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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More departures from judiciary tipped

Another judge has been revealed as not having had his contract renewed.

He is Faizal Koya, the son of the co-founder of the National Federation Party, Siddiq Koya, who was appointed by the former president Josefa Iloilo in 2009.

Last week, Coupfourpointfive revealed the regime had not renewed the contract of the high court judge, Sosefo Inoke. 

Correspondence between Inoke and the Chief Justice, Anthony Gates, showed judges were getting done over despite their loyalty to an unpopular regime.

Sources are also saying Justice William Calanchini is leaving. 

Calanchini, an Australian, has been serving as a High Court civil judge and has been the acting Chief Justice while Gates is overseas on official engagement and Daniel Goundar on leave.

Goundar heads to Australia next month, where he has already installed his family. 

Officially, he is on study leave but reliable insiders say he fell foul of the regime after the illegal PM's office received two sworn affidavits from FICAC officers saying he was constantly in touch with FICAC prosecutor, George Langman, and FICAC consultant, Nazhat Shameem.

The FICAC officers revealed that each afternoon after the day's proceedings had ended, Goundar directed FICAC who to call, what questions to ask and what not to ask.


Anonymous said...

justice kandu should spill the beans refer ask and nazhat asap.
all fiji judges and lawyers should boycott the illegal regime asap.
regime will fall.
time for all lawyers ,judges ,political party and church/civil leaders to be united and fight the regime.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

FICAC officers now live in fear for their lives.
They have become witnesses to corruption at a level that is beyond their power to deal with.

It is deep and high.

Anonymous said...

Calanchini is rough and ready and tries his best to deal with the system and the absolute degenerate lawyers that practice in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I still find it hard to believe that Australia will accept these thugs. Goundar, Chaudry, Shameem, Aiyaz, Naivalurua etc etc They will all plead persecution and flee to Australia.

These are criminals and Australia should reject their visas.

-Valataka na Dina.

mark manning said...

Gounder should be hounded in Australia and once Democracy restored in Fiji, extradited back to Fiji to face the Courts.

Anonymous said...

Ok great, guess there's more openings for jobs!! Whats the un-employment rate like, anyways? Anyone want to be a judge?? place ur bets...

Keep The Faith said...

Sayonara dudes. Shut the door on the way out.

Anonymous said...

usa and auss/nz should read the blog and know how corrupt fiji regime is.
time for usa/auss/nz leaders to sent some sas to get rid of the illegal regime.
if they can sent troops to iraq/middle east.
why cant they sent troops to fiji.
pls leaders do fijians some justice sent some sas pls.

Anonymous said...

HEE HA!.. HEE HA! Our Leader XHon.Choor dhry is not going to Jail - He no Chakhi Pisso..

Instead all the lair lair pants on fire, Judges have been shown the door!!!

HEE HA! Our Leader no go Jail..
All you detractors can go jump in a well..

You know why?? Because no-one, absolutely no-one can touch our Leader CHOOR DHRY, especially not a two-penny shit like Kyum, because our Leader is made of STEAL!

He STEAL plenty but never go Jail! He very clever not dump like Kyum!

May 14, 2012 2:07 AM

Anonymous said...

There are lawyers in Fiji who have intentionally kept out of sight since 2006 and there are others who have actively aided, abetted, and benefitted from the regime. The latter category are well known to the fraternity. These lawyers keep the temporary AG informed on the views and associations of those lawyers who are known to stand for righteousness. It is important in my view to note that there exists a huge a silent majority in Fiji who will remain silent but will voice their sufferings when restrictive decrees are removed.

Anonymous said...

Sada Reddy, you never write us any more. John Prasad, give our best to John Samy. Mahendra Chaudhry, ever hear from Lehk Ram Vayeshnoi? Roko Ului, we hardly knew ye. Daniel Goundar, whar have you gone thar? We could go on and on, but I think you get the point. It seems that the regime just can't hold on to its people. 

In normal countries, criminals go to prison; in Fiji, they go to Australia or New Zealand.

Why do they leave the regime? They knew it was an illegal government when they joined, so they shouldn't have been disillusioned on that score. Treason and/or prison sentences don't read well on CV's, so of course they must have thought that the treason would prosper to the point that none dare call it treason. So, is that it? The treason isn't prospering, so they left to avoid prison terms or worse?

Perhaps their reasons for leaving have something to do with their motives for joining. Some appear to have been misguided do-gooders, like Robin Nair. Several others were political opportunists -- did anyone mention Chaudhry? Others, like Prasad, were carpetbaggers. The do-gooders left in indignation after being cynically exploited and abused. The opportunists left for new opportunities or were forced out by others of the same ilk. The carpetbaggers milked the situation for what they could but seem to have sensed the teat collapsing. 

It doesn't bode well for the regime. It borrowed what it could, at higher interest rates to avoid conditionality, but Bainimarama has already blown through a lot of that money with little political gain. This prætorian cæsar thought that by 2014 the bread and circuses he gave or promised would buy popularity sufficient for his outright election, but a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum: the heavens rained on his parade. The storms caused far more damage and displacement than his PM's Flood Relief (slush) Fund can mend. And since his Look North partners looked away, the only resources left to Bainimarama were his political war chest and FNPF. 

Don't let it worry you -- I'm sure the fact you haven't received your pension cheque is simply a technical glitch. And the fact that Bainimarama is kissing Indian dirt dressed as a mendicant may not be because he's desperate for easier repayment terms; perhaps he's just brushing up on his Sanskrit.

It's nigh mid-2012, and yet the 'constitutional dialogue' is hardly underway. Pensioners are livid. Chiefs are restive. Tourists are bitter. Farmers are desperate. Qarase and Chaudhry are teaming up. The PIF is laying down markers. UNAMI is running out... and so is the money for Bainimarama's election/coronation. 

For that matter, so, too, are many of the regime supporters, and one can hardly blame them. This is the time that the Roadmap either begins to unfold or to unravel. And, despite assurances to the contrary, the signs so far are that the regime's Roadmap is already fraying. The smarter ones will get out while the gittin' is good. The greedier ones will stay and take their chances. 

To those who have left, you should be ashamed of what you've helped to foist upon the people of Fiji. My advice is to follow Tevita Mara's example by doing what you can to make amends and to assuage some of your guilt. To those remaining, I ask is it really worth it? After all, when it unravels, it's likely to unravel fast. And trust me, you do NOT want to be the last one caught holding the bag!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

What an insult to Alipate & his bunch of ninkumpoops at the Fiji Meteorological Service.

Nadraki Weather their competitor to carry out a review of the FMS. They will recommend that it be privatised and Nadraki Weather win this contract while Alipate and his incompetent staff will all be booted out.

I told you a month ago on this blog site after the Nadi floods that Alipate will be sacked but he and his incompetent staff wanted to challenge me and Sir Khaiyum on this site.

They can complain as much as they want but at the end of the day Sir Khaiyum is the Vunivalu of Bau & King of Fiji and things will hapen his way and not how it is done in Australia & NZ as all the subjects of the Vunivalu of Bau are kissing his feet including Voreqe & Nailatikau.

Oh Khaiyum, For Khaiyum you are our saviour and king is now the official anthem of the Mataivalu Ni Solisona and Alipate running to Voreqe, Nailatikau or your minister will not save your job.

Sir Khaiyum Fiji loves you and carry out your good work without fear as you have supporters all over the world.

Anonymous said...

@Valataka na Dina doubt they are on Australia's watch list hence their entry.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem to make sense!

Inoke J's contract is not renewed because he was presumed as NOT being loyal.

But Goundar's contract is also not being renewed because he WAS being loyal.

Something is funny here!

Anonymous said...

Calanchini was hopeless as lawyer at the Solicitor Generals office when he was sent here.

Spent his time picking Daniel Singh's and Save Banuve's brains and passing it off as his work.

Eventually was "side transferred" to QEB, Delainabua where the work isn't as demanding as at the Solicitor General's office, after his shorcomings became apparent in the Solicitor General's office as he became an impediment to the smooth flow of work.

He was totally out of his depth doing complicated and complex work at the Solicitor Generals office. Hopelessly inadequate.

He eventually worked at QEB under Aziz as an RFMF millitary lawyer until the 2006 coup d'etat happened and the late John Semisi was removed from the Arbitration Tribunal whereupn they sent Calanchini in as new Tribunal.

How they appointed him into the Judiciary in the first place is a big question. He has no depth in the complex tax, commercial, civil property and corporate work which they entrusted to him in the High Court.

Anonymous said...

Sir Khaiyum is King and running Fiji as a one man Government who answers to no one including Voreqe & his Mataivalu Ni Solisona who take orders directly from him.

All Cabinet Ministers, Naivalurua & his cicilevu police officers also answer to the chosen one.

Mark my word some very prominent people in high places in Government are under investigation by FICAC under Khaiyum's orders and these 2 faced corrupt officials will soon be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Seems the only honest judge was Gordon Ward. That is probably why they burnt his house down.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Goundar should be stopped from leaving the country, and charged for stealing, perverting the course of justice, corruption, etc etc

S DAKUWAQA >Te Mara Conman said...

S Dakuwaqa
My advice is to follow Tevita Mara's example by trying to fool the whoe world on his lost at sea saqa.....hahahah

you are a sucker of Te maras balls ....

What about the millions Mara senior stole from the government....

I SAY Investigate mara empire in fiji...

I didnt realise That Te Mara still has suckers around

Anonymous said...

Who are the puppets in the military council if it still exists



looks like there are still some Mara sibling around trying to champion a lost cause.....

The runaway fuigitive.....the commander of 3FIR .....Who killed 2 naitasiri farmers in Kalabu...


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:37 Gordon Ward was on the Court of Appeal (resident Judge) when the Takiveikata case involving Anthony Gates went up.

That Court of Appeal bench found Gates had lied when he swore under oath to the Court that he did not converse with third parties regarding the Takiveikata case indicating to them at a Coctail party that he would put Takiveikata away.

Even though Ward did not preside on that case, he expressed his reservations in correspondences and specifically that he was unhappy with the manner in which Gates and Shameem moved about to consolidate their position in the Judiciary post December 5th 2006.

As a result Gordon Ward's house was burnt down to intimidate him and "shut him up" and make him "leave Fiji" by RFMF officers led by Qiliho on instructions from the Millitary Councvil through Gates and Shameem's request.

This is the link from the NZ Herald making reference to Gates lies to the Court of Appeal http://www.nzherald.co.nz/international-politics/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503226&objectid=10791058

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina@RUM...What's so hard to believe about Aussie&NZ politics? They allowed you to enter their countries,didn't they?
If i was you, i'd be very careful with what i'd say against the two nations that didn't refuse your visas, to enter their countries and makes unsupported
and indiscreminate statements, against the interim Government of Fiji???You're not through the wood just yet,we intend to bring you back to trial, at the conclusion of all this shit? And that, you can count on it!!!

Caijitukamu said...

Find it amusing that some faceless cowards on Mara hunting venture in here hihihi..

Mata'usi said...

If no Tongans allowed to speak their mind on Fiji politics the that fag Epeli Hauofa shouldn't be commenting on Fiji politics, or is she under Misinfor payroll.

Anonymous said...


Rt Epeli Nailatikau is Tongan.

Anonymous said...

there are no full bloded fijian high chiefs in fiji

Anonymous said...

Aziz ordered that Patricia Jalal be subjected to intimidation and psychological preassure to "shut her up".

Khaiyum, Gates and Shameem were not happy with the material she was writing against them.

On Aziz's orders anonymous calls were made by RFMF NCO's to her house and her personal mobile phone and her office. She was told that her throat would be cut and her pussy ripped with Beer bottles if she didn't shut her mouth. That her arse would be sodomised and gangbanged at QEB if she kept on "talking". That the RFMF would see to it that she got fucked so hard she wouldn't be able to walk.

The same was done to Qarase on Ului Mara's directives. Phone calls were made to his house by RFMF NCO's and he was told his throat would be slit.

Anonymous said...

Police have lead in CID case lol must be i'taukei investigators and chritans advicing the culprits from the same group how to cover it up just in fiji yeah. If it was in other place the top brass of the force would have either stepped down or fired but cant happen here cause its the i'taukeis and christans involved. Birds of feather flock together gai sauma na nemcou kawa.

Anonymous said...

Directive issued for immediate arrest of CID thieves
Publish date/time: 16/05/2012 [16:59]

Print this page
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The Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua has given a directive for the immediate recovery and arrests of those involved with the item stolen following a break-in at the Criminal Investigation Department’s drug unit.

Police said an “exhibit” was the item stolen.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

Anonymous said...

When is Judge Fernando from Lautoka High Court going back to Rawan country--he is a NINCOMPOOOP of the highest order--tax payers money being wasted on him.
Daniel Goundar(hanging judge) is the nephew of Shiu Goundar(now a priest in NZ)--was manager of National Bank in the 90"s--corruptly bought a house in Simla which was on mortgagee sale by the bank for peanuts. So long--Daniel--moce maca.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:44
This is why the fiji army should be demolished forever. Its an evil institution.

Anonymous said...

to s/Dakuwaqa;

In normal countries, criminals go to prison; in Fiji, they go to Australia or New Zealand...

well done!

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry replies to Vaniqi

[posted 15 May 2012,1630]

No amount of whitewashing by Permanent Secretary for Sugar Manasa Vaniqi can hide the fact that the current administration is solely responsible for the sad state of the sugar industry today, said NFU general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry.

Industry statistics and the bankrupt state of the Fiji Sugar Corporation speak for themselves. But like the proverbial ostrich, Mr Vaniqi and his associates refuse to see the writing on the wall,” Mr Chaudhry said.

As far as the sugar industry is concerned, it is today a question of the blind leading the blind. In just five short years, the cane crop has declined from 3.3 million tonnes to 2.1 million tonnes. Sugar produced has fallen from 330,000 tonnes to 165,000 tonnes. TCTS has deteriorated from 10 to 13.5 tonnes of cane to a tonne of sugar. These facts cannot be ignored.

“Mr Vaniqi keeps harping about reforms when, in actual fact, the industry is being deformed.

“All we know is that the Minister and his officials in the industry have taken several trips abroad under the guise of bringing about improvements but the results have been quite to the contrary.

“The industry was doing much better before the Army takeover but military politics has reduced it today to a pathetic state where farmers are exiting because of the arbitrary and incompetent manner in which it is driven.

Anonymous said...

Contracts of many Magistrates were not renewed because CR Irani wants them leave. From the day one she joined Fiji Judiciary she proved how inefficient she was as a Magistrate and when she became CR, she started gunnin for those local Magistrates.

If anyone talks to the local Fijian staff who used to work for Judicial Department and now working for other departments would say how visious that woman is and how she used to harrass them, specially fijians.

Why worry as long as those good for nothing Sri Lankan cheap lawyers are aavailable for Gates to bring into Fiji to do Aiarse and Bainimarma's biddings.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:04, my only point was that Mara is showing contrition and seeking redemption by joining in opposition to the regime and helping to expose its crimes. I'm not in any way, shape, or form a Mara supporter. By all means investigate his 'empire', though I doubt you'll find much there. Nonetheless, he needs to answer for very serious crimes.

And, oh, by the way, chum. The next time you're in the water, try not to remember that Jaws poster and try not to think of me. Because when you do, chum, chum will you become.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:04, "two-faced corrupt officials" could be anybody who has joined this regime. Can you narrow it down for us at least a little?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I wouldn't mind if Tonga sent another Ma'afu to help us end the Bainimarama Usurpation.

Anonymous said...

No room for Tongans in Fijian politics? Okay, if you say so. Problem is, there's also no room for Fijians or for anyone other than Bainikhaiyum, either.

Anonymous said...

Calanchini going home with tidy package of bribes sitting in nominee bank accounts, and in cash offshore in Australia and Vanuatu.

One of the most corrupt and slyest Judges to have ever sat on the Fiji bench.

Anonymous said...

Apart from those attorneys like Aiyaz and the Shameem sisters who must answer for their crimes, once genuine government is restored, perhaps all others should need to register again for licenses to practice before Fiji's bar -- except this time those who stayed on to practice during the Bainimarama Interregnum will need to explain and substantiate what they've done since 2006 to restore Fiji's rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:27 is right. Something doesn't add up here. Since when has the regime cared about a judge's breach of ethics so long as it seemed to benefit the regime? There mist be more to the Goundar story...

Anonymous said...

For years friendly nations have been asking Bainimarama to expand civilian participation in his ruling circle. The regime never did. Instead it always cried poor mouth, blaming travel sanctions for its inability to recruit people. By now, though, it's become obvious that the real problem is that the word has gotten out that the regime is an arbitrary, unfair, and unreliable employer. What a surprise!

Anonymous said...

Police have not ruled out inside job

07:07 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Apisalome Coka

Police are still continuing its investigations into the break-in at its Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters in Toorak, Suva.

After more than a week of investigations Police are still not discounting they were involved in the case
Spokesperson Ana Naisoro told FBC NEWS a thorough investigation will be carried out

“There have been a number of allegations that have been surfacing and if there are any Police Officers who has been alleged or are involved in this they will be dealt with according to the law, there is no special treatment given to any cases whatsoever, all cases are dealt with equally and thoroughly.”

Sources have told FBC NEWS drugs were stolen in the raid, Police cannot confirm these as yet, but says evidence was stolen in the break in

“No arrests as yet, but we can confirm that an exhibit that was kept in the drug unit at the CID headquarters in Toorak was one of the items that was stolen.”

Investigations are continuing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did we just hear Choor dhry just FART?? Somewhere up above.

About how bad the military politics is on the sugar industry!! LOOK WHO IS FARTING!!


Prime Ministers Office said...

Prime Minister has issued a directive that police commissioner be sidelined by end of May 2012.

He has had enough of compols corruption and tired of covering for him. New commissioner is still been decided.

Maybe Teleni is coming back to head Ministry of Defence and Police both.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Pryde will be next and more will follow because these expatriates like Callanchini can smell that the end is near for the illegal regime. they do not want to be caught with their pants down.

Anonymous said...

When Judge Gordon Ward's Villa was
burnt in Pacific Harbour, where was
RUM?Words on the street has it that
the idea to burnt the Villa came from RUM since he knows the location of the Villa like the back of his hands,since he grew-up in the areas and his Parents Villa, is about a block away? By the way isn't Judge Ward is the current Chief Justice in Tonga today?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Dakuwaqa. Most of us understood you. You've been calling in this blog for a special tribunal to try Mara and the others for treason and other high crimes.

Just as you say, the court or commission will need to take into account Mara's acts of contrition as a mitigating factor, but won't there also be some aggravating factors for it to take into account as well?

Anonymous said...

Mark Mannings comment"Gounder should be hounded in Australia and once Democracy restored in Fiji, extradited back to Fiji to face the Courts" . Talk about Mr Dopys remarks?@#$ Question you should be asking your Government is how the hell did he get into Australia in the first place?No? When they are refusing visas for those who were working for the REGIME and that must also include your mate Baledrokadroka & also Roko ULui! Now would that not make a lot of sense instead of hounding him in Australia-to me thats breaking the law.Unless you going to be doing the HOUNDING! dumb, dumb,doce!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:34

RUM member of Millitary Council. Qiliho member of Millitary Council. Driti member of Millitary Council. All endorsed attack on members of the Judicialy and planned and ordered the execution of those attacks.

Gordon Ward's villa burnt down to shut Ward up because Gates and Shameem and Khaiyum said he was a nuisance to them and should be shut up.

Nut caps on Winter's 4 Wheel Drive SUV removed because he expressed reservations about Gates and Shameem usurption of Judiciary from Fatiaki. The fake Judicial Legal Services Commission meeting manipulated by Shameem and Khaiyum. Khaiyum advised Millitary Council that Winter's had to be "shut up".

Anonymous said...

Teleni is just a toothless tiger, he's there to make some cash before he reaches 55.

Navosavakadua said...

Justice Calanchini probably fell foul of Khaiyum when he ordered him to give his reasons for charging the Fiji Times with contempt of court before requiring the Fiji Times to make a statement.

This is no more than natural justice, but that's a completely foreign concept to Khaiyum philosophy of "I make the law, you should interpret it how I want it interpreted".

Anonymous said...

as long as CR Irani sacrifice her butt to Khayum she will destroy the Judicial Department. It is the most corrupt and inefficient Government Dept. In Fiji. Everyone in Judicial is aware of the corrupt practices of CR Irani and furthermore her racial discrimination to Fijians.

Come on guys chase this Sri Lnkan member of the oldest profession to the prison.

Me oti kina, nai tovo ca

Anonymous said...

@Navosavakadua Is that another of those cases involving Munro Leys and Calanchini ?

How much did Calanhini get from Richard Naidu on this one this time ?

Elephant Memory Bank said...

It's extremely sad to be reminded of the evil deeds visited on innocent people by the Fijian military, all because Nazhat Shameem and Anthony Gates found such persons to be a nuisance and wanted them out of the way. This will never be forgotten...

Bhaiya Babu said...

Yes,… we did hear Choordari's FART!!

Hon.Xed Illegal Minister of Finance [2006-2008] MP Chaudhary aka Mr. CLEAN!! Also recently known as Choordari.

YOU sang the DICTATOR's praises- called him a 'devtha' for Indo-Fijians (a messiah, a savior )..

YOU are on record, Chodo, as saying that "2 years is not enough" for the DICTATOR "to clean-up Qarase's mess" and strongly suggested FIVE!!!.


Like you forgot whether or not you have paid TAX on the interests you earned on the stolen $$$$ millions you deposited in your Australian Bank account!!

Acute forgetfulness of the nature you have been exhibiting recently, Mr. Barka Choroa , are early signs of the dreadful disease of called ‘dementia’, something that effects geriatrics.

In your case it could also be ‘karam dant’ or as one blogger has recently suggested something like “Mara ke bulu”!!

I’d suggest you take some very ‘wai cala’ grog with some strong Kadavu ganja – it helps – If not kerekere some stronger shit from (polcom) Naivalu2 that he is rumored to have helped himself from the Toorak Bolt.

Choroa, Take my advice and just RETIRE!

Maro Koli saab politics / woltics – leave it for the bigger and more suave CONs like Kaiyum and aunty Nuri and Madame S and the rest of your old gang.

e..o.. Taki..!

Anonymous said...

Bhaiya Babu, Chaudhry needs to answer for everything you mention and then some. In fact, you may have been too charitable to him. But I ask you and the other Chodo-bashers, who are many, what is your purpose here?

Is it to keep Chaudhry out of the government? Isn't it more important to unite now to end the dictatorship?

It's been proposed by some that an Qarase-Chaudhry unity government be nominated to serve as a caretaker government only, to take Fiji to honest elections one year hence. (I say 'nominated' because Bainimarama will never allow them to be elected.) Chaudhry then cannot run for office again unless and until he is cleared of wrongdoing by a Truth & Reconciliation Commission.

The fact that Chaudhry deserves the bashing is beside the point. It just serves the interest of the regime and its narrative that it's an improvement over past administrations. It is not. Chaudhry's record of lies, thievery, and treachery is deplorable but pales when compared to what Bainimarama has done and continues to do.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.13,
You r right about Bhaiya Babu, chordori should be left out and Qarase because that will help get rid of regime. So let chodori's corruption live on as strong.

If his crime is o.k. for asking bai to take 5 years to clean Qarase, when regime wanted 2 yrs clean Qarase.

so 3 extra yrs of regime stay is to the honor of chodori & FLP...not regime doing.

So getting rid of regime means getting rid of chodori too.That is his share of extra 3 yrs.

why nor ask Bai and AAiaz and Madam to joint with chjodori and Qarase so we all can be happy. no regime...only frank, aiz , chorowa and led as PM by Qarase.

let the collection of all chors be put together. start new FHL/Boor bano, and when they get elected all donation must be put in Australian a/c as chodori the only trustee.

Anonymous said...

good bhaiya babu,

you talk too much...

chodori and Qarase now talking 75 year lease. Chodori said not enough .. what about 100 years..

They just drawing up 100 year lease. so you shut up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:13 is right. What needs to be done first, punishing Chodo or ending the dictatorship? We may not be able to have our cake and eat it, too. We need to focus first on getting rid of Bainimarama, even if it means letting Chodo help us do that. Once we have rule of law again, Chodo will face the bar of justice.

Bhaiya Babu said...

@ anon 4:13 & 7:59 & 10:53 pm

Thank you for raising some very important issues. Let’s dig into it.

It is NOT a question of choice between the better of the two devils. Nor is it a question of playing one enemy against the other.
No! Deals with DEVILS are the pleasures of the politicians.

Ours is a struggle for our FREEDOM from the tyranny of BAIYUM. There is NO Doubt we will succeed. We will have our FREEDOM; we will fight for our future with dignity and self-respect, with pride and with peaceful means. We will do it for our children and with patriotic passion and for the love of our country and for every individual human being in it. We will speak the TRUTH, we will write and publish the TRUTH, bitter it maybe, to the culprits and their supporters, but so be it!

We will not achieve our democratic ideals /principles by doing deals with compromised politicians, like CHOROA!

Indo-Fijians, may feel leaderless today, but not to worry, we will have one when we come to the bridge.

Have patience and be observant, everyday, bit by bit, right in front of our eyes – BAIYUM is self-destructing itself.

Chodo should do the right thing and RETIRE ! And so should Qarase. Both these elderly politicians contributed in their own petty ways to create this Frankenstein’s Monster.

Let’s not get into the details of WHYS too much at this stage, or at least before I roll another joint..

e…o Taki

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:43, there are deals, and then there are DEALS. The deal that both Qarase and Chaudhry need to sign on to is that they'll unite to oppose the illegal regime. This is for a one year interim caretaker government only, to lead Fiji through real elections in a post-Bainimarama era. Both will be uneligible to compete in that election, or future elections, until they're cleared by a Truth & Reconcilation Commission.

If they think that they can just run again as the candidates of the SDL and FLP, in the hopes of winning a full term, they should be disabused of this notion right now.

Who heads the ticket is pretty inconsequential at this point, because Bainimarama isn't going to allow them to compete fairly. He'll likely use Fiji's corrupted judiciary to convict and disqualify one or both. What is impprtant is for the opposition to be unified and to have recognized leaders to provide a coherent strategy for resistance.

We're going to need a mass movement, labor actions, and the emergence of a splinter faction within the RFMF, if not foreign intervention, to bring down Bainimarama. He will not go quietly.

Chodo can help us bring in the labor movement and the cane farmers. He'll still need to answer for everything to the T&RC. And until he does, it will be the end of his career. If he helps us put Fiji back on the democratic path, it will be a fine end to an otherwise checkered career. To repudiate the FLP at this point would be to allow the Perfect to become the enemy of the Good. Don't be a tool for Bainimarama's strategy for keeping the opposition divided.

Both Qarase and Chaudhry have proven vote-getting power, which also translates into potential support for resistance when Bainimarama pulls the plug on their eligibility. If they jointly endorse a third party, then so much the better, as much of that potential translates over to that party. But there's also the risk that they will instead have a falling out, causing much of that potential to disappear.

I, too, am not a fan of Qarase or Chaudhry, but I'd prefer either or both any day to the illegal incumbent.

Please try to smoke something stronger, to reflect more deeply on this.

Bhaiya Babu said...

Unfortunately the burden of history weighs too much and too unfavorably on the elderly shoulders of both Choro and Qarase. We must let then RETIRE!

Chodo’s last election was 2006 and he may have been popular then. But since Chodo has kept some very bad company and has also involved himself in criminal / treasonous acts whereby he compromised every single and fundamental principles which are pillars of “liberal democracy”.

And most importantly, Victor Lal has since made some very revealing and detailed disclosures about the manner of Chodo’s CHORI, electronic money transfers, bank account details, deposits, and withdrawals.

Chodo has been caught thieving money which was donated to the very very poor and needy – His crime is grievous, unkind and wicked. Chodo’s credibility and character is down in the drain.

If Chodo sides with Qarase, Chodo will bring Qarase down with him.

And anyway, Qarase is no better than Choroa in terms of his overt racism, agriculture scams and vote buying and FHL shares.

Look your suggested strategy of lining Chodo and Qarase against BAIYUM would actually work in favor of BAIYUM – Now we don’t want that do we ??

My friend @ 3:27 , you seem like a smart person, please take my stoned advice and dump Chodo Now!! He is a NO Hoper!

If you looking for some action and a force more formidable than Chodo / Qarase together then have patience and /or join FGSM Now!!

WE must have one Law for everybody! And Treason is Treason!

If you have not figured it out yet - FGSM = Free George Speight Movement!!

You In??????....

e…o Taki!

Anonymous said...

We agree on a lot of things. George Speight probably SHOULD be freed, since it's now pretty apparent that he was probably just Bainimarama's patsy and fall guy. I'm sure he could provode some interesting details regarding what really happened.

But how do you know Bainimarama would beat a combined Qarase-Chaudhry ticket?

Regarding Chaudhry and Qarase's character issues, what you say is true. Because of that, I would prefer to see them both unite behind a single candidate (Ro Teimumu? Wadan Narsey?) and retire posthaste. We'd still need their political machinery to help us mobilise, however.

Surely you're not looking for Qarase and Chaudhry to unite behind the candidacy of a newly freed George Speight, are you? Dude, if that's your idea, then you're really toasted!

Nothing to hide said...

In all fairness to the comment made by anonymous much earlier, this is also true

In normal countries, criminals go to prison; in Fiji, they go to Australia or New Zealand.

In normal countries, criminals go to prison; in Fiji coup protesters, they go to Australia or New Zealand.

Go figure! Both criminals and coup protesters go Austrailia and NZ... LOL.
Criminals and coup protesters are exactly the same... they leave Fiji not to face the WRATH of FIJI.

I guess the real protesters and criminals are the ones who stay in Fiji to fight and/or commit the crime.

Too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Gordon Ward is now Sir Gordon Ward. Apparently the Commonwealth deem him a man of honor, integrity, international standing and impeccable reputation.. In Fiji, such qualities just earn threats, intimidation and persecution. What a tragedy.

Anonymous said...