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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day censorship and beauty pageant farce

Accused instigator of the Miss World Fiji 'farce': Andhy Blake (middle). pic fiji times
Konini Vakalomaloma 
Two casualties of the turbulent times we live in today. 
Torika Watters
The first, The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre for having to pull an advertisement to mark Mothers Day because the paper it had chosen wanted it to remove the first line.
The offensive line? "Honor Mother with Rallies in the Streets," which comes from an article on the widely read American website Slate by Ruth Rosen titled, Mothers Day for Peace. 
The paragraph in entirety went like this: "Honor Mother with Rallies in the Streets. The holiday began in activism; it needs rescuing from commercialism and platitudes" and kicked off Rosen's call for Mothers Day to return to its original purpose instead of the money maker it is today.
In her story, Rosen poses the thought: "Imagine a Mother's Day filled with voices demanding social and economic justice and a sustainable future, rather than speeches studded with syrupy platitudes.
Anne Marie Jarvis
"Nineteenth century women dared to dream of a day that honored women's civil activism. We can do no less. We should honor their vision with civic activism."
The paper's lawyer didn't like it. He or she was obviously worried the censorship goons would come after it for allowing a message that could be seen as calling Fiji's mothers to rise up against the regime.
Another who has had the ignominy of being pulled this week is Torika Watters, the 16 year old who was originally crowned winner of Miss World Fiji 2012.
Pageant organisers have now decided to send the first runner up, Koini Vakaloloma, to Mongolia instead of Watters after one of the judges revealed the pageant director, Andhy Blake, interfered with the judging process.
Watters was only 16 and entrants were supposed to be at least 17. 
Initial stories reported Blake waived the rules for Watters to win because she had a story to tell: her father had died under tragic circumstances and she had come through it.
Mai Life magazine is now quoting one of the two local judges, Hupfeld Hoerder, as saying the competition was a 'farce' and that the winner was pre-determined.

Hoerder: “As judges we have a responsibility to the people of Fiji, to the parents who put so much of their time and effort supporting these girls because they could be our sisters and daughters. We want the people of Fiji to know what really happened.

“We didn’t have anything to judge the girls on, there was no criteria. He said everything was about a story. Torika was not even in our top three choice during the judging. But he (Andhy) wouldn’t have it. 

"He was like Torika was the one; she has the whole package and the universal face and that since he was the one who spent a lot of time with the girls, he knew who should be the one.

“We stayed up till 2am in the morning trying to change Andhy’s mind but he wouldn’t have it. He was adamant that Torika was the one. It was very unprofessional of him and even as the Pageant Director; he shouldn’t have had an influence on the judge’s decision."

Hoerder says he feels Watters was the victim. 

The other victim must surely be Konini Vakalomaloma and Fiji who was exposed yet again to the world as being unable to leave its racist conflicts behind it.

Editor's Note: Excerpts from a statement from Torika Watters:

"Andhy Blake first contacted me on FB on the 7th of March to invite me to be a part of the Miss World Fiji Pageant. He said he would reserve a place for me among the semi finalists because I was in Sydney at the time. I told him that I would not be turning 17 until next year 2013, and asked if that mattered he said it was fine as he had sought prior approval from the CEO of Miss World Julia Morley. I arrived into Fiji on the 8th of April and came to Suva to join the other contestants on the 11th of April.

On the night of the finals, I was delighted and surprised to be chosen as Miss World Fiji and was proud to be given the opportunity to represent my Fijian heritage on the World stage. I am proud of my identity as a Fijian and have never considered my people as racists. The TNVZ interview was something as I was coached to do by the pageant director Andhy Blake and I have at all times up till now been given the words to say in public as part of my training. This is why I have come out today with my own statement.

Last week Friday 4th May, Andhy Blake told me "Sorry, you cannot go to Mongolia. I thought that 16 year olds could enter Miss World but I was wrong they have to be closer to 17, Julia Morley has advised me to send the first runner up this year and says you can go to Bali next year”. He opened his laptop and paraphrased an email from the Miss World HQ in which they had stated I was ineligible to compete on the grounds of my age. We then held a meeting in Bau apartments the next day at which he TOLD me to officially inform the other girls that I would not be going."

Ruth Rosen' story on Slate

Judge exposes pageant as 'farce' on Mai Life


Anonymous said...

A true embarrassment this story with the Miss Fiji pageant. So I guess Voreqe had something to do with it, no?? or Moses KingOfTonga!!

Sharon Suaniu said...

Anthony Blake qauri qase.

Anonymous said...

fiji is f up now .
who is this qori to tell the judges.
sent him to cj/ask to do some 3 some hahahaha

Anonymous said...


Keep The Faith said...

The whole episode has been a complete and disgraceful disaster!

I guess the illegal and treasonous military regime have probably already gleaned from various online mediums just how popular, well accepted & understood their 'we are all fijians now' mantra really is. ROFLMAO.

Mahen '$3.5 milion man' Chor_dhry said...

Too many bloody lawakida conmen and conwomen in Fiji - Frank "$80,000 leave pay" Bainimarama, Andhy "bulshit atist" Blake etc, etc.

But the king con is Mahen "Chorwa" Chaudhry - the $3.5 million dollar man, aka Fiji 'ke' Robin Hood, aka champion of the poor, aka Mr Transparency & accountability.

Poor Fiji, with 'leaders' like this, no wonder people and country up shit street.

Anonymous said...

Why put Torika through all of this, hupfield you should've known better right from start, would've saved those being rubbed through the dirt. I say shame on you too!

Anonymous said...

The Utopia Frank and Aiyaz have told the world they are building in Fiji is all shyte.

Anonymous said...

@ May 13,4.41pm, Why blame Huppie?? Torika's mom should have been there from the word go, do her homework and make the decision for her daughter who obviously in this case was a minor when she was first approached via facebook by Andhy Blake. Shame on you Andhy for manipulating people’s feelings.

Anonymous said...

Shame on all the bloody judges right from the word go, what good hupfield telling tales now, causing more dramas, what makes them qualified in the first place, leave Torika alone you numb skull @ may 13 7.39 Lei Moce

Anonymous said...

Bloody amateurs in that small coconut field learn to swim before you leap with the big fish, shouldn't even be having beauty pageant, clean up your background of illegal govt. Full of Da

Anonymous said...

Shame on Andy, Hupfield & the whole Gawd damn committe

Fijiana said...

Mahen 3.5 million @ 4:25 PM

Come on man Mahen is a modern day Robin Hood. Steal from the poor and fill his own pocket. People of Fiji have a sort memory. They still think that Mahen Choor dhry is a savior. I guess he needs more money and sadly the fools of Fiji are going to help him just like I Taukei brothers will support Qarese. He needs to buy more class A shares from FHL.

Anonymous said...

So, Fiji has come to this, now? Even after the regime has supposedly restored free speach, the newspapers are afraid to print a paid advertisement in support of motherhood!?

Don't worry, Andhy Blake. Even if the pageant thing didn't work out so well for you, you can always go to work for Aiyaz, helping him 'coordinate' the elections.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Like I've said in the past, this is reaping what was sown.
The illegal Coup by Bai will cause people in every level of Fijian society to also do coups.
Everyone from the top position in the land (Prime MInister) right down to the lowest village idiot will try and do a coup.
Even Mr Blake has gotten in on the act and try to be a little dicktator.
This is the normal fruit of Coups.
We will see more and more in Fijian society because we reap whatever we sow.

Lets do the RIGHT thing and wipe out Delainabua with an American bomb and send all these dictators to Naboro.

-Valataka na Dina.

Fijiana said...

It is 25 years ago today that Rabuka had taken Fiji as a hostage on instructions from Ratu Mara and the blessings from Ratu Ganilau. The coup culture started in Fiji 25 years ago. What a sad day. Lets all pray and hope that this does not happened to us any more.

God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

@ May 13,7.39pm Totally agree with you, that, perhaps would have avoided some uncouth remarks on the poor child. As for you May 13, 9.32pm, I say thanks to Hupfield for saying it like it is. The truth has got to be told at some point you dumbass Lei veka!

Anonymous said...

So all of those news reports about bunigas is all rubbish. What a fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah...told you so.

Poor Fiji said...

The Miss World Fiasco is a fair reflection of the fiasco overall in Fiji. This making the international headlines again

Anonymous said...

White Miss Fiji winner who was caught up in race row stripped of her title because she is too young

By Richard Shears

PUBLISHED: 12:40 GMT, 13 May 2012 | UPDATED: 17:32 GMT, 13 May 2012

Comments (0)

A teenager who became embroiled in a race row after residents said her blonde hair ‘wasn’t crinkly enough’ for her to win a national beauty contest has been stripped of her Miss Fiji title.

Torika Watters, who is of mixed European and Fijian heritage, was told yesterday that she couldn’t keep her crown after all - but organisers said it had nothing to do with her white skin or her hair.

Instead, they said that contestants for the title - part of the build up to the British-based Miss World competition - had to be at least 16 years and 11 months old.

Miss Watters fell a few months short of that rule, said the organisers, so her title was being

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2143735/Torika-Watters-White-Miss-Fiji-winner-stripped-title-shes-young.html#ixzz1unDrIvi4

Anonymous said...

Great advertisment for our Tourism industry...NOT!!!

Fijiana said...

When are we Fijians going to learn that White people are not above us. We are stuck in Colonial days mentality. After living in overseas for 43 years, I know that Whites in general are VERY STUPID people. We are hack of a lot brighter than them. All that they do is steal our ideas and use it. They have this attitude that they are better than us. That is wrong.

Look, the university system was started in India. The Mathematics, navigation, and many other things was not stared or found by whites but non-white people found and introduced to the world.

It is about time that we need to stop looking up to this whites. We are if not equal, better than them. We have to have self respect.

The days when the whites used to:

If you are black, better get back.
If you are brown, better stick around
If you are white, you are alright.

Those days are long gone.

Anonymous said...

Huppie and Blake are both jumped up drama divas, they wish they could have been Miss Fiji. Serves them right. Poor Torika, and Hibiscus is just as bad with that Aqela pusi qase and all the sleazy old business farts trying to rub up against the girls and invite them to the room for private judging. Mothers and young girls, you don't need to be crowned by anybody, use your inner God-given beauty and strength to triumph and tell these fake fashionista to f themselves, no wait, they already do that.

Anonymous said...

Huppie and Blake are both jumped up drama divas, they wish they could have been Miss Fiji. Serves them right. Poor Torika, and Hibiscus is just as bad with that Aqela pusi qase and all the sleazy old business farts trying to rub up against the girls and invite them to the room for private judging. Mothers and young girls, you don't need to be crowned by anybody, use your inner God-given beauty and strength to triumph and tell these fake fashionista to f themselves, no wait, they already do that.

Anonymous said...

@may 14 10.26 ulu kau, get a life you FUGLY monkey

Anonymous said...

Fijiana, are you mad? "Whites in general are very stupid". No, people in general are very stupid and you're one of them.

What the? said...

"White people steal our ideas and use them". Yeah. Like the British came to Fiji and are now back in Britain eating each other like we did. Honestly, some people!!!

SEMI MEO said...

@..why all the unnecessary fuss??...just get a good Fiji Lawyer to negotiate for immediate reinstatement of the crown to the rightful winner or appropriate compensation in quantified damages.

It is a learning curve for the pageant organisers to proper nomination form, including parental consent etc.etc and a uniform score card for the judgesetc..

..and let’s move on..may be for a militant feminist march??..may be??..

Anonymous said...

Appointment welcomed
Professor Ghai’s appointment has been generally welcomed but former prime ministers Laisenia Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry are not altogether taken with a Constitution Commission and they think it unnecessary to write a new constitution. Their parties, the SDL and FLP, will be making submissions to the commission but if they ask for no more than a return to the past (immediate elections, removal of the military from civil posts and only minor changes to the constitution) I think they are unlikely to impress the commission.

A stronger opposition voice came from the overseas-based Coup4.5 blog which is stridently anti-government. The blog claimed Professor Ghai was Bainimarama’s “puppet” and was especially suspect because he supervised Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s thesis.

Further, they said, he criticised the electoral provisions the 1997 Constitution, and has been “closely associated” with the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum, an NGO that has opposed all coups since 1987 but which has been critically supportive of the government’s roadmap to elections.

It is hard to know how much support this view has on the streets of Suva but it is unlikely to find support among thinking Fijians.

Professor Ghai’s credentials, and those of other commission members, are just too strong, and the commission could well be holding the only light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

See all Uncle TOMS coming out of closet. For those of you that don't know who uncle Tom is, In USA Uncle Tom was a terminology used for the slaves that used to kiss white arse.

I see that we a a few of them on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Both of them don't look I Taukei! So why bother!

Anonymous said...

@May 14, 1.20pm Go jump in the shower and cool yourself down. While at it, clean your stink mouth out with all the crap coming from it.. That'll help Ugly Mongrel.. Ulu Pepa! Get a life? huh.. busi ka bone hehehe

Anonymous said...

Could Vuniwaqa the current regime's Director of Immigration inform the public as what is really going with the NEW FIJI PASSPORT saga?
Is it really the problem with the French publisher or an issue with those from Fiji that are bidding for their overseas friends, and theIR BIDDING PRICE!!!
Guys! this has been going on for more that 4 years.......I can smell something rotten here, and maybe FICAC or the FIJI POLICE should step in now...but, are these institutions credible to undertake investigations?..given their recent track records!!

Please read on:

"Passports to arrive on June 20th now

40,000 new Fiji passports are now being confirmed to arrive on the 20th of June.

Immigration Director Major Nemani Vuniwaqa said the delay is beyond their control and that Oberthur Technologies has informed them the delays is one of technical nature.

At present there a 13,005 pending passport applications"


Anonymous said...

And 3:49, who are you, Nat Turner?

The racist comments only degrade those who make them, not their targets.

And for the individual who thinks the election might be the light at the end of the tunnel, that's a train. Aiyaz is the engineer, Nurbano Ali is the conductor, and Bainimarama is in the back of the dining car eating Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 is stridently anti-government? Fiji's only government was overthrown at the barrel of a gun by a bunch of stupid thugs acting on the orders of a traitor trying to evade justice for treason and murder. All we've had ruling Fiji since then is not a government, but a gang of hostage-takers.

Anonymous said...

COUP DE TAT is rife in our blood and culture...reflects how everything is run in FIJI....this story is a prime example of that.

To the beautiful and talented Ms Torika, this is a blessing in disguise for you...walk away with your head held high, you have done nothing wrong nor do you owe anyone an explanation!

Fiji needs to stop this culture once an for all as our beautiful tiny nation (and its long suffering people) is becoming the WORLD'S BIGGEST JOKE!

Ms World Fiji...Fiji Fashion Week etc etc all unprofessional operators just same shit different pile.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with pests trying to play VAKATATALO in Fiji whilst people continue to suffer under a dictatorship. Get your priorities right or take your moneymaking distractions elsewhere. We all know a Miss Fiji contestant is hardly going to lift Fiji's sorry image on the international stage. LOL.

Anonymous said...

4.06 se relax your fro mada

Anonymous said...

Who were the Sponsors ??? get em to task as to siding with crooks.

Throw away the key said...

Lock Huppie and Blake together in one room and throw the key away. make sure hidden camara is on!

Anonymous said...

perhaps Fijian could indicate what fijian ideas whites have stolen? You are your own worst enemies, it doesn't take long to find a fijian willing to screw other fijians out of something or to make anyone who isn't white feel inadequate. You only have to look at the local reaction to lauans because they are attractive, tall, lean and light skinned.
Perhaps you might like to refect why countries like Aus NZ Canada have done so well and india, african and island nations still can't actually get their shit together, and are always begging for a handout. Even china has taken tens of thousands of years to develop to the point where there is no actual ideas or innovation, but they are great at copying cheap rubbish for markets like fiji. There is no shortage of fijians happy to kiss white arses to get ahead i the world, in fact you have whole tourism ecomony based on it.Remember it took an american to bottle and market your own water you dummies.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Andhy Blake? Why was he allowed to run this pagent as a one man show and get all these so called fashion designers like Huppie into it. How many pageants have Andhy run before this one. The whole Miss Fiji saga looks like a high school pageant gone wrong. On FB Andhy justifies that all the girls were paid by showing copies of cheques paid from his personal account. He is now demanding that Torika return everything. why should she. He handed everything to her by pre-determining her win and giving the judges nothing to work with. Andhy actions so far seems like he is a patient of St Giles.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to have the TRUE
Winner of the Quest to now represent Fiji.

VINAKA KOINI and the best of success and good wishes go with you.

As for Blake, he was a CREEPY SUSPECT and a FARCE from Day 1!

Good job Hupfeld Hoerder!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 15, 2012 3:06 PM the reason why Australia, NZ or Canada is doing so well is because it took the the invading forces to suppress the indigenous people of those countries & almot wipe them from existence! Maybe you should look around at those countries again and see if they have any Indigenous people left like Canada, how many Indigenous people do you see in Sydney,Brisbane, Melbourne! India, Africa and the Island nation were doing pretty well until your British relatives came hunting for land & riches! They stole all the wealth of the land and give the native shit! Get your head out of your cici and go do some research-India and Chinese were sailing across the Pacific whilst you white cousins were living in caves.The number zero was invented by the Hindhus, the Chinese were crossing the whole Pacific ocean back in the years 1700-so cut your crap. Fiji wealth, Gold was stolen by the EGMines if you didn't know it was an aussie company who hardly paid taxes! How do you think the whites came to own Islands in Fiji? If you want more lessons in history ask and will tell you.

MHentei said...

Sad indeed! Who the hell is Andhy Blake to determine who goes next year when there could be other girls who could very well be more appropriate candidates for the Miss World 2013 instead of reserving that place for Torika Watters who didn't go this year because of his blunder? If anyone is to claim to represent and use the "Fiji" name in any event then that person is accountable to the citizens of Fiji and must be nominated based on the choice of her people.

Blake Sucks said...

Blake owes Fiji especially Indo Fijians an apology...thanks to the world's fixation with beauty pageants and contestants who fall foul this story has made E News in LA! And they saying Torika liost crown because of her unpopularity over her mixed heritage. So not true.

Anonymous said...

@ anon2:05, what's your point??? And does that shit coming of your mouth got to do with the topic at hand.
I bet you straighten your hair, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

My reading of Anonymous 2:05's point is that Fiji would be more successful were it run by Indians and Chinese without indigenous Fijians.

If this regime continues much longer, maybe we'll find out if that's true.

Anonymous said...

What's all this straitening hair business going on here??

Anyways this saga appeared on yahoo news, and with a different twist..saying it was on racial ground that she was taken out...Blake you proud of urself now??

Anonymous said...

Blake looks like Stanley morrel

Anonymous said...

@6.51pm You just noticed. That's the re-branding of Stanley Morrel, now Andy Blake!! Drau fight sword mada!!

Blake Sucks said...

Blake can't handle what he started! And looks like he's hired some spin doctors to help him. Oilei.

Stop the babbling – Andhy Blake
Publish date/time: 17/05/2012 [17:03]

Print this page
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Miss World Fiji pageant director Andhy Blake has today issued a statement calling for all the “babbling” to stop.

Blake stated that Miss World Fiji 2012 has been the talk of many newsrooms throughout the world, around the “kava” bowls and work places stressing that too many innocent individuals have suffered.

Blake confessed that allowing a 16-year-old into the competition was a mistake which he takes full responsibility for but denied the competition was rigged in Torika Watters’ favor.

Instead, he said Torika Watters was selected because she impressed the international judges with her charm, personality, grace and maturity

However, according to Watters, she claimed that Blake had told her that he would reserve a place for her among the semifinalists.

Koini Vakaloloma will now represent Fiji to Mongolia in August.

Story by: Sofaia Koroitanoa

Anonymous said...

Blakie, Your spindoc. got it wrongo again.. we do not sit around 'kava bowls' .. we sit around a "TANOA"..you coce!!

Anyway since we are back on the topic...what kafafale with the pageants.. and why babble what you cant diliva..??

Anonymous said...

Wow... so Blake is also a coupster, welcome to Fiji's junta. You're all one big happy family with very deep pockets. How much did you make from your coup Andhy Blake?

Saqib Khatri said...

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