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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Who is picking up Yash Ghai's tab?

An opening to ask the sixty thousand dollar question: who is paying constitutional expert Yash Ghai to head the Commission to replace the abrogated 1997 Constitution?

A Fiji Village story today says Ghai has started 'initial discussions with possible donors and the government on funding the process'.
We can only surmise the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) constitutional consultant hopes to obtain funding from his own international governance body.

The Kenyan born Professor clearly has plenty of experience in drafting the constitutions of many conflict-ridden countries. 

He is also a qualified lawyer who presumably cherishes the rule of law and respects legal decisions of the nation’s courts.

So it must be asked again: why is he so determined to add another notch to his already impressive CV at the expense of legality in Fiji? 

After all, as a lawyer he knows the Fiji Court of Appeal ruled the 1997 Constitution of Fiji stands and that the present regime is illegal.

Ghai's CV says he was the head of the UNDP Constitution Advisory Support Unit in Nepal. His wife, Jill Cottrell, is also a former consultant for the UNDP in Nepal. He has also been working as a consultant for UNDP on the constitutions for Somalia and Libya.

While in Suva to set up the Constitutional Commission’s office in a corner of the now defunct parliamentary complex, Ghai revealed that funding is being sought from the UN Development Programme, as well as the interim government.

It's obvious that in his pursuit to obtain a hefty consultancy fee from the UNDP, Ghai is willing to ignore the Fiji Court of Appeal ruling and embark on the illegal mission of drafting a new Constitution.

Isn't it time he told us what he is charging to help legitimise a process that is clearly illegal?


Anonymous said...

Ghai..Qai i vale..Go home..We dont need you to draw up a new constitution cause the 1997 constitution still stands and this is an illegal government..You are just wasting your time..these guys belong in naboro maximum prison..

Anonymous said...

The blog owner is never happy!
He always has some negative things to write.
Cry Baby
I know this will not be published!!!

Anonymous said...

Chicken and egg story - how can work begin on a new constitution when no funding has been secured - unless Yash Ghai alrready has privately secured the funding on behalf of the regime and will later announce that he has now got the money - so as to avoid coming across as having written his own cheque for the job - suppose, no funding is secured, how on earth than all these promises of a new constitution being ready will come about - we smell a rat: As work commence on Fiji’s fourth constitution, the Constitution Commission has started initial discussions with possible donors and the government on funding the process.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can't win?-so tell me who will do this for free! Someone in Aussie or NZ! It appears everyone who tries to help Fiji move forward seems to be looked at as siding with the present Regime. Both Aussies & NZ could offer their services but then as you mention they could could be looked upon as siding with the the Regime to! So any suggestions people not that it will matter anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Moving Fiji Forward..??? Where???..

"Decree..Decree... Tuk...Tuk.." The sound of Fiji Moving Forward!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with the old constitiution.
Every thing is wrong with the coupsters. They are guilty of treason - murder - grand fraud - torture of inocent citizens etc ...
Ther is nothing wrong with naboro for the criminal coup supporters.
There is nothing wrong with the death sentance for Treasonists.
... as for the silly remarks from coupe supporters - they stand out don't they ? ? SCRAMBLED EGGS FOR BRAINS.
tic - toc - tic - toc
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Khaiyum keeps reminding us that the coup is to remove discrimination against Indo-Fijians - if so, why did he remove an Indo-Fijian, Nainendra Nand, as Solicitor-Genreral and replace him with his friend Pryde - of, because Nand was pro-Qarase? A bunch of hypocrites

Anonymous said...

"Legitimise a process that is clearly illegal"

what, the amount of opposition going on here will never stop this thing going foward..it will happen people mark my word..unless some aliens with the help of Agent J and K can do something!! MIB..

Anonymous said...

GHAI Shahib,

Please..PLEASE..PLEASE...Explain to us the ignorant people of Fiji what the word TREASON means????


Bhaiya Babu said...

SO.. its the "CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW" time AGAIN..!! So..So.. Scandalous!!!




Anonymous said...


Rot said...

The strong odor of rot and corruption that emanates from this regime attracts vultures and hyena, it attracts Chinese mining companies and - well UN consultants such as Ghai. He can make ten thousands of dollars with practically no work by just fooling around a little and cut and paste a document that should be developed by an elected Parliament. He will laugh all the way to the bank because even after he has paid his dues to his former student Khaiyum there will enough left for a peaceful retirement.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what outside organisation will give him money when they know perfectly well that it is illegal.
I suggest C4.5 when you get the name of the organisation we ask them why they are supporting criminal activity in Fiji. esp when the 1997 Constitution still exists.
If it's UNDP then we should write a petition to Ban ki Moon to explain their support of Illegal Activity.

Anonymous said...

Well, there you have it, fellow bloggers. The "government of the day" is allowed to not only read "Coup Four Point Five," but respond to it - but we, as citizens of Fiji - are NOT. We, who live in Fiji, have been warned that we will have our IPP addresses identified and that WE will have consequences, (and we all know what THAT means) and yet here we have our illustrious government reading AND commenting freely.

Good for the goose but not for the gander.

And then, of course, there's blowhard Tikoitoga, reminding us all that we better watch what we say. "They" can say anything (and do) but we have no human rights; no freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly, no freedom of religion, no freedom of press --- no FREEDOM!

Well I say that they have "exposed" themselves in responding to this site. If THEY can do it - so can we. They have opened up the channels, led by example, and cannot condemn the rest of us without condemning themselves for having done the same thing.

It IS amazing. A friend lent me a book, "The Eagle, Fly," by Christopher Gregorowski. It was written as an African tale. Are we chickens because of conditioning or are we eagles as we were born to be?

Personally, I believe the puffed up person responding on the Com. of Police's history to date was written by the P.S. for Information, Sharon Smith Jones. Sounds just like her.

For those who would seek us out to punish us for speaking up, as is our human right to do so, we are seeking you out, as well. This is not a war of might is right. This is a war of right is right. YOU make the rules for the rest of us but break ALL of them yourselves.

You have held us hostage for TOO LONG!

You think you are coming for us?! We are coming for you too. You can only hide the candle of truth for so long. Eventually, it will be your hand that it burns.

Freedom isn't free and all people that have had their backs up against a wall on demanding it will have to take a stand.

Valataka na Dina, your comments mean a lot to me but let's challenge ourselves, as the people of Fiji, to defend ourselves against tyranny and not look to the Americans to fight our battles for us. If we do not believe in ourselves enough to do it, why should they???

It is clear that outside nations will not intervene to save us, despite the fact that they know we are a nation held hostage. They watch, they make their collective notes and they take their collective naps. They are asleep on the watch. Our collective silence is enough for them to know that we are not free to speak; to protest - and yet they do nothing. The silence is deafening.

For the rest of us; the prisoners, there is no looking to the back. sides or up for help. There is only us. "I am the Commander of my ship. I am the leader of my own destiny." If it was good enough for Nelson Mandela, it's good enough for us.

Yeah, it's me - again.

J. Galt

Anonymous said...

LAPA Fellow Christina Murray to serve on Kenyan constitutional review committee
Chosen as one of three foreigners on the new Committee of Experts

On March 23, Christina Murray was sworn in by the Chief Justice of Kenya as one of three foreigners to serve on the new Committee of Experts established to continue the review of the Kenya constitution. The 11-member committee consists of nine voting members: six Kenyans chosen by the Kenyan Parliament and three foreign experts chosen by the Parliament from a short list submitted to it by the Panel of Eminent African Personalities headed by Kofi Annan; the Kenyan Attorney General; and the Director of the Committee. The other two foreigners on the Committee are also both African constitutional lawyers: Prof Frederick Ssempebwa from Uganda and Dr Chaloka Beyani from Zambia.

The role of the Committee of Experts is set out in the Constitution of Kenya Review Act of 2008. It is to ‘facilitate the completion of the review of the Constitution of Kenya’. The Act sets a timetable of a a year. Kenyans hope to have a new constitution before the next president elections scheduled for 2012.

The process will clearly not be easy. This new initiative is one of the mechanisms agreed to after the violence that followed the 2008 presidential election in which over 1,000 people were killed. Between 2000 and 2005 the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission and its successor, the National Constitutional Conference, engaged in a process of constitutional review with a massive public participation campaign. The Constitution that was produced in this process sought, among other things, to constrain executive power. However, the version finally put to the people in a referendum in 2005 had been altered by the political elites to restore the extensive powers of the President, among other things. This contributed to its rejection in the referendum and, perhaps, to the post-electoral violence in 2008. The new process will have an element of public participation but it is predominantly in the hands of politicians. This in itself is a challenge as it runs counter to the expectations that many Kenyans have of a people-driven process.

The Committee of Experts is to produce a draft that includes matters on which there is already agreement and makes proposals for the resolution of the contentious issues. Then, it is up to the politicians to reach an agreement on a final version. They will, of course, be mindful of the fact that the constitution cannot come into force until it has been approved in a referendum.

mark manning said...

I think, like most in the Regime, this guy just has an ego as big as Fiji itself.

Anonymous said...

Ghai, you are here to give us a new constitution, and with it , a new direction. If you want to talk about the 1997 constitution, you might as well piss off and make way for someone more realistic, given the situation in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Guys,the 1997 constitution is dead,tattered,torn,burnt into ashes out in a lovo at Delainabua military barracks, and has not been working since 2006! It hasn't work for over 6 years and by 2014 it'll be 8 years altogether.The 1997 constitution is the most racist constitution under the sun.It was put together by people with personal Agenda & or future personal accolades?No need to trash professor Ghai, for wanting to help us return our country Governance back to normality?Why so picky at each other? rather than working together to reach a
normal end? Maybe we do deserve to remain the slaves of Khaiyum and Bainimarama for life?

Anonymous said...

To soldiers:

Pls read, print and distribute amongst yourselves the latest release on Sai Lelea's blog

O Ghai talega me tawani.

Koi Qwali said...

Hey guys

SDL meeting on Thurs 3105 at FTA hall, Knollys Str, Suva

Lets go hear the REAL PM

Anonymous said...

ghai prove fiji public and the world that you will respect the 1997 constitution and court ruling.
we dont need another illegal constitution and govt.
dont sell yourself for money bhai.
these illegal regime will end up in prison one day .
do you want to join them in the illegal frame work too.
pls ghai share the truth and your common sense with this wanna be illegal govt.

pat said...

I've always hated coups since the 1987 so in order to make the 'new' constitution effective, there are 3 options, (1) Get rid of the military, (2) ensure army, police, navy, prisons are independent off each other, (3) Give teeth to the Biketawa declaration to enable a Pacific monitoring group facilitate a quick return to democratic rule.

Anonymous said...

Baha'i is waiting his time , rule of law, follow it and leave constitution as it is
Go home cai, that's the rule of law
This is an illegal govt, DUH!

Katta Pani said...

Ghee go and count the potholes between suva and nausori corridor you f...useless why you want to change the 1997 constitution.

Anonymous said...

Its all about the money. The coup was a means of geting more money for vb ag and all involved. Now these same culprits use money a weapon of submisssion of the masses. But there no bottomless pit of money. It will run out at the rate these culprits are using it. It now shows since they can''t pay ghai who is now looking for donors. But donors are not forthcoming as they view this with much scepticism. Anyway the process does not have the endorsement of the people but is being shoved down their throats but the regime.

Komai Nakauvadra said...

We continue to remain in this circus just because someone is trying to evade going to jail for the murder of CRW. That's all it's all about nothing else. JUST TO KEEP THIS PRISONER ON THE RUN BUT FOR HOW LONG?

Anonymous said...

Fiji is on verge of bankruptcy. I am wondering for how long can we kere kere from foreign countries? If we are not careful, China will call on it's loan and if we are not able to repay, they will take over Fiji.

Just remember Chinese are not as understanding as other nationals. I dread to see Fiji being under China. Are we going to be another Tibet?

Isa Viti noqu Viti

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Sai Lealea?

Walking Upright said...

@Komai Nakauvadra
Thank you for reminding us what this is all about. Sometimes with all the smoke and mirrors these thugs produce one can get confused. But I fully agree, holding an entire nation hostage for a decade, just to keep a murderer out of prison is more than excessive. But we can end it all tomorrow if we really want to. During the course of history, dozens of Tyrants despots and dictators have been chased away, some of them met their well deserved faith strait away, others got away as exiles. Do we really want to kiss the arse of this violent moron who wants us to believe that he is the saviour of Fiji? Or do we want to walk upright and become part of the international community as a free country? We do have the choice.

ex army said...

People are saying to get rid of Ghai.Get rid of the military etc,etc.Are you people dumb or whats wrong with you guys?.The big question here is who is going to get rid of these people?Answer:simple its us the people of Fiji.Another question why we cant do it?answer we are all lamusona of the army ni solisona of Delainabua.So please do not be offended because no one in Fiji have the guts to stand up to Vore so please bear with them in their road map.I donot support Vore but I cannot keep on mourning all day long because we let these crooks come these far.Why blame them its us to be blame for all these chaos.

Komai Nakauvadra said...

So Ghai is just another hungry shark searching for money wherever he can get it under the guise of a noble cause. Funding for such an important exercise should be secured first before the appointment of people to undertake it. Its a case of putting the cart before the horse. i smell something fishy in this episode. Don't tarnish the international reputation you have for a few pieces of silver.

Anonymous said...

Police again playing witch hunt on VRF graffiti case. They havent done anything for 6 months and asking for me time to find evidence. Clean up your back yard first guys before trying to convict the innocent. Better you guys hang yourselves than sucking ASK's teeny weenys.

Anonymous said...

ex army bullshit

Anonymous said...

@J Gault and everyone else above.
Thank you guys that at least we have the same vision that Bainimarama needs to be removed.
He draws his power-base from the Army and that is why I call for it to be removed.
If the Army splintered into 2 factions that would be good but at the moment they are presenting a United Front.
They obviously all support Bai.

As you guys above mentioned, it has basically now come down to us

Each one of us have the ability to do one thing.
We can do ONE thing wherever we are to change this Regime.

If you are a Civil Servant sitting in an office and reading this, Please know that YOU HAVE A PART to play.

Even if you are Unemployed you too have a part to play.
You too can help bring down this regime.
You can do ONE little thing and it will help.
If you are Paralysed from the neck down YOU can Pray for us.
But if you have the ability to do something YOU can help us.

YOU can do ONE thing in your own little way to help bring down this Regime.

ALL of us can Do ONE little thing and together we can bring down this Regime.

2014 is too far away. Our Country FIJI is already suffering.

The call for ACTION will come out soon.

Someone posted some posts on SABOTAGE a few weeks ago.
Can you please post it again for everyone to read

-Valataka na Dina.

The Good Guy said...

Why do you expect Ghai to be any different from the all the other players who're doing business with the illegal government? It's a job anyway and he goes where there's work to be done. And that is Fiji at the moment!

Keep The Faith said...

The UNDP definitely cannot fund this as they are under strict orders from their HQ. They know this. We know this.

What the illegal and treasonous military regime WILL DO is trot out the whitewash to support soft issues like gender (naturally they have treasonous gender NGOs onside helping with their plotting and scheming) and that is why we now have farcical PR attempts like this:


Anonymous said...

Ghai in motion

Samisoni Nabilivalu
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Description: Professor Yash Ghai, left, with Taufa Vakatale during press conference at the Parliament complex in Suva yesterday. Picture: IVAMERE ROKOVESA+ Enlarge this image

Professor Yash Ghai, left, with Taufa Vakatale during press conference at the Parliament complex in Suva yesterday. Picture: IVAMERE ROKOVESA

The logistic requirements for the establishment of the Constitutional Commission are in motion.

The commission has been offered the new wing in the Parliament complex and will soon be advertising for staff intake with the hope of making appointments by the beginning of next month.

The commission also hopes to spend three months in public consultations and three months on the drafting of the new constitution.

These were revealed as some of the latest developments in the setting up of the commission by chairman Prof Yash Ghai at a press conference yesterday.

He said the most common questions people asked him were how the commission would receive the views of the public and what the consultative process would involve.

Prof Ghai said the commission was happy to receive views about the constitution from anyone and commission reps would be travelling throughout the country.

"People will be able to reach us through mechanisms we will establish to give every Fijian an opportunity to meet us, give us their views about the process, and recommendations," he said.

Prof Ghai added the commission hoped to receive a lot of written submissions from all sections of the community and their representatives would be happy to meet with groups and individuals to discuss their submissions.

He said a unit would be set up within the commission tasked with the responsibility of analysing the views it received.

"Our draft itself will be, we hope, submitted to some public scrutiny and then it will be handed over to the Constituent Assembly which has the task of the actual decision-making. Our task is really making recommendations," Prof Ghai said.

Anonymous said...

We do not have the money nor the time to formulate an illegal constitution.
We should ask all the illegal constitutional panel to quit and go home, and just abandon the whole illegal idea.
We should discourage everyone from applying for the illegal positions of the illegal constitution secretariat, and ask all donors not to fund an illegal constitution.
Why participate in the whole illegal act being staged by the illegal regime?
Let's be reminded that the legitimate course of justice through the long hands of the law will always catch up on us/those!

Anonymous said...

Ghai in Motion forgot to add 'and then the regime will make its recommendations to the Constitutent Assembly regarding which Ghai recommendations to approve'. See how this works now?

I nominate Dakuwaqa, Valataka ni Dina, and J. Galt to join the staff of the commission. That should throw a spanner in the works!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:56
I'm willing to be in The Constituent Assembly if it was Genuine and by a Legal government.

But as you have CORRECTLY observed, these arseholes have their agenda already set.
No one should waste their time talking to these people.
From 2006 I suggested that no one talk to Bai but they all went.
Qarase went to talk with him...Waste of time.
NZ Prime Minister arranged for "talks"...Waste of time.
Other organisations etc etc etc--- Waste of time.

The Bible says you can judje a tree by its fruit.
And thats what I do. And I suggest others do the same, because this is all a waste of time.

Bainimarama ever since 2006 has been saying "Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue..." but its all bullshit.

When are people going to learn?
He will never do DIALOGUE.
He has his own agenda and that is what he will do.
Just as he avoided prison by doing a Coup and he will continue to bend the rules to get his way.

So all you people going to Ghai's Assembly are ALL stupid!

Don't go to Ghai's Assembly : but get ready to do SABOTAGE because we will teach you how to do it.

This arsehole stole the government from the people.
Well we the people will take back from him what belongs to us and our children.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Ghai needs a nw hair do ulu vaka vuchi ni toa lol

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina@RUM...Haven,t you done enough damage to our country in helping Bainimarama pulled his coup? For 5 long years you kept that criminal in power and help him killed Fijians? Now that your relationship has become sour,you're calling him names,muderer and all.Now that theres' a chance of our country going back to democratic election,here you are trying to subotage the process? RUM seriously, stay in Tonga,we really don't need you in Fiji? Your records stinks and you're no leader
to be followed???We're better off without you!

Anonymous said...

To all Pro Govt and Anti Govt.
Please stop your bickering about what is right and wrong? As a youth of this country I am astounded as to see people still squabbling over what has happened. What has happened, has happened so we need to assure ourselves of a better future. I don’t know of who this professor is but I do hope that he and the group (for the constitutional review) do come up with a non racial constitution. I think it is about time we are all classified as one, but us the itaukei will always be the indigenous whatever comes. We are our own enemies not the other Fijians (of Indian decent). I hope that this review will decrease the number of parliamentarians in parliament because the bigger the number the more ineffective they become. As a young boy in 1987 during the first coup, I was wondering what race has got to do with everything. I had friends who were of Indian decent who were affected with the trauma of being an inferior race then the indigenous (Itaukei) but I remained their friend because race meant nothing to me.
In Fiji now I am pleased that they have taken away the Fijian/Indian voting thingy. One person one Vote that makes sense. If these professor and his group come up with a new and non racial constitution, kudos to them for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

As a constitutional expert, Yash Ghai knows the regime is illegal and hasn't the legal standing to change the constitution. But he also knows that in extreme cases, such as after a revolution, constitutions created by governments of questionable legality can subsequently be deemed legal once ratified by the people through a valid national referendum or similar process.

Aiyaz is banking on this. His challenge is to manipulate the process in such a way that he gets his desired outcomes -- i.e., ultimate control by his protector/benefactor/puppet Bainimarama -- while creating the illusion of an open process.

Aiyaz plans to do this through several techniques already in evidence. And if the elections can't be won and are too difficult to steal, then the regime will postpone them again, blaming outside interference.

Whatever happens, the point of the exercise will be to place Bainimarama into a vastly strengthened presidency, from which he'll be able to intervene decisively in Fijian politics at any time. But Aiyaz must do this in a way that will cross the threshold in terms of meeting the most minimal international standards for elections. He doesn't want or need free and fair elections; he only wants elections that will suffice to appease the EU and the United States.

Why the EU and the United States? Both are anxious to work with Fiji, whatever the regime; they just need some political cover they can give as justification to Canberra and to their own constituents. With an end to the EU's withholding of the sugar assistance money and the United States' Section 7001 sanctions against Fiji, the centre will fold. Japan and the Commonwealth will fall in line with Brussels and Washington, leaving Canberra and Wellington little hope for continuing what is already a failed policy of isolating Suva.

Yash Ghai's reputation is hyped by the regime and its spinmeisters, but it is credible enough. He made a bad gamble answering Aiyaz's call for help, and he has gotten off to an unpromising start. But the real test of his principles and reputation will come as the regime's manipulation becomes more and more overt. Then we'll see whether Yash Ghai is a yes guy or a real mensch. The regime has a strong tendency to punish its friends, so if Ghai wants to preserve his reputation, he'd be wise to bail sooner not later.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Coup 4.5 said...

s/ Daquwaqa...Good spotting. Have corrected our copy and removed it from your comment to avoid confusion.-C4.5

SEMI MEO said...

Sure, Bhabu Ghai will get his money for work done in Fiji…whether the paisa is from UN or North Korea..a dollar is a dollar…unless of course, the millionaire’s blogger in this esteemed column wish to anonymously give toward those costs..

Though we may not all agree with the choice of the constitutional law guru appointed by this interim Government. The question we really have to ask is whether the smell of the paisa would cloud Bhabu Ghai judgement and prompt him to deny and defy all he is and stand for in constitutional law,justice and Law generally ?.

I think we should not pre-empt the final document this credible constitutional commission process will churn out.

Mind you, there will be many pro-1997 Constitution advocates who would be making submissions to the commission. Probably, more than those who wish to chuck the whole 1997 doc in the bin.

So…so…so..what all these prophet of doom objective in spewing their very divisive filth amongst us for!..o vela..sa da vana kece ga na manumanu vuka…bai lai vanai na ruve vula!

Puf-Military said...

Ghai you old ghoul kindly go elsewhere and peddle your nonsense there. This is an illegal regime and declared so by the court of appeal. Have some dignity and stick by the rule of law you old fossil. And teach your silly pupil Aiyarse something worthwhile. He never spent a day in court or fought a case that he won for that matter.
Will never forget the picture on F/Times of a dejected, stumped Kyahium aftre the Court of Appeal decision declaring the 1997 Constitution intact and the regime illegal. Any self respecting attorney would have resigned after been caught with his pants down and spanked and outclassed. Instead, off he goes to cook up another coup with Piggy then get Iloilo to abrogate the constitution. Incompetent and contemptible mental pigmy

Keep The Faith said...

I stand dishearteningly corrected.

We have received information that the UNDP's Resident Rep Knut Otsby and the UNDP will fund this whole sorry exercise against the majority wishes of the people of Fiji.

Khaiyum has been in his ear and has been successful in his grovelling to Aust and NZ thus the 'gift' of Aust & NZ technical expertise towards the voter registration process that is being led (LOGISTICALLY ONLY) by the RFMF in the form of Col Mosese Tikoitoga's chota bhai, Mj Isoa Loanakadavu.

What that means is that Khaiyum will no longer be on the offensive against Aust and NZ firing off the neocolonialism lines that he's so fond of.

It also means that as a measure of of good faith the illegal and treasonous regime MUST withdraw the POAD even though they don't want to. If they don't withdraw the POAD, they are bound to justify their 'good intentions' by highlighting that they have allowed political parties to go ahead and have their meetings.

Get ready to say 'we told you so' AGAIN after this fracas but we completely agree with the views of S/Dakuwaqa.

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi ruve vula ga tiko ena loma ni tarauseseSure, Money is money you a right my tau wakakau yeah but what about if the money given to you was stolen from tukamu...is that money still money..sweat for your money BUT not throgh some crooks like Bainimarama,murderer,con artist,or dinau sega ni saumi from money lender or schoolarship and your favourite my tau one of the old profession on earth prostitution... my tau qori sa na bai o via kua ga ni saumi ni sa na baci maleka vei iko nai lavo ni Bau....barewa ga vei iko

SEMI MEO said...

Kai Bau..sobo, na ruve vula na nomudou i sakisaki ni drotini mai Bau!! ni bera ni qai caka mada ga na drotini da mai vaka i olo tiko kina qo ena rara ni qito..se dou sa vinaka mai Bau me laki taba ena nomudou drotini mai Bau na kedratou in yaloyalo na veitukani mai Namuka..lol..lol.

Well..gona...sa na vuvu tale kina na tobu o dau toka lulu kina mai yanuyanu!...Bau man!!