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Friday, May 11, 2012

CID break in an 'inside job'

Scene of the crime: CID HQ in Toorak. pic Matavuvale
Stumped: Rusiate Tudravu. file pic.

Embarrassed Fiji police are looking for leads to the Criminal Investigations Department break in but it's looking like an inside job. 

Other sources have now confirmed our story the break in had to be someone or people who knew the layout of HQ and had access.

Side view of CID.
A fresh source has told us theft from the CID HQ is estimated to be about FJD7 million dollars over a one year period and includes drugs like cocaine, heroin, pill drugs, marijuana as well as hard cash recovered from Chinese raids, jewellery etc.
Today, we initially quoted a police source saying CID HQ in Toorak is a secure location and all doors and windows are re-inforced with bars with someone on standby 24 hours a day. Key doors can also only be opened with entry pin codes.
The insider told us there is no way someone can break into CID without being caught as only certain personnel are allowed in the building. 
He said drugs were taken and the culprits could have only have come from inside. 
"The OC drugs was replaced by a new CO and as soon as command changes hands a robbery takes place!  
"The only way someone can go through the second floor to the vault that holds drugs is if they have access codes and are escorted by a police officer on that floor." 
Fiji media are reporting the break in occured just two days ago but Coupfourpointfive has been told it happened last week.
A comment posted on our story about police commissioner Ioane Naivalurua and his two top aides being implicated in an international drug racket on Tuesday May 8 at 2.38pm also suggests it happened earlier: "Latest in the force as another break in the CID headquarters toorak and a bar of cocaine stolen. The police media officer should be asked to reveal the truth.".
Police have set up an inquiry team into 'missing items' with Police Director Operations SSP Rusiate Tudravu saying news of the crime only officially came to light yesterday.
FBC is quoting him as saying it is an embarrassment to the force, but they want to be transparent about how it is handling it. 
“I would like to state that we also have internal security measures in place in regards to some of the sensitive issues and items that are in our custody which we would like not to comment further than that, and I can assure the media that we will try our best, the team is working very hard on it and we will advise at a later stage in regards to the incident at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters.”


Anonymous said...


Did they REALLY come to take the drugs from the bolts? Naaaa...


They came to steal Chaudhry's criminal investigation file Naaaa....

They came to steal Qarase's criminal investigation file
Naaaaa..... Sega Ulukau..

So they came to STEEL Y P Reddy's CID File.

Maybe .... Nazat is Tanoa Hotel's and Police's advisor !!!
Naaaaa..... Shit then who?

They came to take the 2000 coup military / CRW file ...

Qarase ... you free to run the country now o.k. brother. Don't worry .. my boys will take care of you .. set

We military don't want trouble. Olega sa peka ni tarusese .. qo na levu mandua.. qo na file sa taura oleqa. Seqa ni dua na ka ....


Anonymous said...

This story is so funny.
For a moment I thought I was reading comedy.Sounds just like Sgt Schulzs from Hogans Heroes whose favourite line is "I see nothings".
That Police Media Officer's brain must be "spinning" so hard.

We just have have to laugh at this comedy capers by the police; otherwise we'll just get a headache thinking about it.
There is so much corruption in the Police Dept.
The only right thing to do now is to uproot the tree by bombing Delainabua and send Vuaka and his sidekicks to prison.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

This shows the state of the nation and security forces who are thugs.

This must be deliberate theft of drugs and files cos junta jungle law in place.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this highlights that there are some serious criminal elements now at work in Fiji that have no fear or respect for uniformed services (previously know as the disciplined forces). Couple this with the straight out hit in broad daylight of the chinese businessman you're looking at some serious crime going on. This is what happens when you have an illegal govt with idiots in charge....all and sundry come to take advantage.

Anonymous said...

Wolf guarding the vale ni ta?!@#$$

Anonymous said...

hahaha good luck

Anonymous said...

This is no surprise.........hehehe.
this is what will happen when thugs,inexperienced,untrained,and coup promoted officers are at the helm of the police force.

People who have been prmoted by race,religion and relations. Their abilities have never been tested but promoted because they are very good masi polos around the tanoa or some social function.The force is in the hands of corrupt and selfserving officers at the present time who have no loyalty,dedication or honesty. Very good keeo it up guys the tax payers of the country deserves this from their law enforcement agency.

Anonymous said...

Kemacau... kece lasulasu...

Voreqe and his goons human rights abuse files and 200 coup files have gone missing.

Drug was just to setup to make look like someone came for the drugs.

Afterall, who will do the investigation and on who?

This is like Police Commissioner Savua investigating 2000 coup plotters!!!

Elections are definately now just around the corner, since the real loot has finally occurred.

Anonymous said...

Police cant attend this case, No vehicles available and too busy drinking grog. LMAO

Radiolucas said...


Thanks for the "clean up" campaign, Frank. Doing an awesome job at the CID I see… cleaning up all the cash of course...

Ex Law Enforcement Officer said...

For your info this building is not only the CID HQ it is also the NIB HQ(National Intelligence Branch aka Special Branch) and both CID and NIB Directors have their offices here.What a shame.

Anonymous said...

RUSI, Nice Pic, Cousin but pull up a serious face! You look like you are about to crack up into a BIG KAILA yourself! But this is really really FUNNY - Fiji style!!

Anonymous said...

Tudravu gusu piqi, sa laurai ga i gusumu na levu ni yameyame. Stop lying and get your crooked house in order.

Please just fess up and tell us how the money from the drug sales to the Chinese mafia was split up, the higher the rank, the bigger the cut.

SEMI MEO said...

Thank God, we still have the majority in the Fiji Police Force who still respect and up hold the Law.

No need to panic at all!..The truth can still be determined in the absence of files and hard evidences…long the process may be, but,…as always; the truth shall prevail!!

Of course, it is a chaotic situation but we do not believe it has reached a state of emergency…or deduced as doom by a few foreign bloggers in this esteemed column.

These few cyber thugs just like pumping negativity into our veins in their poor attempt to distract our attention from the path to democracy the majority of us have resolve to follow…including former PM Qarase and his Cabinet.

Do not worry, as sure as sun dawns tomorrow..the Toorak chorr will be solved!!

Anonymous said...

Inspector Clouseau where are you?

Anonymous said...

The Director CID who is Acting in Brown's Post as Brown is on leave is the main person who is on the take. All Cops know this and a day will come when he will be made to answer. The evidence against him is kept properly to be used at the right time. Fiji Police is highracy is 90% i'taukei and this is the example of what happens when we put peole incharge based on veikilai and job for the boys. All truth will come out just check the property and bank account of the CID Highracy with Deputy and Compols financial status. You will be amazed with what they use and what they have.Please dont blame the hard working guys on the ground its the bad eggs at the top.

Anonymous said...

It would be instructive to know whether files were stolen. If they were, we can safely assume the theft was sanctioned by Bainimarama and for the usual reason -- viz., to forestall his date with justice. Bainimarama's distrust of the police is common knowledge, but such an act would tend to support the notion that he personally distrusts the compol, and it might even presage his purge of the compol and perhaps senior officers. It's too early to link this to the anonymous accusations levelled against Naivalurua, Ligairi, and Brown, but if there is a link, we'll probably know soon.

This could be another in a long list of actions taken by this regime to obstruct justice. Even if it is not, this incident is at the very least reflective of the obstruction of justice at the nation's macro level, beginning with Bainimarama's 2000 coup plot and straight down to the present time -- all 'inside jobs'.

May God save Fiji from its 'guardians'!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

We grassroots people know that these people in uniform are thieves starting with bainimarama stealing our government,stealing our money with 30 years leave pay,stealing our money with overseas trips,stealing our fnpf money to campaign,army people stealing each others wives,stealing our money with big pay increase,stealing our jobs in the civil service and police supporting these crooks so these people are saying to us everyday its ok to steal but we say its not ok one day soon one day soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Nigel Dodds' Commonwealth Law Association sponsored report titled "Rule of Law lost in Fiji" continues to gain confirmation. Both institutions at the forefront of ensuring the that the governance of law and order continue to have a strict sense of integrity firstly the judiciary and now the police have lost their way.

KA said...

Looks like the handiwork of one, Semi Meo.Next will be Annerly Fijian church.
Kerekere vavakoso mai A, dou caqeta laivi na conman qo!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of time before the rust begin to show! What else can one do when the illegal regime can't pay up their employees? You can lie to employees one or two times,but if you're consistent in under paying or missed-paying your employees, for sure they'll turn to something else? what do you expect when you're not being paid
for your work? Yes, they too have family to feed,cloth and put a roof over their heads just like all the illegal pm&AG whose paying themselves over $800,000 per month.

VutukiMeo said...

Robbery victim, despairingly yells for help, "Help, help, somebody please call the cops."
Robbers, politely whisper to her, "But lady, we are the cops."
Robbery victim, "Caita!!!!, Fiji has really gone to the dogs."

Anonymous said...

compol and frank stole the democracy from the people of fiji.
they stealing from everyone in fiji
drug lord/mafia is frank/compol friends.
so what we expect from the thugs.

Anonymous said...

fuuny who will do any investigation.
these police are another lamu sonas

Anonymous said...

fuuny who will do any investigation.
these police are another lamu sonas

Anonymous said...

we have all this crime now bec fiji people is supporting coup makers and illegal govt.
fijian people have to be brave to stand up and fight for democracy and rule of law and constitution.
we dont need this regime appointed thugs to run govt and govt dept.
fiji is f up by these regime.
police and armies have no guts to arrest the regime thugs.
so blame yourselfs no one else.

Anonymous said...

fijian have to live with this illegal thugs.
if some one have the guts to coup ASK/FRANK/COMPOL.
police force is a joke now.
brown drinks in night club and harass young girls.
fiji army and police force is named as bai/kaiyum personal army and police force.
we should name them coup plotters and police supporter thugs.

Anonymous said...

Guess who is investigating the break-in........ The same guys who committed the crime. That's Fiji style!

Anonymous said...

This building is in Suva Street, far less secure, how the hell do you make a call to have a CID Building in that part of town.. Bloory incompetent fools..what's wrong with having it at the Colonial Tower or @ the Nabua Police Bldg...aiyaiyai

mark manning said...

Keystone cops :-

Anonymous said...

CCTV footage would be useful.

ex army said...

Delai nabua barrack have run out of drugs.Its an inside job from the boys in green.Thats why these toy soldiers acted like animals because they are all under the influence of drugs.Its a secret ingridients that even the Cook up there have no knowledge about the drugs been fed to those animals up there so that they can kill their own kind.

Anonymous said...

amateurs running the show. Most cops have form three education only so what you expect. i remember being interviewed by a couple of policemen after a traffic accident and as they took my statement, i had to keep spelling the words for them. CID actually stands for crims in disguise.

Fully Meo said...

Honestly, Semi, the majority in the Fiji Police respect and uphold the law? Let's examine that. They're really only upholding part of the law at best, aren't they, because if they really upheld the law, wouldn't they at least need to try to arrest Bainimarama and his key suporters?

Also, why do you keep railing against 'foreign cyber thugs', and just who do you mean by that? I'd like to know who isn't entitled to an opinion. Is the opinion of a Brisbane mall janitor valid because he is Fijian by birth, but that of a foreign-born Harvard-trained government PhD working in Fiji is invalid? How about the views of someone with no credentials whatsoever, but whose comments just make good sense? Who's being the cyber thug here, when you're the one saying others' views don't count because they're not as 'Fijian' as you?

And you say Fiji has no emergency. Just what constititutes an emergency in your book? Your lawful government is overthrown, your civil liberties taken away, your vote lost, your pension disappearing, your country going deeper into hock, with back-to-back floods, Chinese assassins running free, an economy that's tanking, your family at the mercy of goons, etc., etc., etc. Who else is saying there's no emergency? The regime doesn't dispute it. After all, it used the pretext of an emergency to justify the 2006 coup and the abrogration of the Constitution. The opposition isn't saying it. Are you the only one who doesn't recognise that Fiji is in extremis? Why are you trying to pump sunshine up everyone's ass? Isn't that Sharon Smith-John's job?

And what 'path to democracy' has 'the majority' of us 'resolved to follow'? Nobody can claim to speak for the majority without a vote or plebescite. No path to democracy has been laid out, only one man's Roadmap to elections that only the hopelessly naïve believe will be free and fair. Qarase is undoubtedly willing to contest against Bainimarama in a fair election, but he's never committed to giving this regime carte blanche in the manner by which it pursues its phony Roadmap. In fact, chances are good he will need to lead a boycott of the polls, so let's not put words in his mouth. Just speak for yourself, and let others speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago my store got robbed and the police somehow apprehended the culprit with the cash. when i went to collect the money, i was told it would be held as evidence - this is after the crim had already been sentenced and jailed. In another case, one of my workers systematically stole $6k over three months. i reported the case to the cops but as the worker had a Police Inspector as a relative, was told to drop the case if not I would be charged for lodging a false claim. i took the case up with then Assistant Police Comm - Moses Driver who told me to do the same. One wonders about the rot in the Force

Fig leaf no cover said...

With all the sins of the government it could be any number of files and drugs the cover or the files the cover for the drugs racket. Either way this very wriggly can of worms is wide open for all to see that something is very very amiss in the Fiji Police Force.

Anonymous said...

we cant trust our own armies and police forces in fiji.
we need un and auss/nz to sent special force to fiji to dismantle our thug regime.
if us can sent force to iraq and libya/kabul.
why not fiji come on president obama do it for fiji people.
fiji will only be safe under overseas armies/police force .
99% of police force and armies are corrupt like its bosses.

Anonymous said...

If you plant tavioka you can't get cabbage,that is the case. If you recruit relatives,kaivatas friends and whom you know and carryout coups and this pooh will surface but will stink.No doudt their are some honest and hard working Police Officers still in the force but they can not operate because there is a mass of rotten potatoes already in the force. Some of them are of criminal background taken in from the army.

The whole goverment is criminal and corrupt so what about the force.

Clean up should begin from the top to the bottom.The image of the force can not be improved if you have criminals running the country.

to the bottom.

otago said...

Semi Meo Namuka levu na duruka.If the police were upholdinh the law you should be in Naboro by now.You the choro falla the Namuka boy levu na duruka.Dinau tu qo e Nabua me saumi

No Hope said...

What can honest officers do when their colleagues, hierarchy and govt is corrupt. It is not like they have an independent senior official or Government Minister they can approach.

M P Chaudary is a CONMAN AND CROOK said...


Poor Chaudhry how long has he been the leader of FLP? How long has FLP been formed and controlled by POOR Chaudhry

Was it not Chaudhry that said Qarase left too much mess and “Chaudhry ” needed 5 years to stay under Bainimarama’s skirt to sort out SDL’s mess?

And his lover boy Vayshnoi taking over as an interim minister said the coup was god sent?

So what the F….K has Chaudhry been fighting and how long more will he be fighting.. and for who?

He has no mandate.

So who does he represent? Has he got a fresh mandate to dialog to rape the constitution or colloborate robbery of nation at gun point.

Most of “US INDIANS” do NOT support CHAUDHRY to seek ANY dialogue to ANY change to the LAWFUL Constitution.


M P Chaudhary, you con man, you bastard, where is all the money collected on behalf of poor sugar cane farmers?


When are you going to Distribute it to the farmers? You SOB?

And you along with your NFU CHOR EXECUTIVES also fooling the poor farmers in labasa about resettlement in Brazil/Argentina and collecting application fees of $30 each – You CONMAN – NOT EVEN ONE FARMER PUT HIS FOOT IN ARGENTINA.

Whats the difference between you and Timoci Lolohea….both Master CON ARTISTS – obtaining money by false pretence

Bisun said...

Well said Fully Meo, that pumped the sunshine up Semi Meo's pooper.

Anonymous said...

Semi, what road to democracy you asshole? The whole police force is corrupt janitor Semi. The lower ranked officers may have known about it but they can't do shit mate. And if they can't do shit, then they are also guilty. Wake up old man and stop raving on like a lunatic, oh sorry you are a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Tudravu, you almost remind of that Colonel Tarakinikini..where the F is he now..

SEMI MEO said...

@Fully Meo…still love you, as you love my name..lol.. even after that spew spray..

You may have just qualified yourself not only as a “foreign cyber thug” but their faceless and nameless wanna be representative.
Unfortunately..well..fortunately for beloved Fiji these few foreign cyber thugs and prophets of doom.. have no idea…no idea at all of the true situation on the ground…all they rely upon are the snoopy spills of what they think is reality and anonymously poised on the mystic cyber sphere to glean from….yep….even then, they still blog from under the cover of their own insecurity in a very poor attempt to convince the rest of us of their own sick style of patriotism..phew!!..oh..well…keep under cover and curse the worse you dare…just that you’ll be left behind..

Without wanting to waste our time to honour you oh faceless one with a decent reply..let’s just end at this..THAT FIJI DOES NOT AND NEVER BELONG TO YOUR FAVORITE PRIME MINISTER BAINIMARA AND YOUR BROTHER MR. AIYUZ.


STAY FAR AWAY FROM OUR FIJI AFFAIRS…We will solve our problem our way!!..DO’NT YOU WORRY ABOUT THAT!!...oh..we offer to clean you toilet, even if we may confuse it with the room your blogging from…

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo.......

Still trying to impress Voreqe and get that ever vacant, ever illusive High Commissioners post in Canberra........good luck, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, your lap dance for the IG will get you know where. Whats this we're all hearing about you not paying back your study bond!!!! tekivu mada mai Jerusalemi mudrau.....

sa nia

Tui Viti..

Fully Meo said...

Semi, thank you for honouring me with a reply, even if it doesn't address any of the points I raised. But why such harsh words for your own brother from a different mother? Yes, all of the foreign cyber thugs got together and elected me their representative. Who tipped you off? But why accuse me of not being kai viti? Is it just because my last name is Meo? Why should that matter? My point is that all people are entitled to express their opinions, however nonsensical. 

Yours are a case in point. I don't care if you clean toilets for a living. All work is honourable, if it's honest. Accordingly, I respect you much more than I do "The Honourable Prime Minister" or "The Honourable Chief Justice". I'm not asking you to stop commenting, even if most of your comments don't make sense to me. Maybe they make sense to someone. 

Does living in Brisbane give you a better understanding of the facts on the ground than those of us living in Fiji? How does that work, exactly? Are Brisbane and Horowhenua now the two poles on the Earth where the Universal Mind reveals all truth about Fiji for oracular dispensation to us mere mortals? If so, could you try to make your remarks less cryptic, because I can't understand them half the time. 

Half of the time you sound like your anti-regime. The other half you sound like a regime apologist. You're either schizophrenic or you just don't recognize the contradictions in your comments.

Perhaps when you're looking at toilets all day, the situation in Fiji doesn't look so bad after all. But don't tell us the situation in Fiji is improving, just because we haven't been able to flush down again the crud clogging up Government House!

SEMI MEO said...

Oh boy..here they go again!!...for the last 6 years, we are bemused by a few who wanna push us into a socio political box of their choosing!

They say..”you are either for Biniamarama/Aiyuz” or “ else you are for us”..and they further have the audacity to attempt do what “Biniamarama/Aiyuz” may be notorious for; Gag us!!..Goodness..and they preach and phut democracy every blog day..

Long story short..Mr. Bainimarama, Mr. Aiyuz and those in the present Gov who decide to contest the 2014 elections WILL HAVE A LINE OF OPPOSING CANDIDATES AGAINST EACH OF THEM…probably including one from the “foreign cyber thugs’ brigade.

We are not surprised of your ignorance of what is happening in Fiji as you spend more time hiding under the sulu I tha meeting the real every day Fiji… Oh…though I temporary resident of Brisbane, I have since 2006 visited Fiji seven times!..from 4 days to 14 days..enjoyed worshiping in village and mega city Pentecostal, Methodist, Baptist churches etc, slept in housing estate sitting room floor, 5 star hotel in Nadi and Lami and squatter settlement and village, met business executives, cabinet ministers, PSs..and met Turaga ni vanua…went through 4 markets and stoped for bila, vakalolo and kavika..etc….oh..no way I will share with you the varied comments they shared with me…oh and I do not go around trying to pretend I’ve forgotten the Fijian ligo and trying to dress to impress..probably like you may have done…lol…lol…I blend in wearing sulu vakataga, simple bula shirt and “taki wai’ during ‘lose kei na taki” time.

Of course, in my view, agree with you that I may have a far better …“understanding of the facts on the ground than most of us living in Fiji”

But, to put matters to rest..I challenge you and who ever Mr. Bainimarama team is going to nominate to contest a seat of your choosing.

I may go easy on you if the paternal test establishes I have been lose in showing seeds in my younger days…eh…and a miracle was procreated….YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Semi, the only real seats that will be up for grabs are in the stalls of your restroom, but this time keep your hands to yourself!

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anonymous may 14 2012 5.19PM.

.is that your heavy breathing in the next cubicle?..vakashishila!!

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