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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bank moves in on close buddy of Mohammed Aziz who got easy $500,000 loan

The changing fortunes of those aligned to the regime: Sanjeev Pal, the former owner of Quest Apartment and the now defunct Hunts Travel (Fiji's very first travel agency), has had his pockets turned inside out in court. 

The mate of the treasonous Mohammed Aziz, who secured a $500,000 loan from Merchant Bank when Uday Sen was at the helm and who also got the Water Authority contract thanks to his links with Aziz, has lost his bid to stop the bank from moving in after he defaulted payment on 10 Hilux vehicles.
Chandra v Merchant Finance& Investment Co Ltd (2012) FJHC 1132; HBC96.2012 (25 May 2012)


ACTION NO. 21 of 2012


JITESH NEIL CHANDRA of 31 Namena Road, Suva.
(Occupation: Clerk at Save the Children Fiji)
1st Plaintiff

HUNTS OF THE PARADISE a limited liability company having it registered office at 2nd Floor Harbour Front Building Usher Street, Suva.
2nd Plaintiff


a limited liability company having its registered office at 1 Dominion House Thomson Street, Suva Central Building Renwick Road & Pratt Street, Suva.
3rd Plaintiff


company having its registered office at 1 Dominion House Thomson Street, Suva.
4th Plaintiff


a duly registered company having its registered office at Level 9 Gorden Street, Suva.

Before : Susantha N Balapatabendi, J
Counsel : Mr. A Singh for Plaintiff
Mr. S Lateef for Defendant

Date of Hearing: 12 April 2012
Date of Decision: 25 May 2012


1. The 2nd to 4th Plaintiffs by their Notice of Motion dated 26 January 2012 sought injunctive relief to restrain the Defendant from pursuing the Sale of Vehicle Reg. No FM 250 and Vehicle Reg. LT 4764.

2. In support of the injunctive relief, 2nd to 4th Plaintiffs filed an Affidavit sworn by Rajnesh Pal dated 23 January 2012.

3. Court granted an interim injunction, inter partes, on 27 January 2012 and extended till 3 April 2012.

4. On 5 April 2012, 1st Plaintiff filed Summons for consolidation of actions and sought injunctive relief against Defendant in pursuing the Sale of property contained in certification of Title No. 10064.

5. The 1st Plaintiff filed Summons for consolidation of actions based on the fact that 1st Plaintiff was the mortgagor of the property contained in the Certificate of Title No: CT 10064.

6. Summons for consolidation was numbered as 96 of 2012 and supported by an affidavit of the 1st Plaintiff, Jitesh Neil Chandra sworn on 5 April 2012.

7. This Court on, 10 April 2012 permitted the consolidation of actions and extended the interim injunctions.

8. On behalf of the Defendant, two affidavits in oppositions were filed. Both affidavits were sworn by Napolioni Balimula, General Manager of the Defendant sworn on 2 February 2012 and 11 April 2012, respectively.

9. The Defendant has repossessed the Vehicle Reg. No. FM 250 and issued Demand Notice for the Sale of Property C.T 10004, both are securities for the Loan Agreements with Defendant by the 2nd and 3rd Plaintiffs.

10. The Plaintiffs, their Directors, guarantors and 1st Plaintiff as a 3rd party mortgagor have not denied the arrears in the loan accounts and default to defendant on their loan agreements.

11. This matter was set down for hearing on 12 April 2012, and both Counsel, for Plaintiffs and for the Defendant made Oral Submissions and filed Written Submissions, extensively on the same day.

12. The matter before me is now to determine whether the interim injunction already granted should be continued or dissolved.

13. It is important to state that the Counsel for the Plaintiff submitted to Court in his oral and Written Submissions that his Submissions are mainly to restrain the Sale of Security given by the 1st Plaintiff as a 3rd party mortgagor to the Defendant and not the other securities given by other Plaintiffs for the purpose of loan facilities.

Grounds/Submissions in Support

1. The 1st Plaintiff in his Affidavit sworn on 5 April 2012 deposed as follows:-
i. Some considerable pressure was exerted on him to give the security to Bank by Sanjeev Pal, Director of 3rd and 4th Plaintiff, who is husband of the 1st Plaintiffs sister, for the purpose of a loan for 3rd and 4th Plaintiffs. He further deposed in his Affidavits as follows:-
"I was informed the Bank had agreed to finance my brother-in-law's companies and there was a shortfall in the securities and by me giving the mortgage over the property, the Bank will proceed to advance the moneys to Hunts and Quest. I agreed."
2. Lack of knowledge of the documents executed by the mortgagor, the 1st Plaintiff, and copies of mortgage documents were not given to the mortgagor.

3. At the time of the execution of the mortgage, 1st Plaintiff was only registered as a trustee de bonis for the late father and could not have signed as a proprietor of CT 10064, and thereby there is no valid mortgage for enforcement.

4. The Defendant registered the mortgage on 18 February 2010 although the mortgage was executed on 24 November 2008. The property in the certificate of Title 10064 was transferred to mortgagor only on 18 February 2010, the date the Defendant registered the mortgage. 1st Plaintiff believes and the manner in which the Defendant registered the mortgage was the tantamount to a misleading and deceptive conduct.

5. The Defendant failed to disclose material information to the 1st Plaintiff such as the State of Accounts maintained by the Defendant in respect of 3rd and 4th Plaintiffs, accounts of Plaintiffs were subsequently restructured and restructuring was done without the consent of 1st Plaintiff etc.

6. The 1st Plaintiff did not have the advantage of Independent Legal, and Financial advice prior to the execution of the mortgage.

7. Property subject of mortgage was the inherited property from parents.

8. Current valuation of the property by the Defendant is higher than the valuation at the time of execution and redemption was only subject to payment the current valuation.

9. Conduct of the Defendant is in violation of Section 75 of the Commerce Decree 2010.

10. The 1st Plaintiff was not the beneficiary of the facilities granted but only a 3rd party mortgagor who has not derived every benefit and thereby the conducts of the mortgagees are unfair and unconscionable.

Law and Analysis

The principles in relations to granting of injunction and the test that should be applied are set out in the case of American Cyanamid Co v Ethicon Ltd. (1975) 1 All ER 504.

Matters to be considered in granting or dissolving injunction as per the above case are as follows:
(a) The court must be satisfied that the claim is not frivolous or vexatious; in other words that there is a serious question to be tried.

(b) Whether the balance of convenience lies in favor of granting or refusing the injunction that is, it is to be considered and whether damages would be an adequate remedy of the relief sought.

In the case of Westpac Banking Corporation Ltd v Adi Mahesh Prasad Civil Appeal No. ABU0027 of 1997S the Fiji Court of Appeal at p. 7 said:
"Authorities to be referred to show that it is an extremely serious step to interfere with the exercise of a mortgagee's power of sale. The authorities show that it is quite unusual to grant an interlocutory injunction, let alone an ex parte injunction, to restrain the power of the mortgage except in very special circumstances.... We add that, if in any case, whether it be a case involving a restraint on a mortgagee's power of sale or a different kind of cases, the Court sees fit to grant and ex parte injunction, the matter should be adjourned for no longer than a day or so. A period of six weeks, which was the period in this case, was far too long". (emphasis ours)

I will now consider in line with the guidelines set out in the above cases to ascertain whether there are any special circumstances for the Court to interfere with power of Sale of mortgagee.

I am not inclined to accept that 1st Plaintiff mortgaged the property to Defendant due to his ignorance and with due to the pressure exerted by the wife's brother. Plaintiff in his Affidavit deposed that he is a Clerk in the Project Office of the Save the Children Foundation in Fiji and furthermore he is a person who has reached the sufficient maturity to understand the consequence of a mortgage of a property to the Defendant and in the event if the borrowers defaults the repayment.

The 1st Plaintiff in other words attempts to rely on the Doctrine of non est factum.

Non est factum will not lightly be allowed when a person of full age and capacity has signed a written document embodying contractual terms. This was obtained from Barker JA, Tompkins JA and Scott JA's judgment in Hewitt v Habib Bank Ltd Civil Appeal No. ABU0007 of 2004S where they relied on the decision of Fiji Development Bank v Raqona (1984) 30 FLR 151.

In addition to this, Hewitt v Habib Bank Ltd Civil Appeal No. ABU 0007 of 2004S provided the general rule is that a party of full age and understanding is bound by his/her signature to a document irrespective of whether he/she read the document.

Singh J in Habib Bank Ltd v the Charcoal Chicken Ltd (supra) went on to cite Blomley v Ryan [1956] HCA 81 at p. 401 were Fullager J outlined the general application of the common law rule of non est factum:
"Comparatively, rare class in which a man's faculties whether from age or natural infirmity or drink or any other cause, are so defective that he really does not know what he is doing – that his mind does not have with the deed. In such a case his instrument is void even at Law – non est factum (emphasis ours)

Considering the above judgments, I am satisfied that the 1st Plaintiff had the sufficient maturity and knowledge to understand the consequences of mortgaging a property and thereby 1st Plaintiff is bound by the signature and the Terms and Conditions of the mortgage documents.

It is important to state that the date on which the mortgage was registered was the date that the 1st Plaintiff acquired the title of the mortgage property and became the legal owner. Even if the 1st Plaintiff did not have the capacity to execute his mortgage document on 28 November 2008, upon receiving the ownership of the property, the 1st Plaintiff has not taken any steps to repudiate the mortgage contract and thereby the mortgage document is enforceable and liable on terms and conditions set out therein. Furthermore at the time of registration of the mortgage documents by M.A. Khan, Solicitor, the 1st Plaintiff acquired the ownership and therefore I conclude that 1st Plaintiff had the ownership on the effective date of mortgage documents.

The 1st Plaintiff also took up the position that there is no Independent Legal advice afforded to him by the Defendant prior to the execution of the mortgage. In my view, what is important is to afford an opportunity to seek Independent Legal advice which mortgagor could waive his rights to seek Independent Legal advice. On perusal of the affidavits of Napolioni Bulimula clearly demonstrates that mortgagor was given two opportunities to seek advise which he opted not to. There is no evidence placed before court to decide that the

Defendant prevented the opportunity of independent legal advise or failure to obtain such advise was detriment to his interest. Hence, the Defendant has not breached its obligation and duty prior to execution of the mortgage agreement.

Non disclosure of material information by the Defendant to the 1st Plaintiff was another ground in support of continuation of the interim injunction.

Whether there is a duty on the Defendant to disclose material information to the mortgagor or not, has been decided in the following cases.

In Habib Bank Ltd v the Charcoal Chicken Ld (supra, it was held that:
"There is no general rule on a banker to disclose everything within a Bank's knowledge which is material to the formation of a judgment as to whether it is prudent to enter into a guarantee".

In Hamilton v Watson 1845 EngR 867 as 1343 where he stated that if there was such a rule that required a banker to disclose everything within a bank's knowledge:
"........... it would be indispensably necessary for the bankers to whom the security is given, to state how the account is being kept, whether the debtor was in the habit of overdrawing; whether he was punctual in his dealings; whether he performed his promises in an honorable manner; for all these things are extremely material for the surety to know. But unless questions are particularly put by the surety to gain this information, I hold that it is quite unnecessary for the creditor to whom the surety ship is to be given to make any such disclosure". (emphasis ours)

In the certificate of M. A. Khan Solicitor, it is demonstrably clear that mortgage document had been explained to the 1st Plaintiff in the Hindustani language. Therefore I am satisfied that the Defendant has not failed in their duty at the time of entering into the Mortgage Agreement.

The fact that the property subject to mortgage is a inherited property from parents, 1st Plaintiff is a 3rd party mortgagor and not derived any benefit of the loan facilities are not exceptional circumstances to consider to prevent the exercise of mortgagee's right of sale.

I am also satisfied that the conduct of the Defendant does not amount to misleading and deceptive on examination of the Affidavits filed by the Plaintiff and the Defendant.
The 1st Plaintiff also has taken up the position that the Demand Notice sent by the Defendant after the Order made by the Court granting the interim injunction amounts to a contemptuous conduct and the Defendant is precluded from appearing in this unless Defendant purge the contempt of court. It is noted that 1st Plaintiff has not taken up this position in the Affidavit filed in Court but taken up only in the Submissions. However it is my considered view that proof of contempt having been committed is a separate matter that should be dealt with in separate proceedings.

Having considered all the aforementioned circumstances I considered that there are no exceptional circumstances to interfere with the right of Sale of the Mortgagee and as a result it is ordered that the interim injunction granted on 27 January 2012, subsequently extended to 1st Plaintiff as well, be discharged on 30 May 2012.

I Order that the costs of the Application be costs in the Cause.

Susantha N Balapatabendi

25 May 2012
At Suva


Rocky Road said...

Pot holes is a national issue when there is an election on the way!!!!!

Contact PM’s Office or Road Authority about potholes
Publish date/time: 20/06/2012 [14:45]

Print this page
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“If you have issues about potholes in your area, then contact the Road Authority or the Prime Minister’s Office and the complaint will be looked into.”

Prime Minister’s Office permanent secretary Pio Tikoduadua said that they will see how well they can quickly deploy resources to areas with potholes and get it fixed.

He added that potholes have been resealed on the main road while work on the two way lane on Ratu Dovi Road up to the Laqere Bridge is currently underway.

Story by: Sneh Chaudhry

Anonymous said...

Uday Sen was fired for giving 500k and $2 million to built his wife's medical centre at waimanu road. Sanjeev pal and Aziz was running a Tax agency that managed to get the owner of a well known pharmacy off a tax debt. Bhupendra Solanki the legal manager for FRCA was assisting them from inside cause theowner of the pharmacy's defacto is his sister. all conmans at work hahahahah

Anonymous said...

The magic formula of the illegal regime :


Anonymous said...

The 1997 Constitution has wide support
Police presence at FLP consultation meeting

[posted 20 June 2012,1500]

The Fiji Labour Party held its second constitutional meeting in Ba last Saturday (June 16). It was attended by 40 participants from Ba, Tavua and Ra.

Permit for the meeting was approved by the Divisional Police Commander, Western under the following conditions:

• A civilian police officer will be present throughout your consultation programme

• No issue will be discussed in the meeting that will create threat or instability to the people at large

• The meeting should be confined to the agenda sent to the Police

Retain 1997 Constitution

Despite the presence of Police, the participants were adamant that we do not need to write up a new constitution. They resolved unanimously that:

• 1997 Constitution be retained and amended or added to where considered necessary by the genuine representatives of the people through a forum which should be created for the purpose.
This forum should complement the work of the Constitution Commission.

• The future role of the military should be thoroughly dealt with in the constitutional exercise

• The process must be detached and be independent of the interim government

• Every endeavor must be made to ensure the independence of the Constitutional Commission

• All issues relevant to constitution making should be considered by the Constitution Commission and there should be no caveat on any subject

• The entire process of returning Fiji to constitutional rule should be legitimate and credible and have the support of the people

• All sides should exercise calm and restraint and avoid the use of offensive and/or threatening language in their public statements

• The final decision on the constitution should be left to the people

• Policing of consultation meetings of political parties and/or NGOs should cease. There should be a free environment for discussions and expressions of views by the people

• Restrictions on the media to report freely and fully should be removed. There are confirmed reports of the media being warned by the regime not to report statements by political leaders

Similar consultation sessions are planned for other districts.

mark manning said...

Oh dear, so does that imply that possibly, just possibly, once Democracy is restored that those involved in this illegal Regime might have their personal belongings, including houses, confiscated, as the Proceeds of Crime ?

mark manning said...

Oh dear, so does that imply that possibly, just possibly, once Democracy is restored that those involved in this illegal Regime might have their personal belongings, including houses, confiscated, as the Proceeds of Crime ?

J HO said...

Please allow me to comment on a story posted on FLP website on constitutional consultation meeting held during the weekend.It is sad and very shameful to learn that the police officers presence in the meeting is a requirement.Also noted is the terms and conditions they approve for the meeting is totally undemocratic and fearful.Despite all that people have made their point that THE 1997 CONSTITUTION IS THE SUPREME LAW OF FIJI. Thank you very much Mr Chaudhry and keep up your good work.

Arvind Dutt-Brisbane Aust said...

Mr Sanjib Pal MEGASTAR OF FIJI at onetime,where are you now falla?

Anonymous said...

someone should just pot them in that office forget about the pothole lol

Anonymous said...

frank will clean up now.let see.
aziz the crook need to put to task using his position.
aziz was milking money of pal too.
pal arranged tax write off if they pay aziz and pal.
ask general machinary ajay on this scam.
aziz will f u fijian holding .
uday and aziz should be investigated come on ficac go do your job.

Shame on Frank said...

Hahaha the PM'sflood appeal story just gets funnier and funnier. Fiji Village now saying the tax rebate is still available for people who donate to Bai's appeal! No matter which way you look at it, this is corruption. Why - 1) Because there has been transparency regarding the spending on flood victms and 2) Because he is using the flood appeal as a popularity lever for the 2014 election. It's not even his own money that he's wooing people with.

Tax rebate incentive extended
Publish date/time: 20/06/2012 [16:31]

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The tax rebate incentive to those making a donation towards the Prime Ministers Flood Relief Fund has been extended for another three months.

The announcement was made by Acting Prime Minister and Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum this afternoon during a $4000 cheque presentation by the South Pacific Secretariat for the Fund.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash

Anonymous said...

Arvind Dutt

Are you the same crook that was claiming money from FIRCA? Were you not appointed to the same Board cos of your friendship with MPC junior by MPC when he was the minister.

So much for calling a pot black!

Anonymous said...

how much debt fiji is in now?
pm office reply to my question above.
How much salary each minister getting?
Why the road cost is 3 times the price from sdl govt paid in 2005/2006.
Some one is making big time money here.

Anonymous said...

what happen to Ragwan construction scams.
must be swept under the carpet by khaiyum
who had affairs with malini ragwan.
he was paid million to khaiyum/baini to stop ficac to investigate his company.

Anonymous said...

aziz made millions in bp oil failed deal too.
fijian need to put this bastard aziz/kahiyum/riaz/nazhat/ashlam/janiff/abdul khan and aunty bano/zarin ali/sunil in prison.
if not fiji will be ripped

Anonymous said...

fiji is giving all the job to china railway/niam.
why local contractor dont get the job?
where is the tender process?
why kean is ps works? to cover the fishy deal for baini/khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

The coup was done by Frank to prevent him from going to jail;
and clean ujp the honest hard working to be replaced by big thugs carrying guns & rose thorns.

Aziz, Nur Bano Ali, Nazhaat Shammem, aiyaz Khaiyum, Frank Bai, Aiyaz Musa, Sereana Qoro, Aisake Taito, ++ all bebeficiaries including people "fence seating" are thugs.

Anonymous said...

christians says...

Fiji watch out for Masonic leaders especially their network and evil doings.

Fijian Holdings has one....key Masonic leader....beware, that's why you see many Shree Lankans now in Fiji

Anonymous said...

Ann 7.19, 7.22, 7.29, 7.34

Looks like the same person who sent 4 diff messages. Putting names is easy but what proof do you have.

With regards to debt, pls check debt of USA, UK, greece, Irland, india, malaysia etc. Fiji's debt is much lower.

Where did you get infor that roads cost 3 times more. I don't back the IG, but i know it cost more becuase of world commodity prices and crude oil. However, no way its 3 times the cost.

Lastly, stop accusing people like Raghwan unless u got proof. I bet u are a jealous indian who got on the wrong side of FB.

Anonymous said...

Olie Rajesh pls stop putting your comments when u r no different. Can u tell the people of fiji why u went against your line minister, ro Temumu Kepa and against SDL? You also were telling SDL secrets to FLP.

Finally, you were also womenising. You left your wife in NZ and sleeping with your Mistress in suva.

We don't need you in Fiji. Pls stay in Nz after 2014

Anonymous said...

sanjeev pal a crook made money using AZIZ ,the pharmacy guy was a scapegoat and victim ,he was made to pay millions to FIRCA and honour SANJEEV PALS dud cheques ,bolo kaise baat

Anonymous said...

Uday Sen was never involved in approving Sanjeev Pals accounts. Aziz never took any loan from Merchant Bank.If anything Uday Sen corrected the mess Merchant Bank was in. He was a highly sucessful banker..

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr Chandra, loosing all the inheritance from his parents for that Mr Sanjeev Pal.. New rule love your brotherinLaw!!

Navin said...

@ Anonymous 10.34pm that's the fact barchood we are doing your story in the next episode.

Anonymous said...

@ anon June 20, 2012 3.38 pm...You liar...Bhupendra Solanki declared his interest in that case and recused himself from all matters in relation to that Tax Payer and the Board Chairman has already been officially notified. That Pharmacy Owner has no Tax Liability. He pays up all of his tax on time...you moron

Anonymous said...

Sir Khaiyum & all the the Indians filling their pockets and getting rich while the dumb Mataivalu Ni Solisona happy with their modest increase in salary, training, field and ration allowances.

Fiji is getting raped everyday by these bunch of crooks while the dumb Mataivalu Ni Solisona are just bending over and letting it happen.

Love him or hate him but Sir Khaiyum is a a genius as he has these bunch of kaisibokolas on a string led by their dumbarse leader VB who are at his beck and call.

Are there any brave men and true warriors of Fiji still in the Military or have they all pledged aligance to the Mataivalu ni Solisona.

Anonymous said...

Finally Sanjeev's past has caught up with him - Khaiyum has just realised that this man was a close ally of Qarase and got all PSC travel under SDL Government plus many other money making scams for himself.

Was also appointeed on the AFL Board by Qarase and was chief lobbist for Mac Patel to SDL to ensure that Motibhai retained contracts at the airport.

Khaiyum is doing the right thing as all duty free airport contracts were awarded under dubious circumstances and Pal made money out of these deals also.

Khaiyum please investigate all this persons dealings when he was a AFL Board Member and tarnished the reputaion of Tu Saki.
Tu Saki was sacked because he did not agree with contract being awarded to Mac Patel when Tapoo's had a better commercial deal for AFL .

The Military Junta was hoodwinked by this guy in the early days after 5th Dec 2006 as they could not identify what was fact or fiction thus the blotched case by FICAC.

This guy is no better than Rajesh - another conman that Fiji does not need who should be doing time at Korovou with Brian Singh as he got immunity from prosecution for turning state witness.

One by one these crooks will be taken down by the power of God - God bless Fiji and the majority of its hardworking people who are struggling to feed their families while crooks plunder the state coffers through numerous contracts that the generations to come will have to pay for.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.38pm.. This Shree Lankans you talk about are highly qualified and experienced. We should be privledged to have them given the kind of low money we can offer such positions. As for the free masons, where can I sign up?? I hear only good things about the group..

Anonymous said...

I fought for spg account to be presented .
after 2003 games there was no spg accout.
we have to ans to fiji tax payers for millions that was used in spg.
I did fight for the truth and i was sacked for fighting for the truth on spg 2003 scam.
the results came later in 2007 special spg audit report .
ceo fiji sports council and others were to be investigated and charged.
go ask ficac on this file.
i was on fiji tv -close up with netani rika and pm lq.after this spg report.
the rest is history.
truth will set you free.so i am free man now .
so if you guys want my ans you got it.
why you say i told things to flp .
when we had flp minister in sdl multi party govt.
so think before you point fingers mate.
god bless you all.
i forgive you.
by the way i am still friends with ro kepa/pm and sdl people/other mps

Anonymous said...

We have people who like to comment but lamu to put their name.
be a man not a coward.
i was in fiji for 5 years and i sent all my tax documents/others to c4.5 .
so pls provide proof if you think i should be in korovou if not just go on wild goose chase .
god bless you brothers/sisters.
i dont hate you people.i forgive you.
keep commenting i careless about it hahaha.

Anonymous said...

@ June 21, 2012 10:04 am...that's right Imrana...the whole political crisis from 2006 onwards was about you and Saki only...you were an angel and lived your life beyond reproach...everyone else were just after you and Saki...boo hoo hoo...get over it child ! and look in the mirror for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh,so you are saying that SDL was corrupt.

Anonymous said...

sdl is not corrupt but the civil servant are.
the problem is ceo/ps has more power than the ministers.
they are chief account officer.
pls go read the spg reports.
why it have to take 3 years to present the account on spg?
minister have to answer the fiji taxpayers on spg account.
my advise to future elected govt to give ministers more power and they should be the boss not ceo/ps.
the bucks stops here.


Anonymous said...


Why don't you come to fiji except shouting from so far. Who gave u the job at Fiji sports council?

U lied on tv of giving your income and changed tune once elected. You changed all income (100%) to part income (0.100%)

Anonymous said...

Uday Sen lol
super corrupt ceo
one reason he got fired from merchant was sanjeev pals deal he fully financed the loan and the depoist was surposed to come from vat refund lol he was well aware a vehicle hire business will not get a refund cos they are liable to pay for most of the months question is who collected the $20g that mr pal had to buy 10hilux ,even the insurance was added to the loan lol

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Pal got drained financially becoz of 2006 events..less business..BSP took over the QUEST..then he never had a good chance to revive..help by his brother in good faith...hope he can finance him from some bank..to get his family property..Banks do help him..he will do his best..all the best chandra

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me who
The CEO of Tropik woods is. And is also a FIRCA board member n kaiyums family. I went there and this guy doesn't even know the meaning of timber.

Anonymous said...

pal sanjeev is a chor,owes all his friends money and than writes to FIRCA to complain about them .he poushed for investigation on Abhay nand and his company also on Ajay at colonial,uday at merchant finance,kARTIKA CONST,WESTERN BUILDERS,BA MOTOTR PARTS and all his friends. All planning done with AZIZ in merchant finance office and AZIZ getting halal Lamb every weekend
Sanjeev pal is one traitor who did noty even leave his bro in law AND NOW HIDING IN USA WITH HIS SISTER

Anonymous said...

I am happy to discover this website.i live overseas and I hear very good comments about the current government over here, especially for the poor people as they feel more secure with the new regime and there is less corruption. Today when you see some guys driving around in their fancy cars and rayban glasses with new wives and scotch parties in Fiji...these are some of the guys who became rich by avoiding child support and stealing matrimonial alimony because of being "untouchable" during the past regime.

Anonymous said...

It is quite funny how Ajay Singh continues to hide and write for nands.

Ajay, it is common knowledge that you were fired from BSP Colonial for porn related matters.

Hope you will be having enjoyable time at Bred Bank, but the French will soon know your reality...

Anonymous said...

krishna raju bankrupt are you sill working at credit corp....what happened to millions you owed to people on alert marketing....rbf still sleeping. did firca find out about your house on aunys name in NZ?? u did good on anz....took your lawyer and ANZ's lawyer to bang kok so they will not do anything. corruption at its best.......

Anonymous said...

Abhay Nand helped Ajay by giving him a job in his company ,his car and Ajay made a mess and a big loss .poor Pharmacy guy was made to pay Ajays bill and all expence for Ajays wifes business (4th wife),news is was bonking her on the side too buy it was a costly one. Now ajay making money with Bred contractors

Anonymous said...

It is understandable why Pramesh Sharma gets so worked up when Aziz's name comes. Aziz rightfully fired you for sexual harassment, giving loan to your uncle Surya Deo Sharma and writing off ,your unethical delaings with Western Wreckers and hundreds more....... Do you still write anoymous letters through Irshaad Jan at Motor Parts and Nitya at Auto Winches...You are the only person we know we got married to his secretary who used to tie rakhi to you.

We can write hundreds of pages on you Pramesh.

Anonymous said...

Parmesh Sharma made a deal with Dharmend fron Haecourts on sale of Apartments belonging to BSP and made a neat 150 grand in his account in NZ . He is after MALAKAI NAYAGAs job now and was instrumental in firing of young lawyer from BSP as she did not go to bed withhim .Now he uses the BSP board to have his way and look at his house in Nasinu,nice pool ,nice bar ,nice baby room and all secured by six feet concrete wall .

Anonymous said...

True he married the secretary who was married to his friend while he himself was married. ...and acted the victim. Are you sure about the deal as he seems to portray to be too poor to pay his long due debts.

Anonymous said...

"We can write hundreds of pages on you Pramesh."

Please tell more

Anonymous said...

Nice pool, nice bar got with money belonging to someone else. These days babies can also be bought in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Do you say that it is not Parmeshs Baby,wow some one bowled out at the bowling club

Anonymous said...

Pramesh never had a child (who he acknowledged)

Anonymous said...

or took responsibility for...

Anonymous said...

Pramesh has a son in NZ, his name is Aditya, he was raised with the support (physical and financial) of his mother and her family.

WOOOPS!!! Forgot to mention he bought him a playstation in 1999

Anonymous said...

Wow thats disgusting

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