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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Naivalurua: gay march cancelled for safety of participants

Would-be marchers: Matai Rameto and Sam
It looks like even the gay community can't gather or march in Fiji, just as the Methodist Church can't.

The community's anticipated march at Sukuna Park today was cancelled at the last minute with Fiji's police commissioner claiming it was for the safety of the group.

The march was to commemorate International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.

According to Fiji Village the police revoked the permit with Ioane Naivalurua admitting he asked for it to be reviewed after taking into consideration the safety of those that wanted to march.

Methodist leaders: still no permit.
He told Fiji Village at the end of the day, 'the safety of all Fijians is the main priority for them and the decision has only been made in the interest of all Fijians.'

The organizers of the march, Oceania Pride, are reported to have said they were advised about the decision by the police but were also told a directive had come from the Ministry of Defense to cancel the march.

No mention was made about threats or even complaints to justify Naivalurua's decision.

Earlier today the Fiji Sun quoted two participants as saying they were looking forward to the march: “A lot of people look at us differently and some say they do not understand my lifestyle at all. We are human beings and we need to be treated equally.”

FBC news is quoting the Police Director Operations SSP Rusiate Tudravu as saying the organisers of the march can always re apply.

“I just want to confirm that we have revoked the permit of the march that was supposed to be held this afternoon at downtown Suva. 

"This is just due to some miscommunication. The Police was not fully furnished with the information that was supposed to be given. We have reviewed it today and the Divisional Police Commander Southern has issued the letter of the revocation to the organising committee so I just want to confirm that.”


Anonymous said...

As usual, the march is canceled at the last minute with no real justification given and then a bunch of vague, weak and conflicting excuses offered up by the police. The real reason is that Bainimarama fears any protest march by any group not squarely in the regime's camp might metamorph into an anti-regime demonstration, which could quickly swell and bring down his dictatorship. On that score, he's right.

A big 'well done' to the LGBT community for calling the regime's bluff on its claim of having restored freedom of speech. We can now see who are Fiji's true batis.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This illegal REGIME IS very VERY scared of you lot...bcos You got the power behind you and others may follow all of you to the PM's office demanding his immediate resignation.

Mrs. Kyumie is most scared her Boci may start to follow you like a lost puppy.

Anyway its the thought that counts and have a lovely GUY DAY!!

Anonymous said...

There won't be any march on the streets as long as the ilegal govt is in place.Bunch of crooks

Anonymous said...

these idiots compol and regime are lamu sonas .they scared for public marches and meeting.
all this is ag pinky idea.
he is a gay and should support these gay march.
any way i respect the gays .t
hey are good people.
sorry friends go and ask illegal pm and ag to issue the permit.

Anonymous said...

Only the gay military Mataivalu ni Solisona is allowed to march. Yavu bothy.
Those gay boys should go and join the army. They will accept them with arms wide open. Did I say arms? Oops. Anyway they can also march every day to their hearts content.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is gay too and he should tell compol to issue the permit hahaha.
frank can join them too.
they need to be friendly with gay people if they want to win the election.
gay people are nice .
we should respect them too.but no to frank and khaiyum mf

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua is worried about Gay people's safety?
What a load of bullshit!
No one harms gay people in Fiji.
Naivalurua is just worried about his gay boss Vuaka.
I see gay people selling themselves every night at Samabula. Does anyone harm them ? No.

So who is going to harm them when they march in broad daylight in downtown Suva?

No one except the Fiji Army.
The Fiji Army, we know torture people and make them do homosexual acts.
Mr Speight said that when the Fiji Army interogated him, one sargeant Ben Naliva took off his trouses and then probed his arse with a gun.(I hope it was a gun and not part of his anatomy. Geeez!)

The Fiji Army obviously has a culture of homosexuality and condones it ( Naliva is still in the army isn't he?)

No one wants to do any harm to these gay people except the Fiji Army.

Naivalurua as a Christian should stop lying to the public.

Dou sa vakamadua mai na veiliutaki tiko na levu ni nomudou lasulasu, butobuto kei na veivakaisini.
Au masulaka me vakaqeyavutaki kemuni taucoko na Turaga.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

In all my years in Fiji I have never heard a bad word said of our gay community. Whether we agree or not with their lifestyle what harm have they ever caused anyone ?

This is absolute discrimination.

Have these people ever been implicated as trouble makers, or the cause of troubles in Fiji, NO.

Perhaps what should be banned are the continual marches through Suva by the police band because as is so clearly becoming evident these marchers represent a group that contains a high criminal element.

Anonymous said...

go girls do it any way.
if this idiot can coup the govt .
why cant you gays march.
give them the permit lamusona compol.
your boss khaiyum is gay too.

Tony said...

The gay community has a powerful judge on their side. Tony will fix this, dress up like Pflieger in the previous post and participate in the march together with two 14 year old boys.

Anonymous said...

Why on a busy Friday and not on Saturday afternoon.

What is the intent to get up every bodies noses or try and bring exceptance.
The vast majority except poofters and lesbians.

Hard core racisits and homophobics are aberrations.

Your tactics need to engender acceptance and support from the majority.Not piss them off with distruptions.

PMO said...

Compol been sideline by end of this month on the directive by Prime Minster..

Moce Joe

Dumb and Dumber said...

Unelected government is now trying to link the cancellation of the march to a backlash from conservative church supporters. Totally irresponsible of Fiji Village to suggest such a thing. Wake up Fiji media and use your brains.

Religious bodies express opinion on homosexuality
Publish date/time: 18/05/2012 [07:13]

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While safety concerns stopped the gay community march yesterday, religious organizations have shared their views on the issue based on a public backlash stemming from faith.

Methodist Church Acting General Secretary Tevita Nawadra said they view the act of homosexuality as a sin yet they do not hate gays.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Another religious organization, the Sanatan Dharma Pratinidhi Sabha General Secretary Vijendra Prakash said the gay community is part of the human family and should be given the respect that is given to any other member of the community.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Iowane Naivalurua said that reversing the decision took into consideration the safety of those that wanted to march which is why he directed an immediate review of the permit application.

According to the organizers, Oceania Pride they were advised by police that they did not realize that it was a march for gays and lesbians and that a directive had been given from the Ministry of Defence to cancel the march.

Story by: Gwen McGoon & Praneeta Prakash

Anonymous said...

All LGBT and Gays should just march to nabua and spend a night there. Why waste time on the march?

Anonymous said...

Talking about reprehensible police behaviour wonder where this will go and whether we will get the truth???

Integrity of force must be intact: Police

07:10 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Apisalome Coka

The Integrity of the Fiji Police Force must remain intact says Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro.

The comment comes as internal investigations continue into the alleged break-in at its Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters .

Naisoro says the investigation has created a lot of interest which has triggered the Police Commissioner to call for a full investigation into the matter

“Basically the incident has created a lot of talk and so forth about the police force and integrity and so forth like the Police Commissioners stance as he has made it clear this is something that he want to look into, he wants to ensure there are no scruples officers within the Fiji Police force cause we are here to serve members of the public and those are here with any other agenda will be taken out”.

Police have confirmed details of the CID robbery will be made known after investigations is completed

Poor Fiji said...

Nobody can march in Fiji! Gay, Methodist or otherwise. The regime pretends to grant a permit than revokes it at the last minute under the guise of national security. It's deplorable though the way they are trying to incite hatred between gays and Methodist by suggesting as stupid Fiji Village has that police cancelled march for safety of gay marchers. Fiji is so warped.

Anonymous said...

The excuse from COMPOL to cancel the march is laughable and like a joke.I think the gays are one of the peaceful people amongst our community not ARSE.They are human beings just like us.You mentioned before the coca cola games that you are going to beef up the security because the rivalry amongst schools which always exist.Why can't that apply here.You are trusted in that post with your background from the military.Where is plan B or your strategy, that should work well in here because we are not at war.Please for this case, see the gays as human beings and don't judge them on other sexual activities you think they might be associated with.Coz that's the mentality of most people, could, be your brother,sister or family member.

let us march said...

To be fair the organsiers are saying the police told them they cancelled march because they didn't realise they had approved a gay parade and there is huge homophobic element in Fiji. See below!

Fiji police cancel gay pride march
Save this story to read later

May 17, 2012 5:33PM

GAY rights activists in Fiji are accusing police of homophobia after the first planned pride march through the Pacific nation's capital was cancelled at the last minute.

Roshika Deo, a trustee of rights group Oceania Pride, says the group received a permit last month to hold the march this evening but police told them on the morning of the event that it had been cancelled.

"They said we cannot march today because they did not realise they had given a permit for gays to march," Deo told AFP.

The event was planned to mark International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, following the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Fiji in 2010.

Deo said police told her that the official who vetted the permit application had not realised what the words homophobia and transphobia referred to.

She added organisers had expected about 60 people at the march in the deeply religious country, where all public gatherings must receive approval from the ruling military regime which seized power in a 2006 coup.

According to rights activists, discrimination against gays remains widespread in Fiji.
"You pick up the newspaper and you read a lot of letters where there's a lot of homophobia and transphobia," Deo said.

Oceania Pride founder Jasmine, who did not want to give her surname, said it was a "sad day for human rights" in Fiji and questioned the government's commitment to increasing freedoms ahead of elections scheduled for 2014.

"One of the key components of democracy or any democratisation process is the protection of freedom of expression and opinion," she said.

Fiji police said the march was stopped because of concerns about the safety of participants following recent media attention.

"At the end of the day, the safety of all Fijians is the main priority for the police force," Commissioner Ioane Naivalurua said in a statement.

He said the Fiji police is a non-discriminatory organisation.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/fiji-police-cancel-gay-pride-march/story-e6frfku0-1226359207312#ixzz1vArYDXNl

Anonymous said...


Nothing to do with us said...

I'm disgusted that you have linked the cancellation of the planned gay march with the alleged suppression of some of the Methodist Church hierarchy. Why should decent, law abiding homosexuals have their image blackened by a bunch of degenerate renegade clergymen?

ex army said...

It was cancelled because most of the participant of Gays supporters are soldiers.There were chaos and misunderstanding at th military janta HQ as most of the soldiers were trying to get their leave approved to be part of the march and thats the may reason for the cancellation.
ex army

ex army said...

Now to all the people of Fiji these are the very people who will treble the IG the lesbians and the pufters.The Fijian people,the methodist church etc,etc all back off against the IG but these people will surely crumble these IG.So why not lets support them because the Fijian military cannot do anything to them as they are also part of these pufters organisations
ex army

Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines, the fact that Naivalurua asked for the parade to 'be reviewed' indicates that the decision to cancel it was made at a level above him.

otago said...

Semi Meo of Namuka levu na duruka where are you.Those gays and Lesbians are waiting for you to lead the march.Na qai rai tu mai o Bainimarama sa o vaka vinivo tu yani.

Anonymous said...

I would have marched with the gays and lesbians even though I am not a homosexual and do not approve of gay marriage to be legalized.

But what I disapprove of is how many people and, even now, how this illegal regime have not treated them as human beings who are literally sons and daughters of God.

My banner which was already prepared for this march says that God-given freedom of speech and freedom of expression that is prohibited by this illegal government is a human rights violation.

Army thugs and these illegal decree makers have no where to turn but to their own fears that they will try deny any genuine move by the people to freely express their dissatisfaction.

That is why this dictator and his cohorts will not last.

Anonymous said...

The phony excuses here remind me of the Human Rights march the regime canceled in December 2010. Remember their excuse that time? They claimed that the cancellation was necessry because the U.S. Embassy had sent a warden message to its citizens asking them to stay away from all political demonstrations to avoid the possibility of getting caught up in any unrest.

The regime claimed the Americans were trying to foment unrest and panic amongst Fijians. This was particularly ludicrous in view of the fact that the Embassy had sent the message only to its wardens, who are typically American citizens, plus the fact that were it not for a blaring banner in the Fiji Sun, most Fijians would never even have been aware of the message. The regime sensationalised what was a fairly routine warden message and publicised it far more than the Americans.

The regime's claim that it canceled the march because of the Yanks was a complete bogus lie. In fact, police had already tipped off to some its plans to cancel the march the day before the regime made its announcement.

Almost everything this regime ever states or has published in the Fiji Sun is a lie, and not a very artful one at that.

Anonymous said...

I share the compol's concern that a group of degenerates and sodomists poses a threat to the safety of the citizens of Suva. One might easily imagine how a confrontation might then have led to catcalling, screaming, slapping, kicking, clawing, biting, hair pulling, sexual assault, etc.

Of course, I'm referring to the danger posed by the Mataivalu ni Solisona. The gays are no threat whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

If you decide to take Anonymous 11:09 AM's advice to march to Nabua, would you please take him and Bhainikhaiyum with you? No need to bring them back. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

'The official who vetted the permit application had not realised what the words homophobia and transphobia referred to.' Maybe what we need is a march to protest illiteracy and bureaucratic incompetence!

Anonymous said...

Is there no appellate process when these permits are canceled? Couldn't this case be heard by Chief Justice Tony Gates? I should imagine he'd be sympathetic, quite sympathetic.

Anonymous said...

The regime's pathetic spinmeisters are already pushing the canard that the cancellation was somehow due to the Methodists or homophobia or a combination of both in the form of Methodist homophobia. It's a lie, and we all know it. The real reason for the cancellation was the regime's fear of pro-democracy demonstrations. But let them argue whatever they want.

If this is to be their argument, then tactically the next step is clear: the Methodists and the LGBT organisers should get together to request a permit for a joint march in favor of tolerance. The women's groups and human rights advocates should join as well.

Surely the regime need not be concerned for the safety of groups advocating tolerance, should it? Surely the regime isn't opposed to tolerance, is it? Wasn't it supposedly in behalf of racial justice that Bainimarama launched his coup? (It sounds better than saying he did it to avoid arrest for murder.)

The gays called the regime's bluff and caught it with an empty hand. Let's follow suit by doing more of the same.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

The gays want to march, but it's the regime that throws the hissy fit. Bainimarama and Khaiyum -- what pathetic cowards!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the real problem is that the RFMF wants the monopoly on sodomy.

Anonymous said...

This illegal REGIME IS very VERY MUCH scared of the "Yalewa Dina" and PANIKEKE clan...I wonder why!!

Anonymous said...

Reasons given for cancellation by Naivalurua different from one given by Tudravu. Something seriously wrong in police command.

Anonymous said...

@ May 18, 2012 10:36 AM what friday?..the march ws to be held on a thursday.lol! it ws the International Day Against Homophobia.lol!

SEMI MEO said...

Well, one may be flabbergasted by the Australian Refugee Tribunal decisions ruling Australian Government protection for Fijian Homosexuals seeking refugee status in Australia.

In reality, in all my ten trips to Fiji since 2006 have only witnessed members of this community freely expressing their views and all else in nearly every visible section of society. Even in Church!!..In other words, they are accepted as human like any one else…unless of course this march was to attempt further glorify their gender identity crisis…

Any way, let them march..in fact, let any one who wish to march or meet have they blessed day in paradise…..goodness, we’re so locked in our every kinda phobias that we may miss the sweet tranquillity and blessedness of our beautiful Islands…

Life is short..let’s enjoy each others company, even if it is over a “bilo draunimoli” and “tavioka kadrala” dinner…served by a..eh..bunene..

Anonymous said...

Pay you rent on time.

Radiolucas said...

Methodist of whatever, most everyone in Fiji is either related to or friends with someone who belongs (openly or otherwise) to the gay community. Good on them for trying to make themselves feel better about themselves
and their very valued contribution to our society.

Shame on the regime for their cynical attempt to hide behind a "Defence Ministry" directive - when we all know that it is the Bainikhaiyum pulling the strings - for fear of women, churchgoers or same-sex advocates.

True leader embrace the people - they are not scared of the people they pretend to "lead".

Duhh Fiji said...

Fiji is more open about gays than any other Pacific Island...you only have to look at Facebook pictures and around in the clubs and in your families. It's amazing then that their permit was revoked with police stupid enough to say they didn't know it was for a gay parade. Duhhh. Just another example of how stupid those in authoritrity are.

Anonymous said...

Methodist Church has said they do not support homosexuality but are not opposed to the gay march. Good on 'em

Anonymous said...



Just saying said...

If the police were so worried, why didn't they offer a police escort to the marchers? There are plenty of officers to have provided enough protection for the group. They could've even brought some of the army on standby. That's what authorities who are fair would do.

SEMI MEO said...

Anonymous May 19, 2019 1.35AM...isa vosata sara ni a sega ni bau mai vakarautaka vei au o nomu Na, ni o iko na rairai luvequ beka e na gauna ni vodo ramulili mai Albert park..

Sa rauta mo sa mai gulecava tale ga na yacamu ka o sa sega tale ga ni kunea na yalomu...yalo wai!!..lako mai vei Ta mo mau kuita mada...lol...lol...

We say..let them march!!

Anonymous said...

Today's Fiji: the gays want to march, while the RFMF wants to skip!

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa has a great idea.

The gays, Methodists, women's groups, human rights advocates, etc. should join together to apply for a permit to march for AIDS awareness.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has been prominent on this issue. Why not invite him to lead the march?

Kinda hard to turn down an application for a march to be led by the president and commander-in-chief, isn't it?

Puf-Military said...

Let the gays march you boci's.

Everyone knows its the soldiers who are spreading aids after their peacekeeping missions and cooped up with each other in the camp they discharge their weapons on each other and VVS. Hmmm sound like what Piggy and Aiyarse get up to

Anonymous said...

No the regime cancelled the march at the last minute becos they realised the gays/les will expose their dirty little secret or rather well known secret. The regime is now populated with gays & lesbians. Bunch of arse givers and tribbing misinformation cunts. They shud have just let the march go on...thats where their support have been. Thats why are called soli sona military.

Unknown said...

Why don't the gays go and march in their own villages, at least there, they won't need a permit. The guys can wear dresses and the girls can where pants, beating empty drums around the village like in new years.
Then they should ask their chiefs, to join in. What would happen??
Not all the Qauris and Panikekes are accepted at home, in their villages, their Tikinas, and yavusas. Its only the majority of people in the big cities and urban areas that seem to understand you, and if you think you are accepted! well here's something a tourist said,

There's 3 types of Bula smiles:
1. Happy about something/someone
2. Don't understand something/someone
3. Don't like something/someone

I know you have your rights to do whatever you want to do, and you should!!...but our country is in a fragile state right now. Once there is a stable and elected government than you can have all the marches and gatherings you can organize but not right now. A mass gathering of any kind at this point, will affect each and every citizen in Fiji. Australia & New Zealand are just waiting for something to happen so that they may put more pressure on the Regime, but pressure on the regime is pressure on all of us.

Anonymous said...

'A mass gathering of any kind at this point, will affect each and every citizen in Fiji.' It might lead to freedom, and that's a scary thought to some.