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Sunday, May 20, 2012

RFMF books remain undisclosed but earlier audits still around to haunt them

Mohammed Aziz pic Grubsheet
An oldie but a goodie: the draft audit memorandum for 2009 Fiji Military Forces.

Excerpts from the 2009 audit shows abuse of taxpayers funds with personnel being overpaid, personnel taking more leave than they were entitled to, rations allowances being overpaid, irregularities in the rations inventory at camp, unjustified overspending in the Black Rock project and suppliers being paid but failing to deliver. 

Aseri Rokoura
Before detailing the misspending, the report cautions the audit may not have discovered all of the irregularities. 
It urged all monies be recovered and those in charge be held accountable for being so lax. 

With the RFMF not releasing reports since 2007, there is no way of no way of knowing if personnel (including officers), repaid what they weren't entitled to.  
But judging from the tone of the audit and the comment that concerns had previously been raised but no action had been taken, it would not be surprising if money is still outstanding and axpayer funds are still being misused.

The companies mentioned may have also made good since the audit but we are advised that is unlikely.

Francis Kean
134 officers were discharged but the audit revealed that 51of the discharged personnel  continued to be paid after they left. The audit says Francis Kean was overpaid $452 (11 days) but one officer was overpaid almost $6,000.

Unentitled leave:
One officer took 129 days amounting to more than $14,000. According to the figures, the RFMF was over  budget $84,000 because of officers taking leave they weren't entitled to. The report urged RFMF to keep better records to avoid discrepancies. (Bloggers may recall Frank Bainimarama's claim he was owed an outstanding amount of leave going back to 1978 and paying himself more than $180,000).

Overpaid ration allowances:
A number of officers were paid lodging allowances but they were still occupying official quarters, some by almost $3,000. Two of the officers are Bainimarama's closest aides: Aseri Rokoura ( $5,931.44) and Mohammed Aziz $7,729.

The audit report says concern was raised in previous years about officers being overpaid the allowance 'however corrective actions are yet to be taken.'

Paid but no delivery according to audit.
Suppliers paid but no sign of delivery:
Contracts were awarded without proper tender. Viti Air Condition was singled out and was paid more than $200,000 but there was no sign of proper procedure being followed.

Goods were also paid for but according to the report there was no sign they had been delivered. RC Manubhai and Wingate Marketing received more than $60,000 between them and Vinod Patel $150,000.

Irregularities in the ration inventory at Lautoka and Nadi camps:
RFMF spent $3,611,529 in 2009 but the audit could not substantiate the purchases because of poor records.

Unjustified overspending over Black Rock:
A budget of $1,300,000 was allocated from 2005 to 2009 to relocate RFMF from Nadi to Votualevu. In a huge budget blowout, $2,047,769.21 was instead spent.

The report  says 'anomalies highlighted above indicate the poor control of funds allocated for the project and the failure by the Force to monitor the progress of the project. It also indicates the lack of proper planning'. 

"The Force should investigate the reason for the over expenditure and disciplinary action taken against officer(s) concerned."

It also says the practice of paying for goods and services before delivery should cease immediately and that appropriate disciplinary actions should be taken against officers involved in the certification of the LPOs and the payments of goods that have not been supplied.

Draft audit memorandum for 2009 - Fiji Military Forces


Anonymous said...

Let's just make sure to keep a clear records of all these stealing
so we can bring back these idiots to account for their criminal activities whenever all of this is
toast&normalized? I know there might be officers who'd be hard to tracked like AZIZ&KEAN but we will hunt them down and brign them back to stand trials. Everyone will be brought back to answer for their crime!

Anonymous said...

These same corrupt arseholes are still running the country.
Worse than Agricultural scam.
Should all go to jail like Kunatuba.

Anonymous said...

Time for a real clean up campign by the 800000 people of fiji.

The thug junta muct be cleaned and all must stand trial for their crimes and corruption.

Bisun said...


Indigenous fijians and Accountability said...

The military's accounts were misappropriated right from 1987, when Ratu Mara's son-in -law Epeli Nailatikau was the head of the then RFMF.

During 1987 coup, the accounts got misappropriate even worse.

Right from that time, the accounts never kept upto date.

Then came Epeli Ganilau, who even made it worse.

It got a bit better under Frank Bainimarama, but you cant clear the old rot.

The worst things about these accountability is that the military is composed of ninety-nine percent of indigenous fijians.

Talk about accountability and indigenous people of fiji......hahaha

LOGGIE said...

Qo na 'dina,dodonu kei na savasava',this is what Frank and his cronies have been championing about,what a disgrace.We serving soldiers knew that something 'fishy' is going on.

Anonymous said...

what a clean up frank.
what you have to say about the army thugs right under your command been stealing like you.
who will do the clean up now.
frank and cronies were pointing fingers at sdl/flp govt in 2006.
we need to get rid of the army/police crooks .
fiji tax payers to stop paying taxes to this illegal regime.
if frank and ask can release all auditors report since 2006 .
they wont bec they are ripping fiji tax payers.
time for people to arrest these thugs.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

What's a little waste, fraud and abuse when you're committing murder, torture and treason?

Kutru said...

Accountability in Fijian is kana peke.Clean up campaign has turned Fiji in F...up campaign.

Anonymous said...

I will be not paying any more taxes to this govt cause its an illegal govt and now all has come to light that they are the most corrupt people on this planet so fellow citizen whenever you get a letter from FIRCA demanding you to pay up taxes..please do toss it in the rubbish Bin and say tyhat we are not going to pay any more taxes or Vat or F*** to this illegal thugs..they dont deserve it ..and are not entitled to..and most of all they all are an illegal lot that belongs to Naboro maximum prison..full stop..

Anonymous said...

Will action be taken against Vinod Patel n RC. Manubhai.
Suncourt has been punished . Why not VP n RCM. They are worst crooks who have defrauded.
Qarase is very close to these 2 and has got kick backs

TURUKAWA said...

Frank evrything starts from jerusalem,clean up your house first then think of cleaning up the country.

Anonymous said...

Are we still having elections?? Fark when are they going to start the Voter registrations?? Getting sick of this shite!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what about the biggest conmen, Padam Lala and his sons from Lotus Garments and National Uniforms. They have defrauded the Govt of millions and yet they roam free. Maybe perks of serving on Frank's boards.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of thing that Frank has never been able to "clean up" right since he was first appointed as Commander. (Neither could Ganilau or Rabuka, for that matter).

Every year the Auditor-General produced reports like this, and every year Frank failed to put a stop to it. In fact, he went out of his way to keep the Regimental Fund OUT of the Auditor-General's purvey.

Yet despite his consistent failures to reign in the spending of those under his own direct command and control, he still somehow thought he was the man for the job of "Cleaning Up' wider corruption in Government, and throughout Fiji.

Almost 6 years of "no progress" on this front at all, the only thing we can verifiably see from the public gallery is a decrease in transparency and accountability throughout Government in terms of expenditure and auditing, and still no apparent improvement at all in the chronic mis-spending and tax-wasting by the RFMF

Anonymous said...

Can this information be relayed to Fiji Times and Fiji Sun please.

Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5
As these figures are from 2009, the present day figures would make your blood boil.
The amount of rort and corruption presently being perpetrated by Bainimarama and the Fiji Army is now much worse than what the above figure shows.
Naivalurua is corrupt and he now runs a Police Dept that is infiltrated with corruption, down to the Special Constable level.
Some police being given 1 saqamoli to look the other way.
Very sad.

I have said many times before that you cannot steal something and expect to produce something good out of it.
It has never happened before and it will never happen now or in the future.

Why are people so blind?
I have said that there will be more corruption.
There will be more murders (one village in Cakaudrove are still in shock from last week's murder).
There will be more sexual crimes.
Even now the Police are shocked with carjacking in Fiji.
Who would have thought.
It will get worse brother!

These are all fruits of what we have sown.

We have to put a stop to it. Otherwise we will get the same treatment as Haiti ( ie 316,000 died in one day. There was wailing everywhere).

God is not stupid.

This is why I keep saying The Church must lead from the front.

Sometimes a knife is needed to cut out cancer from our body.
It is time for Fijians to request America to drop the bomb on Delainabua.
It is time to stop the rot.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

this is unbelievable. Thanks c4.5 for leting the people know


Anonymous said...

Teleni, Frank all on Padam Lala's and Dharmen Dee's payroll.So was Savua, cut on the monthly rental of Lala's nabua property rented by the cops. Cmon Frankie, time to come clean and take action against these guys

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has never cared about cleaning up corruption, any more than he's cared about racial equality. The only thing he cares about is Frank Bainimarama.

Bainimarama orchestrated the events of 2000. Everything he's said and done since then has been to avoid answering for his crimes.

Does anyone really look to the regime any more to crack down on corruption? It is now a witting participant in most of the corruption.

A handful of gullible people still can't seem to bring themselves to recognise that Bainimarama's claimed commitment to racial equality is just a front. Meanwhile, the regime plays the race card now more than ever, to distract Fijians from its litany of broken promises, and record of corruption, torture, murder, gross mismanagement and serial treason.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

No reason for RFMF to keep its audit reports out of the public eye. Frank, it would do you good to start opening the books. That's is you have nothing to hide.

Anonymous said...

When Frank conducted the military takeover in 2006, most Indo Fijians,and others who hated Fijians (Kaiviti) and their aspirations were backing Frank and were really, really happy that at last someone (this phantom!!!)has finally stood in front of all Kaiviti challenging them.

As we all know, this Goliath even dismantled the sacred institutions of the Kaiviti, beginning with the Great Council of Chiefs, and moving on to the Church (Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma)..the church without with Fiji would not be in its present state today. The then British Colonial government under governor Gordon, used this church ONLY, so that it may govern and unite most key vanua institutions in Viti that time...with this I mean Rewa, Bau, Verata, Lau, Cakaudrove, Naitasiri and a small part of western Fiji. The then British colonial government used the VANUA and the LOTU to form the MATANITU (three legged stool as coinded by the Turaga Talai sa Bale.
Ths Goliath was highly motivated to detach the Kaiviti from his/her own social networks..and wipe out all administrative aspects of proving that the Kaiviti exists - similar to what Hitler did to the Jews in world war II. To legalise that move(his own perceptions anyway), a common identity bi-law was passed by his mini - parliment/croonies.

Anyway, what alarms me most is that those so called: Bainimarama supporters in 2006/2007 are now changing sides : many of whom are now regular users of this communication medium, even commenting on government funds mismanagement and even the alleged misuse of public funds at the FMF...they should not be using RFMF, because there is no Royality any more fron 2006..Her Majesty the Queen of England can vouch for this now.

However, my questions to these "floating coconuts" are: Why are you guys changing sides now? Stick with him because when the Fiji economy goes under the hammer, you guys are part and partial of the demise. You may change sides now, but the consciouness of your act will be with you forever...irrespective of the change of heart. BORO GAGA: REREVAKI.

God bless Viti - "Me bula ga ko Viti ka me toso ga ki liu"


Anonymous said...

Not suprised at all on these revelation.They are the most indiscipline workers in govt.I worked with most of them and see that they don't have any accountability in as far as public fund is concerned.They don't follow the financial regulation/instructions at all.Typical example is allegation against COMPOL from Prisons & Police.One S/Sgt. said to me that Vore told them I quote" Carry on with any development that need to be done and I will do the paper work after" What the fark is that, sa vakatale na boci na liuliu va ya.Let's wait and see how they are going to handle all these shyts.

Anonymous said...


Vishnu said...

No transpanrecy and accountability in this dictatorship. Everything is done in secrecy. C'mon Frank if you're here to weed out corruption then can you start by independent and unbridled audit of gov spending since your coup begin. Practice what you preach!

Radiolucas said...

I thought it was Aiyaz's brilliant new idea to enact an Freedom of Information Decree?

So, he wants one for the Bus Companies, but none for the biggest thieves in the land?

Anonymous said...

oilei Langman =bainimarama. they re same same tautauvata..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is AZIZ paying his loan with Merchant Finance or has it been written off like Sanjeep Pals Big Mouth Hunts loan .News he has taken some stacks of Paisa to US for Aziz ,bolo kaise baat. Farid can clear the air.

Anonymous said...

Pramesh Sharma you are good writer,Thanks for the info on AZIZ and Hunts

Loose Change said...

If this is still happening, imagine the amount of money taxpayers have lost since 2009. Despite warnings the RFMF doesn't get it so what's the bet there are big holes in its budget.

Vutuki Meo said...

There's big corruption in the military than any other government department. The deeper Frank digs for corruption the more he finds himself.

Please sir can I have more said...

If Frank has his hand in the till, everyone else will do it too. There would be no corruption if the top tier are clean so we must all know that this administration is filling its pockets where it can.

Anonymous said...

armies always f fijis economy 1987/2006.
full stop these idiots dont even know how to run rfmf budget .
how can they run the country budget.
these armies are thieves.

Anonymous said...

It costs every Fijian $125.00, including new born baby, to feed the bati that protects us.

For all other services....police ,health, education and the rest $400.00.

All other seervices do something usefull, the army just corupt stealing useless parasite

Anonymous said...

Cava na kedra yaga na yavu macawa na mataivalu ni soli icici qo..Fiji doesnt need an army cause we now live in a civilized modern world..One begins to wonder which country would want to come and take over our soveregneity when there is none as we have sold our souls to china and the look north blah blah blah..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:47, the cost to Fijians to support the RFMF is much, much higher. Just think of the damage it has caused to Fiji by lost investment, lost opportunities, lost talent, lost freeedoms.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

When you refer to the army in Fiji, please stop using RFMF, just us FMF. The Royal aspect of their existence and operations has automatically ceased w.e.f Dec 2006. Her Royal Highness, The Queen of England, Head of the Commonwealth group of Nations can vouch for that. Hence, it is deemed illegal for current regime in Fiji and the State to use RFMF.

Anonymous said...

Forget Fiji Military Forces as that also changed with effect from 5th December 2006 to Mataivalu Ni Solisona.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:08 AM, the use of the term 'RFMF' is deemed illegal by whom?

What you need to know, and probably WOULD know if you lived in Fiji, is that RFMF no longer stands for 'Royal Fijian Military Forces'. It now stands for 'Republic of Fiji Military Forces'.

The name is perfectly legal. In fact, it's pretty much the ONLY thing now legal about the RFMF!

Anonymous said...

The reaosn for 2006 coup was for the FMF to hide its own corruption and scam governemn coffers.

these are thugs.

Anonymous said...

Our heart aches to read such mismanagement of funds in the highest order. Since they cannot even keep account of RFMF's spending. We can just imagine the worse for our nation
To those of you who mismanage public funds you will be held accountable. To those foreigers who seat in our public enterprise board to those that run public enterprise companies. Even after you have returned to where the hell you came from you will be hunted down and be held accountable for our nation.

Do not ever think we are all like frank and his cronies we are intelligent, we strive and we are educated.

As the saying goes " each dog has it's days". Your days is numbered.

Anonymous said...

Its a BLOWUOT, started form their fathers, family, Nabua, then into the National coffer.It is amazing, how when we hear them speak in public, and they try to advise the people not to do what they have been doing makes us angry. They think we are stupid. Like Naupoto, talking on the election in the TV Fiji one News at 7pm, concerning the advantage of having the youths to vo vote.." They are the custodian of this country, they will look after the things we are building up now for the good of the country." He should have added.." Because the youths and their future generations will be paying for the gigantic debt, we leave behind." God bless FIJI.

Anonymous said...

The youth at USP should be in the vanguard of protests against the unlawful regime that is stealing their futures, but they do nothing. No leadership in the next generation?

They have no local role models. Just look at USP itself; it pushed Wadan Narsey out of his tenured position for fear of losing regime-controlled funding. What utter spinelessness in the face of coercion and an assault on free speech and academic freedom! USP should have ignored the regime and then gone to the PIF or other donors to make up the shortfall.

Anonymous said...

Agree 4.20a.m In other countries, the youth organise despite restrictions and take it out to the streets to protest. True, they really lack good role models, just look at the lawyers, they can't organise themselves happy to be tossed about by their treasonous puppetmasters in power. What a shame!

Anonymous said...

FMF = Flour Mills of Fiji.....hahaha

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