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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reports Bainimarama in poor health

Bainimarama with the Bougainville delegation.

The illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, is reported to be unwell.

Insiders say he has been sick since last week.

A minor stroke and heart problems have been mentioned and there is talk he may be flown to China for treatment.
Insiders say he has not conducted any ministerial duties this week and has just been at home.
However, a picture (see above) of him dated May the 28th, (two days ago) shows him with a delegation from the Autonomous Government of Bougainville, who are here to look at how Fiji structures land leases.

According to the regime's website, Bainimarama met members of the delegation on Monday morning where they presented their sevusevu requesting permission to learn how the government has been successful in running its affairs without outside influence.


  1. Sega ni uro me damu nikua..o na vakararawataki bera ni o na mate baleta ni o vakararawa taka tiko na lomadra na lewe ni vanua..vosa beca na turaga..eda na saravi koya kece..

  2. Dieeeeeeeeeeeee !! and rot in hell !! you and all the illegal regime and all their families..dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

  3. Aru kwaya na momo ni Nayau

    SA CI ???

  4. Make sure to bury the bastard in Vanuatu - chief warwar - he doesnt deserve to be buried on sacred Fijian soil

  5. Why is this news on the blog.
    Everyone gets sick.
    Your heart and stroke story ic pure crepe.
    Come on blog owner-do not be a loser.

    I know you will not publish this

  6. Charle Taylor, former President and Commander in Chief of Liberia sentenced to 50 years in Prison for human rights abuse. it happens to all of them....one day.


  7. Nothing can be determined from a still shot.
    But if we really want to know Frank's condition, let's find out where Aiyaz and the others are right now !

  8. Any news about Tikoitoga and Suliano?

  9. Its a ministroke. Its called a Transient Ischemic attack (TIA).

    These are the clinical symptoms

    •Numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, often on only one side of the body
    •Confusion and trouble speaking or understanding others
    •Difficulty seeing
    •Trouble walking, feelings of dizziness and loss of balance or coordination
    •Severe headache of unknown cause

    TIA happens when blood clot temporarily blocks a blood vessel to the brain.

    Its normally temporary, lasting a few minutes to a few hours. It does not cause longterm disability but its a warning of high risk for heart attack and/or a larger serious stroke.

    The average time between first TIA and the final kick the bucket heart attack is anytime within five years after the first TIA

    PM had his first TIA the last time he went to China for treatment. That was in December 2010.

    His bodyguards usually run around with wet towels and ice whenever he gets those headaches and gets dizzy.

  10. Dou Mai taroga tu Mai Bougainville na tamata bavulu ulukau o bainimarama....sega ni kila tu e Dua na da lailai me
    Na qele

  11. Baini cant die becos all fijian ares for him...

  12. Drop off the perchMay 30, 2012 at 11:53 PM

    Let's hope khaiyum's pet pig drops off the porch. Then hunt down the family and all the coup parasites. no mercy, no compromise!!

  13. Peka ga tamatam

  14. When he dies, may his soul NOT rest in peace!! May it be tortured forever like he tortured the innocent people of Fiji and may Satan welcome him with open arms when he enters the gates of Hell:)

  15. i am looking forward to piss on this ass holes grave!!!

  16. Anonymous 9:35 sounds like Boss Hawg himself. Catching up on the blogs while convalescing?

    You're right, everyone gets sick. And everyone dies. And everyone must answer for his sins.

  17. Then I guess what the delegation from Bougainville really wants to know is how to skim off the Chinese while selling out the country to them.

    They're asking the right guy.

  18. If the treatment in China doesn't work out, he should ask them to embalm his body so that he can go on permanent display on the top floor of the Tappoo Building.

  19. Common mark ...how low will you go? Revelling in the poor health of someone else. Sure even dictators need compassion otherwise you are no different. Lets not all pretend to be angels here..

  20. Hey, Frank, how do they say 'Mara ki bulu' in Chinese?

  21. lol io na tagi ni vanua na qai sauti iko kei ira kece nomu i lala.lol

  22. lol io na tagi ni vanua na qai sauti iko kei ira kece nomu i lala.lol

  23. He looks unwell in this pic. Can see he's putting an effort to show face, all for propaganda purpose.

  24. BREAKING NEWS...Fiji illegal Prime Minister & Vanuatu Chief WARWAR was
    reported to have been struck with an heart attack and stroke on Monday May 28th,2012.Doctors at the
    Colonial Memorial Hospital has indicated that the stroke & Heart-attack may have resulted from working long hours during his last trip to India? It was reported that after his return from Indian,the Illegal Prime Minister was hit with a mental breakdown for which he was admitted into St Giles Hospital for a 3 days observation! Doctors at St Giles who took the PM brain Scans have reported not seing anything???But an empty crevices.Recent condition was reported to be serious as he is unable to move his left-hand,his face muscle is distorted,unable to clench his fingers and salivas dripping off his mouth. He is unaware of his whereabout or family and there is major concern, especially by the illegal Attorney General that another coup is imminent?

  25. U sa lomana na turaga oqo. Muru warai ni ila ni lasu keina dina ena ceburaki mai ni bera nida na mate. Dou lomani koya....sa tavuki lesu tale tiko na sui ni ika me leuti koya.

  26. Not this hoary old story again. You say he's sick and simultaneously publish a photograph of him with a visiting delegation. Why make yourselves look stupid like this? You might want him to be sick but if he was, logic tells you he wouldn't be having meetings like this. Silly, silly...

  27. Keep him alive, Fiji's dictator still needs to be convicted of treason and murder and serve his lifetime sentence at Naboro Maximum Prison. George Speight can supervise him.

  28. Frank time to repent before you die.
    Make your soul clean from your wrong doing.
    Let the court ruling be restored on the 1997 constitution. and gcc.
    god will only forgive you if you repent and reconcile with whom you have wrong.
    god bless fiji.
    long live the 1997 constitution and law abiding citizens.

  29. God will punish those who think themselves above the law of the land. Its natural...all the Chinese money will not save you.

  30. My party members are deeply sadden to learn today that you are about to go,best of luck to you in the hell maichood.

  31. Get well soon Honorable PM,you've done a good job and look, even our neighbors are impressed and wanting to learn your methods..Bravo..

  32. Can his doctor or nurse, please give him the medicine he deserves.
    And maybe his cook can can give extra spice in his soup.

  33. Voreqe, you better becareful of that roti curry Aiarse giving you. Maybe extra miricha in it. lol
    Very easy to get "extra miricha" from the supermarket. lol
    Mateyani vuaka.

  34. Theres obviously a lot of hatred for this sinful man as many are revelling in his time of sickness. It goes to show how much wrong he has committed beginning with the illegal power grab in 2006. If he was a good person there would be a lot of sympathy in his time of convalascense. He has to pay for the wrongs he has committed. Thats natural justice.

  35. Theres obviously a lot of hatred for this sinful man as many are revelling in his time of sickness. It goes to show how much wrong he has committed beginning with the illegal power grab in 2006. If he was a good person there would be a lot of sympathy in his time of convalascense. He has to pay for the wrongs he has committed. Thats natural justice.

  36. Monkeys talking to the king monkey, just like in Jungle Book. I wanna be like you, walk like you, talk like you.. Good luck to them.

  37. If anything can rally Bai it's the thought of proving the bastards on C4.5 wrong!

  38. Please get well soon Mr Prime Minister.

    All those who are bellowing hatred ; please remember it will all come back to you.

    Be positive and all positiveness will come back to you.

    Cartia or Clopidogrel is the way to go......


    Put Typhoid water in his drink bottle.

  40. Anon@10.15AM. Why don't you go suck Bai's ass to speed up his death?

  41. @9.55am Hatred is a mirror of what's mostly in your heart...

    Most of us here in Fiji are happy with this regime. Things are moving forward, roads getting re-done, development on the increase, and hey we're projected to make a billion this year in investments.

    Most of all, those that call Fiji home can now have an equal footing with each other.no more bias becoz of race etc..This is the new Viti vou, God Bless Fiji.

  42. Miss You AlreadyMay 31, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    Photo doesn't mean anything anyway he doesn't look like his cheery self to me

  43. Frankie dies of mental blockage and bullet (sicini) and on his way to hell he saw Iloilo trying to dodge the ambers. Frakie called out, "hey ratu commander in chief why havent you jumped yet?" Shaking ratu turned around and said, "just hurry up ive been waiting. Where's Nailatikau?"

  44. lets just all hope this thug dies in a really interesting and painfull way. My other hope was it would be at the hands of his own people.

  45. Hahahahahha!!!Like he has anything to do with it. Bloody idiot like him..

  46. Some of the comments here are sick. Anon at 10.34 better be careful. Hoping someone dies in "an interesting and painful way" is the baddest of karma. In fact, some religions believe such a wish bounces back on the person who makes it. Qori.

  47. if he dies...kaiyum will follow a few days later coz the fijian mob including army people will definately want his head on a platter...all hell will break loose within army ranks...tikoitoga will be 3rd and Fiji will have elections sooner than 2014...

    my prediction..

  48. @10:34

    PM used to have his medicals done in New Zealand. They kept him in well during that period.

    Photo's of PM from prior to the 2006 coup d'etat and today show the decline in his health. 5 years of quick decline.

    "Managing" the country has brought out all PM's worst character flaws. PM is maniplative, devious, aggressive, vengeful, spiteful.

    Those character traits predispose one towards the kind of health ailments that are now afflicting him today (a) thickening of the arteries (b) blood clots (c) stomach ulcers

    All that power and money and then ultimately choking on it.

    PM said in 2006 that he will not be removed from power by anyone. Not "over his dead body". Words have a powerful spritual effect. PM pronounced his own curse and foretold his own demise with those words.

  49. 17 children died of malnutrition in last 12 months while this fat arse is still living.

    'Tip of the iceberg'
    Samisoni Nabilivalu
    Thursday, May 31, 2012

    ONE hundred and forty children were found with severe malnutrition last year, says Colonial War Memorial Hospital paediatric registrar Dr Raina Prasad.

    Speaking at the Fiji Health Symposium in Suva on Tuesday, Dr Prasad said 250 children were expected to be diagnosed with severe malnutrition by the end of the year.

    These are the children actually seen in Lautoka and Suva and the actual number could be much larger, she said.

    Typically, the children show swelling of the limbs, distended stomaches and sagging skin. Statistics compiled by local paediatricians show malnutrition is greater in the Western Division with a particular increase in squatter settlements around major urban areas.

    Dr Prasad said there were 17 recorded deaths caused by malnutrition last year and this figure was expected to rise this year.

    Children are weaker and cannot fight off the disease as easily as older people," she said.

    We need to mobilise teams to conduct community profiling the cases we are seeing are the tip of the iceberg. We dont know how many cases are out there.

    Participants expressed shock at pictures presented at the symposium showing severely malnourished children.

    Non-communicable diseases national adviser Dr Isimeli Tukana said his initial thoughts were that the pictures were that of children from Somalia.

  50. I am deeply hurt seeing the type of comments in this blog on the state of health of Bainimarama. As a Christian I believe we should just concentrate on praying, let God intervene in his own special way. "Vengenance is mine says the Lord," not ours. He will take care of all our suffering and change the course for the better.



    GSS CREW......

  52. Thanks Anonymous 11pm for a factual medical report.

  53. Thanks Anonymous 11pm for a factual medical report.

  54. its not yet his time to die. he needs to go thru hell before he dies. answer for all his acts and brutality. tell his wife the truth about his affair with Sharon smith and most importantly to come out clean with AG that he had a six month affair with his wife. oh before i forget how he hired six girl from USP to get nake while he drinks. really franks u r just a dirty as shit. worse than a pig.

  55. Latest doctors report on Mr Frank Bainimarama.

    It was a total confusion and chaos at CWMH Suva this morning when the scan report came back from the auto pacific radiology concerning the honourable Prime ministers of Fiji.A Hospital spokeswomen said that his illness was caused by a nerve thats should be controlling his brain have been sending signal from Mr Bainimaramas rear .Some of his military high ranking officials were also tested with the same result all with twisted way of wrong signal coming from a nerve connected to their sala tavioka.

  56. Yes, well it is time he paid the price for the atrocities committed on the people of Fiji particularly our children. Today's Fiji Times report on the rising incidence of malnutrition among our children is horrendous!

    Even more revealing is Dr Isimeli Tukana's comment that he thought the pictures were of children from Somalia when he was shown pics of our kids dying from malnutrition. Don't worry Doc Fiji is fast getting there.

    Yes, Doc Fji is not facing a food shortage. But Fiji is facing rising poverty caused by low low wages, no jobs and ever rising price of food items. Wake up to reality Doc - most parents in low income groups can no longer afford to buy decent nutritious food for their kids.
    RESULT = malnutrition!!!
    And Dr Raina Prasad has warned of more more cases of malnutrition.

    Coup 4.5 should really run one of these pictures of our kids suffering from malnutrition alongside that of Bainimarama - bloated and overfed on the fat of the land!

  57. RFMF men in syria

    May 31, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

    Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho
    By Nanise Loanakadavu

    Two senior officers from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) have flown out of the country to join the United Nations monitoring team in Syria.
    This was confirmed to the Fiji Sun yesterday by Land Force Commander Mosese Tikoitoga.
    “I can confirm that team leader Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho and Commander Marika Vosawale had flown out of the country to Syria on Monday the 21st of May,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
    The request from the United Nations for Fiji personnel was approved by the RFMF Commander and Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama who forwarded the names of seven senior officers in response.
    l Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho (team leader)
    l Lieutenant Commander Marika Vosawale
    l Captain Netani Damuni
    l Captain Elia Rokowailoa
    l Captain Viliame Draunibaka
    l Captain Hiagi Ieli and
    l Captain Camaitoga Nariva.
    The trip had initially been put on hold as negotiations continued with the United Nations.
    Colonel Tikoitoga said this was a breakthrough for the RFMF and hoped the rest of the team would join the duo.
    Meanwhile, news agencies said UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan has said the country has reached a “tipping point” after more than a year of conflict.
    Mr Annan made the remarks after talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
    Mr Annan told reporters that the six-point international peace plan for Syria was not being implemented “as it should be”.
    Also, several Western states announced they were expelling Syrian diplomats following Friday’s massacre in the Houla region, in which 108 died.
    “I appealed to Mr Assad for bold steps now – not tomorrow, now – to create momentum for the implementation of the plan,” Mr Annan said.
    Calling on the Syrian government and all government-backed militias to show “maximum restraint”, he also asked the “armed opposition to cease acts of violence”.
    President Assad said the success of Mr Annan’s peace plan depended on halting what he called terrorist actions and stopping arms-smuggling.
    UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said initial investigations had suggested that most of those killed in the village of Taldou were summarily executed.
    He said 49 children and 34 women were among the victims. UN observers who visited Taldou said many of the victims had been killed by close-range gunfire or knife attacks

  58. Frank is a better leader than that racist Qarase.

  59. The photo loks abnormal if i may say! Just look at the size of Frank and his chair compared to the size and empty chairs next to the Bouganville delegation. One would think he as a Giant and the other two were from Lilliput? We have more usefull things to worry & talk about that this rubbish. Are we running out of stories-if so lets us know so we can all have a competition. What a waste of time!Lets not wish things on others less it also befall us!

  60. Hope you die soon asshole of a man.

  61. Mate yani...luveni bokola!!

  62. How does Soldiers running around with wet towels and buckets, help Frank ?

  63. ....PPl pliz 4givness is the key medicine of Hatred....No one is perfect on dis earth....Only God can 4giv....isa Mr Bainimarama as one of the true citizen of Fiji...i personally 4giv u n i release u in da name of Jesus....even thou i dont know u personally but my heart goes out 4 u.....God Bless U.....vinaka...

  64. So the guy is numb in the brain, isn't that old news? Just look at the way the guy dresses! No dictator in his right mind would wear those combinations. The poor slob needs a woman's touch. Maybe Tony Gates could fill the role.

  65. o koya me kua ni mate. me stroke ga me veve tu na gusuna me qai ninini tu na yagona..me totogitaki tu yani..luveni kaisi

  66. Wonder what the bougan fallas are smiling about at vb. Whilst vb look kinda lost and disoriented the two guys seemed amused looking at vb. Either they too are dumb or they see something funny in vb's direction

  67. @Mark Manning 3:38

    PM's current PSD squad just a couple of privates and NCO's with basic rudimentary training. Water and ice and towels treatment is the extent of their "knowledge".

    It doesn't help, not that they notice.

    Those clinical symptoms i posted can confuse an untrained bodyguard (as well as a layperson)who tends to equate heart attack with a collapse, not with a searing headache, incomprehensible speech (slurring), dizziness and inability to move (motion restriction).

    This same type of attack used to happen to Yeltsin also. His PSD guys gave him asprin to ease the clots. They were KGB guys (later FSB post Communism)and did practical medicine as part of their training.

    It also used to happen to Kerry Packer. He had a Portugese bodyguard (ex Portugese Special Forces) who travelled around with a medical kit.

    Packer later had that famous heart attack. Dead for five minutes, only to come back with the help of those "Packer Whackers" he later funded "Packer Whackers" for the Aussie Paramedical service. Of course, he also had had those bypasses.

    As for the PM, when his time comes only God knows. Though medical conventional wisdom says that once a TIA has happened, the clock starts winding down. Within the first 5 years after the first TIA there is a 98% fatality rate.

    Its the job of PSD to know these things just as well as the medico.

  68. Sa varaitaka ga na blog qo na levu ni lialia ni Kai Viti. Da vuli ga vakaukawa meda vukei ira na wekada era jiko na Koro. Education is life and a means to improving our living standards. Sa kua so na comment va lialia, da dou vakasama I Liu sebera ni da vosataka e dua.

  69. He who loves strife and is quarrelsome loves transgression and involves himself in guilt; he who raises high his gateway and is boastful and arrogant invites destruction.
    He who has a wayward and crooked mind finds no good, and he who has a willful and contrary tongue will fall into calamity.
    He who becomes the parent of a (self-confident) fool does it to his sorrow, and the father of (an empty-headed) fool has no joy (in him).
    Proverbs 17:19-21

  70. Have the Election now you fuc kwit.

    You wont live till 2014

  71. What these blogs clearly show is the popularity of this man who likes to call himself PM. May be the Lowy Institute should take note. On the other hand I must say that C4.5 is not reporting correctly. How can this man have a brain stroke? It is medically impossible to get a stroke in a non existing organ.

  72. ANNOUNCEMENT!!...to all the little gods, wanna- be deities and faceless mystics..do not forget the unwritten rule of this esteemed column.

    ….one gets 10 times the velocity of the curse or tranquillity of the blessings you wrote..

    ..ironically, these DBS squad….eh….“die Bainimarama squad” are probably all members of the many pro-demon-cary…opps..prodemocracy movement around!!.

    Quickly they conveniently forgets the technical and moral law that governs the universe….including the boomerang principle that dictates mud and curse they’ve just thrown..
    Let’s focus on the big picture of returning Fiji to democratic governance and the best possible path way we now try to track through in this political wilderness..

    Whether my tauvu goes or stays before 2014..Fiji moves on..or did we all stop breathing and doing life on the eve of three big Ratus demise??

    Let’s contribute in this esteemed column with a bit of Fijianness, goodwill and commonsense ..even if we agree to disagree, but for the common good..

    Solutions…solutions…solution, please…not pollution!!..as we have more than enough of that emitting from all our backsides..eh..and in the front-side from some bloggers!!...same qulity....se va evei??

  73. dieeeeeeeeeeeee ! kaisi bokola no used fool of shiit..

  74. Semi Meo you should die with Mainimarama and be in same coffin...

  75. Do you people know that majority of people in Fiji hate Bainimarama?This is the fact.

  76. the guys contributing here must be christans cause death crusade is for the muslims and christans as they are cousins. I fail to understand which followers are kawaca, could be both yeah.

  77. @ Mark Manning

    You've just described George Speight and Jo Nata perfectly with that quote from Proverbs.

    Driti is another one who falls into that category.



  79. o ratou a taba tu i qore ratou same level tu la kei PM,,,,hahahahahaa..very very stupid,,ia sa vakatara tu na Kalou ya...da vavinavinaka tiko...sa qai lialia tiko ga mai na veiliutaki..

  80. so what if he is a bit sick,,,,he has been working hard for the people of Fiji.....he deserves some rest...some of the writers here dont have anything constructive to say...Bainimarama is THE MAN...Long Live Mr Bainimarama

  81. Long Live in hell Voreqe Bainimarama!! may satan bless you and your family,dieeeeee....

  82. 99% of the people of Fiji hate PM and theyre wishing for the same thing, i.e for baini to b punished for all his deeds.they js cant write on this blog because theyre scared of their safety amd security in their Fiji homes.sad eh? no freedom of expression, vakaloloma dina o VT

  83. What are you waiting for? Die you dog! And good riddance to a useless navy barrel boy dictator.

  84. @Anonymous 4:55
    Bainimarama said Fijians don't learn by Education. They need the STICK.
    He said Your relatives in the village need "kanakuita". not education.
    Don't be so blind. Bainimarama is an evil man and desrves to die like a frog on the road.

  85. @ may 31,20012 9.46Pm..oh huh..constructive when all your hero does is bring down fijis economy and institutions wanting to be Mr. Know it all and Mr.fix it all..You must be some dumb ass hole like him..Bloody no school bavulu sese o iko..If he is your man then that shows how a low level dumb scum of the earth you are and go suck his dick and shove your dick up his bum..

  86. Anon@4:28pm...Hey assole,if you don't like the live why don't you hang yourself or go and suck Bai's
    or Khaiyum's ass?

  87. Anon@9:33pm...I'm with you, send the bastard to Vanuatu or Solomon Island or better still to India or China for burial or burning.Fijians don't want any part of him anywhere close by.

  88. die you son of a bitch

  89. When he dies, put his body with the bauxite going to China.
    We don't want him here.

  90. Long live VB, may the Almighty grant you many more years to rule Fiji..

  91. Please no state funeral for this treasonous pig when he finally goes

  92. Despatch the bastard to Beijing

  93. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  94. I hope he lives so he can stand trial and face public shame and contempt along with his miserable family and all coup supporters. 1 quick death is not enough for this leech. Same as Khaiyum,Nur Bano choro and all the rest

  95. Bothy of May 31, 2012 9:16 PM..qarauna de bera na veidigidigi tarava o sa tawa ena taga..opps...kisi in jaina..lol...

  96. Semi (Half) Meow. First of all, Semi means half, so that means you have half a brain, half a person, etc etc. Your friend Voceke is dying, so stop pretending to know it all.

  97. Old News! Anything new?

  98. Gagan.. . If you on the blog (c4.5 off-course), and by chance have some good smokes, you may come by now. Also bring $5 bag of the Rabi grog and some wash down.

    And please…. if I hear “IS HE DEAD YET????” one more time I’ll chase all of you otta here same time.

    The book I just finished [“The Robe” Lloyd C. Douglas, (1943)] was real interesting. Set just around the time of Jesus’ cruxification and when the whole populace of the Roman Empire was full of ‘hate’ towards its ailing / defunct and cruel tyrant Emperor Tiberius.

    Senator Gallio reluctantly informs the Emperor of how the citizens were feeling and the Emperor replies like this :
    “’Well, let them hate us, then,’ growled Tiberius , tiring of the subject, ‘and much good may it do them! The Roman Empire does not ask to be loved. All it demands is obedience –prompt obedience- and plenty of it!’ His voice shrilled, truculently. ‘Let them hate us! Let the whole world hate us!”(p181)

    And with those words, Gagan, we surely mark the beginning of the end of the great Roman Empire!

    Come , You e..o taki..and I will talanoa this story..

  99. THAT has always been Bainimarama's SECRET WEAPON. He knows he deosn't have too many years left so he will hold on to power until his last breath. That way he escapes having to stand trial!!!!!

  100. Mark you just describe President Bush the second! Went to war with no evidence and tore up a country that has been around before the Bible came into existence! So you do seem to know what you talking about!

  101. Semi, I use to agree and respect some of your comments but did not expect you to go down to the level where you use those foul language often.
    I am confused with your level of education and the language you use when under pressure.Stay cool if you want to prove a point,don't be
    hyped up with those kind of remarks
    coz you are only creating an
    opening for them to attack you from all angle. Vosota miau.

  102. vacava me da sa vosoti Bainimarama mada.......na veisosomitaki ni ca e sega ni kauta mai e dua na ka vinaka. Ke cakava o Bainimarama na ka vinaka ena sauta na ka vinaka, ke ca ena sauta ga na ca. So na gauna dau basika na draki ni veikanikani(vakavosa) kei na draki butobuto(loma ca) vei keda na kawai taukei. O Viti sa soli me nona na Kalou, ia au kerea me da laiva vua na Kalou me lewa ka vakatauca nona lewa vei Bainimarama.


    NOW YOU KNOW.....


  104. When has he ever said that the common villager who has no idea about the dirty politics involved in running a country need a kanakuita or the stick(hiding)? My point is that it takes an educated person to have computer skills to access this blog, so why isn't the average literate blog reader out there educating his illiterate peers. Taking a holistic approach from the grass-root level up will do this blog and it's followers a whole lot of good. You will be educating all the rural dwellers and they in turn will decide who they will vote for based on their knowledge of the candidate and what that person can do for them. You can feed them one sided information but hey they are absorbing some new information. Whichever path they may take they will still be better informed and hopefully not wish death upon another human being regardless of that person's character and choices. This blog seems to promote violence but how did Mahatma Gandhi prevail? I leave the rest up to you. I do not necessarily agree with Fiji's scenario but I certainly will not stoop to their (army) level.

  105. @anonymous 5pm... the villagers already know the importance of education but cant access their FNPF to educate their kids.
    Because the uneducated fool running the country has wasted it all. And more loss with Air Pacific loan.
    So now you have a whole generation of uneducated itaukei kids.
    Vuaka wants to hold on as long as possible.
    So if Vuaka holds on for another 20 years , there's going to be more uneducated itaukei.
    So you tell me what is the solution staring at you in the face?
    Of course get rid of the vuaka and his piglets.
    How to get rid of him?
    Election?. That must be a bad joke.


  107. @Anon 5:54

    You are right.

    There is massive unemployment in the X and Y generation and its not getting better.

    In the villages its worse.

    Frustration is also growing.

    I don't see any good outcomes on the horizon with the current trajectory we are on. Only trouble.

  108. How to get rid of him?
    Election? wrong answer again ! assassinate him fool and all his crony,done ! waste of time election,put qarase government back on,and will continue from their simple as 123,Fiji is already in deep shit..

    o ni sa qase ga ni sa sona ni kua ni vabalavu taka tale tiko na veitalanoa,vinakati ga mera vagalalataki kena gauna totolo taudua,kau lesu tale mai na konisitusani ni tini kaciwa ciwa sagalu ka vitu,dabe yani o ratou qarase,da qai tekivu baleta naka kece ena vauci na lawa dodonu kei na savasava,kua mada nio ni vosavosa tiko vaka vuku vei ira na taura vai lewa na noda vanua,baleta oira sa tautauvata tuga kei dua na dau butako,oira na dau butako ira sega ni dau via va malumalu nira butakoca dua nai yau ni dua na tamata,na voravora ga rawa ni voraji ira,sai koya ya mera vesu ka ra mokulaki mera tukuna naka dina..lekaleka qai kamica vaka na suka cacalivaliva..

  109. Anon 7:12 levu na gone sara trip vakaveitalia tu qo ike sa yaco sara tu ga ikea.

    Kua ni kurabui ni so na cavuka vaka taki koya na boy koya tavucaki John Scott kei nona i dulu e yaco tale ike e Suva.

    Ni sa vodo tu na karasi, sa dua tani na trip sa lako tu ya. Cavuka vaya anything can happen. Qai vodo na frustration, deadly cocktail. ratou kila vinaka na 1st MS.

  110. Any news of how Mary,is coping with all this?

  111. Those two are laughing at him because they thought that they were idiots but they came to realize that Baini was worse then them.
    They were talking about Land he was talking about Chata. They discussed foreign relations he talked about multipot.
    The two from Bouganvillie then decided it may be better if they would discuss their issues with Tuvalu which may make sense.Ha ha.............boci ga na baku..........

  112. Anon..June 1, 2012 2:15 PM..vina'a va'alevu miau.

    Of course, I am not perfect …but at times dread throwing treasured pearls in front of pigs….hence, am guilty to step a rand lower to counter cyber thugs spews...

    Like many, yours truly aspire to be an open book to be judged as what you see is what you get…unlike you, I treat personas and pseudonyms as devils deceptive veils to hide truth and persons ID..hence,hypocritical and very cheeky on your part to dream up the audacity to judge our spirituality and learning we achive.

    ..mmmm…may show a lot of your up brings or your grand cowardice to deviate from the very values mandated by you forefathers to champion …vodo tio ena basi ni Taveuni…dua na siga…dua na siga..

    For now…the Bothy title fits you well…..until…..

  113. baini mate yaniluveni kur battan singh

  114. @ 6.52pm, In the villages it's worst because you natives only think about drinking kava and taralala.. instead of helping their own selves, as it is written in the bible...

    No wonder our Indo brothers are fairing better, they don't wait for handout's.. Natives of this country fast becoming like those useless Abo's in Oz..sa sivia ga na excuses..

  115. I'd just like to add my two cents to all the comments above -


  116. Mate yani , luveni vuaka kawa ca!!

  117. Hello.... Missing my point here. Massive peaceful protests on the streets around the country. Gandhi had the courage to do something. He walked the talk. What about the losers who have big mouths on this blog but as soon as a March is organized they seem to disappear back into their holes. Our children are suffering yet you want to earn brownie points about who is right on this blog. Seriously, just shut it if you're not willing to educate the people of Fiji. Stop wasting time on this blog, you should instead go around telling people about how bad this government is. Chinese whispers work like magic. Not everybody in this country has access to computers, so do your job and start informing people instead of berating them. I'm doing my part by fueling the fires on a daily basis. Get off your butt and start moving around the country.

  118. Breaking news ! Mary the wife of bainimarama is also sick,she has been having this kind of sickness called "dysfunction due to thalassemia" and it is reported that she is having "cervix cancer" and it is also known that he sickness is due to bainimarama having affair with sharon smith for 3 months in warwick hotel, room number 421.Aniway this breaking news i listened in indian station called radio sargam in Fiji,so i manage to traslate it because i know hindi very well..

    Story reported by: Khusboo singh.
    www.radio sargam.com

  119. what goes around comes around.

  120. ylei....i wish mary nd bainiose both get off nd strip off naked in main suva city...with kaiyum nd jones on otherside of de city too....hahahaha...nd lets chase them around suva...wooooweeeeee//

    me maleka na veicemuri.....

  121. What's the latest on Fiji's tyrant's ill-health? Dead, alive, barely?

    Any signs of gracefully giving up to THE LAW OF THE LAND as ruled by the Court of Appeal in 2009, before he goes?!!

  122. To Anonymous said...
    @ 6.52pm, ...You sounds like a Fijian to me but that theory was for the army people.Bainimarama fool the military boys with a couple of toilet slang like that.
    1.Fijians are lazy
    2.Chiefs are too political
    3.Fijians should help themseves rather waiting for the goverment assistance
    4.They talking about the red light crossing.....bluh,bluh
    5.Methodist church...they got some kind of theory about the money thing...in the methodist church.
    6.Corruption bullshit.etc,etc
    Those are some of the thesis of those idiots in the (ofificers) military who came back from attending courses overseas and came back with rubbisg to be fed to the pigs at Delainabua.Because of those idiots at the militry camp as most of them are uneducated they can be easily instilled with some of those bulshit thesis and they all believe it.You can exactly tell that a military person blogs here by reading those bullshit thesis point whom most of them tend to believe.It was also use to phyque those animals up in the camp to go against their Fijians brother.People tend to think that its impossible for those toy soldiers to go against their own blood but we were all wrong as they are all been fed with the bullskit theories as such.

  123. 125 comments on this one, record is it Mr C4.5?

  124. @ 3.52pm, No am kai loma, and your theory sounds like u an idiot..Moce..

  125. Thalassemia is a genetic defect that mostly affects people from Greece, Turkey or the Maldives. Does Mary Bainimarama have forebearers from any of these areas?

  126. Day by day we have health experts showing their knowledge and conclsuions of the Bainimarama illess and also those that pertaing to the family! Lets not get carried away by our hatred of Bainimarama to cause an a non exisitng illness that may just befall us not him!

  127. Anonmous@5.02pm No - the record is 200 and something.

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