife runs the HQ and you are running businesses.

No wonder brown is on leave, you are trying to destroy evidence.

Vinika the officer with guts !!!

Anonymous said...

I'Taukei leadership at its best. All involved are I'Taukei Christan Officers, Whatelse do you expect Jesus died for us so they making the most of it.

Dharmesh (Disbarred Lawyer) Prasad said...

If there could be a scoop of the quarter award, this article would take it hands down!

Well done C4.5.

Just a clarification, should it be Isikeli Ligairi?

Anonymous said...

I'd believe Voceke to be at the center of a drug ring before I'd doubt the honesty of Naivalurua or Brown. Aiyaz has been gunning for them both for quite awhile. Also, Voceke would love to sideline Naivalurua, because he's the only senior officer the RFMF's rank-and-file respect.

Thief Warwar is already closely tied to the Chinese human trafficking ring operated by Fulluck, with the full knowledge and sanction of the Chinese embassy, so for him the step to drug trafficking is a short one.

Could be a frame-up of Naivalurua. I wonder how much longer he's gonna put up with such shit before he does everyone a favor by taking out the trash.

Anonymous said...

baini is corrupt than what we can expect from the military juntas.
clean up or cover up.
fiji needs to be cleaned with overseas army/police officers.
fiji is full of corruption.
who will clean this army/police thugs.
brown is conartist like his boss compol/pm

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is Compol's (Naivalurua) game. He abused the monies collected from the Yellow Ribbon Programe for his personal use or gain. Senior Prison Officers know this very well. The current Commissioner of Prison was inquiring into this issue. Naivalurua destroyed all the yellow ribbon files. That was the very reason Naivalurua, Ligairi,Brown and Luke Navela colluded and systematically removed the former Deputy Compol Mr.Baleilevuka. We police officers respected the former DCP rather than CP, DCP and Brown. Sack them Mr.Prime Minister, please. The FJPOL has lost its professionalism ever since Naivalurua took over as Police Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

One needs to visit all police stations and talk to rank and file. No one enjoys or respects the PoliceCcommissioner Naivalurua or his deputy Ligairi. They all working just to keep food on the table. Maority of officers suggesting where has the former DCP Joeli gone,we need a commissioner like him. He really cares for his subordinates.He fights for the need of his officers. He knows his job very well, unlike Naivalurua and Ligairi boasting their degrees of No Integrity.

Anonymous said...

The Mataivalu ni Solisona are Bainimarama's foot soldiers to protect the Chinese Drug Cartels.
The MSS started with Racketeering in Lebanon, many years ago. And now the hole army is involved with Vuaka at the hemp.
Sorry I mean "helm".

Anonymous said...

If this is true, than something is certainly going on? Someone seems to be trying to install his own man in the force so he can pull a coup on Bai?

Anonymous said...

They are all corrupt as each other. Nothing much will happen. Each have some secret about the other hence why nothing will ever change in Fiji.

Enjoy getting farked. Rich get richer and poor get the picture!

Anonymous said...

If all that is being said about Naivalurua is true, that is, his wife controls the Police Force and they both abuse the authority of the office of the ComPol, then they must be removed NOW. Why the hell are they still around???

Anonymous said...

Just a bunch of corrupt un-disciplinary forces! No real government, no real direction. The puppets playing at law enforcement should take a good look at themselves. What they will see is a sight to keep them up all night if they have consciences.

Anonymous said...

This is sad but an unfortunate outcome of the coup.
I have alluded to this in the past, that the very act of stealing the government from its rightful owners ( the people ) set off a chain of events which we are now seeing the fruit of.

We reap what we sow ( whether individually as in this case for Naivalurua or as a country)

As I have said before, the solution is to CORRECT IT NOW!. Not 2014.
Waiting for 2014 is to allow our beautiful country to sink more into corruption.
Like I've said before, there will be increase in Sexual Crimes. increased Paedophilia, Increased murders etc etc etc. These are natural fruit of what has been sown. The question is do we want to stop it now.
I think as a normal human being we should want to stop it.
Therefore lets call upon America and Australia to bomb Delainabua and get this over and done with
And give back the government to its rightful owners ( the people)
Therefore firstly give it back to SDL and let them call an election

Very sad.

Lets do the RIGHT thing.

-Valataka na Dina
(by the way I'm not an SDL supporter. I'm a supporter of The Truth)

Anonymous said...

Seems like an attempt to discredit the Police Com and these senior officers from a disgruntled demoted officer who is being directed by a big fish.

Everyone knows that Brown is an effective drug investigation cop with a reputation well known to his police counterparts in NZ and Aust. So this does not gel. I dislike Naivalurua for being such an obedient dog to this regime but I do not for one moment believe that he is involved in this kind of deal.

Most probably they are onto something big which means they have to work with the devil (Ceituraga) to uncover this and this is why Lata and her benefactors are miffed.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous May 6 2012 7:21pm...yeah that could be really what's happening. there is no real accountability in this regime as all levels are corrupt. That's what the UN (blue helmets & berets) is now famous for. Running prostitution ops, drug ops and also just lately sodomizing a male person in Haiti. These guys are actually doing it in their Camp in Nadi where they are intentionally breaking the law by operating their open style mini bar at NASA camp and running it as a nightclub. They do not have a license to operate such business but hey who are we, these guys run the bloody country. There have been sex orgies taking place in the bushes beside the mini open style nightclub and the like. So it shud really be no suprise. Drunkards have been entering premises beside the army brothel at NASA and pissing all over the garden. The Police are nowhere to be seen. Which shows of a massive cover-up by the Namaka boys and the trail sticks all the way to the top.

Anonymous said...

Brown and the rest of the career senior Police officers know that only they can save this Police Force from going down the slope further. They need remove themselves and allow the investigation to go through without any hindrance whatsoever from them or their loyal subordinates. The time to act is now or they will never recover. Remember what happened to the officers in the West where the UB boys were supposed to secure the crime scene however helped themselves to what they were supposed to protect. They are only following the normal trend from the top now. So the other ranks get arrested and the topguns get away scot-free. We hear now the Police Force wants to change its Code of Ethics. The code of ethics is not the problem...the Police Culture is the problem...it's so corrupt and full of lies. The traditions have not changed since God knows when. All over the world with the new challenges that have come in the law enforcement agencies in particular the Police have adjusted their training and CPC's to fit the demand. Not in Fiji we are actually adjusting to benefit illegally from the scheme of things. That needs to change NOW Mr MINISTER.

ex navy said...

Thanks Coup 4.5 if its true.I dedicate this piece to all the people supporting these criminals.If this criminal act happened in a democratic elected led goverment it could be investigated but since there is no one to police these thieves I dedicate all thier wrong doings to Bainimaramas suppoters.Special one for Semi Meo who always blame it to na "Ubuna" confeds.Your Kai is a criminal tauria.
ex navy

Fijiana said...

I don't believe that Naivalurua is party to this. For what I know of him, he is as straight as an arrow. Now if this was said of Aiyaz or anyone else in the government, I would tend to think some of it. As every human, we all have our weakness. This is one weakness that Naivalurua does not have. Greed for money. Naivalurua is a good motivator and a good leader. Yes, there are some officers that do not like him. These officers are that of corrupt element. We have to remember that Naivalurua is not in popularity contest. He knows that he has a job to do and that is exactly what he is doing. I am certain that he is being framed by the lazy corrupt officers.

I support the Commissioner for the fine job and want to wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

immidate investigation, sacking and gail for corruption.

do the clean up campign

Anonymous said...

Before we go ga-ga over James Anthony, pls ask him how much he charged for the fraudulent media inquiry he did for Shaista Shameem? Pls ask him why Dr Bavadra quickly distanced himself from him? The man is a foul mouth meglomanic

Anonymous said...

Do we know HOW MUCH EXACTLY has the illegal polcom taken from taxpayers since their COUP OF 2006?

What is he being paid plus all the perks and those corrupt contracts awarded to the wife?

Anonymous said...

these are not saints but woleves disguised in sheep clothes.

the junta thugs are the real corrupt men in fiji.

they make the coup to save their own corruption.

all must stnad trial./

ex navy said...

Fijiana,Thanks very much We dedicate all the drug dealings done by this corrupt wannabe Police Comissioner to you and your family.Write what you wanna write but he is a thief by supporting the coup in stealing the goverment from us the public.Where in the hell can you justify your statement?take it to the dogs to devour on it.
ex navy

Anonymous said...

What a farce @ praise for Naivalurua, the treasonous ipolcom whose had his hands in more than one coup. He's aided and abetted criminal offences with eyes wide open?

What's wrong with this wolf-in-sheep clothing? Unable to make an honest, decent living without a tax-funded lifestyle like Fiji's horse-betting Pressie?

Anonymous said...

All in the same soup, no one is clean, why go and appeal to ulukau bainivore? He is even worse than Naivalu2. At least Ligairi and Naivalu2 have some degree of merit to their names unlike the stupid moron wanna be paraimus! Anyhow that's what you get for armed robbery of a nation! The thieves are still holding on to the country by force!!! The real police should be doing their real job which is to arrest the robbers and free the hostages (the nation).

Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly... said...

Fijiana, you said you know him well. So do you work in the same office as the police commissioner? If this is true then I'm not surprised. Fijiana, doesn't mean that you think he's straight that he actually is. People in power have done strange things, and temptation can bend this straight arrow you're talking about. Perhaps you're in it too because you seem to know a lot about Nai.

QVS OLD BOY said...

setoki and naivalurua were class mates in QVS

QVS OLD BOY said...

setoki and naivalurua were class mates in QVS

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:01 PM

Please get your facts right before you say anything. Bavadra did not distance himself from Dr. Anthony. If anything Dr. Anthony had gone out of his way to help Bavadra. He had secured the services of Ramsey Clark who was US Attorney General during Kennedy administration. Furthermore it was Dr. Anthony that flew to London and brought Bavadra to USA. Dr. Bavadra in the last minute had changed his mind about meeting US officials. His change of mind was due to cold reception that British government had displayed. Bavadra became very discouraged and just wanted to head home.

As far as how much Shaista Shameem paid Dr. Anthony for the Media Commission, I think that is between Shaista Shameem and Dr. Anthony. Dr Anthony was hired to do a job and there was an agreement as to how much was the compensation.

As a co founder of International Movement for Democracy in Fiji, I worked closely with Dr. Anthony. Dr. Anthony was the other co founder and the main person behind the movement. It is my opinion that Dr. Anthony is a hard working honest individual. His kindness should not be mistaken for his weakness. Yes, he is a straight shooter and takes no crap from anyone. When he did not take crap from British officials, what you think that he will take your crap? No mate that ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

BG Naivalurua wasn't part of the coup and, to my knowledge, has never stated his support of the coup. That he has never arrested Bainimarama or the others is disappointing but not surprising, under the circumstances. He seems to be working around the margins to try to limit the regime's violations of due process. It's been a fairly passive role, presumably dictated by his views of what pragmatically is achievable in his circumstances. I do hope and pray that he is taking careful notes and will act decisively to right matters at the first opportunity.

Naivalurua appears to have done a creditable job at Prisons, although it's now clear that the Yellow Ribbon campaign primarily aimed at allowing Francis Kean's re-entry. Naivalurua brings much greater professionalism to the police force than did Teleni. He is rightly respected by RFMF rank-and-file, as he is several cuts above all other senior RFMF officers in judgment, self-discipline and integrity.

Similarly, Henry Brown appears to me to be one of Fiji's most honest and capable police officers. He has the confidence of international law enforcement officers.

I would sooner believe these two to be in the crosshairs of the Chinese triads, disgruntled employees, or an embittered politician (e.g., Aiyaz) than to give credence to these allegations.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Whats the fuss people? Fijians planting drugs up in the highlands, Kadavu , Yasawa, Beqa etc but the only difrence is they getting their plantations burnt! AS for the ones that run the show no one really knows? The letter is on Police Letterhead-big deal-no one knows who the officer that complained? To make it worse if you read the letter carefully its a mix of ? some truth and rubbish. Are we seriously made to believe that the Police Commissioner this type of story? Pity it wasn't Bainimaramas name that was attached to this document, that would have have been "Gospel truth" to many of us!So afr i need to be convinced, By the way where is Roko Ului these days-no sight, no sound and all the hulla ballu he was going to reveal some exciting news! We still waiting?

Anonymous said...

RFMF is No 1.

When RFMF says you Fiji people crawl, you crawl.

RFMF is respected by the UN. RFMF is indispensable. RFMF officers such as Commodore Bainimarama are respected and held with utmost high regard by the UN.

Dribble about RFMF human rights violations go into the waste basket in New York.

UN requests RFMF support for supervision mission

Publish date/time: 07/05/2012 [15:02]

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The United Nations has requested the Republic of Fiji Military Forces support for the UN Supervision Mission in Syria.

Fiji will send eight military officers for a one year deployment from tomorrow and will serve with around 100 international observers in hotspots such as Damascus and Homs.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has welcomed the deployment saying it demonstrates the confidence of the United Nations in Fiji’s peacekeeping abilities.

Story by: William Waqavakatoga

Anonymous said...


ex navy said...

To Anno,
"BG Naivalurua wasn't part of the coup and, to my knowledge, has never stated his support of the coup. That he has never arrested Bainimarama or the others is disappointing but not surprising, under the circumstances"

Action speaks louder than words you fool.Weather his saying it or not no one cares.He should do the honourable thing like those true soldiers Kadavulevu,Raduva,etc,etc they leave the army rather than trying to tell the world that they do not support it but their action do the opposite.Look at at a few soldiers holding goverment civil service post.These people are good people(humble,preachers,church goers ,etc,etc) but they cannot do the right thing by refusing the position they are holding now.Most of them were against the coup but they cannot resist the love of stealing the money from the goverments coffer.
No present soldiers should be spared they should all go to hell and be burned alive.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.19am..Its a big disgruntled fish that's behind the disgruntled writer of the letter. Smells like that stray Bakewa Nazir Ali, once Fiji's Sherlock Holmes.

The Drug Lord said...

Bainimarama's son married to the drug lord's daughter... boy this means military is an extension of the drug lord.

No wonder why the plants from highlands were first targeted to be uprooted.

This was for two reasons:
1) to stop all cheap street value to Setoki's drug dealings.

2) to receive the drugs for free when it matures by pretending to destroy them . but really only 5% gets destroyed and rest gets delivered to Toorak.

Anonymous said...

Ask the guys from Boarder Police about the consignment which was seized at the airport and the Investigation closed due to the high powered Militrary connections. If you dont believe it than do your own enquiries and you will be suprised at how much the army is into it.

Anonymous said...

Biggest drug network in this country run by Savua in the 90's.

"Tall man" aka ex Vietnam US Marine organised the yachts for Sydney.

Truth shall set u free said...

It just another tip of iceberg.. Its time to be watchful in prayers to u and family be on God's side to shelter from the evil times at hand.He is our only hope now turn to him before its too late.
James: 3-14 says for where envy and self seeking exist, confusion and every evil things are there. Remember there is only 2 Masters, which one you serving?

Anonymous said...

setoki aka monti, ex raiwaqa and raiwai kid before becoming biggest money lender in suva thru hard work but now drug lord money the root of all evils.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka C4.5, please keep with uncovering every story about the Junta dealings - they will soon all add up. Fiji has become a mafia-breeding country.

@ Dakuwaqa, you say :

BG Naivalurua wasn't part of the coup and, to my knowledge, has never stated his support of the coup. That he has never arrested Bainimarama or the others is disappointing but not surprising, under the circumstances. He seems to be working around the margins to try to limit the regime's violations of due process. It's been a fairly passive role, presumably dictated by his views of what pragmatically is achievable in his circumstances. I do hope and pray that he is taking careful notes and will act decisively to right matters at the first opportunity.

What an interesting observation Dakuwaqa. I wonder if that scenario would be akin to you having to be grateful to a thief (who chases you out of your home and claims all your property) and tells you to be grateful that he hasn't burnt your property down plus that he spared your life???!!!

Anonymous said...

Border Police is there to protect the regime from carrying out illegal things

ex navy said...

Thees illigal junta will deal drugs ,rape,etc,etc,etc and also there will be a big homosexual party happening at the military camp.
Mataivalu ga ni soli mua muri.
ex navy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:58, I'm surprised to learn you were a co-founder with James Anthony of the International Movement for Democracy in Fiji. I thought it was just James Anthony trying to create a forum for himself in Honolulu. I didn't know the organization actually had a second member!

Isn't this the same James Anthony who seemed to want to blame the United States for everything, including Rabuka's coup? That's real ingratitude for his new home. No doubt he got along famously with Ramsay Clark, another leftist wack job Blame America Firster, who, by the way, was LBJ's Attorney General, not Kennedy's.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I echo the same sentiments in comments by annon @ 3.43 pm. naivalurua is complicit in the wrongs of the regime as being an appointee of it and not having the principle to oppose or point out the regime's errors. He could start with ordering the investigation into the complaint lodge by Felix Anthony on the assault he receive at the hands of the military. Next is to arrest the top con man VB for the coup crime.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:10 AM

This goes to show your ignorance. International Movement for Democracy in Fiji had a large membership. Members were from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, UK, India, Germany, Japan among other countries.

As far as being leftist, yes I am one and a proud one. Left is right and I am right. I would rather be a leftist than a right wing moran.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:42, I don't see that the situation is analogous at all. In your analogy, the thief would be Bainimarama, not Naivalurua.

Using your analogy as a starting point, Naivalurua would be like a policeman who did not participate in chasing you out of your house, but who knows the renegade fellow police who did. He knows who broke into your house and robbed you. Does that make him an accomplice after the fact, or is he just preparing his case and planning an arrest?

By rights, Naivalurua should have arrested Bainimaraa and the others long ago. By this objective standard, Naivalurua hasn't done his duty... yet. Is it because he hasn't wanted to or because he hasn't been able to? Neither case reflects well on him, but I'm suspending my condemnation of the man in the dimming hope that he will acquit himself in the future in a manner that will more than redeem his reputation.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Did you know that compol is now in Hong Kong .. all his trips by tax payers !! Another deal with drug cartel or he is trying to erase evidence of his bank account in HK.

wife running the force while he is gone.

PM please investigate him asap.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua ex QRF member in 1987 and also member of rfmf Parliament takeover squad led by Captain Dugu aka Capt X during Rabuka's coup.

First armed bank robbery in Fiji done in 1988 at Flagstaff where Security guard was shot with M16 involved QRF members organised by JB and planned by TS the underworld boss from Lucky Eddies.

$110,000 (One hundred and ten thousand)cash was the take from that bank robbery.

Anonymous said...

James Anthony, where left is right, then right is wrong. Then, by your reasoning, you and your fellow leftists think that what is wrong is right.

Confused? Why, don't know the difference between right and wrong? Apparently not, if you pushed the idea that Rabuka's coup was all an American plot. Quite an interesting perspective for someone who took refuge in America. Honolulu is a nice place to live while leading a proletarian revolution.

Yes, didn't realise your movement had so many followers. They were remarkably discreet.

Does that make me a right-wing moran? And what is that, anyway -- anyone unimpressed by left-wing morons?

ex army said...

s/Dakuwaqa Naivalurua to arrest Bainimarama? what an insane statemant.These people comes from the same house and they got the same thinking and how come a thief can corre3ct another thief?Bainimarama is now a FIJIAN hero ,he is invicible and a very strong man.
Sa lamu kece na kai viti,
ex army

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua was NEVER a QVS old boy....

Anonymous said...

Ex army @ 1:05, you're well within your rights to question my sanity, especially when you find me suggesting that we give the benefit of the doubt to some regime members and supporters. But Bainimarama as a Fijian hero?

Don't tell us that, like Calamity Davis, you see Bainimarama as 'a dogged reformer, who is fighting corruption and injustice, addressing decades of infrastructure and legislative neglect and creating a level playing field for all citizens leading to genuine democracy for the first time'. Now, that's what I call insanity!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@QVS Old Boy

Sorry Setoki and Naivalurua were not classmates @ QVS but probably @ Suva Methodist.Naivalurua is a Marist Old Boy...in anycase this drug operation has been ongoing from Teleni's term as Compol and both the army & police operatives are aware of it.

Anonymous said...

Latest in the force as another breaking in the CID headquarters toorak and a bar of cocaine stolen. The Police media officer should be ask to reveal the truth

Anonymous said...

WOW! @ dakuwaqa, so it seems drunken pressie nailatikau and his polcom naivalurua are there because they want to save Fiji. May be the people could increase their salaries and perks so they can hurry up? Oh no, there's no parliament to authorise that.

So naivalurua is preparing to make an arrest. Did he start the lengthy preparation after the coup? what about the allegation he's been trying to cover his own tracks? Ok, so maybe he just needs two more years to make an arrest just before 2014?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ o7/05/12 - 15:02hrs whats all the praise for RFMF "Roles For Mother F!@#$%^shaven't you heard that's why they[UN] employ RFMF$%^s & like organisations for...they all in the same boat...screwing up peoples lives in every country they set boots on. Good they are going to Syria their grandfather Assad is there waiting to teach them more ways on how to f!@#$^p their own people when they exercise the democratic right. Grandpa Assad is an expert in that field. Those guys can then debrief Bhaini when they get back. How can they curtail what Assad is doing when they can't even do it in their own country.
May 8, 2012 3:30 PM

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Naivalurua's appointment as ComPol was merely to protect Bainimarama by ensuring that all evidence against Bainimarama and Teleni prior to 2006 coup was completely and professionally detroyed. Similarly, he was to remove all officers who were involved in investigating Bai and Tele in a way or the other. Uludamu (Naivalurua)is a drug user. Just have a close look at his eyes, always red blood shot. sign of hard drugs user. Sakeo the officer in charge of the Drugs Squad is an honest, dedicated and committed officer.He knows all the senior officers involved in drug dealing within the Fiji Police. Everything is recorded in black and white supported by IT Evidence. The truth is slowly emerging. It can never be surpressed at all. All members of the Force have now fed up with these Compol, DCP and Brown. They go around visiting stations telling us subordinates that there is no honest officer in the police. But they themselves are very dishonest and corrupt. An investigation must be carried out by an appointed team by the Minister. Act now please.

ex navy said...

Yes Bainimarama the Fijian hero which I meant that no one in the whole of Fiji have the guts to take him out.Wili kina o iko kei au daru lamu.What about that do you agree.Levu ga na vosa vakalotu na kai Viti.Yes s/Dakuwaqa my statement still stand insane statement give me your e-mail address and we can sort it out if you like.Na wele o Bainimarama da mai veikoba.
ex navy

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 12:15

Whow! What a revelation that Naivalurua was one of the eight balaclava-ed thugs who together with Rabuka and Capt. Dugu first robbed /raped our country of democracy in 1987. The rot continues to-date.

What about JB as a bank robber - I think that's stretching the truth a bit too much!! Any evidence???

You see, Rabuka's immunity, together with his 8 thugs stands abrogated with the 1997 Constitution - Ayarse know this and with this knowledge controls Naivalurua by his balls.

serving navy said...

ex navy said...
Yes Bainimarama the Fijian hero which I meant that no one in the whole of Fiji have the guts to take him out.Wili kina o iko kei au daru lamu.What about that do you agree.Levu ga na vosa vakalotu na kai Viti.Yes s/Dakuwaqa my statement still stand insane statement give me your e-mail address and we can sort it out if you like.Na wele o Bainimarama da mai veikoba.
ex navy

May 8, 2012 7:04 PM

Hold your Horse Ex Navy.Cool Down,its sad that you have the same temper as your ex bosses Bai and Kean,'via vei koba tiko'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wait, what happened to Ex-Army? He's now Ex-Navy? Can't remember what branch of service he's in? Maybe he didn't serve at all but got hit rummy in the head playing rugby. That might explain some of his comments.

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Anon 3:34 PM, ever think of opening your own comedy club? Well, don't, because you're not very funny.

Dakuwaqa is one of the more thoughtful and articulate opponents of the regime. His unpredictability and inside information makes reading him more interesting. But I must say that I, too, was surprised by his left-handed defence of first, Nailatikau, and now, Naivalurua.

Maybe someone's been feeding him some red herrings down there.

Now, THAT's comedy!

Ex Law Enforcement Officer said...

I am dismayed and disappointed with this write up and comment against a friend of mine Mr Henry Brown. I have worked under him for 5 years and seen his development and ethics inbuilt with his determination of fulfilling his objectives. I am a no friend of this present government nor a sympathizer but a take a personal insult of people who try to discredit people with integrity in their work through sensational theory theory and premise.At no time I have aware , seen or heard that Henry have crossed the line as he knows the risk that will put his family, wife , children and friends who believe in his capability. I also known the Police officers whose names are mentioned in the report who claimed to have the integrity which the officers don't have...They lack the investigation vision, modern technique and understanding of investigations and intelligence, the compiling and analyzing of intel and so forth. You just don't take garbage info, hearsay, rumors, opinions of anybody without any concrete evidence to show probable cause of their claim as there is an illegal activity in the police Force.We need evidence and not just flotsam and jetsam information to prosecute anybody.There is so much bad mouthing, jealousy, bitterness, selfishness in the Police Force that create this stupidity in the writing of this alleged correspondence. ACP Henry Brown experience and achievement before reaching the Assistant Commissioner post is commendable and non of those officers who are writing this letters have those credits reached what has Henry Brown achieved even if you bind the Cv's of these disgruntled officers.

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To Ex Law Enforcement Officer

ACP Brown is a corrupt officer and his promotion has nothing to do with his ability. He was just put Dir NIB during Teleni term and on recommendation of ACP Tevita Lesu.

Otherwise this piece of shit will still be no the rank of ASP.

I was in the office when he was called up and promoted !!!

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Many things have been said about some of the hard working officers such as ACP Henry and team. If people have forgot let me remind them that he was the one that led to the discovery of the billion dollar clan lab in Fiji the first biggest lab in 2004. If he and his team was corrupt then they would have been living in luxury home

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@ 12.48pm sorry not funny, I did not like it to be that too.

Dakuwaqa is one very very smart man. But may be yes some "red herrings' there. But we just now wait and see what will happen now in the end? May be this will one long 6 year comedy show that will very TRAGIC for us to laugh true. No not comedy show but may be like bruno and his clowns and magic magicians circus show we see now with Fiji guvment.

Ex- Law Enforement Officer said...

ACP Brown promotion was through his ability nothing else and nothing more..imagine he has no friends in the military he has no blood relation to any high executives of the military government HE WAS INTELLIGENT AND HIGHLY INTELLECTUAL OFFICER.If some one Check his file they will notice that he tops every courses and exams held at the Police Academy From CID Courses to Superintendent Courses He was top of his game Even his thesis paper for his masters is now used as an Academic paper in University for Wollongong (Australia) The only person who is making a negative Comment against ACP Brown is really a piece of Shit because he got nothing credible to dispute ACP Brown credentials Must be a big loser jealous piece of Crap

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@ 10.07a.m. Ex-law enforcemnt officr

We were not born yesterday. Higher education and high intelligence does not translate to being above criminal and unethical conduct. I'm sure the truth of the corruption happening within Fiji's police force will reveal its glorious self in the end.

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Should be an easy matter to prove, if the allegations are true. All that is needed is for Rajeshni Mala to adduce the alleged recordings of the mobile calls with the drug lord. But even then, who is to say Bainimarama will do anything? For all we know, he could be the consignee of the drug shipments.

911 said...

To Ex-law enforcement officer,as the saying goes 'it takes only one dead fly to spoli a nice sweet smelling oil',maybe,maybe I repeat which you and I cannot answered ,that 'dead fly' has corrupted the nice smelling ACP Brown you're backing and barking about.

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CID Office Robbed on Tuesday or Wednesday night. What a coincidence.

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Ex-law enforcement officer you just bugger off the toilet mahn... you full of shiiittyy in your mind...no wonder you got a sack coz you pip around girls police qtrs after grog dope around 4am... you are an idiot cult go to hell..

Anonymous said...

Ex-law enforcement officer, you must be uncomfortably close to the mark, judging by the reactions.

Ex law Enforement Officer said...

I was not sacked for piping nor anything criminal I just have to move on with new opportunities. I am a professional with integrity and I have no animosity with anyone due to my spiritual belief However I all spade for spade when comes to lies and jealousy with childish behaviour

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isa, sa rauta na bla bla ike.......if you dont like it - atleast have the balls to tell him face to face. no use harping around here. i could be turned towards believing this story about Compol....but if you cant tell the man his wrong....even God does not allow us to point fingers.....'Judge not, for you will be judged' ke dou qai lasu......sa na bau vaga ya....

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if any of this shit was true,setoki would have been behind bars by now.typical fijian mentality,hating on hardworking,successful itaukei.so wat if his daughter was married to bainimaramas son?it dont mean jack.he had been a successful businessman from long before that!

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Isa ..Did you get on the wrong plane all these years?

Dominick said...

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