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Thursday, May 31, 2012

SDL's first party meeting since 2006 and Qarase's speech

Naivalu and Qarase at a political forum in 2009. Fiji Times file pic

Members of the SDL Party, supporters of the Party, Ladies & Gentlemen.

Ni sa bula Vinaka!

Welcome to this meeting. It has been a long time since we had a meeting of this size. In fact, the last large meetings that the Party organized were those leading up to the General Elections in May, 2006.

Today, we meet under different circumstances. The Government our Party led was removed from office by the Fiji Military Forces on 5th December, 2006. Since that time, as we all know, our freedoms have been severely restricted.

Our meeting today has been made possible under a permit issued by the Police. Attendance at this meeting has been limited to a maximum of 250 members. I believe we are close to that number.

We thank Government for the issuance of a permit. We plan to hold similar meetings in other centres around the country during the next few weeks. Let us hope that Government will grant the necessary permits as we apply for them.

The objectives of this meeting are two – fold:
· to enable us to brief you on what our Party has been doing since 2006; and
· to enable us to consult with you on the Constitution-making process announced recently by Government.

I will tackle the first objective, and our Party Leader, Mr Laisenia Qarase will take us through the Constitution –making process.

At the outset, I want to assure you that the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party, the SDL Party, as it is commonly known is alive and well! In spite of the many problems and obstacles along the way, our Party has survived the last five years and it will continue to work in the best interests of our country. We have been able to maintain a small office in Suva, at 66 McGregor Road. On one or two occasions our office was closed for short periods of time by the security forces.

Otherwise, the office has remained opened since the military coup on 5th December, 2006.

Because of severe restrictions imposed by the Government the Party has not been able to provide proper and effective services to it’s members. The lack of financial resources has also been a serious limiting factor. But we have been able to provide services in two areas – to those out of work, and to those who wanted to migrate to overseas countries.

Hundreds of people have come to the office seeking advice on job opportunities. We could not offer them jobs, of course. The best we could do was to offer advice. In many cases we have directed them to institutions, such as the Fiji Development Bank, whose functions include providing assistance to those who wish to establish small businesses of their own. In some other cases we have advised them to go back to the land and make a new start. In all cases we knew that starting a new life with little or no capital is never going to be easy.

Hundreds and hundreds of people who came to the office wanted to emigrate overseas. This is an area where we have given most assistance. We have not only given advice, but we have also assisted in other ways including issuing support letters to facilitate entries into other countries of their choice. All these services have been given free of any costs to those who sought our assistance.

A significant achievement during the last five years has been the revision of the Constitution of our Party. In 2008 a small committee of the Management Board was formed to review our Constitution. A revised Constitution for the Party is now in place. Perhaps the most significant change is the absence of ethnic – based provisions. All these provisions in the previous Constitution has been removed. 

Our current Constitution should appeal to all ethnic communities and to all different faiths. In the coming months we will make more copies available to those who wish to retain their own copies of the Party Constitution.

I mentioned earlier that the lack of financial resources has been a serious limiting factor in the provision of services to members. This has been due to severe restrictions imposed by Government on our freedoms to meet in order to raise funds. The Party Office has been kept open by a few individuals who have regularly paid in funds for this purpose. There are no paid staff in the office. The provision of services by the Party as I have explained have been provided on a voluntary basis.

During the next few weeks, we plan to hold similar meetings, with similar Agenda, in Nadi, Lautoka and Labasa. We hope that at the end of these meetings we would be able to gauge the support for the Party which we believe remains very strong. More and more meetings will be organized throughout the country as we move forward to the promised parliamentary elections in 2014. A great deal of information needs to be disseminated to our members/supporters and the general public. We will need your support all the way.

What remains for me to do this evening is to thank those few individuals who have assisted the Party financially during its hour of need. Without your support our Party office would have been closed and this meeting would not have been possible.

I also wish to thank those members/supporters who have provided voluntary services at the office. This is very much appreciated by all of us and I am sure by the hundreds and hundreds of people who have been assisted by the Party. Last but not least, I thank all of you who are here at this meeting.
The numbers attending are encouraging. We look forward to your continuing support.
Thank you for listening. God bless the SDL Party! God bless Fiji!

Address by Mr. Laisenia Qarase,
Leader of the SDL Party at SDL Party meeting, FTA Hall, Suva, May 31st 2012.

Members of the SDL Party, supporters of the Party, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ni sa bula vinaka! It is good to be talking to you directly again! I wish to endorse the warm welcome extended by our President, Mr. Solomone Naivalu.

Thank you very much for taking the time to be with us and I look forward to your participation in the discussion that will follow.

Let me issue a special greeting to the young people who have joined us,especially those who will be exercising their voting right for the first time in the next election. Use that right well. It is something precious. Inform yourselves about the issues that are important to you and Fiji.

Make the right choice.

I also extend the greetings of the SDL party to our supporters throughout the nation. To all of you here and elsewhere I say be of good courage; be strong in heart. Do not be afraid to speak the truth.

Mr Naivalu has briefly outlined the activities of our party since the illegal overthrow of our Government on December 5th 2006. He has also described some of the problems and obstacles we have faced for more than five years. It has indeed been a most difficult period for our party and our country, particularly with the imposition of severe restrictions on our rights and freedoms.

But let us thank God for seeing us through. Let us thank Him for granting us quiet strength from adversity.

This meeting is part of the Constitutional Consultation Process that our party is preparing to undertake during the next few weeks. My role today is to outline the Government’s roadmap for the formulation of a new Constitution. I propose to draw your attention to some serious misgivings by our Party Executives relating to that process. I will then outline what our Party Executives believe should be the party’s position.

On March 9th this year the Prime Minister, Commodore J. V Bainimarama, issued a statement outlining the consultation process. It has the following elements:

1. Government will collate and print material highlighting issues for the people of Fiji to think about before they make their voices heard. All materials will be distributed widely. This task should have been completed during March-April.

2. A civic education program is to begin in May and continue to the end of July. This will presumably be consistent with the material distributed.

3. After the civic education program consultations will take place between a Constitutional Commission and the people of Fiji. These will be held from July 2nd to September 30th.

4. Members of the Constitutional Commission have been appointed. They are: Prof. Yash Ghai – Chair, Dr. Christina Murray, Ms. Taufa Vakatale, Prof. Satendra Nandan and Ms Peni Moore.

5. From October to end of December this year, the Constitutional Commission will collate the public submissions and then prepare a draft Constitution.

6. A Constituent Assembly will be appointed by December. It will consist of representative civil society groups and organisations that are registered in Fiji, including faith-based organisations, national institutions, political parties, and Government. It is expected that the Constituent Assembly will debate the draft constitution and approve it with amendments if and where necessary. This activity is to take place from January to end February 2013.

7. The Constitution will be assented to by His Excellency the President following approval by the Constituent Assembly. Our Party has identified a number of flaws in this process and expresses its concern about them. If we did not do this, we would be failing in our duty to the nation and to you.

In our view, a Political Dialogue Forum (PDF) should have been established representing key groups in our society. The forum would have been the ideal vehicle for discussions and consultations before decisions on important issues were made. 

Instead, Government has simply gone ahead with its own ideas, without the benefit of advice and views from the rest of the community. This would have been a more inclusive and democratic way of proceeding. It would also have been in line with the commitments the Government has made to the people and the international community.

The principles and values fundamental to the formulation of a Constitution, have been proclaimed by the Prime Minister. These are to be “non-negotiable”. This is not the language of inclusivity.

Even though the ideals he announced are generally universal an opportunity was missed to obtain, and declare, agreement by consensus.

The civic education program to be completed prior to public submissions to the Constitutional Commission will use material prepared and printed by Government. As far as we know, there is to be no participation by representatives of the public in preparing these materials. Obvious questions arise about content and message and possible bias.

The appointment of members of the Constitutional Commission is also of great concern. In particular, the three local appointees are known to be very supportive of the military Government. How independent then will the Commission be?

Proper consultation on this issue within a Political Dialogue Forum could have arrived at a consensus and removed a point of contention. We will have more to say on this at a later date.

The appointment of a Constituent Assembly is an important milestone in the process. Although the Government has assured that the Assembly will be representative of society, the method of selection and the appointees will be crucial. 

Who is to decide on membership?

If the Assembly has a disproportionate number of supporters of the military Government, then it will be compromised, and so will its decisions. There is obviously a danger here of a foregone conclusion, favourable to the Government.

The approved Constitution will then be assented to by the President. We see certain questions arising on this point as well.

The SDL contends that the Constitution should be referred to a national referendum if there is no Parliament. A free and fair act of choice would be a democratic and credible means of gauging popular support, or otherwise, for the proposed supreme law.

Ladies and gentlemen, the matters I have mentioned are serious. They should be raised and they should be addressed.

However, we want to be as positive as we can about this critical Government constitutional initiative. Let us then show good faith; let us assume that some of the questions that trouble us will be given due consideration and win approval.

It is for these reasons that we are recommending the SDL Party prepares a submission for presentation to the Constitutional Commission during the public consultations.

I now outline for you the basis of our position.

Since the last military coup the SDL has maintained that the 1997 Constitution remains in existence and is still Fiji’s supreme law.

We are supported in this view by a 2001 judgment by Justice Anthony Gates in the case Koroi vs Commissioner of Inland Revenue. Justice Gates said, and I quote: “It is not possible for any man to tear up the Constitution. He has no authority to do so. The Constitution remains in place until amended by Parliament, a body of elected members who collectively represent all of the voters and inhabitants of Fiji. The fundamental law represented in a constitutional document may only be changed in accordance with that Constitution”.

In the case L. Qarase & others vs J. V Bainimarama & others, the Court of Appeal ruled on 9th April 2009 that the 1997 Constitution is still in place.

According to many other legal experts here in Fiji, and abroad, the purported abrogation of that Constitution on April 10th 2009 by the military Government cannot be valid.

We note as well that when the Military Government came to power it asserted very clearly that its number one priority was to continue to uphold the 1997 Constitution. That means it saw merit in the document and gave allegiance to it as the highest law of the land.

Consistent with the SDL Party’s stand on the existing Constitution your Party executives recommend that our submission to the Constitutional Commission should be along the following lines:

1. Uphold the 1997 Constitution and re-convene the last elected Parliament.

2. Follow the roadmap suggested by the Court of Appeal on April 9th 2009.

3. Re-convened Parliament to make appropriate amendments to the 1997 Constitution, including changes to the electoral system.

4. Hold general election under the revised 1997 Constitution. We propose to include in our submission some proposed changes to the 1997 Constitution. We are seeking common ground on this in consultations with the Leaders of the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party and the United People’s Party.

Contrary to what has been reported in some media outlets the subject of our talks is not about forming a coalition. At this stage our objective is to work together on our submission to the Constitutional Commission.

The four parties have agreed on a fundamental point of unity. We stand by the 1997 Constitution. We believe that parliamentary democracy should be restored under that Constitution. There are sound legal grounds for this.

We also jointly share the view that some amendments to the 1997 Constitution are necessary and must be made by following proper process.

Ladies and gentlemen, the SDL party was founded on a vision of peace. That vision is expressed through our party symbol - the dove carrying the olive branch. Sadly that dove has been confined and caged. Now, the ruve is ready to spread its wings and soar again. 

It will carry with it an enduring message of truth, justice, equality and freedom. It will carry new hope for Fiji; a Fiji constructed on stronger foundations that will help create prosperity and harmony for us all in the homeland.

The SDL believes in patient dialogue, good faith negotiation and consensus-building. It is these principles that will resolve the considerable challenges that now face Fiji.

We declare again that we abhor violence, force, threats and intimidation. There is no room for coups in our vision for Fiji. It has been proved time and again that they bring nothing but misery, torment, fear and ruin.

We must go forward from here, side by side, for our country and the future happiness and prosperity of all our peoples.

Vinaka vaka levu!


Anonymous said...

Awesome start!

Anonymous said...

Wake up after 6 years and the same nightmare....Qarase,Chaudhry,Beddoes, Rao

The people love their "horror movies", so don't even think about it Fraky and Aiyaz, you dont have a chance with your "fare and lovely" theme. Nobodies going to buy.

SEMI MEO said...

This should be a very encouraging sign, and we concur with Mr. Qarase..that…
” However, we want to be as positive as we can about this critical Government constitutional initiative. Let us then show good faith; let us assume that some of the questions that trouble us will be given due consideration and win approval.”

We only hope the SDL intentionally and demonstratively inclusive in her recent proclamation of their constitution amendment towards a more pluralist ethnicity membership.
Can we now soon see a Narayan , Nye or Nisha at the helm of the SDL?..or may be a change in name, though we’re all deemed to be “lewenivanua”, some nationalist SDL view may wish to reserve the capital “L” exclusively to “i taukei” only.

May be in their next Public meeting the SDL may consider the welcome and pleasantries be inclusive ( Hindi, Rotuman, Banaban and Gaun..lol)…as many of us may wanna belong to the revitalised and energised SDL as probably the only other best alternative to the probable political party to be headed by the Present PM..or may be Mr. Bainimarama and Mr. Aiyaz may come jump in the MV SDL…that will be really inclusive and “uasivi!!..who knows…who knows…

Anonymous said...

Is qarase still serious about being back in govt.
The sooner he gets out of his head, the better.
We do not need qarase or chaudhary.
They are the ones who created divisions within taukies and indians.

Anonymous said...

After parliment gets together they approve the new constitution. They just rubber stamp is that right.

No debate just pass the thing.

They going to get a pension for that?

Who is going to be the interim Prime Minister, Qarase? He is the agriculture scam gang, he should be in jail but instead his PS for agriculture went inside for him.

Chaudhry, he still got $2 million australian dollars, 4 million Fiji dollars in australia or has he broughtthat money to Fiji. Whats the law regarding Fiji citizens having money overseas. One law for the grassroot another for Chaudhry.
Chaudhry must be australian resident or australian citizen or australian refugee. What is his status? Cause trouble here and run away tomorrow.

Is the deposed parliment going to pass the new constitution and then all resign so an interim government can take the country to elections.
Who is going to pick the interim government.

Congratulations to the SDL said...

Congratulations to the Hon PM Qarase and the SDL and all Fijians loyal to their nation. The last few years have been very difficult for loyal and patriotic Fijians under the totalitarian dictatorship more akin to the unstable middle east than the Pacific. This imported terrorism will hopefully come to an end soon and freedom, demcocracy and the rule of law can return to our nations currently beseiged by thugs.

Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing after quite a long while to hear again from the legal Prime Minister of the country. He speaks words of wisdom and it's apparently clear the illegal Prime Minister is no comparison to his stature and intellect. And what a shame on Tony Gates. This man is a crap. What is his explanation to the stand he took on the 1997 constitution when he ruled on the Koroi vs Commissioner of Inland Revenue case in 2001 and now. If this man who is CJ is a crap then the whole judiary that he heads is a nothing but a joke. There is only one thing that should happen now ..that is for Bainimarama to give up power and surrender himself to the law. Long Live the 1997 constitution and God Bless Fiji. Let us all continue to pray as I believe with all my heart that the end of the mental and physical torture the people of this country have been through during the past 6 years is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Well said PM LQ.
We stick with the court ruling and 1997 constitution.
Regime and Fiji people have to follow the rule of law.
No other way .no one is the above the law and constitution.
god bless.

BKP said...

BKP[aka]Bhucharoo Ki Party former Fiji First Party's Choor leader has pledged full support to SDL in the coming general election. But Mr Qarase has out-rightly rejected the offer and said his party will not work with the CROOKS and BANKRUPT PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

SDL had seen better days. Their time is gone. They are now a Dinosaur. Qarese with his qoli qoli bill and and other prejudice bills and action has not place in Fiji. Fiji is a multicultural nation. Whether we like it or not. This is a fact and we need to learn to accept this. One can not be a nationalist and destroy this nation.

There is no place for prejudice in this world. Times have changed and we need to change with the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Prime Minister. It is very heartening to hear your usual calm and reassuring words despite all that you have been through since 2006. Go forth and reclaim your rightful position and God bless.

Floreat Viti

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The questions are:
1=Why should we allow Laisenia to return to the helm after he's wrecked the last ship?
2=Why would SDL wanted anything to do with a treasonous politician-in Mahen Chodory, whose serious mistakes,treachery, manipulation and encouragements may have been the trigger that gave Bainimarama the courage to pull the 2006 illegal coup?
3=Why should Fijians follows a ship Captain, that just doesn't seem to want to navigates our ship away from these dangerous reefs,rocks,sand-dunes etc?
4=Why make term with Chodory and not Rabuka, Bole,or other Fijians from the labour or Alliance party?
5=Will Laisenia re-act faster and more decisive in any future attempts by anyone,in order to safeguard our Government,our freedom,our way of life and our nation? YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka PM Qarase, vinaka SDL! The speech just shows the vast difference between a proper statesman like Qarase compared to the thug Bainivuaka. All the best to the SDL as they move towards reclaiming what was stolen by the cowardly murdering Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Mr Qarase, can you please retire and let some new faces take over.. Your stubbornness led to the coup of 2006.. and you are under trial for stealing FHL shares..please do the honorable thing..

Anonymous said...

fkin idiot qarase, if you thought like this earlier, we wouldnt have had the coup

Anonymous said...

The dove will fly higher and higher.
SDL will rule with FLP Again.
Frank and ASK and cronies get ready for naboro.
Army need to get out of fiji politics forever.
We dont need the army thugs anymore in fiji.
No army no coup.
end of coup in fiji.
ghai go back to where you came from.1997 constitution is a live .

Anonymous said...

Qarase and ului mara are big time liars. Go to your village and plant cassava.

Anonymous said...

To all losers and narrow minded idiots who are attacking the SDL and Labour parties you have wasted your time barking and crying because without these political parties there will be no credibility to any attempt to handover power to the people of Fiji. The SDL will be better and stronger and Im sorry to say to you losers that Qarase will be back as PM as he still has the majority support of the law abiding citizens of Fiji. God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Some forget that Fiji's 1997 constitution was abrogated (thrown out) the day after the 2009 Court of Appeals ruling on the illegality of the military takeover, with the help of Frank's first puppet president iloilo, an old man in his sunset years who on his deathbed asked for forgiveness from the Vanua for his hand in the abrogation of Fiji's supreme legal document.
Would another Court of Appeals ruling need to be made on the legality or illegality of it's abrogation? Qarase is not out of the woods yet. And what of his pending court case along side others Keni etc,. Will he even be free to contest elections in 2014? If not he can nominate Mahen Chaudhry or George Speight to stand in his place while Qarase is absent from public life.

Gandhi keh palwar said...

BKP@ 8.06AM....The Fiji First party does really frighten you doesn't it.??
That's a good sign that we are a force to be reckoned with and we do make your arse quiver !!!
The maharaj brothers ARE NOT members of Fiji First Party...get that into your vacuus cranium !! and neither is Mick Beddoes.He is free riding on our name.He won't be allowed in and he cannot register this name either. The Rt Hon ANIT Singh is the Party leader and HE will lead the country after the next elections...stop your NFP style backstabbing now or we will hunt you down and kill you !!!

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 9:36

Good questions- my shot at answers - some maybe way of the mark but lest it be spoken..

1=LQ was (and probably still is) the elected and legal capt. of the ship. The rule of law and democratic principles favour LQ.

The Naval Commodore quite illegally/ treasonously and self-righteously snatched the helm. So LQ is the man.

But you are also true that LQ and his party SDL has purposely and as ‘policy’ wrecked many, many lives and livelihoods of citizens of a particular ethnic group in Fiji. LQ was NOT a PM of FIJI but of iTaukeis only. Contrary to what LQ says SDL only emerged (post 2000 mayhem) and existed only upon the “misery, torment, fear and ruin” of the Indo-Fijians in Fiji. LQ / SDL were full of SCAMs but they had the mandate. They were likethe ‘elected dictatorship’

2= Yes Chodo is a CHOOR with no credibility and is too old and forgetful and repetitive and boring and insignificant and of no use or of historic interests only. IF he joins SDL he will bring SDL down as well.

3= Good question – no answer!

4= Yes Rabuka has a lot to experience in navigating in trying times. He has experience /exposure and the intellect and he was not as bad a CHOOR as LQ /Chodo & BAIYUM put together. Yes, Rabuka can be a very important player now as he has been in the past in steering Fiji from a Military to a Civilian rule. But he is also the ROOT of the very EVILNESS of the COUP Culture in Fiji. He was the first one to actually rape our country. But he was at least ORIGINAL and I think but I maybe I am wrong – he is well forgiven. The ‘copycats’ of 2006 are very BAD.

5= Once bitten twice shy – I rather see both Chodo and LQ retire someway in peace and harmony.

A question = Should we pardon and release George Speight??

Anonymous said...

The Vote Buyers and AgriScam gang are BACK!!

Anonymous said...

Io o Qarase e kilai tu e vura ni da a digitaka na lewe ni vanua. Kevaka e dua e wilika tiko na vola ni lawa e donu vakavinaka sara tu ga o koya......Veitalia na ka e cakava butako se veiwasei tiko tiko kina baleta na idia na kaiviti.....kemuni ga na yavu magaitinamuni qo ni a digitaki koya......se ni via kubuta tikoga na gusu dakai kei na kulina mamaca vei aiarss...


Anonymous said...

Police should not have restricted the number of people attending the SDL meeting to 250 only.They should let every member who wish to attend to do so in their own free will.Only then ,can they gauge where the support of the SDL lies and have a fair idea of what 2014 gonna look like to them if the promised election is gonna happen. Reading LQ's address, I think he has taken note of alot of concerns raised by indegenous and other ethnic groups during his last term and he is going to take us in a new approach.He is a strategist and a man with vision. People wil have the right to choose whom they want to lead us come 2014 and we should all respect that for the sake of democracy.I leave it with you,to decide. Democracy with all sorts of decrees under a military ruler like what we are facing today or Democracy where you have your freedom of choice and rights and the law of the land is upheld and paramount.

Anonymous said...





Cassava Patch Hero said...

Our cassava patch hero will not like this. If SDL, FLP etc can keep this momentum they will be a serious challenge for Khaiyum and his military thugs. And princess Gates will not like it to be quoted like that either. It must have a threatening ring to it. As a lawyer he surely understands that he committed treason when he supported the coup and the abrogation of the constitution. The next couple of months will be critical, very critical for our future. We should all support the idea of unity against the thugs.

BKP said...

Hon Pm Qarase I berg to you sir,please don't appoint the chairman of fiji first party atama maharaji into any board because they all stink sa levu cuka.

Anonymous said...

Well many are talking about the SDL as racial... Do you really believe the new constitution will remove racial grounds as says the Charter... Don't think it can be achieved, it will take generations to come...look around racial ground is very much active no matter what happens or what the military say....

Anonymous said...

Sa sega ni qai dro rawa o Baini Coup is not cause by Qarase Baini 3 times attempted coup fail cause he wants to clear his butt from going to Naboro thats why he coup the elected PM .

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:36 AM

Could you please elaborate your assertion: Why should we allow Laisenia to return to the helm after he's wrecked the last ship?

Further, provide clear, discreet evidence supported by the relevant economic indictors and figures.

Otherwise, stop making false assumptions, and move away from tha racists mindset...and continue and suppor your saviour - Bainimarama.


Puf-Military said...

Thanks to the genuine Prime Minister. And the SDL, the only undefeated party ever in Fiji.
A lot of primitives are magnetically attracted to this thread posting the usual cowardly negative things.
But the dove is flying high again. And the phoenix will rise from the ashes. And the piggy will go down in flaming heart attack in the cassava patch

Truth shall set u free said...

Am from fiji and me and my family will vote for SDL! Fly Dove fly!!

Anonymous said...

Qarase conman

Anonymous said...

All welcome to join the newest Political Party in Fiji,launching to be announced soon. Fijian National Congress-...Go Tell them for their tomorrow we gave our today!

Watch this space..more to follow!

Anonymous said...

Chodory hid millions from India into his bank acct in Oz meant 2 help those coup affected IndoFijians during the 2K coup and Qarase stealing FHL shares while PM..

Are followers in those parties even awake??Can we have some new blood on the scene??...Is it too much to ask?

Paula Raqeukai said...

...I think it is the right time NOW for ALL FIJIANS AND TAUKEIS TO CHOOSE New bloods in the political arena of Fiji whether it is SDL or NFP or Labour...No more racial politics....how about a new party that is inclusive for ALL....LABOUR PARTY IS BEST SUITABLE FOR FIJI...BUT WE NEED TO CHANGE THE CURRENT LEADERSHIP/EXECUTIVES AND INCLUDE MORE TAUKEI AND OTHERS....IT IS TIME TO MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER....UNITY NEVER FAILS....

Kai Bau dina said...

Tau Semi Meo bula vinaka: if you think that the SDL should be led by the Narayans thats fine.But again Tau whats your opinion if the title Tui Namuka is also given to the Narayans?Qai caka na veiqaravi vakavanua mai Namuka sa o lai rabe tu na yaqona mei Tui Namuka o Ratu Narayan Meo.Thats the same feelings with the SDL members if a Narayan to lead the SDL.Im not saying that its not possible but the time is not right for it.So my Tau just watch the title of the Tui Namuka,once Ratu Narayan is install as the Tui Namuka than its also time for the SDL to except the Narayans to lead the SDL.Tau sa o baci volavola tu vaka e dua na gone lailai......i liu au kaya ni o sa qase ga o sa So..... ia qo osa vaka tale e dua na gone bo..... nomui volavola.
Vosoti au Tau barewa ga vei iko
Sa dri yani

Kai Bau dina said...

Tau Semi Meo bula vinaka: if you think that the SDL should be led by the Narayans thats fine.But again Tau whats your opinion if the title Tui Namuka is also given to the Narayans?Qai caka na veiqaravi vakavanua mai Namuka sa o lai rabe tu na yaqona mei Tui Namuka o Ratu Narayan Meo.Thats the same feelings with the SDL members if a Narayan to lead the SDL.Im not saying that its not possible but the time is not right for it.So my Tau just watch the title of the Tui Namuka,once Ratu Narayan is install as the Tui Namuka than its also time for the SDL to except the Narayans to lead the SDL.Tau sa o baci volavola tu vaka e dua na gone lailai......i liu au kaya ni o sa qase ga o sa So..... ia qo osa vaka tale e dua na gone bo..... nomui volavola.
Vosoti au Tau barewa ga vei iko
Sa dri yani

Komai Naibenubenu said...

Reply to Anonymous @8.36am

Qarase has explicitly explained the merits of the Qoliqoli Bill in his reply to Professor Crobie Walsh. It is not an ethnic legislation. Far from it.The main purpose was to TRANSFER OWNERSHIP OF THE QOLIQOLIS TO THE INDIGENOUS FIJIANS WHO ALREADY HAVE TRADITIONAL RIGHTS OVER THEM. This is allowed under UN Convention on the rights of the indigenous people. Fiji is a party to this convention. Assumptions that it was going to set mataqalis against each other and would deny non-i Taukeis access to the beaches is absolute rubbish. The Bill would have clearly established the rights of both the owners and the users. In Northern Australia, several aboriginal tribes have been granted ownwership of about 7000 kilometres of coastline under the same convention. Let's hope that we can now clear our minds on the intention of the Bill. Sadly it has been bandied about by people with hidden agendas as a Bill about race. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is my fervent prayers that the 1997 constitution forever prevails and God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vote for someone in 2014 who is not a member of the military or associate with the military in any way.The crop of soldiers we have now do not have a respect of the law even they ignored their oath of allegiance.They will always have a rough approach on every issues they come across coz thats their mentality.They treat the people like recruits and they expect to be addressed SIR all the time.My advice vote for someone even if you hate him in person,race or religion. If he/she has the ability and capability to perfom well in any public office, give him a tick but NOT any member of the military.They are the ones who cause all these problems 87,2000,206 which led us to infighting,racial hatred etc. etc. and now they are punishing us. They blame the Fijians,church,chiefs and tore down our very foundation, vanua and veivakaturaga taki.We are loving people and we don't have any race issues,we go to school,work even eat and drink together with other people of different ethenicity.
Vote wisely so that we do not give this wannabe leaders (military} any chance in the next govt. Ni kalougata tiko.

Babuji said...

Qarase will be on record as forming the best government ever in 2006 with the SDL/FLP coalition. It was a genuine arrangement indeed. FLP was offered some very important ministries like Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce and Industry, Labour and Industrial Relations. This country would have been on par with New Zealand and Australia had that government ran its 5-year course. So sad we have to be where we are now. We do not deserve such a political leadership we have been subjected to during the past six years..the worst in the country's history. But it's like a breath of fresh air hearing the elected PM speak again. Long live SDL/FLP Coalition. I'm praying for comeback because peace and prosperity which has been evading us all these time will come with it.

Anonymous said...

Wow all the negative comments is the stench of fear from all the pro Bainimarama supporters, the same stench that came from Bainimaramas cargo pants when he did the 100 metre dash through the tavioka patch

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here seriously believe that Voreqe will go back to 1997 Constitution? So what was all the fuss about?? Another Fijian knifing another Fijian? So has Qarase now changed his tune to warrant our belief that he is now for the peoples of Fiji not for just one particular segment of our Society- o ira na kilavata club! Truth will finally show itself-time is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Qarases in dicisiveness brought us to where we are now. Instead of making the hard decison with regards to Frank he buckled, now he wants to be back in to do what? Prove he is still PM material? Will he still have the same advisors form 2006? So Please tell me what has changed?

BKP said...

Gandhi ke Pelhar: if your damaad daku anit will lead the nation as you dream then why the hell you writing on his behalf or is it because the relationship has extended to your bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Wananavu SDL! Here we go again...and this time round looks to be even more inclusive. SDL has rightly recognised that it had to change some of its constitution to be more inclusive. This is the kind of political party we want, recognises its deficiencies and changes accordingly. Bainivore went around in 2006 campaigning against SDL and still they won, lets see what happens when he forms his political party with his girlfriend Khaiyum...if he even reaches 2014....might have already kicked the bucket by then.

Anonymous said...


Yes Labour Party and SDL did form a government. I hope you also remember with all the bickering and in fights Qarese decided to give Labour Party insignificant portfolios. Qarese had to create new ministries to accommodate Labour Party. All that Qarese did was pacify Mahen Choor dhry. Mahen in return refused to take up a ministerial seat. This two fools are not worth anything.

We need to seek new leaders with vision.

Amy good suggestions besides Fiji First Party, which has met it's natural death. Santa, Ant and Nick need to come out of moaning and just just enjoy life. Hey they could tell their grand kids how they had a dream or a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Tau Kai Bau, I believed you have a big time Psychological Disorder. Please concentrated on the topic about the Government, instead of commenting on Meo. God bless.

Anonymous said...

He who claims to be Gandhi keh palwar, you need to have respect for Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Also refrain from claiming what you are not. Who are you related to Mohan Das Kramchand Gandhi? Do you even know where he was born? Do you know his family background?

How dare you lie to public and is this what Fiji First and Santa Maharaj, Nick Naidu and Anit plant to hoodwink people of Fiji? You are in New Zealand and claim to have a lot of knowledge on Fiji's current affairs. You people are nothing but conman.

Anonymous said...

He who claims to be Gandhi keh palwar, you need to have respect for Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Also refrain from claiming what you are not. Who are you related to Mohan Das Kramchand Gandhi? Do you even know where he was born? Do you know his family background?

How dare you lie to public and is this what Fiji First and Santa Maharaj, Nick Naidu and Anit plant to hoodwink people of Fiji? You are in New Zealand and claim to have a lot of knowledge on Fiji's current affairs. You people are nothing but conman.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell us the whereabouts of the gentleman sitting towards the left of ex PM Qarase is at the moment. This person was the general secretary of the SDL party then! Used to be a stalwart of the party then!

Sources have confimed that he is somewhere in Australia picking oranges.

Anonymous said...

Long Live 1997 constitution !!!!!

SEMI MEO said...

@viavia Kai Bau June 1:16 pm…Sobo..bau keitou vaka Tui toka mai Namuka no 1..ia, e va evei o kemudou na noqu Tauvu ..No Tui..sa ra sikoa tale mai na gone ni Bau sucu ena 1989?

Dou kusa rawa, de dou waraka tiko me “Decree” taka na matanitu ni Kubuna e veiliutaki tiko e Viti ni e daidai me sa cabe ka buli, gunu e dua na Vunivalu ratou na digitaka…lol…?..well, gona dou na na qai ‘exile” taki ka keitou na mai veisiko mai Namuka ka na sureti me gole i na Noca…lol…

Na luvemudou qo o Voreqe Bainimarama..dou a rairai bucina vata mai na vuaviri ni 2006??..ia, na vere va’a bau…na vereverea va’a bau..na talimedemedre va’a bau..ia, nice bola ga vei ‘emudou na a’i bau dina….

We believe SDL’s "inclusiveness" ammedment of their own constitution augurs well with the spirit of the mulit-party Government glorified and envied by the International community …but…but…Kubuna Kid’s coup on December 2006.

Mai Uluda Qoi. said...

Vakavinavinaka vakalevu vei iko na Turaga na Prime Minister Hon Qarase.Keimami sa vakavinavinaka ena nomu tu vakatagane e matadra na Turaga kei na Marama ninoda Vanua Lomani ko Viti.Sa dodonu ga me tucake ka yadra mai ena gauna oqo.Sa balavu mai na cici tiko ni matanitu lasu e cici tu qo.E luvaiwaca kina na noda i tovo kei nai valavala ni noda Vanoa lomani ko Viti(Taukei).Da tu kece mai na kaiviti vata kei ira kece era sa volai tu me nodra vanua ko Viti.Valataka na Dina ni noda Vanua.Auria se wara namae namae na duru bakei.Mai vei ira na Vu i Uluda qoi.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Mataboko & tui bau ...no use you two arguing. Aiyaz Khaiyum is already Tui Namuka, Tui Cakau and Tui Davuilevu, Tui Vutusona.

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo Narayan,
Keitou mai kubuna qai mai taura sara na buini coup ko tekivuna o koya na noqu tauvu qo mai Navatu o Rabuka taura mada nona gear Tau.
Vaka vei au o iko o sega ni kai Namuka dina baleta ni o cavuti Kubuna ga ke o kai Namuka dina o sa cavuti iko tiko.O kila na tiko na noda veiwekani se o vosa tu ga vaka lialia.Na i tekitekivu ni Tui qori mai Namuka mo dau nanuma kua mada ni o kabukabu raki tu ka sega tu ni kila na vanua o taka yani kina boc......O sa mai kaburaki kedaru tale eke me baleta na Vunivalu ko iko dodonu mo maroroi kedaru.Sa rauta mo sakasaka ka lecaika tu na nomu i tatau ni vosa kei na volavola.Sega ni dua na kai Namuka dina e na tukuna tu na ka vaka oqori eke...maroroi kedaru Tau ka daru yaco la ena politiki me kua sara ni otara na vanua de na qai samuti iko na neitou tevoro na kai Bau .....nanuma tiko na neitou i bole na ka ga e vaqara ena biu mai tuba na nomui wawa ni drau sa na sota kei na dua na kai Bau Tagane vakai au.
Barewa ga vei kemuni Tau

Anonymous said...

@3.32pm That's Peceli Kinivuwai, would have been the rite person to head SDL rite now, quick thinker and knows what he's talking about..

So what if he's picking oranges, at least he's trying to make an honest living..

Kai Bau said...

Sorry my Tau Psychological Disorder Anon 3.24pm. This is my piece
I think that this coup culture has gone into our heads.People are rubbishing Qarase but he was an democratic elected leader.I prefer to be led by Qarase than an idiot like Bainimarama.Yes people are quite right about Qarase who made some bad moves that led to Bainivore's coup.But to be so negative about the this democratic law abiding SDL is a vey bad sign for Fiji.People must always remember that anything thats done in a democratic way should than be again undone in the same manner and not to be undone by this bastard greedy faceless Bainivores coup .Now Iam led to believe that some people think that Bai's coup is better than being led by the peoples elected person such as Qarase

SEMI MEO said...

Kai Bau.June 1, 2012 5:42 PM..sobo..sa qai kilai qo ni o iko e dua ga vei ira na dau tokalulu ena tobu ni wai ni silisili ena ruku ni baba e koronivuli mai na nodrau yanuyanu turaga.

Qori…tobo!!..velavela…O a sega beke ni suruta mai na neitou i tutu vaka Tui?..ka o soli yaca sara mai kalkata vei keiotu na wekamu?..

Leqa gona ni o dau ni tokalulu..matai, o guilecava na yacamu ni o sa kidavi me yacova mai qo.. karua, o sa guilecava na ka o vola!...kua ga ni guilecava ni dre cake na nomu tarausese..kai bau man!!

Kua ni leqataka na noqu veiwekani e yanuyanu turaga..daru sa yavokita oti na yanuyanu...daru bai lai volavola sara toka ena teveli a sainitaki kina na soli ni noda vanua…i kere??..tokalulu yavoki voli ga e rusa ni koro?...ia, nice bola qai barewa tale yani…ni daru sa sota me daru qai laga na “kisi mai au kisi yani”…lol..

Helmand Tigers said...



Komai Nakauvadra said...

Sa dua na ka na levu ni noqu marau ni sa voleka tiko ni vakadeitaki na tutu vakaturaga mai Kubuna. Sa na qai matata tale mai o Viti ni sa vakatadraicake tale na bilo mai Kubuna ka sa mai cuva vakadede toka. Sa ra toka rawa na Marama Qaqa mai Burebasaga ka ra toka qo na Turaga Na Tui Cakau. Sa wawa saka tu o Viti vei Kubuna.

Anonymous said...

mosese and aziz are trying to tell fiji people to support frank the crank.
well fiji people will vote the ruve.
sdl will come with flp in power.
so frank and khaiyum chor mf get ready for prison.
fiji need to disband the army thugs.

Anonymous said...

Qarase, his mouth flaps to the tune of his advisors.

So until we see who is behind Qarase, we wont know who Qarase is.

Who wrote his speech?

Is his AG still QB, if so, Frank just shoot all of us now and put us out of our misery.

hey if they reconvene parliment AG is not elected position, what if Khaiyum tells Qarase that he must be AG.....hahahahaha lmao

all in the spirit of the new Lovey Dovey

Anonymous said...

When will will the people of Fiji ever know the TRUTH from 1987 till today.

Will the stench of lies stain government for ever

mark manning said...

With absolutely no evidence of corruption, many Fijians continue to attack and make false witness against Mr.Qarase, His Government and its Ministers.
And despite clear evidence against the Regime of Human Rights abuses, including torture and murder, the same Fijians, continue to live in denial and support that same regime and its manic leader, Frank Bainimarama.
The mind boggles !

Anonymous said...

@ Anon3.32pm

Is he really making an honest leaving by picking oranges? Am not trying to argue with you, hence your assertion may be based on some truth or otherwise.

It is good that he is picking oranges for his families sake....However, the "quick thinker" part and the "knows what he's talking about" may be an overtatement, as most people here in Fij already know.

Anonymous said...

Lai Qarase-Was elected by the people.If people do not want him-than wait & vote him out.
Frank Bai-forced his way to lead FIJI with his bunch of crooks..Soldiers & Charasmatic advisors to excite losers who have no idea of what is just and little idea of how the world is interconnected...now his followers are just following him blindly...THINK hard & fast of the damage and the lack of progress in Fiji-with countless decrees to protect them and supress US-THE PEOPLE...Charles Taylor-50 years.. Frank lets say 50 & half...

Anonymous said...

@ June 12..8.36 am..hahaa..what world do you live in..the reality of life is that rascism and prejudice will forever exist in this world till the end days as we are living in the end..haahaa..the world will not get better unless you think that you live in world where none of that exists..get out of your dream world and live reality cause weak people like you try and use a gun to get what they want at the point of a gun cause they are too weak to face life as it is..and again I would say that no one is buying what you..Aiyazz and Baiass are trying to sell here so as to escape your convictions of Treason..murder and instigating the coups of 2000 and 2006..thats reality..excuses and more excuses for staging a coup and commiting treason to get away with murder..

Anonymous said...

it's uplifting to read the speech by the PM Qarase. There is still a sense of hope. I only hope you are able to include other races in the party and strive on issues that will benefit Fiji as a whole and not advocating only for the indigenous. "Let us roll"..Secondly,we overseas would like to contribute to the party, please provide an update on the bank account details of SDL. You got my support.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Village

Politicians like Qarase are not future focused-AG
Publish date/time: 02/06/2012 [09:12]

Politicians like Laisenia Qarase are not future focused.

These are the comments of Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum after SDL leader, Laisenia Qarase told a SDL party meeting yesterday that the 1997 constitution should be upheld with changes made to the electoral system.

Sayed-Khaiyum said that people like Qarase did not support the 1997 constitution a few years ago.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

He said that people of Fiji should not be moved by these politicians who cannot think outside the box and are seeking to preserve their positions.

Meanwhile during the SDL meeting yesterday, Qarase outlined that the 1997 constitution should be upheld and the last elected parliament should be re-convened.

Qarase told the party members during their meeting that the re-convened parliament should make appropriate amendments to the 1997 constitution, including changes to the electoral system, and elections should be held under the revised 97 constitution.

The Attorney General said that the Prime Minister has come up with a fair electoral system and stressed that it is time to move on.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Story by: Khusboo Singh

Gunslinger said...

If those who came to power through the ballot box should also be removed from power through the same process how about those that came in thru the barrel of the gun?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aiyarse seems a worried dog now as the tide is beginning to turn following the inspirational and enlightening remarks by the legally elected Prime Minister of the country. That one speech has opened up the eyes of the people and even Aiyarse, Qorvis and Sharon put together will find it hard to convince the people otherwise. The truth can never be supressed and will always prevail. "Hold firm to the truth as the truth will set you free." I am absolutely optimistic that the end of all this circus is drawing to a close.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.33pm Jun1.

Yeah well, you probably rite, but over the years, watching how Qarase and Chodory handle themselves in the media, I beg to differ.

As for "making an honest living", if you can't recognize what "making an honest living" is, then I'll just have to say this to you, Seriously!!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous 10.20am..You are a real idiot. No one would dare to speak out in such a circumstance when you have the guns ruling the country. But in spite of the difficult situation, we stilkl saw some brave ppl voicing their opposition to the regime and you know what happened to them. Ted Young was beaten, Samisoni Tikoinasa, Peceli Kinivuwai, Iron Lady Mere Samisoni, Mataiasi ragiagia, Kenneth Zinck. All these people were beaten when they spoke. The SDL office continue to operate under those difficult circumstances dishing out advice to the people that needed them. The office was raided and forced with closure by the regime who kept a close watch on it almost on a 24 hour basis. But in spite of all this, the party was determined to continue its services to the people. It has not been an easy tiome for everyone specially the SDL Party but yet it tried to operate for the sake of the people. Please think properly before commenting.

Anonymous said...

The reality of the Fiji situation is that the 1997 consstitution is very much alive and well, although there were not one but two attempts to abrogate it by the same fiji military in 2000 and again in 2009. The same Fiji court that rules against the attempted abrogation in 2001 again rules in 2009. It is not a question of who wants the 1997 and who does not, but rather why some people want another constitution when the same constitution has taken us through three general elections,and has seen two coalition governments in power [1997 and 2006] with two different majority party. What's wrong with that?.
Losers, non-performers, failures, opportunists will always want to change the goal posts for a quick score, but the rules are always the rules and everyone [winners and losers and referees] should use the same rules in every game.
We have a constitution, and let's use it as a basis for developments, elections, road maps, charters, manifestos, strategic plans, reforms, deforms,etc.
It is for the greater good of the country that we follow the 1997 constitution, after all it has provisions for immunity, pardon, mercy, etc.etc. It also has provisions for those who deserve to go and live in government villages called Naboro, Korovou and many others.
The good thing about the 1997 constitution is that it will reward citizens according to how they have conducted themselves in civilian and non-civilian life, individually reaping what we sow!!!

Anonymous said...

The Leaches are still sucking on Voceke's bulls, cos they are benefiting. They feeding their their families with blood money. What starts right ends right, the very opposite goes for Voceke and his government. Now our children will be cleaning Voceke's shit. If we want new faces and do away with Qarase, there is a legal process coming not by stinking the air with rubbish talk.. Only those getting lollies and sweets bought by blood money are against Qarase.Go SDL and Qarase, we support you all the way

Maxwell said...

I vote for SDL in last election and from what I've heard from friends and relatives they will all vote for SDL as well. Go SDL, Go Qarase! Fiji need professional humble leaders like you.

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Namuka na "qaqa" vinaka tau.....nanuma tiko na gear nei Rabuka mo taura...io dina sara na toka lulu e caka vei ira na yalewa io o iko o na toka lulu taki qai muri yani e dua na dakai titi ni Bau mo vaka loma vinaka taki kina.
Vinaka Tau...tauri iko vaka malua kua ni cudru...vacava mo lai taura nona deka o ko na kaisi qori o Bainimarama......au sa solia na galala vei iko mo tauri koya sara vakaukauwa qai maroroya me kemu tavako ni viti sega tavako ni Bau....ka rairai vinaka tau ni o sa na vakuvukuvu tu vei nomu Tau o Bainimarama.....ca na bila ni Naila ya....barewa ga vei iko ka qai vakadewataka yani Namuka niu domoni kemuni.

Anonymous said...

Oilei, Qarase and cronies, dou la'i vacegu. You were democratically elected, yes, but you failed us when you ran off instead of standing up to Frank in your office. He might have harmed you but you would have been remembered for your sacrifice. Ia, ni'o sa dro, vakatakaga na nona dro 'o Frank mai Delainabua, 'o sa biuti iko kina na i lawalawa kilai tu, ni ra DAUVEILIUTAKI BULA ENA LASU! So, bye, bye, because most who supported you will not vote for you this time around. If there is anyone who I believe is couragous, it is Ro Teimumu Kepa and she would be a better leader of SDL than Qarase, who ran off like a coward just like Frank.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what others are saying, all my friends and people in general that voted for SDL in 2006, are now not going to vote for SDL this time around. They are of the opinion that Qarese let them down. Also Qarese's attitude and him being a nationalist has just not gone down that well.

SDL is party that is done. They have just shoot themselves in their own foot. SDL will go down in the history books of Fiji as the major party with the shortest life. At least they will make it in history book.

Anonymous said...

@10:30 AM

Honest living is sort of described as someone who has gained his livelihood through hard work that is truthful, ... gained or earned by fair methods abiding within the legal fraternity, not by cheating, lying, or stealing....etc.

Anyway, those who have gained their livelihood through means that are not legal may induce what is termed as relational transgressions, and these may occur when people violate implicit or explicit relational rules. These transgressions include a wide variety of behaviors. Scholars tend to delineate relational transgressions into three categories or approaches. The first approach focuses on the aspect of certain behaviors as a violation of relational norms and rules. The second approach focuses on the interpretive consequences of certain behaviors, particularly the degree to which they hurt the victim, imply disregard for the victim, and imply disregard for the relationship. The third and final approach focuses more specifically on behaviors that constitute infidelity (a common form of relational transgression).

Anonymous said...

Isa if we only fought for Bavadra when he lost the PMship to Rabuka i wonder if we will still be in the situation we now in! Eveyone crying foul, illegal Govt, the real PM Qarase yet the real PM that lost his position was Bavadra and due to the nastiness of Fijian politics the majotity Kai Viti were happy to see him go but not too many from the West to be honest! So people are we not seening 'history repeat it self"?. Our major problem now is that those that supported the earlier coups seem to be feeling that they have beein cheated of a legal PM-in Qarase!REALLY so what was Bavadra an illegal one? We will still be haunted by the past until we reconcil with it and we still have not no matter how hard we try to put it behind us 'as water under a bridge" that Spectra will remain but now we have the added bonus of a VOREQE! Rabuka did go and offer his matanigasu to the peopel of Veisesei in Vuda.The immediate Family was told not to accept it but for someone else to, this was not heeded 7 days later there was crying in the village a veil of darkness had befallen the Family the receiver of the kamunaga had passed away in his sleep a younger brother of the former PM. Need one say more! We still have not learnt our lesson?

ex army said...

To you idiot Anonymous said...
Oilei, Qarase and cronies, dou la'i vacegu. You were democratically elected, yes, but you failed us when you ran off instead of standing up to Frank in your office...........
O iko dua na tamata bavulu qai sese nomu vakasama...you tell me if Qarase was your father how dare for you you to expect your father been dragged up the camp and be treated like an animal by those animals up there?I cannot not understand the logic of some idiot like you blaming Qarase for cowardice behaviour.If you are man enough then why dont you protest rather waiting for someone else to do it for you.Da rere ga da galu da kua ni vei bilitaki ulukau vavaku vaka i Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Lets vote for a new party,definitely not military and all those old party but the "new party",common lets have a change,lets form a new party with equally qualified and experience example those usually at the backstage running the government such as director,principle,deputy secretary,secretary and so forth,because this people are the real people running our government not PM,not minister, this are the true son of Fiji,some of them have retire or near retire lets get them to form a party,round them up and and tell them to form a party,IM 100% SURE THIS PEOPLE WILL RUN THE GOVERNMENT LIKE SUPERMAN,BECAUSE THEY KNOW ALL THE TRICKS IN THE HOUSE,AND HAVE SO MUCH EXPERIENCE AND ARE HIGHLY QUALIFIED..

Pillay said...

@ Anon June 2 3:48 PM

SDL nor Qarase didn't let anyone down.

Here we have a mad man using RFMF to avoid justice. It's good that SDL have to lay low for a while because we're dealing with a psycho. IMO Labour party should join SDL and let Qarase lead them. He's the best person to lead Fiji out of this disaster that aiyarse and the pig caused.

SDL FOR 2014........YES WE CAN!!!

Anonymous said...

Ex-army @ 5.30pm, what kind of ex-army are you, don't even know the code of ethics of a true leader. That is, one does not abandon his ship when it sinks. Only cowards do, like Qarase! Bavulu sese o iko. Go and watch the film on Titanic which might teach you what courage is about - just like past sea captains of ships in Fiji, they NEVER abandon their ship, they let their people free and SINK with the ship. Again, I repeat, Qarase should have stood his ground - sega ni mai dro wavoki tiko vaka e dua na namu! And I repeat, he is no where near Ro Teimumu who courageously challenged Frank in front of TV. She should be the leader of SDL not this lamusona from Lau, just like his runaway chief, Ului.

Anonymous said...

As I have stated so many times, and have provided evidience, Qarase and Vosanibola did everything to stand up to Frank but at the end of the day he had the guns - and still has them - atleast during Qarase's reign, one could write and criticise his policies and would have had the chance to vote for him and his party or throw him out in the 2011 elections (that also applied to FLP and Chaudhry) - but no, dictator and his conspirators grabbed power and are still up there - dictating to us. So stop blaming Qarase!

Victor Lal

Anonymous said...

Qarase never abandoned the ship, he was blocked from sailing it by some gun totting pirates who are now in charge and it is now heading for the rocks.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:31 why did Bainimarama do the cassava patch dash ?

According to your logic he should have stood his ground and did the shoot out with the CRWU.

Instead he escaped through the toilet window and ran away through the cassava patch.

CRWU had guns, Bainimarama had guns (bodyguards). Why then did he run away down the cassava patch ?

Qarase did not have guns on 5th December 2006.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.08pm Jun2, Seriously??

Anonymous said...

Yes, good, bring on the elections and let us see exactly where it will take us because I can bet, the people are so much better informed now with the type of leadership they have had to put up with in a so-called democratic society and it has always been about the business sector in cahoots with the politicians using the government system at the cost of the poor. Waraka, namaka.

Ex Navy said...

To Anonymous 10.35pm said...
Ex-army @ 5.30pm, what kind of ex-army are you, don't even know the code of ethics of a true leader. That is, one does not abandon his ship when it sinks. Only cowards do, like Qarase..............................................................
Sa rui levu na nomu lasulasu kei na yalo ca… ……Probably some one abuse you when you was growing up mate.You are so full of hated for Qarase and our brothers from Lau. They are just human being’s like you and me and they do not choose to be Lauan’s. Where in the Marine code did you get that clause from for the Captains not to abandon his ships when its sinking.ulukau sa kua mada na vaka rogo talanoa da qai mai vola tu eke…luveni sese o iko.If you think that Ro Temumu is your hero than so be it,not everyone are the same and we all have our unique way of doing things. Just compare your self with Qarase’s professionally,economically,education wise and qualification achievement. Sa na voleka sara ni na vakadraudrau ena ca ni lomamu kerea vei Qarase eso na nona qualification me volai kina na yacamu mo rawa ni bau dua na nomu cakacaka ...lasulasu.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:44 does your "so called democracy" characterisation apply to the democracy called India where Bainimarama went to beg, kiss marble floors, kiss ass and wear a turban last month because the Govt has defaulted on the 185 million to the Exim Bank of India and can't pay it back ?

Does it include the EU where Kubuabola has been begging for lifting of the sanctions on DCI grant of 300 nillion Euros now desperately needed because there's no re money to fix the damaged tramlines and roads in the sugar cane farming areas ?

Or does it include the tabetabe Tikotoga did to the UN last month whilst he begged for Fiji to be allowed to participate on the Syrian Obsever mission ?

Anonymous said...

The country should focus on elections and not the constitution.

If elections happen six months from today people will again vote for SDL, Labour, NFP and Beddoes.

The constitution has changed four times, but the same parties emerge under different names with their same communities. Constitutions would not change communities, but communities will be reflected in the constitution in order for the document to be a living one.

Anonymous said...

To Ex-Navy ..sa kua so na masia na polo...o na tobo talega o iko...Kua mada na via varerevaki tiko.

Puf-Mlitary said...

SDL will win the next elections. If Piggy & Aiyarse want to fool around then the people will have had enough and the international community as well. Bye bye Piggy, Aiyarse and co its off to jail for you and the green goon, IG blockheads and coup supporters

SEMI MEO said...

Kai Bau..gusu velavela..vakashishila!! Ia, o Viti e dau rai tu ga i Bau..dou kauta mai na Kosiveli,..ia, qo dou sa mai vakavulica keimami tiko ena so na mataqali mekewesi do kena dau na turaga ni Bau..segai, keitou sa na vakamalolo toka mada ga!!

Anonymous said...



BKP a.k.a Baini marama keh poonch...Anit IS COMING...sTART RUNNING. your arse will be his soon !!!! I have tracked your IP address and He is coming for your NFP pussy !!!!

Anonymous said...

Victor Lal what you say is correct but when it came to making the hard decison on Voreqe Qarase buckled! If The President then did not want to support the Government at the time Qarase should have sacked the President it is there in the Constitution. Yes, come election time we can vote but does that mean we get the Government that we want and the politicans who promise us what they will do for the people actually do it? Qarase was going about his racists policies which would hav eleft the majority of the othere people in Fiji worse off than the Aboriginals in Australia! Maybe you had not noticed but land leases were no longer renewed nor assitance to other races increased in any why shape! Don't believe me check out the number of land leases that were given to other races in Fiji during Qarases PM compared to other PM of Fiji ship or for that matter the number of loans coming out from the FDB.The NLTB staff were told that they were to impress on the Fijian land holders that they could more money from planting their lands with sugar cane rather than lease the land to the Indo-Fijian farmer-what they forget to tell the Fijian Landholders was it required working the land form dawn till dusk.Where do you think that directive and plan came from , the junior satff from the NLTB going around the country? Lets get real and say what has to be said and not beat around the bush it the reason why we can't get forward no different from saying forget about what Rabuka did. Well it sure ain't helping anyone because now those that supported Rabuka are crying FOUL! Whats the difference!

Anonymous said...

The best thing that can happen to Fiji is to let the iTaukei be the only people who can stand for elections and form Government! That wil prove whether the iTaukei is a unified people as everyone tries to make out or we will see the true colours begin to really shine!

Koli Daukada said...

Anon @ 7.29PM..Qarase cannot be blamed for non renewal of leases as no government for that matter has the powers to renew native leases which is the prerogative of the landowners and NLTB. They can influence but have no power to renew. And it was during Qarikau's time that leases were not renewed and the government running at the time was SVT. The people that needs to be directed with that question are Filipe Bole, Inoke Kubuabola, taufa Vakatale and Jim Ah Koy who are now with this regime as ministers and advisers as they were former SVT ministers. Ask them see what they say..Not Qarase..

Anonymous said...

SDL will surely win the 2014 election. Normalcy will be restored then and the mad bullies and pigs will be confined to their cages (Naboro)where they rightfully belong as they have wrecked our lives left, right and Centre.

Anonymous said...

The Vote Buyers and AgriScam gang are BACK!!

Mark Manning when you don't know the facts suggest you keep yur trap shut you kinda out of your depth some of us know better because we were there in the village when te scam came around!